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Eesha and Garv speak to each other about Megha's health and Eesha thinks that they are at fault!

Rimjhim suggests that they should call Anurag as he's the 'biggest neurosurgeon' and he'd know how to get her all well again!


Eesha and Garv are speaking and Eesha tells Garv that she thinks she's at fault because Megha might have heard them2talking about their 'true love'! She tells them that the reason to why she thinks this is because Tanya asked her one night before the wedding whether she had seen Megha because she was there a few minutes ago. While she tells Garv not to tell anyone else, Irawati hears the whole conversation and is furious! Garv doesn't know this. He tells Eesha not to tell anyone and takes his leave! Eesha turns around and she see Irawati in anger. Irawati grabs Eesha and takes her into the room where Babuji is seated. She tells him that she knew Eesha would be trouble, but no one agreed with what she said and how she should have been sent away. Babuji asks irawati what the problem is, Irawati explains the whole story and shouts at Eesha. Just then, Rimjhim comes into the room and Eesha runs to Rimjhim and continuously asks for forgiveness, Rimjhim demands to know what happened. Eesha tells her what happened. Megha comes into the room and is told to go to her room by Rimjhim. Megha gets angry and says 'you are always the one who are causing the problems. (I can't remember whether she tells Rimjhim that she hates her)!

Garv and his mum are talking about MEgha's health and Namrata asks him how she is. Garv tells his mum that Megha's condition is very poor and that she has amnesia, Namrata is shocked!

Rimjhim walks towards Megha's room and knocks on the door, but Irawati strolls in with her wheelchair and Tanya. Irawati stops Rimjhim from going into the room as Megha is ill and she knows that Rimjhim doesn't want to cause her any harm but its better to stay away from her. She also tells Rimjhim that there are other people in the house to take care of Megha, she tells Tanya to look after Megha. Irawati tells Rimjhim to go. Tanya tells Irawati that she'll be back after checking megha, She goes into Megha's room and tells megha that she'll play with her now. Megha gets frustrated and says she doesn't want to play with Tanya and snatched the toy bus away from Tanya. Tanya gets angry and shouts at her and says that she should be sent to an asylum as she's mad, she also tells her that she'll lock her in her bedroom for the rest of the day. On her way out, while she's locking the door, she's mumbling under her breath 'Stupid Idiot' and Rimjhim catches her locking Megha in. Rimjhim gets angry and scolds Tanya. Avi comes in and demands to know why there is a lot of commotion. Rimjhim tells him that she'll tell him why but Tanya rudely interrupts and tells him that she'll tell him what has happened. While she says that, Irawati and Om come into the room. Tanya tells avi complete bull! She tells him that she was playing with megha when Rimjhim came and pulled her out of the room. Rimjhim is left shocked. Irawati tells rimjhim off and asks her why she doesn't listen to her. Om says 'I don't know why she dislikes Tanya' rimjhim tries to explain to om but irawati shouts and tells Rimmy to go from the room. Rimjhim tells avi to check on Megha to see if she's ok. Avi goes in and Megha is sobbing away, Avi tells her not to cry and she still cries and says in her crying voice, she locked me out, I don't to play with her anymore. Avi doesn't enquire or understand what she says. Rimjhim is seen in her bedroom and Avi comes in and tells her that she's not in the wrong as she's megha's mother, but if you look at it in Maajee's point of view, its right. Avi tells Rimmy to stay away from Megha for a few days.

Everyone is sitting downstairs in the lounge and Khan brings in a big suitcase and anurag walks in (yep, its the same guy)!. Everyone is happy and gives him a warm welcome. Jyanti tells him to rest but he insists on meeting Rimjhim first. Babuji tells him that Rimjhim is upstairs in Megha's room.

Rimjhim is upstairs but outside Megha's room with Maharaji. Maharaji is holding Megha's breakfast and rimjhim tells him to go and give it to her. He goes in and MEgha asks what her breakkie is, maharaji tells her that its noodles, she gets her pillow and hits it on Maharaji continuously saying she doesn't want noodles. Rimjhim is outside her room looking in and smiling. Anurag comes and greets Rimjhim and goes inside to see MEgha. He has a small chat to Megha because she's shouting because she doesn't want to have noodles for brekkie, Anurag asks her what she wants for breakfast and she tells him that she wants sandwiches. Anurag says she'll get sadwiches only on one condition that is if she comes downstairs and joins him for brekkie. Megha agrees!

They go downstairs, and MEgha wants to sit with Irawati but Jyanti is sitting with Irawati, she gets her way and sits with Irawati. Maharaji serves Paratha to everyone and Megha says she doesn't want Paratha and that she wants sandwiches. Jyanti tells her that if she were to eat paratha she'd get Sandwiches too. She holds something in her hand like chutni and puts a little in Megha's place. Megha gets angry and pushes the plate out of Jyanti's hand, it falls on her clothes. Jyanti raises her hand almost hitting MEgha and rimjhim sees this. Anurag tells jyanti not to behave that way. Jyanti screams at anurag and tells him to shut up and that megha's mad and should be sent to an asylum. Rimjhim shrieks and tells jyanti not to speak that way because megha is not mad she's only ill. Megha is sobbing while Irawati is holding her. Rimjhim tells MEgha to comes towards her while she has her arms spread out to cuddle megha and megha comes to rimjhim and cuddles her.

updates for tonight:

Rimjhim goes into Megha's room calling megha in a sweet way.

Avi is talking2someone!

