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~Weekend with ShaNak~ Updated 1-26 on PG 12 (Page 7)

heer_85 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
 awesome Jeeny Smile
i loved it Clap
 first dat face talk part n then khanak remember her days 
its so realistic that a girl doesn't forget that part heheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 shaan make her slip in her mind WinkLOL
 how caring hubby is our burthal yes those days coz pain he took care of her 
  he came back n their talk was supern I M LATE LOL
 shaan understood at last burthal 
 wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Khanak pregnancy track with her craving  bring it on
 was dying to see this track in RBO 
 khanak craving mein ekk craving for shaan yaar WinkBlushing 
 now want to see hpw shaan took care of her craving 
 update soon 

jenny159 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged

The UPDATE is set Four and a Half months later from the Prelude….

"Khanak?" Shaantanu called out to his seemingly bare five star luxury suite after coming back from his press meet. His tour has landed him away from home, precisely 6,488 miles in Sydney, Australia. He couldn't leave his very pregnant wife alone and decided to bring her along since Sydney is the last destination of his tour, at least for the next six months he had hoped.

"Jee…living room mein hoon," Khanak responded meekly.

When Shaantanu entered the living room what he found almost made his tough, rockstar-chiseled ass cry. His wife, his gorgeous, pregnant wife, was slumped on their couch, looking like she was either going to die of pain, exhaustion, or both.

"K-khanak, Kya…kya hua hai jaan?"Shaantanu asked, concern filling his voice.

"Adhay din se toh app ka intezaar kar rahi hoon. Aur Baby kab se mujhe tang karay ja raha hain, abhi ander yeh haal hai toh agay kya hoga….?? Doctor ne toh kaha tha ke morning sickness hoti hai aisi halat mein per mujhe toh 24-7 sickness horahi hai. Aur cramps toh jaise….Ugghh!, Yeh dekhiyay meray paair kitnay zaayada swell hogaye hai…sab app ka aur app ke uss ka kasoor hai." She spoke her heart out.

"uss ka, huh?" Shaantanu asked, a smirk taking over his face as he walks over to her. "Uss mein kuch contributions tumhari bhi hai, aur meray "uss" se tumhay ajj pehli baar problem horahi hai Khanak…" He was obviously referring to the biological essentials it takes for a baby to be conceived.

"Ugh, jaaiye app yahaan se," Khanak said, blinking back the start of what was sure to be a pregnancy-induced sob fest.

"Hey, hey. I'm sorry. Main bhi kitna burthal hoon," he said, using his affection filled coffee brown eyes to try to force forgiveness out of her.

"Jee Nahi, itni asaani se kyun maaf karo app ko. Mujhe kya millay ga badle mein?"

"Main, yani ke tumhara hot and handsome husband," Shaantanu said, trying a sexier approach to get Khanak to comply.

"Achi kohshish thi, but no thanks. App ne mujh se sorry bola hai, aur meri maafi ki kuch conditions hoti hai. Aur main unn conditions ki baat bilqual bhi nahi kar rahi jinhay app sooch rahay hai, I'm pregnant and I can't..."

"Lakin doo din pehlay he toh..."

"Shaantanu! App apni maafi ki condition soochay gay ya main khud kuch sooch loon?"

"Umm…acha how about a nice hot bubble bath, followed by some…"

"Dessert…bahut saara meetha…!" She completed his sentence in her overly excited hormonal pregnant voice.

"Jaisa tum chaho my Ras Malai!"

Then, Shaantanu picked Khanak up right then and there and marched her carefully up to the gigantic bathroom where her aching body can finally find some peace. After Shaantanu had started running Khank's bath (while still maintaining his grasp on his wife miraculously), he gently lowered Khanak and himself so that they were on the granite slab. Then, he proceeded to rock her while humming the lyrics to one of Khanak's favorite songs, "Mann Bawra" by him, of course.

