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Wow! cool posts! Smile
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Aapka...Abhijeet Sawant

By Joginder Tuteja, April 11th, 2005 - 1630 hrs IST

Abhijeet Sawant is the story of a man who believed in himself. Abhijeet Sawant is the story of a man who proved to be a ' lambi race ka ghoda '. Abhijeet Sawant is the story of a man who is India's first Idol, and is out to swoon the audience with his namesake debut album ' Aapka...Abhijeet Sawant '. Barely a month since being crowned 'Indian Idol' by the music lovers, the promise of a solo album is fulfilled with 10 tracks composed by Prempal Hans, Hardip Sidhu and Biddu.

' Mohabbatein Lutaaunga ', a version, each of which were required to be sung by the 'Indian Idol' finalists Abhijeet Sawant and Amit Sana, forms the opening and the concluding track of the album. The first version is a soulful number with high dose of melody. With a strong 'desert' flavor accompanying the track throughout, it is a marvelous piece of music that is as swooning as it gets! Chorus around Abhijeet is mesmerizing while the overall arrangements are high class. Sameer's lyrics are simple yet elegant and reflect the journey of Abhijeet's journey from nowhere to stardom and do not fail to mention the people who have contributed to this success. A complete package, it is Abhijeet's silky and original voice that makes the track a class apart. This one can easily fit into any A-grade musical film!

' Lafzon Mein ' is another melodious masterpiece that is just an ideal gift for your loved one. Composed by Biddu, a subtle echo effect that accompanies Abhijeet's voice gives an out of world feel to the song. Abhieet pitches his voice through varied expressions and the result is a number that can easily compete with ' Mohabbatein.. ' for a place at the top.

' Jaana ', originally from the movie ' Star ', proves yet again that why Biddu was always ahead of the times. The duet that was composed a couple of decades back is re-packaged, this time with Abhijeet and Prajakta Shukre (another of the Indian Idol finalists) in the lead. Written by Amit Khanna, it is a soft'n'slow song that could get anyone listening to it in a romantic bliss. A special word for Prajakta – her vocals are pleasant to the ears and one would wish to hear more from her in near future!

Opening strings of guitar in ' Kya Tujhe Pata Hai ' announce that love is in the air. Sita Manghnani's English lyrics and vocals in the background bring about a certain contemporary style to the entire song that should be picked up easily by the metro youth. Also there is a Kishore Kumar feel to the number that makes it a fourth successive hummable song in a row. So far the album makes a good impression on your heart and you expect the dream journey to continue.

The subtle echo effect from ' Lafzon Mein ' continues with ' Janam Janam ' that has a distinct soft Indi-pop feel to it. Abhijeet's sugarcoated voice stays consistent across tracks that ensures that the lovey-dovey mood is maintained and there is not a single moment of boredom. ' Lamha ' that follows next is a retro hip-hop music composed by Prempal-Hardip combo. An Arabian-Western fusion, the number has been arranged in such fashion that Abhijeet's voice plays in the background while the musical instruments stay in the forefront.

Vintage Biddu, as in the days of ' Disco Deewaane ', comes in the form of ' Yaaron Chalo ', that belongs to the early 80s era and follows the route of yet another 'Beat one - Beat two' retro style. Unlike the mushy feel that Abhijeet's vocals had in the numbers prior to this, this time around he goes full throttle and sings in a high pitch. After ' Lamha ' and ' Yaaron ', one misses Abhijeet who sung four soulful romantic tracks prior to these two. No doubt that he sings these two numbers well but his prime forte seems to be lying in melody and this is where he scores most. The stamp on this comes there and then with the track ' Dreamgirl ' from the namesake movie, which he sings in his own subtle style. He doesn't let the great Kishoreda down and does justice to the timeless melody!

All the 11 Indian Idol finalists come together for the song with a message - ' Ek Jahan ' (One World). With original music by Lionel Richie, Paul Barry & Mark Taylor and additional music and lyrics by Raju Singh and Sameer respectively, the striking part of the song is that one never realizes throughout the number that it has 11 singers playing their parts, at times solo and sometimes in a chorus. The flow is smooth while the overall composition has a grand feel to it. Though the song is not one of those romantic ones that you could listen on continuously, it still doesn't get into heavy duty documentary style sermonizing that sometimes makes one loose interest in a song altogether.

Faster version of ' Mohabbatein Lutaaunga ', that marked the winning performance of Abhijeet Sawant in the finals, makes for an apt conclusion of his debut album. A deadly combination of rhythm with melody results in a chartbuster track that should take ' Aapka Abhijeet Sawant ' straight into your hearts.

One feels strongly for the honest singing of Abhijeet in his very first album that would ensure that the talented singer blazes from your music systems soon. With many more years ahead of him and the backing of the biggies that matter, it shouldn't be too long before we see him entertaining the music lovers with playback singing as well. And going by his acting performance in his debut video of ' Mohabbatein ', who knows Abhijeet may also be our next blue eyed – chocolate faced singer'cum' actor!

Rating: *** 1/2

luving_gal_neha Senior Member

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His life, it would seem, has been touched by the proverbial magic wand, transforming a boy next door from Mahim, into a national heart throb. We certainly do not need to introduce Abhijeet Sawant. Basking in the glory of his success this young lad is more than aware of the huge responsibility he shoulders in meeting the mammoth expectations. The singing sensation has arrived.

During his recent Pune visit we caught a glimpse of his popularity. One hour prior to the function, the venue was choca-block. And when the idol actually appeared the fans just went hysterical. Yet when we catch up with Abhijeet, we find an unassuming youngster, a trifle bewildered with his success. That he orders a simple pav-bhaji at the hotel, is proof enough that success hasn't changed him, not yet at least.

