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<3 Dear Aahaana, WE LOVE YOU - Our Best Wishes <3

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This wonderful human being and moderator is none other than
This is a heavily LOADED THREAD!  Please allow some time to Load!
ALSO our post features a Radio Show specially made for the birthday girl Big smile
So tune up your speakers, as you will GET TO HEAR HER VOICE!

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Aahaana*Shruti*inocent_honeysweet_bmunnihyderabadpixienasrinSaileshrkD3FANMindFreezerSiMi615-Misek-Yuvika_15hinz-HappyBird-Nishitarao-BugsBunny-moonbeautieStrawbellaproudbong.DivaDeluxe.FindingShakalcantaranjranjaliipkkndcutelittleangeldebaleena_tunaiMullai_27-Simz-blue.kindleMentalExoticavkp1989.ishqbulava.Miss CherieShemmoGauravc_More48-HJ-swethasyam08LumosArshi-licious01sajnieAngel-Jot.supercool3Bobbi.BasiliskCandYlicious_SCaped_Crusader-Stutz-JugniPHAngelicDesiresyaqeen.Billu-Maammazan101sahi.dangerouzIshk.romiosugar1---Priya---PutijaChalhovrainydays.Ethereal-Path-Nags-Natasha_shaikhAutumn.Delena-ciousKYPH-AKsweet_shagun-Nadii-OmNaMaSteOmMohabbateinnVarunKiBiwi-FrozenRain--ElmoFuj-aartipartyyBorn2Dance-Deeps-Eggon_SnowPreciousHeartSneha113bonibrightNehageet..ByGod.NancyOmnipotenceZaxo.Mohabbatein.*Dev.*MainePyaarKiyaTrouble.asmaanixxCutiepie Rani-Selcouth-illuminated.-Priii-AASUSshibzswashbucklingSue101WildestDreams-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-Roshini1494bAkChOd.neemesnowflake.drfizaahmed-Ocean.eyes-.Jane..-Spirited--.SapnokiRani-.SomethingRandomVigilante-Swetha-minuusaher_90sanober.thambu

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Celebrating With

Still & Careless Within

Amelia Tracey 
Within you, I've found the perfect friend
Someone who I know will be there till the end
And they're not just thoughts I hope will fulfill
But thoughts that will stand forever still

Still as the wind on a hot summer's day
Still as your friendship I'll never betray
Still as the characters in a photograph
Still as your breathless, silent laugh

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
A mind that I can comprehend
A person I see is so much like me
A mutual relationship so carefree

Carefree as a child who questions the world
Carefree as a scream that goes unheard
Carefree as an adult blessed with a dream
Carefree as water flowing downstream

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real, and never pretend
You've always been someone unique from the rest
You hold a piece of me no other can possess

Within you is reason to live every moment in time
Within you the life I want is always mine
Within you, I have the perfect friend
With you, I see myself till the very end


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Aahaana*Shruti*munnihyderabadkalyanireddyMindFreezerdevashree_h-Deepzz-hinzYuvika_15sparikhmoonbeautieArizes..DivaDeluxe.-BugsBunny-anjaliipkkndFindingShakMentalExoticaMiss CherieGauravc_More48Lumosswethasyam08blue.kindleMullai_27jyoti06Angel-Jot.dangerouzIshk.rainydays.Ethereal-Pathnaddiya26Natasha_shaikhCandYlicious_S---Priya---PutijaChalhovKYPH-AKOmNaMaSteOm-Nadii-sweet_shagunBorn2Dance-FrozenRain-aartipartyyVarunKiBiwiMohabbateinnBillu-Maammayaqeen.Autumn.sahi.Caped_Crusader-Stutz-PreciousHeartSneha113neemebAkChOd.-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-Roshini1494*Dev.*MainePyaarKiyaOmnipotenceZaxo.Mohabbatein.-chamkilli-.ByGod.NancyTrouble.Cutiepie Raniilluminated.AASUSsnowflake..Jane..Sue101-Swetha-saher_90-Spirited-SomethingRandomVigilante

