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Arshi SS-I Bet,I Love You Thread IV (Page 62)

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superb update

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thnx 4 pm
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Chapter 36- The Twist

Arnav's POV

"Khushi...I can't keep it from You..But I have applied to Harvard University."  I confessed while sitting up.

"You actually applied to the University!! That is such an amazing news.Why are You looking so sad?" Khushi squealed.

"Kookie...I cant bear the thought of staying away from You..." I said while moisture had started forming below my eyes.

"Arnav...You know You can do it...You just have to have faith in yourself..That's it. Anyway Your Parents must be so proud of You." Khushi said in a very soft voice.

I cant believe that This Girl is Mine.

"Kookie...I am going to stay away from You and You are bothered about having faith in myself?" I growled.

"Arnie...You know how much faith I have in You and You are bothered about the staying away part?" Khushi retorted.

"Whatever It is...You are coming with Me." I decided.

"No I am not...Who said I want to stay away so far from my newly acquired family?" Khushi reasoned.

"You mean I am nothing to You.?" I said.

"You are everything to Me...But Arnav...I believe that the distance makes the heart grow fonder..We will survive the test of time." Khushi explained.

"But Kookie...I will Miss You too much." I said while a lone tear fell from my eyes on her hand.

"I will not because You will stay with Me always." Khushi said touching her heart.

"I will give You another thing to remember Me...Something more tangible." I said while retrieving the box I had planned as Khushi's Birthday gift.

Khushi's POV

Arnav placed a Blue box in my hand and opened it to reveal a very delicate silver chain with an equally beautiful pendant.

"Oh My God..Arnav..It says 'Kookie'!!" I squealed while tracing the pendant lightly with my finger.

"Yes...It will definitely remind You of Me...because other than Me no one will ever call You-Kookie!" Arnav explained.

"It is very beautiful...Thank You Arnie." I said looking at Arnav's face directly.

"Hello...Excuse Me...You are supposed to give Me a Return Gift now..." Arnav whined.

I bent forward and placed a kiss on his forehead.

"This means more than a promise that I believe in You and that I will always be with You... forever." I said cupping his face in my hands.

"Thank You Kookie..For being so patient and forgiving. You changed my arrogance in to Love.
and You are more than anything I have ever dreamed of."

My heart felt like it had doubled in size.

"You reunited my Family and made Everyone realise the meaning of life.Because of You I have become a good person." Arnav continued without letting me open my mouth.

Am I dreaming?

"I Love You...Khushi Kumari Gupta..." Arnav confessed.

How does He leave me speechless every time?

Oh...I am so in Love with this Boy!

"Hello...Such a long speech I have given right now..I want another Return Gift." Arnav said bending forward.

"Arnie..Shut Up and stick to your place.You are not getting any type of 'Return Gift' now." I said pushing him back to his place.

"Kookie...I was going to ask you out for tomorrow evening to spend with Me before I leave.What did You think?" Arnav said wriggling his eyebrows.

Oh God...One day  I will die of embarrassment.

"I would Love to spend the day with You But when are You leaving?" I said already dreading the answer to that question.

"I am leaving exactly in two days from today."
Arnav said sadly.

Oh..No...I have to be strong for him.

"Oh..That's a very good news.The time will fly quickly and You will be back with me soon." I squealed trying to keep my voice in high spirits.

"And Now We should leave from here...because frankly the time spent with You flew quickly and I have promised Aunty to get You back in 1 hour." Arnav said while helping Me get up.

"Arnav...I wanted to ask You...Can You come over to My old House tomorrow Evening for Dinner.I am spending some time with my adoptive parents.They deserve at least this much from Me." I asked even though I knew Arnav would agree.

"But what about our plan to spend tomorrow evening together? I am leaving the day after tomorrow.!" Arnav exclaimed.

"Oh No..Then I will have to cancel the dinner with them..Ok...I will do it.Lets go tomorrow." I confirmed.

Arnav's POV

I kept silent and drove the car and parked in front of Khushi's house.

I helped her get out of the car and walked her to the door.

"Arnie...I cannot disappoint You...Your 'return gift' cannot be kept waiting." Khushi said taking a step towards Me.


The main door opened.

We both glared at the person who dared to  intrude on our personal moment.

"AAKASH!!" Khushi & I yelled simultaneously.

"Yeah..Why are You  both screaming??...I came out to Welcome my Sister back Home as soon as I heard the car park in front of the house." Aakash said visibly flinching at the tone of our scream.

"Aakash...Do You ever realise that You have got the worst possible timing in Life!!?!" I growled.

