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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF: Parichay season 2 - note - pg 149 (Page 82)

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Originally posted by -Roshani-

FB sorry for being late Ouch  alwaysTongue

What a pleasant surprise Day Dreaming ''Sinal wanting to marry '' Haila Day Dreaming You never fails to give us surprises Smile glad you liked itSmile
 i love the romance and love after marriage , its so different and beautiful. me too love it very much 
Glad u took a different way to show sinal realizing their feelings for each other Thumbs Up Good one!! afterall it's me, so has to be different Cool
im looking forwards to a sinalious update , can i get one ? i wont mind many Tongue you know how greedy i am Evil SmileLOL waiting for the next updateDay Dreaming yes you are greedy and we sure will get sinalicious one and many moreEmbarrassed

Thnx for this one , a special thnx for choosing a different way Thumbs Up  you are welcome 

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Jay waiting for the next update!!!

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Originally posted by paradigm

Jay waiting for the next update!!!

working on it right now, may be an hour at mostSmile

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Chapter 20 '

Half-moon was playing hide and seek with clouds, shining stars also joined it in the game while intoxicating cold air was busy playing with Siddhi's hair as she stood by the window. As her hair bangs were floating due to air, exposing beautiful glowing face, Siddhi was busy admiring a box in her handsDay Dreaming. She was holding it for quite some time. Lost in her thoughts, with a pleasant smile and sparkly eyesSmile, standing by window she was embarrassing moon with her brightness. Siddhi was caught back to reality by Shilpa as she entered the room, "ha Siddhi, keep Jiju's gift. You have been staring at since we came back from mall. It seems you can't wait; how about you go to him right now and give it to him. That way you again get to spend time with him, as if you didn't spend enough today" ended with teasing toneLOL. Siddhi of curse frown, trying very hard to hide her blushing, "Shilpu, if you bother me one more time, I swear you will be sorry for it. Don't you dare make fun of my gift, I know he will like it" ended with certaintyApprove. That only gave Shilpa more reason to tease and Siddhi had to scold her more. Sister's crawl went on for quite some time while Siddhi didn't allow Shilpa to touch the box.

Apni nazuk palkon se, wo waqt ko roke rakhte he,

Apni masum muskurahat se, wo zindagi ko zinda karte he;

Wo bachkana harkate aur zid, dil ke karib lagte he,

Na mulakat ho unse, to hamare din adhure se rehte he;

Kuch aise wo aaye, hamari nind yoon udaye,

Ab khud ke sapne bhi, unkihi amaanat se lagte he;

Jane kis aur badh rahe he mere kadam,

Jo the kabhi ajnabi, aaj mujko mujsehi churaye bethe he.Heart

With sly smileSmile and possibly dreams in his eyes, Kunal closed his diary and looked out of window to steal a glimpse of moon, knowing it nothing compared to face he wants to see.

Next morning could not have come earlier for Siddhi. For the first time she had bought anything for Kunal and she was eager to present it to him, not to mention get his reaction. Without caring about anything or anyone, she was set on her goal to get ready and reach office before time so she can practice how to give her gift. She wore long pink top with jeans, blue jeans and white scarf that was gifted by Kunal. She hardly had any breakfast and literary ran out of apartment. She was able to get an auto on time as well and no traffic came in her way and she reached office 15 minutes before everyone else. As she entered the office, to her surprise, Kunal was already there. Without looking at him directly, avoiding direct eye-contact she went to her desk. Kunal of course had sensed Siddhi is here since the first step she put in the office but did not know what to say, how to behave or anything at all so he too kept his head down.

Both were sitting at their desk, thinking very hard what to do, how to start a conversation as both had a lot to say, but then their eyes did most of the talking. Every few minutes they stole glances at each other to see what other one is doing, hoping for some cue to engage in but failed. Finally convincing their selves that they must say something, both decided to look up at the same time. Their eyes met, time perhaps stopped, both were is some euphoric trance, standing in middle of rose garden next to beautiful stream surrounded by mountain range; just two of them. Their eyes, communicated so much, both exchanged the longing they experienced how cruel the time was to pass so slow when both were away from each other, how hard it is to hide their happiness, their battle with-in as they slowly have come to realize, acknowledge what their heart said; heart wants what heart wants. Unfortunately they were forced to come back to reality as they heard some sound and both looked in the direction, their boss Khanna with all other office staff were clapping with a wide smile on their face. Both Kunal-Siddhi were bit puzzled seeing this.