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Aahaana*Shruti*munnihyderabadMindFreezerdevashree_hYuvika_15moonbeautieanjaliipkkndFindingShakMullai_27Lumosswethasyam08Gauravc_More48supercool3Angel-Jot.dangerouzIshk.rainydays.Ethereal-PathNatasha_shaikh---Priya---PutijaChalhovBobbi.Caped_Crusader-Stutz--Nadii-OmNaMaSteOmsweet_shagunAutumn.KYPH-AKBillu-Maammayaqeen.VarunKiBiwiMohabbateinnaartipartyy-FrozenRain-Sneha113PreciousHeartOmnipotenceZaxo*Dev.*MainePyaarKiyaTrouble.-Deepali--Araina-Roshini1494asmaanixxCutiepie Raniilluminated.neemesnowflake..Jane..AASUS-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.saher_90-Spirited-SomethingRandomVigilantesanober.

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Celebrating With

Is love blind?  Well, in many cases it may not be, but in this particular case it may be partially sighted!  Just to capture the hearts of the ones they deeply love, some people may try to showcase all their talents to impress.  But does it always how?  How many attempts would it take for one to succeed in their mission? 
Friends, we hereby wish to share one such story!  Please read on to find out if it was
a success or one that lead to the rise of Devdas population!
 E L I 
Meaning Mouse in Tamil is our beloved Aahaana's nick name Embarrassed!  But in reality, she is a gorgeous looking girl who attracts men from all walks of life Shocked!  Many guys have tried to impress this Meli  by using various techniques.
"I'm Flying... I believe I can fly!"
Once, they even thought pretending to FLY would flatter this remarkable lady ShockedGeek.  After all, our lady often tends to float in cloud nine and on days when gravity strength weakens, they want to show that they can fly and save her Cool
Now it still remains a mystery whether they did manage to fly or not, however there was nothing stopping them ApproveBut what can man kind do when someone is deeply attached to cloud 9? It appeared as if Meli, was just not impressed Sleepy and that she was simply expecting a lot more.  No one knew what her likes were Ouch.

So as a next attempt, the FLYING was ditched, and dancing was chosen Confused.

Naan oru disco dancer
Nee oru kuthu dancer
Naan aduran solo dancing
Nee pakkathula yen adala solo dancing
Yeppaiyoyo Aiyoyoyo
Balli meli oli belly aiyoyoyo yeppaiyo aiyoyoyo
As they aren't professional dancers, the guys tried to come up with their new STYLES of hot dance moves, such as "inky pinky ponky" Shocked.  They ensured that this type of dance requires sunglasses and to be performed under the sun during mid day (sort of like the sun dance D'oh).  Plus, that mixed with moving shoulders in irregular circular motions and clumsily shifting legs just made it all the more unique Geek.

Yet, the lady was not satisfied at all ShockedErmm Her heartbeat started to grow restless and none was able to find the key to it Cry.  They failed to realize that they had to lock eyes with her in order to unlock the doors to her heart.  Some slowly fell into depression as it was hard to read their dream girl Cry.  While others swore that they will discover what Meli loves ! Big smile

Tired from all that dancing and standing out in the hot sun, they switched to working out some muscles on their faces SmileBig smileTongueStar.

They tried the most easiest work out Confused, aka Smiling... Working out each remaining jaw, and stretching it as far as they can ShockedRather than being shocked over capacity of her fan base, lady Melz started laughing at the plight of her admirers ROFL.  But surprisingly, Toopth paste companies were attracted by their smiles rather than Eli. ROFLROFLROFLROFL.  Such companies began using Meli's admirers as models, free of charge.
So the guys were clueless as to what they should do next...  Meli was proving to be made up of steel! This is when they stumbled upon a fitness magazine Shocked.  They thought that having a good physique would automatically win Meli's heart Shocked.

