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May 2nd thanks to Priya S
Recap: Rimjhim gave Om a hard slap for insulting Avinash. 
The entire family is in shock.  They all stand up, Jayanti rushes over to Rimjhim.  Om walks off and Tanya follows him. Rimjhim is furious and also walks out.
In their bedroom, Om tells Tanya he will not tolerate the insult and wants to leave the house. Tanya tries to convince him to stay and further instigates him against Rimjhim.  At the same time Yashoda arrives and overhears Tanya.  She shouts at her for speaking in such a way and reprimands Om for talking disrespectfully about Avinash.  She defends Rimjhim's actions as an elder of the house.  Jayanti then arrives and she and Yashoda have an argument.  Jayanti as usual takes Om and Tanya's side.  After a last word of warning to Om,  Yashoda leaves disgusted. 
Rakesh is shown to be stunned by Om's words.  He can't understand why Om did such a complete turnaround and is convinced Tanya is behind it.  He vows to bring Om back onto the right track.  Yashoda tries to gently remind him that Om is not their son.  Rakesh disagrees saying that Om is their biological son and he will have to discpline him.  Yashoda tells him that as far as she is concerned, Om is Jayanti and Anurag's son in every respect. Rakesh is still not convinced and Yashoda is worried.
All the family members (Babuji, Irawati, Rimjhim, Bua) are sitting in the lounge pondering.  Megha uses the opportunity to attack Rimjhim for slapping Om.  She accuses Rimjhim of hating Om as well and doing as she pleases in the house.  She reiterates that Rimjhim is an evil person and goes to her room.  Iravati starts to agree with Megha but Babuji steps in and supports Rimjhim saying she was right to slap Om as he misbehaved.
Rimjhim goes to her room where Avinash is sitting. He blames her for everything (as usual).  She tries to reassure him that he is successful, etc and he vows to work on his own from now on.
Esha calls up the house and informs Yashoda that she is arriving from Dehli in a few hours.  Vicky gladly volunteers to meet her at the station.
Meanwhile, devious Tanya hatches another plot. She turns up at Garv's house to meet Nmatra.  She informs Namrata that Garv is in love with Esha and that she has come to talk of their marriage.  Namrata is confused, because she though Garv loved Megha.  Tanya assures her this is not the case.  Namrata agrees to speak to Garv on the matter.  Tanya advises her to come over and meet the elders of the house and discuss the marriage.  She then leaves.
Vicky meets Esha at the station. She is a bit surprised. He offers to take her out for coffee but she politely declines, claiming she is tired and he agrees to take her straight home.
Tanya then goes to Irawati and tells her she has been to Garv's house to discuss Garv and Megha's marriage.  Irawati is delighted and assures Tanya she did the right thing. 
Rimjhim finds out about this and is stunned.  She's aware of the calamity thats about to happen and resolves to sort it out.
Megha is over the moon, she thinks she has finally got her guy. END.
May 3rd update thanks to priti

Namrata is about to go to Rimjhim's house and she asks Garv whether he likes Megha, Garv is like, 'yeah, I like her, but as a friend' and he says he likes Eesha as in loves her. She learns that Garv is in love with Eesha and that it would be wrong for them not to get married. She goes to Rimjhim's house. Meanwhile, you see Rakesh, Avinash and everyone sitting down when Megha is about to go out and you see everyone's face as if they are in shock as Megha is wearing horrible clothes, they all tell Megha to go and get changed as her mother in law (Namrata) is coming to their house to talk about the proposal, they laugh and Rimjhim is really stressed, cos she doesn't know what to do as she knows the truth about Garv and Eesha's relation. She tells Yashoda and Yashoda is all like , and she tries to tell Rimjhim not to worry and that everything will work out just fine if she goes and speaks to Garv's Mum. Meanwhile, Tanya takes Megha to the parlour to have her face donw and so she can look really pretty for the event that is going to happen.

Having Yashoda tell rimjhim, Rimjhim gets into the car and runs out and goes to Garv's house. She knocks on Garv's house door and Garv answers it. In a concerned manner, she demands to know where Namrata is, Garv tells her that she's already left to go to their house (rimjhim's house). Rimjhim is very still, she's really worried and Garv asks her what the matter is. Rimjhim refuses to tell him and she goes.

Namrata comes into the house and everyone welcomes her and are really happy because they all think that she's there to talk about Megha's proposal. Babuji says, 'As we are the girl's side, we should have come to you, and I'm sorry for you have come to our house instead' Namrata feels odd and tells Babuji that he needn't to apologise, as he's embarrassing her and she has come instead.

You see Megha get out of the car and is dressed up in a nice suit (she looks nice, but she doesn't look as if she has changed her face, she looks like a normal person, like megha without make up! The way Megha is everyday)! She gets out of the car and walks towards the house with Tanya.

