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dolly1211 Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2005 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

Wonder: Why did Aman ask Rahul Vaidya "Who amongst Abhijeet / Sana would you like to see in the Finals?" even before the results were announced. Strange, theseorganizers are even giving out hints...Angry


But he had asked all the three contestants.....

pmahesh Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2005 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Chandoba, i almost agree with your elimination order list- only change i would probably like is interchange of spaces between prajakta and aditi- i think aditi was a better singer and confident one too.

Rahul Saxena is my favourite and he was the best singer though i would concede that his choice of songs were not too good (but as we found out later that the participants were given certain songs and they had to choose among those).
pmahesh Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 12:09am | IP Logged

Dear poonam

I would like to reply to the points you have raised-

  1. My statement Arrogance and Stardom come in a combined package...does not refer to the situation that you presented for LATA DIDI and ZAKIR HUSAIN.- But you did mean that people who attain fame at a young age do have arrogance- which is not the case in not only lata m or zakir h, but in most of the artist. If you become arrogant than your learning stops- you have to be humble otherwise soon one will fall flat.
  2. I am talking of Interaction of these great people with the general public. I do not understand why people always want others to necessarily treat them the way they want to be treated. What we see on screen and percieve about a person will surely be different in actual life and I am sure you will agree on this atleast. We as audience should focus only and only on the quality of the package that they offer.- Yes we are focussing only on what we see on screen- what we see on sscreen is a overconfident, arrogant person who is a good singer but not a complete package (you yourself have included lot many qualities for an indian idol than just singing). I am not bothered about what kind of person he might be in actual life- i am concerned only about the image he is portraying in the programme.
  3. About Copying: A.R. Rahman - you think he is original? His songs in Saathiya (O humdum suniyo re) especially was copied note to note from English songs. So does that give us a right to label him as someone who does not know ABCD of music?- I agree that most of the music directors in india are inspired some time or the other but cases of copying by anu malik are far greater.
  4. The entire India blames Rahul Vaidya and his father for ATTITUDE. Why? Because he is confident? Or is it because others are less confident to just okay while answering questions or hardly taking initiative to be before the camera. Cmon guys, what do you expect out of a kid who has been before the camera right from his childhood? Dont expect him to keep quite, just smile sweetly and bow his head down and blush....NO! There is a very thin line between Confidence and Domination when viewed by a third person. Most of us are not able to differentiate between that in different situations.- There is also a thin line between confidence and over confidence. We are not blaming rahul vaidya for his father's statements- but this was just to show that the whole family believed that their son had become the indian idol much before he had actually become one. And about others being not confident- that is not the case- abhijeet is not "not confident" but he is still not arrogant or over confident. And when we are not judging a person on what he might be in real life, why should we be bothered about the fact that he was in front of  camera all his life.
  5. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A GUARANTEE THAT AMIT SANA OR ABHIJEET SAWANT ARE VERY HUMBLE GUYS IN REAL LIFE?????? does anyone know them as closely as their parents? We should stop throwing out unnecessary judgements. Being like Abhijeet / Amit does not necessarily mean that the person does not have attitude - it might not have just popped up.- Again, why should we care about whether these two guys are humble in real life- what matters is that they are humble when we see them and we are only judging them on that- not on what they are capable of  or what they might turn to.
  6. Having a voice like Sonu Nigam has been expressed as a negative concern by many members. Whose mistake is that???? If people did not want to have a voice like him, they should have thrown him out when Rahul Saxena was thrown out - instead of showing him dreams.- People voted for him because he sang well but expected him to do better in future- he has shown hardly any improvement- after so many rounds, he should have atleast some individuality- but he has none- it is not just about having a voice like sonu- it is about copying the style completely. And when people choose somebody, they also have the right to throw him when they think he is not capable of going any further.
  7. People, you punished Rahul Vaidya for his father's statements. Amit Sana's father said the same thing in Hindi - but mind you, I do not see anything wrong if their respective fathers see them as Indian Idols.. Why not??? If I am proud of my son, I too would have said that. They have seen the amount of hardwork and determination that their kids have put to get them on this platform.- No body punished him on what his father's statements- he was voted out because people thought the others were better than him.
  8. Different people seem to have different perceptions about the term "Complete package of Indian Idol". Members, friends, please let me know your views on what do you think are the qualities of a complete package without referring to your favourite contestant.
    I think the following could be the qualities:
    1. Learnt Classical music and has years of Riyaz.
    2. Young Age.
    3. Good Looks.
    4. Capturing Screen Presence / Enigma
    5. Excellent Conversational skills.
    6. Diplomatic
    7. Most important: Can sing all types of songs, can pick up & point out even very minute notes in music.- I don't agree with some of the criterions you have mentione--"young age"???? why should that be a criteria for an indian idol??? 
    Excellent Conversational skills, Diplomatic??? we are not looking for a pr person, we are looking for an indian idol in terms of singing and performing!! Lata Mangeskar, rahman and many others will not surely qualify in these categories.
  9. My Conclusion:
    1. Rahul Vaidya is OUT - for wrong / right reasons whatsoever.
    2. Abhijeet Sawant might be in for good looks, voice, sweet smile (thats being unnecessarily hyped) - but not really exceptional conversational skills & confidence that Rahul has.
    3. Amit Sana - Wow - its difficult to understand why this guy wants to risk his vocal chords when he has been advised not to sing. I am not sure if he will be able to successfully fulfill the contract. He is the best judge to decide for himselves whether he should go in for the temptation that 1 crore gets in or risk his vocal chords for ever.- I am sure amit sana is not a fool to risk his entire career for this contract or 1 crore (he will get the money only if fulfills the contract). I am sure he is doing enough for his voice to be fine. Abhijeet sawant may not be the overconfident, pro, but he is a good singer (though i admit not exceptional), has shown variety, good expressions in his voice, has got a good screen presence, is humble- which is essential for the learning curve.
  10. Chandoba: I would agree with a part of your statement for Rahul Vaidya:
    he was behalving like indian idol which he was not. didnt become and will never be again!!!!
    I agree to: "Didnt become" and "will never be again" - I would advise any sensible guy not to go for a show where Indians vote their favourite. Not atleast Rahul, after we cut off his wings for unnecessary reasons.- No body cut his wings, he did it himself.

