Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Feed Discussions -25 ( Update Pg 1)

TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
  Welcome to the Silver Jubilee thread of Live Feed Discussion 

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by  Star simplypurple  Star 


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ms_1991 Goldie

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
woah 25th thread..we now complete threads like daily!..way to go guys!:D
-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
wohooo new threadwa

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Saniya93 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Someone plzz upload the devils doings in the night...if u have it recorded

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Mahek_No1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Saniya93

Someone plzz upload the devils doings in the night...if u have it recorded

Yes pls even I want to watch it.

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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Silver Jubilee thread Party

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Nishita123 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahek_No1

Originally posted by Saniya93

Someone plzz upload the devils doings in the night...if u have it recorded

Yes pls even I want to watch it.
Me too guys , Hope someone recorded it or atleast gives the update EmbarrassedLOL

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:58pm | IP Logged

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 26th November '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bolds bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers

(will not be able to update a lot today. Have a busy day ahead)

Morning Updates:
8 - 9am: Everyone is awake yet they r waiting for the alarm (TheRowdiest) Villagers are listening to morning alarm in the main house.. "saare niyam tod do.. niyam pe chalna chod do". Sana making tea with swollen face.. Karishma is doing dishes. (purva) Sana karishma in kitchen mink comes and says baki devil ki toli so rahi hai. She tells sana even they will go back to sleep after tea (Saniya93) 
9 - 10am: Sana devil sitting with Dolnaaz and Rajev angels Smilethey are telling her be careful while messing with clothes (purva) Mink is waking urvashi by saying get uppp we have to b back in our devil avatar (lyfe2be) Urvashi is describing her various joints and bones pain! (-Cruiser-) Mink and Urva planning to use captain's bathroom as they have to break rules (purva) Karishma went to her room , nik is still sleeping there (minihashu) Minka pinching Urva's bum in the name of massage (purva) Minka pinching Urva's bum in the name of massage.(-ChillMahaul-) Mink actually said that Sana was angry at Vishal, but she talked to Rajeev for an hour. (khoslakadhokla) Angels clothes shown floating in the pool. (PriyaBB) Mink is still angry about last week's nomination with Vishal (Dexterkilaila) Minka, Urva talking about Vishal how he changed party overnight (purva) Urva has started describing her pains again! (-Cruiser-) Mink is not gonna shave today because she has to wear the long gown.. she'll shave tomorrow (-ChillMahaul-) Delu and Rajeev sitting on chair like King and Queen...Sapna and Sana sitting on grass and giving them yesterday's confidential report!(-Cruiser-) Sapna is going fullon talking about Karishma that too mimicking and mocking her. Del and Sana join in. (tanya.91) they started talking about Vishal and Niketan too. they said vishal is not showing much interest in tasks aur baad mein kehta hai k e mujhe luxury budget nahi chahiye upar se coffee bhi maangta hai (bwtsweet) 
10 - 11am: Urvashi screaming. Rajev singing YRKKH's title song. Karishma is making roti/Parathas Sana talking with Urvashi laughing awww nicee.. she's like jab main choti thi I thought hot dog is really a dog (-ChillMahaul-)Sana sitting on Urvashi's Leg.. bonding.. (shantiexpress) Sana is saying "waha ke bachche kitni achchi english bolte hai" Dubai? (by purva)Farishthey singing bhagwaan ke gaane:
Farishthey 1: pillu singing radha kaise na jhale... nnaaa taaa nananannaaa
asks anyone knows the lyrics...Farishthey 3 :Dellu is making rotis...but luks like she is practising KARATE with the belan... she luks upset and serious. Farishthey 2: Kar completing it... tana tttaaannnaaanOuch (-allizwell-) Urva is making fun of Rajev's singing (-ChillMahaul-) Delu captain Karishma se kaam karwa rahi hai. (ablazedmelody) Urva devil is trying her best to provoke Rajeev farishta.. Rajeev trying her best to control ! The devils are leaving no chance to rile up the angels especially Rajeev ! Sapna-- Chipkali (Karishma) kyon baat karti hai ? Aapne kabhi chipkali ko baat karte hue dekha  (ablazedmelody)  she said to nik pls say some two sweet lines for rajeev and then nik goes sweet words outof devils thats not possible (minihasu) delu asking Kar to make roti and giving her lessons.. choti banao (shantiexpress) Nik calling Kari's roti map of Africa  (purva) Sana taking a roti and telling nigeria dellu. woh hamara pyaar hai now pillu urva talks. (-allizwell-) Sana is like yeh kahan ka map hai Nik says Africa ka Sana says itna kaala Africa. she's like ik aur desh hai itna kaala yeh Nigeria hai shayad. Delu says yeh hamara pyaar hai.. Sana says Kaala pyaar. Karishma says behen Sana aap khane ke saath mat kheliye.. I don't think they liked how Nik and Sana made fun of their rotis. Mink and Sana talking and laughing. (-chillmahaul-) Delnaaz making frankies (shantiexpress) Delnaaz is tired. (PriyaBB) Kar is doing jhaado and Del says baar baar mat kar.. Kari says baar baar nahi karoongi par matti hai idhar.. DELNAZZZ DO SOMETHING.. she's like tissue mujhe chahiye.. Kari says dining table pe hai.. Del says mujhe laake do please.Sana-Urva talking nicely looks actually nice in the house.. Urva is in pain.. Sana says she is too in pain. (-chillmahaul-) 
11am - 12pm: Niketan says to Kar Chipkali isko band karo. farishtaas have to call all the devils behen.. Kar said Shaitaan Urva so Del says aap unko behen Urva bulaiye shaitan urva nahi.. so Kar changes it to Behen Urva. Kar asks her if she can shut the burner off and Delu is like I don't know. Urva telling Mink the bad dream she had last night. (by - chillmahaul) Urvashi describing her rashes in detail (khoslakadhokla) Mink says chipkali shaitaan Sana ko shakkar kon dega? Kar says hum naukar nahi hain lekin phir bhi main aapko pyaar se dedeti hoon.. Sana says asli qualities bahar aa hi jati hain she meant Kar is nice so she'll do it. Mink says Farishta Delnaaz did you find your clothes.. Del says no. Shaitan Sapna sleeping. Del says ohh man kitna kachra hai idhar.(by - chillmahaul-) rajeev aint dressed as angel yet (by green scorpion) Farishta Rajeev likes Farishta Delnaaz's frankiee.. he says nice.. Del says nice? he says very.. She says thank you.Del says let's do prayer and then you guys start cleaning..main yeh karti hoon. (-chillmahaul-) rajeev said ke main sana ko yahi bol raha tha ek hota hai thepla aur ek mota parantha (by bwtsweet) Del instructing Vish, Raj to do stuff (-chillmahaul-) poor Vishal is working. (by JaySean) says she has done first time aata ghoonta hai i did that entire frankie life whatever u think is like...may be many have fainted out seeing me doing all this (-allizwell-) Del says to Vish yeh task to ham kar hi rahe hain but pehli baar aaj maine aata goondha and jo frankie tumne khaya maine pehli baar kiya.. she's like people outside would be fainted already and when I get out people will come and ask me Delu make food for us (-chillmahaul-) Delu is saying,"Main soch raheen hoon, ki agar main 10 logon ka khaana bana sakti hoon, toh definitely apna aur mummy ka khana bana sakti hoon..."(-Cruiser-) Urvashi (for Sana): Ye sensible hai, first day se maine notice kia emotional hai, sensible mere bachon ki tarah hai (khoslakadhokla)

