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*Chellame Nov 2012 Updates Archives*
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15 Nov

G goes to CM and tells about VM being taken to police station. CM is shocked and enquires about him what wrong he did. G doesn't have any clue about it. She asks VM to send Kavi with her to PS. She is scared to go alone. CM tells G's husband won't like to see any of CM's relatives with her. She offers to help G through a lawyer. She advises G to go to PS. Before her Lawyer will be there. Kavi watches their conversation.

G returns with VM and Achu. VM with over acting and praising G for bringing him out. same time he is happy someone's happiness went off so soon. CM gives a teasing smile. G is not happy. Kavi gives a angry look. VM seeing G's face scolds her why she is emotionless. Why she is not happy? G bodly tells she is happy but for that she can't jump up and down in front of gate. CM is emotionless hearing G's word whereas Kavi is happy. VM and Achu looks at CM with confusion. VM manages his confusion and tells G that you are scared. He confidently tells no one can destroy me so easily.  CM tells Kavi to close the and come in. Kavi with a smile closes the door. VM is happy they left with a defeat. G is boiling in anger.

VM says its common in business. G confront it if has happened after few days of good businees. But happening in the initial stage is not good. She is worried. Achu praises VM as Kattapomman. He tells he faced AC with boldness. VM stops him. He tells it not so big matter. But it should not go to CM's ears. If she come to know about this she will make happy. She is waiting for my defeat. She will spread the news through this city.

G tells him to stop. VM is confused. G tells without CM you won't be here to talk like this. VM scolds him for seeking her help. G tells you didn't anyone to support in this trouble time. She don't have any idea about your whereabouts. CM is the one who sent lawyer and released you. otherwise you will be counting bars now. VM gets angry and raises hand to slap her. G tells CM don't have the habit of insulting even her enemy. She blames only VM has habit of stamping his better half.

Kalai comes there supporting G words about CM helping for VM's release.  Vm asks G whether she didn't get anyone in this town. Kalai tells VM not to scold G. G called her but she couldn't do anything because her husband was with her. VM scolds your husband is a jalra to CM and you are jalra to G.  G tells him to think standing in her shoes.  To whom will i go whether to a lawyer or God like CM. VM gets angry for G calling CM as God, G tells whoever helps her in difficult times are God for her. Even after insulting her so much she helped me. I'm like to worship her. Kalai is happy. VM is angry. Achu is calm. G tells if you don't like her. Its your problem but i can't think her wrong. She apologies and goes into the house. VM gives angry look to Kalai. Achu says G is innocent. VM gives angry look to him also. He leaves. VM gets more angry recollecting few words G spoke about CM.

Karuppu is talking over phone to someone about his new dealing. He notices Kamini talking with someone walking in the other side of the road. Karuppu disconnects the line and runs to see K in the close up. Both comes to face to face. Karuppu chases Kamini. Kamini gets into car and goes away in fear. Karuppu notices the car number.

Achu is in the finance company sitting with a towel on his head. A boy going on the way teases him. Vm gets angry on Achu for getting teasing from the people going on the road. Achu tells he didn't sleep whole night. He wants to get suspend for that AC for doing such things to VM. VM tells him to go.

Karuppu goes to CM house. He informs Kamini is alive. CM shocked. He tells she misleaded you by acting like dead. CM gets flashback of Kamini death scene in the hospital.

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16 Nov

Karuppu comes to CM house. He informs Kamini is alive. CM shocked. He tells she misleaded you by acting like dead. CM gets flashback of Kamini death scene in the hospital. CM unbelievable. Karuppu tells Kamini too saw him. CM refuses to believe as Kamini was dead in front of her eyes. Kavi tells the child who was pointed as Kanamma is not CM's. So Kamini death could also be a drama. CM also feels something fishy. Karuppu gives idea to enquire in the hospital where Kamini died. CM still in confusion. Karuppu tells we should check postmortem reports of Kamini. CM tells if Kamini didn't die then my Kanamma also alive. Who told Kamini to act like that. who is having my child? CM decided to check the hospital.

CM and Karuppu infront of doctor. He tells there is no admission in that name in this hospital. CM and K confused. Doc also informs there in no death in this hospital in that month too. Not even a accident case. CM confidently tell she dies in front of her eyes. He asks about the doctor who confirmed K's death. CM is not able to recollect his appearance. Doc says according to hospital records there is no Kamini and no death.

CM confusingly comes out of Doctor room. CM says someone playing very coarefully. We should find Kamini. Karuppu tells there is one way and says something (muted) to CM. Both decided to leave.

