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Originally posted by niharika_304

LOL i like every1 who supports amit!!!...i hope he seriously won't disappear!!!!!i hope to see him everywhere!!!

Same here...Wink

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Originally posted by niharika_304

LOL i like every1 who supports amit!!!...i hope he seriously won't disappear!!!!!i hope to see him everywhere!!!


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Only Only Only ABhijeet Sawant has to be an Indian Idol & he
did it :)))))))))))) Clap

Love u Abhijeet
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Sana is well trained in classical and now he seems to be getting the breaks and exposure that any singer needs... as long as he works at being a good 'businessman', as the term would apply in the music fraternity, he will be around for a LONG time.

I think he would do gr88 with songs that Sukhwinder Singh sings in movies, e.g. chhaiya chhaiya, woh kisna hain or even even the bunty or babli title track. All these songs need a powerful and well-trained voice which Sana has...

but for a change here is an article thats come up in TOI today. Hope Rahul and Prajakta manage to give their std XII exams! they definitely have a gr8 career ahead and I really pray that they don't suffer the burnout syndrome ( high achieving teenagers who can't stand the stress or dont seem to be in the picture 5 years later).  all the best to them!!

Right note?


What price fame? For Rahul Vaidya and Prajakta Shukre, finalists in the Indian Idol contest, the answer is simple: Class XII Board exams! You win some, you lose some, and Prajakta and Rahul chose to lose out on the academic front in order to climb up on popularity charts.

"My Board exams were to start on March 1 and I was busy preparing for them in whatever little time I had, since I had been eliminated from the contest by then. But just a few days before, I got a call from the channel asking me to come down to Mumbai on March 1 to perform for the grand finale. I had to choose between my studies and what could be the stepping stone for a career in singing. It was a tough choice, but I chose the latter," tells 17-year-old Prajakta.

She hadn't planned things like this, however. "I opted for the science stream in class XI because I wanted to be an engineer and a playback singer," she says. But that was before she realised that singing is a full time career, leaving her with little time to dabble in anything else. Prajakta, however, is quick to point out she hasn't quit studies - she's just dropped a year: "My teachers also advised me to give the Boards a miss this year for I wasn't half as well prepared as I should've been. They told me that since I was a good student, I must give my best shot the next year." But will there be time even next year to study? "I have to be a graduate at the least. How I manage it is ultimately in my hands," she says with a maturity that her face belies.

Ditto for Rahul, who was in junior college. That is, till Indian Idol happened. "I've discontinued studies for the time being. There's too much happening in my life to be able to cope with academics," he says. But like Prajakta, there's no option of quitting studies available to him as well. "Even if I wanted to, I cannot quit academics. My dad is an engineer, my mother has a masters degree in Science. I'm not expected to be a dropout for any reason." But with Anu Malik securing the job of a playback singer for Rahul in David Dhawan's next, priorities for the family have definitely changed.

And how have the teachers reacted to the youngsters' new-found fame which comes at the cost of studies? "The teachers in the class rooms didn't really know Rahul Vaidya, for he was always busy in cultural programmes in college. Mera canteen mein attendance 100 per cent hota tha," jokes Rahul. Prajakta doesn't answer in the same vein: "I've always had my Principal's support. And after seeing my success on TV, even those teachers who didn't initially take my singing talent seriously, had a change of mind and were very encouraging!" Now there's a lesson for all the teachers!

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Hey ppl,

For all Abhi fans! Not sure if this has been posted...from SCREEN / EXPRESSINDIA

The original article is HERE, it is easier on the eyes...

Rajiv Vijayakar
Rajiv Vijayakar

He made more than just television history that night on March 5, when the nation's wave of affection swept in Abhijeet Sawant as the country's first Indian Idol. It was a culmination of almost six months of cult programming, soaring TRPs and frenzied public and private discussions and arguments wherever there could be discussions and arguments, as this 24-year-old son of a Bombay Municipal Corporation worker trounced immediate rival Amit Sana of Bhilai by a small but decisive margin.

