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SomethingRandom IF-Addictz

Joined: 18 July 2011
Posts: 75047

Posted: 10 December 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
What do i start with hmmm Ermm
i suck at writing, so ignore faltu errors Embarrassed

Happy New Year Everyone!!! HugHug.

Chat club forum is my fav forum i mostly post in this forum and there's one CC that i'm stuck to for about one year now HGORC.  Big smile it's a part of my life now, so many great friends, fun times i lovee u all HGORC members HugHug.

Ansar- My IF Bro!! thank u for being so kind and sweet and always helping me with stuff, thank u for inviting me to HGORC if u didn't invite me to this CC i would have never know you all. so thank you Mr. Besharam Evil Smile wishing u very Happy New Year Hug. Hope this New Year brings you lots n lots of happiness and Take Care of your Health!! 

Naaz - My IF Mom ROFLROFL, and the owner of HGORC, haha  Naazzy idk what to say yaar Ermm you are awesome!! our crazy convo's and sarcastic comments ROFL will never forget them and m sure we'll have those  moments more in this New Year Wink, our race to Sizzlerz haayee i still remember Day Dreamingi'll bug you abt this all your life Embarrassed ROFLwish you a very Happy New Year HugHug.Hug

Nikki -  Bachiii!!! ROFL i love calling u that Day Dreaming even tho ur not bacchi Stern Smile but stilll u act like one and when u do it is the cutest thing Day Dreaming hahaha i love how we used to sing songs not anymore haan? Stern Smile someone got busy n forgot me ? Unhappy ahaha ilu Ermm with the errmmm emo our speciality hahaha Happy New Year HugHug stay like this never change  :)) Hug

Soumya - the least active member of our CC and the most loved one in the CC Hug i miss you everyday, come back soon, remember those Slambook spamming haha good times, wanna live those memories again Day Dreaming come back soon n Happy New Year HugHug

Rafid - Mr. Evil Smile i don't even know how i got that name for u Confused somehow i did n i always like to call u  that ROFL, u and besharam bhai 's convo's r damn hilarious continue doing that and wishing you a very Happy New Year Hope this new year lot's of happiness in ur life  Hug 

Skipper - Jituu, Chachu, Skippy ROFL Spammerrr should be your permanent UserName Stern Smile not even one year till you joined IF and ur Addictz already ufff D'oh haah joking keep spamming, ROFL is the signature of HGORC now ROFL thanks to u Wink haha
 Happy New Year chachu Hug

Keenu- Kiddo, Jerry, ML - i miss out long chats Day Dreaming even tho there aren't many cuz u got no time D'oh remember the 100 times quote we gave everyone a Headache ROFL hahaha wanna do it again Approve just for fun it was awesome, ur such a sweetheart Hug it's always fun talking to u 
wish you a very Haapy New Year Jerry Hug Hug

Jen - V.I.P very important person! ROFL ahaha Singing Partner, i have been a fan your posts against Phans and all those bashing ur such a funny person, u bring a smile on my face n i thank u for that, the Thread u make are damn good like this one great job Hug and Spam O Rama ClapClap.tu hai  awesome JennyWink,  do not change, be happy always, Keep bashing keep singing 
wish u very Happy New Year Hug Hug

Mia - i wish there was a song dedicated to you too "mia", just so that i can sing that song to u everytime i c u. Just like Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Wink. ur awesome just like all the rockstars and ur love for Knicks is great, i love ur comments when a game is going on and ur reaction are damn funny.
Hope this New Year brings u lot's of Happiness.
 Happy New Year Hug Hug

Ankit - Your jokes always make me laugh you r such a funny person, and i still remembers those funny names you suggested for my shop ahahah they were hilariousss ROFL

Wish you a very happy new year Hug

Rebel - Sibling, ROFL Rebel bro your the king of bashing LOLROFL which is not something u want to be proud abt, WL chahiye chahiye D'oh bohot shauk hai ban hone ka Angry ahaha never think of it, such an awesome person u r, not biased at alll from what i saw ROFL
Wish a very Happy New Year Hug

Problem Child - Dee, never interacted that much with but anyways ur posts r funny hilarious, m glad we met in Spam o Rama Wink ahaha 
Happy New Year Hug

