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LizBennet IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 December 2011
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Ok so I know I disappeared on all of you, and most of, if not all of you have probably forgotten me by now! But I just came by to say hi, apologize for disappearing but honestly I can't completely bc I will disappear all over again LOL. I just have a SUPERBLY busy schedule, and for me it's best to go back to my silent member status and roam around on IF thru my phone than actually be active/post bc sadly there is no actual DEK on air to obsess over.  I joined/became active on IF for DEK and DEK only. Sigh. I really do wish you all well, but I honestly can't be obsessive anymore, I mean everyone who did read my posts know about my mom's strict control over my IF obsession when DEK was on, so honestly the only way I am allowed to be on IF is if I am silent bc of my busy schedule. sigh. You win some, you lose some, na? So I shall use this rare miracle allowed by mommy dearest wisely and just post this message for everyone! =) I hope all are doing well, I too miss DEK and hope for a season 2, considering the Sony line-up of their new fiction shows, I am NOT impressed, more on that later, first you guys! LOL

Again, I am SO SORRY! But yes I will not be active, I will try to like stuff more, but I will be on silent member status, as you know strict restrictions as told by mommy dearest LOL. As for not replying to PMs...EEEk SORRY! LOL. Sorry I know is not enough, but I know myself, I start PMing..I will NEVER stop...but I did feel guilty so like i said before I wanted to drop by and say hi for those who do rmr me or if you don't that's fine too, a friendly hello I hope is always welcome on this forum! =) 

So wow a lot of things that have happened in the past couple of months LOL. Some of things I am hopeful for.Or annoyed with, whichever LOL

OK before I start, I must have this disclaimer. You may agree or disagree, that is fine. This is JUST my opinion/analysis. PLEASE do NOT get offended, this is NOT an attack on anyone, well maybe Sony...but again this all STRICTLY my opinion. If I hurt your feelings/perspective on certain things, this is not meant for that, I am just trying to get two months of stuff out bc this is probably the ONLY moment in time I will be allowed to post ANYTHING for the foreseeable future...sigh. 

1. LMYAM-  First off, what an awful show. I tried watching the first week (which btw was SUPER difficult with DEK just ending and I, still grieving) and just gave up. Or so I thought...Then I tried to be nice, try again week 2, it was just as awful. For me how promising a drama will be, is witnessed in the first week. This show did NOT impress. It is UNORIGINAL, and honestly the pathetic copy of Ek Hazaaron, except they took out the sister part, and made them friends who are like sisters to each other, to make it "different." This show honestly had the potential to be smart, funny, witty, but honestly its NONE of the above, with such an unoriginal style of writing the shows screenplay/script. The creatives are a SUPREME disappointment. Not only in casting the LM couple (seriously where is the chemistry in LM couple?? OR development BTW--again you don't have to agree, this is just my personal thoughts/feelings),  then the storyline which BTW is there any sort of storytelling going on??? I think the CVs are confused every week as to what they want to do, and furthermore what's the concept or whole point of this show??? Is it a saas bahu drama masquerading as a mature show about LM and AM, or a mature show masquerading as a saas bahu drama?? PICK ONE option creatives!! UGH!! Preferably the one where you don't have kitchen politics and stupid conflicts that make NO SENSE! Sorry I just can't believe THIS show replaced DEK...SERIOUSLY??? Honestly DEK was getting its TRPs back towards the end, slowly but gradually. LMYAM? this show never rated above 1!!! At least DEK started off STRONG and had an ACTUAL storyline with potential for MUCH MUCH more! *SMH*