Khanna able to read their confusion, "Now the best legal team is going to be a team for rest of their lives and you think we won't find out about it. It came as a surprise to us, but a very pleasant surprise I must say. We all wish, well we know that just as in your professional life, you two will complement each other in your personal life as well. Now please come forward so we all can wish you properly" with utmost cheer in his voice. Both Kunal-Siddhi felt bit embarrassedEmbarrassed as they looked at each other and then walked to receive good wishes from their colleagues. Morning sure started out wonderfully for both, but still somewhat unhappy as they couldn't talk yet. Slowly the working day started as staff stopped talking about the surprising news, Kunal-Siddhi too tried to focus on their work. Both were busy with their work, but of course how can they resist stealing glances at each other. Around noon while everyone got busy with their lunch, Siddhi finally gathered courage to walk to Kunal. As usual she stood right in front of Kunal's desk with her hands behind her back. Kunal looked up, clicked an image of beautiful face and noticed Siddhi is hiding something. So he looked at her with questionable expressions. Siddhi slowly brought her left arm in front which was empty, which only annoyed Kunal. Then with nervous movement, she finally placed the box on Kunal's desk. She simply stood there, but did not say anything.

Kunal was pleasantly surprised and it was visible on his face due to jolly smile. Kunal had forgotten what it is like to receive a genuine gift. Only gift he had received in last 5 years is kiss from his nieces, other than that he was sacred of gifts as what could be intention behind it. But today, it was different. It was different because it is Siddhi, he knew whatever Siddhi would do, it would be for best. This box was more than a gift; rather a genuine gesture that said I careBlushing. He simply stared at the box thinking, "Siddhi bought a gift for me. How do I react? Should I just grab it right away and open it, I do want to do it. But then I should wait till I get home and right now just put it in my bag. No, what if she wants to know if I like it or not, wait would she think of that or I am thinking too much right now." Kunal's thoughts were broken as Khanna called both Kunal-Siddhi into his cabin. Reluctantly both went to his office away from their moment. Khanna, "today is second part of the legal conference you guys attended two weeks ago. It is for entire afternoon so I think both of you should get going and once done, just go home."

"Again legal conference? Sir you know I hate them, I rather finish my work.." before Kunal can finish Khanna, "Kunal everyone knows you hate social gathering. But last time you two went together, so again. Also from now on, you two will be the one attending such conferences as you guys as a team is reason our firm is able to take a step up, not to mention you two will always be together anyways" ended with chuckles. Siddhi was of course felt bit shy so tried to hide her face. Now Kunal-Siddhi had no choice but to go attend the conference; together of course. As they were going out of the office, Khanna again called them, "you guys will be taking bus or an auto right? Instead take my motorcycle; it will be easier for you." Before Kunal or Siddhi can respond, Khanna placed keys in Kunal's hand and left.

Now both Kunal-Siddhi felt too shy to even look at each other. So far they had grown extreme comfort travelling together in an auto, but travelling on motorcycle, what will happen now? Both taking timid steps walked towards the parking lot. Kunal spotted the motorcycle, hit the kick to start. He waited for Siddhi to get on, but for some reason was too nervous to look back. Siddhi too had almost lost energy, or more like courage to take a step further. Sure she needed to get on the motorcycle, but what if she touches him while getting on, she may need to hold him or while travelling due to break what if she'.So many thoughts but no answer. After a minute or so Kunal finally spoke, "Vakilsahiba we are getting late. The conference is today so it would help if your highness can hop on" tried his best to say with attitude but some nervousness did come out. Siddhi finally decided oh well, need to get on. Very carefully she got on backside without touching Kunal and held on to side stand for support. Kunal too was somewhat relieved that Siddhi did not touch him, at least not yet. Kunal drove bike very carefully so he doesn't have to press break very often, avoiding, well you know what.Wink

