Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread 27

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Nik mink urv discussion going on cant here a thing!

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kya khuss phus lagi howi hai
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pure season ka discussion aaj hi karenge ye tino?? LOL

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Sab log yahan pahuncho yaar. Voh 150 page cross kar gaya hai. Kahin IF crash na kar jaye. LOL

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Mink pointing to Vishal and saying something...she's whisperingAngry

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BB6  LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 27th November '12 (Aashka's BirthdayWink)

** Time is converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers

8- 9am:
mink kar discussing makeup sapna urv still in bed! (Saniya93) Niketan checking himself out. rajeev vishal think they are the brown One Direction. (mz.jess) Rajev singing sa re ga ma again. Nik and Sappy discussing about Lonavala and Amby valley. (purva) 

Sana made tea for everyone in the morning and is now cooking breakfast in kitchen while Del just roams around there.(khoslakadhokla) Vishal reveals his family has 3 jewelry shops in Palanpur and he himself has sold lot of Gold sitting in his shops...even had to wear jewelry and display it on himself when female clients demanded at times...refused to wear bangles when asked to display a set. (-Cruiser-) Kari and Vish discussing about white and yellow gold.. Vish says no use if investing in gold now. (purva) Urvashi still sleeping (khoslakadhokla) Sapna saying to Niketan that she hardly speaks for 10-15 minutes in a day when on her own and in this house, she has spoken so much in weeks gone by that she might as well keep quiet for coming full year! Niketan and Sapna are travelers...keep exploring new places! (-Cruiser-) Sapna non-stop talking in English!! (taurusbb) Urvashi Niketan talking in English (khoslakadhokla) Delu and Sana do not want to take the cooking duty anymore and want to go back to cleaning tasks. (mada007)

Rajev singing. Sana and Delnaaz making breakfast. Del giving Sana instructions. Mink is eating breakfast with ketchup. Nik goes up to everyone and says do you know Rajeev Paul they say yes so he's like would you rather have him sing, talk or Mute... Delu says mute, Mink says Mute, Urva says I don't know any Rajeev Paul.. Sana says sing.Raj is singing again and Nik says Raj should be like those olden days mute movies  (-ChillMahaul-) Urva mopping yellow room floor. Sana : aapko tamatar chahiye? Dolu : ha.. ek Rajev : ek main aur ek tu.. dono mile iss tarah (purva) Nik's going to wear pink t-shirt selected by mink (shreyanag) Dolu wants BB to put on chimney.. she repeats it 3 times. Urva teasing Nik.. kya baat hai.. tu aaj kal roj naha raha hai Wink shirt bhi woh (Minka) chose kar rahi hai.. yeh ho kya raha hai (purva) Niketan says main nahane jaa raha hoon. (ChillMahaual) Niketan telling everyone to shut up so taht BB will turn chimney on (Junoon) 

Sapna still on the bed it seems.

2:31pm - Niketan in yellow bedroom. Mink calling him Nik. They are sitting on the yellow bedroom sofa talking about water. Del walks in and asks if she's disturbing both of them. Nik says if you've come till here.. Del - I'm feeling tired. Mink laughs. Mink - you don't tan? Del - of course I do, but I turn reddish. Mink - you remind me of someone. Del - who? Mink - I'll tell you tomorrow. Del - it's something funny? Mink - no, it's nice but I'll tell you after the task is over. Del - silence and staring at Mink. Del - niketan. Nik - we'll do this... Del - how do you feel after 4 weeks? Mink - I haven't lost weight like you guys. (missed) Del - we can't say anything.

*net is slow, can't watch the stream and can't update* Confused

2:39pm - Rajev and Vishal sitting near gym area and Rajev singing "tum dil ki dhadkan main rehte ho" then Vishal starts singing "ankhon main tumhari hi chehra". LOL Rajev teases him that he's singing for Sapna. Vishal says that all his songs are for someone else. Rajev and Vishal now singing "bus yad saat hai, teri yaad saat hai". Dead Vishal corrrecting Rajev's lyrics. Rajev switches to jane do jane do mujhe jaana hai. Rajev - suppose, the person you are awaiting someone, the one you love, comes in front of you, what song will you sing...Aaj phir tumse pyaar aaya hai...tere bina jiya jaye na. Vishal gets a word in and says my favourite song is "tere bina zindagi main koi shikwa nahi". Rajev says hit and runs off. Sapna hungs her towel out to dry and goes back. Vishal still singing. Vishal now singing "mere bina tum khush rehte ho, meri terah tum bhi jhote ho". Delnaaz joins him and Vishal mentions astrologer for BB. Del and Vishal start singing "Yeh dil bekarar kitna yeh hum nahi jaante". Rajev back singing "jao na jao na". Vishal saying something to Del but Rajev singing more loudly. Del - what do you feel for friday? Vishal - how can I say when I myself? Del - yeah but.. Vishal - it's tuesday right? Friday is coming really fast. Now he's singing "chhan se jo toote koi sapna..". Karishma joins them and asks whose song is sadda hak? Vishal says ranbir kapoor. Karishma if ranbir comes in the house then... Del - if rishi kapoor comes to the house then luxury budget gaya bhaad main. They high five. Rajev in the bathroom using mouth wash and leaving singing. Ouch