Now on a new mission, the guys tried to dress cool Cool and start doing some standing pushups Geek.

And then some pull-ups Ermm.

And also a few crunches to develop those abs!  And bang on! 

Meli took note of thier hard work!  This brought a smile to their face as the girl finally took note of thier hard work!

Soon enough, the guys had developed a good body, and started to dress classy to impress Lady Meli Shocked !

They even practiced a new type of catwalk Shocked (inspired from various movie characters). The guys changed their outlook, attitude and personality hoping that Melz would finally give them the key to her heart.

All this while Meli remained strong, but her heart suddely did a mid-air somersault.  The constant sight of ESPECIALLY TWO MEN made her develop some feelings towards them.  She began to dream about them.  She began to hum songs that they danced to.  Meli was totally lost in their thoughts. 




Meli had finally found HER PURUSHAN (Pati)!  Now it's upto US to decide which of the following two best suit her! 

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Celebrating With
When we asked our members about who Meli reminded them of, this is what each had to say about her:
Panchaali from Azhagi serial, because ava oru nalla motherROFL and Meli enneku oru nalla akka maari, Meli don't kill me, now I'am escapeROFL

 Vadiveloo - I like his dialogues, "Paavam avare confuse ayitthare". and another one :Evvalo adicalum thaagararu, ivarau rombe nallavaru" LOL. I find these two will describe Meli... ahahhahah.
I wanna choose Meli as Miss Hawa hawai cause its very well suit On meli..she was Looking extremely naughty , sound ambitious Ermm caring & sweet heart...Big smile
Kaanta Ben.
I don't know. As soon as I read the question - I thought of Kaanta Ben.
You don't remember her Meliii? She's the one from Kal Ho Na Ho.

Here's a picture of her, just for you:

I think the Aunt from IPKKND. Hello hi bye bye one! I think that Melmel is always there to say hello hi bye bye but can also come in useful once in a while!LOL
Manorama Mamiwa ROFL I dont know why.. I can only recall her atm!ROFLROFL
The comedian that i think would suit Meli di is hmmm.. Tough one Ermm I think i would go for NK from IPKKND. He is cheerful, bubbly, helps solving problems and of course, makes one cheer up Wink
There was one character in PKYEK. She was Piya's sister and was named as Misha. Her dimaag was satka hua and she was always like a jumping toy. Now My Dth ka tower is also satka hua and it keeps on getting gaayab but still dth is always jumping around. So she is like MishaROFLROFLROFL
 I pick...Lakshman from WaqtROFL I love Rajpal YadavROFL And why do I think that character is perfect for Melmel? Because just look at him! ROFL He's awesomeROFL
JOHNNY LEVER!! WHY?!!?!? Because i feel they would get along very well...meli makes good jokes...well she definitely tries hahaa!

Bramhi as pranav in Jalsaa ..coz he is cute and Meli lubbs him ROFL Meli+Bramhi=BramLi Heart

Rishab Kundra ROFL His one liners are funny so are MelMel LOL LOL

ROFL ROFL What is your "birthday number"? Blushing ROFL
Since i'm unable to think of any comedian at the moment.. Mami Ji from IPK. ROFL
I think melmel is her own unique character... there is no comparison whatsoever... she is sooo much better than everyone else! LOL
PS: this is my version of saying I don't remember any worthwhile person right now and am too lazy to look someone up... forgive me melmel ROFL
Haila! Why you guys always make us do so much work! Ugh! Achcha... I guess the most apt song right now would be: "Chup Chup Ke" from Rush. I know, you're thinking how random! But I was watching the movie the other day and *all* I could think about was melmel because Emraan Hashmi's girlfriend is named Aahaana in the movie! And this is the typical romantic song picturized on them Embarrassed Though melmel, remember, he's mine! Hmph!