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MAy 19 thanks Chetsmyster


Rimjhim has shouted at Jayanti and told her that Megha is not bad but just sick. Then Rimjhim has opened her arms out and called Megha and Megha has come running along and hugged Rimjhim tight! The Megha and Rimjhim hug scene is long and the family members look on happily, especially Babuji. Megha finally stops sobbing alittle and tells Rimjhim that she is nice just like her mommy (aka Malini) and then asks for her sandwich. Rimjhim tells her that she will get her sandwich right away and sends Megha to her room. Megha leaves. Rimjhim stands there looking alittle sad. Anurag tells off Jayanti, infront of everyone. He tells her that she shouldnt have spoken like that to Megha. Jayanti (being Jayanti) says something like ''didnt you see what she did and i spoke the truth!''. Then Babuji, Yashoda, Rakesh and Anurag all come up to Rimjhim smiling. Yashoda says ''a good thing happened.. that Megha and Rimjhim were on good terms for once and hopefully it stays that way even after Megha recovers''. Anurag assures them that Megha will get better.

Jayanti is in her room huffing and puffing. Anurag comes in and tells her off for her behaviour. Jayanti doesnt think her behaviour was bad but was instead justified as Megha is mad. Anurag says that she isnt mad and is just ill. Jayanti tells him that how come he didnt feel this outraged when she told him about how Rimjhim had slapped Om. Anurag says that Rimjhim probably slapped him for a good reason (good man Anurag). Jayanti doesnt think he cares. He says he does and he even asked to come live at their house but she came back here. Jayanti says that she didnt want to live in poverty with him. She wanted riches. She says she came back here and Rakesh took care of Om's needs. Then she indicates something like now she has money through Om. Anurag tells her shes greedy!

Avinash is talking on the phone to someone at his factory about how some machines have arrived and now the engineers must be called etc. Tanya is standing in the doorway evedropping on the conversation. Avinash talks and Tanya listens. Then Avinash turns around as he feels like someones watching him. Tanya has slipped out by this time. Avinash comes to the doorway as he feels suspicious but then he makes nothing of it. Tanya dials up her mum Mohini Suri. Tanya informs her that the machines have arrived but Mohini already knows and instead tells her to take care of Rakesh and Rimjhim at home. Tanya tells her that Rimjhims too busy with Meghas madness and that Rakesh will be taken care of and Tanya will make sure he goes down.

Rimjhim and Megha are upstairs and standing outside the door to Meghas room. Rimjhim has told Megha to close her eyes. Megha closes her eyes impatiently. Rimjhim tells her that she has a surprise. Rimjhim opens the doors to the room then tells Megha to look inside. Megha opens her eyes and looks at the room with delight. Rimjhim has decorated it with toys and other childish things. Rimjhim tells her that she made the room like this especially for her. Megha is very happy and hugs Rimjhim and tells her she is a nice aunty. Whilst they are hugging..Garv and his mum Namrata arrive. They greet Megha and Rimjhim. Garv introduces his mum to Megha (or should i say to the new Megha). Namrata sees Meghas childish state as Megha wants to go play and drags Garv out with her. Namrata tells Rimjhim that she didnt know it was like this (this bad). Rimjhim tells her that everyone in the house has accepted this situation. Namrata tells her she is brave.

Garv and Megha play cricket outside. Garv is batting and Megha gets him out then Megha is batting and Garv gets her out. But she doesnt want to get out and argues like a child (all playful though). Then Maharaj and Khan come and Megha also gets them to play cricket. Garv is fielding. Isha comes there and Garv and Isha stare at each other in a we-love-each-other type manner. The ball lands up beside them but Garv doesnt notice as hes too busy staring at Isha. Megha snaps him out of it when she shouts at him for not catching the ball. She comes there and hits him with the ball. Garv is mildly hurt. Rimjhim sees this and comes there and asks Garv if hes ok and then shouts at Megha. Megha runs off sulking. Rimjhim feels abit bad.

Avinash has come home with an associate called Mr Mathur. They are talking about some business stuff. Avinash tells him that he wants Mr Mathur to go through the contract he drew up and some other litigation stuff. They go upstairs to Avinashs room. Avinash and Mr Mathur walk in and Avinash opens his drawer looking for the contract and he gets concerned. Then he sees his contract papers lying around and he picks them up..the trail of paper lead to a chair behind which Megha is sitting making some origami stuff out of the papers. Avinash gets angry and tells Megha off badly and is about to hit her when he stops himself suddenly. Megha goes off sulking again. I think Avinash feels alittle bad.

Rimjhim is walking along the corridor and comes into Megha room saying ''Meghaaa''. Rimjhim sees she is not there then Rimjhim looks around alittle more shouting Meghas name in the house. Megha isnt around. Then Rimjhim calls Maharaj and Khan and they havent seen her either. Rimjhim tells them to search the premises. Maharaj and Khan search the house and the outside gardens but dont find her.

Megha meanwhile is seated on an outdoor bench somewhere. She is crying and talking to her teddy bear/doll..she tells the doll that her daddy got angry at her and so did the aunty and if her mommy (Malini) was there then she wouldnt have done that. Megha says she will tell her Dhadhi (Iravati) about this and that she doesnt want to go back home.

Rimjhim meets with Khan and Maharaj who tell her that Megha is no where to be seen in or outside the house.

Three goonish guys are chatting when they notice Megha who has nodded off on the bench. The three goon guys say 'whos that gurl' and walk to Megha. Megha wakes up and they ask her what shes doing here or something. Megha says that shes run off from home as her daddy shouted at her and now she wants to go back. One of the guys concludes that this girl is mad. She calls them uncle and asks them who they are. They tell her some bull like her daddy has sent them to collect her and bring her back. So Megha gets up and leaves with them.


Avinash and Rimjhim are concerned. A police report has been filed.

Maharaj announces that the police have returned with Megha. Megha comes home.

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May 23 thanks to Chetsmyster


Megha is being led away by the three gunda down a dark road to a white van. They tell her that they will take her to her papa. Megha naively gets into the van with the gunda and the van drives off.