Everyone are really happy and begin talking to Namrata and tell her that they are over the moon because of the proposal. Avinash says, 'Nobody in this house is against Garv, he is truly a gentleman and he will definitely be a great husband'. Everyone smiled. Namrata enquires about Rimjhim, you see Irawati's face as if she thinks OMG, why on earth does she wanna include Rimjhim in this matter. Yashoda on the other hand quickly says 'Rimjhim had to do some important work, she should be arriving her any moment'. Babuji says, yes, she'll be here in a moment, but meanwhile, we should talk about the Proposal, Megha's and Garv's proposal. Namrata looks down as she is embarrassed and begins to tell the whole family that she's really there to talk about Garv and Eesha's proposal and she begins to tell them the whole story, but we can't hear it because its in mute, poor yashoda looks really concerned cos she knows everything, everyone's faces are like . You then hear her say 'I think you should agree that Garv and Eesha should get married because they both love each other. Just as she says that, Megha walks in with Tanya and Megha's face is upset, Namrata continues to say 'Garv loves Eesha'. Then, ALL hell breaks lose! Megha screams and says 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GARV LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT EESHA, HE WANTS ME NOT HER, DAADEEEEEEEEE TELL HER HE LOVES ME AND NOT EESHA, EVERYONE TELL HER THAT HE LOVES ME AND THAT HE WANTS TO GET MARRIED TO ME, WHO IS SHE TO SAY THAT. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHH' Rimjhim walks in and she has a very concerned look on her face. Thats where it finishes, they don't show the preview for the next episode!

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4 May Update thanks to PriyaS

Megha is continually shouting at the shocked family that Garv loves only her and not Esha.  Rimjhim comes forward to her and tells her it is true - Garv and Esha love each other.  Megha is enraged.  She rushes off to Garv's house on her bike, Rimjhim quickly jumps into her car and follows.  Vicky follows in his car with Avinash.

Vicky calls Garv and alerts him of what has happened.  Megha is meanwhile speeding to Garv's house.  Irawati is in the prayer room, pleading to Gopalji for Megha to be ok.  Bua comes there to reassure her, but Irawati turns on her and blames her and Rimjhim for bringing Esha to the house.  She blames Esha for Megha's unhappiness and says she sees Rimjhim and Esha as enemies of the family and will hold them responsible if anything has to happen to Megha.

Meanwhile at Garv's house, he makes coffee for Esha.  They share some sweet romanitc talk about how it will be for them after their marriage.  Garv then fills Esha in on the Megha situation.  Both are shown to be very worried.  At the same time, Megha has arrived at Garv's house.  She sees them talking, and that Garv has placed his hands on Esha's shoulders.  Garv tells Esha sooner or later Megha would have found out the truth about them.

Megha is terribly upset, she asks Garv if he loves her. Garv tries to explain to her, but she insists she just wants a yes or no.  Garv again tries to explain to her but she again demands a simple yes or no.  Esha tries to intervene but Megha tells her to shut up and stay out of it.  Megha again questions Garv aggressively, but he remains silent and realisation dawns on Megha.

Megha storms outside, followed by a worried Garv and Esha. At the same time Rimjhim arrives at the house.  Megha verbally attacks Rimjhim blaming her for taking away her happiness.  She promises that Rimjhim will regret it.  Rimjhim is very worried , but doesn't know how to react to Megha.  Megha takes off on her bike again, Rimjhim follows.  Garv tells Esha to stay and follows them. 

As Garv leaves, Vicky and Avinash arrive.  They ascertain from Esha that Megha was there and took off in a rage.  Avinash reassures Esha he'll handle Megha and they also take off.

Esha is upset and prays that Megha will be ok.

Megha is driving at high speed, Rimjhim behind her trying to scream out of the window for her. Megha stops, then sees a truck approaching.  She revs up and starts towards the truck at high speed.  Rimjhim is now running behind her, screaming, but Megha pays no attention.  She hits the front grill of the truck, flies off her bike and bounces off the truck windscreen onto the road. 

Rimjhim sees all of this is horror and screams. End.

May 5th UPDATE by Chetsmyster


Megha has been hit by the truck and shes gone flying out onto the street..

Megha is lying there on the road unconscious. Rimjhim frantically goes running upto her and screams ''MEGHA MEGHA''. Rimjhim is very concerned and trying to get Megha to wake up and screams for help. The truck that hit her drives off (hit and run). Rimjhim tries to flag down a taxi for help but the taxi drives away without stopping. Rimjhim is crying hard as Meghas head is bleeding. Garv arrives on his bike and is shocked. He and Rimjhim kneel down beside Megha. Then Vicky and Avinash arrive in their car and come running. Garv picks Megha up like hes some hero..he carries her to the car.

Megha is being wheeled off in the hospital..straight to the operation theatre. Rimjhim and the gang are all concerned. Avinash asks the doctor to make his daughter alright. Megha is being tended to in the operation theatre. Her heads badly damaged and their fixing her with all their equipment.

Iravati is at home worrying and wondering where Megha could be and if shes alright. She orders Yashoda or someone to find out.

Meanwhile..the doctors are working on Megha as shes in a critical state.

Rimjhim is worrying about her daughter and saying that this is all her fault and she wont forgive herself and that she has no reason to live without Megha. Avinash tries to calm her down and tells her to pray. Rimjhim is too distressed. Avinash gives Rakesh a call and tells him that Megha is in critical state because she was involved in an accident. Avinash asks Rakesh not to tell Iravati this and instead lie and say that Megha is at Garvs house and their trying to calm her down or something. Rakesh comes off the phone and Iravati demands to know whats going on. Rakesh hesitantly says that everythings fine and Meghas fine and that she is at Garvs house. Iravati and Yashoda dont look convinced. Rakesh walks away.

Yashoda follows Rakesh to their room and demands to know whats really going on. Rakesh admits that Megha is not at Garvs house but infact in the hospital due to an accident shes in a critical state.

