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Arshi SS-I Bet,I Love You Thread IV (Page 28)

..MorningStar.. IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 33- The Reconciliation

Arnav's POV

"You will see." I said hiding my excitement from Khushi.

"I hope you are not planning something crazy in your mind..Arnav?" Khushi questioned with wide eyes.

"Nah..Nothing crazy...Trust Me." I said assuring her.

"Arnav...Did Your Father love my mother as much as my father did?" Khushi questioned while holding my hand in her hand.

"Khushi...My Father did not Love your Mother...Not as much as Your own father." I confessed comforting her hand.

"Then why did he become a road block in their story?" Khushi questioned.

Oh no...This is not good.

Khushi wants to know the story Dad revealed to me.

But She has a right to know everything.

So I told Her everything that My Dad had told me.

Her face was emotionless during the whole confession.

The only thing that She said after I finished was, "Arnav...Promise Me...You won't break my heart ever?" Tears were streaming down her face.

Khushi's POV

So much had happened in my parents life.

My Father broke My Mother's heart but still My Mother forgive Him by asking Ananaya Aunty to marry him.

My Mother must be looking at Me from above.
I cant let her down by punishing this Guy who loved me with his heart.

"Arnav...Promise Me...You won't break my heart ever?" I said

"I will promise to think twice before I take any important step you seriously disapprove of.I will never break your heart.Ever!" Arnav promised kissing my hand which was clasped in his hand.

"Then I think I am ready to meet your father." I assured him.

"Okay.Kookie..You must know this.You are not pressurized for anything.My father has done a grave mistake which He regrets but that does not mean You will forgive him instantly." Arnav explained.

"I am not forgiving anyone...You are going to do it." I said.

Arnav looked at Me with a shocked expression.

"Kookie...What do you mean?" Arnav inquired.

"I meant that You are going to forgive Him because clearly He has done his repentance by living away from his family.And If I am not wrong,Payal and You really Love him inspite of all his follies." I said cupping his face in my hands.

"Khushi...How can you be such a forgiving Angel?" Arnav said placing his hands on mine making them stay on his face.

"My Mother forgave My father because She loved Him...I forgave You because I  Loved You...Arnav...Love is the building foundation in life." I said.

"I think I can never stop loving You enough." Arnav said pulling Me in to a tight hug.

Arnav's POV

"Woohooo...Guys...Making Ourselves comfortable are we?" NK said while three faces full of cheeky grins entered from behind.

Khushi stepped back and I put my hands in my pocket.

"But NK, Don't You think the room needs a cooler...The temperature seems to be soaring." Lavanya said looking around the room.

"Yeah...Yeah.You Guys have got the perfect timing." I said rolling my eyes.

"Nah..We have just started...So...My Brother and My Best friend...How was Your Detention?" Payal teased wriggling her eyebrows.

Aakash was the only one who was quiet and did not utter any word.

"Aakash...You don't want to ask any cheesy questions? Why? Scared that I will spill Your secret? " Khushi said while a beautiful smirk had formed on her lips.

"I have kept my mouth Shut for Now...Sister..You are going to pay heavily for this later." Aakash said narrowing his eyes.

"Will Someone just tell me what You guys are talking about?" I said intervening in between their argument.

"Arnav...We all are talking about going for a group coffee..Interested?" Payal said jumping in between Me and Aakash.

There is something going on between Khushi,Akash and Payal which I am not able to keep my finger On...

I need to urge Khushi to spill the beans when these 'privacy stealers' are not there.

"Come On..Arnav.Lets Go for the much needed Coffee..." Khushi said tugging on my arm.

"OK...Lets Go." I said pulling her arm.

"Whooa...Guys.We are coming too...Or We are not necessary now??" Lavanya said while all three burst in to laughter.

Khushi's POV

After Coffee,Arnav decides to drive Me to his House.

"Kookie..Can I do this tomorrow?" Arnav questioned.

"NO." I said shortly.

"Please?" Arnav said giving me a puppy look which He knows I cant resist.

"Arnav Singh Raizada...Get Your Bum out of this Car now!" I shrieked.

"Ok..Fine.I will talk to him if only You are there with Me." Arnav sighed.

"Arnie..You are very stubborn." I said smacking his arm.

"I know...But You still Love Me." Arnav grinned.

"Of course I still Love You." I confirmed.

"So...Can we just hang out in my room instead of- ..."

"No...You have to talk to your Dad..Arnie." I said pushing him towards the main gate.

