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suki11 Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Sigh the day most of us dreaded has finally come and gone. RJN, Indu and Sanchi have breathed their last on our TV screens.

Personally I'm a funny one when it comes to loss and grieving; I seem to have a delayed reaction, and rather than despair I only feel drained with emptiness and shock.

A few of you know that my beloved Nana passed away earlier this year, and even though it's been months since that horrible moment, I still haven't truly come to terms with the fact I will never ever see him again.

It's hard to explain, but it's not like I can't face reality and the facts, rather the harsh true doesn't really sink in. Maybe I'm just too dense...

At any rate I'm digressing here; summed up what I wanted to say was that I think it will take me a while to really acknowledge that fact that we will never again see the antics of INSA and co.

However I still want to take the time to praise my all-time fav. Desi soap and its characters.

Firstly I want to applaud the extended cast of the Mathurs, Tiwarris, Indu's boys, Mahek, Uni Professors, and the Pandeys. Lol there were times were I wanted to slap some sense into the crazy basket vase that called herself Veenaji. My God the way she suddenly went into one of her mad ranting fits, and lashed out in a frenzy causing more harm than good for her family, left me holding my head in my hands. Still I couldn't deny that at the end of the day all Veenaji wanted was what was best for her family. The only thing I regret is that we never saw her regain any control over her daughter. Sanchi right to the end did what she wanted, when she wanted, how she wanted, regardless of her mother's words, actions, or feelings.

But what the heck Veenaji only has herself to blame for Sanchi being such a wild cannon. Lol after all she must have inherited the cuckoo gene from her only!

And if Sanchi inherited insanity from her mother, then she also inherited stubbornness and a fearless nature from her beloved Papa TCM.

For me TCM will always remain a deluded old man, whose sole motive in life appeared to be to live through his headstrong daughter. Yet I can't take away the fact that he himself too never backed down in the face of danger. He never bowed down to Indu, the Tiwarris or anyone or threatened him. Maybe this was foolishness, but still knowing that he would never physically stand a chance, I feel compelled to give the man a little credit for his bravery. TCM was a fool but nevertheless he was a brave fool.

Sadly we'll never know what happened to Sanchi's siblings, but when they were shown, they were always a ray of light and fun. I'll hate the fact that we never saw more interaction with them and Indu. During the hate track it would have been so entertaining to see Indu becoming attached to Sanchi's sibs and vice versa. Maybe they could have used as a plot device in helping Indu reform himself, alongside him being shown in a new light by Sanchi? Alas this was sadly never meant to be...

Coming to the Tiwarris; Anita and Sushil were sorely underused, and were doomed to always remain in Saru and Radha's shadows. Still I will always love Anita's flashes of defiance as she never waived in coming to Sanchi's aide when she needed it. Plus Sushil's loyalty and fierce love for his family has to be commended. Lol I'll always have fond memories of the time he brought the band Baja for INSA's wedding, and danced with full josh amongst them in the mohalla.

Radha, redeemed herself at the end of the show, from being a heartless shrew. I'm glad she did too, as no matter what we thought about the character, the actress who portrayed her never failed to impress.

Still Radha did show some moments of humanity; such as the times DS and Saru conspired to kill Shweta, the look of disgust on her face proved that Radha was against that vile deed. Then was the time she Saru was taken to jail alongside Indu, she was left distraught. And of course she bawled her heart out, upon discovering the fact Saru had a mistress.

Saru was vile and a scheming snake, but he too was shown at times to have a heart. He did truly love his brother, sister and even Indu to an extent. But his pride would never allow him to tolerate any act that shamed or hurt him even from his loved ones. Hence why he disowned Malti, and turned against Indu when he sold him out to Sanchi.

The show's end portrayed Saru as a man who put aside his pride, in the light of the fact that he could either live with it and alone, or cast it aside and retain his family. Thankfully for him he made the wise choice, and shed his pride and ego, to live happily amongst his loved ones.

Lol the Pandey family will always be a riot. Loved their dysfunctional chaos, and I'm happy that Roop got her dream man (Guddoji!), and Shoba realized what rather who were the actual priceless beings in her life. Again like Sanchi's sibs I dislike the fact that Sitaram was packed off never to return. He was a true selfless, and hilarious character.