CM and Karuppu are next landing in RTO to find the details of a car. Karuppu tells the number of a car. Officer refuses to give details. CM talks about the rule in the country, citizen has the right to know even President's salary. Officer decides to tell the details. He checks and tells there is no car registered in that name. Another Shock to CM and Karuppu.

Outside RTO, CM wonder who is the beneficial person who makes believe another child and hiding my child. Karuppu to confued and tells if we find Kamini then we'll get answer to all our questions. CM tells how Kamini told about her child and address. K tells she will do anything for money and she is a pakka criminal. He also tells Kamini must in hiding for past few days. Now she returned with some plan. She is doing big dealing with someone. CM wants to find out her child and also the person who is misleading her.

Kamini is calmly telling to SR about Karuppu seeing her. SR angry and shouting by now he might be told all these to CM. K tells let him tell. Ony if i like CM can find her. If i can meet CM or not can be decided by Snake and SR, SR angrily shouts she is ACP. K teases she is only ACP not God. SR tells CM can do anything as she is a loser of her child for past two years. She must have start finding the child by now. K cool and telling let her do. She too need to pass her time. SR shouts don't talk like mad. If she sees you then everything will be finished. K happily now you told the point. To escape from CM's eyes, leaving this city now itself is a correct decision. For that settling 5 cr is a best way for you both. She gives only 2 weeks time no more 2 months time. She tells her to settle the amount before that. Don't try to do anything like killing me. She leaves threatening SR 'give money otherwise.' SR is tensed.

SR calls Sanke and informs about Kamini's threat and Karuppu seeing her. Snake sings its difficult to get money from Pearl. Sr is not interested in hearing that story. She asks her to get money as early as possible as Kamini has some info which we don't know. Sanke is tensed and tells her to finish her. SR is not ready to do that it has many complications. Sr also worries about CM's next move. She disconnects the line telling Snake to arrange the money, as they have to clear Kamini quickly.

CM and Karuppu goes to a lawyer. CM explains about Kamini telling about a child and dying and the child not hers and so on. Lawyer tells CM to give complain on Kamini. Through that we can catch Kamini. Lawyer gives hope that CM will get her child that is why fate brought Kamini in front of her again. CM looks convinced by lawyers confident words. She thanks Lawyer for her encouraging words. Lawyer tells her to give the complaint and get the FIR copy.

CM walks into Police station where SR is sitting.

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19 Nov

CM walks into Police station where SR is sitting. CM gives complaint to SR. SR teases and makes fun of CM by saying Police won't take jeep in search of Kamini. CM talks rule and SR teases her back. Sr asks for picture of Kamini. CM tells she will give the complaint to Commisioner. SR stops CM and takes the complaint. She reads and tells CM to leave saying they will do their best. CM leaves.

SR calls Snake and informs about CM complaint about Kmini. Snake tensed. SR tells CM won't be silent anymore. She tells now the dustbin is empty. She tears the complaint and throws into dustbin happily.

VM presents G saree and necklace. G asks what is reason behind all these. Do you want me to wear this saree and jewel and show this to opposite house. VM tells he didn't do this for her. He brought all these for his wife G. G happy and keep necklace around her neck and looks in the mirror.

Karuppu comes home and finds Kalai missing. He sees the door opened in the house. He finds Kalai in a room with her hands and legs tied. He releases her and praises a person who put tape on her mouth. He wonders how come nothing is taken from the house. She tells they are not theif. They are killer. They all tied and beaten her. They threaten her not to say about the lady to CM. Karuppu understoods. Kalai wonders who is the lady Karuppu has seen why they doesn't want you to tell to CM. Karuppu tells her to go inside. Kalai asks again. Karuppu goes away. Kalai starts crying.

Karuppu calls CM tells about Kamini attack on Kalai. CM asks about Kalai's health. She tells Karuppu to stay away in this matter as this matter is very serious. And she doesn't want to damage K  and Kalai's life. K refuses to accepts this. He wants to be with CM in this matter as she is the one who made him a human. He promises to be in her house next morning. CM accepts and tells him to take care of Kalai.

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20 Nov

CM and Karuppu with Lawyer. CM tells there in no answer other than still searching from SR. Lawyer suggests putting petition in the court in this matter.  Court will issue order to Police to search Kamini. Police should produce Kamini in the court before the date fixed by the court. CM tells the lawyer to do it soon.

