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dream IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 9:10pm | IP Logged

Hey what  happened Rahul has been voted out why dear fans why have not  u all voted for him I wanted to vote him million times but I live in Bangladesh so I can't, my whole family & friends love him I didn't have the courage to see him on the bottom 2 & yesterday.....i cried whole night & still crying. But we must pray for him to face that situation but I know he will be a greatest singer very soon I've decided to not see Indian idol cause Sana  & Abhijeet are good but they don't deserve that title & either of them win I'm sure India will not be the winner of World Idol & they doesn't have the quality to be the idol but Rahul had it ,I know he'll get many offers from Farah Khan ,Karan Johar & other producers to sing in their movie but still feeing too bad do you all also, I saw aish & someone else is huge fan of Rahul what do you all think please share your comments with me I'm heart-broken.Cry

pmahesh Goldie

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 10:22pm | IP Logged

Rahul Vaidya out of Idol race!

The 'Indian Idol' race has finally boiled down to the last two. Rahul Vaidya is out of the reckoning, finds Vickey Lalwani.

Rahul Vaidya - smiling through the tears!

Voice quivering with emotion, Rahul says he is clueless what went wrong with him in Thursday's episode. "I accept people's verdict with humility. I think I should have made it, but that's life. Now may the best candidate win," he says philosophically.

The two running neck to neck in the race are a nervous duo. Almost biting his nails hard, Amit Sana asks, "What is it that you want to ask me when I am walking on the thinnest portion of the long rope I have travellled across so far?"

"I was confident that I will come this far. But there's a big difference in feeling about it and having actually achieved it," he adds.

TAbout the betting, Sana claims that he is clueless. "We are locked up in Taj Residency. We hardly read anything. It hardly matters to me. I am getting
good sleep," he quips.

Sana, who not so long ago, was tipped to win the coveted prize was the third favourite (6/1) for Thursday's episode. "It hardly matters, " he shrugs. "But if you say that, it has made me even more determined."

So far, the contestants have chosen the song according to their whims and fancies. But for the final round, the judges- Anu Malik, Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam- have the final say.

Songs which they will sing in the final round:

Chanave- (a number from Kunal Ganjawala's album)
Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika- ('Josh')

Zindagi Mein Kabhi Koyi- 'Musafir'
Woh Kisna Hai- 'Kisna'

On the other hand, dark horse Abhijit Sawant, whose cool and affable persona seems to have won him a few extra points, was the first favourite for Thursday's episode (5/2).

Sawant however does not claim surprise over the betting. "I heard something about people gambling on us. That explains that the programme has become a rage," he chuckles.

"I think we both have our strengths and weaknesses. After the entire filtration has been done, now we both will have to hold our nerve. The one who will perform the best when it counts the most will win," he adds after a short pause.

Going back to the recently ousted Vaidya. The guy had a tendency to tell his counterparts to let him sing the song what they have chosen, if in case he develops an affinity towards it. When asked to clarify, he quipped, "It has been blown out of proportion. Hosts Aman Varma and Mini Mathur were simply pulling my leg."

The buzz now is, superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be the celeb judge for the grand finale. Remember, you heard it here first!

poonampotnis Newbie

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 11:01pm | IP Logged

Hello All. I am a new forum member. And the reason I joined a forum was Rahul Vaidya!

It was extremely sad to see the Absolutely Brilliant Little Master getting VOTED OUT.

Well, Indians seem to vote more by their own choice of songs than by the quality of the song these guys sing. No doubt Abhijeet Sawant has picked up immensely, but did someone realize that he sings those songs which any good to average singer can sing well.

Amit Sana has infact deteriorated his voice quality to a large extent - thanks to his medical problem - but do you think SONY and Indian Idol will risk their 1 CRORE on a singer who has been advised not to sing?

The Dark horse has geared today, deserves the seat no doubt - but the Little Master was far far far more deserving. Was it his mistake if his voice sounds like Sonu Nigam that Indians have thrown him out?

Where more could you get a complete package that

1. Looks good

2. Speaks Brilliantly

3. Young Age

4. Can be a perfect Host for any TV Show

5. Can sing all types of Songs

6. Was never once commented bitterly by the Judges...

Cmon killed a bright future for the most deserving guy.  I really dont know why every one who do not favour Rahul Vaidya finds him as Arrogant and someone who wants to snatch his fellow-mates songs? People, you let someone sit on your head, they will sit on it and dance. Talking about Arrogance - show us one person who remained humble after they achieved stardom. Arrogance and stardom come in a combined package...lets accept this fact. And what do we have to do whether Rahul is arrogant or humble?? We are concerned with his performance and what he offers to India as a singer... none of us are even remotely related to Rahul Vaidya to comment on his behavior.

