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When Lovers Become Strangers (ArSh AU) Ch 4 Up

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 6:00am | IP Logged

Hi all! So I am fairly new to this forum and DMG for that matter, but when I started watching from the beginning I got hooked! My friend and I had been tossing around idea a couple weeks ago if KaSh were to ever do another serial together what we would want to see and this story happened to be born. I hope you enjoy it! The first chapter should be up later on today!




Shilpa sat in front of her vanity staring at her husband's back reflected in the mirror as opposed to her own. She could see the tension rolling off of him in waves as he checked his black berry, and his muscles were taut beneath the t-shirt he was wearing that she knew he would remove before he climbed into there bed.


Armaan looked away from his phone for a moment and turned catching Shilpa's gaze in the mirror.


"Jaan?," He questioned "Shouldn't you get ready for bed? Why are you still in that sari?"


Shilpa took a deep breath and stood up with a sigh, "Armaan- do you recognize this Sari?"


Armaan took in her figure which was encased in beautiful black net sari with black backless blouse.


He shook his head no, "Sorry, is there something special about this Sari? I was pretty sure you have a couple that are like this in your closet." He said with a smile.


"Armaan, this is the Sari I wore when we went out on our very first anniversary," Shilpa paused, "That's why I wore it tonight- I thought'.I thought we were celebrating out anniversary, not meeting with some of your clients." Shilpa waited for the apology that would follow along with the promise that they would celebrate properly this weekend, after all 5 years of marriage was a milestone and they should celebrate considering just how busy they had both been.


"Oh, Jaan- sorry, I didn't recognize the Sari, but you look nice in it." Armaan stated as he walked towards the bed.  "I really think you should change though- that can't be comfortable."

Shilpa's mouth opened in surprise.


"Armaan! We still haven't decided what we are going to do for our anniversary!"


Armaan turned around and walked back towards his wife who was visibly upset, and tried to placate her to avoid yet another fight.

"Shilpa, we are both too busy to worry about celebrating our anniversary, when there is some time available then we can celebrate." He stated matter of factly.

"Armaan! We are both busy, yes so we need to make time!" Shilpa exclaimed her words laced with frustration. "That's WHY I brought it up!"


"Shilpa, stop being dramatic! If we don't celebrate it right away it won't be the end of the world!" Armaan placed a perfunctory kiss on her forehead and walked to their bed removing his shirt along the way. "I am exhausted Jaan, we can talk about this later." He said while turning off the main light in their room and turning on the side lamp so she would be able to still see him. The room instantly darkened and Shilpa braced herself for her next question her heart already sinking in her stomach because she had a feeling what the answer would be.


"Armaan- are you saying you don't care if we don't celebrate our anniversary at all?"


Armaan squinted in the darkness but his expression remained passive.


"Jaan, I didn't say that, I just said that I am tired and we can talk about this later, I just don't want to fight tonight." With that Armaan rolled onto his side signaling that he was done having this conversation.


Shilpa stared at her husband's prone figure- when had they both become so careless when it came to the details? Why was there always something more important then being with each other? Shilpa sighed as she removed her sari and hung it up in the closet before crawling into bed- their marriage was crumbling right before her eyes, and she had no idea how she was going to stop it.



Prologue: Page1
Chapter 1: Page 1
Chapter 2: Page 4
Chapter 3: Page 6
Chapter 4: Page 9

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Laddoo.Phaddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Hey your concept is very impressive,I loved itSmile

Good start waiting to read moreEmbarrassedContinue soon please:)

and yes do post this in fanfiction forum :)))) all readers are there:))


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Inkpen4877 Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Laddoo.Phaddoo

Hey your concept is very impressive,I loved itSmile

Good start waiting to read moreEmbarrassedContinue soon please:)

and yes do post this in fanfiction forum :)))) all readers are there:))


Thanks! I'm posting the first chapter tonight, and I will make sure its on the fanfiction forum too!! 

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Inkpen4877 Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Ok hopefully there isn't any confusion, but the prologue is really an excerpt from a later chapter so essentially the first few chapters lead up to the prologue! Anyways here is chapter 1! Enjoy! 


Chapter 1.


Shilpa sat in her small office in her studio going through the balance sheets. Her husband had told her to let someone else handle the books of her business but when she opened her dance studio she didn't trust anyone else to do it right and 5 years later she just couldn't hand over something so important to a stranger. It took 5 years but her dance studio was finally truly taking off, it was her studio but she had 3 instructors who worked for her, they all taught 5 classes a day 6 days a week and there was STILL a waiting list! She was very proud of her studio and was hoping that she was going to be able to open another studio on the other side of town within two years- it would mean dividing her time between two places but as long as she had the right staff she knew she would be able to manage it.