2:50pm - Karishma is asking Vishal and Del to play. Vishal still singing. Del calls Rajev and tells him to come there. Shocked Vishal still singing. Rajev - if there is ghost in the house, how do you solve it? Vishal asks when Karishma's b'day is. Kar - when the galaxy tab 3 is released. Then they discuss which tablet looks better.


2:56pm - Urvashi and Niketan playing 20 questions in the house. Outside, Del, Rajev, Karishma and Vishal discussing random things. They are discussing about watching the show after leaving. Rajev saying 98 days is too much. Del - 14 weeks is 98 days. Mink comes out and saying to Del I told Sana, tumne uske baare main bitching ki?! Cam switches to yellow bedroom. Urva and Niketan on the sofa alone. Random chatter about something Niketan owns. Mink comes in and says she told Sana was bitching and Niketan says that she will definitely get evicted. Why are you doing idhar ki udhar between Karishma and Sana? Mink - I'm not. I asked them are they talking and that she is crying 4 times, how is this idhar ki udhar? Niketan - tujhe kya zaroorat hai yeh sab karne ki? Urva agrees. Mink - I need a serious topic. Niketan - what if I go to Vishal and say serious topic, what happened? Mink - Niketan, I didn't find any serious topic at the time. Someone calls Mink and she turns to get up.


3:09pm - Karishma and Vishal discussing the fishes. Mink angrily comes to Karishma and Vishal and she says she's not going to talk to Niketan because he's saying I do idhar ki udhar. Karishma and Vishal continue to discuss fishes. Kari - Mink, don't think, it'll make you stink of Pink...wink. She laughs at her own rhyme. Mink is silent. Karishma continues talking to the fishes calling one ugly. Mink - I'm not going to talking to Niketan seriously. Vishal - he must have said it to make your mood serious. Mink - no he told me when we were alone in the room. Idiot. Vishal - ab ho gayi na tum serious. Mink is silent. Karishma and Vishal continue talking to the fishes. Karishma hugs Mink and she's still silent. Vishal and Karishma start singing. She sits back next to Vishal. Kari - we aren;t Niketan. We are Karishma and Vishal. Mink silent. Karishma and Vishal still talking about fishes. Vishal - how has God made so made so many creatures. Kari - yeah so beautiful. Mink seems actually irritated. Vishal and Karishma singing. Mink gets up and goes to make tea. Kari - there's no water. Mink walks off looking angry. Karishma and Vishal still discussing fishes.

3:17pm - Vishal and Karishma still discussing fishes and singing. Vishal - I love the peace and I like it like this in the mornings. Karishma - me too, love my alone time. Vishal & Karishma discussing their lives and how they like sitting alone. Karishma - I like sitting alone in coffee shops and reading and it's common in London. Vishal - I like alone int he mornings but not in the evening. Karishma - yeah I like spending my evenings with someone. Vishal - I have my boy (worker) with me. Karishma - I'm with my friends or mostly on the phone. Vishal is talking about on shootings and vanity vans. Now they are discussing Gujrat. Vishal says he cant stay there. Now they are saying they like Bangalore. Karishma also likes HYderabad. Now they are discussing what all they do. Watching movies, dvds, going clubbing. Vishal - I really feel like going out for a few days. Karishma - I thought I'd love it when I got out but everything went wrong but now when I get out I'll be excited. Vishal agrees. They continue singing. Mink passes by and Karishma calls her and says she's upset. Vishal says she'll be ok. Kari - I'll go for a sec. Vishal - ok. Both leave the fish tank.


3:38pm - Rajev Sana, Sapna sitting near the pool. Rajev telling Sana she looks good with make up but the skin spots should not be there. Sana saying that she had skin infection and that was treated which left holes in her skin and my treatment is going on. They are now discussing bird nest that is somewhere on the roof of the house. Del and Vishal are singing two different songs while sitting near the gym area. Del saying that old maggie is remaining, we can add eggs and things to it. And now she's saying Oh, a mouse had come and all the eggs fell down. Vishal - really? Del - yes. Vishal - bhagwaan us chuhe ka bhi bhala kare. Vishal continues singing. They are discussing Kal Ho Na Ho and Del saying that initially she was in touch with Priety and they called her for Ishq in Paris guest appearance but she had shows so she couldn't do it. Vishal saying he saw Preity at some events. Del - she's very sweet and bindaas. Vishal - Preity if you are watching the show then I'm also from Himachal. Mink is crying and Del and Vishal call her. Vishal says it's a small thing. Mink - no this house's matters are small. She walks off. Karishma comes and Vishal asks if it's real. And Karishma says for real. They laugh about something. Karish - she'll be okay. Niketan comes and walks off.


