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Welcome to Anamika Article Archives!!

Here u will find all the articles related to the show n cast.

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Romance and supernaturalism blended on the upcoming show Anamika

Romance and supernaturalism blended on the upcoming show Aanamika

After rolling out a successful Aahat on Sony TV, from Monday you will have yet another supernatural serial Anamika on the same channel

"There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy," Hamlet told Horatio, when Horatio (in William Shakespeare's Hamlet) was being skeptical about ghosts. 

Maybe rationalists like Horatio may raise an objection to a supernatural serial even going to the extent of accusing the show makers of encouraging the spread of superstitious beliefs; but the fact is that eerie shows like that of Mano Ya Na Mano, Fear Files, Aahat, Haunted Nights etc have attracted mass popularity. In Sony TV's upcoming show Anamika  they have blended a love story with a supernatural plot.

Childhood sweethearts Jeet (played by Mudit Nayar) and Rano's (played by Annie Gill) blissful relationship is threatened by Anamika. When both are on the threshold of marriage Anaamika enters Jeet's life and charms him threatening the very foundation of their love. Anaamika, this mysterious 'other woman' is no ordinary woman but a chudail. She is scaring the hell out of their family by making mysteriously ominous appearances and creating havoc.

There are many Indians who are constantly subject to the fear of buri nazar where they believe that too much of happiness in one's life is bound to attract wrath and jealousy. The creatives said thatAnamika is based on a true story of a family based in Punjab which suffered inordinately because of a buri nazar cast on them. The cast and crew added that they did believe in it and didn't rule out the possibility of misfortunes happening in their lives induced by a buri nazar.

The creatives intend to build up eeriness with subtlety instead of abiding by conventional methods like loud performances etc. They are working on building up fear and dread through devices like artistic photography instead.

We asked Mudit Nayar and Annie Gill what they would do if a chudail really entered their lives. Annie replied, "I will start laughing." Mudit joked, "I will ask her to leave me and take Annie instead." 

Vikas Seth, Producer, Trishulla Productions said, "Both Mahesh and me would like to thank Sony TV for giving us the opportunity in presenting a unique storyline Anamika as our maiden production venture. We hope that the hard work of the entire team at SET and at our end is appreciated by trade and audiences at large."

Anamika besides Annie Gill and Mudit Nayar also has Madhu Malti, Sonika Gill, Namrata Dhanija, Deepak Dutta and other actors as a part of its star cast. The show debuts on Sony TV on November 26th, Monday and will be telecast from Monday to Thursday at 8pm.

Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya

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'Santa is like God but not God'- Krish Parekh
'Santa is like God but not God'- Krish Parekh

A sprightly Krish Parekh who plays Monty on Sony TV's Anamika(which will be launched tonight on the channel) in a quick Q & A session with Tellybuzz.

What is your favourite colour?

Orange, white and black.

Which is your favourite toy?

I have no idea. I however have many McDonald's toys.

What do your teachers and friends say when you act?

I love to act. My teachers praise me whereas my friends clap on seeing me perform.

What is your favourite game?


Do you believe in ghosts?

Only God knows whether I believe in ghosts or not.

What's your favourite festival?

Holi and Diwali

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa is like God but not God. He stuffs your stockings with gifts on Christmas Eve.

Do you like to study?

I do like to study but just slightly.

Author and Reporter: Pallavi Bhattacharya

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Kamaljeet Kaur enters Sony TV's Anamika

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 11:48:35 AM IST (+05:30 GMT)   Comments 13 Comments
Kamaljeet Kaur enters Sony TV's Anamika

The actress will be seen essaying the role of Rano and Ranjeet's friend in the show...

Kamaljeet Kaur who was last seen in Imagine's Jamuna Paar, will soon be entering Sony TV's latest show Anamika.

The actress will be seen playing the role of Bubbly who is Ranjeet (Mudit Nayyar) and Rano's (Annie Gill) friend. Also, Bubbly is the only one who knows about Rano's love for Ranjeet.

We contacted Kamaljeet Kaur to find out about the show and she said, "I am feeling good and blessed as I am back again". 

The entry of Kamaljeet will be seen in upcoming episodes of the show. 