Rimjhim is praying to Ganapati dada. Rimjhim asks for Megha to be alright. Then the doctor comes out to meet Avinash, Vicky and Garv. Rimjhim goes over to them. They ask the doctors whats happening. The doctor says Megha is in a serious state as she has clotting in her head due to the head injury. Rimjhim becomes even more distressed, Vicky asks her to sit down. Rimjhim thinks this is all her fault. Garv feels like its his fault.

Some while later..Megha is wheeled out the operation theatre. The doctor says that shes ok now but she shouldnt be stressed as it might make her crazy so they must give her no stress whatsoever otherwise she'l go crazy. Everyones tense. Megha is wheeled away. Isha arrives and sees Meghas state and cries. Everyones follows Megha to another room. Garv and Isha are left standing. Garv talks to Isha. Isha says this is all her fault. Garv tells her that if its her fault and its his fault too. Garv says that they must not let Megha feel hurt or stressed or she might go mentally abnormal. Isha agrees and says they must do whats best for Megha. Isha says she wants to see Megha always smiling and she will sacrifice her love for her. Garv is somewhat shocked but his facial expression shows he agrees with her.

Rimjhim is sitting with Megha and worrying. Rimjhim thinks this is all her fault. Rimjhim holds Meghas hand. Megha starts to wake up alittle and Rimjhims sees this. Rimjhim runs off to get Avinash. Avinash and Vicky come in the room. Avinash sits beside Megha. Meghas first words are to see Garv. Megha mumbles to herself half unconscious that Garv doesnt love her thats why hes not here. Garv comes in and sits beside her. He tells her that how can she think such things and that he does love her! Rimjhim eyes start popping out her head upon hearing this.


Rakesh and Yashoda are having a hard time keeping Meghas accident a secret from Iravati.

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Update May 9th thanks chetsmyster

Megha is on the hospital bed and Garv has told her that he loves her. Rimjhim is shocked but doesnt utter a word. Megha tells Garv that she knows he doesnt love her and hes only saying this because shes in hospital. Rimjhim and Avinash look on sympathetically towards Megha and feel helpless. Garv tells Megha that he does love her. Megha asks him why he didnt tell her that when she went to his house. Garv says he tried to talk to her but she seemed too angry. Megha asks him if he really does love her. Isha looks on from the window. Garv very strainfully tells Megha that he does love her. Megha is happy and she weeps happily..then she looks at Rimjhim and tells Garv that there are some people that do not want them to unite so they should marry quickly. Rimjhim is shocked. The doctor comes in and tells them to leave as Megha must rest. Megha says shes fine and wants to go home now but the doctor doesnt allow it. The family all leave.

Rakesh is on the phone trying to find out whats going on with Meghas accident. Iravati comes rolling in. Yashoda immediately alerts Rakesh of Iravati's presense in the room. Iravati demands to know whats going on!. Yashoda and Rakesh are having a hard time keeping it a secret so Rakesh reveals that Megha has had an accident and is in hospital but they couldnt tell Iravati. Iravati is shocked and concerned for Megha and gets angry at Rakesh for not telling her about this sooner. Avinash comes into the room and asks his mum whats up. Iravati says she knows about Meghas accident and she wants to go see her in hospital. Avinash says that Megha is fine and will be home anytime soon. Iravati is calmed down. Rakesh and Yashoda are happy that Megha has recovered.

Rimjhim is walking with the doctor at hospital. The doctor tells her that Megha will be fine to go home by tomorrow but they must look after her properly. The doctors says that any mental stress will cause her harm. Rimjhim says ok. The doctor stresses that she must be free from any mental stress whatsoever. Rimjhim says Megha will be completely tension free. The doctor is happy. Rimjhim sits down on a bench and thinks about Garv telling Megha that he loves her. Rimjhim doesnt know what to do and feels distressed. Yashoda, Jayanti and Khan arrive at the hospital looking very concerned. Rimjhim and Yashoda hug and Rimjhim tells Yashoda that Megha can come home by tomorrow and also Garv has agreed to marry Megha!

Iravati and the gang are at home. Megha arrives home with family members. Iravati is happy and Megha runs to hug her. Megha is very happy. Iravati says she was very concerned. Babuji tells her that there are other people other then Iravati who are concerned for her as well! Babuji goes on that she must not ride her bike so fast or it will be taken away from her!. Megha is too happy so she agrees with Babuji quite happily. Iravati then turns to Rimjhim and tells her that this is all her fault and she wants to ruin her daughters happiness so she better stay away from Megha from now on. Rimjhim just looks at Iravati with a blank face (as if she knows Iravati would come out with something like this). Babuji intervenes and asks for Megha to be taken to her room.

Megha is in the room with Iravati, Yashoda and Jayanti. Megha is happy and so is Iravati. Megha says she wont be in this house very long. Iravati asks her where shes gonna go and she says she going to go to her husbands house. Avinash comes in and says that Megha is right as she will marry Garv. The gang are happy. Meanwhile..Rimjhim is telling Babuji that Garv saw Meghas condition and agreed to marry her for that reason. Rimjhim doesnt know what to do as Isha is like her daughter and this is injustice. Babuji agrees and says he must thank Isha and Garv for the sacrifice they have made. Meanwhile..Garv is sitting with his mum Namrata. His mum tells him that he has made this decision but he should think about it more. She tells him that it doesnt matter to her if he marries Megha or Isha but he should be happy. Garv says his decision is best.

Isha is walking along in the house and Megha comes behind and tells her that she failed in her plans to try and separate Megha and Garv and now Garv is marrying Megha. Isha doesnt say anything and just bares the insult. Rimjhim overhears. Megha tells her that her and that womans (Rimjhims) plans failed.

