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aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 8:08am | IP Logged
i dont knw, if its true or not, cud b just rumors... ???

jdmgrh Newbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

Hey ppl,

the chances of this being true are slim....the indian idol site does not work quite often, just refuses to open. this has happened many times before.

also the negetive consequences of abhijeet and sony breaking the contract are so huge that the whole thing seems more like a rumor...unless something really drastic has happened...

abhijeet will lose all credibility and his future career if he breaks a contract like this and sony has to go ahead with idol part 2 and it cannot afford to let such things guys chill, i think Abhijeet is doing a concert in Bangladesh on May 9 or wait for some news on that.

so lets hope for the best!

jdmgrh Newbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 12:49pm | IP Logged

A snippet from an interview in Screen with RAJU SINGH , the music co-ordinator for Idol ...

Abhijeet Sawant, the Indian Idol, revealed that you really worked hard on him and the other finalists, and that he learnt so much from you. How did you land up on the show?

Well, initially I was only called to create the minus-one tracks for the contestants to sing on. But the singers needed a music coach who could guide and train them. So they asked me to do that job too. I was the guy on the side of the singers, and in that sense, I was the opposite of the three judges.

jdmgrh Newbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

From Indiatimes...

Prajakta Shukre


Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Singer, Prajakta Shukre at 15.00 hrs on Wednesday, May 4 , 2005 in Mumbai

Prajakta Shukre

"I want to do serials and good brand advertisements. But my main aim is to be a playback singer. Even during the contest I was totally focussed on my singing and never thought about who was the hottest contestant."

Juhi > How do you feel not having been selected as an 'Indian Idol' and what have you decided to do in the future?
Prajakta Shukre > I think my luck was not in favour and it was just not my day. But I am very happy to have reached (up to) this point and I was the only female singer who reached the top five. I am very happy about that. In the future my main focus is going to be on playback singing.

Java chat > What is your nick name?
Prajakta Shukre > My friends call me Praju and Kaju; my brother calls me Kukuchi.

Abhishek > Prajakta, when do you remember, singing for the first time?
Prajakta Shukre > When I was 4 years old, I at my native place, Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh). There was a national level competition where I took part.

Ravi > Hi Prajakta, where do you live in Jabalpur?
Prajakta Shukre > Now I have shifted to Mumbai. But I lived in Jabalpur for 7-8 years before.

Your fan > Who do you think is more handsome - Abhijeet Sawant or Rahul Vaidya?
Prajakta Shukre > Personality wise - Abhjeet Sawant. But look and smile wise, Rahul Vaidya.

Prajakta > Hi, Kya Aapko Abhi Tak Koi Film Mein Gaane Ka Offer Aaya Hai, Prajakta (Have you received offers to sing for any Hindi films)?
Prajakta Shukre > Yes, I have sung in Shaadi No.1 (David Dhawan's movie).

Rekha > What was your first reaction, internally, when you were voted out in the 'Indian Idol' contest? Were you disappointed?
Prajakta Shukre > No, I was not at all disappointed because I was happy that at least I had reached the top 5 level. My first reaction was that I was crying.

Abhishek > Prajakta, with such stunning looks, ever thought of joining the world of glamour, modelling, Bollywood - a la Aishwarya Rai?
Prajakta Shukre > I want to do serials and certain good brand advertisement. Bollywood, I have never thought about it.

Sevia > Did you at any point of time think that you won't make it while the contest was on. Why?
Prajakta Shukre > I was scared that if I didn't make it then what next?

Delna > Prajakta, what training in singing did you take before entering Indian Idol contest?
Prajakta Shukre > Actually, I have never taken any professional training. My basic training was given to me by my mother (who is a music teacher- Renu Shukre).

Santoshnair > Prajakta, what is your next plan?
Prajakta Shukre > My next plan is to go into playback singing and to do good shows.

Rahulvaidyalove_rashi > Prajakta, may I know when is your birthday?
Prajakta Shukre > 29 th of November.

Mehak > What made you participate in Indian Idol programme? How did you get to the programme?
Prajakta Shukre > I have participated in lot of competitions (on TV)like Sa Re Ga Ma and when I saw the add of Indian Idol I came to Mumbai for the auditions.

Anita > Who is your best friend among all the Indian Idol contestants?
Prajakta Shukre > I am the youngest among all the contestants and I am close to Harish, Rahul Vaidya, Abhijeet Sawant and Vishal.