Pheww...Mission Talk to Dad...In first gear!

"Ok..Do You want to sit in My room till then?" Arnav asked when we were inside the House.

"NO...I am fine here..I will just be waiting for You here in the living room." I said simultaneously settling myself in one of the warm couches.

Arnav smirked at my reaction,"Ok Fine.I will be back soon."

When He was gone, I decided to call Payal but then remembered She had gone on a date with Aakash.

I got up and walked over to a side table where a big photo frame held the photo of Arnav's family.

I suddenly remembered my own Non-existent family.

My brother,Shyam,who gave me all the Love but did not know that I was not his own.


I jumped in surprise to the voice calling Me.

I see Arnav's Mom walking towards Me.

"Hi Aunty." I said politely suddenly not knowing what to do with My hands.

"Are You looking for Arnav?" Aunty questioned in a sweet voice while her eyes crinkled just like Arnav.

"Ummm..Aunty.Actually He has gone to talk to his Dad." I said pointing towards the stairs.

Aunty's face color dropped and her mouth rounded to an 'O', "He is talking to his Dad?"

"Yes.Finally." I replied.

"Did You make him do that?" Aunty asked raising one eyebrow.

" just told him to do the right thing."

Aunty came forward and gave my hand a warm squeeze.

"Thank You Khushi.Thank You for uniting my family."

"I di-.."

"Because of You..They are talking to each other..Its all because of You." Aunty said while a lone tear slid down her face.

I am speechless.

"And Thank You for Loving My Son the way You do." Aunty said cupping my cheeks.

"What?" I said while my jaw had practically fallen.

"I know that He loves You a lot.He does not seem to stop talking about You...Actually that was what gave your game away." Aunty said while her eyes twinkled.

To my surprise, Aunty hugs me.

Does the whole Raizada family hug so warmly?

"Looks like someone is having a good time with my girl-friend?"

We pulled away to witness Arnav walking with his Dad side by side.

Aunty looks very happy to see them together and her tears start spilling again.

Akshay Singh Raizada wipes the tears of his wife and holds Arnav by his shoulders and then looks at me.

"Thank You..Khushi.For uniting my family." He said.

I am stunned by the loving way He is talking to Me.

Arnav walks towards me and pulls me towards his Parents.

"Mom,Dad...Meet Khushi Kumari Gupta...The girl who actually stole my heart."

"Welcome to the family." Aunty squealed.

Akshay Uncle took My hand in His and said," I am really Sorry Khushi..for all that I have Done which has affected you so harshly.It is my fault if You are hurting."

"Uncle..Can't we forget the past and look towards the future...I am really fine now." I said comforting him.

"You know You have got your Mom's eyes." Uncle complimented.

I am really flattered now.

"Okkk...Now the topic is going totally off-hand.I think we should move on to something pleasant." Arnav said abruptly closing the discussion.

"Tea everyone?" Aunty announced.

"No...Mom.I have to take Khushi Home now.I promised Aakash I will get her back early." Arnav said while walking towards the door.

When Did they talk about that??

"Ok..Then.Bye Khushi.Hope To see You again soon." Aunty said hugging me warmly.

"Good Bye..Khushi.Arnav take care of Her." Akshay Uncle said while We walked towards Arnav's Car.

"Arnav...When did You promise Aakash that I will be back home early?" I said while putting on my seat belt.

"Nah...I wanted You all to myself.And clearly I am not in the mood to share you with anyone Now." Arnav said.

Oh My My...My blush seems to be on the rise again.

"Ok..Then I will be dropping You home Now." Arnav declared after a few minutes of quiet driving.


"Right now You said that you wanted to spend some time with Me...And now Home?" I questioned incredulously.

"Who said We cant spend some time in your house.?" Arnav said in a matter of fact voice while parking near the house.

"Okay..." I said walking towards the front door.

"Nooo...Khushi!!! Lets just take the back gate...The door towards the poolside.No one is there in the house to open the door now." Arnav said making me Jump.

"Arnav..If no one is there in the house how will the back door be open? And How do You know that the back door is open?" I questioned suspiciously.

"Ummm...Aakash said it was open and we can enter from there." Arnav said fumbling for words.

Something is definitely fishy.

We entered through the back door towards the poolside and Arnav stopped in his tracks.I stopped too because He was holding my hand.

"Arnav,Why did You stop?" I said following his eyes to where they were staring.

I choked loudly when I saw Aakash and Payal sitting together dipping their feet in the Pool.

Uh Oh!!!