Babuji tells Isha that he doesnt know whether to thank her or apologise to her for the sacrifice she has made. Isha says she doesnt consider it a sacrifice but instead a duty. She says that the life she has now is due to Rimjhim and she considers Rimjhim like her mother and Megha like her sister. Isha says that its not right keeping herself happy when Megha life is on the line. Rimjhim isnt happy but understands. Megha comes out her room upstairs and stands at the balcony looking down at them. Babuji talks about how Isha and Garv love each other and they are being broken up. Then Babuji sees Megha and he gets up suddenly. Rimjhim sees Megha and also gets up immediately.


Iravati is given black mendhi.. and she blames Rimjhim for making it.

Babuji talks to Garv

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UPDATE 10th May thanks Chetsmyster

Babuji, Rimjhim and Isha are sitting at night and talking about how Garv has only agreed to marry Megha after her accident. Then Babuji's sees Megha standing at the Balcony and fears she may have heard them talking. Babuji starts mumbling some sort of explanation. Megha is just looking at him blankfaced..then suddenly she says ''are you talking to me?..'' and she takes her headphones and tells Babuji she was listening to music so she couldnt hear. Babuji and Rimjhim breath a sigh of relief and Babuji insteads says ''oh yes..i was wondering why you havent gone to bed yet''. Megha says ''oh i couldnt sleep and was thirsty''. Babuji tells her to sleep and the water will be sent up. Megha goes off to her bedroom. Babuji and Rimjihm thank God she didnt hear their talks other it would have been a disaster. They agree not to talk of this matter like this again (sillybillies..why do they have to talk about these things in the middle of the house so anyone who has ears can hear lol..).

Its the next day and Iravati, Tanya and Bua are sitting with a pundit to figure out an auspicious day for marriage. Iravati asks the pundit to find a good day so to make sure that Megha remains happy. The pundit says there is a really auspicious day but it is in 2 days! Iravati is shocked as that is too near. The pundit says that the next auspicious day is 6 months away! The family think thats too far. Iravati and Bua are concerned as to what to do. Megha comes downstairs and asks them whats up. Iravati smiles and tells her not to act innocoet as she knows what their doing as they are picking an auspicious day for marriage. Megha smiles as she knows but still says that she just came to say good morning. They again talk about the marriage day and Tanya says that they can do the marriage in two days and that she herself will take the responsibility to make the mendhi. Its agreed that the marriage will take place day after tomorrow. Isha overhears these talks and is in tears..she runs off to her room.

Babuji and Rimjhim go to Garv's house to meet his mum Namrata. They sit and say they've come to discuss the marriage. They say that everyone in the house is happy with the marriage and the date has been set for day after tomorrow. They ask if its ok as its late notice and invitations and things need to be sent out. Garv's mum says the date of marriage is fine. They ask where Garv is and Namrata calls him. Garv comes and greets Babuji and Rimjhim. Babuji tells him that everyone at home is happy about the marriage and especially Iravati, shes realll happy. Babuji asks him if hes happy with this marriage. Garv acts quite mature and says he is happy. Babuji wonders if hes agreed because of Meghas accident and her fragile health. Garv says that this is his decision and he will marry Megha and keep her happy and he a good husband. Rimjhim doesnt say much but she doesnt look happy.

Megha is lying in her room and Tanya comes in. Rimjhim looks in through doorway. Tanya asks Megha whats up. Megha looks glum and upset. Tanya asks her whats the matter. Megha says she upset because she has to sit at home and the doctor has given her a curfew. Megha says she wants to go out and shop for her wedding and this is not fair! Tanya says she is here for that ''im your sister in law and your friend so we have a double i will do these things for you readily..make me a list''. Megha is overjoyed and comes out with a list, Tanya sees the long list and sarcastically says ''is this it, such a short list..lets see..colone for Garv, cufflinks for care about Garv alot, shame he doesnt do the same''. Megha is a tad shocked and says ''what do you mean?''. Tanya says ''oh i was joking, hes probably done the same but hasnt been able to show you yet''. Tanya leaves the room and bumps into Rimjhim outside. She pulls Rimjhim away and asks her whats shes doing near Meghas room and she should know how Megha feels about her. Rimjhim and Tanya walk away. Rimjhim tells Tanya to not hurt Megha. Tanya says that she cares about Megha and also thinks of her as a good friend and she will do things for her friends and not let them be hurt. Then Tanya says that ''if she knew the truth about Garv..''. Rimjhim says ''i just hope you keep your word''. Rimjhim walks away and Tanya says to herself ''you believed me quite easily Rimjhim..''.

Medhni preparations are going on in the house. Yashoda, Kaveri and the others have nicely decorated up the interior of the house. Everyone is looking nice. Rimjhim is sitting with Bua at the table. Rimjhim is alittle shocked that her daughter is getting married and house will be different and dull. Bua tells her that she spread happiness in this house and now will spread happiness at her husbands house. Yashoda, Kaveri, Jayanti and Tanya come there ..all the ladies. They ask them what their talking about and realise Rimjhim is alittle sad. They know its understandable as she will be alittle happy for the marriage then alittle sad to see Megha go. Jayanti says as Rimjhims daughter is getting married Rimjhim should do some work. They think that Rimjhim should do some work and ask Bua to decide upon something. Bua says that Rimjhim can do the Mendhi as she does it well! Rimjhim goes off to do the Mendhi. Tanya has a mischiveous look on her face.

