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Arshi SS-I Bet,I Love You Thread IV (Page 73)

..MorningStar.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 6:14pm | IP Logged

Special Thank You Notes:

- The list cannot begin without this name.The Girl who brought out my crazy streak.If You ever felt that the story is going hilarious...Blame Akanksha.Chatting sessions with her are the cause of this twisted story.Love You too Much!Heart

Afna Di- My Wall of support. The Girl who pushed me to write my First Story and the rest is in front of You.Di..I have missed You loads.Cry

Veena- My Logic Partner. The Girl who actually helped me mould my story logically.Thank You.HugYou have been a BIG support.But I am still coming to kill You.Dead

Harshita- My Partner-in-Crime. My Secret team member. The girl who is a total Cutie Pie which really makes me smile and has secretly got the Logic Virus from her Sister.Hug

Achu- The Most adorable sweetheart who actually thought My Update made Her smile..The only thing which comes to my mind when I think of You is this...Tada!Star

Neha- My First Sister on IF. The Girl who made me feel special.Heart

Tanvi- The only IF friend with whom I have discussed IPKKND...My Talking Partner.Cool

Fleurs- I am sorry.I actually forgot to mention You in my previous story too.But Thank You for highlighting the best lines out of my Updates everyday.Smile

Nisha- The girl who gave Veena's logic a stiff competition.Btw...You are on my killing list too.Dead

Priyo- You claim to suck at 'Family scenes'..I claim to suck at 'Romantic scenes'.They give me red cheeks always.Blushing

Chavvi16- My Ego booster. Seriously..Your criticism makes me smile always.Big smile

Bhuvana- The girl who compared my story to her favorite jalebis...[Yes..I don't forget easilyWink]

Arathyvr and silvia1999- Your stalking skills haunted Akanksha who believes that the first spot was made only for Her.LOL

AbdulloveIPKKND- I read your comment after typing out my Update for today and was very happy that I had included all  the points that You had mentioned yesterday.Embarrassed

coolnidhi: You made me feel guilty...But I think everyone will Thank You...Because This  guilt made me do a crazy thing for all...['Surprise in the end!']Party

And All the Readers of I Bet, I Love You Heart...who smiled even though they were hurting due to the "BAD BEWS" and actually screamed yesterday because this story is ending too.

Who spread the rumor that I have stopped writing??Confused

Surprise Surprise!

A New SS-You 'n' I...Together

This Story gets an Update on 13th December 2012.

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..MorningStar.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 6:14pm | IP Logged

Epilogue- The Future

Khushi's POV

2 years later...

"You  made me an addict...Arnie." I said while looking at the ring placed on my left hand and sitting cross legged on the floor near the pool munching on the strawberry cream filled jalebis.

Where are You Arnie?

2 years since I have seen Your handsome face.!


My Phone started flashing Arnav's face as if reading my mind.

Aww...Arnie is calling.

"Hello...Arnie..." I said while  I could hear a faint silence on the other end of the line.

"Hello...Kookie...How are You?" Arnav replied softly.

"I am fine.Just missing You." I said sadly.

"Aww...I am missing You too...So What are You doing now?" Arnav replied.

"Getting Fat eating those yummy Strawberry Cream filled Jalebis while thinking about You.." I replied while biting on another creamy Jalebi.

"I don't see any increase in your weight..You still  are the same skinny Food Vaccuum Cleaner.!" Arnav teased.

"How can You see that I am still the same while You are so far away from Me?" I replied pouting my lips.

"Your pout looks absolutely the same from here." Arnav replied.


"Arnav...How do You know I am pouting?" I said suddenly feeling all self-conscious.

"Just Turn Behind." Arnav said shortly.

I turned behind to look at an unbelievable sight and for a moment I felt breathless.


Oh My My...He looks absolutely handsome and personified.

I look at his inviting wide arms and can't resist the urge to hug him.