She brushed her long black hair out of her eyes when her gaze fell on the clock on her desk.


"4 PM!," She thought, "Shit! I have to leave or I won't make it to Armaan's party in time!" She locked the balance sheets in her desk making a note where to pick up on Saturday afternoon and grabbed her handbag when Gia one of her instructors came into her office looking very weak.


"Gia!" Shilpa exclaimed "Are you ok? What happened?"


"I don't know! I think I ate something bad at lunch, I keep getting nauseous!" Gia swayed on her feet making her point. 


Shilpa cringed worried that Gia might actually faint and then she would have a real mess on her hands.


"Gia go home! I will take your next class ok?"


"Shilpa are you sure? Don't you have some place to go tonight? We can just cancel the class."


"Gia! We do not cancel classes!" Shilpa exclaimed passionately "I will be a little late for Armaan's party but he will understand- you go home and I will take care of it!"


Gia thanked Shilpa profusely and told her she would call her in the morning to let her know if she was feeling better.  Shilpa grabbed her phone out her bag and quickly called her husband, "Pick up, pick up" She kept chanting in her head


"Shilpa? I just left the office, I am on my way home, are you already there?" Came the deep baritone voice of her husband.


"Armaan…Actually no- I am still at the studio- I am going to be stuck here for a little bit.."Shilpa trailed off, "Gia got sick and I have to take over her last classes for the day" She rushed hoping the explanation would placate her husband.


Armaan paused on the other end and counted to ten in his head before he responded.


"Shilpa, tonight is VERY important for me- this party is being hosted by the senior partners of my firm, I need to make a good impression and how do I do that when my wife can't be bothered to show up!" Armaan growled, ok so counting to ten in his head did nothing to cool his temper this time, but at least he controlled his volume.


Shilpa rolled her eyes at Armaan's dramatics forgetting for a moment that he couldn't see her.


"Don't roll your eyes Shilpa! You knew this was important!" Armaan  exclaimed.


"Armaan I promise I am just going to be a LITTLE late, SMS the address to me and I will get there as soon as possible!" Shilpa chuckled "I will be charming, and all of the partners will love me, and by extension love you."


Armaan  sighed and knew he wouldn't be able to convince Shilpa to drop the class, or close her studio early.


"Fine, Shilpa but please show up Jai Rai and his wife have wanted to meet you, I am beginning to think they don't believe you exist." Armaan trailed off.


"Don't worry! I will be there! Love you!" Shilpa laughed as she hung up the phone, and walked into the classroom "Ok everyone! Gia wasn't feeling very well So I am taking over for today, line up and we'll start warming up!"


Armaan stared at his phone shaking his head with a smile "Love you too Jaan" he said to his closed phone.




Armaan Malik stood by himself at the bar in the small ballroom of the very posh hotel Jai Rai had booked for the evening.  He cut a dashing figure in an all black suit with white shirt and no tie. Several of his colleagues had come up to him asking where Shilpa was including Jai Rai a senior partner of his law firm and the man who could make the decision to fast track Armaan's career. He had spent the last year getting into his good graces, late hours, extra case loads and never complaining and he finally had his attention. Armaan knew that Jai Rai considered him his right hand man, and when the time came he knew that it was Jai Rai who would make the decision as to whether or not Armaan would remain an associate or become the youngest man to make partner in the history of Carohunder Law .  He glanced at his watch- 8:00 pm, Shilpa was over an hour late.  He shook his head ruefully and signaled for the bartender to bring him a drink. Shilpa could swear up and down that she would only be a little late- but history had taught him that was rarely the case- she had always been this way, he used to think it was charming how Shilpa always ran by her own time table – but lately he found it more frustrating. He absentmindedly sipped at the bourbon in his glass and felt the familiar burn make its path down his throat.


"Malik hanging out by the bar I see….", came a snide voice from behind him. Armaan groaned inwardly and turned around to face Rohit Khanna quite possibly his most irritating collegue and stiffest competition to make partner.


"Khanna," Armaan said without any emotion in his voice, "I would say it's pleasant to see you, but why lie?"


Rohit chortled as he signaled to the bartender for another drink by shaking his empty glass in his direction.


"I don't see your stunning wife by your side, what happened? She finally realize that she doesn't need you?" Rohit said with a smirk.


Armaan glared at Rohit's smug face and was tempted to respond with a fist- and break the smug bas***d's nose but that would be counter productive, he wanted to defeat him at work, and getting into a brawl would only make him look bad.


