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Nixkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Wow superb many i too  missed Esther's summary...lovely Hollie...Keep it upStarThumbs UpHug

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Pearl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks Hollie for the Lovely summary of this weeks episode...Clap
Missed Esther's amazing work and thanks for taking over and doing a great jobBig smile.
Last week was not bad but too much of MM dialogs..Confused
Hopefully good news from the TA/T regarding the pregnancy.Wink

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Shalins Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Thanks Hollie hun for the fantabulous highlights Wink

They are awesome!! Tongue

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MindFreezer Goldie

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-26th November Update by Nixkie/Tanu & Gisel- 

/Vjayam\ things between deepa n prabha become worse with Indira doing the mother's role..padma on the other hand getting busy with settling her son's life..

/Viswai123\ Never expected I would say this one day. GW really impressed me very much. What an idioy TA is? He has to really step out and look around. These days its mostly grand parents who takes care of the kids and they really really enjoy it. He is talking as if T will give birth and take off from the house. She is going to be there. All she needs is some help in taking care of the baby wich GW is ready to offer. And T though she speake that she wants the baby I think she mostly agrees to termination. Or else can't she tell TA with determination that she will have the baby.

-27th November Update by Vjayam/Jeya- 

/Pearl.\ Habba! Finally relieved. Oru vazhiya saw the happiness and smile in both TA/T face. The scene where TA goes to stop the abortion and sees Thulz standing there and their emotions and expressions were beautifully pcturised. Lead stole the show..beautiful acting by both. Kudos!

/jinju\ I know TT won't abort. Innoru dhadava yaaravadhu emaarivinga GW va oaathu? She is like dog tail.

/shubba\ someone ku doubt aama - Gw is always eating only fruits but why is she looking like this then?...
My answer - Fruits sapta energy varum nu C taught shout panna munnala GW always eats..sorry swallows sweets...
Intha mathiri kelvi yaaru keturupa?

-28th November Update by Pearl- 

/Gisel\ Expected GW's talk..Unexpected M's fianc..

/Smiles-20\ Poor Kalyani crying again, want to see her with Mohan (but Padma has to change first!)

/shubba\ prabha...ippo intha social service romba thevaya? Rofl at his last dialogue...en wife, dont raise hands on my wife am...ippo nee senchurukara velaiku (kadan vaangi athuvum ex-Gf ku 2 lakhs) enaku ennamo koodiya seekiram deepa thaan un mela kai veppa nu thonuthu...appadi nadantha indra kita prabha might ask sorry for stopping her today :p...prabha needs one like that srsly...

-29th November Update by Shubba-

/Vjayam\ yes deepa n prabha shud move out and face their troubles..indira has enough with her other daughters and also VR's business hs to be saved from prabha..or he may ask varada to take loan to raise the drivers' salaries!!

/hopper_ocean\ The groom for Kalyani seem to be so matured and understanding.. Lets see how far this progress for marriage is going to take place. I think Mohan will agree with his mother once he knows that Kalyani has agreed for this guy  am sure mohan gona accuse Kalyani going after "wealth" nu .. pavam kalyani.

/Pearl.\ Awww'TA/T. Nice to see them happy and celebrating this occasion. Good to see Puvi after a long time and specially him ignoring GW was a delight to watch. Enjoyed GW snubbed face when TA said that GW is responsible for taking care of the baby'Rofl' is GW going to escape to Puvi's house?? She needs treatment from Sudha ASAP.

-30th November Update by Gisel-

/Smiles-20\ Really Tamil and Tulasi should have given the money to Kalyani asap instead of thinking about how to do Lavanya's function and all.  

/Smiles-20\ Mohan seems to be slowly getting his old habits back...maybe this will unite him back with Kalyani?

/Nixkie\ MM spoiling M's life saying that he is doing nallathu for K. GW is an expert in spoiling her kids life saying that she is doing nallathu for them..What else is there...MM will again say that he was about to do nallathu but fate played against him as life is unpredictable. These 2 great people will never thirunthufy

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vjayam Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Thanks hollie for continuing esther's thread..missed it! great to see the weekly roundup, especially with the pictures!

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Shemmo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Thanksss Hollie for this week sum up Clap

This week was good, esp T&T scenes Day Dreaming But athukaaga we get bad scenes next week (tomorrow) Disapprove

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MindFreezer Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged

-3th December Update by Vjayam/Jeya- 

/shubba\ T and D reconcilation in Indra/TA/prabha presenece was good and was touching...In particular T's dialogues and justification for her behaviour, saying her frustrations cud be thrown only on the place who cared/loved her and where she had more right and including TA and K in her dialgoue was too good...her anger at TA the other day was justified here...Indra being happy seeing T and D was Ponnoda SIL athanalya? :p Indra saying abt Gw was the best and T saying abt GW behviour to Prabha added advantage...

