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FF: Parichay season 2 - note - pg 149 (Page 86)

ruhiluvzaya IF-Sizzlerz

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aur kitna time lagega update na soon

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Originally posted by 11rukshar

aur kitna time lagega update na soon

sorry for delay, will update in few hours. Smile
-Bhavi IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by jay_bpm

Hello guys,

sorry for updating my first chapter so late. What can I say? I was under "majboori" concerning some important work so had to "sacrifice" all the fun on forum. But here is the first chapter. 

Chapter 1 '

10:30pm, Rock Bottom ' famous discotheque of Mumbai.  Usual loud music playing with various color lights going all around that would make people dizzy. It was full of Young individuals indulging in alcohol and tempting to take on the dance floor. While Discotheque trying to convey to world night is young and sell off delusion we know how to live fully. One who witnesses this place might be perplexed as to feel sorry for those who truly believed life is all about this or just get stupid and join them?

One Group of young individuals was making noise in one corner. They are passing drinks around and yelling "world be ready, here we come'.. 

This group consisted of final year students of Mumbai Law College who will be graduating next day. They all are out tonight to celebrate their last day together as it is likely next time they see each other might be as opponents in court. One young man said, "yaar I can't believe this really is our last day. Three years are passed and I don't know how I will be able to let go of those days. When will be next time we all will see each other this way?"

One tall young man from the group said, "Yaar don't worry. We all will see each other frequently."

Another female, "Easier for you to say. You will see Siddhi every day." She looked at young, innocent and beautiful girl who was standing right next to tall young man.

Siddhi, "That is true. I an Anand will see each other every day as just like college as we will be working together." She smiledSmile and looked at tall young man, Anand.

For some time, they all exchanged some more jokes, tales of college days and whatnot. Few of them decided to go on dance floor while Siddhi, Aannd and few others stayed back in the corner.

After few minute - Siddhi, "well guys it's getting late. I think I will call it a night and see all of you tomorrow at the commencement ceremony?" They all nodded yes and Siddhi was off to her home.

Dark, small bedroom. A man in middle thirties is sleeping but appears very restless. "because of your ego" "this attitude" echoes in his mind over and over again. Suddenly he jumps up on his bed with heavy breathes and perspiration on his forehead. He looks around to see darkness surrounding him; wipes off sweat from his forehead and gets up from bed. He goes towards sink, turns on the light. He splashes water on his face few times. Next he goes towards cabinet, still few sounds echoes in his ears. Gets a bottle of liquor out, sits on chair with a table right in front of him. He pours liquor up to half of the glass. He holds it up, "glass half full or half empty?" chuckles and drinks it in one shot. It appears it was hard for him to get it down there and keeps his eyes close for few moments. All the voices that echoed for while were no longer there anymore. He tries hard to open his eyes and puts the glass down. Looking at the clock, it is 5:05 am. "5 hours of sleep today, better than usual."

9:00 am, Mumbai Law College entrance. College is obviously very crowded today due to commencement ceremony. Happy students and even cheerful family members are walking in, full of enthusiasm. A man is standing right in front of the entrance. He reflects back on some commencement ceremony, hears claps "the student of the year goes to" and snaps out of it. Yes he is the same man with voices echoing overnight.  He is wearing blue jeans, light blue shirt un-tucked, simple chappals and chronograph watch. He takes slow steps in to college property. He cautiously moves towards the main hall where the commencement ceremony is being held at. His eyes are searching for someone desperately. He looks hard and there, spots Chopra family. Everyone from Chopra family is present as Anand Chopra is graduating today. He decides to stand just outside of the hall so he can see everything without really being present in the hall.

The dean gets up and gives usual nonsense about graduating, world is yours, go concur, claim your right, help other, blah blah; most typical hypocrite speech one would expect at such ceremony. Finally her starts giving the diplomas. He calls for Anand Chopra who one of the top students in his class and also receiving Gold medal with student of the year award. The hall is full of applaud and people expected a speech from Anand Chopra.