Rolf and my creepy Mannu, finally turned from a frog into a regular ole Prince Charming. But once again in true Mannu style he was too late, as his Princess had already left his life. Still Mannu can console himself with the fact that he was the most devious character in RJN. IMO in a battle of wits he'll always outsmart Sanchi; unless of course she uses her feminine charms and exploits his one weakness...

Mannu's lady love Mahek, can also hold the title for truest and loyalist friend. I know Indu's boys were devoted to him, but their love verged upon worshiping him. This meant that they were unable to deter him from taking the wrong path. And although Mahek could barely make a chink in Sanchi's stubborn ego, she still attempted to do so. A true friend doesn't only stick by you through thick and thin; a true friend also has to be one who loves you enough to call you out on your shortcomings, follies and from taking a reckless path, no matter how much it may hurt you. Mahek IMO always tried to do this with Sanchi, sadly for her though Sanchi dismissed her words.

I find it sad yet ironic that the boy crazy and romantic Mahek was left single at the end whilst the anti-marriage Sanchi found marital bliss! Still Mahek should count her lucky stars she retained all her limbs despite being the bestie of the impulsive and rash Sanchi...

Rofl what can I say about Indu's boys? They were mad, bad and everything a decent girl should despise, but still I adored them all. Yogi was hot, Guddo was lovable, Raju was sweet with his stammer, and Lucky had the honor of being the brainy one of the group. Guddo might have a romance with Roop, but we all know that along with the rest of Indu's boys his one true love will always be his beloved Bhayaji.

Finally coming to our lead pair of INSA, I honestly don't think I have the words to express just how much I loved them. AD and PS did a brilliant job in bringing them to life on the small screen.

For instance during the forced marriage scenes PS was fantastic, as she portrayed a heartbroken and lifeless Sanchi.

And when it comes to AD, well let's just say that at times it seemed like that it was his talent and his talent alone that whole show was riding on. From the fact that SP seems to promote Indu/AD the most even over PS/Sanchi hints to me, that even they have acknowledged the fact that he is indeed a rising star. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future AD is shown in another SP drama, as I doubt even they could be dumb enough to let a superb actor like AD slip through their greedy little fingers.

On the note of greediness, I have to say that no other female lead in desi soaps, has ever been shown as greedy as Sanchi to me. Ruthless, and evil yes, but greedy no. Sanchi was power mad, and literally thirsted for it, like a blind man lusted to see the sun. Even at the end of the show our alpha female only dismissed politics, as once she had triumphed in its game it no longer held any charm for her. She now wanted to enter the corporate sector and brighten her name further.

Maybe the Indian audience wasn't ready for such an ambitious female lead, and to some extent I can't blame them. I mean I'm hardly the most romantic of girls, but even I wouldn't be as stone-hearted as Sanchi was to Indu during his Manju phase. I know she never desired a true lover, but still she might have kept in mind the saying of 'never looking a gift horse in the face', when it came to accepting Indu's unwanted love.

I could say oodles and oodles about Sanchi, but then we would all be here until kingdom come! Suffice to say that at times I found the girl insufferable, especially when she strutted around believing that she worth more than the value of Indu's love for her. Grr how freaking egotistical can you get, by acting as if you were more priceless than Love itself?!

Then when she enjoyed every minute of breaking both Indu and his heart, made me want to put my foot through the TV screen! I think if CV's had shown her less gleeful at the thought of causing Indu pain, we as a viewing audience would have found her more likable.

I appreciate that CV's wanted a strong lead, but they didn't need to make her so unrelatable in the process. IMO if they had shown Sanchi angry at Indu over the fact that she had to stoop so low, by lying and sneaking around to get her rights, as opposed to finding it oh so thrilling and enjoyable, I personally would have liked her more.