Loney Tunes ROFL - LT P my spamming partner and TV hater Day Dreaming just like me our jodi rocks ROFL one of those badnaseeb people whose Net gets disconnected every 5 mins uff ROFL Soumi n u both need new net, kassh i would be able to gift u both ROFL 
Happy New Year LTHug Hug

Such : wish you a very  Happy New Year Hug. don't know what went wrong but somewhere i guess i was wrong maybe so sorry!!! Have a Great Year Big smile 

Ashraa- i never got to interact with you that much but still u seem like a nice person, fun loving hope yo interact with you, wish u a very  Happy New Year Hug

Simran - ( mayurlover4eva) i miss u :'( suddenly u just disappeared it's been a long time plz come back miss u 
Happy New Year Hug Hug

i think i got everyone Confused oh noo wait one more person ROFL 

Prinzy D'oh:  hmm what do i start off with ? You are one crazy girl n my best friend, what do i say about you man??? All started with one game DTETC game, if that game didn't exist then possibly we woukd not even have known each other so well. Summer 2012 i got to know you so welll, we had some crazy funnn, sometImes act annoiyng but still you put with all my crap n still choose to be my friend, ROFL. You know me well, no one knows me that better than u, no one i mean it , The first fight we had i remember so well we ignored each other for 11 hrs  it was damn hard and i hated it but then you apologized even tho it was my mistake but still hey who cares i won Embarrassed . You said you liked to loose against me yes i saw it you do like to loose ahahha, december marks the most crazy month cuz we fight a LOT this month idk why but we did, some misunderstanding's. It amazes  Me how we still can be best friends and fight a lot, i guess we are damn unique jodi ROFL okay enuf of da history ROFL.
i would like to wish you a very Happy New Year, hope this new year brngs lots of happiness in your life and our friendship stays strong even with the fights we have. I loveee youu. You're hilarious and never change Wink Be crazy like this :)) 
Happy New Year Hug.Hug.Hug. Lovee ya Hug. Abi doubt mat karna ^__^ loll i never praised you that much godd ROFL i had lots of fun with u in 2012, hope the same for 2013. 
Have a great New Year my gol gapppe Big smile 


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...Such... IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
Posts: 48044

Posted: 10 December 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged

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-Iridescent- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 May 2011
Posts: 19394

Posted: 10 December 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Jen am waking up YoROFL