The man is still standing at the same spot, outside of the hall. He takes out an old ink pen from his pocket, looks at it and again goes back to trance of someone giving this pen to him saying "now the responsibility of the family lies on your shoulder". Once the commencement ceremony is over, everyone comes out of the hall. Cheerful Chopras are walking out, just then Anand hears, "Chotte". He looks into the direction and sees the man standing outside hall. Both walk towards each other and embrace each other. Without letting anyone know, man slowly slips the ink pen in Anand's pocket.

Everyone from Chopra family is looking at these two's emotional embrace. Just then some of Anand's fellow students come towards them. Seeing that man releases Anand from his arms and takes few steps back. Before Anand can say something, someone catches his attention by calling his name. He must look in that direction. That time allowed that man to be lost somewhere. 

While that man was walking out of college, he notices few professors are observing him. So he decides to walk fast but his way is blocked by few young females. With irritating tone he says, "Move"

It was no other than Siddhi standing right there. She looks at this grumpy man and says, "Usually people would say excuse me please" and gives a look.

That man, "well lady, I am not people" with attitude and without allowing Siddhi to respond he walks away from side. He walks very fast, almost running away from college.

Siddhi is trying hard to see where this man is going but her eyes are not able to catch him.

One of the professors comes to them asking, "Did you see a man walk out of here very fast. He was almost running away."

Siddhi, "Sir why do you ask?"

Professor, "I think he was Kunal Chopra."

Everyone gets shocked Shockedhearing "Kunal Chopra".

Siddhi, "sir, if whom you saw was really Kunal Chopra, why was he running away?"

Note - any content of this post should not be used in anyway without permission of the writer. 

Jay  Shocked Shocked when did you write this and how did I miss this?? I will have to book mark this thread and go through the updatesTongue

@ bold hope this disclaimer was not for the cvs of parichayLOLLOL

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@Bhavi - I thought you knewConfused
this is same FF I started after releasing the promos. Well right now working on chapter 21, take your time to read them.

About disclaimer - LOL

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 21 '

A lamp on study table, open diary and Siddhi lost in some different world. She was reflecting back on her day. She still remembered Richa trying her best to come close to Kunal and how that infuriated her. But then she was able to give her right back with bike ride. Her ride with Kunal, "not the first time I rode on a motor cycle but'I should not put word there as they will not do justice to it. Only thing I can say about it is it seemed too short. I did put my arm on his shoulder, and he let me. Wait, what about my gift? We couldn't talk about it at all. I don't even know if he liked it or not? He must have looked at it now, I hope he likes it. How will I know?"  Siddhi took out her special pen,

Uss lamhe ke intazaar me,

Har lamha guzara hamne;

Who lamha aay bhi,

To bit gaya ek lamhe me;

Socha tha band karloongi us pal ko,

Choopa kar apni hathellion me;

Par sans jaise meri tham si gayi thi,

Uss ek lamhe me.

Winter chills were making their way in thanks to open windows; moon light too was trying to help illuminate the room, helping the lamp in corner while Kunal sitting on the floor, leaned back to his bed was staring at the gift box with sparkle in his eyes. "what really is a gift? Is it an object that defines it or the gesture behind it? Some try to go for what appears appropriate, some go for what actually is an appropriate, giving gift just for the hack of it, or giving a gift because one cares. So much goes behind one simple object. I had almost forgotten''

Yeh ek khubsoorat ehsaas he,

Har kisiko sayad, iski pyas he;

Bhulsa gaya tha me ki,

iss ehsaas me aisi kya baat he;

jise mile wo sayad na samaj paye,

jise chu le, uske liye bahut khas he.

After two days, Kunal-Siddhi were to get engaged. For two days things went very normal and not too much preparation took place for engagement as both wanted things to be simple. Although Khanna had offered them day offs, both declined as they didn't want their work to suffer and also with excuse of work, you know'Wink

On the day of engagement, 10:00 am Kunal's apartment. The doorbell rang, forcing Kunal to leave what he was doing. Upon opening the door, it was Seema who came to bother him in the morning. She entered the living room and saw few bottles on the table, some empty some containing alcohol. Being herself, she was of course intrigued, "Kunalbhaiya, what are you doing? Why are all of your bottles out here? Are you nervous so starting from early morning today?" ended teasingly.Tongue

"haha, great joke. I am discarding the bottles for recycle."