"And who is your date for the evening Rohit? From what I can tell it looks like you had to pay her to be here…you might want to keep an eye on her though, it looks like she's chatting up Singh and everyone knows he doesn't keep his hands to himself." Armaan said venom lacing his words. Rohit turned around to see his scantily clad date indeed flirting with someone else.


"I don't really have to worry about that, I am not invested emotionally Armaan, and everyone knows that I only bring a date for show, but you Armaan? You can't even convince your wife to support you how are you going to get anyone else to." Rohit said raising his glass to Armaan with his parting shot, "but don't worry man, when I make partner, I will keep you around as an associate- I'll need someone to take on extra caseload."


Armaan watched Rohit seamlessly cut through the crowd and disappear among the throng of people; he pulled his phone out and immediately sent Shilpa an SMS.




Within two seconds his phone buzzed with a response.


"Just a few minutes away! Be there soon! XOXO"


Armaan rolled his eyes at his wifes "cute" response but kept his eyes trained on the door knowing she would show up any minute.  He wasn't disappointed, a petite vision in red dashed into the ballroom and was frantically looking around, Armaan didn't move from his spot by the bar and just kept his dark gaze trained on his wife. She was dressed simply by this party's standards in a red salwar with churidar pajamas, the dupatta was wrapped halphazardly around her neck and knotted at the back to stay out of her way while she probably ran from the parking lot. He knew the moment she saw him and could see the change in her body language, she went from frantic to confident as a smile graced her face. Armaan shook his head at her and tapped his watch to signify her tardiness, he wagged his index finger from side to side indicating his displeasure. Shilpa's smile immediately turned into a pout as she mouthed the word 'Sorry' while pulling on her ear. Armaan abandoned his drink with a smile and began to make his way to her.




Shilpa knew how late she was when she pulled up to the hotel, she just threw cash at the auto driver as she dashed inside her dupatta flying behind her. She knew that Armaan was going to be pissed at her and she was already trying to figure out ways to make it up to him, the last thing she wanted was to fight.


She stood at the doors of ballroom looking around the sea of faces trying to spot where Armaan was hiding when she spotted her husband watching her from the bar, she smiled at him and when he made a face at her and tapped his watch, she mouthed 'Sorry' and pulled at her ear. It was a fool proof move that always had Armaan forgiving her when they would fight in college. She grinned when she saw Armaan's rueful smile as he began to make his way over to her.


"Late." Armaan stated towering over her much smaller frame.


Shilpa straightened her back and pulled herself to her full height which even wearing 4-inch stilettos only brought her up to her husband's broad shoulders.


"I made it though!" She exclaimed happily.


Armaan laughed as he laced their fingers together pulling her alongside him.


"Come on, there are some people I would like you to meet."


They walked through the crowd stopping to mingle with other couples and Armaan's collegues, some that she had never met before and others that she had met at other parties. Shilpa shone as the perfect counterpart to Armaan's stoic nature- she was relaxed, bubbly and very much a free spirit and was charming everyone she met. Armaan just hoped she would continue to be this lovable when she met Jai Rai.


As they made their way to the center of the ballroom Armaan turned to ask Shilpa if she wanted anything to eat or drink when he heard a cool voice from behind.


"Ahhh so this is the elusive Mrs. Malik I have heard so much about."


Armaan and Shilpa turned around to face Armaan's senior partner and mentor Jai Rai and his wife Meera. Jai Rai at 45 was the youngest senior partner at Carohunder Law and everything that Armaan wanted to be.


"Yes Sir, "Armaan responded quickly, "This is my wife Shilpa, Shilpa this is Jai Rai and his wife Meera."


Shilpa took Jai's proferred hand to shake but her turned her hand and lifted it to drop a kiss to her fingertips.


"I am pleased to meet you Mrs. Malik," Jai said with confidence. Meera offered Shilpa and Armaan a smile but didn't offer any verbal greeting.


"I have to confess that I have heard much about you, but I wasn't entirely sure you existed." Jai said with a charming smile.


"I have heard quite a bit about you as well Mr. Rai," Shilpa laughed, "Armaan has told me how much he has learned because of you."


"How long have you been married Armaan?" Jai asked.


"4 years sir" Armaan responded quickly.


"Oh Really? And how did you two meet?" Jai asked curiously.


"Armaan was my partner for a dance competition when we were in college," Shilpa said with a smile, "He very literally swept me off my feet!"


Armaan pulled Shilpa closer into his body and placed a kiss on her forehead.


"And where were you tonight, young lady? Your poor husband looked very lonely by himself," Jai teased with an easy going smile.


"Oh! I got stuck at work late tonight," Shilpa replied, "I got here as fast as I could!"