The month that has since passed has seen Abhijeet on a maddening roller-coaster of live performances and recordings. The promised jackpots are all his, and Sony-BMG's album Aap Ka...Abhijeet Sawant has already hit the market.

Screen chats up India's first Indian Idol in a candidspeak interview.

To whom and what would you give the credit for your final and exciting victory, apart from to your talent and hard work?
The first person who deserves credit is my chacha (paternal uncle) Sanjay Sawant, who is himself a well-known stage performer. He was the one who always encouraged me to sing and keep improving. He told me that if I had a natural gift, I should also have the technical knowledge, and it was he who motivated me to take music training, which I have been doing from the famous musician Bhavdeep Jaipurwale for the last three years. Bhavdeep is my guruji and has a major share in my success. Of course no one can be a success without a supportive family.

But above all, I must give the maximum credit for my victory to the people of India who kept voting for me not only in the finals but also all through.

The announcement of the winner was a cliffhanger to the very last second, and the host took advantage of Amit's and your names to say the winner's name began with A and ended with T. What were your emotions at that flip-of-a-coin defining moment?

To be honest, I was actually quite relaxed, though it will sound good to say that I was very tense! Amit and I knew that one of us had to lose, and we had decided in advance that we would not let either victory or defeat affect either our relationship or ourselves individually. Frankly, I was already quite relaxed by the time I was among the top three finalists, because my main aim in getting into the contest was not to win the title of Indian Idol but to get recognition,aur woh mujhe mil chukaa tha. All that I had wanted was that if I approached a music director or company, they would know who I was, and I would not have to go through what an anonymous struggler would in the situation.

And when your name was announced, did you feel nothing special?
I felt very good. It feels great to be the winner of the first crown. But the title and my victory carry a great responsibility that I have now have to try and fulfill. So there is a burden too.

The last month and more have been a frenzy of mad activity for you. Do you feel that you are now earning the prize money?
(Smiles) Well, I have to work in return for the big money and other things that I am getting. I prefer it that way. Yes, life is a crazy whirlwind of schedules, meetings, performances, recordings and other activities. As Sony Entertainment Television's brand ambassador, I will also be making a guest appearance as myself and perform on their shows like Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and also on other occasions. I am mostly out of home and barely am able to meet my family and friends.But that's part of the game.

How much have things changed with the big money and instant fame that have come your way? Do your friends feel that you have changed?
Maybe some of them do, because they have grumbled about it to each other, though none have spoken to me about it. It's only that I have so less time, but there is no distancing between me and my friends or relatives. Neither do I think that I have changed. I have seen so many ups and downs on the show alone, and have been in the bottom three so often in the finals that I realized that winning or losing was primarily all about naseeb.As for my family, yes, we will probably be shifting out. Dad had purchased an apartment in the suburbs even before all this happened, but we may buy another apartment in town, since otherwise he would have to commute too far for his job.