"but bhaiya few still have alcohol in them, why did you bring them out?"

"I am discarding them all, even the ones.."

"Oh, I see. So no more drinking? Is it because someone may not like it?"

KunalEmbarrassed, "just shut up ok. Tell me why are you here so early in the morning?"

Seema extended her hand offering a bag, "came here to drop this off. It is a shervani you will wear for your engagement. Before you say anything, I know you are not big fan of very fancy clothing, but this is simple and elegant; very much like the couple."

Hearing last words, Kunal almost blushedBlushing but was able to control himself. Without any more interaction, Seema placed the shervani on the sofa and left. Kunal for a while just stared at shervani while a sly smile on his face.Smile

6:00 pm, Siddhi was getting ready in her bedroom. Siddhi is usually not the kind who focused too much on make-up and cared to put out specific image. She was very much comfortable and proud of her simplicity. But today she did care how she looks, at least to one person. She was sitting by dressing table, as usual lost somewhereErmm when Shilpa barged in, "are you ready or not? OMG, this is it? At least today put some more make-up Siddhi. It is your engagement, you must look best. Here I will help you."

"Shilpa stop" Siddhi spoke firmly, "you know I do not like too much make-up. I am fine the way I look. I don't care what anyone might say."Approve

"Oh really? Then how come you've been sitting in front of the mirror from last half an hour. You sure care about one person. Guess what, that person is already here."

Hearing this Siddhi jumped up, "what, Kunal is already here? Why didn't you say that before? Does everything look fine, I think I look ok, right?"

Shilpa started laughing very hard seeing Siddhi so eager and anxious. "nobody is here yet, but look at you how you are waiting for him. What was that, I don't care how I look and now, do I look ok na?"LOL

"Shilpa, I am going to kill you.Angry" Siddhi was going towards Shilpa but just then they heard door-bell. Kapil was in living room so he opened the door and from the noise they knew guests have arrived. One of their aunt came in to inform it is none other than Chopra family. Siddhi of course tried to get hold of herself, Shilpa too stopped her teasing. Both were told to come out soon so Shilpa went near Siddhi and helped her in last touch. She was just about to put perfume on Siddhi but Siddhi stopped saying she doesn't like it anymore.Wink

First Shilpa went outside. Siddhi waited about five minutes and took slow, somewhat timid steps out keeping her head down. She came to the living room, still trying her best to keep her head down moved her eyes around the room searching for well you know who. She looked in all direction but Kunal was nowhere to be seen. She made sure and looked around again and everyone from Chopra family was there but Kunal. Now she couldn't keep her head low and started actively looking in all direction. She even went near the door to see if he is still standing there but no luck there either. She got somewhat worried as why Kunal is still not there and was taking steps somewhere and just then bumped into someone. She got extremely irritated and turned back with angry face but then in less than a second all the anger vanished. It was none other than Kunal she bumped into who was coming out of bathroom.

Of course before they know it, their eyes mate and locked both of them right thereSmile. Before their conversation can begin and others notice them, Ishani-Anokhi came running to them, "Chachu-Chachi, why are you guys standing here? Let's come with us, you are going to sit with us of sofa" both kids grabbed one of them and dragged them in living room, while their eyes were still on each other. All four of them sat right in middle of the room, sofa that was by the balcony; providing direct fresh air. While they sat on the sofa, everyone present in the room stared at them and started gossiping. Kunal-Siddhi were of course baffled as what was happening so looked at each other. This time not just eyes but all of each other and realized both were wearing light orange.Embarrassed

Kunal took a good look at Siddhi who was wearing silk made, orange choli with elegant dupatta with subtle design, light make-up, small orange binddi, long yet fragile earrings and a delicate necklace; looking absolutely breath taking. Siddhi took good look at Kunal who was wearing mixture of orange-red silk shervani, shave face and was staring at her with his piercing eyes. Once again their eyes started talking,Day Dreaming but somehow Siddhi's was forced to draw her attention somewhere else as she heard, "Richa". She looked by the door and saw Richa walking in. Kunal too was forced to look in that direction and he was stunned seeing Richa there. He did not realize when, he got up from his seat and walked towards her. Other Chopra family members were also surprised to see her there. Kunal approached her, before she says anything asked her to walk outside. Siddhi was of course angry seeing her there, but now seeing Kunal go outside with her, she was infuriated and got up and followed Kunal while everyone else looked dumb.