At any rate like everyone else in the world even a woman on top like Sanchi had to bow down to the power of love. She defeated Indu in all their battles but ultimately lost the war, as she fell hopelessly, unwillingly, and madly in love with him. In a way Sanchi's character arc truly came to a full circle there. She stared off valuing only the things she worked for in life, and snubbing anything that she didn't shed blood sweat or tears for. Hence why Indu and his heart meant nothing to her, and her attitude of the 'world is not enough'. Yet towards the end she too realized that best things in life such as true love are indeed free, or rather the only things worth gaining and having.

Sigh finally coming to my darling gunda and always will be a gunda Indu Singh...

For me Indu Singh will always be a diamond amongst the ruff. He was cruel, bad, arrogant, and downright evil at times. Still his golden heart made sure he retained his fans at all times. If anyone asked me right now what I want most in a life partner, I would answer 'someone who loves me truly, madly, and deeply as Indu Singh loved Sanchi'.

As much as Sanchi scorned Indu's love for her, was as much as I and hundreds of others yearned for it. Sure we all knew how scary it could be to have someone want and love you so much, but still none of us were quite as dumb as Sanchi to not appreciate it's true priceless quality.

One thing Indu always retained was his steadfastness, and unwavering love for Sanchi. No matter what Sanchi did to him, no matter how much they fought, no matter how much he lied, one fact that Indu never denied or backed down from was the he indeed loved Sanchiji Mathur.

She humiliated, disgraced, and humbled him publicly, still he maintained that he loved the girl who dubbed him her greatest enemy. And maybe Indu was indeed that. After all he was the one who took everything she believed and valued in life, and shook them and her around until, she was forced to reassess her priorities.

We all hated him during the forced marriage track, and despised his treatment of Mahek, and TCM. Plus I don't think anyone of us to this date can quite comprehend how he thought any of his wooing tactics had a bat in hell's chance of working. Lol for future reference any love-struck Romeos should take note that a locking a girl in a classroom, and stating that your wild animals destined to be together, will not have her rushing to be your Juliet anytime soon!

However showing how you'll be willing to put aside your pride, ego and dreams to allow her to accomplish hers will take you that one step closer in winning your dream girl's respect if not her heart.

As a biased Team Indu fan, even though I hate the fact that Indu lost to Sanchi on so many levels, at least I however can console myself that he finally got what he always wanted most; the heart of his Sanchiji.

And with the success of Indu's victory in mind, I'm ending my longest post to date on a high point. Now I know a lot of people didn't like the ending shot, but I personally thought it was very apt. INSA waved bye to their well-wishers and family, before turning to each other. Indu offers his hand to Sanchi, safe in the knowledge that she will willingly and lovingly place hers in his. He no longer has to force her to take his hand, or accept his heart. She too no longer has to scheme against nor scorn his love.

Hence they begin to walk of hand in hand before, Indu releases Sanchi, and places his arm around her, leaving them smiling at each other, as they walk of pace for pace towards a bright and happy future.

Indu proves that he respects that Sanchi can walk unaided and that she can furthermore indeed hold her own in life. But nevertheless he wraps his arm around her to let her know he will always be there as her support and rock, which she happily accepts, appreciates and plain loves.

So finally in the end our heroine gets everything in life; a happy family, respect from her peers and elders, a bright future, and the love of the hero.

Bye Bye RJN...

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khosla03 Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
Hats off great post suki...loved it but we will never forget INSA.

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UDEY Senior Member

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 6:01pm | IP Logged

From one  'Team-Indu'  member to other -

Thank you for this awesome swan song ... ClapClapClap


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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Well written suki...

I m gonna miss your analysis and always miss Ruk Jaana nahi Unhappy

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Sonali.S IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
what a brilliant always, just loved it.

I am satisfied with the ending and i dream of indu cutie pie.

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-Namita- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Suki, awesome post. Am going to miss reading your insightful posts.

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amud Goldie

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
u r a good analysts suki...may be u r having more ways to go...gonna miss ur updates as well...Cry i wish u with all luck and love...Miss You Always

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roshaeldsouza91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
am going to miss this and everything suki...Cry love you and loved all the things you have written.. 

ufhhho am going to miss all of this.. our suggestions and everyones ideas and analyse and fun we have.. gosh am going to cry now..
keep in touch loveHug

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