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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF: Parichay season 2 - note - pg 149 (Page 91)

jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by BHAVII

Originally posted by jay_bpm

Chapter 13 '

Aaj dil me utha, kaisa yeh sawal he?

Haath failaye samane, koi yoon khada he;


Narm nighahon me daba, koi ehsaas he,

Dabi dabi si aahante, kehti kya baat he;

Apna sa lagta, unka saath he,

Kab mile unse, har dum yahi aah he;


Masum chehra unka, kabhi dikhaye bachpan to kabhi darpan,

Baate unki, kabhi laaye hasi ya  mann ko tattol jaye;

Me na reh paoo dur, aur wo bhi karib aana chahe,

Is kasmokash me, sare jahan ko samil hum paye;

Hichkichate jub pucha unse, kaun ho tum?

Muskurate vo kahe, mein hoon zindagi, aao tham lo mujhe''.

With a blissful smileSmile and peace in his eyes, Kunal continued staring at his diary'''

One of the best diary entries i have seen on this forum Clap Clap Clap Very well written.

Thank youSmile
so chapter 13, 8 more to goTongue

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-Rojaa- IF-Sizzlerz

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Im late Ouch
So finally sinal  engaged PartyDancingAwesome , Thank you FB. looking forward to a sinalious update , pls update soonDay Dreaming.

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Originally posted by -Roshani-

Im late Ouch as usualTongueLOL
So finally sinal  engaged PartyDancingAwesome ,  yes they didEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Thank you FB. looking forward to a sinalious update ,  another sinalicious, ok will try
pls update soonDay Dreaming.
jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter – 22

Shining gold of round shape looked beautiful on most tender finger. But it was nothing compared to marvelous smiling face of Siddhi. She was admiring her ringDay Dreaming and touching it every few minutes, perhaps trying to convince herself yes, this actually happened. "I am actually engaged. I often wondered what it would be like to get engaged or what kind of husband will I get. My engagement, it was simple, yet a true memory. Simplicity of my engagement is very much related to simplicity of my to be husband; Kunal Chopra. The girl inside me who wondered what kind of husband will I get; well you get Kunal Chopra. Need I say more?" she chuckled. Once again she touched her ring, smiled looking at it and sat by the window, ready to be lost….

"No longer alone. Looking back few months, such a thought wouldn't even come anywhere near me. But today I am engaged. Another individual is connected to me. Siddhi is connected to me. It is by her choice and not because it is what it is. The fact it is her choice means more than I can describe in words. Do I accept it as most wonderful gesture of my life or should I consider her crazy for building a relation with me by choice?" Kunal closed his eyes, he reflected back on the evening. He saw his family, they appeared usual, then came Richa intruding the ceremony and last came Siddhi. Her touch, her innocence, her reply to Kapil and beautiful smile. Unknowingly a sly smile too crept on Kunal's faceSmile. He sat on the floor with the last image of smiling Siddhi. 

Next morning, Kunal-Siddhi both got ready for work. Although biggest change or event had taken place in their lives, so far they didn't experience any change so to speak. Both were aware of what has happened, time after time they checked their selves, may be reminded their selves of the engagement and expected something different. Both kept telling their selves their days should look different from now on, but also questioned if they are thinking too much about it. May be it is not as big of a change as they anticipated or even if it is form of change, not the kind they thought of it. May be they simply need time to really understand what has changed and what not, or who knows what to think at all? For now their goal was to reach office on time, as they have always been punctual but at the same time want to be there to see each other and test if their perspective or the way they look at each other has changed or not.

As usual, both reached office at the same time 8:55 am. As it had been their custom, Kunal opened door for Siddhi but no smile today. He didn't want her or anyone else to think just because of the engagement, he will stop being Kunal Chopra. On the other hand Siddhi too tried to somewhat keep her emotions restrained. No way she wants other and especially Kunal to know of her true joy. As if nothing much has happened, both went to their desk and got their selves busy in work for real today. Their focus on work today was may be best compared to past few weeks. But of course nothing stopped them from stealing million glances of each other. Few times both caught each other looking at them but then which one of them would accept they were staring at one another. But even with that they continued with their work.

Around noon, Siddhi was busy reading legal encyclopedia when she felt someone was standing next to her. She looked up and to her surprise it was Kunal. That hardly happens. Usually it is her who would go to his desk but today he approached her, why? Before she think too much Kunal said, "if you have time, would you like to go for lunch? I need to talk to you about something."