Rimjhim is in the kitchen making the mendhi..she has now finished. Maharaj and Khan are there..Maharaj has just finished some cooking duties. Maharaj and Khan bicker in their usual childish way. Rimjhim smiles and asks them if their finished as shes finished the mendhi..Rimjhim tells them to notify Yashoda that its finished and then she goes to her room. Khan is looking for sweets and Maharaj pulls him out the kitchen. Tanya comes to there when they've left and has her mischiveous look as she enters the kitchen. Iravati is in the main room and meets the ladies there. She asks if all is finished as they've all been working. They say that things are pretty much done and prepared. Iravati says that then they should begin the mendhi ceremony! Yashoda says of course and she goes to get the mendhi and gives it to Iravati. Iravati puts the closed bowl on her lap and lifts the lid to find black mendhi and she shouts at the ladies as to what this is all about! The ladies are shocked! She asks who did this black mendhi as its inauspicous for this day! She asks Tanya as she was originally in charge of mendhi. Tanya says that Rimjhim was assigned to the mendhi. Rimjhim comes there and Iravati asks her if she made the mendhi. Rimjhim says yes and Iravati goes on a rampage saying that Rimjhim is bad and doesnt want good for her own daughter and that Megha was right about Rimjhim all along! Rimjhim is shocked. Megha is at the top of the balcony in nice clothes and sees whats going on downstairs..Megha is not impressed and comes downstairs and faces Rimjhim.


It looks like Megha and Garv are putting the flowered necklaces around each other

Garv is telling Isha that he loves her..

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UPDATE May 11 thanks to Chetsmyster

Megha faces Rimjhim with a calm face. Then she calmly and slowly tells Rimjhim to please leave and let her get married. Megha is almost pleading with Rimjhim to let her be happy and not ruin things. The guests are all standing quiet and shocked. Rimjhim is in tears as Rimmy knows that she only ever wanted Megha to be happy. Megha tells Rimmy that if she leaves then Megha will consider this her wedding gift from Rimjhim (basically her absense). Iravati backs up Megha and says ''did you hear Megha! just leave''. Iravati folds her hands and pleads for her to go. Rimjhim tearfully departs (why doesnt Rimmy leave the family already!). Megha turns around and hugs Iravati then tells everyone ''why is everyone silent.. its my mendhi..come on apply it to me!''. Everyone starts talking and doing things again..Tanya applies mendhi to Megha. The others dance around and clap.

Garv is at home..hes ready and dressed like a groom. He thinks about him and Isha and the dreams he had about them and how they hugged at the train station. Then he thinks of the accident and how he and Isha agreed to do whats in Meghas best interests. His mum comes there and expresses her fear that he may fall weak once he reaches there. Garv assures her he wont feel weak because he has accepted Megha as his partner. He tells his mum that he knows she has faith and confidence in him and what hes doing. His mum has tears and hugs her son.

Whilst at home..Megha is being dressed up in wedding attire. Shes wearing a red wedding sari then loads of jewelery is added on her. She looks very pretty and dressed up (looking like Rimmy in the early days). Then shes brought into the the bedroom and they sit her down on the bed. Megha complains about her wedding dress and says ''how do you guys wear this everyday?'' (refering to her sari). Tanya tells her that she will have to wear this everyday too. Iravati comes in and is happy to see Megha and says ''my eyes were thirsty to see you like this as a bride''. One of Meghas friend says that now the romeo juliet story has come to an end. Tanya tells Megha that its just starting. Megha is very happy. Then someone says that the wedding procession has arrived. All the girls and Tanya rush off to see them. Megha starts to go to but Iravati pulls her back and says that she cant go as shes the bride. Megha is alittle frustrated but very happy still. Iravati tells her that everyone will return in abit so dont worry.

All the girls come down the stairs. Garv and his procession are at the doorway. The family meet them. Rimjhim does aarti and stuff infront of Garv. Then Yashoda and Jayanti follow doing the same thing infront of Garv. Then Garv enters..Soham and Vicky carry him in. The family ask Namrata (Garvs mum) if the house is ok interms of decoration as they didnt have much time to prepare. Garvs mum says ''dont shame me'' (as in its good). The family go into the house with the procession. Rimjhim looks at them go in and has tears..tears of happiness.

Megha is standing infront of Malini's photo and weeping as she says ''mummy..if only you were here, i miss you so is the best day of my life and my dream is being so happy..but your not here..i know your blessings are with me''. Megha cries. Downstairs..Garv has taken his seat. Everyone is standing around happily. The brahman is there doing his stuff and asks for the bride to be brought down. The girls run off to fetch her. They come upstairs. Tanya tells her that its ready for her to come down. Tanya sees Meghas tears and sees Malini's photo and tells her ''i know u miss your mum..but you have to be happy because if your happy then she'l be happy wherever she is''. Megha smiles and Tanya says ''come on let me see your teeth''. Megha smiles larger. The girls and Megha go downstairs.