Mimansa > With such beautiful looks you must have been flooded with film offers? Which movie-makers have approached you till now?
Prajakta Shukre > No offers, as yet.

Jatin3kin > Prajakta, are you going to come out with your personal album?
Prajakta Shukre > Yeah, I will be coming out with my personal album soon.

Your fan > Tell us about your family and educational background?
Prajakta Shukre > My father works for the SBI (State Bank of India) and my mother is a music teacher. My brother is studying engineering and I am going to give my 12th exam (Science) next year. After the 12 th , I am going to change to Arts because I will not be able to manage both, science and singing.

Ali_h12002 > Do you remember that once you received proposals from someone in your collage?
Prajakta Shukre > Yes, I remember that in school 4-5 guys proposed to me.

Rahul_rao > Do you have a crush on Rahul Vaidya?
Prajakta Shukre > No, not at all. He is my very good friend.

Vineet > Aapke Exam Ka Kya Hua (what happened to your exam)?
Prajakta Shukre > I will be giving my 12th std exams next year.

Cutegal > Is it true that you are dating Rahul Vaidya?
Prajakta Shukre > No, I am not dating him.

Pallu29 > How is it to be famous?
Prajakta Shukre > It feels great to be famous. This was my dream - to be loved by so many people and to be recognised by them.

Prince_21 > Prajakta, what do you think about Abhijeet Sawant? What do you wanna say about his future?
Prajakta Shukre > Abhijeet is a very, very sweet person, down-to-earth and very talented. He will be a great playback singer.

Kariena > So how was it with all the big judges - Sonu, Anu.
Prajakta Shukre > The first time I was very scared to sing in front of them. Every time I went up on stage and sing I'd wonder what would they think of my singing and what would they comment. But it was a great experience to be with them.

Anita > How did you feel after your makeover?
Prajakta Shukre > It gave me a glamorous look and I feel more confident now.

Mimansa > Among all the finalists, who was your favourite?
Prajakta Shukre > Harish, Vishal, Rahul Vaidya, Abhijeet.

Trip > Are you staying in Mumbai now and planning your career (further)?
Prajakta Shukre > Yes, I am staying in Mumbai and planning my career further.

Pooza > Which of the 10 guys contestants did you find the hottest?
Prajakta Shukre > I was totally focussed on my singing. I never thought about who was the hottest.

Sign Off Message > Thank you for logging on and chatting with me. Lots of love, Prajakta Shukre.
jdmgrh Newbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 12:59pm | IP Logged

Also from Indiatimes...

Rahul Vaidya

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Singer, Rahul Vaidya at 15.30 hrs on Wednesday, May 4 , 2005 in Mumbai

Rahul Vaidya

"Initially, Amit Sana and I didn't get along well but now we are very good friends. I bear no personal grudges against him and accept my defeat with grace."

Jail > Rahul, what do you think of people calling you arrogant? Do you think that's why you were voted out of the Indian Idol contest? Are you really arrogant in real life?
Rahul Vaidya > That's a good question. About arrogance, I would like to say that In India, confidence people are perceived to be arrogant, and the same is the case with me. Had I always shown myself as an unconfident guy the same people who think I am arrogant, would not have thought so.

Reena > Rahul, do you have a girlfriend? Who is she?
Rahul Vaidya > I had a girl friend but we broke off before the programme 'Indian Idol' started on TV. Now, I am looking for one though!

Varun_ban > Rahul, are you going to give preference to your studies or singing?
Rahul Vaidya > Singing (is there) but I will also continue with my studies.

Sweet pooja > Hey Rahul, I am Pooja and I am 17 years old (just like you!). Can you please tell me when is your birthday?
Rahul Vaidya > September 23 rd is my birthday. And thanks Pooja, lots of love to you!

Sweetyshinde2005 > The way you idlolise Sonu, doesn't Suresh Wadkar get a little jealous?
Rahul Vaidya > Sureshji treats me like a son and he knows that how important is he to me.

Reema > Why in your opinion did you not win in the 'Indian Idol' contest? Do you think there was a partiality? There were reports in the media where it was said that you thought there had been partiality. Is that true?
Rahul Vaidya > No, it was not partiality. It was destiny, which was not in my favour. Had I been lucky, I would have definitely won the contest.

Rik > Hey, why are you so late on this chat? Has fame already gone to your head? Don't you care for your fans?
Rahul Vaidya > There was a flight delay from Nagpur and I am so sorry for that. This won't happen again.