So where to begin HmmmErmm


Happy New Year to everyone on the chat club forumParty

For the past couple months now ,this forum has been my homeLOL,yea i crashed and never leftEmbarrassed
I've met some really amazing people here and made wonderful friends with each being unique in their own special wayEmbarrassed
I love u guys and am so glad i came to this forum,the memories that i've made here will stay with meHugHug
Mk-Where to begin Captain ..opps forgot i shall call u only Arman in the new year
captain offically belongs to me now.Though ur probably the only person i know who loves war so muchLOL,at the same time ur sweet,caring nd kind.Ur the kind of person that thinks twice about hurting someone's feelings bt won't be afraid to hurt someone who has cause harm to ur friends or family.Embarrassed
Its great to know u MKHug
All the best for the New YearClapClap
Rebel-Munna come here uHugHug.Mia was ritee when she said munna travels on a path which no one goes.Munna u set ur own rules,u live life ur way and u bash without fear.You're nt one to follow stupid trends bt who who sets trends for urself nd others showing them that there is another way nd we can be different and rock too,not caring what anyone thinks about us.
Munna i still remember the first time i met u in the LFDR forum chat club,u were flirting with lysolROFL
You guys welcomed me into Rockstars and i've had a blast since then.I just want to say thanks for being a gr8 friend who i can count onClap and may u succeed in the New YearSmile
 Amit-Ammy meri jana #2.Ammy ur such a joker bt a sweet one too.Hey ur suppose to teach me hindi too,i haven't forgotLOL.Amit i don't think i remember clearly where we met,was it on rockstars or spam o rama,am nt sure bt am sure that ur an awesome friend.And for that i wanna give u a big hug
bhalu AmmyLOLHugHug.
May the New Year Bring good things for You.
Ankit-Rockstars loverboy Ankit.Happy New year meri janaHugHug.Ankit i remember one of the first thing u told me when i met u was "solution nahi hai"ROFL.Ur jokes crack me up Ankit.Ur sweet and kind to all.When ur angry u go in ur sizzler thread and spam by urselfEmbarrassed.Oh my i still have memories of spam o rama 3,boy the things i told u to distract uD'ohROFL.Oh and lets not foget ur encouragement that morning "Pc u can do it".EmbarrassedUr an amazing person Ankit nd ur my spam buddyWink.Hmm maybe we can make up a spam teamLOL.Oh nd Ankit i want front row tickets to ur nd mia movies when they premiere.EmbarrassedAll the best for the new year.
Such-Heyy SuchSmile.What to say??Ur one of the most entertaining person i've met on IF.I know we haven't converse much bt i do hope we get to in the new year.Such whenever i chat with u u always post somthing with glitter emo or musicLOL.Ur a sweet person and i wish u all the best for the new year.Hug
Noiin-Happy New Year Noiin.Am gona stalk u like crazy for the new yearLOL.Its always a pleasure to chat with u.I love ur sense of humor and kindness.Now lets not forget someone has to teach me hindiWink.I hope the new year brings u gr8 joy and happiness.You want a bhalu hug oh i know u do EmbarrassedHugHug
Sammara-I think u and Mk were two of the first people i chatted with when i now came to this forum.You guys we so welcoming and friendly that it encouraged me to keep on coming to this forum.Ur a gr8 person to talk to nd i wish u all the best for the new yearHug
Dreamerz-Dreamerz oh dreamerz.Lolz i just love calling u that.
Your soo sweet and friendly.We have chatted many times i believe on Rockstars but only briefly.I met u on spam o rama i believe.Hai Rama,Jen spamo rama should be called the get hooked with ppl placeROFL.The amount of awesome ppl i have met there already.Happy New Year DreamerzSmile
Jitu-ROFLhad to start with that jitu ur signatureROFL.So howz the mean,steaming,spamming machine today.LOL.Jitu bhai,hw nd where i met u,i remember nt,ur everywhere jituROFL.I admire ur friendship with moeen and the other guys.U guys are the picture of brotherhood and ur relationship defines that.Gr8 to have a friend like u jitu Happy New Year Jitu and i hope the new year brings joy and sucess to u.
Adtit-Omg kabhi khabi aditi,ROFLmia look wat u have me doing.
Hw r u Hun.I know we haven't chatted much this year bt i do hope that we do in the coming year.Talking to u is always a pleasure as ur understanding,cool and fun nt too mention ur one reliable person nd its gr8 to be on ur team nt just ur side of the worldROFL.Many wishes for the New year and i hope good things come ur way.
Mia-Miaoo.Bhalu MiaHugMia how do i describe u.Ur understanding,fun,honest,straight forward,a hardworker and ofc i love ur sense of humour.U give gr8 advice nd ur easy to relate to.
I swear mia ur turning me into a knicks fan tooLOL
U have me following them up on the net.I love sports bt never was interested in BB bt nw u have one more knicks fan here.Mia words cannot adequately describe how sweet u are.You,rebel and Jen welcomed me into rockstars with warm smiles and the rest after that has been historySmile.Rockstars just wouldn't be the same without u.Am lucky to have u as a friend.I wish u a happy new year and may u succeed in all ur endevours in others all ur papers nd power pointsThumbs Up.And remember mia if u need back up u know who to callWink.Ritee nw i want a bhalu mia hugHugHugHug
Jen-Apple ur pine has comeEmbarrassed.I remember when i first met u on the LFDR forum chat club nd u introduced urself as ventures in partnershipLOLWell its been a while since then,u wlecomed me into ur cc.. no family with open arms and am forever grateful. i've met so many amazing ppl with u being included.Apple ur awesome and i love u for being urself which is a genuine person.Ur funny nd creative,i swear ur forever coming up with gr8 ideas to make Rockstars and this forum so much fun.Your amazing and u have wonderful friends who love u,don't ever forget that.Don't ever think that ur hardwork isn't appreciated either coz it is whether we express it or ntEmbarrassed.Ur pine loves u nd wishs u a very very happy New year and hopes the new year brings u alot of happiness.No worries me nd Noiin shall kidnapp u soon hun nd will go party at mia"sWink
Maahi-Maahi,the sweet mod of the LFDREmbarrassed,how do i describe u.Ur one aweome nd sweet mod.U give fantastic advice on life and ur easy to communicate and relate with.Its always a gr8 pleasure of mine to chat with u maahiSmile.I wish u the very best in the upcoming year .Happy new Year maahiHug
Shruti ,V and Abi-Hey guys howz u.u guys are fun nd cool to hang out with.I get lots of laughs with u guys.Gr8 to know u guys.Hope that in the new year we can converse some more.Abi thank u for letting us gang bang ur cc,it was fun plus .Hey V,lets nt forget i fixed ur tip tip barsa pani problem in the shelter.Shruti keep on rocking with ur sweet and intelligent self.Hug
Happy New years guys.