pmahesh Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 1:49am | IP Logged

The three rounds for the final are
( 1)    Your fav song from Indian Idol journey
(2) Your song from Indian Idol Album
(3) Judges Choice

  Indian Idol' campaign reaches last leg

MUMBAI: The clash of the titans has reached to its final lap.
Adrenaline levels are high among the two finalists (with Rahul Vaidya
being voted out in the 18 February episode) and also among viewers.
Indian Idol on Sony is all set to reach its climax and with that the
channel is leaving no stones unturned to make a splash across the
media to capture viewer attention.

The campaign with the tag line of Sab Kuch Bhula De is now urging
viewers to vote for the first Indian Idol. A 360 degree marketing
campaign, which includes print, radio, cable, television, online,
outdoors, direct marketing and consumers connect activities has been
an integral part of the show. Inflatable sky balloons, walking
inflatables, bus-backs, backlit balloons are some of the innovative
tools being utilised to fuel the buzz.

The last phase of the Indian Idol advertising campaign has the three
finalists' on-their-mark on a piano key board. Now with Vaidya out,
his picture on the hoarding will have the sticker - "Voted Out." The
tag line on the hoarding 'Kaun Hoga Aapka Indian Idol?' will change to
'Abhijeet ya Amit? Kaun Hoga Aapka Indian Idol?' The ad has been
conceptualsied by Euro RSCG under the stewardship of creative director
Ashok Karnik and the photographs have been shot by Atul Kasbekar. The
final campaign will be rolled out in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata,
Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Lucknow and Kanpur.