Sweetyshinde2005 > Do your teachers pamper you?
Rahul Vaidya > In school they did pamper me but in college most didn't know who Rahul Vaidya was (my canteen attendance was 100 percent!) until the 'Indian Idol' happened. But the cultural (music) teachers in college did pamper me a lot and they love me very much.

Pooja_puri > From the initial rounds of 'Indian Idol' it looked like you didn't get along well with Amit Sana. Is that true? How did you feel losing out to him?
Rahul Vaidya > Initially, we did not get along well (there was no specific reason for that). But now we are very good friends. In fact, he was one of the best friends I had. I bear no personal grudges against him and I accept my defeat with grace.

Suj84 > Hi Rahul, you are very busy working, could you tell us about your daily schedule nowadays? How has all the travelling and shows affected your lifestyle?
Rahul Vaidya > First of all, thanks for the question. I feel that you really care for me. It's true that these days my life is quite hectic. I sleep at around 2am and have to get up to catch an early morning flight to some place. I have received lots of love while doing shows all over the country. I thank the people of our country (India) for it. But I do feel tempted when I see my friends playing cricket while I am leaving for the airport. Aisa Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Ki Sab Kuch Chodh Kar Apne Doston Ke Saath Kheloo, Aur Masti Karoon . (At times I do feel like leaving all this and just chill out with my buddies).

Pooja_puri > jJust one week after you were eliminated from 'Indian Idol', the HSC boards (12 th Standard) exams started. And I guess, you were also in the 12th standard then. So, did you sit for the board exams?
Rahul Vaidya > I missed out on the board exams and plan to appear for it the next year.

Pink > Every girl likes you but what kind of girl do you like?
Rahul Vaidya > A girl who's not too modern and treats me as the most important person in her life, and who will care for me at any time and at any moment. And, I am looking for one.

Arpita > What I like most about you is your confidence. How do you keep your confidence always high, Rahul?
Rahul Vaidya > Thanks Arpita, I am so delighted to hear this. The confidence comes from above (Heaven). God has made me like that.

Jktokk > Hi Rahul, what would you advice Indian Idol 2?
Rahul Vaidya > Just believe in yourself, work as hard as possible and leave the rest up to destiny.

Pooja_puri > You are sooooo hot and cute! I think what Farah Khan (one of the judges) said in the final episodes of 'Indian Idol' is true. She had said that you look like a guy that every girl would like to take back home and make you meet her parents. How did you feel when she said this to you?
Rahul Vaidya > Thanks for the compliment Pooja. I was in the seventh heaven when Farahji complimented me. And I hope every girl has heard that – Hahahahha!

Sweetyshinde2005 > Who is Namrata? The audience in front of my row (during the contest) kept chanting her name?
Rahul Vaidya > I don't know who is Namrata. I would be happy to know who is Namrata and why were they chanting her name.

Jamchinu > You are so busy and your mom said hat you are never at home. Do you miss your old lifestyle?
Rahul Vaidya > Dreamt for and now I should be thankful to God for all that I have.

Pooja_puri > Who do you think was the cutest or the hottest Indian Idol contestant (female)?
Rahul Vaidya > I can't name a single person because I think both, Aditi and Prajkata, have a different kind of beauty.

Vivid_red_petals2 > You are a Marathi man. So, will you do something for Marathi movies?
Rahul Vaidya > Yeah, why not. I love my language and I love my people....

Sign Off Message > Thanks everybody for making this chat such a memorable event for me. Aaj Mein Jho Bhi Hoon (whatever I am today is) all thanks to all of you. Sorry for coming late on this chat. I love you all and would want to meet you all sometime. Love, Rahul Vaidya and I shall be back again on the chat.
jdmgrh Newbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

hmm, now waiting for some b****y anti-rahul posts LOL....! some ppl are really are not too fond of him........ too bad

Edited by jdmgrh - 06 May 2005 at 1:02pm
snowflakes Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

he sounds cute, but hes looking for a girlfriend at this age??????????????he had a girlfriend?????????????? when , at 12?????????????Confused but overall i enjoyed reading this post, thanx jdmgrhBig smile

Pink > Every girl likes you but what kind of girl do you like?
Rahul Vaidya > A girl who's not too modern and treats me as the most important person in her life, and who will care for me at any time and at any moment. And, I am looking for one. its always me me me for rahul, no wonder his old girlfriend left him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue Wink

snowflakes Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2005 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
prajakta is also so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

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