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ACP OF THE YEAR ch1 pg7 dec 11th

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
 Hey guys me back with another ariya story basic story line is like SOTY but very diffrent with lots of twists  


The scion of the Rich Royal  Rathore  Rajput Family   , shares a complex relationship with his  family and father,  Raja Ranjeet singh Rathore  because Raja Ranjeet  only measures Rathore  with his own parameters of success and is upset that he left teh royal tradtion to beocme a officer ..Despite all his aggression, like all sons, Rathore  seeks his father's approval. Rathore's sweetheart, Riya Muhkerjee  has a special place in Rathores 's heart too but that doesn't stop him from taking her for granted. In this life of dreams and status and much respect  walks in a  old friendenmy Arjun  changing views, adding complications and thereby shifting equations to the extent that the  ACP Of The Year competition in POLICE FORCE becomes the symbol of self-worth and self-realisation for Rathore, he is an amazing chief and ACP knows how to have fun , was an amazing racer in college    


RIYA  beautiful, hot a head turner . has very few reasons to complain in her life, she has a wonder job , amazing friends and a guy who she thinks loves her  . Born with a silver spoon in her mouth. yet very humble and sweet  she has always been very lucky  since childhood she has gotten everything her parents pampered her  with a huge mansion,imported cars,Jewels , servants, they gave her everything except their love ... mom was very busy with socal work and ngo's and her kitty parites while  her father was away on business and traveling ...she is very alone   she tries hard to smother her need for love with couture clothes, designer brands and her half baked romance with Rathore . When a new acp her senior  Arjun  walks into the corridors of ETF Riya doesn't pay much attention to him but as time passes by she can't but help realizing her attraction for him and Riya  realizes suddenly that the ACP Of The Year trophy has much more significance in her life than she imagined.  


Arjun  is a State level shooter  and an excellent ACP from a middle class Delhi family. His arrigance, aloofness, street smart intelligence, and photograpic memory   and his nonsense nature makes sure he is always ahead of others in thought and action. When he enters ETF  on the request of the commissioner , he soon realizes that his position and presnece is not wanted  is among  Rathrore 'but his heart is with the team . His friendship/bromance  with Rathore and his unspoken love for Riya give rise to complications he doesn't expect and it's just a matter of time before he realizes that ACP of the Year trophy is no longer just his ticket to success but will chisel him into the person he will become.


He is sweet,  a total  gagdet geek, funny, best friends with riya , and chotu  is Rathore's chamcha


Sweet .caring,goofy, strong, best friends with shree n riya arjun;s chamcha


Best friends with riya since high school  loves her like a sister hates Rathore for taking riya and her love for granted ... annoyed with Arjun  but turns a blind eye for 2 reasons 1. she knows  what khichadi is cooking between ri n him and 2. he reminds her of her  husband arnav singh raizada  how he was in the beganing  sadhu 


She's the barbie doll type.  A Bitch.(BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUAL THAT CREATES HELL when she wants  ) tries to steal Rathore from Riya...yet she likes Riya she sees her old self in her but life changed her and made her seem rude and bitchy  when in real she is just like riya has many walls that need to be broken ...she is atypical girly girl  but when needed can be like one of  the guys  a awesome shooter .. she is a header turner hot and she knows it ... she is the style icon of the ETF just like riya loves to shop and has everything name brand designer   but along with looking pretty and using her girl charm to woe the guys she is a fantastic encounter specialist , hails from a rich  well known family, her family all are in the states  spoiled , she gets what she wants  in her family thats why seeing rathore and knowing she cant have him is very diffcult for her   

Do comment  give ur feedback n press link to be on pm list Embarrassed

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 April 2008
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:40am | IP Logged

 The girls were in her room getting her ready while the boys  were with rathore


I must say riya you do look pretty says ms .theeki


Thank you waise aaj tum bhi achi lag re ho par itna sexy sari kyun pena tha says riya

That she does says chamkili and puts a kala theeka  haan yaar aaj ki din rathore ki nazar sirf ri pe hona and your sari  god arnav ko bhi dehkne majboor kare ga says  chamkili


Well kya kar sak the main hoon hi itne theeki  na she says and  winks  


Wow ri lag tha hai rathore really loves you your mehndi is so dark  said chamkili


What the well of course he does its just does she 'says ms theeki aka fiz   

Let me see her mehndi  na  

No ms theek move it go  look at your own hands  says riya

What the why she says

 Your Bure nazar is not needed  chamkili ek aur teeka  dalo muhje   says riya

 Omg As if whatever she had tears in her eyes riyas word stung her   she walks out


Guys  down stairs  in the  main hall

Yaar itna nervous kyun ho ra ho'just relax  says arnav


Arnav nervous tho hoga na sir  kyunki ri ka ab har baat sun na hoga kyun chotu says shree


Right aur waise bhi aaj thak sir ka chal tha hai ab riya  ka hoga , just wait when thw ring is put on the finger na sir will be dancing to her tunes  says chotu

Arjun  was lost his eyes fixed to the staircase and her room hopeing to see her one glimpse.