2. Sony- Is just ridiculous. Their ENTIRE line-up, excluding Kya Hua for now, this year have been creative/TRP failures! Let's start with 1. Kya Hua: a show about how its okay for a guy to cheat on his wife bc marriage is more important 2. Shubh Vivah: 5 sisters. I dont' have go further bc you know what 5 sisters reminds me of?? KAHIN TO HOGA! MY GOD another Sony pathetic version of an iconic show. Also I think this SV show was suppose to be a copy of a Marathi drama which was apparently about a suffering bahu and a mean saas. YAWN. Been there done that Sony. HOW they thought this show was a good idea?? I just don't know. *smh* THEN the hattrick of all crap comes along, Byah Hamari Bahu Ki!!! W*F??? Did this show even have a storyline?? BC I am sure they betrayed their original concept, whatever it was, within a month of its being on air! I have already talked about LMYAM, so moving onto Honge Juda Na Hum. OK now this show seemed promising, but it has proven to be a snooze fest like LMYAM, well LMYAM is worse, but still snooze fest which is SUCH a shame since the lead pair actually had great chemistry unlike a certain couple in LMYAM. HOnestly HJNH seems like the pathetic version of IPK, where the characters drive each other crazy but love each other, they tried to make that different with the amnesia twist, but honestly, its a disappointment. OH and Anamika?? I am not a horror story show fan, so that's a personal bias, but seriously?? Why can't Sony DO better?? They just seem to jump on the bandwagon these days, I mean Zee has Fear Files so now Sony is like oh we need a horror show now too?? Honestly Sony was onto being creatively different, last year at this time when they had groundbreaking shows like Parvarish, Kuch toh log Kahenge, BALH, DEK being released. 2012, they have shown faith in stupid run of the mill concepts, copying other channels, but not being creative themselves. Honestly the ONLY Sony show I am curious about is the Beauty And the Beast show, otherwise this once at the top, creative channel has lots its touch to me. Honestly if they did a DEK 2, maybe they could be no. 1 again, bc this show was creative, different, characters with depth/growth, and a potentially great storyline. Honestly, why not?? Sony seems to be sucking at creating new interesting shows...SMH. 

3. Things that I am thankful for- Byah is officially dead. LMYAM will soon follow, THANK GOD (sorry to all who like this show, but I don't, I rather wait for AK to get an awesome role/show that will actually give him success rather than see him be wasted playing a one tone character with no depth, even though he tries, poor guy can't help being given such a terribly written storyline/characters---AGAIN, this is just an opinion guys!) Also DIGITIZATION!!! THANK GOD!! Finally a more representative, not perfect, way of counting TRPs! And honestly I am so glad bc it means MORE diverse content, well EVENTUALLY lol. But I hope digitization brings a much needed effect on the content we are served by major GECs! 

4. PG is in Pakistani Fear Factor?? WHOA. Girl really is a wild cat LOL. Shri in a new show BFF? Playing a grey shades character again? LOL. Best of luck to both of them, although I think PG is already done shooting, but still best of luck LOL! 

That is all! LOL. THanks for bearing my rants LOL. And again sorry for being MIA, as I will continue to be, but I do think of you guys, its just not possible to be active here for me, but I did want to drop by to at least give a reason/explanation. 

As for everyone else, agains thanks for reaching out to me and remembering me, its really sweet of you all! I honestly found it really hard to even stay on the forum, bc losing DEK was just awful. The only show I have been super attached too. Anyway like I said, dropped by to say hi and share thoughts/feelings about stuff LOL. I won't be able to reply back, if indeed any of you rmr me, but I will surely hit like to let you know I have read your comment if you have! LOL

Sidenote to Kat: Anyways Kat, I know you had a SUPER personal question to ask me thru PM, so I will respond back to that, I actually even tried, but your inbox is full??? I will just post a scrap in case you don't come on the DEK forum 

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fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
OMG Shamaaa?? Shocked . Gosh I missed you. How are you? Hug

Okay reserved for a proper reply to your post.


I completely agree with you Shama. Sony shows are sucking big time. They have nothing new or impressive to offer. And LMYAM has got to be the worst project till date after BHBK. More so because I still cannot believe that this is the show that replaced DEK. And that too on the basis of TRPs. What crap. TRPs are not even been counted nowadays. This sucks big time. I really wished Ashish would have been smart enough to understand that his loyalty lies with his career not the channel. Sony will only screw him over and he is just wasting himself in that good for nothing show!!

I highly doubt there would be a second season for DEK. We DEK-ians are not too lucky!

Anyway Shama I hope you're doing good. I left you PMs and scraps but you never got back to me so I thought you must be busy. Hope everything is fine at your end. Take care, and don't forget your once upon a time friends. The show must've ended, but friendship doesn't Smile

Edited by fia21 - 27 November 2012 at 10:35am

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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2007
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Hi Shama!
OMG its surprising to see you after so many months!
I thought aap raasta bhool gaye! LOL
and Yeah Sony's program line up SUCKS!
Every single show sucks!