I think Meli actually reminds me of a cartoon character Mickey Mouse EmbarrassedLOLLOL...She is cute , talkative and always upto some mischief LOLLOL.. I really cant imagine her as filmy or daily soap character/comedian ConfusedConfused... If still I had to name one then she comes close to Bharti in terms of entertainment package for ON MSN and FB ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Spl Song for Melzz ... "Dreamum Wakepum Rishabalaum Wink ... Critical Conditionum ROFL ROFLROFL.ROFLROFLROFL..Earthum quakepum hil dool sab shake upum Dancing ...Face to faceum dharti putram ...IF-um Kaamum 24/7 Jhadu pochunum ROFL ROFLROFL.ROFLROFLROFL...Bashingummm fightingummm everything solvingumm with warningumm ROFL ROFLROFL.ROFLROFLROFL..Wune runde mune naale "LOLLOLLOL

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Here's wishing u a very happy birthday Meli... i hope all ur dreams and wishes come true.
i don't know u very well but u wer a star in helping me out when i was making Mishal raheja's birthday thread! thanks a lot for all the help! have a wonderful birthday!
YuvikaBig smile

"Cherish Yesterday
Dream Tomorrow
Live Like Crazy Today"

Happy Birthday Melz.Hug

*Gift Below*


Wishing my friend a beautiful day
Hopes and dreams I'm sending your way

May all be good and all come true

On this very special day for you!

*Gifts Below*

PartyHappy Birthday Meli Party

Joy is what I wish for you
Success in everything you do
Hope all your dreams come true
And luck may not leave you.
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shinning dreams..
Lots Of Love and Hugs

*Gift Below*

Look who's is turning a year older it's non other than my dearest LK. I still remember our first interaction you and rest as we say is a history. Our friendship has come a long way from then. You are one of the most special and closest friends I have made out here and I will always cherish our friendship. And I don't think I need to say this you already know ILU LKHugHug

Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come. I hope you have a wonderful day with lot of chocolates, ice cream with your favorite dishes and don't worry about caloriesLOLLOL

And since it is your birthday I let you droll on Ranbir entire day just for today. I know my gift is pending I will make up for that soon pakka wala promiseEmbarrassedLOL

Loads of Love,


Hey Meliii,

So, I got sooo many people asking me for your message. God, how phamous are you?! ROFLROFL Literally. I had like one gazillion PMs waiting for me when I woke up on the morning of the 18th! Sleepy

HAPPPY BIRTHDAAAYY! DancingDancingDancing

You are one of the nicest, sweetest, cutest, fastest and hardworking people I know on India-Forums. You are an inspiration to many! Never change. Never ever.
When I actually sat down to think, I realized that I have known you for a LONG while. I vanished, yes, but when I came back you were still here. And it was sooo great to get back in touch with you! HugHug

Hope you have an amazing day and a fun-filled year, especially once I join you on "your side of the team" ROFL I hope we both survive that. ROFLROFLROFL


Happy Birthday Melmel!

I love you! Hope you enjoy your birthday and hope you have a great day! I wish I could drive you to all your favourite places but as you can see I can't drive!LOL So please! Don't blame me!LOL

PS: Your gift is being made by Preeto so it shall be here shortly I guess!ROFL


Many more happy returns of the day..
May all ur dreamz cum true...
Have a blasted birthday ever...
Keep Rocking...

Love, Anba RKWink

Happy Birthday to you and may all you wish for comes true.
Birthday Quote Graphics
Birthday Quote Graphics


I wish you a lovely day, not just today because it is your birthday, but all year round AND ALL THE YEARS TO COME. May you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. Happy Birthday to you.