Arnav's POV

Khushi's wide-eyed welcome is testament to the fact that She is totally surprised.

She ran into My arms and I held her closer than possible to make up for the lost time of 2 years.

I inhaled in her warmth and instantly felt at Home.

I was back to my Life - My Khushi.

I kissed on top of her hair to comfort the tears which had started spilling now.

"I Love You..Arnie." Khushi murmured against my chest.

"I Love You..More." I replied.

"Arnie...Its good to be back in your arms again..." Khushi said clutching me closer.

"Kookie...Did You forget my promise?" I whispered softly.

Flashback begins---

"Khushi...I Bet, I Love You...Will You Marry Me?" I had said in front of the whole gang.

Khushi was silent for a few seconds.

"I Bet, I should say, Yes...!" Khushi had said while  the whole gang had whooped and cheered for the two of Us.

I had gone away to Harvad University for the entrance admission exam and the interview even though My college was not yet over.

I still had the hope that Khushi will be waiting for Me after I come back.

But When I received my Acceptance Letter, It was decided that I would be living away from Khushi for 2 years.

"Kookie...I promise that I will Marry You after I come back.This is my promise." I had said standing at the airport while lightly tracing the ring I had placed on her left hand.

Flasback Ends---

"You mean to sa-..." Khushi started to say but I cut her off by wiping her tears.

"Marry Me and be Mine forever." I questioned shortly.

"I am already Yours,Arnie." Khushi cooed looking deeply into my eyes.

My heart skipped its beats as I wrapped my hands around her waist and lowered my head for a heart warming kiss.

The Only thought that was going through My mind was - Khushi is Mine.Only Mine.

Khushi's POV

Pulling away from Me, Arnav stroked My hair in a comforting manner.

"Kookie...I definitely missed those Strawberry Cream Filled Jalebis...But They did taste good just now!" Arnav teased.

I smacked his chest hard and then realised a rather horrifying thought.

"Arnie...Thank God...No one came to intrude on our Moment again, especially Aakash." I said sighing in relief.

"Ha! What do you think? Its 12:30 p.m now...I have informed NK and everyone that I am coming home by 2:30 p.m." Arnav smirked.

"Hahaha..Very Funny..Arnav. We just gave You time to have some superb moments with each other. But We are smart enough to check Your arrival timings before landing." NK entered leading the group of giggling 'Privacy Stealers'.

"Hey Everyone...Hey little Sister." Arnav said taking Payal in to a tight hug.

"Arnav...I am still not talking to You." Payal said pushing him back slightly.

"I know...I know...But What could I do??...Your To-be Husband could not wait for My arrival! He had to put a ring on You before Your mind changed." Arnav teased while Payal started smiling.

"Haww...Don't blame Aakash.We had to get engaged because Dad said that You will be coming directly for own marriage." Payal retorted.

"You are absolutely right.We are getting married Guys." Arnav announced in matter-of-fact voice.

There was another round of madness and frenzy which only meant redder cheeks for Me.

Then another unexpected news came up.

"We are getting married too...on the same day." Aakash announced wrapping his hands around
Payal's shoulders.

Aww...They make the cutest pair ever!!

"Thank God...You both are getting married or else I would have to endure Your "Unannounced Arrivals" all the time.And the fact that Payal will finally be out of the House...Utter Bliss!" Arnav said raising his hands towards the sky.

"Uuhh...huh...Big Brother...But I will really miss You." Payal said silently.

"Payal...We are not getting separated and besides You are getting married to Aakash...There is no doubt that He will not let You miss anyone .I am sure." Arnav comforted Payal.

I don't believe their relationship.

One minute they are fighting as if they are different countries at war and the other minute they are the most adorable siblings ever seen.

Arnav's POV

"You are sure that I will not let Payal miss anyone but do I get the same confirmation from You?" Aakash said pulling Khushi towards himself.

I pulled Khushi from Aakash and said, "Dont worry...Khushi won't have the time to miss anyone." I said looking deeply into my eyes.