1:21pm - Rajev and Delnaaz in kitchen discussing earlier tasks - badshah ghulaam. Rajev saying it wasn't easy for Sampat to eat from one dish. In every task, one person is a sheep. Survival of the fittest. Delnaaz asking Rajev to give her garlic pealed. Rajev saying he's proud of her for doing all this work singlehandedly. Always was, always will be. I wish you said so about me sometimes. Sana talking to him. Rajev saying I'm washing rice, why are you laughing? Delnaaz saying quickly give me one garlic pealed. They should feel like angels fed them properly. Rajev - even I've made dua to God. Do you think God listens to me? Delnaaz - what dua? Rajev - it's a dua from heart? Del - it depends on the person's deeds. Rajev - I'm so bad that my own thing... Del - I'm answering your question generally. Then they get back to cooking. Rajev - these devils are doing so much masti that which child would want to be an angel. Del laughs. Rajev  telling BB's creative team to think what lesson is going outside. Del - they put clothes in the pool, it'll get washed. *muted* If they actually did this then my clothes cost 4 - 5000 each. If they keep it up then endemol will only... muted


1:37pm - Mink checking drawers to see what can be kept where. Urvashi saying she's re-energising herself and she should not be disturbed. Mink says keep at it. Niketan comes in. In the kitchen Delnaaz telling Karishma not to be upset. Seems Karishma is crying. In the bedroom, Urvashi yawning and saying she are doing the devil's work with great effort. So thank you for that. Urva recommending Mink to drink more water. Mink agrees. 

1:42pm - Mink telling Niketan that Karishma is angry since morning what everyone is doing. Niketan calls Karishma as she walks in. He says angel and she doesn't respond and goes to her room. Outside, Delnaaz is cooking.