3:55pm - Rajev telling Sana and talking about someone that if he gets angry also, she doesn't care. Just once she kept calling and I didn't pick up the phone. And I told her imagine one day you are in trouble and I dont pick up the phone. Sapna comes over and says about the clothes. Sana - I should pick up my clothes or they'll get spoilt. Rajev saying that Niketan was looking at my suitcase and saying oh these are your clothes. He's going a little overboard. Niketan carrying some clothes like a kurta or sari from the clothes dryer and taking it to the bathroom. Sana tells Del to wash her clothes and then she laughs. Del walks over. Niketan joins them and Del asks Niketan his view on love and respect. Niketan called Rajev and Sana gossip girls. Rajev says, oh yeah, you dont chat up all night long, you are great gossip girls (GGG). Del and Sana walk off. Rajev, Sana and Sapna talking about the movie Nayak. Rajev and Sana telling Sapna she has to watch the movie. Niketan coming back and listening to the discussion. Now he's gone to the bathroom. Sapna - when did the movie come? Sana - maybe 2000s. Sapna - I dont like Rani Mukarjee. Sana - really? I love her. Sapna asks Rajev to move so she can sit on the lounge chair. Del/Urva is screaming from the door and saying you guys are sticking to each other. Rajev saying dont disturb. Now she's calling Sapna and Rajev says you come here. Sapna - kya haraami hai? Rajev - I rest my case. Confused See I say and people dont want to come close to you. This is love and respect. Sapna - go get a chair for Del (to Rajev). Rajev - she can sit here. Del, do you want to come here? Del - there's no back rest. Rajev - so watch from afar like we are on TV and enjoy. BB's tv. Sana singing dil dance mare re. Now they are talking about Tashan. Sana saying for the songs, she saw the movie twice. Rajev calling Del. Sana again talking about some favourite shot. They keep discussing movies. Sana saying she got shocked when she found out Yash Chopra passed away. Urva in the background drying clothes. Niketan walking around. Sapna talking about a video she directed. Urva goes to the bathroom. Niketan follows after a bit.

4:12pm - Sapna still talking about Yudi? Rajev also talking about him. Niketan comes out and hits Sana will a towel. Sana - I'm not going to leave Niketan today and laughs. He's going on putting clean or wet clothes on me. Niketan hangs clothes to dry and Rajev singing. Sana - I think I should wash my clothes, they are stinking. She's carrying her clothes off the ground. In a distance Karishma and Niketan sitting near the fish tank in deep conversation. Karishma looking over her shoulder. Vishal exercising with dumbbells. Sana walks into the bathroom with her clothes. Urvashi washing clothes. Now they are discussing clothes and washing. Sleepy

4:17pm - Rajev and Sapna talking about some "nice guy". Vishal exercising his triceps using the bench. Now he's resting. Rajev and Sapna still talking about random stuff. 

4:20pm - Del talking to Mink in the red. Mink - I couldn't bear what Niketan said and I only discussed that topic to divert my mind. Karishma was laughing and I said that oh but someone is bitching about you. Karishma, who? So Mink said that oh nvm that was Sana talking about you yesterday. Del - Sana was talking about Karishma? Mink - yes, here yesterday and I told Sana that I'm going to tell Karishma what all you've said about her. And then today I went to Sana and I said are you talking to Krishma? Sana said yes. I said oh because she cried yesterday 4 times because you spoke about her father. I was trying to make the situation serious and distract my mind, that's why I was doing it. Then I told Niketan I did this and then he said why are you doing idhar ki baatein udhar and he started lecturing me and I didn't like what he said. I talk directly on the face, I didn't like what he said to me. I can't digest it. Even now I tell Sapna she's crazy but I don't do idhar ki udhar. Niketan joins them. Del - these things hurt. What's happening outside? Niketan - Urva is washing clothes, Rajev talking to Sana and Sapna and Vishal is working out. Niketan - asking who wrote this, hell is empty all the devils are here. Del - william shakespear. Niketan - Mink is looking at the cameras and Camera is looking at william. Del - everyone's shoes are gone. Mine, Sana's, Minks, Urvashis. Niketan - look at this Mink. Karishma is coming. Niketan - walk like a cheetah. Karishma doing a catwalk. She joins them. Karishma - Minkeshwar. Niketan checking Delnaaz's ring. Mink - did you buy it or get it made. Del - got it made.