"I did not know I would have to scream this but Everyone they are at it again! PDA ALERT!" Aakash screamed while everyone howled in laughter.

"Okay...Now Everyone scoot from here..I have to talk to my would-be wife." I growled looking at everyone's faces.

"One Minute Arnav...I really want to ThankEveryone for being the Best Friends that You are and helping Me out always.I really owe My new life to all of You especially NK and Lavanya who came all the way from Australia so that they could help me begin My life afresh." Khushi said looking at everyone gratefully.

"Khushi...How do you manage to make every moment emotional always?" Lavanya said hugging Khushi tightly.

"Yeah.My Brother will have to keep an extra supply of tissues every time there is an emotional flood from your side." Payal said hugging the both of Us.

I really wished We all stayed like this forever.

All the time involved in each other's sorrows and happiness.

'The beauty of friendship is not the warm hugs,nor the jokes but, it is the emotional connection that comes to someone when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.'

Khushi's POV

1 Month Later

"Lavanya...Is this looking alright?" I said adjusting the pleats of my 'lehenga' while looking in the mirror.

"It is looking absolutely fabulous." Lavanya said making

"Lavanya...Is this too high?" Payal said twirling in front of the mirror on her heels.

"You Guys are freaking Me out...just 5 Minutes back I told You both that You both are looking very beautiful.So beautiful that both Arnav and Aakash would want the marriage ceremony to be over fast! But No...!" Lavanya yelled.


"Were You three talking about Us?" Aakash said while peeking his head in.

"Did We hear our awesome names from your mouth?" Arnav said following Aakash into the room.

Oh My God...Arnav and Aakash really looked handsome.

"You both can't be here before the ceremony." Lavanya screamed agitatedly.

"Yeah.Right.Kookie Baby...See You after the ceremony." Arnav winked and got out of the room.

Thank God..Arnav actually followed what I made him understand.

"Khushi...I forgot to tell You that Mom is calling You and Lavanya." Aakash said.

"Oh...Mom must be waiting for the pre-marriage ceremony."

I walked out into a hard wall which turned out to be Arnav.

"Hey Beautiful.." Arnav whispered.

"Arnav...I explained to You yesterday that we cannot meet each other before marriage!" I said softly.

"Ok...Then What is my Sister doing with Your Brother inside?" Arnav said walking inside the room.

"Arnav...Are You not spoiling their moments now?" I said catching his hand.

"Nah! This is called payback time." Arnav said entering in to the room.

Aakash was talking to Payal near the window.

"Can I scream 'PDA ALERT' Now??" Arnav screamed while Payal hid her face on Aakash's shoulder.


"Khushi..." NK  peeked his head in.

"Yeah NK...Come In...Its just all o-..." I said but stopped  looking at NK and the new arrival with him.

"Khushi...I have come to fulfill the promise I gave You 2 years back that, the day You decide to marry I will make You meet the girl who stole my heart.This is the Girl who did it effortlessly- Nisha." NK said holding Nisha's hand.

"Ooo...Nisha...You are one Lucky Girl and should be proud to steal the golden heart of NK..." I said while going forward to greet her.

"May You Guys Have a Very happy Marriage...And A wonderful Life Ahead.!" Nisha said.

Arnav's POV

2 Years Later...

"Kookie...I want to fall in Love with a girl." I said.

"Arnie...I want to fall in Love with a boy." Khushi retorted.

"No ways...its going to be Girls or nothing else.." I growled.

"Nah! Boys or nothing else." Khushi said with her voice a pitch higher.

"GUYS...Why are You fighting?...Its going to be twins..Maybe you will have a boy and a girl..." Payal squealed.

"I will bet on this, Kookie...Its going to be 2 adorable Kookies."

"I will win this Bet, Arnie...Its going to be 2 handsome Arnies."