VM calls Kalai and asks why your husband is all the time with CM and lawyer. Kalai tells about the beating incident  to VM. Because of that he went to see CM. Kalai tells 2 people threaten to kill me. He didn't care and went to see CM. VM cuts the line. He talks himself its not divorce case then what is the matter. He is wondering how to find the truth.

VM tells Achu find out from CM house.

Achu goes to CM house. Kavi drying cloth in the garden. Achu asks her they are looking for legal advisior for their company. he asks her to tell about the lawyer who came to their house now. Kavi looks at VM watching them. she tells lawyer is expert in  sending people to jail who are doing vambu. Achu runs back to VM. VM gets angry on him

SR and Snake are discussing about CM complaint. SR tells court order. After several talks SR gives one way. She tells Kamini should be killed using VM. Both finds that is the only way.

Achu talking about his marriage. G tells in this age who will give girl to him. VM supports Achu and gives promise a grand wedding for him. VM phone rings. VM face changes.

Snake tells VM to come home as she has new job for him. Achu and G looks at VM. VM talks as if he is talking to a customer.



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22 Nov

VM recollects SR words about killing Kamini. Kalai advises him to sleep closing with a blanket. G shows Kamini picture and asks him who is this? VM gets tensed. G not ready to leave him. Vm tells this lady wants license. She gave photo for that. Kalai take photo from G hands and asks why this lady wants Vehicle in her dying age. VM scolds Kalai. She continues i didn't say you are going to kill her. VM get more tensed. Kalai continues to admire Kamini photo.

Morning, Kamini is in a car asking about a person who is ready for a deal. SR follows the car in a auto. Chasing chasing and chasing wearing a red shirt. Car stops in a place. SR stops auto few feets behind. She comes out and watches Kamini going upstairs house in a building. Standing a balcony Kamini is talking over phone. SR hides behind the auto and watching. Kamini goes in. SR goes in auto.

SR calls VM. G attends the call. SR silent. G asks to talk. SR still silent. G ask who? No answer. VM asks who? G tells called but not speaking. G again asks to speak. SR replies finally. Asks for VM. G asks who is she? SR tells her to give the phone to VM. G tells he is not feeling well. Tell the matter. SR tells she wants to talk about car dealing. VM takes the phone from G and sends her away asking for a hot kanji.

SR gives Kamini address. VM asks for 1 week time. SR tells him to finish the matter and throw the body in the railway track. VM tells its not easy. Before i reach their i'll die. SR disconnects the lie saying first finish her then worry about you.

VM praying to God. He asks puts the blame on God leading to kill this second murder. Asks God blessing for his second murder. G comes teasing him getting more devoted becasue of his health. VM tells he has important work. G tells him to do that thala pora vella sometime later. VM tensed hearing this and scold G for talking abasagunam. He tells its very urgent. G tells she doesn't know anything about business urgency. Munna pinna setha than sudukadu theriyum. VM more tensed. she tells him to dringk Kanji when he leaves.  VM worries nothing is good. He again seeks God's blessing for his murder.

CM expresses her doubt on SR's search mission of Kamini. Lawyer says SR has to answer court. Kavi asks if SR tells they couldn't find Kamini. Lawyer tell they can't tell blankly like that. they have to answer several questions like why? What they did after court order? What are the action they took? All they have to explain to the court. Otherwise SR's state is danger. CM tells she doesn't care about SR. She express worry about if Kamini is produced what she will talk in the court. Lawyer gives CM confident that its her duty to open her mouth in the court. CM tells Kamini is the only source i have for finding Kanamma. Kavi gives confident to CM, trow morning Kamini will come to court. She speaks or we'll open her mouth to speak. Lawyer seconds Kavi's words.

VM in singh getup goes to Kamini house. Kamini busy playing in her mobile. VM fearfully goes to kamini house. He rings the bell. He takes a cable out of his pocket and hides it behind him. Kamini opens the door. VM pushes her inside the house and puts the string around her neck. He tries to tighten around her neck. She tries to escape from him.




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23 Nov

Kamini opens the door. VM says something looking at the side. She is confused and looking at the side. Using this opportunity VM puts string around her neck and pushes her inside the house. She shouts and tries to escape. VM tightens the string. After a struggle she pushes him away. VM's singh cap falls down. She identifies him as VM. VM escapes from there.  she chases him down. VM runs away.  Just then her person comes. She tells him to take the vehicle. She runs upstairs to take something.

CM is trying to reach someone over phone. Vm in his house recollecting the scene happened in Kamini house. Kamini coming in car. Scene shifts between these three. VM thinks he always get problem through ladies.

