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Arshi SS-I Bet,I Love You Thread IV (Page 5)

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new thread! Congratulations!!Party

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congrats fo the new thread 
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Congrats for the new thread dear
great writer you are
keep up
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NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DancingParty

Congrats dear!!! SmileClap
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Everyone seems to be having this teeny weeny doubt about the age difference between Aakash and Khushi...

After  many 'logical' discussions with my bio-'logical' Friend, Veena..It is decided that Khushi is older to Aakash by 2 months.[Do I see a satisfied smile there?]

Other wise It will look like Aashish Mehra cheated on his newly wedded wife!

Yeah! And I lost 40 gms of brain behind this theory.So I stand corrected.

Harshita...Sweety.Please just eat more of Your Sister's brains everyday.She clearly enjoys torturing Poor Me![And Yes..I have quit your team again!Cant handle the 'Double Trouble' pressure.]

...Hope all Your craziness can be seen in this Update.<3

Achu...Hope I see You smiling again!

This Update is for all those people who are nursing heart breaks due to the Show's abrupt ending.

I promise this Update will bring at least 1/2 cm of Your smile back!

Chapter 31- The Romantic

Arnav's POV

"Who are You talking about?" Dad questioned narrowing his eyes.

"I am talking about Your daughter-in-law...Khushi." I announced.

Dad stiffened in his seat for a second and then continued,"Arnav...There were so many girls to chose from and out of all You got only this girl to Love?"

"You also had an option of so many girls to Love than why did You chose the girl who loved your Best Friend?" I questioned wriggling my eyes.

My Dad looked like He was caught in a tight spot.

"Fine.You win.When do I get to meet her?" Dad said in a resigned tone.

"Soon." I said shortly and added to myself,"As soon as I give my heart to her."

"Ok..Then is everything cool between us now?" Dad questioned scanning my face while Mom's face was shining brightly.

"Not yet.My Khushi has not  yet forgiven You." I warned and walked away to my room.

I settled down on the couch to think of a plan.

Dad's words came resounding in my ears .

I was a very arrogant guy who would get
everything at his feet without any hassle.

I just wanted that girl because She was not available to me.

You have to move On.

Make your own life.

Am I being a bit too harsh on Khushi's feelings just because I am in Love with her?

Does She love me as much as I love her?

Did Khushi's Love make Me less arrogant?

Khushi is right.

Its time to give my Love a test!

I Love her and have to make her realise that I had changed because of Her Love.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Aakash's number.

"Hello Aakash." I said when Aakash answered the call.

"Yeah..Arnav." Aakash replied.

"How is Khushi now?" I inquired in concern.

"Khushi is fine.She is sleeping now.Why?Is Everything alright at your house?" Aakash questioned.

"I will tell about my House scene later..First tell Me can You come a bit early tomorrow morning to College?" I questioned in haste.

"Yeah.Okay.What's wrong Arnav?"

"Nothing is wrong.Trust Me.I am just going to make everything right from the very beginning.And You are going to help me." I declared.

Khushi's POV



Arnav is sending me a text message?!?


My plan is working on the right track.

I flipped my phone to read the message.

'Fall in Love not with the eyes but with the mind.'-Your Arnie.

This was the line Arnav had quoted when We had our first mentor session.

Someone is trying to get their strike right.

Bloody Flirt.

'Falling from a tree would be better than Falling in Love with You!'-Never Yours,Kookie.

I texted back.




'Kookie..See You in College tomorrow!<3'

What the hell...?

There is something wrong with Arnav's message.

Arnav did not fight back?!?!

I hope Arnav is alright.

And what is with the heart icon in the end?

Did Aakash give him my confession or not?

I cant see Arnav defeated.


"Hey...Khushi.You are not yet sleeping?" Aakash said while walking in to my room.

"I was sleeping.Just got distracted." I quickly lied slipping my phone beside my pillow.

"I hope all Your doubts are cleared from Your mind.?" Aakash questioned caressing my hair.

"Yes..You are a good Brother." I said taking his hand in mine.

"You are a bad Sister." Aakash teased."You are being very stubborn with my Best friend!"

"Don't You think your Best Friend deserves this stubborn Khushi?" I questioned wriggling my eyebrows.