We all have mistaken his confidence and ability to mesmerize everyone as 'DOMINATING & OVERCONFIDENT'. He is still young. Confidence ooozes out of him in loads because he has been before the silver screen right from his childhood. No one is the judge to mark him on his singing just on the basis of his behavior. Lets restrict ourselves to our own quarters. Indian Idol is now USELESS. All the best singers have gone. Lets start seeing TALENT as a TALENT thru Competence and not just SYMPATHY - Dont get affected by deceptiveness..Wake up India. In a world of globalization, competence counts - I also feel a lot of Casteism has happened here.

poonampotnis Newbie

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

A piece of advice for SONY & INDIAN IDOL:

1. You have been losing good singers for someone like Ravinder Ravi right from day 1.
2. People in India vote on the basis of SYMPATHY than on the basis of COMPETENCE.
3. Ravinder was good, no doubt, but what we require for the Title of Indian Idol is someone who has reached a level of excellence - learnt music the way it should be learnt....
4. India saw him painting & in his 2X2 house - and started voting for him immediately - the result for which we lost very talented people like Rahul Saxena, Harish Moyal, Aditi Paul, Vishal Kothari and even Mukesh Pancholi. After all this, I can term Ravinder Ravi as the SILENT TSUNAMI WAVE.
5. Infact, the wave that no one noticed was AMIT SANA. His quality of singing has reduced because of his vocal problem. He should be smart enough to leave the competition than winning 1 crore and then being unable to fulfill the contract.
6. RAHUL VAIDYA - the most talented amongst all is out today. I think SONY will waste its contract if they allow Public Voting till the end of the show.
7. We need judges who search talent on the basis of TALENT only and not SYMPATHY. And Farah, Anu and Sonu are simply PURRRFECT as judges.
8. Abhijeet Sawant - no doubt - will be a good choice NOW that RAHUL has been thrown out. But Amit Sana - no please.
9. Wake up SONY and Indian Idol - your money is at stake...You have just lost the best guy who could fit in anywhere...Good Job!! If you continue to do public voting, you will soon see value for your money..
10. I remember Harshawardhan Nawathe of Kaun Banega Crorepati - when he went against Public Opinion on using the helpline for his 1 Crore question. I dont trust the choice of Indian public anymore...Poor Rahul Vaidya - he had no choice but to accept public demand.

11. Here is a personal message to you RAHUL: Goddess Saraswati is extremely happy with you. You are blessed with abundant talent and energy. You too will have your share of success in life. Just be humble enough to let it happen and do not get disturbed by what harm India has caused to you...Keep Singing - Remember the story: King Bruce and the Spider.? All the best wishes to you and your family..Sincerely. Please DO NOT get disheartened..I know it will be difficult for you to cope up..But I am sure that a brave guy like you will surely do it...

Poonam Potnis
Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Mysterygirl_me IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 11:31pm | IP Logged

hey poonam i m definetely wid u i mean why rahul vaidya he was just simply the best and i cried alot yesterday why? he has got all the talents and was the most deserving to be the indian idol i m really going to protest he has got good voice,good expressions in songs,good looks,gr8 performance level n what not just about everything needed to be the indian idol and he really was the indian idol and definitely i m very much  against now for some of the people in india who just look at sympathy and not at the singing powers of a particular singer and definitely not only the viewers of indian idol r going to be reduced but also of sony it was a gr8 channel before but now definitely all of the rahul fans r not going to watch it and plz stop public voting the judges r doing an excellent job and they really know who has the real talent and i would definitely like to say to rahul that he's simply the best and no matter what i m always going to remember him and his talent rahul u r blessed with tremendous talent and i know n hope to see lots of work coming from u in the future years u r the best and many people r with u u rock man..!!!

If i talk about the final 2 contestants then they don't have anything except for abhijeet who has good vocals but people just give amit votes because of sympathy and i don't really care now who wins the indian idol but my indian idols r definitely RAHUL VAIDYA and PRAJAKTA SHUKRE...!!

Edited by Mysterygirl_me - 18 February 2005 at 11:32pm
Who-I-Used-2-Be IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 11:44pm | IP Logged

Very very well said poonampotnis Clap, u have voiced almost everything i have been feeling.......