"What is Going On here?" Arnav growled.

Precap- Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Chapter 34- The Surprise

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Lil_Miss_Crazy Goldie

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hum agye babuva...

(kisko lagega i m a boy coz i alwys use barun's pic :P )

for my high-speed rise of blush wala update... 

btao btao kha chupa ke rkha hai ???
lgta hai ab arshi-bond bane ka padi...

dddiii uuupppdddaaattteee... !!!!!


ahem ahem... now i wonder y Arnav is excited 

Oh god.. Khushi is talking so senti senti in this update... 

Khushi i take guarantee that Arnav will not break ur heart .. 
coz he loves u dear... 

Khushi .. Arnav not only loves you with his heart but his soul is also urs... 

(lgta hai khushi ka senti wala jhta mujhe bhi lg gya..  )

aw.. what a lovely promise that was... i m proud of u arnie.. 

aw.. khushi is so sweet...  bilkul mere jese...  :P

n forgiving too... lucky arnie... 

n di i can never stop loving ur ff enough... n u too... 

yupieee the pack of devils enter .. now its gonna be cheeky... 

lavanya.. they dont need a cooler.. but they need worlds biggest AC.. 

oh god.. i loved khushi teasing Akash.. OMG..  he has to zip his mouth.. pkka akash will take his revenge .. when the time comes... 

hahaha! dekha. :P 

dont worry Arnav .. the bomb will drop on u too soon i guess.. 

haha.. i still cant stop laughing.. payal aur akash ki toh lg gayi... 

i cant wait when khushi will spill the beans.. dying to see arnie's reaction.. 

Arnav ko dr lg rha hai ..OH MY OH MY... 

di .. todays update has so much of senti talk ... but lovely one.. i was in complete aw.. full time... 

p.s.: i also what that warm raizada hug... 

phew.. finally all ended well n now khuhsi is in the raizada pack...

Arnav is taking khuhsi home??? itna jaldi ?? 

exactly when did they talk about that ?? are some more surprises left  ???

aw... cheesy Arnav...
gosh i have scratched my knees badly falling for him... 

HOME? abhi to he said he wanna spend some time with her ??

sabah di ... whats cooking in ur mind... 

no one in the house ?? is he planning for his second date?? 

i too agree Khushi...

something is fishy..  
*whispers*  dont worry ..
i know sabah di is behind all dis with arnie.. we will track her down.. n will get all the info out...  
I m so totally with u khuhsi.. 


oh wait wait.. if Akash was the one who said Arnav to enter from back gate so wats he doing here ?? plus akash ko toh pta hoga nah ki arnav must be coming coz he said no one's at home ... so wats he doing der ?

Oh MY MY... dont tell me Arnav ko phele seh hi pta tha about payash... thats y he was acting so fishy ..fishy.. n brought Khushi home...

OH GOD.. i guess my brain is gonna crash now due to over time working its doing... 

n di.. u cant end it here.. it so mean... 

di.. agla update.. agla update... jaldi jaldi laaooo

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RES! Smile

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asearl_mehbeer Senior Member

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 firstly i would lyk 2 say sorry as i couldn't read part 32 yesterday..CryCryCrywas 2 busy wid skul x_xCryCry

coming back 2 d update... awwwieee awesome, amazing, fantastic, superb n the list goes on and on.. omg khushi finally confessed... aww and their first kiss Day Dreaming finally d 2 lovers are united..Heart

coming back 2 part 33
finally the confrontationDancingakshay raizada has changed a lot Approve n aww i loved the cute talks between arshi.. dey sound so cute...n aahaa paayaash finally ur caught red handed by arnieROFL

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arnavbarun Goldie

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Loved the update!!!

I really like the way you actually take my "logic" into consideration...

Firstly hats off to Khushi for being so forgiving!!! Personally even I don't believe in holding onto grudges..
she did the right thing by forgiving ASR sr and reuniting their family ie her future family

Waiting for Arnav's reaction after Payash revelation!!! Aakash wanted Arhi to be together so that he can be with his sister!!!

But why on earth did Aakash tell him about the open poolside door??? Did he do it purposely so that he can finally tell arnav about him and payal!!!

And what about our poor NK??? 

Edited by arnavbarun - 29 November 2012 at 12:48am

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Amti4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 12:35am | IP Logged
Lovely one... Waiting for suprise...
seabeauty Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Amanda.Lim IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Looks like someone is caught red-handed..
Thanks for the PM..
Waiting for the next part.. 

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