Meanwhile, Rimjhim, Avinash and Babuji are fearing the worst and worry about Meghas disappearance. Rimjhim blames herself as she says she scolded Megha earlier in the day. Avinash says its his fault as he scolded Megha as well because she was in his room tearing up his important work papers and also he nearly hit her. Rimjhim says ''what! nearly hit! you shouldnt have done that, you know shes still in the mind frame of a child and any type of stress is bad for her!''. Rimjhim is quite upset. Babuji says that they must lodge a police complaint. Avinash says he'l wake up Rakesh and Soham to come with him. Babuji says not to disturb them and instead take Rimjhim. Babuji says that no one in the house must know about this especially not Iravati. Rimjhim and Avinash leave to go to the police station.

Megha is being taken in the van down the road. Megha is chatting to them naively and saying ''aunty told me off as well..'', the gunda play along and chat with her.

Rimjhim and Avinash arrive at the police station. They go the desk and tell the police officer that their daughter Megha has gone missing and they want to lodge a complaint. The inspector asks them about her and they say that she is 22 years old but she has amnesia and acts like a 7years old. The inspector says he will send a picture of her to all the police stations and stuff whilst they can fill out a complaints form. Avinash and Rimjhim go to another desk to fill out the form.

Megha is being taken in the van by the gunda. Megha is getting impatient and abit worried. They tell her that they are taking her to papa and mama's house. Megha says she wants to go home! One of the gunda gets impatient and tells the other one to just shut her up. Megha starts crying. The other gundo tells another gundo to give her some chocolate or something.

Babuji is talking on the phone to the commissioner saab and telling him about his granddaughter Megha and her disappearance.

The gunda and Megha in the van come to a police checkpoint. The gunda dont know what to do as Megha is getting hysterical about wanting to go home. The gunda all get angry with her and one of them flings out a knife and tells her that he will cut her throat if she doesnt shut up. Megha gets really scared and shuts up. As their van nears the checkpoint, the gundo holding the knife tells Megha to get on the floor and hide. Megha gets on the floor of the van. A police man approaches the van and the gundo turns down his window and the inspector asks them where they're all going at this time of night. The gundo tells the inspector that his friends wife is in hospital and they're going to see her. The Inspector byes their bull and lets them go. The gundas van passes by and after passing the checkpoint, Megha heads pops up abit and one of the inspectors on the other side sees her and tells the police men that the missing girl is in that van! The police all go after the van.

Rimjhim is at home worrying and comes into the prayer room. She remembers back to when she told Gopalji that she doesnt trust Him and will not worship Him anymore. She comes into the prayer and sits down and tells Gopalji that she said some big things that day and she apologizes and tells Gopalji that she cant do anything!

The gunda take Megha into a warehouse and lead her inside and keep telling her that they will take her to her mama and papa. Megha is crying and terrified and just wants to go home. They lead her inside and sit her down.

Rimjhim is at home crying and sobbing in the prayer room to save her Megha and not to punish her for the mistakes Rimjhim has made. Rimjhim keeps saying that she cannot do anything!! Avinash comes into the prayer room and tells Rimjhim that she is his courage when he is in a crisis so she shouldnt say this. Avinash and Rimjhim both pray to Gopalji.

The gunda sit Megha down and tell her to calm down and they will play games with her and she will enjoy their games. Megha is crying and holding her doll whilst the gunda are telling her that once they have played the games with her then they will take her to her mama and papa. The gunda then talk amongst themselves and two of the three gunda leave to stand abit far away and keep watch. Whilst the remaining gundo tells Megha that she will like this game. He starts unbuttoning his shirt and getting happy. He takes off his vest. Megha is too scared. Just then some police officers are coming into the warehouse and they overtake the gunda who standing and watching from afar..then they go take down the other gundo who just took his vest off. The police arrest them all. One of the officers comes and tells Megha that its alright now and the police are here. Megha is led away by the policeman but shes still trembling.

Avinash, Rimjhim and Babuji are talking at home and scared about what will happen to Megha. Rimjhim is sad that she scolded Megha. Iravati comes there and gets suspicious and asks whats happened to Megha? Babuji and the others say she must be playing somewhere in the house. Iravati isnt buying it and wants to know what happened and shouts at Rimjhim that she should have stayed away from Megha as she was told to do!! Iravati says if something has happened to Megha then she will die. Babuji says she will be traced!

Police cars pull up outside and Maharaj walks past and sees Megha has arrived. He comes running in and runs off to announce to everyone that Megha is here. Everyone gets happy. Megha is brought in by the cops and she runs and hugs her daddy. Avinash takes her upstairs to calm her down. Iravati is angry at Rimjhim. The cops say that some gunda took Megha away. The police leave. Babuji says that major things always happen in this house and every night he thinks 'what will happen tomorrow?'.

Next scene..some other gunda are breaking into Avinashs factory. The security guard has nodded off and they sneak past..when the guard wakes guy points a gun at his head. These gunda spread petrol all over the inside of the factory. One worker sees them and he runs off to go call Avinash and the police.

Avinash is sitting in his room at home. Rimjhim is sitting on the dressing table. Avinashs phone rings and Rimjhim picks it up and gives it to him. He talks on the phone to the worker who called him. The worker says that some people have broken into the factory and he should get here straight away. But before he can say anymore, one of the gunda bangs him on the head with a pole. Avinash and Rimjhim leave. The factory is set alight by the gunda. The factory is on fire and everything is getting burnt. Avinash arrives there and workers are there and the fire brigade is on the way. Avinash wants to go save his factory but they hold him back as he'l get hurt (why does he want to go in there..what will he do! lol). Avinash says that all his new machines are in there and now he'l be ruined!!