Today you should see your own reflection in the mirror and assure yourself that you've got to empty your pockets and throw a big party todayApprove. Ungande mind ille ''why this kolaveri'' odi kondu irukum. But ya athan reality enneLOL. Happy Birthday Meli!Party

*gift below*


Birthday Cards

Wish you a very very happy birthday Meli Party

may god bless you and hope you have a great day with friends and family

We havnt met or talked but have a loads about you from ur friendsWink hope you have an awesome year ahead

Meli di Hug Urf GhajiniHug Urf Nayi bhanjiHug urf so many other thingsROFL
Happy Birthday-um
ROFL Have a lovely day-amROFL Shared so many moments with you! I have actually lost count now!ROFL You are gem of a person and really really awesome at heart <3 (both mean the same naROFL) Anyways, thank you, for being what you are! A lovely person, a mentor, a mood-lifter and a lovely person <3 I am glad to have you as my friend! You are really sweet and lovely <3 I have troubled you SHO much.. but you still never complainedShockedLOLLOL Rest in my personal message! Have a lovely day di Hug Happy BirthdayHug

Dear Melz

Wishing you a very happy birthday!! Hope you remember to keep smiling and spreading that positive energy of yours. Send over some cake!


hi meli akka wish u many more happy returns of the day
and may God bless u always , and be with u always
happy birthday to u dear akka

Love Poems, Friendship, Happy Birthday, Love

Dear Meli di,

I think we have known each another almost 2 years now if i'm not mistaken and of course, i need to thank Radha ka and the Sensational South forum for getting to know you. My opinion about you is that will you never get angry? LOL Because i have always seen you being calm and sweet to all the members. I think no one would deny if i say that you are one of the most loved one in IF whom all the members would search for when they have trouble. So on your birthday, i wish you all the very best and now that Radha ka have have got married, guess your turn will be up next Tongue Have a great birthday ahead and have fun with loved ones Smile

On your birthday, may all your desires be filled As you wish upon a star,
your life be starlight As you wish upon a star,
your life be star-bright
As you wish upon a star,
zillions of stars gaze over you And a wish upon a star made come true...
Happy birthday to Aaahaana...
Never chat with you personally but yeah i have chat with you so some official stuffe (regarding some post).. As i know you are a helpfull person.
Once again wishing you a very Happy birthday to you.
From Zainab/Zaina




Happy Birthday Darling

Many happy returns of the day my BL.. Finally, the day has arrived, was waiting for it actually lol.. My Bl turned buddhiCry Now you've to do shaadiShocked kya? omg! heartattack ROFL Anyways, i wish you all the luck in life and a beautiful future ahead.. HugBL became a GMMM what a surprise and that too, a day before your special day!!!!!!!!Blushing Im sure, you gonna rock like always!!!!!!Embarrassed My best wishes are with you.. Chalo jaldi party nikalo..LOL

*gifts below*

Happy Birthday Melissa.. Thanks always for being so helpful to me always.. U r such a wonderful person, may god give u all the happiness.. Have a fantastic year ahead..

Happy birthday my raaniHug May your all wishes come true n may ALLAH bless his showers alwys on youHug melziee for me is my raaniEmbarrassed an awesome friend n an awesome human being [ zyada hogaya na ]ROFL i know i know you must be thinking im being formal with you but nahh..I truely believe that you are really a good humanEmbarrassed Nowdays, you are totally in love with RK/MR so here's im gifting you some of it tiny bitsEmbarrassed i hope you like themEmbarrassed

Loads of love -
Saher Heart

Many more happy returns of the day meli LOL nan ungala otta virumbala atha velailam ravi department so only wishes from my side LOLHappy Birthday Scraps, Happy Birthday Graphics for Orkut, Myspace
Hope u enjoyed ur Bday ...Tongue

Awww Happy Birthday My DTH. Tv always loves DTH. And TV cannot live without DTH. TV is almost worthless without DTH. NO matter how your tower and network is...TV still looks forward to DTH only. Have a great day ahead my DTH and enjoy your day to the fullest. I will always be grateful to gadhi nidhi for letting me know you. Gadhi never does much of intelligent work but this is something she did and it can be claimed as one intelligent deed.

Tv misses DTH a lot these DTH is gaayab most of the time. Isiliye I dedicated the above song to you. I hope you will like it and will shower me with all your love and blessings and chocos of course.