Everyone looks up as they see Megha coming downstairs. Avinash, Rakesh and Babuji and the others all are shocked and happy to see Megha looking so beautiful. Megha is taken to the seat next to Garv. Garv smiles. Rimjhim has tears of happiness looking at them. The brahman says its time for the garlanding ceremony. Megha and Garv hold the garlands. Brahman is saying his stuff. Megha is about to put the garland around Garv but Garvs friend says ''if you bow your head for the garland now then you'l have to bow your head for the rest of your life''. Megha tells him to shut up (lol). Garv doesnt bow his head. One of Meghas friends tell him that this is his destiny to bow to his wife. Soham says ''theres a technical problem here..''. Vicky says ''Soham, you and your technical problems''. Soham says ''Garv is tall and Megha is Garv must bow''. Garv continues to play games and not bow. Yashoda smiles and says ''come on..hurry up''. Garv bows and they garland each other. Isha stands beside Rimjhim..standing far back. Rimjhim is crying and Isha asks her why..Rimjhim says that Megha is so happy that she wishes she could stop time. Isha wipes Rimjhims tears. The brahman now says ''the auspicious time for marriage is not here yet..theres still some time left''. Megha is taken away. Soham and the boys say ''come on Garv..meanwhile..we got a plan for you''.

Garv and the guys sit down. They joke around that guys boast before marriage but once their married they become chickens. Garv takes out his phone and tells them to excuse him as he has to go make a phonecall. He gets up. Someone says ''make a phone call? now!''. Garv goes off. Someone says ''haha i bet his phoning some ex-girlfriend''. Someone else says ''shut up''.

Isha is standing byself thinking about her and Garv. Then Garv comes along. They meet in a quiet darkly lighted place of the house. Garv tells her that hes taking this step due to her. She tell him that this is his decision. He tells her that he wouldnt have taken this step without her support. Megha is coming down the stairs in this part of the house..she sees Garv and Isha. She comes closer and watches them and listens to them with some concern on her face. Garv is holding Ishas hand and tells her that everything is due to her and he loves her. He tells her that he had all these dreams for the two of them and now their dreams are shattered. He tells that he still loves her and always will and sees her everywhere. Megha at this point looks numb and very hurt.


Rimjhim tells Babuji that shes afraid of something..she doesnt know what

Everyone is knocking on Meghas door

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Posted: 16 May 2005 at 4:41am | IP Logged

UPDATE May 12th thanks Chetsmyster

Garv and Isha are talking and holding hands. Megha comes down the stairs and sees them. Garv has told Isha that he loves her and always will eventhough their dreams have been shattered and that he is only marrying Megha because Isha is supporting him. Megha has heard all that and turned numb then retreated silently back up the stairs. Isha tells Garv that they must separate now as they have diverged paths in life from now on. Garv agrees. Garv wants them to remain friends and only friends and Isha says sure. Isha tells him to go now as the others must be waiting for him. Garv somewhat reluctantly leaves.

Megha walks into her room and closes the doors. She looks very hurt and numb faced. Her pain is so bad shes speechless initially. She walks upto Malini's photograph and hurtfully says ''he doesnt love me..he lied to me''. She cries more and wonders why this had to happen to her. She asks Malini to take her where she is (i.e. dead). She drops to the ground in tears (shes a mess).

Tanya is walking around the house and sees Isha. She stops Isha and says she wanted to speak to her but didnt get a chance. Tanya says ''you know i consider Megha my friend as well as my sister in law and i like seeing her happy. I know you had to make a sacrifice and you lost Garv. I already respected you and now i respect you even more. I also feel very sorry for you''. Isha doesnt look comfortable and tells her that she doesnt need to worry about these things. Tanya then makes an excuse saying shes looking for Megha and leaves.

Garv is sitting with the others again and they are joking around with him. One of them asks him why hes so upset-looking. Someone else answers that he just cant wait..they all laugh. They mess around with his grooms hat. Meanwhile Rimjhim is sitting alone and Babuji hobbles over to her to join her. Babuji asks her how she is and how her daughters very happy today. Rimjhim says shes really happy that her daughter is marrying. Rimjhim says that when she was in jail, the only thing lighting up the darkness was thinking about Meghas bright future. Babuji says that Garv is a good boy. Rimjhim agrees but says she feels scared for some reason. Babuji asks her what about and she replies that Megha is quite childish and will she be able to adjust after marriage. Babuji says that she definately will as she is like her mother..who is strong and has courage in any situation.

Meanwhile..Megha is upstairs still bundled up on the floor. She starts taking off her bridal wear. She takes off her jewelery around her neck. She takes off her earing and wipes her make up. She pulls the stuff off her hair. She basically takes it ALL off. As she is taking off her face is just blank as if the pain as desensitised her nerves.

Downstairs..the gang are all sitting around. Jayanti and Iravati join the others sitting with Garv. Iravati tells them to stop teasing Garv. Someone says something like Garv should get marry right now at this instant if he cant wait long. Iravati tells Garv that now she will also be his grandma so if he wants she can get him married immediately. They all laugh.

Maharaj and Avinash are sitting beside the brahman who will conduct the ceremony. The brahman tells them that the auspicious time has arrived and the marriage can begin. Avinash calls Yashoda who is walking by. He informs her that it is time and Megha should be called. Yashoda tells Meghas friends that the time has come and to call Megha. The girls go upstairs to get Megha. Iravati and others all gather around and wait. Iravati asks about where Megha is. Yashoda says that her friends have gone to get her. Iravati sends Tanya to go get her. Tanya goes upstairs and sees Meghas friends outside the door to Meghas room and asks them what their all doing standing outside. One of the friends says that Megha is just not opening the door. Tanya sends them downstairs and says she will get Megha out. She bangs on Meghas door afew times but to no avail. Tanya goes downstairs and whispers in Iravati's ear. Iravati gets concerned and wheels around to go upstairs (i still dont know how she gets up the stairs with that wheelchair). Soon everyone in the house gets to know whats going everyone tells everyone else and whispers fly around and the whole family land upstairs. Everyone banging on Meghas door and shouting her name. Iravati is there too and asks them whats going on. Rimjhim and Isha arrive upstairs. Rimjhim is worried and finds out whats going on. Iravati asks Rimjhim ''did you say anything to her?''.Rimjhim says ''no i havent spoken to her and i'v kept out of her sight eversince she told me so''. The men start to knock down the door..and are successful. Everyone is shocked to see whats there is all of Meghas bridal clothes and jewelery bundled on the floor and no Megha.