Megha tells her daddy that she loves him

Isha is talking to Vicky

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UPDATE May 24th thanks to Chetsmyster

Avinash and Rimjhim are standing outside Avinashs factory which is on fire. The workers try and hold Avinash back as he attempts to go inside. Then there is a massive explosion and Avinash doesnt move and just stands there looking at his factory helplessly. Avinash thinks his career is ruined. The workers spot one of the main gunda coming out of the factory and they point Avinash in his direction saying ''theres one of them!''. Avinash runs toward him and grabs him and punches and kicks him hard much so that the gundo is bleeding. Avinash demands to know who was behind the blast. The gundo says that he cannot say ''hes a rich and powerful man and he'l kill me if i tell you!''. Avinash says ''i'l kill you if you dont me!''. The gundo says ''Rakesh Sharma''. Rimjhim says ''hes lying!'' but Avinash is too shocked and just throws the gundo to one side in disbelief.

Avinash and Rimjhim arrive home in their car. Rimjhim tells Avinash that she thinks the gundo is lying and Rakesh wouldnt do this to his own brother and someone else is doing this to cause rifts. Avinash says he cant believe Rakesh would do this either but it appears to be the case and now he will confront Rakesh infront of the whole family. Rimjhim convinces him to not speak of this and Avinash says ''ok, i wont speak of this in the house but next time something happens i wont listen to you Rimjhim''.

Avinash is sitting with Babuji and Iravati and has told them of the blast at the factory. Avinash feels he is ruined. Babuji is telling him to rise above this and keep strong and be hopeful. Rakesh comes along with a newspaper and says ''whats this..i read there was a blast at your factory..didnt you tell me about this!..who could have done this..we have to get to the bottom of it!''. Avinash just stares at him with anger and says ''who knows it could have been someone close''. Om and Tanya are also present listening to this. Tanya isnt happy as there wasnt a big argument.

Megha is reading and writing in the garden saying ''1 2 i went to the zoo..3 4 i went to the seashore'' etc. Rimjhim comes along smiling and asks her what shes doing. She says shes writing a poem. Rimjhim asks to listen to it and she starts reading it again. Then she sees Avinash and runs off saying she will read it to her daddy. Rimjhim smiles. Avinash is busy and tells her that he cant listen it as he must go work. Rimjhim tells him to listen to it so he stands and listens. Megha says '' 1 2 daddy i love you ..3 4 but mummy loves me more''. Megha is happy. Avinash smiles.

Tanya and her mum Mohini are chatting on the phone. Mohini is pleased with the blast..Tanya tells her not to be so pleased. Mohini thinks the blast was a good attack on Rakesh. Tanya says ''but our aim is to cause rifts between Avinash and Rakesh and today after the blast Avinash didnt say anything against Rakesh!!''. Mohini and Tanya decide they will have to do something extra to

cause a rift. Tanya puts down the phone and Rimjhim comes into the room. Rimjhim says ''i will give you a chance to step down and if you dont then i will give an answer in your own language!''. Rimjhim leaves. Tanya feels abit unsteady.

Megha is playing catch the ball with Maharaj. Megha throws the ball far and wide and Maharaj has to run to get it and he moans. Megha tells him that her mummy said running is good! Maharaj tells her ''you try running''. The next time Megha throws it..Isha catches it and throws it back to Maharaj. Then Garv and Namrata come along. Garv and Isha say hi to each other. Megha gets called and she comes near them and apologizes to Garv for hitting him with the ball the other day. Garv says its ok. Megha then says ''but you didnt catch the ball either so you say sorry too''. Garv smiles and says sorry. Then Megha drags him off to play ball with Maharaj..they trick Maharaj and he plays piggy in the middle as they throw the ball to each other and not to Maharaj. Rimjhim comes along and joins Isha and Namrata. Namrata says that Garv has become depressed and keeps to himself and isnt the jovial boy he used to be. Rimjhim tells her that he'l be alright soon.

Rimjhim comes to see Babuji. Babuji is writing and she asks him what hes writing. He says he just writes stuff that he thinks of and jots it down. Babuji asks about Megha and Rimjhim says shes good now. Rimjhim says that she thinks Garv and Isha sacrificed their love for Megha and now Megha is in this condition and Megha has been ill for 3 months so maybe they should get Garv and Isha married so atleast they dont have to suffer and they can be happy. Babuji agrees with her and tells her hes happy she thought of this.

Megha is playing with her toy train set in her room. Isha comes in and sits beside her, Megha tells her to play with her. But Isha tells her its time to eat and they should go down. Megha says she doesnt want to go as shes playing. Isha says they must and she will clean up in here whilst Megha goes downstairs. Isha starts clearing up other stuff. Megha asks her whether she likes her dolls and Isha says yes. Isha finds a photo of Garv on Meghas bed and she looks at it longingly and thinks about when she and Garv hugged. Megha comes running at her and takes the photo and says this is her friend Garv's photo! Megha asks her why she was looking at it and is it because she doesnt have a best friend. Isha is crying and Megha tells her not to cry and she will tell Garv to be her best friend too. Megha is being really nice to Isha. Isha hugs Megha, Meghas wondering why shes hugging her lol.

Then Isha returns to her room. Vicky is sitting on her bed. She asks him what hes doing in her room at this time. He says hes sorry he came at this hour but he wanted to tell her something. He says that he thinks she is a great girl whos put up with tragedies of her own and he really likes her. Isha gets angry and tells him to get out. He holds her hands and she lets go. She tries to walk away but he holds her and tells her he loves her. Isha is shocked.