4:30pm - Niketan and Mink on her bed. Delnaaz on hers. Niketan asking if you had to bet, who do you think will go? Del - I think Urvashi's has the least chance. What do you think? Niketan - same as your feeling but I'm always wrong. Who do you think will come on Saturday? Del - if they want more people at the end, then I dont think anyone will come. If they bring people they will only be come as a guest. Niketan - I think a tv star they got. Karishma asking if she loves her, Mink nods and she asks Mink to smile and she says later. Niketan says Mink doesn't smile. She either laughs or is serious? Urva enters. Music is playing - touch me touch me touch me. Confused


4:37pm - Sana saying she wants a fountain on her wall and redecorate in her house. Rajev saying that if you do that and new fashion/style comes, then you wont be able to change it. Sana - I'm going to discuss with 10 people before going ahead with it. Sana - I haven't gone to any astrologer or numerologist. But eventually it's God. I feel it's stupid that you ask someone before doing anything. I'm hungry. Rajev saying I'll get apple. Sana - are you washing and getting? Rajev - no. Sana - get two but wash and bring. Rajev - oh I forgot they had fallen down. Sana - I've love dance that when I listen to music, my feet start tapping. Whether I feel good or not, I love dancing. Sapna - for me it's cleaning. Sana talking about ipod touch. It looks exactly like an iphone except cant call but it has everything including net. Now Sana talking about meeting up with Sapna when they leave from here. Sana - we'll do crazy parties. I'm very happy. Sapna - I know that you'll get a lot of offers and you should get also. Sana - I hope, Ameen. Sapna - you have that which is required. You can't be shy and inhibited also. Music is on and you start. Sana - hmm. First I will get massages, facials, clean ups the first week. We have no breaks. Hair spa every week. I usually get hair spas. When I come from shoots at 8 - 9pm, I get the hair spas. I use for dry and damaged hair. Sapna - u know what happened to my hair after I used Aashka's crimper? It's heat is so strong. Sana - I like Mink's crimper. I like bigger crimps. Sapna - I like smaller. Sana - there is no one in the south who haven't crimped their hair. Sapna - how many films have you done? Sana - 8, I got an award for my first film. Rajev gets two apples and hands one to Sana and Sapna. Sapna refusing to eat. Sapna - 8 films int he span of how many yrs? Sana - 3 yrs. Sapna - so no film releasing while you're here. Sana - no, I've not done anything. But I told them I'm coming here or they'd be insulted. Del goes to the bathroom. Rajev singing for her. 

4:47pm - Mink and Niketan on the bed. Vishal walking around. Mink saying she has a headache and asking what paracetamol Vishal has. Vishal says normal. Outside, Sana, Rajev telling Sapna about Sapna's barbie make up. Del comes up to them to talk. Del saying I went slept and some hangamas was going on. Sana asking what Niketan is doing. Del he was also sleeping. Vishal has come outside. Del and Rajev are calling him. Del comes over to talk. Vishal saying no please dont do this I dont want to talk. Del - please, lets do masti, Vishal - no please. Del says ok. She goes back and Rajev says aa gayi wapis. Del - zip your mouth. Rajev - oh like mink.

4:52pm - Niketan - can I ask you something? Can I get irritated with someone? Mink - u can. Niketan - so that's it. Mink - but u get irritated with her a lot. Niketan - I do. BB buzzes. Mink - she's crying. Niketan tells Karishma walking into the house battery has come. Nik - want tea? Mink - no my head is aching. Then she asks what happened. Niketan - mood off, I'll tell you later. Who can I talk. Boy talk with Rajev? Mink says Urvashi - yeah I can, I'll talk to you when your mood improves. Urvashi comes in dancing to ice ice baby. Now they are discussing songs. Mink still very serious. Urva - dancing to everybody dance now. Nik singing "everybody say oopala". Urva walks away. Nik pokes Mink and asks her what she'll eat. Mink is quiet. Nik - suppose...forget it. My mood is off. What should I say? Mink - say it. My mood wont change. Nik - till when? Mink - I dont know. WHat happened? Because of Rajev? Niketan is quiet. NIketan calls Karishma, she doesn't listen. Niketan - had hai yaar, yeh plate deni thi, KARISHMA! no response from her. Mink and Niketan sitting in silence.

4:58pm - Rajev, Del, Sana and Sapna talking. Del - no one will support me at this point. Sana - Vishal will. Del - see even last time something happened with Karishma. Rajev - tum log ka faida. Sana - mujhe sab se nuksaan. Del - but unnecessarily why? Sapna - I dont want to get into it with him. Rajev - he will be safe. Boss its a mind game (all talking over each other). Sapna - let Sana stand. San a- I'm nominated. They are telling Delnaaz to stand for captains. Sapna - I dont care about nominations. Del - even if any of us become captain we'll save each other. Rajev - look everyone think it over, lets talk at night. Del - if D...?