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-The_Tomboy- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 April 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
mg !!! shama di!!! you finally here??
oh man missed u so much!! 

first off totally know how strict moms can be!! i am in it already!! man !! phewww!!
ya kinda true about sony!! a channel which was on the top and then tuiii!! tuppp!! thoooshh!! that is the condition!

1) totally agree on the lmyam part!! I never liked that show! often made me sleep from the first day I saw it!!

2) khtv another mad show where the female lead is left by her husband and then she still loves him but he betrays and then they live together! stupid show!! sometimes ekta goes crazy in choosing scripts!

3) hjnh looked like a show on reincarnation but was on memory loss!! how dum!! how can a memory loss be only after marriage wala part?? and family hides it !! why??

4) shubh vivah!! was that even a show?? the boring show of all!! I never understood the concept!!

5) bhbk was supposed to be marriage of their bahu and there are no traces of any sch intentions!!

And so on and so forth!! if I rant I will never end so better I stop!

Well missed u so much!! happy got aglance of u!

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chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 June 2009
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged
hey shama, u really have disappeared, have really loved ur episode analysis, you where the only one, who would put every ounce of positivity in ur posts, I would get depressed seeing teh episodes, but reading ur analysis would make it so worth it.

Agree with what you have said, I so believe that had DEk been in some other channel, it would have got promoted well, and also handled well. And secondly it is not just the Channels faults, it is also about the creatives of teh show who are equally responsible for running the show. I mean right after the initial two months, they knew what the audience wanted was Manveer, instead of giving us manveer they claim to give us manveer in twisted form. sigh.

Sony is one disastrous channel, and with their current line up of shows, I dont see my self watching sony channel in then long long time to come. As for Ashish, his character of UV is so intense that even after 3 months of Dek I was into UV. Even I want the LMYAM to end soon, at least then Ashish will know, we cannot see him in the background nodding his head on women's decision and playing some spineless character. I so wonder why did he had to jump to take this new show, I so feel it was a wrong move from his side. Sigh.

Was good to see you after long shama. BTW, I was the silent reader of ur episode analysis, with just likes, and never having the time to comment or interact, but with time, things have eased out ait for me.Tongue

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 March 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
agreed with big A actaully me too stopped watching lmyam...only go on forum to comment my frustration regarding AK and the show

actually not watching any hindi show these days ...waiting that my AK gets some really romantic show...till then happy watching english shows an writing FF

keep coming to the forum after all its our only connection for DEK die hards

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sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 March 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

OMG Shama Its you!!Shocked..I blinked my eyes twice to check whether the post was made by you or some other person r if m actually fantasizing that its you...Tongue

I 101% agree with whatever you said..Sony is*****************************Angry...I don't have words to demean them or can say whatever abuses I use will be less for them so have stopped it..They are giving us one after another illogical shows with which I just can't connect myself...All stupid shows...

I tried hard to watch LMYAM but failed miserably. Nothing fascinates me to watch the show. We watch something only to entertain ourselves and not to feel, if I can have such a marriage or not or what will be the consequence of the marrigae. I mean whats the use of generating such storiesOuch...
The cast is not at all appealing..not to mention the girl opp AK, forget her but even the elders doesn't appeal or impress me as elders!...DIalogues are just ewww!...Wonder how the show is still survivng. There are better shows in other channels at the same time slot. ANd what fumes me is the fact that SOny actually replaced DEK with this crappy drama!!ShockedAngryAngry

Sorry again to the ones who are LMYAM fans..Its my personal opinion so plz don't feel hurt...but m seriously pissed of with sony nowadaysConfused

ANd Shama thanks for making a post after a long time..I miss you a lotHug

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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Hey shamaa iam glad to see you back...
yea you are so right LMYAM sucks... Infact all shows of sony right now are disasters:[
DEK was new and refreshing concept but due to some trps they ended such a beautiful show... I won't only blame sony... The creaters are equally blamed for ruining the show *sigh* but now no matter how much we ptotest we wonder get another season of Dek...
Ashish took a very wrong decision of doing lmyam he could have got much better projects why he choosed to potray character of an obsessed husband who dances on his wife beats... Seriously sony future ix in dark...

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