/TTfan\ M's stand was good' But wonder how it proceeds..

/Pearl.\ Too much of Padma screaming. Good to see Mohan standing strong in his decisions and sad to see him considering his dad as his support where as he is the one who was the main reason to destroy M/K relationship.

-4th December Update by TTfan/Bhaghi-

/Pearl.\ Kalyani was shown as a bold girl who faces any tough situation'and just because of MM words, she is ready to give up Mohen?... somehow does not seem convincing. Ippo Mr.K has to show her keeping crying?? Hope this nasty mess Padma creating will end up in M/K marriage. Lets see' Most awaiting slap scene tomorrow.

/viswai123\ I am not going to rant against GW, what ever Padma adi vanga she gave one good chance. So nalla vangattum. When K's mom started 'amma un payan mattum enna manmathane' I was so happy and was hoping to see her porati eduthufy GW-P. But she went into ayyo pavam crying mode. Suthi irukuravanga ellam vayila enne kolukattaya vechuirukanga. Area vitu area vanthuu sanda podura ala vedikai pakurange.

/Vjayam\ this padma does not even care for gw and madam still keeps calling and sucking up to her'what a combo'

-5th December Update by harhem/Haritha-

/jinju\ Super slap and insulting dialogues to P. Bravo K mom! She deserves it totally. But shameless went with the dosa maavu munji even without thodachifying and did ragalai at TT house. 

/Caryn\ Thulasi with her tears??? Again?? Nothing new but so pathetic!!  Seriously she cannot cry and now I am wondering ...  hmmm.  I had so much of expectation on Thulasi character from day one but it is so bad now.  Why can't they show women as strong and brave?

/varny\ Why  the director is using  foul language that Padma and Tamil's Mom uttering?  It is degradable to the language Tamil and to the viewers to watch in a public TV.  You can curse or yell but what is this. Can't they rewind this episode and listen what Padma said. Pathetic.

/viswai123\ It was nice to see Sudha back. After knowing T is pregnant she is the only one who has come to see her and ask abt T's health happily. Nice to know there is some one to come and see her, share her happiness and give her some good advice.

-6th December Update by Shubba-

/Niskie\ I love Sudha she rocked'She was just superb'she need to advice TA to chase GW too for T peace'if MM got any vmss he should not go to the side where T house is with his another lecture of apologizing'stupid man'I will kill him.

/Baki\ Amazing episode.. Sudha was amazing today.. She is truely pratical and that makes her look like a selfish person in this show.. But today she has truely proved how much she cares for Thulasi.. I just loved her today. Do show her and Puvi more. Truely miss them.

/chits5\  It was high time someone put some sense into MMs head. I am glad it was Sudha.

/hopper_ocean\ I so loved sudha in yesterday episode  As a big sister, she gave all the comfort that thulasi need... both of them are only DIL's in this family, but the bond between them is so much better  Tamil had been always a supporting husband but except  for raising his voice and asking his mother to move away, he does not do much or never took any actions  He could have gone to MM and spoke and make things clear for his wife. Sudha did a very right thing by going to see MM and hopefully MM get something into his maramandhai!!

-7th December Update by Shubba/Ratna/Tanu/Shammu-

/shubba\ T stole the show and I was like ShockedShocked that complete part and that too when T said "This is the last coffee in this house"...that was super from T and I hope T really continues the same way and deals GW the same way...Now MM/TA support and external force of Sudha and additionally her own kid.(athuve thani thembu pola)..She is in cloud 9 and TA proved it right with correct entry timing and putting GW in place...appo kooda asarave ilaye...

/Shemmo\ Wow superb Thulasi. She got MM pesina boost pola  Plss handle GW always like thiss

/Shemmo\ Owww Mohan and Babu same place? Kuchta kaalam for viewers

/viswai123\ Multiple treats this week

1. GW-P super slap
2. Sudha 
3. T nethiadi to GW.

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MindFreezer Goldie

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-10th December Update by TTfan/Bhaghi-

/Viswai123\Ok mokkai between P and D has started. It was funny that P said ''appa thappu pannitaru nenakiren''. Atha thane nanga mothala irunthu sollurom. Unga appa etha than olunga sencharu itha pannurathuku. CTs seriously! Is this the P that they had been showing us. He is talking abt status. The same guy who talks opposite of his mom when she talks about status. Any how considering present day Prabha, ithu ellam pattu thirunthura koshti. Born with the silver spoon. Athu correct than, ana athave Bhu sonna singam mathiri panche'

/Pearl.\ TA/T scenes were cute' Haha TA into cooking..good good. Rofl loved GW silence on seeing Thulz and then giving lame execuses. Thulz don't feel bad for shutting GW mouth' you need to keep that lady in check.