"Yeah.He does but Please melt your heart for him soon." Aakash said, smirk in place.

Arnav's POV

"Are You Sure..Dude?Is this going to work out?" Aakash asked me with concern on his face.

"Trust me...Aakash.This will work.If it doesn't,We can always think of something else." I smirked.

I grabbed the microphone from Aakash's hand outside the canteen and stood up on the table exactly in the middle of the canteen.

"Hello People...Guys,I have something to confess and declare.So hear me out." I yelled into the microphone.

Loud claps were followed by wolf whistles and hooting.

"Is Khushi Kumari Gupta here?" I screamed looking around the canteen.

Khushi's POV


"Hel-" I started.

"KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA...WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" Payal's yell cut me off.

"I am at the college gates.Just entering.My traitor of a brother and Your boyfriend has left me to Go to College early today. But Payal Why are You screaming?" I said curiously.

"COME TO THE CANTEEN FAST!!!" Payal screamed again and hanged up.

Oh my God..I have a bad feeling that Arnav has done something crazy.

God! Let Him be safe.

I hurried to the canteen doors to witness an unusually large crowd hanging around the canteen.

Payal appeared out of nowhere and dragged me into the canteen.

"Payal..Tell me What is happening? Ow..Slow down." I squealed while Payal kept pulling me through the noisy crowds.

"Look!" Payal said and pointed towards the middle of the canteen.

Arnav was standing on the table in the middle of the canteen.

"Seriously Payal.You brought me here to witness Arnav show off his crowd pulling skills!" I said trying to jerk my hand off and glaring at the stupid girls giving Him eyeful sighs.

Payal was not listening to Me but was looking proudly up to her Brother.

"Well.I am going to say it even though She is not here.Some of You are going to hate me after this speech.But for Khushi I can do anything." Arnav said into the microphone.

Oh My God..What is He doing??

"There has been rumors rotating around the college about Me and Khushi.And I am going to end them all today.Yes..We are not dating even though I wish we were." Arnav said in a very soft voice which made my skin ripple.

"Come On...Guys...We need to cheer for this!" NK squealed from the food counter clapping his hands.


I glared at NK who was busy high-fiving Lavanya.

"Okay..The bad part is that I played with Khushi's heart..It all started with a bet with Aakash.And Yes...'Aakash Mehra had won the Basket Ball match against Arnav Singh Raizada'." Arnav screamed while giving a thumbs up to a stunned Aakash.

This was followed by a loud uproar of disbelief.

"Yeah.Yeah...I know.Hard to believe.But this was my Bet...I played a game with Khushi that I should have never played with her.I just want to tell her that I am very Sorry.There is no excuse for what I have done.I am Sorry Khushi.And I Love You!" Arnav screamed in to the microphone.


There was an uproar of shocking whistles from the boys and loud sighs of despair from the girls.

I have to stop Him.

"Payal..." I screamed at Payal to make her hear my voice over the loud noise while tears had started spilling on my face.

"Khushi..You are not doing what I am thinking you are going to do..Let Him finish his punishment." Payal screamed at Me.

"Payal...Please Look at Him.He has ruined his reputation for me.That was the most important thing for him.I have to stop him from doing that!" I screamed jerking Payal's fingers from my hand.

I pushed through the crowds being careful not to bang in to any one.

"ARNAV!!!" I screamed without any response from his side.

Suddenly two strong hands lifted me and placed me on the table next to him.

I looked back to witness NK and Aakash giving me a gentle nod smiling brightly.

Arnav's POV

I turned back to look into a familiar pair of dark brown eyes looking at me.

"Khushi..What are Yo-" I was cut off by Khushi who had thrown her hands around me.

"I did not fake it..Arnav.. I did not pretend,Arnav...I just never stopped Loving You." Khushi said through her streaming tears.

"Khushi, Forgive Me...I am truly Sorry and I really Love You." I said pulling her closer to myself and kissing on her forehead.

"I Forgive You...I am sorry for hurting You and making Your life miserable." Khushi said snuggling in my arms.

I bent forward to reduce the space betwe-



We had completely forgotten that We were standing in the canteen watched by almost the whole College.

"If You Guys have finished Your PDA...Can we have our canteen table back?" NK teased with his smirk in place.

The whole canteen burst in to laughter.