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MainePyaarKiya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 23 December 2011
Posts: 37704

Posted: 10 December 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..MissBindaas..

no first page Stern Smile 
aww its the post that matters ROFL
i can't wait to read what everyone has to say LOL

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MainePyaarKiya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 23 December 2011
Posts: 37704

Posted: 15 December 2012 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Thread now OPEN for reserves.. =]

Chat Club Forum <3 ROFL

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-Insight- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2010
Posts: 8705

Posted: 16 December 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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MainePyaarKiya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 23 December 2011
Posts: 37704

Posted: 16 December 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged

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PepsiGirl101 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 March 2012
Posts: 9834

Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged

I was asked to RES YO

Originally posted by Problem_Child


We request that u Abi shelter owner res ur post in the following thread.
If u we'ren't asked to res ur post plz do nt comment on this thread
From -Homeless pplROFL



But hehehe here goes:
I totally loved my name here
I MEAN I can't stop staring
Bol nah yaar how you do your magic!?
LOLZ my Jennn so sorry for not being there on Spam O Rama 4 LOL 
Was instead being there for a friend Embarrassed
I know your one I can trust and share with and in the short time we talked I felt like you could definitely be my sister.So don't ever lose contact with me Embarrassed
Not even if my shelter closes down ROFL
You and your swag <3


I bow down to you mah partner in crime Day Dreaming
You are by far the most calm and cool lady ever and I adore that about you.
15 and so up there...yoz you make my day LOL
When you become a lawyer I'm so flying over to work at your firm Embarrassed
Your so sweet too making the CC when I wasn't available Hug 
Dee your truly my Di <3 Tongue
HAVE THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR EVER! Many wishes to you gurrrl <3


A & A Forever!
WE R BOSSS with swag yozzz 
LOL We kill Cool
Your one of the sweetest guys ever and I've found a great friend in you <3
You and your Loli will be BFF's forever Tongue
Accha munda hai as everyone saysROFL
LOL I love you friend!!! HugHug Many wishes to you for a brighter 2013 


You and me are gonna make that movie Cool
Roj melengai hum Embarrassed
Abi & Ankit Forevah! Tongue
LOL I love you and your "me mast" phrase ROFL
Your another really sweet guy <3 
Never fail to bring a smile to my face
Have a great 2013!!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!


my DWS you are so hilarious and totally kick ass with your spamming!
Student ji you never come anymore though Cry
LOL i won't bring my chappal anymore promise Hug
Your CWB loves you! Embarrassed And wishes you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Tu and teri sass Day Dreaming
Mar gayi Abi Embarrassed
NY gurlphrand Wink

We haven't talked much but I love your ishtyleee <3
Totally killer meri DESI GURL Tongue
Don't ever change! Hug
HAPPYZ NEW YEARZ!!!!! Love you a lot too <333


You are on talented lady with your siggies and all.
Muhje chod kay nahi jaana theek hai!?
Bahuti hi changi larki AND THE GREATEST FRIEND <333
When I come to CANADA im so coming to you LOL


MERI DI!!!! A sister on If. You are truly amazing!
We bonded all over a DP and PM's and sniff...your a great sister



I'll always be your baby sister Tongue


LOL Neha Di My scrapbook buddy SO NICE meeting you! LOL
Your dancing tomato is still killer ROFL
I LOVE YOU LOADSSS Don't stop scrapping me Wink
Hug Happy New Years to yah!!!! Enojy every second of 2013! Hug


@MK We only met once and LOL I enjoyed our talk!LOL You still have to ask me questions ROFL
Happy New Years!

@MissB Hug Would love to talk to you too! LOL hope to get to know you better. <3

@Everyone Else Who I Do Not Know Yet
You all sound like fun peoples maybe we shall meet <3

Happy New Years FULL OF ABI & PEPSI <3 Embarrassed

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