Siddhi couldn't believe it. It took her good minute to really acknowledge that Kunal just asked her to have lunch with him. Can this count as their date or is it related to work? Either way he asked her out for lunch and that's what it is.Embarrassed She was extremely happy but had to restrain herself so she simply nodded yes as any type of word would reveal too much. Kunal took that yes and told her to let's go. Without really looking back Kunal started walking and Siddhi followed him. They went to a nearby restaurant. Kunal ordered his chicken dish which made Siddhi somewhat uncomfortable being a vegetarian but whatever. She was still looking at menu, read something and looked at Kunal, "I wonder how are pasta here? Not that anyone has ever cooked it for me so I wouldn't know the difference" ended with a tone so to speakTongue. Kunal understood it was for him so he tried to think back why and remembered because of Richa. He knew he cannot say anything at the moment decided to keep mum. Siddhi placed her order and both waited for their meal.

"I asked you for lunch as I need to talk to you about few things if it's ok with you" Siddhi responded with a smile indicating yes.Smile

"First, we need to exchange cell phone numbers as, well we don't have each other's number" Kunal ended it firmly. Siddhi thought about it and it struck to her yesD'oh. She doesn't have Kunal's number and that is why she was not able to get in touch with him when he didn't come to office or when she needed to meet him and had to ask Anand for his address. How did she miss such a basic, yet important part? Anyways, now seems like best time to take care of that matter. Once that was done, Kunal again, "yesterday after the ring ceremony, Seema suggested our wedding should take place before Raveena's wedding. So the date they came up with is after about one week. Ahh…do you think it is too early…"before Kunal finishes his sentence,

"why, do you think it is too early?" Siddhi cut him with anxious voice, "wait, you do think it is too early, that is why we came here to talk, right? So you don't want the wedding to take place after week, then when? Why aren't you saying anything? When exactly do you want the wedding to be, why do you want to wait longer is there something….."

"Siddhi, calm down" Kunal tried to stop her. Once he felt Siddhi was calm, "I am not saying it is too early or anything. I simply want to make sure you are ok with it. I personally do not have any problem with it. As far as I see it, it takes only one day and it shouldn't take long to prepare for simple wedding. I just didn't know you are also in favor of simple wedding."

Siddhi thought about the matter for 2-3 minutes. Simple wedding, just one day, she didn't mind. Sure looking at how wedding these days took place with so many ceremonies and all; it take 2-3 days with both sides family involved but their case was something different. Again she simply nodded yes to Kunal giving her approval. By this time their food had arrived. Both started eating their food and very carefully Kunal looked around making sure no one is able to hear anything and cleared his throat. Siddhi of course looked up as she felt Kunal is about to say something, hence questioned him through her eyes.Ermm

"Main reason I asked you for lunch and what I really want to talk about is" Kunal took a heavy breath in, scratched his forhead with left arm, "we both know our families are not particularly in favor of our decision. With me, not much to worry about, but you… It is clear that Kapil is not in favor of our alliance and I do not want brother-sister relationship to be spoiled or even affected even a bit because of this. As I have asked you many times, are you sure about this? I do not want you to make any decisions you may regret in future or anything like that. Again, I will stand by you in your every decision."

"I too have told you so many times I am sure with my decision. It seems may be you are not sure or may be afraid. Yes Kapilbhiya raised this issue but so has your family. Just as you have handled it from your side, I too am firm on my side. What reality is that we are getting married after one week. Now will I be able to finish my lunch today or there are more questions coming? I thought someone invited me for lunch but it turns out I am on hot seat" ended in bit bratty toneTongue. Kunal couldn't help but smile Smilelooking at the deadly combination of innocence, charm and attitude. He didn't mind that someone just told him to shut up, if anything; he liked it very much. On top seeing this lovely little lady enjoy her meal, it was blissful.

Both finished their meal and were coming out of the restaurant. While they were waiting for an auto outside the restaurant, a man approached Siddhi. Kunal tuned to side to see who it is and he saw this man hugging Siddhi. With-in a second he got furious at this man, how dare he?Angry But he tried his best to control his anger as he saw Siddhi too was hugging him back. But still Kunal couldn't take it so he cleared his throat in manner both would know he is there. Siddhi was happy to see this guy, "Hey Raj, long time no see. How is everything?"

"Very well. I heard you left the corporation where Anand worked and joined some small law-firm. You also won a big case and someone had helped you. Since I live in Delhi now I do not know everything that happened here. So how's everything with you?"

"Well as per new, I got engaged yesterday" she looked at Kunal, "Kunal this is my good friend Raj from law college. Anand also knows him as we were a tight group. Raj, meet my fianc, Kunal Chopra."

"your fianc, wait Kunal Chopra. Are you the Kunal Chopra? Please sir.."