Avinash explains to Garv and Namrata that somethings happened to Megha

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Posted: 17 May 2005 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Update 16 by chetsmyster

Rimjhim and the family have just managed to open Meghas door and all look inside with shock as Megha is not there! Rimjhim screams ''where is my daughter!?''. Everyone looks and is concerned but she is not inside. Maharaj comes running up the stairs and tells them that Megha is outdoors as he just saw her. The family start to rush out but Babuji halts them and says that it would look right if they all suddenly go outside as there are guests downstairs! Babuji tells only Avinash and Rakesh to go..Rimjhim however rushes out with them and Iravati shouts ''someone stop Rimjhim'' (lol).

Outside, they all run out amongst the lighted garden..Rimjhim spots Megha in the bushes. Rimjhim comes over sees Meghas back and touches Megha on the shoulder. Megha turns around and scowels at Rimjhim. Meghas eyes are crazy looking. Rimjhim is shocked and scared. Megha gets up and starts running and bangs headfirst into a wooden doorway/fence.

Megha is put on her bed..she is unconscious. The whole family are standing around her. Iravati is saying ''whats wrong with her why isnt she waking up..someone tell me''. All are very concerned. The doctor arrives and checks her out. The doctor tells them that she must have undergone some kind of stress, the doctor is alittle angry and tells them that he already warned them not to stress her. Iravati says that they tried their best not to stress and instead make her feel happy and good, hence the quick wedding. The doctor says that too much happiness can be bad for her too. The family decide the wedding should be halted, Rimjhim is upset that Megha cannot marry today. Avinash says its best to tell Garv and his mum first. The doctor says he will call a specialist doctor on the scene.

Garv and his mum are taken to a guest room. Rakesh, Avinash and Om sit down with them. Avinash explains to Garv and his mum that he regrets to say this to them but the wedding must be cancelled. Avinash goes on that Megha is not well and this is why they have to cancel. Garvs mum completely understands and says that Megha is like her own daughter. Garv asks to see Megha but Avinash and co decline. Garv really wants to see her and what state shes in but Rakesh tells him that its not right to see her as shes resting. Garvs mum and Garv then take their leave. Garv arkwardly passes Isha on the way out.

Rimjhim and the women are standing in Meghas room and Megha is still sleeping on the bed. Rimjhim is crying seeing her daughter in this state. Iravati or someone says that whenever Megha has a chance for happiness it is snatched away from her. Rimjhim cries that why do these things have to happen to Megha. Bua tells her to believe in Gopalji and He will make things right. Rimjhim says that He wont. Bua says that sometimes he tests us. Yashoda or someone tells Rimjhim to stay strong. But Rimjhims tears flow. Tanya smirks a happy face. Iravati is sad and feels for Rimmy as well.

Garv is sitting with his mum. They are talking about Megha and Garv says he wanted to see her but Rakesh declined. Garvs mum says they can go together and see her in the morning. Garv says that something is definately up and Meghas condition is worse then it seems. Garvs mum says that he is gonna be their future son in law so of course they would act differently with him. Garv says that he is Meghas friend and that should come first.

The family are all in Meghas room and she is still unconscious on the bed. The doctor says that Megha has definately had some kind of stress. Babuji and Iravati say that they kept her away from stress. The specialist doctor arrives and the normal doctor gives him Meghas medical files. The specialist doctor tells them all to leave the room as he checks her out. The family all leave the room. The specialist doctor looks her over and discusses her files with a third doctor who is also present. Then Megha starts to wake up. The specialist doctor comes outside and they ask whats happening. The specialist doctor takes Rimjhim inside as she is the mother. As they go back in the room..Megha is not there. Rimjhims asks where she went. Just then Megha pops out from behind the bed and is scratching her head. She goes to the wardrobe and opens it and starts searching for something. Rimjhim wonders what shes doing. Rimjhim goes near her but Megha pulls away slightly. Then Megha goes and looks at some book and then says ''wheres my maths book. I cant find it. I have homework to do. The teacher is really strict''. Rimjhim is shocked. The specialist doctor says that Megha seems to have amnesia and doesnt remember present and is acting like a child and will continue to do so! Rimjhim remembers the 6 year old Megha saying the same things as Megha is saying now i.e. ''wheres my maths book'' etc. Rimjhim is deathly shocked.


Megha is acting all childish with Babuji and Avinash

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Update 17 by Chetsmyster

The doctor has told Rimjhim that Megha has amnesia and doesnt remember her future and is instead stuck in her past. The whole family are there and Rimjhim and Avinash are really shocked by the doctors words. The doctor goes on that her brain has gone back around 10-12 years and she now acts like shes a 6 year old. Iravati tells the doctor that this cant be and he should recheck and make another diagnosis. The doctor says that he will not do that and that they must accept what has happened to Megha. The family all go inside Meghas room. Megha is sitting on her bed writing in a book, she looks arkwardly childlike. Babuji sits by her and she shows him her book and says that she has done all her work in a new book as she couldnt find her old one. Megha is really cheerful. She looks at the rest of the family and asks them why they are dressed funny (they are dressed up for the wedding that didnt happen). Megha tells Avinash that now she has done her homework she deserves the sketch pen he owes her. Avinash starts weeping. Megha starts getting impatient for her sketch pen but then apologises when she sees him crying. Rimjhim is also weeping. Megha looks at them all and asks where her mother is? (i.e. Malini). Rimjhim says shes here. Megha just ignores Rimjhim and starts getting impatient to see her mum..Babuji calms her down and says that her mother has gone out but will return in 2 days or so. Rimjhim leaves the room as she cant handle her own tears.