Megha is crying as she thinks her mummy is dead

Rimjhim tells Rakesh that Mohini is getting Tanya to do these things..Tanya listens from behind the door

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UPDATE May 25 by Chetsmyster

Vicky pulls Isha towards him and tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. Isha slaps him hard. Vicky puts his hand on his face and just stares at Isha. Isha turns her back to him. Vicky says he shouldnt have come here and told her all this. Vicky apologizes and Isha also feels bad for slapping him and she says she shouldnt have slapped him like that but she did because he said those things. Vicky says he wont show his face to her again and he is sorry for telling her how he feels..Vicky leaves. Isha feels bad. (I have a feeling that Vicky might get his revenge on her later).

Megha is chasing Maharaj around because she wants him to recite something she taught him but Maharaj says he doesnt know english!. Maharaj is too embaressed so Megha runs off to Babuji and tells him that she taught Maharaj a poem and wants him to recite it back. Babuji is cheery and tells Maharaj to recite it. Maharaj embaressingly sings twinkle twinkle star or something but just then Garv arrives and says hi to everyone. Megha is upset with him because he hasnt come round for 2 days. Garv says he had work to do at home so he was busy. Babuji asks Megha to forgive him and Megha suddenly thinks of something and says she'l forgive on a condition. She goes off and drags Isha to the room and tells everyone that Isha likes Garv. Babuji and Garv feel abit arkward given the circumstances. Isha is also highly embaressed. Megha asks Garv to be Ishas best friend too. Megha says that Isha was crying when she looked at Garv's picture the other day. Isha goes off and Megha wonders why she just ran off like that. Babuji suggests Garv and Ishas marriage and Megha gets excited saying thats great and she can wear an outfit and dance around. Megha goes then asks Babuji about if her mother has called and Babuji lies and says that she called but Megha was sleeping. Megha gets upset and says she will get her papa to call her mummy. She goes off whilst Babuji tells Garv that he and Isha have sacrificed alot for Megha and now they should marry.

Tanya is in her room thinking about what Rimjhim told her about how Rimjhim said she will get Tanya back if Tanya doesnt stop what shes upto. Tanya is stressing as she fears what Rimjhim might do.

Rimjhim comes to see Rakesh. She asks how things are and he says he has to go to America for afew days. Rimjhim tells him that she has to talk to him about something important regarding the blast. She tells him that the blast at Avinashs factory was Mohini's fault and Mohini is using Tanya to do bad things in the family. Rakesh is shocked that Mohini is doing such bad things. Rimjhim also tells him that Mohini's aim is to cause rifts in the family as she has caused the blame of the blast to go to Rakesh. Rakesh is shocked. Tanya has heard all this and isnt happy. Rimjhim tells Rakesh that he must do something and she suggests something to him. Tanya listens.

Tanya calls up Mohini and tells her that Rimjhim is causing quite a stir as she has got Rakesh on her side. Tanya explains that she overheard them talking and Rimjhim is putting Rakesh upto stuff.

Meanwhile, Rakesh has called Om and Soham to him. Rakesh tells them that he has come to a decision involving their business. He says he will create another position in the business and this position will have enough power as the MD. Om listens carefully (as he is the MD). Rakesh says that alot of the responsilities of the company will go this other position. Rakesh tells them that Soham will occupy this position. Rakesh tells a shocked Om that before he passes any cheques or anything..he must confirm with Soham!

Tanya tells Mohini (still over the phone) that Rimjhim is playing their game against them as she told Rakesh...(we get a flashback to when Rakesh and Rimjhim were talking) Rimjhim tells Rakesh that right now Tanya and Mohini have alot of power in their hands because Om is MD and half this power needs to be shifted to Soham so that sole power isnt in Om's hands hence Mohini has less power too...(we return to the present). Tanya is baffled as to what to do. A ball rolls into the room and Megha comes in whilst Tanya is there. Megha asks her if shes seen her ball. Tanya rudely says she hasnt and Megha goes off in search of it. Mohini asks who she was talking to and Tanya says its just that mad girl. Megha finds her ball and then asks Tanya why she lied as the ball is in the room. Tanya gets angry at her and Megha sticks her tongue out at her and goes off. Mohini and Tanya are talking and Tanya thinks of Megha and suddenly gets an idea and tells Mohini that she'l do something to take care of Rimjhim.

Anurag and Rimjhim are sitting and discussing Megha. Anurag says that the best thing he can think of is shock therapy. Rimjhim gets a fright..Anurag explains that they will have to treat Megha like she is older, like she is her age and they will have to gradually explain to the truth to her. Rimjhim isnt scared about this procedure but Anurag assures her that they must do this. Then he continues to show Rimjhim Meghas brain scans.

Megha is shouting for Maharaj to bring her food. Instead..Tanya comes in and Megha asks her why shes come. Tanya says that shes brought her food as Maharaj is busy and now she'l clean her room. Tanya goes about cleaning the room. Megha looks at the food and goes yuck. Then she sees Tanya carrying away Malini's photo and she says dont touch that! as its her mums photo! Tanya says shes just putting it aside. But Megha is adamant that she doesnt touch that and she will complain to her mother about Tanya! Tanya tells her thats if her mother ever comes home. Megha feels sad and says she will come home! Tanya says that how can she come home when shes dead..Megha starts crying and saying her mummy will come home. Megha runs downstairs crying and goes towards where the family are sitting and asks about her mummy and if shes dead. Babuji and Iravati tell her not to say that and mummy will be back. Megha says that her mummy is dead isnt she. Rimjhim shouts loudly ''your mummy is dead!!! and you will have to accept this!!!!''. Megha just looks at her blank faced and with tears rolling. The family are shocked at Rimjhims behaviour.