/vjayam\ mohan and babu set for clash in both official and personal fronts...

-11th December Update by Vjayam/Jeya-

/shubba\ Mohan is out of the place and Padma is gg to irritate him more...and T/T not gg to interfere in M/K matter...hmm...but TA had a point...
Lol it is ofc true - "kids bring changes in couples life" and there it proves...TA has becomes responsible ? lol..good going...
I guess something is going to happen wrt M/K issue and i wont be surprised if that K's fiance himself would make M/K united unexpectedly...he might be stringent at work place but even outide work too? lets see...

/mala_15\ Thamizh has adviced Thulasi in a right manner not to interfere in Mohan and Kalyani's matter but will she keep quiet as there are chances for Mohan to come and meet his sister in order to plead with her to unite him with Kalyani because as per the promo , Padma is taking further steps to get her son married to another girl. Lets wait and see.

/jinju\ Don't even feel like commenting on Prabha. But I really pity D how can u handle such a guy?! Hopeless! Have to shott Lax for the mess he created in D's life. He nimmadhiya closed his eyes. D dhaan ippa maaradikka vendirukku. P is so immature. She tried to patiently explain him and bring him to senses. But it was total waste. Thaniya pordhu good idea. VR should keep them separate appa dhaan he will get responsibility. He complaining to VR was so childish. How can he go and reveal their talks on hall? Its intresting D did not say anything abt his 2 lakhs loan to her dad even after being driven to wall. Born with silver spoon nu boasting. My foot! Stupid not even realizing he is an illegitimate child, as his parents were not legally wedded. I hated his insulting remarks on TA that he is just a Bank Manager. Nothing wrong in D comparing him to TA. As TA adichified similar looties when he was jobless for 1/2 years. He did not even apply for jobs online. He was vetti but extremely egoistic. He also did all sort of otta adhigarams and behaved weird. Like getting angry on T for asking MM's help to pay the rent, asking her to cook during exams etc. Its good he changed and tries to treat T equally now. P saying he feels his father erred' deepa solla vendiya dialogue he telling!!

-12th December no Thendral! Rajini sir Birthday-

-13th December Update by Pearl-

/maha2us\ The way Mohan behaved shows what is needed when someone is in love. He showed courage and he stood up to his gutter mom and told his position honestly. The way he behaved indicates he deserves to marry Kalyani and a quickly arranged marriage is definite to happen for them. Kalyani's marriage will also be arranged in the same way as is the case of her friends.

/hopper_ocean\ Hah  .. after so long nitish is back. Funny though on how he said his very responsible yet forgotten to pay the hotel deposit

/vjayam\ sudha actually sitting and talking to TT together properly'great to see their interaction'but land on one side and threat of lav camping here and shares on the other side...already am feeling dizzy---(vaithu kalakarathu moreover!)
Gw again in temple..last time she met mangai and cracked up a big scene...wonder what this time...

Kanagu back in picture...looks like deepa probs to increase!

-14th December Update by Pearl-

/Shemmo\ Thendral is getting boring 
This new Suchi is far better than the other twos! 
Plss dont repeat the scenes Kumaran Sir, show something new

/shubba\ Prabha needs some tough lesson and proves he is the son of Bhu...finding fault with the life partner and failing to understand reality...
For Both money is priority and for mom its for the status and for son its again called be status as he thinks if he help people with money he is needs to spot out his attitude and deal appropriately...Where is TPS mom/TPS/ would be nice if they show atleast few scenes so the tracks are in parallel...lets see

/vjayam\ prabha nicely lying on the bed--shows though he is basically good, bhu has brought him to be a useless and lazy fellow! inthule he wants to mind voice...amam yr father did not help VR for nothing...remember it was deepa's call that saved you...and moreover lax did not take loan to help vr...he was sufficiently wealthy and only helped him secure a loan for his business!!!

its good that prabha has got tangled with the likes of suchi..he needs this to be brought to the ground!
amazing work of getting menaka overhear kal's engagement and letting mohan know! well the loophole has been given to you mohan and the loop for padma , maybe!! padma , nee patha ponne unakku digging the pit--!!!!

Friends feel free to comment! Ungande comments enneku use full a irukum. So enne waiting come and comment!

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