5:01pm - Urvashi asking Mink what happened. Mink - I'm tired? Nik - of? Urva - you. Nik - it was so cold at night. Urva - he's not getting off my bed so let me lie here. She lies near Niketan's feet and starts singing "you are my dancing queen". *silence* Urva continues singing. Now she's singing uptown girl. Karishma walks in quietly. Niketan - I was calling you so much, I have a small work. Karishma doesnt say a word. Niketan - when u want tea, then you remember me. Urva - she's a captain. Niketan - she can do this. Urva - no. Niketan telling Mink - Karishma is so sweet, when she spoke to Vrajesh she says VRajessshhh. Mink and Karishma are quiet. Niketan and Urvashi singing. They are discussing "together forever", Paul young, Urva singing. Niketan attempting to sing. Karishma - tracy chapman. Niketan - don't worry be happy. Mink - I feel feverish. Niketan - do you know what I did to Rajev, I took his clay and squeezed it on hsi head. Sana does anything, it doesn't affect him. I was saying some interesting story yesterday. Mink going somewhere. Urva telling Niketan? to do her makeup? Urvashi singing and Niektan joins in. Karishma walks away. Nik - where are you going? Karishma - to Mink. Mink telling her she's going to the bathroom then she'll make tea. Karishma comes back to the bed. *random chatter*

5:14pm - Urva - what happened to Mink? I didn't understand Nik - Even I dont know I'm speculating. Urva - why did you say it? Karishma - that she's doing idhar ki udhar ki. Nik - see I was just saying like that only but I was speculating and trying to understand. But sometimes even you say that. Urva - yes. Niketan - that's it all I care, what Urvashi thinks. Urva - chalo people make a mistake. They continue singing "aankh maare o ladka aankh maare".

5:19pm - Outside Del, Rajev, Sana and Sapna talking. Del talking about her brother Bhakhtiyaar and settling in Dubai. Rajev saying she wants to go out and eat chikki. Sana - I want walnuts. Rajev - after the task. Sana - your mind is so shrewd. Del to Sana - did you have some fight last night? Sana - no I was talking to Rajev and Niketan was talking to Mink and all for an hour after we slept. Rajev singing. Rajev - saying I can see others games but can they see my game. Del - test Rajev's love. Throw the apple in the pool and let him get it. Sana - no I trust him. Del - Sapna, you do it.

5:23pm - Inside on the bed, Mink eating, Niketan, Urvash and Karishma talking. Mink's mood seems better. They are talking about food and Urva saying Mink also wants something to eat with tea. Niketan seems to be asleep. Mink asking about Urvashi's house undergoing work. Niketan snored. 

5:28pm - Outside. Sapna gone. Sapna and Del singing. Rajev - always stay happy and always pray that God keeps you happy. Sapna comes. She sits. Del gets up.

5:30pm - Niketan is awake but in the same position. Random chatter about nails, dungarees. Karishma making fun of Niketan saying that while sleeping he goes hah hmm hmph. Mink - he's calm the whole day and at night he fights with the contestants. Nik - besides today. Then he tells Mink to put cream on his hand and she says no, I have no interest. Mink tells Urvashi to put cream on his hand and she says she's drinking and then she tells Karishma that she's his friend for 7 yrs, She says no, Niketan says there are so many girls who've come and gone from my life. Karishma - yeah they leave so quickly. Niketan - no wild card entry. Except one. Big mistake. Badi billi pad gayi hai. Urvashi saying she feels like there's a toilet behind. Mink says the captain's bathroom behind. Urvashi - I think their pantry is behind. Mink pulls Niketans middle finger and tells hello Karishma, F you, get lost and then laughs. Then pulls Niketan's thumb and says this looks very nice on you karishma thumbs up to you. Urvashi either there's a bathroom or pantry. Karishma - but there's not that much noise. Mink - ignore.