Reporter and Author: Nadia Malik

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Review of Anamika

Thursday, November 29, 2012 | 4:09:37 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   Comments 60 Comments
Review of Anamika

Anamika is a supernatural thriller which resorts to artistic and subtle devices of building suspense

Sony TV, Monday to Thursday, 8pm

Production House: Trishulla Productions Pvt Ltd

Genre: Romance/ Thriller

The creatives of supernatural thrillers often claim that they won't be using grotesque and loud methods to frighten the viewers; however in reality they often go back on their word. The makers of Anamika have however kept their word when they said that they would use subtle methods to arouse eeriness.


Anamika has had a very original and artistic beginning. With simple devices they created a creepy feeling. The opening scene showed the male lead Jeet (enacted by Mudit Nayyar) in a dark and cold night haplessly trying to fix his car which has broken down in a desolate street. The chirping of night crickets add to the uncanny atmosphere. In the dark canopy of the night- the flashlight of the mobile, headlights of his car and the flickering lamp of the lamppost are providing light. The sound of Jeet trampling on dry leaves is highly audible in the sinister silence of the night. A woman's mysterious wail then envelops the ominous silence. Simultaneously white smoke engulfs the whole screen blotting out the dark TV screen- the scene also comes to an artistically unexpected halt.


'Show don't tell' is the foundation of any good fictional work. It is great that Anamika instead of spoon feeding viewers like many shows unfortunately do; leaves very subtle hints and clues. Instead of rushing towards a climactic scene the show is gradually and tastefully building up suspense. The arrival of a ghostly figure or chudail is done with gaudy close up shots, accompanied by a jolting loud sound, blood and gore in many of India's supernatural shows. Anamika is however refreshingly different.


In the Oscar winning movie Jaws, Director Steven Speilberg juxtaposed a frightening scene with a relaxing scene. When the shots of the sea in which the man eater shark was searching for its next human victim were shown; the atmosphere was foreboding. Right after a sinister scene we were transferred to scenes happening on the safe land (shore) where the shark can in no way even harm a hair on the head of anyone.


Similarly in Anamika, an ominous scene is generally followed by a safe and cozy scene. For instance the opening scene of the car wreck cuts into a scene of the busy bustling Chandigarh railway station. It seems for a while that in the merry crowd of the railway station no chudail can ever step in. However if you observe the railway scene carefully you see a little girl Guddi [who is the sister of the female lead Rano (played by Annie Gill)] who is sitting without saying a word and is somewhat awkwardly engrossed with solving the Rubik's cube. The same child is later shown writing as if doing her school homework. There is obviously nothing apparently strange about that; in fact her family doesn't seem to suspect that anything is wrong with her but when I watched it a chill ran down my spine leading me to speculate if the chudail already has an evil influence on her.


Even in the seemingly safe indoor family scenes in which the close knit family members are warmly interacting with one another and freely joking; the camera focuses from an angle from outside the family bungalow to perhaps indicate that some mysterious figure is silently watching them. This was conveyed even more effectively when Jeet is turning on his side in his bedroom at night in his sleep and when Rano fastens the lost bracelet (which mysteriously re-appeared on Jeet's car's rear view mirror) on Jeet's wrist.


Besides the supernatural angle; the USP of this show is also the love story. Rano has gone out of her way so that her boyfriend Jeet could pursue his dreams of being a champion boxer. When Jeet tells Rano that he will dedicate the medal he will go on to win to Rano; it is touchingly romantic.  The tiffs that Rano and Jeet have are very realistic and sweetly funny.


The characters are also being etched out very well and that includes the supporting characters too. MadhuMalti (Jeet's grandma) is an endearing matriarch who instead of instigating needless fights with her bahu and indulging in petty kitchen politics; is logging onto a social network site of the likes of Facebook to post amusing status posts and enjoys playing video games.


Regarding the performances, everyone has done a good job. Annie Gill makes a spontaneous debut. Mudit Nayar who is in real life an introvert, plays with elan a very cheerful and extrovert young man. His acting training at Barry John's Acting School has surely groomed him into a very fine actor.


The art direction and cinematography of this show stands out. The bungalow of Jeet's family is looming and shadowy; its exterior sports a slightly haunted look. The interplay of shadows and light is done with panache.    