Will dad keep at his job?
He will, and I too would want it that way - there's a lot to be said about the feeling of having your own money, even if we are rich as a family today. Do you think that your parents are now intimidated by you as the rich man of the family?
No, the only change is that while earlier it was my father who made all the decisions, especially the financial ones, today I am consulted on everything. It feels good, but again it is the responsibility that comes with it that is more important. How will all this affect a future romance or marriage? Or is there someone already in the picture?
There isn't. Where is the time? So in a way you can be called Lucky - No Time For Love. And what do you think will happen when the time comes?
Things are going to be complicated! We will have to ensure that motives are above-board when someone approaches us. What are your own preferences in music?
Mujhe ghazalon se sabse zyaada pyar hai. I also love old film songs. Among singers, Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan are my favourites. What do you feel you have learned from the judges and from Raju Singh, who was guiding all of you behind the scenes?
The maximum help and guidance came from Raju Singh-ji. He would actually watch all the episodes for our sake, so that he could note down what the judges wanted from all of us and how we were faring. He would lecture and teach us all on the fine points, especially about putting in feelings and expressions. In all the talent search competitions, the general preference is for old songs. But in Indian Idol there was an out-and-out majority of new songs. Was this deliberate?
Firstly, I do not think that new songs are lacking in any way. Depth and gaayaki are there in songs even today. I think that it is very important to keep in step with the times. We chose more of new songs because the public was going to vote and it was important that everyone was familiar with songs to judge the singing properly, for if you are not familiar with a song you cannot tell how well someone is singing it. It was important also for everyone to identify with the songs, and so we tried to keep them popular and peppy. Your album Aap Ka...Abhijeet Sawant has a mixed lot of original tracks, and one remix - the title song of the film Dream Girl. Is this song your favourite?
It has become my favourite now. This was the song I chose from among those offered to all of us for the Indian Idol album. I have sung it in my own style, in the way Leslie Lewis has visualized it. Can I be candid? When you had reached among the top ten finalists, did you personally think anyone specific would be the Indian Idol, if you did not?
Well, all of us were very good, so actually it could have been just about any one of us. That's a diplomatic rather than candid reply! You also ruffled feathers in the episode wherein Rahul Vaidya was eliminated by stating that he deserved to be the Indian Idol.
(Shrugs). Yes, I know I did. But it was more of an emotional reaction. People perceived it as an insult to the judgement of the voters, but it wasn't meant to belittle either the voters' support for me or to pull down Amit. Actually you proved to be quite the dark horse. Very few thought of you as a serious contender amidst the competition. Suddenly, in the last five episodes we saw a dramatically progressive improvement, and almost every time you were singing better than the others. Do you agree with this, and if so, what is the explanation?
I decided to give a lot of importance to what the judges said, and to the fact that I was coming in the bottom three. I thought about everything and came to the conclusion that it was wrong on my part to assume that only the fast songs worked. Yes, fast songs did attract, but they did not necessarily earn votes, especially if they did not suit my voice. The first song I sang after this was 'Kar chale hum fida...' from Haqeeqat, and it was very well received. That's when I realized that my first priority in choosing a song should be that the lyrics were good. Next came its popularity and the fact that it should touch the heart of those who heard me sing. Finally, it was important to exhibit my range, so I chose 'Dil kya kare...' from Julie next.

You obviously put in a lot of thought here. What else do you think mattered? Prayers? You were televised going to Siddhivinayaka Temple.
I do believe a lot in Ganpati, and I did thank him for his blessings after I won. But I observed one more thing: as we moved towards the finale, I saw most of the others getting tenser with each successive episode, maybe because winning had become all important for them. I never saw any point in it because I knew that I would win only if I was destined to. I progressively became more and more relaxed. I also thought that being on TV is akin to having a conversation with millions of people as the camera makes them see your face from up close. If my face had exhibited tension and nervousness, it would have distracted people from listening to what I was singing as they would automatically focus on my face and sense my tension. My philosophical outlook helped me cope and make a good impression.

And have you recorded any song yet for films?
Not yet, but that will happen soon.


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Vol. 5 Num 319 Wed. April 20, 2005  