"Work? Hmmm why didn't you tell me that your wife has to work Armaan? I probably could negotiate a higher salary for you, such a lovely woman shouldn't be forced to work!" Jai teased.


Armaan laughed and prayed that Shilpa would let the comment go and take it as a joke …but he saw Shilpa's eyes flash and he knew that she wasn't about to.


"I work because I love it,"Shilpa stated with a clenched smile, "Not because I have to."


"Oh?" Jai stated with a smirk, "And what is it you 'do'?"


"I teach dance and I also choreograph," Shilpa stated proudly.


"Hmm, what a sweet little hobby," Jai said in a patronizing tone.


"it's not a 'hobby' Mr. Rai, it's my job- I own my own studio and I am very good at what I do." Shilpa said pointedly.


"Well that is very nice for you my dear- but there is a limit to things like this, after all a wife should be a standing support for her husband, Don't you agree Meera?" Jai said his voice dripping with condescension.


Meera's smile didn't quite reach her eyes when she nodded in support of her husband.


"I believe that a husband should also stand in support of his wife, after all marriage is a partnership, well at least mine is." Shilpa said her words laced with steel.


Jai Rai looked at Shilpa with cold eyes before turning to Armaan.


"Be careful with this one Armaan, she's feisty, who knows what kind of trouble she could land you in." Jai's smile after his statement did nothing to take the punch out of his words.


"It was nice to meet you Mrs. Malik," Jai said excusing himself, "Armaan- I will see you at work." Jai Rai pulled his wife behind him as they walked away leaving a shell shocked Armaan and Shilpa Malik.




Armaan had been uncharacteristically quiet during the drive home. Shilpa could see how upset he was though; he was gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles had turned white. Shilpa was equally angry and fuming in the passenger seat with her arms crossed stubbornly across her chest. When Armaan pulled up to their flat he threw the car in park and walked up to the door without even bothering to wait for Shilpa to get out of the car. She followed him quickly up the steps her anger rising with each step she took before she entered into their bedroom.


"Armaan! You can't be mad at me!" Shilpa cried out throwing her purse onto the bed, "I didn't do anything wrong!"


Armaan turned around quickly removing his jacket and tossing it on the chair, his eyes flashed with anger as her glared at his irate wife.


"You didn't do anything WRONG? " He thundered, " What do you call what you did then?"


"Standing up for my self!" Shilpa stated with defiance, "Which is more then what I can say to you! Your boss is a jerk Armaan!"


"And what would you like me to do about it Shilpa? He is my BOSS!" Armaan shouted.


"I would have liked you to tell him off! I would have LIKED for you to be JUST as angry at him as I am!" She exclaimed.


"What do you want me to say Shilpa? Jai Rai is a misogynistic, chauvinistic ass! I have known that since I started working for him. But he holds MY career in the palm of his hand what am I supposed to do?" Armaan asked anger lacing his words.


"I wanted you to stand up for me Armaan! You should have stood up for me!" Shilpa exclaimed stubbornly.


"How could I do that when your behavior tonight may have undermined my entire career!" Armaan yelled.


"Oh and is MY career NOT important Armaan?" Shilpa shouted back taking a step closer to her husband her heart pounding in her chest and her hazel eyes blazing with anger.


"Is your career more important then MY career?" Armaan questioned vehemently while taking another step closer, til they were nose-to-nose "You KNEW how important tonight was for me, and because of what you did a YEAR of hard work was thrown down the drain." Armaan pushed past Shilpa exiting their bedroom.

"Where are you going?" Shilpa yelled at his retreating back.


"To the COUCH!" was the angry response she received.


Shilpa stood in the center of their bedroom fuming with anger knowing that this was not going to be resolved tonight and Armaan was too stubborn to admit that she had not done anything but stand up for herself. This night was a complete disaster and did not go the way she had envisioned it going but she sighed as she realized it wasn't how Armaan had envisioned it either. She crawled into bed without changing and decided that she would try to talk to him about it tomorrow- after they had both cooled down, after all there was no sense in continuing to fight about it when they were both angry and exhausted.  She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep determined to not think about this till tomorrow. 

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-Fizzi- IF-Dazzler

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You have a great story. Absolutely beautiful! Continue soon :)

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Laddoo.Phaddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged

Wow :O amazing part:) loving the way you r bringing it onEmbarrassed

continue sooon:)


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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Hello! I really loved the Prologue. Seems its going to be an interesting read :D So glad you began something on ArSh. I have read your posts in DEK and I always liked what you wrote.

Havent read the first chapter yet coz its been a busy day. Will do it ASAP and also if you're gonna put this ff in FF forum do please put a link here too. :)

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Great prologue!

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