5:36pm - Rajev talking to Sana about jeans and shopping. Then he sings jahan teri yeh nazar hain, meri jaan mujhe khabar hai. Behind Del and Vishal are talking near the gym area. Rajev asking Sapna and Sana if they've been to Maldives and the tourism minister called him and they said you can stay there for as long as he wants and Tom Cruise, Angelina Joli, etc go there. There are 108 islands and when you land, both sides are water. There's a capital and the palce where cars run, it's like lokhandwala - maley. That's how big the city. There's one one resort per island and they are right in the middle of water. Rajev saying I stayed in too many hotels that I cant even remember the name. I went in the submarines, snorkling, sea planes - maley ka round. The water is so clear, you can see through it. Pilot, co-pilot, me , my 2 friends and a camera man. And I was talking to the pilot how to operate and the handle was explaining it. He was drinking beer while flying. He gave Rajev the handle and he started going up and down and his friends got scared. They started to shoot it. There was a show star bahi aur sazish - Rajev Paul in maldives. And after that so many times they called him to maldives so he said he cant he's going to BB so when I leave, I go since now there are direct Bombay to Maldives. God gives me alot, as if I'm a superstar. Sana - some people are really blessed. Like some people have no friends but get a lot of gifts and some have a lot of friends but no gifts coming. That;s materialistic but I'm just saying. Karishma comes out asking everyone for their horns. Sana goes in to give them.

5:44pm - Mink, Urva Nik looking to the door. They are asking Karishma what else was written? 3 horns have to be returned. Karishma asking about all the props to be returned. Karishma reading to Urvashi about her tetanus shot and she doesn't need one for another 6 months. She needs to give her dr.s name - dr. sabarvaal. Vishal is reading from a paper - vaseline 3 times a day and he says I dont have vaseline.

5:46pm - Rajev telling Sana, we made the right decision for Delnaaz. My first choice is Sapna. LIke I did the mashaal thing even though I didn't agree with it. So we took a decision as a group so we should keep it. (he's talking in a very confusing manner). Seems he told Vishal that lets be like friends and stick to Sapna. Vishal is saying I dont mind if u or Del stands I'll give my vote but if Sapna stands then I'll give my vote to the other team. Rajev - ... Vishal - I didn't like what people said. He said Sapna spoke about the dad. Rajev - look, Sana didn't say anything to her back, everyone heard it. Vishal - if it's something wrong I wont support even Sana. Look when you told me something I listened to you. Let's not spoil our friendship. Whenever Sana or Karishma have a problem I'll be on Sana's side but I'll tell her if she did it wrong. Sapna - I told Karishma to her face that if you want to cry, that's fine, but dont use it as a trump card. Vishal - I'm not angry about the water, but I'm upset about what Sapna and Sana said to Karishma. Sana - forget it. I dont want to hear. Rajev - look, I came to talk to you, but I didnt make me smaller, let's leave Sapna for a min, can you talk to Sana. Vishal - when I'm in the house, I'll fight with her, I'll nominate her. Rajev - so what's the point of such a friendship? Look dont' ruin things so mcuh. Sana - he has a wrong attitude, You can change a person's habit but not nature. Rajev - look, I wont force you. Sana - for 40 days I spent without her. Vishal - my wavelength matches Karishma. Sana - good, I'm not talking to either. Rajev - look you can talk to her, even Sana has friends. Vishal - look no one is going to save me there also. Rajev - so why are you doing this? Sana - he's a hypocrite. He'll only go where people will save him. See, you shouldn't have ego with friends. If you come and talk to me, you wont be less manly. How much comfort did you give me after coming here. Rajev, did you see any quality in him as my friend? Rajev - I told him that what have I done that Karishma is so mad at me..(missed)

5:57pm - Del and Vishal talking about the situations. Vishal saying if you have a misunderstanding you can resolve it outside. Del - when we were together, we'd do a lot of masti and now I think what is this? I dont say that the house is such that every task, friends keep changing. If it is like this, then I dont think that ahead. Vishal - no one can be friends here. You can only be well wishers and Salman also laughs at friendships and Rajev thinks Niketan is his friend but Niketan will never even meet him outside. Del - Rajev is a very bad listener and he cna't understand so I've stopped telling him. If I say 2 things, he'll say 5 things. I have nothing against anyone but I felt why is Urvashi is doing this. I was good with everyone and now you thought this isn't good, this is dirty. Now I'm not your close friend and someone else is. Okay, let it be. Vishal - that's the show's nature and everyone's worst comes out like how my anger came out the other day. Maybe another time I wouldn't have reacted like that. Like you get upset, she also must have reasons to get upset. I think you both to talk. Del - she always have people around. And people cant see other's happiness. Very few people say that people mend up your relationship. Vishal - that's why I said you can't resolve things in the house and it can be done outside. look you'll stay as long as you have to. If you have to stay, no one can kick you out.  Del - agrees. Azaan taking place in the background. Del talking about the fish tank and it's so beautiful. Del - how was my sony show running. Vishal - I didnt check. Del - 1 yr will be completed on Jan 8th. *random chatter about studio, people*