Khushi had turned into a shade similar to tomato ketchup.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??" A Loud voice boomed across the canteen.

Mrs. Manorama was standing in the doorway of the Canteen looking up at Us with narrowed eyes.

Oh No...We totally forgot We are doing this on College property.

I jumped down from the table and helped Khushi get down.

NK winked at Payal who in turn gave a thumbs-up to Aakash.

"Mrs.Manorama...We told them that this is wrong...But they won't listen to Us...They are practising their College Prom speeches standing on the table." Aakash said using his best puppy look.

"Arnav & Khushi..I will give You a much better place to practice your farewell speeches..." Mrs.Manorama said.

"Ma'am...The College Code clearly suggests Detention for the whole day for Students who hold rallies or crowds in College premises without prior permission." NK suggested with a straight face.

Our Friends are such good Actors.!

"Yes.You are right.So Arnav & Khushi...You both are going to be in Detention for the whole day today." Mrs. Manorama declared loudly.

I have never welcomed Detention before.

But today it feels like God has gifted Me a detention..with Khushi!

Precap- First Date in...Detention!

Note: If You Guys are feeling down..Go to ACHU'S PAINTBALLS...Your solution to some Stress-Free Enjoyment.Trust Me.You will forget your heart breaks.<3

Chapter 32- The Detention

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I made it ... I did it ...
bale bale te shava shava...
The crazy daysss back ...
first res ... 
gangnam style celebration ...

(eshhh mar hi daloge ... )
the crazy girl waiting for a crazy update di ...

di see now barun too stalking you .. 

ap toh apko update dena ka padi ... 


Ohk i haven't read the update abhi tak but i was just scrolling the page n Oh my my..  di i see words like ...



I hope senior ASR isnt planning something against khuhsi... 

MY KHUSHI MY KHUSHI.. arnav said it agian.. Oh god .. i m sachi mochi pagal .. thats enuff to get me all crazy... 

yupiee.. i reached the part .. message from arnie ...  gosh i gotta hold my breath before i read it ...  
aw... I love this bloody flirt... 

I loved what Khushi texted coz frankly speaking she is gonna make arnie more flirty... 
i know.. i know.. selfish me .. 

see toldya..he striked back ... with a <3 .. 

yes Khushi please ... melt your heart soon... 
so that u soon go to RM  as the bahu of raizada family... 

IS this that PDA thing i read ... OH god ... 
hey devimaiya give the much needed strenght to read further...

Khushi you are such a sweet lover... she knows her arnieee... YUP YOUR BOYFRIEND IS GOING SOMETHING CRAZY... 

lgta hai arnie has got all inspired by me ... 


wait lemme tell khushi...PDA ... 

HE DI DIT .. HE DID IT ...  



aw... Khushi cares about his reputation .. in short she cares for him ... now that's even better than the hug i was talking about ... 

Oh now i know arnav isn't dreaming about khushi's confession .. coz it got it all... drama , screaming, cheers, emotion and ... LOTS OF LOVE... 

I m still in my lala land... rabba ve-ing...

Opsie ... the PDA ... so it was the *ahem ahem* hehe ... bechare ... fir reh gaye ... 

OH GOD ...  did NK , Payal , akash n LA called mrs. Manorma ... 

is it detention coming ..  AGAIN... 

i still remember the last detention when she was all ignoring him ... i bet she wont be able to this time... 


Good actors... 
SO why do i smell something fishy... 

I bet Arnav wanted this detention n its all part of his plan ...

bt i wonder what is he planning to do there with Khushi... 

OH GOD mai toh bhool hi gayi thi i saw first date to this is it ... this is it ... FIRST DATE IN DETENTION... 

i love you <3 i love you <3 I love you di <3 ...

for the update i can just say ... 


Oh god i still lack words to describe this update di ... Its was so ... ARSHI... ..RABBA VE... and what not ...

here i come ... 


hehe .. bye bye di .. soon i m gonna be thrown out of my house.. 

p.s. this update did bring a 1/2 cm smile on my face but a ear to ear wali smile on my face . <3 <3 <3

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congrats on new threadStar
Awesome update
U are amazing Smile

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res was great..not harsh not stubborn just a pure love...
awesome it was...
keep writing

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