Rimjhim comes into the prayer room and looks at Gopalji. Rimjhim weeps and comes and sits down infront of Gopalji and wonders why this had to happen to her daughter. Rimjhim looks at Gopalji with some impatience and says that she has tolerated everything Gopalji has done to her, as He took her parents away from her at a young age, how Rimjhim spent years in jail and now Rimjhim is alienated from her own daughter!. Rimjhim says that shes put up with enough and she wont anymore. She tells Gopalji that she has lost her trust in him. Babuji comes in and hears this and tells Rimjhim not to think or feel this way. Babuji still has his faith and says God is omnipotent and to still have faith as God helps the righteous ones..and when one has God on their side they win all battles. Rimjhim says that she has had faith for all these years in this stone idol and now she thinks that the idol is just only stone and that He wont make her daughter right and Rimjhim will have to do it herself. Rimjhim leaves.

The family are all sitting in the main area of the house on the sofas and chairs. Avinash is weeping and they are trying to calm him down. Rimjhim comes along and gives Avinash a list and says that Megha made this list for him and it contains some stuff she wants. Avinash reads abit of it and it says bag..books etc. Avinash says that parents are supposed to help their childs future and he seems to be helping her past. Avinash weeps some more. Rimjhim says that maybe they should call Anurag. Jayanti tells her to go ahead but says that she doesnt know if he'l be able to come. Rimjhim calls him up anyway and speaks with him (we hear in mute). Rimjhim finally puts the phone down and says hes coming. Everyones a little more pleased. Then Mohini Suri arrives in the house. She says she managed to make it here but has also heard the bad news of what happened to Megha and she feels bad. Rimjhim isnt exactly pleased to see her but she doesnt say anything. Megha shouts from upstairs that she wants her breakfast.

Megha is upstairs and feels frustrated that she will be late for school because her breakfast is late. Rimjhim comes there and Megha is rummaging in her wardrobe. Rimjhim tells her that why is she thinking about going to school as shes on vacation so its fine. Megha gets happy that its vacation. She wants to go play all day. Rimjhim says she will play with her. Megha looks abit arkwardly at Rimjhim (as in who-is-this-woman). Maharaj arrives with the food and she says she doesnt want it no more and wants to play and will Maharaj play with her? Rimjhim tells Megha that Maharaj is busy with guests and cannot play with her but Rimjhim will play. Megha is happy enough and goes with Rimjhim.

Mohini Suri is with Tanya in another room. Mohini tells Tanya well done and that she is happy with what has happened to Megha. Tanya says that it has worked out so well that no one has even suspected that her and instead they all think of her as a well wisher. Tanya says see how that tigress Rimjhim turned into a wet cat when Mohini came. Mohini reminds her that though she has done well on the Rimjhim front..she must remember that she has to destroy the whole family. Tanya says that slowly slowly that will also happen.

Avinash arrives home with some bags and sits with Rimjhim. He tells her that he has got the stuff Megha asked for. He is still sad with what has happened with Megha. Rimjhim tells him that they will have to have faith in each other and they together must make her well again. She tells him that God wont help them and they will have to do things themselves (Rimjhim seems to have lost faith..). Avinash gets a phonecall from his workplace and finds out some machines have been delivered there. Rimjhim asks him how that is going and he says he will have to see how well his factory runs. As for Megha..Rimjhim assures him she will make her well.

Rimjhim opens a knock at the front door and it is Garv, they say Namaste to each other and Garv comes inside. Garv asks about how Megha is and that he has come to see her. Rimjhim says that he can see her but her condition isnt good and that she will look sort of different when Garv sees her. Rimjhim warns him not to get taken aback or act differently when he sees her. Garv isnt taking this too seriously and says he wants to see her. They both go to the garden. Megha is playing cricket in the garden with Khan, Maharaj and Babuji..Megha is batting. Garv is alittle shocked to see her. Rimjhim says i told you so. Megha is acting very childishly when playing cricket. Its Babuji's turn to bat and he bats but then drops whilst playing with Megha...Maharaj, Khan and Megha go to pick him up. Rimjhim and Garv come closer and Megha asks who this uncle is? (i.e. Garv). Garv is alittle rattled. Garv tells her that he is her school mate. Megha starts talking about another boy in her class who failed 3 times and is as tall as Garv. Garv says eventhough hes big can they be friends (aww). Megha shakes hands with Garv. Garv then sees Isha sitting far away, so he goes off there leaving Megha to play what she was playing. Garv comes near Isha and they meet. Garv says hes seen Meghas state. Isha chats for abit and then starts to cry and tells him that she thinks they are responsible for Meghas condition as Megha might have heard them talking because apparently she was in that part of the house where they were chatting. Garv looks distressed. Iravati is rolling in her wheelchair in the nearby ditch or something and overhears them. Iravati is very shocked.


Isha says it is their fault

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