Dfusion Jhakanaka: A treat for the youngsters
Karim Waheed

Extensive queues at the Sultana Kamal Women's Complex, Dhanmondi were ample indicators that people were eager to be a part of the Dfusion Jhakanaka concert held on April 18. The major attractions of the programme were two emerging artistes who shot to fame with Indian Idol -- Amit Sana and Rahul Saxena. Besides them, local bands Black, Miles -- and Indian band Silk Route entranced the audience with their music. Although there were complaints that the venue was not spacious enough for the number of people that showed up, the sound system was not satisfactory and the stage was not high enough for the artistes to be visible; most agreed that the performances of the artistes were topnotch. The show began with Black's rendering of popular numbers, such as Obhiman, Amar Prithibi, Miththa, Parahito, Blues and Roud. It was around 4:45 in the afternoon but the music lovers did not seem to be bothered by the scorching summer sun. They swayed and rocked with the music. Indian Idol finalist Rahul Saxena took the stage and received a warm welcome from the audience. Rahul performed popular Hindi songs like Kal Ho Na Ho, Chanda Ve Ghar Aaja, Zindagi Hain Chaar Din and Jogiya. Rahul seemed ecstatic with the response he received from the audience and exclaimed, "You guys are awesome". The next artiste to take the stage was the runner up Indian Idol, Amit Sana. Dressed in a leather jacket in the unbearable heat, Sana seemed very composed and confident. He rendered the Indian Idol song Mohabbatein Lutaaunga and the crowd went wild. Sana received rounds of applause as he performed Yamma Yamma, Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na. An interesting incident: when Sana began singing Suno Suno Duniyawalo…Sabse Aage Hongey Hum Hindustani and the crowd didn't react positively to the song. Sana quickly changed the lyric of the song to Sabse Aage Hongey Hum Bangladeshi and the crowd sang along cheerfully. Miles captivated the crowd with their immensely popular songs Chaand Tara Shurjo, Neela, Dhiki Dhiki and Silk Route performed their 'claim to fame' Dooba Dooba.

The concert marked the launch of Grameen Phone's new package, 'djuice' and was coordinated by Kolpodroom.

Sana performing at the concert

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Amit Sana sings a Bollywood number

By IndiaFM News Bureau, April 27th 2005 - 1400 hrs IST

Indian Idol first runner up Amit Sana has finally found a place in Bollywood. The talented singer has been signed to sing a number in Aftab Pictures's upcoming untitled venture.

The film stars Samir Aftab (who recently debuted in Chand Sa Roshan Chehra) along with Anjana and Mithun Chakraborthy. Sandesh Shandilya is the music composer.
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Manish makes Kripa a rockstar
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   April 26, 2005

Shaheen Parkar
ONE MOMENT PLEASE! Kripa with Manish Malhotra at Aalim's salon
Now, it's Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra doing the makeover for a television character. Kripa (Neha Bamb) of the Sony daily Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai is all set to shed her small-town, girl-next-door image into that of a budding singer.

"Kripa is not going be radically different as other makeovers have done. I'm making her stylish in keeping with her pop icon status which she will soon have in the show," says Malhotra, who is clear that he is doing this makeover for television  "because it is a Balaji show and Ekta Kapoor is a dear friend. Otherwise, I would only do such stuff for TV if it is something really significant," he says.

Kripa will appear in a rock concert in the May 2 episode. This one-hour special will have her performing together with Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai's Angad (Mohammed Iqbal Khan). Indian Idol finalist Amit Sana also features in this special episode. He will belt out his favourite number, the Kisna title track.

"Kripa is young so I am giving her a peppy look. It's somewhat of a cross between Cher and Madonna. Her hair is straight so there will be lots of volume added to make it full-bodied with curls at the base. Natasha at Aalim's is giving her the new haircut. Pallavi is doing her nails, while her outfit, which has been created overnight, has the nude skin colour look with lots of silver and metallic work."

Malhotra also points out that suddenly everyone is talking about makeovers and transformations. "That's because the television industry has awoken to it. Makeovers have been happening for years in films. Urmila Matondkar in Rangeela, Karisma Kapoor in Raja Hindustani, Rani Mukerji in Chalte Chalte."

Incidentally, Malhotra will also feature in the episode. "I have just arrived from Goa and I'm in my working clothes with a stubble and without any makeup," he says during the shoot at Aalim's yesterday. Malhotra is also seen on the small screen as anchor of the Manish Malhotra Show on Zoom.

Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai, which went on air last month, is about rock star Angad and small-town girl Kripa. She who comes to Mumbai to pursue her musical aspirations and to meet her Angad, who she is in love with.

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