Kunal took Richa near stairs, away from most of the apartments. Siddhi slowly sneaked near them to know what is happening. She went just close enough, but made sure none of them notices her.

"Kunal I just had to come here. Are you sure you want to do this, I mean we can talk.." took step towards Kunal which of course infuriated Siddhi and she was about to jump but saw Kunal too taking few steps back and also raising his hand to stop Richa.

"listen Richa, I really don't understand why are you here and quite frankly I do not care. There really is nothing to talk about now. Whatever we had, which was not much; is no more. I have no hard feeling or any feelings on the matter. I wish you well and hope you are happy in your life. I do not know what you think about me. I will prefer you not think at all but then not my place to say anything to you. Now we are simply acquaintances and nothing more. Right now I am going to get engaged with Siddhi and soon we will get married. So please, I request you to stop whatever you are doing."

Siddhi was elated to hear Kunal's words. Right there by witnessing this, she felt more confident and felt she can care less about everything. She felt she didn't have to stand there anymore so without making any noise simply went back into the apartment. As soon as she entered, Seema approached her and questioned on the matter. Siddhi told it is nothing and Kunal will be back just in few minutes. Just then Kapil called Siddhi to come in the room. Siddhi went with Kapil. In less than a minute, Kunal walked-in to the apartment. As soon as he entered, he searched for Siddhi as he remembered seeing annoyance, if not anger on her face when Richa walked-in. Also he felt it was not right of him to simply walk out and wanted to talk to her. He asked Shilpa about Siddhi and she actually dragged him near the bedroom as she saw Siddhi go in there. She left Kunal by the door and told him to do the rest on his own. Kunal sure knew he is being teased very much, but he could care less about that right now. He tried to knock on the door but as soon as his knuckles hardly touched the door, it moved a bit allowing Kunal to hear conversation that was going on inside.

"Siddhi please, think about this matter. You still have time. He is 8 years older than you. You think you two will be able to live happily with each other this way?" Kapil said in anxious tone.

"Bhaiya, I told you so many times I am 100% sure about my decision. I have not decided to say yes to Kunal under some false impression or being too much influenced by only one matter. You are not the only person you have asked me this. You want to know who cares more about this issue than anyone else, Kunal himself. Yes, Kunal has actually asked me if I am sure and told me no matter what is my decision, he will stand by me at all times. Please bhaiya, stop asking me this over and over again as my decision is not going to change. I know what I am doing and I have full faith in my decision and Ku.."

Before Siddhi finishes her word, Kunal left from there. He simply went to the living room and once again sat with his nieces. In 2 minutes, Siddhi too joined them. Again Kunal-Siddhi looked at each other and this time, they felt very contentHeart. Both have heard what the other one has said and it was music to their ears. Both felt so safe at this very moment, looking at each other. There was no need to exchange any words; silence was indeed very pleasant. Soon all the relative gathered there and they started the roka ceremony. Seema is the one who performed the rituals for Siddhi with chunni and whatever was necessary. Once done with all that, Kunal-Siddhi exchanged rings. The sensation of their touch was so good and powerful, too bad they had to let go of each other's hands. People who were genuinely happy at this very moment were Seema, Shilpa, Gaurav and Anand. Kapil was still bit ambivalent about the whole thing. Raj, Veena and Raveena, well do I care? Ishani-Ankohi were also very happy as both were sitting with chachu-chahi in their laps. Once the ring ceremony took place, relatives dispersed here there. Kunal-Siddhi still sitting on sofa. Suddenly, Kunal sneezed. Siddhi of course very concerned questioned what happened. Kunal, "it must be due to your perfume"Tongue