Commenting on the campaign, SET vice president marketing and
communications Tushar Shah says, "The current campaign of Indian Idol
signifies and embodies the spirit of competition. A competitive spirit
that is so prevalent in sports worldwide. The idea of this campaign is
to showcase this spirit in the run up to the finale of the Indian Idol

To create a further buzz, the two finalists will be doing rounds of
Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad in a typical election campaign trail from
27 February to 1 March.

Sony partnered with various media and non-media vehicles like Nokia,
Planet M and Cafe Coffee Day, Aaj Tak and Radio Mirchi to build in
extreme interactivity and engagement for the show. The channel also
tied up with FMCG major Proctor & Gamble (P&G) for a unique promotion
campaign for Indian Idol. The aim was to get people to buy a bottle of
Rejoice shampoo, watch Indian Idol and win passes to the Galas. This
was done keeping in mind the three-fold agenda of enhancing the
association of Rejoice with Indian Idol, induce purchase and at the
same time drive viewership for Indian Idol and have ground presence.

The consumer had to buy Rejoice; the bottle would have a sticker that
said SMS Rejoice to 2525 to win fabulous prizes. On sending an SMS,
the consumer would get a question on Indian Idol with three answer
options. All the correct entries were put in for a lucky draw. A
hundred lucky winners over four weeks got passes for the Gala's to
watch the live performance of the Indian Idol finalists on the sets.

The activity was carried across Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata in a total
of 70,000 outlets. The promotions for the same started from 28 January
wherein highly visible posters and danglers along with on-air contest
promos were kicked off.

Viral marketing has always been a favourite with Sony… remember
Jassi's launch? This time round too, the channel churned out
unconventional ways to create an on-ground buzz for the show. Street
singers, branded auto-rickshaws equipped with microphones and fanfare,
Idol march, human billboards, over 200,000 post it's were stuck on
vehicles at high traffic areas in Mumbai and Delhi, crank calls were
made to key clients and media planners asking them to watch Indian
Idol in an unobtrusive, sporting manner!

Apart from that, the Indian Idol website - -
has been abuzz with activity providing people with streaming video
footage, photographs, the on-stage drama, backstage gossip, previews,
opinion polls, contestants' profiles etc.

It's a matter of a couple of weeks now before the first ever Indian
Idol is chosen and the excitement coupled with apprehension among the
final two has reached the nail biting stage. The question on
everyone's lips will be - 'Abhijeet ya Amit? Kaun Hoga Indian Idol?'
greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 1:58am | IP Logged

pmahesh, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i must say I do agree with some of things you have said above.  But while saying that, i want to add here that people are going overboard with comments that rahul vaidya was copying sonu... Sonu did not think so himself.   Its people like farah khan who started this thing out. 

Did u hear Rahul sing Ehsaan tera hoga.. he sang it beautifully and with loads of emotions.  He sounded (of course not a patch on the original) like Rafi... Why are comparisons not being made there.   Rahul has a good voice and he sings well.  He carries himself well on stage and has an excellant screen presence.  Abhijeet sounded like Kishore when he sand Julie.... Was he copying Kishore...   NO.  Allow all of them to sing their own songs and then only will u realise their originality.   When each of them sings a song, it is difficult for us not to compare them with the original and judge them on their own merit.  When Rahul sang Ehsaan tera hoga, naturally comparison was drawn to Mohd. rafi and immediately the mind rejected it saying it was not as good as original.  But it is only when one looks at it in isolation do u realise that by himself also it was not bad and was in fact pretty good. 