Avinash tells off Rimjhim and tells her to just stay away from Megha

Rimjhim tells Anurag she is leaving home ..Anurag says he will take care of Megha

The doctor says that they must keep Rimjhim away from Megha and that Megha may need to be sent to a mental asylum

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UPDATE May 26th thanks Chetsmyster

Rimjhim shouts at Megha, telling her that her mother is dead! and has gone to God! Megha becomes blank faced and sad. She quietly walks away upstairs to her room. Iravati starts telling Megha that she will bring her mummy to her! But Megha has gone upstairs. Iravati gets angry at Rimjhim for saying that to Megha and asks her what kind of mother is she! Rimjhim says that they must tell Megha the truth because its been 3 months now that Megha has been in this 0state! But Iravati doesnt want to hurt Megha. Anurag interrupts and says that what Rimjhim did wasnt wrong..But Iravati doesnt want to listen to his idea of a treatment and requests another doctor be brought in. Iravati asks Maharaj to take her upstairs to see Megha.

Iravati comes into Meghas room. Megha is sitting on her bed looking upset. Iravati tells her that she will get her mummy back for her. Babuji also comes in and also says her mummy isnt dead. Rimjhim and the others come in. Megha looks at Rimjhim and then pulls the covers over her. Iravati is hurt and turns to Rimjhim and tells her to please just stay away from Megha. Rimjhim is hurt and led away by Yashoda.

Yashoda brings her downstairs and they sit. Yashoda tells her not to be hurt. Rimjhim is crying. Yashoda tells her to be positive. Rimjhim and Yashoda discuss who could have done this to Megha but they both dont know. Tanya comes along. Rimjhim tells Yashoda she will be fine and Yashoda should go upstairs to join the others in Meghas room. Yashoda leaves. Tanya says ''Rimjhim aunty'' with a sly look on her face. Rimjhim looks at her with anger and then gets up suddenly and charges towards Tanya. Rimjhim grabs her throat and starts strangling it. Tanya is shocked and scared. Rimjhim has a solid angry look on her face as she tells Tanya that she went to jail for 14 years for killing someone! so Tanya better not compel her to do it again! and to stay away from Megha! Then Rimjhim hears Maharaj's voice and she lets go. Maharaj comes in with the doctor. Tanya escapes quickly. Rimjhim speaks with the doctor who is then taken upstairs.

Tanya is in her room touching her throat and remembering what Rimjhim said to her. Tanya is worried. Om comes home and Tanya is surprised. Om asks about whats going on in the house as everyones all tense. Tanya says its regarding Megha but why did Om come home early. Om says he came home early as he didnt feel like working. Tanya asks him whats wrong. Om says that now Rakesh has created a new post at work and that post has as much responsibility as the MDs post and he has given that post to Soham. Tanya already knows this but she cunningly replies that theres nothing wrong with that is there. Om says that he doesnt have a problem with it going to Soham but Soham doesnt know anything about business. Om says hes thinking about leaving his MD post.

The doctor comes into the room and pulls Meghas cover off abit and asks if he can see her eyes. Megha isnt comfortable. The doctor says its alright as hes just come to see how she is and he will get her mummy back or something. Megha gets angry and starts throwing stuff at the doctor and everyone. They hold Megha and calm her down. Then they talk to the doctor regarding Megha and the doctor says that it appears that she has been told things she shouldnt have by someone. The doctor suggests they keep Rimjhim away from her because that might provoke Megha. The doctor says that if they dont do this then Megha may have to be sent to a mental asylum. Everyones shocked.

Rimjhim is downstairs with the family and she questions them as to what the doctor said. They keep quiet. But eventually Babuji very strainfully tells her that he understands her motherly affection towards Megha but she will have to stay away from her or else Megha may end up at the mental asylum. Rimjhim is shocked. She says she is Meghas mother though! Rimjhim realises this is what all the family feel is right, even she goes off saying if this is what everyone wants then she will do that. Babuji is very hurt that Rimjhim is hurt.

Rimjhim starts packing her bags. She thinks of when she first entered the house after jail and when she and the family prayed together and then she thinks of when Megha and Garv were about to be married. Rimjhim feels sad but she gets up to leave. Anurag comes in and realises shes leaving and he tries to stop her but Rimjhim says she has made her decision (and thats final). She asks Anurag to look after Megha and care for her till she gets better. Anurag says he will look after her till she is better. Rimjhim says that now she can leave feeling free of all troubles.

Rimjhim comes down the stairs with her bag. She comes and touches Iravati's feet infront of the whole family. Iravati says ''whats all this''..Rimjhim says she is leaving the house. Babuji isnt happy and asks her why. Rimjhim says that it is best for Megha. Avinash isnt happy either (though i cant see it on his face..). Rimjhim says she has made her decision and she touches Babuji, Avinash and Bua's feet. Rimjhim leaves (sad music plays in the background). Megha comes out and is weeping and says ''wait! don't leave. Whos gonna stay with me, whos gonna feed me and take care of me. I'v already lost my mummy and i dont want you to leave. You can be my mummy. Mummy''. Rimjhim turns around and looks at her with tears and heartfelt emotion.


Megha is playing with the family..

Tanya and Mohini are chatting on the phone and Tanya expresses her frustration with Om wanting to leave the MD post.

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May 30 thanks Chets



Rimjhim is leaving the house with the family looking on shocked. Megha has come out with Yashoda and is crying. Megha says ''hey, where you going, Dont leave, Whos gonna take care of me, Whos gonna feed me and play with me, You can be my mummy, Dont go mummy''. The moment Megha says 'mummy'..Rimjhims heart melts and she turns around to look at Megha. Babuji and Avinash look on more hopeful now. Rimjhim drops her suitcase and rushes toward Megha and hugs her tight. Megha says through her tears ''you dont leave will you''. Rimjhim says ''mama wont leave''. Its a very emotional moment. Megha makes her promise and says 'God promise?'..Rimjhim replies 'God promise' (Atleast we can be certain that Rimjhim wont pull anymore 'im-leavin-the-house shananigans).