Arnav noticed


Rawte  yaar in dono ko chup kar im so damn nevous and they just love pulling my leg ' yaar riya khus tho hai na , im just so worried aaj kal she seems very quite


Nahi rathore larki hai hota hai jab shaadi ki functions hote hai just calm your self Ill get you a drink says arjun

Thanks Rawte  im so happy ki my bestfreinds are here with me  especaliy you and Arnav  hum then college se ek saath the na  .

Aur roshni ki baad tho I missed you arjun tum aur arnav na mere bhai ki  jaise ho  infact ab shree aur chotu bhi hai


He hugs arjun

Arjun hugs him back but is looking still at riya's room


Arnav gets annoyed and took him in the corner   


Just stop it Rawte I know ki kya ho ra hai bas karo just like you're my friend rathore is too jot u kare ho na is wrong says arnav

 What am I doing says arjun


Tumhare nazar is looking for riya na itne restlessness hai na stop it says arnav

 Yeh sirf rathore ka haak hai , im warning you as afriend don't do this

Varna agar main samjaoga na it will be ugly says arnav

 They go back to rathore hand him a drink

 she sways her self to the men

haye there comes miss theeki says shree

 Looking dashing as always handsome acp says fiza

Thank you darling and you are looking stunning i must say  says rathore

she blushes 

Yeh kya hai  drinking before the ceremony na and she takes his drink and sips It  yeh kya hai let me fix your buttons on your shervani

oh boys please be a gentelman and hold this she hands them the drink

   She goes closer to him and seductively buttions it there perfect  riya is very lucky I must say bye boys she says and takes the drink  walks away swaying her hips


Haye yeh ms theek hum ko kyun nahi dehk thi says shree


Arjun is annoyed with rathore



Back in the room

Riya what was that I know you hate that ms theeki who always flirts with sam but aaj tum na were very rude she actually was hurt when you said  bure nazar says chamkili

I know yaar and I feel horrible but I can even show  rathore my mehndi says riya

What why not uska naam ka hai you have to she says


That's the problem yaar galati se rathore ka nahi par says riya

Par kya kis ka naam tere haath pe hai? Says chamkili

 Yaar you know everything why are you asking says riya

Ri tum kya kare let me see in her hand ina small corner you can see the initials ASR

Nand kishor  kya kare tum shit sam ka naam hai hi nahi kya haath pe?


Hai par on other hand I added it my self itna acha nahi hai

Pheww at least kare na

Just don't show this hand to any one please says chamkili

  Tum na  finish getting ready ill go down and haan stay away from that acp samhje ya samajo '. Or else problem hoga  right when chamkili was leaving riya was putting on her churiyaan and they fell on the floor


Omg ri yeh tho'

 upshugan hai say ri

im really scared yaar says riya

don't worry just arjun se door raho please

just until you get engaged atleast says chamkili

khushi '. Kahan ho says arnav

aye says khushi and leaves


after a lil while  

it's time for engagement

she is in her room she feels her dori of her choli get lose

 she trys to tie it again  the  lights go out

riya hears foot steps

chamkili ya ms theeki  please help me na my dori is open please can you tie  it says riya


she feels someone tie her dori suddenly she feels a breeze and her heart beating super fast she whispers arjun

tumne kaisa pata tha riya ? it so dark

aap ki aahaat  I know very well mere dil ne kaha ki aap hi ho says riya

 tho agar yeh baat hai tum yeh galati kyun kare ho ? he says

yeh hi theek hai arjun please our familes want this we want this she says

really jhoot hai riya you don't want this  he says

he lights his lighter since its so dark


just stop it arjun she puts her hand in front to tell him to not say another word bas haan I want this please ab leave she says

he smiles really ek aur jhoot riya engagement rathore ki saath laken haaton pe mere naam ki mehndi abhi you want this?

Who galti se hua ab please leave it almost time for the exchanging of th rings koi dehke le tho  hungama hoga please  she begs him


Dehke tho dehke ne do damn it I don't care waise bhi he doesn't care for you riya you see how he always  flirts with what you call her haan ms. Theeki , he doesn't value you 'par I do 'he says


Just shut up arjun main aisa nahi kar sak thi she has tears in her eyes

 He cups her face look in her eyes whipes her tears and bend his head and kisses her





Riya kahan hai  ill go get her hum saath will go down he thinks he was looking for her and couldn't find her '


he was fixing his cufflinks  and walking  kahan hai who sab wait kare hai   he walks in the room , its so dark in here he thinks and ons the lights and  


he looks up

He suddenly starts to clap his hands and yells What The 'bloody  dog   get away from my GIRLFRIEND    

They turn and face him

 Everyone runs to see kya hau


Wow   just great kya baat hai

Aaj hi yeh deh na para 'acha hai


on are engagement  Riya?