"Arnav...You go home..My Brother is very innocent.He just knows how to take care of Me."
Khushi said wrapping her hands around Aakash's shoulders while Aakash looked smug faced.

"Ooo...You are changing parties with Him Now! You are going to pay heavily tomorrow evening!" I teased.

"Why? What is happening tomorrow evening..?" Aakash questioned.

"I am taking Khushi out." I replied shortly not wanting to divulge all my plans.

After bidding Good-Bye to the Brother-Sister duo,I walked back to my Car.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta...Get ready for the Best Birthday Party ever!" I said out loud even though no one was an audience to my statement.

Khushi's POV

I opened my eyes slowly to see that it was already Afternoon and Payal is sitting with Aakash near my legs.


"What are You people doing here?" I yelled while sitting up straight and startling them out of their thoughts.

"Oh...We came to talk to You about making a plan for going bowling for today evening?" Aakash said while Payal grinned and studied her nails.


Why are everyone making plans for today evening when I already have a plan with Arnav??

And why is Payal not looking at Me?

She only does that when She has a secret!

"Aakash...Arnav already told You that We are spending the evening together...How can We come for bowling??" I pleaded.

"Oh..Right.Ok.Then We all are leaving for the Plaza Mall in an hour.Tell Arnav to pick You early so that You don't remain the only one in the house." Aakash said while getting up from the bed.

"Talk to You Later Khushi." Payal winked while following Aakash out of the room.

Suspicious !

Definitely Suspicious!


A message from Arnie...

'We Have got a Date for Today Evening at 7 o'clock...Hope You remember.! Btw...Good Morning...Sleepy-Head...Its 3 o'clock in the afternoon.<3-Arnie.'


Its 3 o'clock already.

I slept-in till afternoon.!

One second...

How does Arnav know that I just got up?

Definitely Aakash must have updated Arnav.

I have to get ready faster if I have to make it in time for Arnav's arrival.


A message from Arnie.

'Kookie...Just a minor hitch in plan.I wont be able to pick you up.NK will drop You to my place.OK?-Arnie.'

I typed an 'OK'.

Message Sent


NK peeked his head in.

"Hey NK...Come on in." I said while arranging my clothes for the Date.

"So...KKG..Ready for your Birthday Date?" NK teased.

"Yeah...You Guys seem to be well-connected with each other.All Three know what the other is doing and what He is going to do!" I said incredulously.

"Hmmm...We are best friends now and Who will more better understand than You, what Best friends mean in life!" NK explained.

"Thank You..NK..You are everybody's Best Friend.So when do I get to see someone stealing your heart?" I said.

"The day You & Arnav decide to marry...You will meet the girl who stole my heart." NK teased while walking towards the room door.

The words 'Marriage' and 'Arnav' together in a sentence made a deep blush creep up on my cheeks.

"Then You will remain single for eternity because Me marrying Arnav is not happening in the near future. " I said while NK stopped and turned.

"Dont be so sure about that, Khushi..You never know the future might be knocking your doors soon." NK said and walked away leaving behind a open-mouthed Me.

What the hell is wrong with Everybody??

Why are They behaving like they know more than Me.!!

Brushing aside all thoughts I got ready for the evening.

"NK..You are not going for bowling with Aakash today?" I said while sliding into the passenger seat of NK's car.

"Yeah...Just after I leave You to Your destination..I will be going to the Plaza Mall." NK said looking at the road.

"Okay...But where exactly is My destination?" I said looking at the passing trees which definitely do not lead to Arnav's House.

"You will see." NK replied shortly making my heart jump high in the air.

OH..GOD...Please don't make this day embarrassing for Me.

I could see We were going towards the Red Sea Cafe near our college where sometimes I went for coffee after college hours.

When We arrived at the Cafe,I could see Arnav standing there looking as breath-taking as ever along with...

Aakash,Payal and Lavanya!!?!??!

"NK...What the hell is going on here?" I yelled at NK while looking at Arnav who clearly looked like He was arguing with Aakash.

"Maybe they forgot the way to the Mall..." NK teased.

Arnav's POV

"Guys...Khushi has come..Start your acting...Start Start Start!!" Lavanya squealed.

I could see NK's Car coming down the road.

Khushi's puzzled face made me laugh out loud and smirk widely.

When the Car door opened...Payal whispered 'Action'.

"I know what I want you to do." Aakash said after clearing his throat and continued, "I want you to propose Someone for marriage."

Khushi's face looked well...PRICELESS!

"I won't do it." I said trying to maintain a straight face.

"You lost the Bet, Arnav...You have to do it..." Aakash said visibly controlling his laughter.