Lastly, Never forget one thing...TV never did or will never do anything that may harm DTH. So next time try not to misunderstand me...Love you and Many Many Happy Returns of the day againHug

Party Happy Birthday Melz, have a rocking one!! Party

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you !

Happy Birthday to Meli / Biwan / Guruji Geek

Haaapppy Birthdayyy to youuu ! Dancing

Wow di, I can't believe it! You're a whole year older than you were last year Stern Smile ROFL
I'm actually out of words right now Shocked Though I thought I had a lot to say on this day D'oh
Oh well, leaving that aside,

Here comes a new year of DROOLING, more CRAZINESS, and MASTI Dancing
That means more characters and actors from TV and Movies are going to get
taken over by you Shocked (without their knowledge of courseROFL)

Hopefully you let go of the old ones (cough*RK*cough) and give them to younger kids like me Day DreamingROFL

I hope this year turns out to be amazing (well I can guarantee it will Cool) and you set new
milestones ! (which you also definitely will Cool)

WIth lots of love,

Sishya Embarrassed


Birthday Happy HappyHug Hope you have an amazing dayHug To be honest I was gonna write you a huge essay. I thought about it on the bus ride home and everything! And then I started thinking about Arjun-Arohi and KMH and yeah...Buttt AA are relevant! Why? Cuz we met there! But you already knew thatCool I think I mentioned it in my msg last year tooErmm I should be more original no?Ermm

It's not my fault I'm blank though. I'm talking to you at the same time so it's hard to focusStern SmileROFL Btw, I lied. You know when I asked how's Melmel day and you said good and then asked me and I said how I had hmwk? Yeah I wasn't really doing hmwk...I was watching MugadheeraROFL K I guess it's not really a lie because I do have hmwk. I'm just not doing it yet. I've made progress thoughBig smile But yeah! Mugadheera is the first South Indian/Telegu movie I saw thanks to youBig smile It was awesomeBig smile I remember you saying it was your fav so I decided to make you a little something somethingCool Hence I was watching the movie (and cuz it's awesome). And if you lied about it being your fav, well too bad you're stuck with the siggyROFL I was gonna make a Preet siggy too but I can't remember if you liked Preet, Meet, Prem-Heer or all threeStern SmileROFL

You knowStern Smile We never got around to watching Mr. IndiaStern Smile Do you think we'll ever watch it?ROFL We're pretty awesome though no? I mean, when we're bored we decide to watch any movie but this one even though our goal is to watch Mr. IndiaROFL How does that happen?ROFL We is funnyLOL I feel like i should rap this up cuz I'm trying to write you a msg and talk to you at the same time and it's not working out too wellROFL

Happy Birthday once againHug


P.S.: (credit goes to RoshCool)

Dearest Meli !!!! wish you a very very Happy Birthday sweetheat :D i know we mightve not interacted much but jitna bhi kiya hai its been awsome !!! May all your wishes get fulfilled today and always ... may you wake up on ur birthday after a birthday call from you favourite stars WinkTongue ... happy birthday !!!! loads of love

Beauty and taste of life is only with the wishes & Love of those people who remain around you..
Their love maked worthy your life to live. I wish you get many more birthdays like this and go on having this love..

Many More Happy Returns Of The Day Meli... Party May God Fulfill All Ur Wishes...

- Mullai -

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Thodi alag, but kabhi na akeli
Kabhi moderator, humesha saheli
Confused si rehti hai, banke paheli
Par Sabse alag hai humari pyaari MELI.

Happy Birthday Meli!

Wish you love, luck, chocolates, orchids, mojitos, music,
a report back button,
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BUT most of all wish you HAPPINESS!!

Here is your gift -
When you have nothing to write in your note for shutting down a post simply put this up

Now that's done

Get drunk and take a day off!