She had tears   and was extremely guilty


Sameer please just hear me out ' he stops her by raising his hand  indicating her not to speak another word


Yeh aap ki galati nahi hai riya ' yeh uski ki galalti hai  damn it

He  grabs arjuns collar


How could you Rawte I knew tumko trust nahi kar na jo tu kare na mere bhen  roshni ki saath uski baad bhi I turned a blind I just because of her   but still  again you proved me wrong damn it you back stabbed meee

 Yells rathore


Rathore baat suno  says arjun

Arnav is stairing at arjun  


And is about to punch him when

  Sir leave him na says shree


Noo  I wont yells rathore

Sam clam your self says fiz


Nooo damn it calm myself after seeing him my so called friend my co officer kissing my Girlfriend


Rathore I know tum upset ho but thisis not the time says arnav  


What the says chamkili


She looks at riya


She whispers tu tho bole ki you wont go near him,  yeh galat hai tho phir yeh kya hua ? says chamkili

Kab se chal ra hai  under my nose questions Rathore


Rathore ab yehs ab kyun '. These answers will only hurt you says fiza

No let arjun answer damn it Rathore has every right to know says arnav


Actually I don't know I   unknowing I fell for her  says arjun in acalm manner


This annoyed Rathore


Rathore goes to slap him

 Nooo please yells riya

This pisses him off more 

Is going to slap  him

 but riya comes in the middle n gets slaped


Rathore didn't expect this

Riya says rathore and goes to touch her cheek where he  was slapped when


Riya yells arjun in concern and pulls her behind him

Rathore tu he grabs his collar


Just stop it rathore tum riya ko kabhi pyaar hi nahi kare ,

You never loved her or why would you give other girls the time attention your girlfriend needed ? you didn't care how she felt when you were busy flirting with ms.theeki huh? Tho ab muhje aur usko saath dehke kyun bura laga huh?


This is exactly how she use to feel says arjun

Teri tho  I wont spare  you , mere girlfriend ko kiss kare ki baad you are blaming me.

I never kissed any other girl  and job hi hai its between me and riya ,

You always were eyeing riya , you even said  agar I don't treat how she deserves you will but I thought tu mazak kara tha, day one se uske peeche tha damn  you rawte


And he  punches him in the jaw    


Arjunn yell riya


Arjun punches rather back in the nose

fiz has her hand on her mouth in  shock


 enough both you yells arnav


he trys to pull them apart

  what the  the tiro say chakili  , shree and chotu


They are all  shocked


Chotu shree dehke kya re ho help karo yells arnav


Chotu pulls arjun away while  arnav and shree try to pull  rathore

 Leave me shree iss kamine ko na  I will teach him today ,

He always ruined my life be it my sisters or my family


Stop it rathore roshni ka baar baar stop throwing it in my face jo bhi hua mere galti nahi tha says arjun


Shut up oh really now just like kissing riya isn't your fault na '. it was and always will be  aur haan riya mere hai say rathore


Galati fayme main ho rathore uske haathon main mere naam ki mehndi hai aur dil pe bhi  yeh dehko he takes  her hand  and shows him


Enough yells riya and pulls it away

Bas karo  im not yours  or rathores , samhje ya samjao

Damn im not apart of  this stupid ACP OF THE YEAR crap that you will win me 'im odne with both of you  understood she says

And runs off 


Riya  chamkili runs after her

Arjun  looks at rathore they have a stair down



 Ch 1 Precap : 5 years later and flash backs 




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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:40am | IP Logged

Character sketch pg 1 

Teaser pg 1

ch 1 pg7

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Devilicious IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 September 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
my comment first time and in ur topic hehe
btw looks interesting wating for first chapter LOL

Edited by saba-ramisa - 27 November 2012 at 3:45am
shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:56am | IP Logged
wow cs is very intersting
waiting for 1 chapter,
send me pm
shruti-love Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:06am | IP Logged
awesome concept
cont soon
& pm me also
Queen.Bee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:15am | IP Logged
very interesting... loved it.. ofcourse except the rathore riya.. half baked love story part...

update soon!!!
riushibabo Senior Member

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:27am | IP Logged
i would definantly like to know why acp of the year trophy has becom so important...?Wink
plzzz pm me when u update..

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