Shocked"But I am not wearing any as I know you don't li.." Siddhi stopped herself as she saw a smirk on Kunal's face indicating he was joking and she was about to say something too important. She was annoyed as why would Kunal tease her today; she likes whenever he teases her, but she likes more when he tries to pacify her. Now to express her annoyance, she turned her face to the other side. Seeing this Kunal knew she was somewhat mad, but then she looks very cute when angry. He didn't say anything for few minutes and then cleared his throat. Sidhdi knew Kunal was calling her, but why give in right away? Kunal once again cleared his throat twice, now Siddhi had to run her face. She saw Kunal had his left arm up with sleeves down; trying to show her the gift she bought him. It was fine Bulova black chronograph, stainless steel watch. While Siddhi was looking at the watch, Kunal too turned his face towards her and gave a approving smile and nodded his head indicating he likes her gift. Now how can Siddhi stay mad when he shows this, so of course there was a pleasant smile on her face.SmileEmbarrassed

Kunal-Siddhi were again enjoying light hearted moment, just then they were called for dinner. Both stood up, along with Ishani-Anokhi. Anokhi was by Kunal and Ishani by Siddhi. Due to roka ritual, table was brought near sofa, hence they would have to walk out from side to go anywhere. Now before Kunal can get out, Anokhi almost ran, making Kunal loose his balance. On the other side Ishani too ran from other side, making Siddhi loose her balance. Both Kunal-Siddhi were about to fall but got hold of each other as Kunal held onto Siddhi shoulder and Siddhi grabbed Kunal's upper arms. Both actually fell into each other and were in fixed position. Seeing this, photographer got the much needed natural pose so he clicked a picture. The flash from camera was so powerful that it bothered Kunal so natural reflex made him released Siddhi move his hand near his eyes. Upon doing that now both lost their balance completely and fell on sofa. Kunal fell in sitting position and Siddhi fell right on his lap, in sitting position. It certainly was very awkward situation for both but they thought before anyone can see them, they will get up. Too bad for them Ishani-Anokhi yelled laughing very hard, "chahci is sitting chachu's godd."WinkLOL

Now every set of eyes were on Kunal-Siddhi. Seeing Siddhi sitting in Kunal's godd, evryone's jaws dropped while eyes came out like mask cartoon. Kunal was holding Siddhi by shoulders otherwise her upper body will be either on his chest or side. That only made them look more sensuous. Kunal nervously, "'s not what it looks like."

"Oh what does it look like? If it is not what we think it is, tell us what are you guys doing?" SeemaTongueWinkLOL

"No, both of us fell because kids ran away fast followed by the flash of the camera."

'Oh jiju, why bring kids and camera. We know what really happened." Shilpa too joined Seema and now everyone started enjoying the scene.Tongue

Both Kunal-Siddhi tried to get up but somehow, Kunal was actually sitting on Siddhi's dupatta so before it was taken out, Siddhi couldn't get up, and because of that neither could Kunal. Both of them struggled to get up but failed and realized what actually the reason is for it. As soon as Kunal realized the situation, "Seema please come help us here. Siddhi's dupatta is stuck so none of us can really get up."

"Are you sure you want me to help you, as you both look very comfortable there"..Tongue

Once again Seema's comment allowed everyone to enjoy the scene. Seema was not wrong, both were sure comfortable but given where they are, they must get up. But everyone was busy laughing as hard as possible while Siddhi sat in Kunal's godd as he had his hand around her back'..Embarrassed

Note - do not use material without permission Evil Smile 

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Wonderful update jay once again..

Luved it to the core... Heart

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lovely update,,,awesome,,,Clap
loved itEmbarrassed,,,aww Siddhi -Kunal so sweet love themHeart
like the way,,,, hw seema teases them,,,missing this in the showOuch 
update nxt soon,,,dont make us wait for longTongue

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Thumbs UpClap...Great...Keep it up Jay bhaai

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