Something to dance to

A little treat

Love, Hugs and Best wishes
(Giti for you! Wink)
I wanted to wish you personally but the postman shouted at me-"Come Out Of the PostBox"!! EmbarrassedLOL
A very Happy Birthday to you Meli. Smile They say one is closest to God on one's birthdays...may you live long and achieve all that you desire in life! Have a Blast!
Dear Meli!

I LOVE YOUU!! Yes yes...i know ive been major MIA from your life and im really sorry for that...but i promise once december rolls around i will be more free! I would like to wish you a veryyy happy birthday!!! I love you so much! hope you have a great great greattt year and may you get all the happiness that you deserve! WE are forever lonesome MSN buddies <3333 YOu are one of the few people who have been a part of my IF life for quite a while..thank you so much for being there for me and listening to me rant about the stupidest things! And without you i would never be able to keep up with the current bollywood (and other) tracks!! hahah love you and hope u have a fantabulous birthdayyy!!! <33333333

Bahuraani , What do i say about you. That random PM about your name set us on a journey of friendship...and now we are forever tied by matrimony to my adopted TV beta ROFL .. I just cannot imagine the day to go with out atleast a Hello Hi bye bye to u . ..Enough PDA in kopcha LOL

So on this very super special day ...I would like to say to you ...I hope you'll always find happiness...In whatever you may do... May this budday bring you peace, good health & lots of luck ... Your dearest Saasumaa Heart
Many Happy Returns of the Day, Meli, our new Global Moderator. May God bless you alwaysHug

Love, Neetz (:
Wshing you all the happiness in this world Mel Hug
Mel, you are so sweet and caring. Embarrassed
Just Be the way you are Always!! Hug
You are a true RockStar!!! Star

Happy Birthday Aahaana Hug
Many many happy returns of the days Mels, God bless and have a great life ahead..
Happy birthday Meli

sorry i don't know her personally so i can't dedicate a funny song or recommand any funny charecter.
happy birthday aahaana
you are an awesome person
i'm sure you know that by now Clap
have a great birthday
may you have many more
Embarrassed may all your wishes come true Embarrassed
except for the RK one Embarrassed sharing
is caring ROFL - cake? Shocked
xx jennnii
Meli Meli Melii !! Happy Birthday ! Hug..
May this day be more special are u are Embarrassed..

I recently meet u in Koffee with TV CC Embarrassed LOL.. n i got to know so much abt ur liking for both the RKs aka Ranbir Kapoor & Rishab Kundra ! EmbarrassedROFL n thanks to u & Shru..TongueLOL, i started watching Madhubala show ShockedLOL coz u love RK a lot EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams .. Have a wonderful day !! Hug..

Happy Birthday Melz. Big smile May all your wishes come truee. God bless yoou with good health and happiness. Party Your always there if anyone need help. Loved your April Fool prank, one of the best pranks I ever had. Thanks for that. Happy birthday again ka Hug



It's another important day for you to celebrate
And enjoy as mush as you can coz
it's a very special day for you
Happy Birthday to you my sweet Sister

 Hope U LIke my gift Tho i m Not @ siggies

my wish

Wish u a very happy birthday dear...hope all ur dreams come true...



Here's my msg below.
Happpy Birthday Aahaana! It's been a pleasure getting to interact with you over the last little while.
Enjoy your day!

~ Swati

Hi Mel Sis Happy Birthday To you .all wishes comes true Big smile

My Dear Akka
Janumadinada Shubhashayagalu!!!

Your not just a friend, but a sister to me mells n I wanna wish n pray that you always be blessed with the best of things. And no matter what I am and would always be there for you whenever you need me. Good luck and Keep Smiling.