OK.  I am a Rahul Vaidya fan, I can go on and on about him.  But i feel one cannot deny him his due.  I dont mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone or even comment on others opinions.  I am just expressing mine. 

sims Groupbie

Joined: 29 January 2005
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 2:11am | IP Logged

well done priti u really said what all i wanted to say . everyone saw rahul as an over confident and very very spoilt brat except for a few people. he did deserve being voted out for his own good coz he is not yet ready to get the title and about amit sana , i think he is a wonderful singer . i havent missed even one episode of indian idol and having watched all his performances he is really a very versatile singer and he really tries hard on his stage performance and it is working too . if it is his looks then there are many who have exceptional talent minus the looks . please people there are ohter things in the besides looks . no wonder our country is the one where the most fairness products are used . and fair and lovely ad says it all .  i think we should give a hint to amit sana to put fair and lovely and come for the grand finale Big smile . what  wonderful ad for them .


i really really hope amit sana wins he has exceptional talent and a certain charm toooo.


 good going amit sana i am keeping my fingers crossed for u


Edited by sims - 21 February 2005 at 7:58am
Who-I-Used-2-Be IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 October 2004
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 7:18am | IP Logged

Like greatmaratha has already discussed, i find ppl always complaining abt Rahul copying sonu very strange...isnt it sonu u ppl r talking abt ???? then who could judge his voice being copied better other than sonu, but he himself isnt complaing abt that......when he finds rahul vaidya the only threat to himself in the future (and i believe sonu is one of the best singers from the whole sub-continent ) y r we questioning rahul's singing ability????? its sonu who knows more abt the ABC of singing than any of us and he doesnt have any prb with rahuls singing style, y r we making such a big issue of it????? Confused

P.S: i hope abhijeet wins 'cuz out of the two left, hes the one who deserves the title.......but as far as voting is concerned , im prepared to expect the worst.........Ouch


chandoba Senior Member

Joined: 18 February 2005
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 7:23am | IP Logged


thanx for replying.. i was about to reply but u raised all points so there is nothing new to say...

one more,, abhi and amit may not be humble persons in real life but in front of screen they are!!! and rahul vaidya is not !! (he is over confident, too agressive about selcting songs) he hasen't achieved  much in his life but still he feels he is the best.. so what kind of person he might be in real life, we all can guess!! and as pmahesh said, we have to bother only about their screen presence not actual...

i agree that most of the music directors are inspired by any others work. even greats like c ramchandra( go re go re o banke chore - film samadhi note and note copied) o p nayyar( ae dil hai mushkil- CID) shankar jaikishan, madan mohan( tujhe kya sunao ae dilruba- ankhri dao---- original yeh hawa yeh rat ye chandani- sangdil) have copied but if you look at their entire career, u will notice that 90% songs are originals and 10% are copied or inspired, but in case of anu malik reverse is the case

he copied nusrat fateh ali khan, his barsat mein hab ayega sawan ka mahina is lifted from "main zindagi mein hardum rota hi raha hoon" and many more...

and please do not compare anu with AR rehmaan!!!! please, if u want to compare then compare him with bappi lahiri, nadeem shravan

rahul sang "ehsaan tera" really well, but sonu himself sings like rafi so whats the point? have u noticed song selection of rahul? he almost selected sonu's songs only !!! otherwise rafi's( chahunga main tujhe, ehsaan tera, ajahun ayye balama)and when he selected chaiya chaiya, we all know what happened!!,but if u compare others ... they are far ahed... most imp thing is THEY ARE ORIGINAL. and why should somebody listen a "sonu nigam" type singer? he can always listen to sonu only!!!

i have nothing personal against RV, i still feel he was the better singer amongst the whole lot ( of course barring rahul saxena and vishal kothari--i think vishal is the most unfortunate guy in this event,, loosing in the first gala round. rahul saxena vs vishal kothari in finals!!!! what a wonderful treat that would have been!!!) and the most important point u people do not consider, if he would have become the idol, he would have continued singing like sonu nigam. there wouldn't have been any improvement from his side. Atleast now one thing is assured, he can find out his mistakes(atleast he should do that) and try to work on them. this is only a begining of his career not the end.

i hope we find a new RV in the next season(sony should give him and others a second chance)as a matured singer, and it will ultimately beifit him, us and whole music world

Edited by chandoba - 21 February 2005 at 9:29am

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