6:07pm - Sana making dua. Rajev talking but inaudible. In read bedroom. Niketan making weird noises into his mic. Dead Urvashi sleeping. Mink still lying next to him. Mink having some stomach problem. Its making noises. Niketan - have a digine. Mink - no, nothing is wrong. *random chatter about a lotion* Outside, Rajev - Mink, Urvashi, Karishma and Niketan are together. Karishma is everywhere. Here and there. Rajev telling what he said to Vishal. Looking why would I sit with you? 90% of talk in this house is of the housemates only. That's how you judge people. Sana - I'm going to bathroom then I'll make tea. Del and Vishal - Del: Sana is very good at heart and very clean. Vishal - I'm not saying otherwise. She's sweet. I'm not against. I'm enjoying this. Del: you are naughty, dont do this. Vishal - let me. Then how will she do this acting of being happy and will sing loudly. There's a punjabi song "assi dowe rus baithe..". We're like that(?). Del calls Sana over. Del - Vishal, dont act now okay. I'll only say, you guys talk at night. Del - come here Sana. Make tea for Vishal. Sana - yes why not. They hug. Karishma comes and sits and Sana leaves. Mink also comes out. Mink to Vishal - smarty going for a party?. Mink - I'm feeling feverish. Sapna and Rajev talking. Sapna - she feels scared alone. I like sitting alone. Rajev - it's good to have a me time. *silence*

6:18pm - Sana getting ready to make tea. Niketan emptying his protein shake container. Del tells Sana that Vishal is saying Sanu ko bol mujhe thoda zada chai chaiye. Sana - I do everything more only. So much dullness after so much excitement. Oh God. Delnaaz washing dishes. Niketan asking Sana if she'll eat something. Seems something fell. Niketan cleaning up some trays. Niketan - look how clean the fruit tray was *sarcasm?* Nik - F it. Del calls Sana and says he's okay and he thinks you are looking cute. Sana - yes he is also cute. See I told you before, I was born at night but not last night. Del - Sana please be open. Sana - I'm always open. Del - what did Rajev say that you got irritated. Look even I want to patch up but she (Urvashi) also might think it's an ulterior motive. And there aren't people here who will help you resolve your problems or help two people get along with each other again. Look he's not against you and there's nothing there. He's talking sweetly about you. Please talk and clear it out with him tonight. Sana - I will. Del - I dont think you're understanding what I''m saying. Sana - no i am listening to alot of stories, so at night I will watch a new movie. Del - Sana. Sana - no, it's fine.

6:27pm - Vishal singing and Karishma giving background music near gym area. Mink lying on bench. Sana pouring tea in cups.


6:39pm - Rajev singing along with Vishal and Karishma and singing louder than them all wrong lyrics. LOL "pyaar humko bhi hai pyaar tumko bhi". Now Karishma saying she likes "chup chup ke" and "falak tak chal saat mere". Now near the pool, Sana, Sapna and Niketan sitting together. Confused Sapna is telling Sana something has been 4 months. Del brings something to Karishma and Vishal Rajev walks off. Now Del also leaves. Karishma singing "jiya dhadak dhadak jaye" and Vishal singing something else. Karishma saying it's a rubbish gym. Vishal yeah they dont want us to work out here because working out can be a stress buster and they dont want our stress to be relieved. He's telling Sumitra if she's watching please come the next day to give him a massage. Near the pool, Niketan eating the plate Del gave him and walks off. I think it's maggie noodles. Niketan offering Sapna. She says it's too hot. Del telling Karishma about the 1.5 packets remaining of the old stock. She goes back to Sana and group and Del eating noodles. She says, they wasted all the Kashmiri apples that were sent. Rajev - so what should we do? Niketan - he's asking something Del. Rajev - everyone question doesn't have a nice answer. Now they are talking about the noodles. Rajev - Del likes everything hot except for me. Niketan trying to highlight this point. Sapna - how long did you and Rajev not talk before coming in this show? Del - we only spoke technical things but we became amicable here and I only wanted this. Talking with mutual respect. Sapna - me and my ex-husband, Sam, we are best of friends. Del - But Rajev doesn't believe in that. Rajev - do log ko saw khoon maaf. Sana aur Niketan. Del - Sapna, for us it may only be 99. Rajev - Del, if u murder me then I'll also forgive it. You murdered me and i'm still sitting with you. Del - look. Rajev - u sat with Karishma will u now say thora idhar thora udhar? Del - I'm going to making maggie, should I put onion and potato? Niketan and Rajev talking and repeating whatever Del says. Niketan - dont add anything above and beyond onion or potato. Del takes Sapna and Sana to help her make noodles. Niketan and Rajev on the lounge chairs near the pool. Niketan telling Sapna to wash dishes. She said she did a lot in the morning. Nik and Rajev lying in silence. Rajev - water is so still. Nik - still waters... run deep.