Kavi informs CM about lawyer in the landline asked her to come to office. CM tells she is trying for her only. Kavi informs lawyer don't have charge in her mobile. CM tells Kavi to take care of house and leaves.

CM walks out of that street. Kamini car enters the street. VM tensed inside the house. G watches his tensed face and asks about his sadness. She enquires about his health and asks him to come to hospital. VM manages it will go away if he sleeps.

Kamini knocks the door. G goes to open the door. VM stops. He instructs her to tell he is not at home. G confused. VM pushes her to tell and hides inside. G opens the door. Kamini pushes her away and enters the house. She slaps VM. G tries to stop K. K pushes her away and asks VM how date he came to kill her. G is shocked.

K scolds VM for selling own daughter for 50 lakhs. G more shocked. VM helplessly looking. K scolding more for leaving him was thinking him as innocent. She should have killed him there itself. VM says he is innocent and don't know anything. He begs for his life. K asks don't you do deal and sell your child? Don't you get 50 lakh counting each note. She thuppifies are you a father? K's person tells to kill him. VM fearfully begs and tells he don't have way and heard their instruction. G angry. VM scared.  K's person keeps the knife on VM's neck. G begs K saying he don't know anything. K summarise everything to G. For more money he could have sold you also. Why you are so innocent? He is not a human. G begs to leave VM for her. K leaves saying she is not killing VM for G.

G angrily start enquiring about who is that lady. Is that lady who gave you money for your own daughter. what will happen if CM comes to know about you knowing the place of your daughter. VM says he is sacred and will die. G say will you die? You will kill 4 people and instigate 40 people to commit sucide. Even after that you will be sitting and watching everything. Surely you won't die. I won't believe you. she feels bad for CM who lost her own life for kannama. Each day she lives eating only with the hope to find kanamma.

VM says he is helpless. G balmes when he find the place of that child either he should have taken it with him or he should have informed this to CM who is trying to find that child. Instead doing one of this you sold to someone and telling stories. Vm tells he didn't sell. G balmes he is a villain but living like a innocent. VM tries to justify his stand. G is adamant in telling the truth to CM. She goes. VM stops her saying he did a murder.

G shocked. VM tells how to take Kanamma away from a person he pushed him down and he died. He tells that 50 lakhs are too stay away from Kanamma. He tells he wanted to make this 50 lakhs to 50 crore when she comes to me. G doesn't believe anything. She wants to go to CM immediately. VM threatens G if she tells the truth to CM and joins Kanamma to CM then he will kill CM. G is shocked.


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26 Nov

G wants to go to CM immediately. VM threatens G if she tells the truth to CM and joins Kanamma to CM then he will kill CM. G is shocked. G tells she won't eat anything which comes from this money. She is determined to eat by begging from houses. She is ready to starve but surely not eat from his money. She tells he was always threaten to kill himself now started killing others. She wants CM to be happy. She didn't chase me away thinking me as a sakalathi. She loved me like her sister. She begs not to do anything to CM. She tells him to do whatever he wants but don't harm CM. She begs and starts crying. VM angry hearing her begging for CM's life.

SR and Snake comes to house. Snake sends the driver away. Both complimenting each other enters the house. Shocked to see Kaimini sitting in the hall with a angry smile and greeting her. SR super cool. Snake super tensed. Kamini teases them for sending a useless fellow to kill her. SR tells they went to ready money for her. They didn't sent anyone to kill her. Kamini not ready to listen to them. K continues to shout in anger. Snake tries to interfear. But K shuts her. K demand immediate settling of her money. Snake says its not possible. Argument continues on who is doing wrong and good. She tells she is going now to inform all the truth to CM. SR stops and try to convince her that they didn't send VM. K didn't believe. She angrily goes to tell the truth to CM.

Snake gets tensed and takes gun from SR's behind. she shoots Kamini thrice. SR shocked. Snake letting out anger. K dead near the door.

SR checks and declares K is dead. Snake fearfully moves backward. SR convinces Snake that they will put the blame on Pearl. She killed K because she threaten to tell truth about Ratna to CM. Sr tells God has given a good chance to escape from K's torture. She gives idea to burry in the body in the garden so that they can put the blame easily on Pearl. Snake convinced.  

Snake digging in the garden. SR helps to throw sand out. they puts K body inside and closes with sand. Phone rings. Sr tells to attend the call. Snake tensed seeing the number on the phone.


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