Both reached conference eon time. It was again same usual boring lectures, speeches, few narcissistic personalities trying to impress upon others and so on so forth. As usual Kunal had picked seat in back so he didn't have to pay too much attention, and if possible take a nap. Siddhi too felt very bored and understood why Kunal would hate such conferences and didn't mind sitting in back. After torturous 4 hours, all mouths were finally shut. Kunal-Siddhi both got up and just had to meet with few people before leaving. While they are waiting, Kunal felt someone's hand on his shoulder. He turned back and no other than Richa with too much make-up, tight western clothing and fake smile said, "so nice to see you Kunal. I was hoping I would run into you here." Siddhi of course did not like her hand on Kunal's shoulder and wanted to remove it herself but before her, Kunal himself released his shoulder and gave a smile for formality, "nice to see you too." Siddhi didn't care to be polite today, not with her.Disapprove

"it was good conference, don't you think Kunal?" Richa continued, "I must say, it reminded me of our college days and wonderful lectures we use to enjoy together" she of course said more than what was heard and Siddhi hated that. "College day remind me, Kunal you remember that restaurant we use to go to. It is not far from here. Why don't we go there right now, they still have best pasta. Of course no one can beat the pasta you use to make for me, but still" ended with an obvious tone.

Siddhi of course hated hearing this. She was not fond of this woman and now she is talking about how Kunal use to make pasta for her. No way she is going to take it easilyAngry. But before she says anything, Kunal spoke, "No Richa. We are already getting late, we rather like to leave now." Kunal too didn't want to continue talking to her, especially not in front of Siddhi as visible by sheer annoyance on his face.

"Kunal you should invite Richa to our engagement, after all she is your college friend" Siddhi threw atomic bomb Nukeon Richa with full attitude. Richa was like Shocked, engagement? In a second she was robbed of all oxygen. She felt paralyzed and her entire body was simply there. All her senses stopped responding and she was in state of great shock. She did not move or blinked for two minutes while her face turned blue. She was trying very hard to process what was said to her but failed to capture even one thoughtDead. Somehow she gathered enough energy to stutter something no one could understand. Siddhi of course had confidence in her eyes and wonderful attitude on her face, not to mention she was so happy to see Richa's face right now.

For few minutes Richa struggled to say any word so Kunal, "Richa Thakral is very busy person Siddhi. We should not trouble her for anything. I say it's time for us to leave. Richa, hope to see you around" finished and started walking out. Siddhi was so happy that Kunal didn't care enough even allow her to answer and started following him. Of course she looked back few times to see blue face and think, "huh, pasta. Now go eat your pasta in restaurant, you are never getting near him."

Richa finally got her energy back and understood what was said to him. Instantly she got angry and wanted to say something to Kunal and Siddhi. How the hell did this happen is what she kept thinking. First this gal wins a case with Kunal's help and now they are getting married, what the hell? So she decided to run behind them. She reached in parking lot just in time to see Kunal was already on motorcycle, Siddhi was just getting on. Richa's face was red seeing this and Siddhi too spotted her. Siddhi gave a look to her, and placed her right arm on Kunal's shoulder as got on the bike. This touch, well without a doubt it was doing wonders to both Kunal and Siddhi but they both enjoyed the sensation. Once again she looked at Richa, tighten her grip on Kunal's shoulder and leaned near his ear to say, "I am good, we can go now Kunal" gave one last look at Richa. Tongue

Note - don not use anything wihtout permission Evil Smile

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Awsm update jay...

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Wonderful update jay.. :)

Update soon.. Plz.. :)

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superbThumbs Up
very good,,,,i liked last three para's the mostTongue the way siddhi threw bomb on richaLOL i could visualize it,,poor richaDeadLOL
enjoyed itSmile

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  fantastic  update    again  jay!

liked  the  sidhi    richa  part  very  much  .  

i  guess  this  is  what  we  wanted  to  see  in the  show  too  but  were  denied  badly  !

so,  thanks    for  all  the  attitude  and  confidence  with  which  sidhi    dealt  with  richa  .

i  was  sure    waiting  for  the    arm  to  goup  on  kunal    on  the  bike  ride    but  was  pleasently    surprised  at  the  way    Richa  inspired  the    shy  sidhi  to    do  it    boldly  !

the  whole    episode  was    good  .  Mr.khanna  does  remind  us  of  Mr. Battliwala    and    sure  we  liked  that  charecter  a  lot  in  the    show  .

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