1:47pm - Urvashi annoyed with Sapna that she never said to Vishal about physical violence and didn't retort. Mink - that's what I'm saying. Karishma was sitting near them and walks away. Mink and Urva lying in bed. 

1:48pm - Delnaaz saying we dont have to serve them we can put the food in the fridge. Karishma says, should I tell them the food is ready? Delnaaz - no, when they are hungry, they'll come. I'm going to take my clothes and go for a shower.


1:55pm - Sana is angry about someone and talking to Urvashi. I can't understand her character. She's been constantly talking about what all happened with her. She is talking about Karishma that I dont even talk to you. That after 20 days you come and say all this problem happened because of attachment so I dont want to get attached. I can't trust you. If you want to nominate me, do it. I'm not crying because you nominated me. I cried because I had to nominate one of my friends. Urvashi - I told Mink this. Sana - when I talk to someone, she interrupts me constantly. When she talks to someone, do I interrupt you? Then why are you interrupting me? Cam switches to village


2:27pm - Niketan - I was thinking BB would send meat to the devils. The devils are eating at the dining table. Nik - Veg in Dubai is superb. Karishma walking outside. Sapna asking where things were kept. He says next to the agarbattis. 


2:37pm - SAna joking with Mink and high fiving her. Sana - if next yr endemol calls, I will definitely..muted. Next yr unka logo mango hoga aankh nahi. And when you come in, you'll get nothing. Sapna spraying something on the ground. Nik - it's enough. I ate mangoes but I'm not happy.  Let's drink black tea. Niketan is making black tea and telling Sapna to go out after 5 mins. Nik asking where Urvashi is. Sana says she's in the bathroom. Mink says me too. I want to go. Mink tells Niketan he's looking feminine. Niketan says he knows. He asks Mink for tea, She says no, maybe after a while. Niketan says he'll make it for Urvashi. Nik asks farishta karishma if she wants black tea. Vishal is talking to someone and saying that Karishma is feeling very sad and she came here only because she has to send money for her mom and brother and she has a lot of strength. Don't torture her so much. If it was me, I would never have the ability to come back. Not sure who he is talking too.


2:48pm - Urvashi making tea. Mink talking and consoling Karishma at the sink. Karishma - I told Niketan... Mink - BB told us and he wouldn't have allowed if it wasn't ok. Urva - I'll tell u one thing. In life, a lot of situations will come that will make you strong. Mink - you didnt come for the wrong reason, you are strong.. Urva - I told u this myself..


2:54pm - Sana listening to Sapna and Rajev discussing a movie. Sana asking what is Kharood? Sana asking if they saw Bol, Khuda Ke LIye and they are superb. Rajev saying that there is a movie on Pakistan and life there. Now he's talking about fashion, politics and the movie based on it. Sana saying make up costume is amazing in Pakistan. Sapna saying the movie is called MIP. Cam switches to bathroom. Niketan brushing his teeth. Niketan asking if Del did shampoo and if not he was going to put shampoo on her head. Del asks did you guys eat? Niketan said yes but the lauki sabzi was so raw and was the daal old? He comes out and tells Sana and Sapna that. Sapna saying, we are genuinely devils. Sana laughs and says yes. Sapna tells Niketan to go inside coz chipkali Karishma is crying. Rajev is again making clay. Sana - best is niketan wrote Rajev loves himself and Sapna saying 666 and niketan wrote if u cannot love me shave me? Rajev saying this is never ending. Sana saying that u have to use the rolling pin. Rajev saying you should do the work. Sana saying work doesnt suit us (shoba). Sapna shoba evict ho gayi hai. We are drinking tea. Urvashi comes out and tells Rajev that he is God's slaves as angels. Rajev saying, first I was a king, then shikari... cam switches to village.


3:02pm - Sapna says to look at the devil at the door. Urvashi saying she gave herself to Sapna that one night. Sapna saying she wants to keep the devil and bhaloo outfit. Rajev saying to Niketan, don't play with the mic, they've said it before.


3:04pm - Rajev - are you guys happy? There looks to be a lot of mess around the gun and Rajev is fixing it. He tells BB are you looking at this. Niketan in yellow bedroom talking to karishma. I told you. Niketan saying that Sana was talking about Karishma and Sana was saying that you came with your problems and everyone has their own problems and Karishma saying she mentioned my dad? Nik - she never mentioned our dad. And you kept listening? Niketan, there was nothing to say. Even Urvashi said one line. Karishma - how long was she talking for? Niketan - 10 mins. Karishma - do you believe her? Niketan - of course not. We all have brains to gage what's being said. Cam shifts outside to Rajev and Sapna.


