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:: AarYan Express #13 : Pareshaan ::

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AarYan Express 
P U N A R   V I V A H   W E E K L Y    N E W S L E T T E R

#13th Edition : Pareshaan


Hi Everyone, missed us last week? Well, we had taken a week break due to the Diwali Celebration. Hope everyone had a splendid celebration too. And even our Aarya had their first Diwali celebration together right? So lets have a look on how was their celebration and what was the up and downs that they had to face Embarrassed


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19 November 2012

Yash informs Aarti that he would not be able to come along with her to the hospital as he would be going to the court along with Pankaj. Dubey warns Shobha that he would inform Yash about the truth, if Aarti does not arrive along with Ansh. Aarti decides to help Prashant by taking Ansh for the bone marrow transplant operation. She feels guilty as she had to hide the truth from Yash. Later, Aarti gets apprehensive when Yash comes outside the hospital. Meanwhile, the doctor expresses his concern over Prashant's operation. Shobha tries to contact Aarti but fails. Aarti had accidently dropped her phone because of which it stops working. Concerned about Prashant's life, Dubey calls Yash up and asks him to meet him. He asks Yash not to inform Aarti about their meeting. Shobha breathes a sigh of relief when Aarti arrives with Ansh at the hospital. Dubey meets Yash in a cafe and tells him that he wants to tell him about a certain thing.

20 November 2012

Ansh inquires with Aarti why she brought him to the hospital in spite of getting him vaccinated. Aarti smartly informs Ansh that Prashant requires his help. Ansh agrees to help Prashant. Dubey tries to confront Yash by telling him the truth about Prashant. Just before Dubey could reveal the truth, he receives a call from Shobha. Shobha asks Dubey not to inform Yash about Prashant. The doctor informs Dubey that the first stage of the transplant has been completed. Dubey breathes a sigh of relief when he learns that Prashant's condition was stable. Buaji learns from Ansh that Aarti had purchased gifts for the Scindia family. Aarti feels guilty about hiding the truth from Yash. At first, Aarti decides to confront Yash but later she thinks that it was not the right time to do the needful.

21 November 2012

Aarti gets elated as Yash decorates the room with lanterns. Yash calls Shobha up and invites her for dinner. At first, Shobha refuses, but later agrees. Prashant convinces Dubey to attend the dinner party which the Scindias have organized. After the laxmi puja, Yash convinces Aarti to come with him. Arti, Yash along with Prateik, Paridhi and the children have fun while bursting the crackers. Prashant feels sad as he could not spend time with Ansh on Diwali night. Yash spots Prashant in the market and invites him to come to his residence to celebrate Diwali

22 November 2012

Yash gets inquisitive on encountering Prashant and starts questioning him the reason for him being here. Yash saves Aarti from falling down when she loses her balance. Yash tells Aarti that he wants her to meet his new friend. Aarti gets shocked when she realizes  Prashant and Yash are friends. Payal tells Yash that she knows Prashant as she had seen him in Aarti's house. She informs Yash that the same person had saved Aarti's life. Aarti feels guilty about it and decides to tell Yash the truth.

23 November 2012

Yash calls Prashant to join him to play game while Bua notices that Aarti and Shobha are not feeling good about this. Yash brings Prashant to the room and as he passes a shirt to Prashant, Arpita's photp falls down and Prashant gives it back to Yash and Yash says that Aarti is special and doesn't minds Yash holding on to the past. Yash decides to ask Aarti if she minds Yash keeping Arpita's photo? Aarti sees Prashant walking out and she says how can an outsider decide what should be in their relationship? All of them sit to play the game while Bua sees Ansh's photo in Prashant's wallet. Buaji then says that Prashant has become so close to Ansh that he is keeping his photo in his wallet and Yash looks at Prashant.

This week there were one scene that stand out form the rest and that scene was definitely the Diwali scene where we get to see the entire family doing there pooja and dress up and all, everything looking so beautiful. Diwali brings everyone together, but the Scindia's need no occasion to be together they are also together. It Yash & Aarti's first Diwali together.
(Sorry, I get no pic. on this scene)
And another scene was this one...

(Images by sylvaniaLUX_ PV Picture Gallery)
Isn't the best thing a guy can do for his wife on their first diwali together...Shows how much he loves or cares for her.
Last week had a few good scene but i like this one the most..
(Image By PV FaceBook)
It was so wonderful to see gayatri with her thre daughters in law doing the karvacauth pooja along her her husband and three sons behind them.