Rimjhim is in the prayer room and smiles at Gopalji and tells him that she has no complaints now and she has got her Megha (hold on..doesnt she want to request that Megha gets better). Rimjhim asks God for forgiveness for mistakes she made earlier. Avinash comes in the prayer room and sits beside Rimjhim and says Gopalji has returned their Megha to them (hold on..doesnt he want to request the same!).

The family play with Megha; Megha is acting like shes leading a chuchu train..with Babuji holding her shoulders, Avinash holding Babuji's shoulders, Anurag holding his, and Maharaj at the end. Iravati holds a red flag to stop the train..etc. They play and Rimjhim watches happily. Then they play hopscotch (when they draw boxes on the ground with numbers in the middle). Megha hops on them and makes Babuji hop too. Even Jayanti gets hopping.

The family sit together and discuss their happiness at Meghas condition and how she is showing some improvement. Rimjhim says that she appears much happier and relaxed. Jayanti snipes in to tell Anurag that anyway he has stopped his usual work to take care of Megha. Anurag gets alittle angry. Yashoda calms the situation by saying that Jayanti is right and doesnt he have work to do. Anurag says that helping Megha to get better is his duty. Suddenly..Om comes charging along and Tanya following behind telling him to reconsider his decision (?). The families attention shifts towards them two. Om says he has made his decision to leave the MD post at Sharma Industries and will start his own business. Jayanti (whos money greedy) is very shocked and cant believe Om is doing this. Tanya asks Babuji to stop him. Babuji tries to speak but Om says 'stop i have made my decision and i will leave tomorrow' and he goes off.

Tanya walks off after him and is really upset. Om has gone. Rimjhim comes along after Tanya and smirkingly says ''Tanya''. Tanya rolls her eyes. Rimjhim tells her that all her scheming and plans to ruin the family have put her in this position and now not even Om is listening to her because he has self respect. Rimjhim tells her that she should change her behaviour before she has no one left..not this family, not Om and not even Mohini. Tanya walks off frustrated.

Rimjhim and Megha are in Meghas bedroom. Megha is still playing and Rimjhim tells her to stop making noise and go to sleep as shes tired and her eyes are sleepy. Megha denies it. Rimjhim tells her that good girls go to sleep early. Rimjhim tells her that she will tell her a story...Megha then gets in bed. Rimjhim starts a story about a princess who was like Megha and had long hair and lived in a big house (this story sounds like the princess is Rimjhim..long hair!?). Rimjhim tells the rest of the story (we hear in mute) Megha falls asleep. Isha comes in and Rimjhim meets her at the door. Rimjhim asks her what shes thought of to do with her life. Isha says she will continue working and is looking for a job elsewhere. Rimjhim asks what shes planning to do with her personal life and she should give this some thought. Isha will think about it.

Tanya comes to Babuji. Babuji has nodded off but she wakes him as she wants to talk. She asks him to talk to Om about reconsidering his decision to leave home. Babuji says that he stopped interfering in household matters a long time ago as no one even involved him in them anymore and infact no one even asks his opinion. Babuji says he doesnt want to go interfering now because he fears being insulted so he'l stay out of it. Tanya says that she doesnt mind that Om is leaving the MD post but she doesnt want him to leave this family as she likes the family (what bull). Tanya walks off. Then Tanya gets a call from Mohini who asks her whats happening. Tanya reveals that Rakesh has given half the power of the MD post to Soham so Om has decided to resign from the MD position. Mohini asks her what shes going to do about it. Tanya angrily says that she will have to take care of it and doesnt want anymore of Mohinis dirty ideas..Tanya bangs the phone down.

Om is sitting there alone and upset in a room. Anurag comes in for a chat about Om's decision to leave MD post. Om says he has made his decision. Jayanti comes rushing in and tells Om that hes being like his dad..talking big only (i think she said something like this). Jayanti tells him not to leave the post! Om is upset and just firmly tells his mum that he will leave. Anurag puts a hand of support on his sons knee.

The family sit down to eat dinner but no one really looks happy. Babuji says to call Tanya and Om to eat as they may not be here tomorrow. Khan says that Tanya has gone out somewhere. Suddenly Tanya comes into the house dragging Mohini. Mohini looks shocked that Tanya is doing this. Tanya goes straight to Avinash and puts her hands together in forgiveness. Tanya is upset and explains that all the misunderstanding between him and Rakesh is due her mother Mohini! Iravati and the gang are like can she do that!?. Tanya says that all the things going wrong in the house and Om's decision to leave is all due to her mother and that includes the factory blast! Now everyone including Mohini are supershocked. Rimjhim looks doubtful about Tanyas honesty.


Mohini apologizes to the family

Om is upset Mohini did all this..Tanya says ''well she isnt my real mum

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UPDATE May 31st thanks chets

Tanya has told the family that everything bad that has happened so far is due to Mohini (i.e. the misunderstandings between family members, the factory blast, getting the directors sacked etc). Everyone is shocked. Mohini tells Tanya that she doesnt know what shes talking about and why is she saying this. Tanya says that she knows that she did the factory blast as the man behind it has named her. Mohini is shocked and then asks for forgiveness. Tanya tells her that she is a step mother and that is why she did this and tried to ruin her daughters family! Mohini says that shes sorry and apologizes to Avinash and says she had kept her enmity with the family still. Avinash tells Mohini that he wont spare. Iravati says ''so Tanya is telling the truth..''. Rimjhim is the only one who looks doubtful about the honesty of things here (as if she feels that maybe this is a Mohini and Tanya double act). Om gets angry at Mohini too. Mohini says she is ready to pay for her sins.