Hearing Rahul's name yest. made me speechless and my heart bleed for him...But he should 've known it was coming when rahul saxena and prajakta got voted out..when rahul saxena couldnt even make it to the top five how could rahul vaidya win ???( thnx to voting ) Im unable to understand how can anybody prefer amit to rahul..but considering the fact that ravindar ravi was preferred to rahul saxena it seems possible......Rahul vaidya was the best singer amongst all the contestants and even if he has attitude, his remarkable singing ability shouldnt be questioned just 'cuz of his attitude.......Now that rahul is out, i fear what if Amit becomes the indian idol although he doesnt deserve it at all...abhijeet is of course, loads better  than him......

I wish Rahul Vaidya all the best and pray to God that he'll get his due......Hes definitely my idol no matter what, and will remain in my heart forever........And my respect for Sonu has increased to a great extent for being noble enough to give Rahul a standing ovation.......Clap 

Rahul Vaidya, u were, r and will always be the best..........


chandoba Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 11:48pm | IP Logged


hi all,

i am new to this forum... read all ur posts and then only decided to join..

so final 2s..... amit and abhijeet.. really unexpected......atleast for me.. but nice to see these guys performing

my elemination list was:(first to go...)

1) Amit Tandon

2) Ravider Ravi

3) Mukesh

4) Harish Moyal

5) Aditi Paul


7) Abhijeet

8)Rahul V

9)Vishal or amit

10) Amit Or Vishal

winner Rahul Saxena.........

but it didn't happen, Rahul S and vishal were the most unfortunate to eliminate, as vishal is winner of 4 epoisodes of SA Re Ga Ma Pa and rahul is the winner of mega finals

About rahaul v Vs others

Rahul vaidya is better singer than amit sana and abhijeet sawant.. he is trained by Suresh wadkar.. his voice quality, sur, tal ki samajh, theherav is  really nice to watch. though his range is limited(his voice cant take upword notes, especially tevra spatak re and ga and ma..)(chaiya chaiya and even ehsan tera) so what he has to do is to down his scale by one or two patti..some time he makes up (with ehsaan tera.. he sang that song really beautifully) but somtimes it doesn't (chaiya chaiya) but thats not too a big problem.. with proper riyaz he will overcome this( he is just 17).. and copying sonu is really no an issue.. many great singers(not sonu nigum.. he is ok and Hariharan, shankar mahadevan, suresh wadkar, udit narayan ,jagjeet sing are far better than him,, let alone great yesudas and spb) used to copy their favs in their early stages, including the greatest singers of all time, lata and rafi of Noorjahan and KL saighal respectively.

the biggest problem about Rahul v is his attitude,, he is not down to earth. he always thinks that he is the best ( look for his interview on idol's website)plus he is showoff kinda guy.. (when that stupid farah said about sonu, rahul clapped and told other people to clap just to impress) 

his father told the other day in front of thousand viewers. " i am damm confident that rahul is going to become an indian idol" look at the language, confidence(over!!!). kal to uske father ki bolti hi band ho gayi

and yesterday, did anyone notice the expressions of poor kid? he simply couldnt accept it.. he never believed that he could be out of this.. despite anu malik and farah's advice in earlier rounds.. he was behalving like indian idol which he was not. didnt become and will never be again!!!!

but this was really necesarry .. in early stage if sucess got in ur head, u will be out..

i hope, he will accept his defeat and work hard (he has a grt future .. he has some great singing qualities which the others don;t have) and he will change is attitude and will NOT underestimate any other person in future.

bye the way i liked abhi's attitude towards rahul, saying that rahul was deserving than himself!!

what a matured person he is!!  LAMBI RACE KA GHODA

keep it up boy...

chandoba Senior Member

Joined: 18 February 2005
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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 12:22am | IP Logged

show us one person who remained humble after they achieved stardom. Arrogance and stardom come in a combined package...lets accept this fact.


What about lata mangeshkar????????? and ustad zakir husain? my dear

zakir refused padmavibhushan just because his senior pt kishan maharaj was awarded with only padmashree. so he told the commitee to give padmavibhushan to pt kishan mahraj and the lower to himself .. when they agreed, then only he accepted padmabhushan

when lata was doing live show in london in 1974, the great mehdi hassan was also doing the ghazal concert in london, lata met him and he praised lata lot.. but lata said.. "hum kya singer hai, asli gana to app gate hai" and she touched his feet...

and by the way do u call anu malik a perfect judge?????

does he know ABCD of music? what he does .. he lifts anybodys hard work  90% of his work is "chori ka maal"

go to

and u will see all the songs of anumalik and their origins


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