Unborn Jr.Arnie and Jr.Kookie's POV's

Jr.Kookie: I Bet, God will give Us a happy beginning!

Jr. Arnie: I Bet, I Love You...Mom & Dad!

                          ---The End---

To all those who actually managed to read the story up to this statement...Standing Ovation.Clap

I actually planned to make 2 chapters out of this But Sorry I have My Major Paper coming Up and I am too Busy!

And My ACCA books give me the evil eye all the time.Evil Smile

So Thank You for this awesome Journey.

See You all On Another Story of Arnav & Khushi.


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Res !!! <3 <3 <3


i m dreaming or sachi mochi mai the listen starts with my name...  (O_o)

aw.. di u made my bigdaa hoa day.. i should have read the update first before bugging u wid my scraps..:P 

my i feel lyk... i m in my sweet private heaven right now.. :P 

love u <3 love u <3 love u the most di... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

now the update.. (^_~)

i was also in a awww when arnie calling... Day Dreaming
yha bhi mind connection... Tongue

OMG.. is arnie around... 

please please i wish he is around her... 

awww.. ARNAV IS BACK...Dancing
rabba ve time... Day Dreaming

awww... the welcome back is so romantic... Embarrassed

chalo arshi.. jaldi jaldi seal it with a ahem ahem wala rabba ve .. before the rabba ve intruders come... TongueTongueTongue

yupieee time to full fill promise... Party
the bahu promise... Blushing

haww.. naughty arnav... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

i was also thinking the same khusi how come NO AKASH..:P  

ho u see ARANAV is really smart... Big smile n caring too i mean romantic wala caring... Blushing

hahaha... LOL arnie i take my SMART wala word back..:P NK is more smart.. Tongue

hehe... despo AKASH..:P 

but where is he.. i miss him.. :( :P 

yeehh Akash agya.. with a gud newss... Embarrassed

nah.. Arshi make the cutest couple... Day Dreaming

aaw... sweet brother sis love... 


hahah,, dekha Akash said it ... LOL i knew it ... Tongue

exactly... how khushi... i guess i gotta take some classes from u ..Wink

'The beauty of friendship is not the warm hugs,nor the jokes but, it is the emotional connection that comes to someone when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.'
aaww.. this is so sweet... <3 <3 <3 <3 i m stealing this one too di... 

is it the marriage day ??? Shocked

bale bale .. party time.. it is the marriage day... DancingDancingDancing Party PartyParty

hayee... Day Dreaming CHEEKY ARNAV ALERT... Blushing

nah .. nah ..  nah .. khushi.. handsome toh voh phele seh hi tha... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

i dont think khushi is is gonna follow it.. wait n watch... :P 

dekhha arnav agya... Clap  (happy clapping excitment wali..:P ) 

yes Arnav... play back time... Dancing

yuuppiee. ... ! badla poora ... but only for this update...:P 

aw... NK n NISHA..  chalo finally NK too settled down.. now *PDA ALERT* time for him..:P 

ohkies.. i was in shock first ... with their girl boy fight... ShockedShockedShocked

but now i totally get it ... its RABBA TIME i guess... 

aww... AWESOME TWOSOME for dem... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

                               ~~HAPPY ENDING~~

it knw to many OMG, AWWW... , yupiee... n EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed in this update .. but kya kareh update tha hi itna awesome .. bikul apke jese.. <3 <3 <3 <3

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Superb update dear
Loved it
Thanks for pm
Continue soon
Kaval05 Senior Member

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thanks for all the pm's you sent. really loved how the story is going love arnav. cant believe that he proposed to 
This is the last chapter omg that was fast. i can't believe that this ff is going to end. Unhappy

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Epilogue??????????? Epilogue???????? Epilogue??????????
Cry you also ending the story????????
Amti4u IF-Rockerz

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About the update as usual AWESOME... I know KHuhsiii will say yes, and Aakash that was really a bad timing...
LOved the update...
Still, cant believe its the last chapter..
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