With loads of Hugs n Muuwaah's

so here i am ...on this wonderful ocassion of our beloved Aahaana's Birthday ...

would like to dedicate this friendship song to her : it's not funny but it depicts the true Friendship Forever

Hope you liked it Aaahana


Hmmm Embarrassed ...


now i move on that Funny Character LOL




Please Spare me Aahaana LOLLOL


so wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear ...enjoy your day ,god bless mau you live 100 of years


A Small Gift for you :

Hi Meli,
Happie Happie Birthday Diii.  It's been amazing knowing you
for the past 2 years... Have had alot of fun and rolf hehehe.
May God Bless you with lots of happiness, wealth, n success.
Keep smiling n be crazy always!!
Love yaaa,
Happy birthday! Happy happy happy birthday mate! You make us happy everyday with your excellent moderation. (Seriously. No kidding. You and sylvania are the best mods EVER. EVER EVER EVER!) So here's hoping I made you happy with my slightly unmoderated message heehee Embarrassed Have loads and loads of fun yaaras
Happy bday...
my wishes are the biggest gift...
may god bless u meli and hope u get everthing u want in ur happy alwaysSmile

this is lovely & beautiful cake for my dear hawa hawaee... aka Meli di ROFL

My b'day msg

Remembering you on your special day and wishing you happiness forever, my dearest sister. May God bless you and may your boyfriend kiss you.( don't hit me LOLLOLROFL Hope you have an awesome birthday.'

but Really u r rockstar in I-F...Star Star Star

Melmel... what can I say about ya! Man, you are truly superwoman - friendly, awesome, everyone loves you, yet you get the job done in a jiffy! I wish I could be even half as great as you! Smh! Chalo koi na, I guess I'll have to accept just being your friend and bask in your leftover glory LOL Anyways, enough of my bakwaas... it's kinda late here right now and I just got back from a night out in the city and my brain is a bit fried, so please bear with me! I guess what I really wanna say is Happy Birthday bud Hug Hope you have a great time and the happiest day of your past year is the saddest day of your upcoming year! I am so glad we met and got to know each other on MSN or whatever and spent so many hours chatting... I remember this one random Saturday when I had just moved into my new apartment and I was feeling sad/lonely, you chatted with me pretty much the whole day and kept me company and made me feel so much better! That was so super sweet and awesome!!! Love you tons bud! Glad to be your friend and in the family Hug Hug
MELIII. Hi. What's up? The ceiling, i know. Stern Smile ROFL But you know what i think is up? Your birthday. Cool Your like, 45465465665th birthday right? *nods head solemnly* So, Cat Daughter, i hope you get a whole pack of balls of yarn to play with. Doesn't that sound exciting? Approve And um, have a great burday. Big smile I'd like to dedicate that hilarious brown birthday song to you at this very moment:
Happy Birthday TO YOUUU. ROFL The most epic birthday song no? ROFL And um, i get your delicious cake yeah? I better. Big smile I like cake. Big smile Yup.. this is my terrible birthday message. LOL So not my fault i suck at these. Stern Smile

Melzz Many Many Happy Returns of the day .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life HugHugHug...Enjoy this day to the fullest Party PartyPartyand may u continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career StarStarStarStar..You are one of the most hardworking , dedicated and friendliest member on IF and I really salute your efforts and dedication that you have shown over the years here on IF ClapClapClap...And I hv one wish on your birthday .. want to see your colour change from that blue to green CoolWink..I truely feel u deserve it ClapClapClap...Hv fun on your birthday and no kaam for today haan Party

A spl Birthday cake for u Embarrassed

Happy Birthdaaay Meli!!!Hug
May all your wishes come true!
and partaaay hard!!!
even though i dont know you very well your and awesome MOD!!
keep up the amazing work you do!!
Mini xoxo
I dont Know Ahaana too well...nor do i know the stars of Indian am at agreat loss...gifs and vms all naada yaara...wonly me ma self and ma ungettable humare...
tho I do want to wish her a very Happy Birthday...She seems such a nice young lady and i would love to wish her the best... an ol time tamil comedian...chandra babufor me this was her ..she loves romance and the whole Rishabala..bridge dance...and she i a funny i wish for her love and humore with it... 


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