6:52pm - Vishal and Karishma sitting together near the gym area and Vishal still singing. Niketan saying to Rajev - tumne usko kahan main usko karoonga usne kahan pagal ho gaya? Rajev is not loud enough. Rajev - yeh jo bolta hai karta nahi hai. Promises are meant to be broken. I'm surprised that you dont me. Nik - y isnt he talking to Sana. Rajev - ...abhi kisko istemaal kasakte hain. If someone is weak emotionaly.. i've seen karishma...  Now Vishal and Karishma talking. Karish - i just feel why waste my breath. Murder's songs were also good. In red bedroom, Minka d Urvashi are on bed talking. Mink - everything is over today. Urva - I dont know. BB, now that you are focusing on me (camera), I'm very happy. I want to say a very important point. WHat I am, you know it, nothing is hidden from you. I feel sometimes that when I feel I should react one way, I do. Maybe i'm wrong. I'm a human and humans make mistake. But after making mistakes, I dont repeat maybe you;ve seen it. IU hope u agree. Regarding changing, just a innocent facem smile, soft voice doesn't mean you are nice. And it's not necessary that winners are determined by these things. Usually people prefer soft spoken, mellow, settled, sweet talking and those people win. But I';m not like that, I play around loudly with everyone. I joke with everyone, I enjoy my own compnay, I react, I am emotional, I am a human. But I dont laugh and back stab people. Everyone must be seeing this. So my point is, why only those people win who are wearing a veil? WHy? Answer me. Mink answer. Mink - only BB will know. BB knows everything. Backstabbing. Urva - only being soft spoke or laughing softly, you dont become an Indian woman. Woman empowerment is different. A lot of women represent India, they are strong, independent, they should also be test. I'm just talking one on one. Right Mink? I can't be that way. I'm frank and to your face. I've been thinking about it for a long time. These people are so fake. Life teaches you a lot and has taught me and life has made me strong. I've been strong at every corber of life. Everyone person has their weakness (majboori) and this is mine. But, backbiting doesn't have a reason. Fakeness/fraud doesn't need a reason. That's inbuilt. It's a trait. Personality. It's not in me. I also speak badly about people when I feel bad. But I never back stab friends. My mom only taught me one thing in life - be independent in life, work,do hard work be strong because it'll take you ahead in life. And even the enemy who comes to your home should be treated well. Atiti deva bhava. Isn't it? Mink? Mink nods. Just like you offer a guest water, then even if an enemy comes to your doorstep, give them water. Mink - moms are very wise. My mom. Mink's mom. Urvashi - so Anand ji, how do you like my lecture? How is your little daughter? I wont know. I'll meet you when I come out. Auri, you too., Madhorima - when I come out, please leave facebook for a little while. Karishma is going to be beaten with shoes by Madhurima. Eh Madhurima - joking re. Urvashi - Aur dekho, I love you guys. This was a lifetime experience. Thank you. Mink - IS not was. Urvashi - is, was and will be. Do one thing, after 3 - 4 seasons, call me again. Mink - last yr there was a rumour, that all the guests will be the older ones. Urvashi - I dont know. Mink - the most important people from every season. Urvashi - do something different this time, Alag che. Wink She's now singing jago jago jago subha hogayi. Now she's telling Mink about a colour she likes - magenta. Urva - also my lovely expensive suit that I wore on Diwali, u owe me big time, Auri. It was a very expensive suit that you people ruined so I want a ritika something suit. Or you people will properly dry clean it and give it, or... cam switches to kitchen.

7:10pm - Sapna, Sana and Del giving Sapna instructions. Sapna - looks like isko koi sadma hai and looks at Sana. LOL All cooking maggie. Sana/Sapna chopping. Del stirring. Rajev comes into the kitchen. Rajev around. Sana - u'll get loose motions Sap. Sapna - coz I'm eating spicy noodles? I like loose motions. Sana - better than loose motions. LOL

7:20pm - Sana is feeling sleepy. Rajev is asking BB to send cards, music, chicken, wine. Mink seems to be asleep in the red bedroom. Sapna - wow I'm the only veg person in the house and this time this is better for me since we're only getting veg. Sana - you were already a veg. We came a non-veg and staying a veg. Sapna - but dont you feel veg is healthier, lighter, detoxing. Urvashi in red bedroom fixing her pillows and getting annoyed at Niektan messing up her bed and says I want to beat him. Urva - BB u make such big houses. Vishal near gym area still singing. Rajev staring at the fish tank. Rajev - BB I feel like these fishes need food. If you can check that, please do. Madhurima - please get my clothese from Manali. Also my white shoes are broken, I'll keep them in the store room, if you can get them fixed, it would be great since I only brought 3 pairs. In kitchen, Sapna and Delnaaz making noodles.

*arm is hurting, will continue after tv telecast maybe*

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