Rimjhim is sitting alone thinking in another room when Yashoda comes in. Yashoda says shes so happy now because now she feels Tanya has finally rubbed off her bad side by exposing Mohini and now everything will be better. Rimjhim thinks in head about how she is doubtful of the Mohini and Tanya thing. Yashoda sees her thinking and asks whats wrong. Rimjhim shakes out of head thoughts and says a cover story ''oh.. i was thinking of Megha''. Yashoda tells Rimjhim not to worry as Megha is showing alot of promise to get better. Rimjhim smiles through her thoughts.

Om is with Tanya in their room and tells her that he cant believe this and he never thought in his wildest dreams that Mohini would be behind all the misunderstandings and stuff and he even gave Mohini powers in the company. Tanya tells him that Mohini has rocked the company and now he cant leave the Sharma company and must assist in bringing it back up from its losses due to Mohini. She tries to coax him back into the MD position by telling him he must make up for what Mohini did (as Om appointed Mohini as MD). Om says ''oh no not going back to the position of MD!'' Om walks off. Tanya feels frustrated (her plan just backfired totally!).

Rimjhim comes into Meghas room. Megha is crying. Rimjhim gets worried and asks her why shes crying and what happened. Megha says that she thought about her mummy and started crying. Rimjhim tells her good girls dont cry so she should stop crying (good girls dont cry!! oh perlease). Megha wonders why her mother left her and she probably didnt love her. Rimjhims tells her thats not it and she should stop crying. Rimjhim tells her that she will tell her a story so she sits beside Megha on her bed (like she did last episode) and continues their story. Megha calms down. Anurag comes in..Megha has fallen asleep. Rimjhim asks Anurag what conclusions hes come to. Anurag says hes gone through alot of options and has come to the conclusion to give shock therapy. Rimjhim herself is shocked but Anurags tells her he wants to try this and it might make Megha better.

Yashoda is sitting with Iravati and Babuji. Yashoda is telling them that they must stop Om from leaving home like hes planning. Tanya comes there too. Tanya asks Babuji again if he will talk to Om to prevent him from leaving and he will listen to Babuji. Babuji looks like hes in a dilemma. Yashoda assures Tanya that Om will not leave as they will not allow him to and she can come bring here so they will make him understand. Tanya gets up and says she'l go fetch him.

Jayanti and Om are sitting together and Jayanti is basically forcing him to not leave his MD position. Om says he has made his decision and nothing in the world can stop him. Tanya comes in and tells him that his mother is right and also Yashoda and the others want to talk to him. Om says he wont go speak to them and she should stop trying to get the family to stop him. Anurag comes in as he overhears as hes passing by. He comes in to see what the fuss is about. Om tells Anurag that he wants to leave everything and come with Anurag to Assam and hand everything over here over to Soham. Anurag says he doesnt disagree with that decision but infact supports it. Jayanti is fuming. Anurag says he must go now to prepare for Meghas treatment.

Om is passing by where the family are sitting and Yashoda stops him and tries to talk to him with the other family..trying to convince him to change his mind but Om says he has made his decision and that is that. He walks off in a huff. Whilst Tanya and Jayanti are in the other room. Tanya tells Jayanti that Anurag appears to be more interested in Meghas treatment rather then his own sons welfare. Jayanti might as well have steam coming out her ears..shes fuming so bad.

Anurag discusses shock therapy with the family and Iravati is shocked. Anurag says its the best way to get her better. Babuji asks if there isnt another way..less torturous. Anurag is adamant about this method and says that its commonly used for people in Meghas type condition. The other doctor has arrived at the house and Anurag and he go upstairs. Rimjhim says she will go up to.

Jayanti is in her room fuming as shes thinking about Om and how hes leaving the MD post and how Anurag seems to care more about Megha then Om. Meanwhile in the other room..Meghas treatment is starting..the're injecting her and Meghas getting scared but i think the analsethic has knocked her out aka unconscious. The family are all surrounding her and doctors. They wire her up for shock therapy with some contraption around her head. Jayanti fuming hits pressure cooker point and she comes charging into the room where the family are all surrounding Megha for treatment. Jayanti tells Anurag (who is in the middle of the treatment with the other doctor) that she wants to chat to him. Anurag says cant you see im in the middle of Meghas treatment. Jayanti says that this is more important then that. The other family members wonder what that could be!. Jayanti is so angry and says that her sons welfare and future is at stake and hes here treating a mad girl! Rimjhim shouts inbetween saying that Megha is not mad and is ill. Jayanti rudely tells her to just keep quiet and shes just causing trouble and its her fault that Om is leaving as she wanted that as she just causes distress in the house. Rimjhim gets furious and tells her that Jayanti is the one causing distress in the house! and that despite the fact that she hasnt raised her daughter, she has given birth to her and feels for her wellbeing etc and if she has given birth to Om then- SUDDENLY..Om who is at the doorway with Tanya hears everything. The family are supershocked.


Om tells Yashoda that she is not his mother and he wants nothing to do with her


I think that eversince post-leap pkg has started..Rimjhim hasnt been the same Rimjhim i liked and the same Rimjhim for whom i loved watching piya ka ghar back in the days. I mean Rimjhim was what it said on the label!: 'a beautiful homeless girl who had a piya ka ghar'. She looked beautiful in her great sari's and had the whole long hair thing working! She always wore great make-up and still had that dusky beauty look about her!. Now..forget the long hair! either get a woman in a bun-hairdo with no makeup (aka Rimjhim) or a teenager/child wannabe with short hair who seems to live in pedal pushers (aka Megha). I dont mean to be MEAN.. but shows like piya ka ghar are like days of our lives (or sunset beach for those of you in the uk) where if you dont have good looking characters you dont got nothing! because its not like the script is quality and the set is priceless..this aint desperate housewives or ER where its ok if half the cast aint ALL THAT.

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