The Awww, for this week was definitely when Yash return with the python and Aarti was walking pass about to fall, and there our superman was to rescue her...,Aww so sweet our diwali eyelock and Yeh Dil in the back ground, so sweet...
Last week, the moment that made all go Awww, was surely they moment where Yash Scindia promise Aarti he will always truth her

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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To be edited later


The Best Dressed crown of previous week is surely deserved by Aarti Scindia. Aarti, in her simple yet gorgeous saree with that light but extremely pretty necklace and that little nose ring looked extremely beautiful and ethereal. She had an absolutely apt make up and nothing over done enhancing her natural beauty and just adding a magical touch to her whole outlook. Big smile Embarrassed

The Best Dressed crown of this week goes to the youngest couple of our show, Pratik and Paridhi.
Pratik in his blue kurta looked very vibrant and cool enhacing the shade of his character while Paridhi looked very pretty because of her hairstyle and light make up. Both of them really complimented each other and shone out as a couple.


The Most Romantic Moment or shall I say Moments of this week Punar Vivah was definitly when Yash came into the Scindia's Mansion and Aarti was about to fall and he caught her , so sweet and there was the famous eye lock between them. Another moment was where Yash and Aarti had there discussion on Diwali morning on what they will do in the night, and Aarti told Yash they will light crackers.LOLYash Scindia immediately loss his smile, and there he was talking a bunch of maddness, which made Aarti understands he is afraid of crackers..,Funny but yet cute and romantic.Yashu and his cute, innocent face and Aarti there is her troublesome mood. Another moment was when Yash ask Aarti about if she had any problems with Arpita, and if she felt insecureand there Aarti blast off about who prashant is, she got very angry and was about to leave and Yash hold her hand telling her to clam down and smile a little, and she did smile...,It was a little romantic because of the fact Yash actually clam Aarti down, and Prashant kinda knock some sense into Yash brains...LOL
Last week had a bit romance also, remember on the karvacauth day, Yashu and the video recoder, videoing Aarti where ever she goneLOL..,Yash in his naughty avatar..

The Best Performance of this week and last week was by Yash & Aarti.
Yash for his change, he being so caring towards his wife, making sure nothing even touches her. Gurmeet Choundary portray the prefect husband in Punar Vivah for this two weeks.
Kratika Sengar, what do one say about her? An expression queen she is. How well this damsel manage to hide her feelings and juggled her emotions. Got between her past and present, Prashant & Yash. Wow, this girl was the best for these two weeks, Shobha Maa, put forth a condition to her, and she got bombered, but yet she manage the situation. Aarti was just amazing, full of emotions


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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Best Dialogues of both this week and last week go to Yash Scindia. He's being the ever charming and ever captivating man with his dialogues and which hold an importance and significance in the life of people around him...

This week, when Yash tells his son Ansh the moral of a story saying that we should always be helpful to others and never say no when others need us. This moral value from his father held such great importance for Ansh that when he was told by his mother to help his friend uncle, he remembered his father's words and agreed to face his fear of injections to help his friend uncle.

Last week, Yash's words of togetherness, love and trust somewhere always soothed the guilty, conscious and stressed heart of his wife and she always found solace in his words and presence.

This week OMG! Moment was what were they thinking of making Yash take Prashant to the Scindia Mansion.AngryFor what i am seeing he isn't causing any trouble, but Bua already suspects something and she will create trouble.
An OMG! Moment from last week was surely that sudden change in Shobha, that was so unpredictable, her behaviour wasn't quite right with Aarti, She emotionally Blackmail Aarti with her son against Prashant. Her character is so cool, I seriously didn't liked how she behave towards Aarti. I wonder what were they thinking making her like that.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Hi guys, the greatest shock happened this week is nothing but Aarthi accepted Ansh's bone marrow. This is absolutely unexpected..and yes of course Prashant arrival in Scindhiya mansion ...


Most Irritating Scene of the week was when Dubey Jii called Yash at Cafe n he was like ...he Called Yash n he didn't tell him the truth n then he suddenly left from there n left Yash alone..m mean how can someone do like this with an Innocent boy ..like yashSmile...n sooo much involvement of Bua jii was tooo  irritating to watch this week...Dead


Okey, it can be understood that Prashant is keeping the beard to show that he is sick.
But despite being ill, he managed to keep his beard neat and tidy LOL

Ansh had just gone through a bone marrow transplant and he can walk like normal so fast that too without feeling any pain? A real superkid i would say.


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Siggy by: saher90


Gurmeet avi  By:  meimei

Avi by: albut 

And here is a gift for you Wink :

And here is your gift Party : 

Who else can carry such hideous colors with some bizarre designs? Nobody else but Gurmeet aka Yash who looked drop dead gorgeous throughout the week.