Ask him how he's handling his newly acquired fame and Abhijeet says, "When I won the contest, I came in for plenty of criticism. People said success had come too easily and too early in life. However, it has brought with it plenty of responsibility. I have to prove my critics wrong. That's why working hard is more important for me than celebrating."

What else has the contest changed for him? "Earlier I couldn't present myself well. The contest boosted my confidence," says he. Has he made a conscious effort to develop a 'look'? "Yes, presentation is very important these days. I go to the gym everyday. I haven't had time for a makeover but I'll go for one soon," he puts simply.

We steer him away from this serious turn in the conversation towards matters more interesting. We've heard he has been receiving plenty of marriage proposals. So is a relationship on the cards? Would he settle for an arranged marriage? "I think that is an outdated concept. Besides, with so many proposals, my parents are also confused. They have asked me to select a girl myself," he says with a smile.

How are his parents handling his success? "My mom is on cloud nine and my dad and little sis are also very happy and proud of me. The sad part is I can't live with them for security reasons and have had to move to Kandivali. I miss them all and also the people of my colony. I miss ghar ka khana," he says.

But there are compensations. Says Abhijeet, "I used to dream of buying a car but there were times when I didn't even have money for petrol for my second hand bike. Now I have Honda City and can even afford a second one. I want to buy a flat for my parents so that we can all stay together," he ends.
aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Balaji soap role for Indian Idol contestant


As an Indian Idol participant, Amit Tandon earned more accolades for his looks than his singing talent. Farah Khan also praised his good looks, saying he would do well in films.

Well Tandon hasn't set his sights on Bollywood just yet, but he will make his acting debut on the small screen.

It's hard to miss his American accent when he talks, but if you listen well and take him for what he says, the guy does come across as someone who genuinely wants to make it as an actor.

Here's finding out what Amit Tandon is doing in Sony's romantic drama — Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai.

What's your role in Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai?
I play Prithvi, who joins the same music academy where Kripa (Neha Bamb) is studying. He instantly falls in love with her, but doesn't express his feelings to her. I would say he is the exact opposite of Angad (Mohammed Iqbal Khan). 

While Angad is expressive about his love, Prithvi chooses to be silent. He's like a support system to her.

You started off as a VJ, and then entered Indian Idol to become a singer. Now you are making your debut as an actor. Which excites you the most?
At the moment it is acting. I am all set to give my all for the show. Yes, I did want to be a singer and get my album out, but right now the focus is more on being an actor. Also, I have the advantage of being able to sing my own songs for the serial.

Weren't you supposed to sing the title song for the show?
Yes. Initially, I was slated to record it, but people were of the opinion that it would look weird for me to sing a song for Angad. It would be his face and my voice, and later on it could clash with the songs I do for Prithvi. However, I would like to sing on the show. I hope I get the chance.

You have a very strong American accent, was it a problem?
I have been in the US for a long time, which is why my English has a heavy accent. But that doesn't mean I am bad at Hindi. People find it hard to believe that a guy with such a strong accent can speak fluent Hindi. When you watch the show, you will realise what I'm saying.

Were you dating Idol contestant Priyanka Venkateshwara?
This has been completely blown out of proportion. She is a very sweet girl, and I had a good time singing with her on the show.

There's nothing more to that than the fact that we were good friends. Of course, thanks to her walking out, I made it in the final round.

thhikana Goldie

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Touch of home on Sana's lips
Amit Sana in Jamshedpur. Picture by Srinivas

Jamshedpur, April 12: He may not have been able to become the nation's first "Indian Idol", but Amit Sana's melodious voice won the hearts of many and offers from music directors like Sandeep Chowta and Anu Malik are still pouring in.

Sana, the budding talent, originally from Bhillai, who later settled in this city for higher education, went down memory lane and shared his experiences today with The Telegraph.

The 22-year-old runner-up at the "Indian Idol" contest, was in the city to participate in a musical show organised at Golmuri Club.

A final year student of information technology at a city-based computer training centre, Amit has decided to give equal time to education. "I will be in Jamshedpur during my exams. I have no plans to drop my studies but will concentrate on singing too," he said.

"I don't regret not having won the Indian Idol title. I gave my best. It was just a matter of chance that Abhijit Sawant bagged it," said Amit.

He is happy that there still are people who appreciate his talent, and this, he believes, is more than achieving a title. Offers have also come from music directors like Anu Malik and Sandeep Chowta who are eager to work with him.

Amit informed that he will not only be a playback singer in movies but is also going to release his new album in association with Sony-BMG. The album is being worked out and is expected to hit the stands soon, he added.

Amit has matured and is now more confident while handling the media and interviews.

"My participation in the Indian Idol has a significant role to play in shaping my personality and what I am today. The best part of the contest was that it made a performer out of a mere singer," he said.

Amit is going to perform mostly in live shows. He has already performed in Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad and New Delhi.

"I thank God that no matter where I perform, it has always been successful," he says.

Amit is also planning to take some lessons on dancing from Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan so that he can be a complete entertainer. He also intends to learn regional and foreign languages so that he can perform on the international stages.

Amit loves Jamshedpur because it is more close to the heart, unlike the glamorous cities of Mumbai or Bangalore.

"Jamshedpur has a blend of different cultures and people here are talented enough to inspire budding singers like me to climb the ladder of success," he said.

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 Thanxxx for the post Thikkana!!! It is really exciting 2 c Amit getting a chance 2 sing with music directors like Anu Malik and Sandeep ChowtaSmile

          I m very very Happy.

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Hey thikana!! keep up the gr8 posts!!

i m really looking forward to amit's album.....after all shud be smthing worth buying from the music stores....Wink

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