"yes he is" Siddhi said with a pride in her voice and it was visible on her face as well.Approve

"Oh my god, I am finally meeting the Kunal Chopra. Sir I can't believe it is you, please sir" he went to shake hand with Kunal. Kunal allowed that but was still bit reserved. "Siddhi you are marrying the Kunal Chopra. I am so happy for you. You must call me to your wedding, understand.."

"We need to go or we will be late for work" Kunal had to take charge of the conversation.Wink Both Siddhi and Raj took that seriously and said bye. Before going their ways, Raj again went to hug Siddhi and this time Siddhi saw Kunal did not like it at all. Kunal-Siddhi did get an auto to go back to office. Kunal was very silent for the most part of the ride and suddenly, "is it fairly common for you young people to hug each other for no matter? I mean if one wants to say hi, how about a hand shake or simply say hi" ended with irritated tone. Siddhi was surprised due to strong reaction from Kunal, "well we met after so many moths. That is why he hugged me. Where does young people thing come in here? Is something wrong, did Raj do something he shouldn't have. He is a nice guy, Anand knows him too and you saw how much he respects you."

"He respect what is known as Kunal Chopra. I am not that, at least not anymore. Whatever, now long time is being used as an excuse to hug for you people. Why say anything?"

"Why are you saying that? Did I do something, I am sorry if I did" said with concern in her voice. But Kunal didn't say anything and actually turned his face to the other side. Siddhi was very much bothered by his behavior. She was confused but more hurt as why Kunal is not talking to her. They just had such a wonderful lunch but now he is not talking to her and she didn't like that even one bit. "Kunal" he didn't respond and now Siddhi got annoyed, "ok fine, don't talk to me. After all who am I that you would talk to me" ended in sad tone but still Kunal didn't respond.

Kunal-Siddho reached office around 1:00 pm and started doing their work. After some time, Siddhi looked at Kunal hoping his mood has changed but she saw his face buried in boring paper work. She too decided it is best to continue working. Again after some time she tried to see if anything changed but still nothing. That happened few more times by it was 5:00 pm. Kunal had not said one word since they came back from lunch to her while she saw him talk to few other people. Now it was really starting to bother Siddhi as why would Kunal not talk to her.Unhappy She just cannot accept Kunal is not talking to her and she was not able to concentrate on work at all. Her patience had run out and now she wanted to ask him directly. But she knew that might not get her anywhere so she decided to text him. "has someone's mood good now, no more angry"

Kunal received the text, read it and responded right away, "who is asking?"

Siddhi was of course hurt to read that but she tried to get back, "someone who is concerned and bothered very much for being ignored." Kunal read the last text. He got up from his desk and walked away to the other side of the office. After a minute of so, Siddhi received a text, "it is not my fault someone feels some way. After all who am I that someone will be bothered?"

Last text really hurt SiddhiOuch. She felt there was no way for her to approach Kunal now. She looked back and knew Kunal was mad because of her hug with Raj but she didn't know how to appease him. She started cursing herself, "idiot, what was the need? As if that wasn't enough, instead of apologizing, you gave attitude. Stupid stupid girl, now sit with your stupidity as he doesn't want to talk to you. What to do?" she was of coursed saddened visible by her face. Didn't care about anything else and kept thinking how to appease Kunal but nothing came to her mind. She felt hurt, helpless, weak and her eyes almost got watery. Before she gets overwhelmed, she saw a handkerchief in front of her. She looked up and saw Kunal standing with his handkerchief. Again she was able to see care and concern on his face and that helped her bit. Kunal took a breath in, "I would really like if this handkerchief is not used. Not just today but ever as smile is much better than tears."

Finally, he said something to her and that too so touching. He wishes always to see a smile on her face and those words on its own brought a smile on Siddhi's face and she almost forgot what she was sad for. A smile also crept on Kunal's face once he saw Siddhi smile. Then in somewhat teasing tone, "also I don't want this handkerchief to be used as someone makes them her property. Not time mention the perfume they like to use…uff"LOL

Siddhi's face almost frown a bit as again with teasing me about perfume but in less than a second she blushed as he's back to normal….Blushing

Note - do not use any material without permission...Tongue

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Excellent update jay
Sinal's convo in restaurant n their self talk is so nice

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Super update jay...

Luved each and every part of d update...


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Uff...wat a wonderful n tuchng update luv d way kunal gave hanky 2 sid really it makes me smile n his words lyk gems,thanx 4 dis ff d way we want ur sinal u give us n inc. more luv 4 dem bt update soon pls

Edited by sanasinal - 05 February 2013 at 11:36pm

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awww.. love the comfort level mixed with awkwardness Jay!Clap Kunnu becoming jealous seeing Siddhi hug someoneCool! mmm! me likes!!!Embarrassed

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