"OK..Fine. What do I have to do...?" I questioned shrugging my shoulders and ignoring the presence of Khushi completely.

"It's very easy.Propose to a Girl for marriage and
She should say Yes...Then You will promise Her all Your love.Agreed?" Aakash said while his face had turned red due to the controlling of laughter.

A small gasp could be heard from Khushi's mouth but Everyone just ignored it.

"OK.Fine.So who is this lucky girl?" I said looking at Aakash's face.

"Her." Aakash jerked his thumb towards Khushi.
I turned towards a stunned Khushi who looked like someone had rooted her on the spot.

"Khushi...I Bet, I Love You...Will You Marry Me?" I said softly amidst loud whoops and cheers.

Precap- I don't believe in such a thing as "happily ever after". There's only happiness  every now and then.

P.S-Yeah...Yeah..I know You Guys are wanting to slice Me for misleading You through the Precap...

But what to say old habits die hard!

Cruel ain't I ??Embarrassed

Anyways This was the Last Chapter People, as promised before.

No one...Absolutely 'No one' should Scream...!
You are getting an Epilogue tomorrow..Smile

Epilogue- The Future

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waiting for the countdown wala rabba ve... Day Dreaming

will i get any AHEM AHEM... :P 



Arnie already applied... ab khushi ka kya hoga??? 

aw... khushi is so sweet... 

haaw... Khushi please go wid him... 

"You are everything to Me...But Arnav...I believe that the distance makes the heart grow fonder..We will survive the test of time." 
the same thing is gonna happen with us di 

ek aur gift.. yupie... 

what is it ?? what is it ???? 

aaw... thats so romantic... Day Dreaming

awww... (i guess today IF will crash with my aawwws :P but i cant help it.. *sigh* ) they r so cute... n totally in love... 

now i envy KHUSHI.. i also wanna be speechless...  *THARKI ME :P *

i  hope time flies quickly... 

ohhh ooo.. what is khushi gonna give him.. *BLESS MY GUTTER MIND.. :P *


heheh :P god bless AKASH too .. with some BRAIN.. :P 

arnie next time dont forget to intrude between PAYASH.. :P 

Arnie.. dont worry let khushi change the party i m with u... 

opssii wrong timing.. ab kya bologe arnav.. now u gotta tell akash bot the date..: P

y go i smell something fishy AGAIN..:P 

has arnav send PAYASH????? 

yah my mind is over working AGAIn.. :P

it means my mind is NOT overworking.. ARNAV is BEHIND ALL THIS...

and the word "MARRIAGE" and "ARNAV n KHUSHI" got a stupid smile on me face.. 

"Then You will remain single for eternity because Me marrying Arnav is not happening in the near future. " I said while NK stopped and turned.
for this one...
 liar liar pants on fire.. :P 


oh god... i just hope i m right..:P


I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U Diii <3 <3 <3 

oh god... i defiantly love akash to..:P 

hasshh... *a long sigh*

khushi here comes ur prince charming...

haye... i know KHUSHI IS GONNA SAY YES...

                                          ~~THE END~~

p.s. :i cant believe it ending.. i feel lyk tomorrow when i started reading this FF.. n ab... hash... 
di this is for u .. i didnt made it .. but i found it ..:P 


p.p.s.: di .. I LOVE U DAMMIT... 

p.p.p.s: DI.. KHUHSHI's POV's stanza .. i felt so me... 

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this is awesome...

but it is ending...

why all things should end...

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Cry  Cry  Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry 
I can't believe it ended!!!

Such a beautiful story...which gave me such a wonderful friend! they say "All good things come to an end" 

But yet again I have a doubtWink (nothing new I guessLOL)For the sake of tradition...

Why is arnav leaving in 2 days??? Because in the last update it was mentioned that college is ending in two MONTHS!!!Confused

Waiting for the epilogue!!!

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fleurs IF-Dazzler

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Amazing party updateStar

Wow!!!! Arnie boy u started with giving Khushi surprises Thumbs Up
Like the fact of close friends turning into in-laws... Its so much fun reading Arnav & akaash's partsLOL

Ananya aunty is really sweet. Smile
"Awww...This is not your wish..This is Your right! You never have to ask me." Ananya Aunty said while thick tears had started falling down.

Bad boy Arnav u broke Akash-Payal's little secret love to everyone so easily Wink

Akash & NK's talk about the pivate b'day celebration was Wink  Embarrassed Hey u bros don't embarrass ur little sister

BTW wat news is Arnav having in store for Khushi??????????

Hope Arnav & Khushi stay together forever crossing all the hurdles that come in their way... sure the two bros will help them
Big smile

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