Be it an effeminate shade

Gaudy colors

Sober white

Mysterious black

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged
By:  shubhika124

By:  Mr.Zk

And here is your gift Party:

SS:Everything Changed

Author: Akui1984

Genre: Drama/Family/Romance

Song: Andekhi Anjani Si

Andekha Anjaana Sa Pagla Sa Deewana Sa

Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re

Chori Se Chupke Chupke Baitha Hai Dil Mein Chupke

Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re

Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si

Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re


Synopsis: Will you marry a person, who you haven't met or seen? Yash Scindiya for the sake of giving a mother to his two young daughters Palak and Payal Scindiya marry a widow single mother of Ansh,  Aarti Dubey. Will Yash and Aarti marriage bring happiness and love for these two people? Kya Zindagi milegi dobraa?



Author: Asmai

Genre: Angst/Hurt-Comfort/Family

Song: Guzare Hai Aaj Ishq Mein

Guzare Hai.N Aaj Ishq Me.N Ham Us Maqaam Se
Nafarat Sii Ho Ga_Ii Hai Muhabbat Ke Naam Se

Hamako Na Ye Gumaan Thaa, O Sa.Ngadil Sanam
Raah\-E\-Vafaa Se Tere Bahak Jaae.Nge Qadam
Chhalakegaa Zahar Bhii Terii Aa.Nkho.N Ke Jaam Se

Synopsis: What will your reactions be when you find out your spouse 1st husband or wife is alive? Scared is heartwarming story that is from Yash's perspective where he finds out the truth about Aarti being a divorcee and that her dead husband is alive. Yash is scared of losing the woman he  loves and his son  Ansh to Prashant.


SS:Destined To Be Yours

Author: Shubhika124 and DMKJ_VB

Genre: Angst/Hurt-Comfort/Family

Song: Kaunsi Hai Woh Cheeze


Kaunsi hai woh cheez jo yahan nahin milti
sab kuch mil jata hai lekn hahn Maa nahin milti

Yaad kisi ho to aisi baat sunaye
jisme kabhi na kabhi Maa ka naam na aaye
duniya me koi aisi dastaan nahin milti
oh sab kuch mil jata hai lekin hahn Maa nahin milti

Jinki Maa hoti hai khush kismat hotey hain
jinki Maa nahin hoti jeevan bar rohtey hain
jism unhey miltey hain lekin jaan nahin milti
oh sab kuch mil jata hai lekin hahn
Maa nahin milti, Maa nahin milti
kaunsi hai woh cheez jo yahan nahin milti
sab kuch mil jata hai lekin hahn
Maa nahin milti

Synopsis:  Once a upon time, far away from India, in London a single father Yash Scindiya asked his youngest daughter Payal Scindiya, "what do you wish for your birthday? In her innocence, she asked Papa I want my mother!!! Will Yash be able to fulfill both his daughter's birthday wishes and given them a mother? Will Yash be able to forget Arpita and his haunted past and move on in his life?


SS:Destiny Has Its Way

Author: Zahra15

Genre: Angst/Hurt-Comfort/Family

Song: Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho

Sheesha ho ya dil ho
Aakhir toot jaata hai
Kaafi bas armaan nahin
Kuch milna aasaan nahin
Duniya ki majboori hai
Phir taqdeer zaroori hai
Yeh jo dushman hai aise
Donon raazi ho kaise
Ek ko manao to duja rooth jaata hai

Synopsis:    When Destiny Has Its Way is a beautiful heart touching story about a happily married wife/daughter-in-law who finds out that she can't convince and be a mother. How will her husband and family react? Will Yash and family accept adoption? Will a miracle happen to Aarti and she is blessed with child of her own?  

And here is your gift Party:

By -enchanted-

And here is your gift Party:

With Prashant and the Dubeys getting closer to the Scindia's, are the truth bound to be revealed anytime soon? Its either Aarti decides to open up the truth to Yash or Dubey might tell the truth to Yash. Anything that happens,  we can be rest assured that its not going to be something easy for Aarti Confused

Another week went by and the truth is still not out and its really an uneasy feeling to see Aarti getting troubled that she is unable to be normal nor to inform Yash about this truth. To make things worse, Ansh is involved in this problem and now Prashant is also getting closer to Yash.  With another week going by without the truth being revealed, we can give it a 4 thanks to some happy moments during the Diwali celebrations.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Hi everyone, we are back after last week's break. Hope everyone missed us and also had a splendid Diwali Smile

So have a great weekend and enjoy our weekly newsletter Wink

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