As far as sound effects are concerned; it's refreshing that no loud sounds are used at all. Unfortunately deafeningly loud sounds are often replete in supernatural TV shows which strip the show of artistic merit. The sound effects of Anamika are very sober and far from being amateur.


Anamika on Sony TV at the 8pm slot faces stiff TRP competition from the evergreen showBalika Vadhu also at 8pm on ColorsDevon Ke Dev. Mahadev on Life OK is also going strong however the channel has lower reach. Rab Se Sohna Isshq on Zee TV surely is a far less formidable competitor than Balika Vadhu. The highly popular Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? on Star Plus would have been a tough opponent. However it's ending tomorrow and from Monday the new show Kaali- Ek Punar Avatar will be launched. At this juncture you can't predict for sure what the TRP of Anamika will be when we get the TRP sheets again in mid December. We however know for sure that we have a nice show which will especially appeal to viewers who love to sample the supernatural.


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Sandit Tiwari to enter Anamika!
Sandit Tiwari to enter Anamika!

Sandit Tiwari is all set to make his entry to Sony TV's Anamika giving an interesting turn to the storyline…

Sandit Tiwari who was last as Vishwaas inImagine's Mi Aaji Aur Saheb will be the new entrant in the recently launched show, Anamika on Sony. 

According to our source, Sandit will essay the character of Shekhar in the show who is an architect by profession. His family members want him to get married to Rano (Annie Gill) whom he also loves since he will be off to London soon for his job. 

Speaking about Rano, her love interest is Jeet (Mudit Nayyar) and her family would like her to get married to Shekhar, whom they like.

Tellybuzz contacted Sandit who said, "Yes, I will be seen playing the character of Shekhar in the show. I choose to play this character because I feel I am very much related to him and I like the production house too. I have already started shooting for the show."

Now, it will be interesting to watch in the forthcoming episodes of Anamika the interesting turns that Rano's life will take after Shekhar's entry into the show. 

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal

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The Eligible Bachelorette of Tellywood - Annie Gill

Tellybuzz brings to you the Thursday column on singletons with Annie Gill...

Our Thursday column is dedicated to the Singletons of Tellywood. Annie Gill who is currently seen in Sony TV's Anamika is single and is on the hot seat of our singletons column this week.

Let's see what this eligible bachelorette of the television world has to share…

What's the first thing you notice in a guy?
I think when the guy is talking, the first thing I will notice is how he talks.

What's the one thing that puts you off the most in a guy?
First of all showing of too much and secondly being self obsessed.

What would your ideal date be?
It is actually extreme, an ideal date for me will be just sitting having coffee and talking for long hours and on the other hand an ideal date can also be someone who asks me out, flies me off to a beautiful country like Greece or any beach location. It will be "Wow, can you date me again, please?"

A gift for your date. What would you pick?
I think I will make something creative, I don't believe in buying things in malls which everybody already has got. Nowadays when you date anyone, they already have dated couple of girls before you, so I would make something nice which touches his heart.

Do you believe in blind dates? Would you take the initiative to ask his contact no. or you will wait for him to ask yours?
Yes, I will take the first step as I don't mind taking the first step. When I feel that I like the person I will just go up to him and tell him upfront that this is how I feel about you. But no I don't believe in blind dates and will never go on one. I don't believe in wasting my time in figuring out how my blind date is and what will happen. If I have to invest my time in him I have to know the person very well. 

If you could mix one Hollywood and one Bollywood actor to create your prince charming, then who would you choose?
I think it will Ashton Kutcher as he is the sweetest Hollywood star I have seen or Bradley Cooper for being as manly as one can be. And from Bollywood it has to be Salman Khan because he is someone who gets things done as he wants.

Your idea of a perfect proposal?
Honestly, I really believe in old ways of romance... I am very romantic, so I believe in sweet gestures or a surprises in typical old fashion. It has to be only me and him together and he coming up with some good lines taking my breath away. It should be something to do with only dialogues.

If there was a matrimony or dating ad for you, what would it read?
I think my matrimony ad will be - Anyone ready to have someone really crazy and the benefits of being loved 24/7 then please contact on ...

Nadia Malik">

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