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Shredz Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 4:35am | IP Logged

LoLz vcool....

II & HP fan, u r soooo lucky! God, I wish I was there. I don't suppose they r planning to do a show in Australia anytime soonCry....

Shama Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 7:27am | IP Logged




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vcool Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 9:03am | IP Logged

LOL Winkridajanu and shredz! thanxxxx ssooo much shama, i got the song! sry abt my sisEmbarrassed! and thanx for the pics, they r really cute!Embarrassed btw a few of them r not visible ....maybe they r visible to others i am not sure....Confused

lil' sis dream...................... missing u Cry, jaldi aajao plzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

dream IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

Big smilehelloooooooo my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetesttttttttttttttttttt Reems di,sorry i'm late kiya karu my pc was in my little brothers school actually there was a science fair type program in his school n he needed a pc 2 show his projects,but today my pc is back!!!! i missed u alot n so that i ve beaten my little brother!!!di how was ur trip??? nice of course!!! u know i've 2 tell u a lotzzzzzzzzzz of things kaha se suru karu??? ok starting 4rom 13th JUly,it was nearly 12.30 @ afternoon,i was preparing 4 my computer exams.. one of friends informed me Rahul,Abhi n Prajakta r coming on the next day,14th July!!i was totally shocked coz b4 sum days i heard they r coming after 1 month but my friend was totally right this time n u know theyheard this news b4 1 day but they didnt tell me in phone boz they wanted 2 see that crazy type of khushi in my face n really i can still remember i was sooo happy that i didn't know what to do n i started crying,i cried alotttttt!!!!! ok coming on 14th July they came but their concert started 4rom 15th July in Gulshan Club but i didn't got any tickets coz it was only 4 the members of that Club anyway next day 16th July a concert in Chittagong but not in Dhaka ok i waited 1 more day 2 see my luv!! i got V.I.P tickets of Sheraton Hotel's (Winter Garden's) ticket n trust me it was their best show ever in their whole life!!! n this was also their last concert in Dhaka!!! after a long intezar i got the tickets !! now i m gonna tell u abt the most memorable n best day of my life 18th Julywhen i met my luv Rahul!!!ok me,my 2 sisters(cousins),my friend & our parents went there!! n all of us got the tickets n we sat so close to Rahul..i mean to the stage!!!we reached there at 6.15 n waited for abt half an hour till the gate opens,as soon as the gate opened i hold my sister's hand n i became sooo emotional u know i was gonna that person whom i luv more than my life!!! we went inside n after abt15 minutes the host of the show came n said the 1st performance will be a Bangladeshi band's which is called Promithius n they made us bored!!!& they sung tooo loudly that at last me n my friend put a tissue paper in our ears,funny hai na!! but after singing 5 songs they went out we remove the tissue 4rom our ears n our Prajakta came,she was luking soooooooooo cute!!! 1st she sung 'Nawi nawi yeh Batein hai purani"4rom Parinita, then "Dekhle"4rom munna bhai,then "Ayie meherban","mera naam Ching chung chu","main saat samundar dhol gaya","ishq kavi kario na","mehboob mere" then she took a short break n Guess who came????? MY LUV >>> MY LIFE >>> RAHUL VAIDYA....didiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! abhitak i cant control myself u dunno i became a bit ....mad!!!as soon as he came all stood up n shouted rahul,rahul!!!! i shouted a lottttt!! u know he has became much slimmer but he was looknig just Dashing,supercool,gr888888888888,cool,luvly...he is really soo good looking more than as he look in TV,..ok Rahul came on the stage n my dreams alllll came true{remember Kripa's 1st reaction in KYPH when she saw Angad}..ok rahul wished us Good evening n sung "kal ho na ho" n u know i moved my hands n said him "HI" 4rom my seat n i was keep moving me hands n he saw it & u can't believe he also said me "hi" with his hands n gave me a kiss 4rom the stage i was totally shocked !! i couldn't believe that kiss n hi was 4 me but when my sisters n aunties of the front seat luked @ me i beleived it!!! i was a bit unconcious!!! the he sung "yeh jawani" n we all shouted soooooooooooo loudley & u know he was doing a step n copied him n he smiled when he saw me copying that step~ but i was so happy that at least he luked @'s enough 4 me!!!then he sung"Tauba tauba","Kisna"n u know his "kisna" was superbbb n it was totally different from the Sana one but i think it was 1 of his bestttttt performance,then he sung "bijuria" his dancing was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet n u know till the end my hands were above n i was keep moving them so that at least Rahul saw me ..but after a few minutes all raised their hands!!u know Rahul is a gr8 performer n during his songs he made us just dewani of him n sum uncles n aunties were not singing so he sung 2 lines of a sooo funny stars like Jaago Bhai..hey u know what he wore….. a black sweettttttt n gr88888 short n tight t-shirt with silver stipes in them n a black jacket type coat but during singing "bijuria' he said "main ab jo gana gane ja raha hoon woh main iss coat ke saath nahi ga sakta n he just removed the coat n acted like he's gonna throw it to the audience n we all was sooo eagerly hoping 2 get it n we got ready 2 get that coat but our destiny or rahul's cleverness i dunno but he threw it to their guard n said "kiya karu bohut mahenga hai na aur mujhe bohut pasan hai,kaise du???" we all laughed after hearing that!! n during singing kal ho na ho when the line" chahe jo tumhe puree dil se milta hai woh mushkil se"he said "really app log jo mujhe itna chahate hain woh kal ke baad mujhe kavi nahi milenge" n then i said to him Rahul pleazzz rukh joao phir,maat jao India bapas{but i know nobody heard it}ok then u know after his every song we shouted "Rahul,rahul"n he said "itna pyar to hume India main v sayed nahi mila",then he spoke 2 us in bengali n u will not believe that he can say vvvvvvvvvvvvv good bangla he said" Bangladesh ami tomake khoob bhalobashi".he also said a lots of things in Hindi....he was in the stage most of the times n sung more songs than others!! n whenever he came all stood up n started cheering"rahul,rahul"!!!! he asked us abt what song he sung in idol n b4 he completed his questions we gave him answers n ya he also sung 2 lines of Kaal Dhamal n he was abt 2 star the song Tera intezar just then the host came n asked him a question thats whats the best comment that any judge gave him during idol he said that is when Sonu said whoever become the idol RAHUL is gonna give him a tuft competition !!!then he went 4 a short break n our indian idol Abhi camein a blue coat n white shirt...Abhi was luking gr8888 he's health has improved!!!he sang "mohaabat lutaunga" he also sang with him then he sung "bhegi hoot" n then"woh lamhey" it was abs gr88888,i luved his songs all of them have improved alotttttttttt!!!!!then he sang Mujhse Shadi karogi n a small child danced with him but Abhi didn't danced but we enjoyed alotttttt!! abhi luks really gooddddd!!!!!!n suddenly he went… we all thought the concert was over n we bcame sad but then Parajakta came n sang "Dhoom machale" n the other song ...{sorry i forgot!!!}then once again Rahul came n we heart started beating so fasssttt, rahul sang "jeene ke hai char din"n during it i became just soo much pagal n started 2 moving my hands sooo much n saying rahul "hi",n i dunno he saw it or not but after 5 seconds he also did that n laughed ,i also laughed bcoz he luked so funny while doing that kind of thing n i could imagine how was i luking when i did that ,then he sang "tumse milke" n believe me he took at least 12 minutes or more 2 sing that he said he'll sing " dekho pyare yeh nazare yeh dewane hai ishq main kaise ghum..3 times"n we have 2 sing with him a line thats "Haiiii" then he'll sing "tumse milke dil ka hai jo hal kiya kahe",we sang "hai"but he said we've 2 sing louder ,we keep singing n after singing 6 times Rahul hold the Mike a put it in his head n beat himself n said us to sing louder & all said"Haiiiiiiiiiiiiii" n then rahul said ya thats it,n he continued singing then called Prajakta n Abhi on stage n they sung "kajra re"4rom "Bunty n Bubly"n Abhi n rahul acted like fighting during this song,they were luking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool n abhi put off his coat rahul then already had put off his coat n he hold his t-shirt n he was abt 2 put it off ,but at last he didn't do that!!!his t-shirt was awwwwwwwwwwwwesome n in this song 3 of them of gr8888888 n also tried to copy their steps as all were dancing but i once again raised my hands 2 Rahul n once again he also raised his hands to audience i dunno to which person but it seemed 2 me that he did it 4 me coz all was dancing n only i still kept my hands above towards Rahul!!!!then they sung "monica oh my darling" n then we came back coz it was abt 11 p.m but i heard the concert also finished after abt 15 or 20 min. after we left n i think their last song was "pal" n "yaroon"...1 of my friends got Abhi's autograph n its now @ my hands but i didnt got Rahuls one but hopefully next time!! i've taken many pictures of Rahul, abhi n Prajatka in the concert n soon they'll b in my hands n i really wanna share them with u all!!!!!hey di i enjoyed a lot it was the besssssssssssttttt day of my life thanks 4 supporting me i'll tell u more in my next post but rahul rocked n abhi n prajakata mind-blowing all dreams came true!! rahul luked @ me i couldn't believe that he threw a kiss 2 me i am totally .....stunned!! but really i became soooo vvvvvvv much crazy when rahul came on the stage n i shouted a lot i think thatwhy he saw me jo V ho,i saw him soooooooo closely...i luv him...he's my jaan.......n all of them r really good!!!! hey fanz sorry if i've written so much but i cant stop myself 4rom telling u all abt my experience of watching my jaanu Rahul, pretty Prajakta n cool Abhi!!!!di pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me soon!!!!!!! n i'll keep telling abt more abt the concert!!!!i m on the top of the world now!!!! Reems di pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz write soon!!!!!

.........................................Rahul's dream.Big smile...............................................

Shama Senior Member

Joined: 23 March 2005
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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

OMG dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did u just write all that, or am I seeing the matrix???????

simple320 Goldie

Joined: 30 April 2005
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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 4:50pm | IP Logged are so so so lucky......and thank you so so so so much for giving us the full description of the concert....especially me.....i thought they were coming in November...and i was happy cuz i am coming to bangladesh in november....but then i heard they're coming in july...i was so shocked and sad....but after your description.....i feel so much better...thank you....and i'm so happy for got to meet your luv.....hey don't forget to show us the the way...wuts your real name (if you don't mind).....
luving_gal_neha Senior Member

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Posted: 21 July 2005 at 7:45am | IP Logged

I agree with shama di!!!


Btw         Who am i???? Does ne remembers me?

Mysterygirl_me IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 21 July 2005 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Hey dream awesome analysis that was simply mind blowing n i luved it thankx for the whole thing dream ur so so so so so so so so so lucky ur the luckiest person on earth oh my god ur post was so good i could imagine myself there with u and reems di as well haina reems di i m sure when u'll come here we'll do all the crazy things and we'll be lost in our idols thankx again dream u rock....!!!

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