3:11pm - Karishma talking to Delnaaz and if she wants to mop she can. Del - even he is saying that he is doing. We all have to do all our duties. I didn't know in the tab it was written we have to do everything. Karishma - but we did it. Del - that's why I said only 1 person has to sit outside. Karishma - no but it wasn't like that. Del and Kar discussing shaving and waxing. Mink is singing "o darling" and Karishma saying have you come to our side? Now Del is admiring the outfit of the devils. Mink and Karishma go out. 

3:14pm - Rajev saying come hit me, hit me with rocks. Vishal not dressed in angel costume is similing. Inside, Del spraying herself with perfume.

3:17pm - Mink is telling Karishma what SAna was talking. I wasn't talking to her and she came with problems from outside, Nik - Rajev and Sana love to talk. Urva - a lot of weeks I said something.. yahan pe aap beeti a lot of situations are there. A smart person can understand. I told him might get the title of arrogant, rude.. Niketan - we are being very nice with the angels. Urva - no but we said the right thing, one incident of stealing the bottle made me isolated from my own people so I told him to watch out and get on the right path. Niketan - so you sent him on the straight path. Mink - saying I got hurt very badly. Niketan - I told you not to mess with me. Mink - I'll sit on your stomach and everything will come out. Nik - nothing will come out. Kari - I'm emotional and I become more emotional listening to Rajev's voice. Nik - dont think like that. Urva - I saw way too much of the cat and now only the sound is remaining. Kar - best would be Sampat, She was a character. Kar - Preity zinta had sent a hindi dictionary and Salman said it's katrina's and you can't read anything here that's why they never sent it. Kari- I've become a fallen angel. Mink - come in our group. Kari - first that one person in your group... Urva - son of sardar's 8 eggs came. Nik - I think they will send meat for us. But Karishma watch one episode how he was crying and begging for food when Vishal came. Mink - no matter Vishal says I dont want luxury, it's a build up. Kari - I got upset. Mink - of course you are a girl. But he also gotupset alot. Karishma - you guys threw my coffee so I'm very upset. Niketan - can u do anything about it? Kari - no. Niketan -= hahaha. Mink - hahaha. Now Urva calling Kari mommy and then she says karishma is stinking. Niketan saying that that's why I gave you deo. Karishma is smelling himself and tells Niketan take chewing gum, please take it. She's telling a friend who has bad breath and another who has BO. Niketan saying we also have a common friend who has BO. Del comes and asks them to eat. and  then Nik and Mink make fun of the food. That its awful and raw. Del tells Karishma that let us eat. Then I'll sit and do the clay then Rajev can eat. Kari - yes vishal has become tan. I dont feel like doing anything. I took B complex without eating.  Mink staring angrily at Vishal. Karishma walks off with Del.  Urva - u know how she sleeps at night? One under her head, one pillow under her, one over her face. Mink - apne apne fundey. Urva - I noticed it first in London when I was sleeping with her. Mink - I sleep with the quilt over my face. Urva - I do it here because it's so cold because I get migraine because of extreme heat and cold. All 3 lie on the white sofa. Urva tells Mink to say not to make noise. Mink - angels, dont chew so loudly. She says the BB house lights are too much.

3:30pm - Urva - I I feel shocked that last yr I would watch this show every night and if we had plans to go out and we'd either go out after watching BB or wed record it and I'd definitely come back and watch it. Karishma, Vishal and Del are sitting and eating. Vishal saying on behlaf of Karishma that they should give respect to Karishma for what she's gone through.  Del and Kari eating in silence.  They should understand her mental state, everyone has problems in their home and they are doing all this. The devils sit up and Del says behen Urvashi, u cant sleep. Mink says ok we;ll go dance inside. Vishal saying that I told Rajev... it's Mink 100% and no one else can do it. Del - this is what they wanted. Vishal - but you know what is women empowerment. Del - but they want this reaction. Vishal - I WILL give this reaction. If I find it bad, I'll say something. Del - so you said it right. Vishal - if she was a boy, besides kurta I tear a lot of other things also. Now he's talking to Karishma and I can't hear. Vishal - they are doing this but why are they doing it do people understand? In the name of a task, log mere nazaron main gir rahein hain. Del is annoyed by a fly hovering over her plate. Del - were you screaming? Vishal - I was talking to Rajev. Sana and Sapna appear to be missing. Vishal done eating and washing his plate. Karishma and Del still eating in silence.

3:39pm - Karishma done eating. Urvashi's loud voice can be heard from the red bedroom. Del - Vishal, what shall I say to you? Vishal - I know that if I'm wrong I'll go out and whatever is being shown outside. Even Rajev is feeling bad. I'm not going to give my 100%. They talk such big things but are empty from inside. Del washing dishes and she tells Karishma to go relieve Rajev.

*going to stop updating*

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