Khank closed her eyes and leaned in closer to her husband. It was in these moments that she loved Shaantanu the most and thanked her lucky stars for blessing her with a husband like him.

When the water was run, Shaantanu decided it was time to get Khanak ready for her bath. He slowly leaned down, careful to keep her secure on his lap. He started with her socks, gently gliding them off of her. Then, he looked in to her eyes as he tugged the strings of her stretchy flannel PJ's followed by his shirt that she was wearing.

Khanak was immediately nervous. After nearly three years of marriage, not much embarrassed her when she was around Shaantanu. But pregnancy defiantly had an impact on the whole self-image aspect of her personality. She never really wanted anyone to see her bare stomach, including him. It just made her feel like an overinflated beach ball when people stared at her belly, which is what Shaantanu was doing right now.

He could sense his wife's nervousness, but he still couldn't figure out why she was nervous. Sure she was pregnant, but that just made her sexier. Staring at Khanak's bare belly, Shaantanu thought of how much he loved Khanak and how that love had produced a miracle in the form of a precious unborn baby boy. No matter how big Khanak got, that baby lying inside of her was such a turn-on that size didn't matter. She was already so delicate and petite to begin with that the weight didn't really make a difference in his eyes.

"Aisay, dekhna band keejiyaay," Khanak said, breaking Shaantanu from his trance.

"Oh, sorry," Shaantanu said and looked up at Khanak. "Lakin tum nahi jaanti iss waqt kitni sexy lag rahi hoon humaray baby ke saath," He said, while placing kisses on her jaw and down her neck. After, a while Shaantanu pried his lips off of Khanak and pulled himself away.

"App mujhe aise torture nahi kar sakte. App ko koi haq nahi hai iss tarah apni hormonal bewi ke saath flirt karnay ka; it defies all pregnancy rules."

"Even if it gets you a nice bubble bath and my undivided attention AND servitude?" Shaantanu asked while putting bubble bath into the tub.

"Hmm…point toh hai…chalay maaf kiya…abb mujhe mera bubble bath millay ga…?"

"As you wish darling!" Shaantanu stated and gently led her into the tub.

Khanak plopped not so gracefully in and laid down, wanting to relax for a moment before she took an actual bath. Shaantanu, meanwhile, stared at his wife in awe of her natural sexiness. It still amazed him how she could turn him on with virtually everything she did. She was all-around sexy, and he will probably pay for that the rest of his life, in the form of servitude and frivolous requests.

"Shaantanu ghoorna band keejiyaay…vaise bhi bubbles itnay hai ke app kuch dekh nahi sakte…" She said with her head against the comfortable neck rest on the bath tub, her eyes were closed as the warm water around her eased her pain.

"Jo main dekh raha hoon vohi kaafi hai…vaise how are you feeling now…?"

"Hmm…like heaven…aise ideas aatay rehnay chahiyaay hai app ko…"

Shaantanu smiled fully at her comment as he withdrew his hand from her on the edge of the bathtub. He needed to text one of the management guys next door about desserts and also grab himself a glass of the finest red wine before coming back to her in the bathroom.

"Desserts ka kehnay gaye thay…?" She questioned turning her head towards him as her senses picked up his presence near her again.

"Haan... vaise Red wine tumhari favorite hai per abb mujhe bhi achi khaasi pasand aanay lagi hai…" He sipped from the crystal glass in his hands as she opened her eyes and met his gaze.

"Khanak Khandelwal ki pasand hoti he itni khass hai…"


"Aur aisa kya hai jo Khanak Khandelwal ko pasand hai…?"

"Baarish…mujhe baarish ajj bhi bahut pasand hai…"

"Jaanta hoon…Aur…?"

"Romace ki fragrance…Khushboo Bhabhi ne gift ki thi mujhe yahaan aanay se pehlay…"  

"The Ralph Lauren one…?" He asked.

"Haan vahi vaali…" She remembers Khushboo praising the brand.

"Aur…aur kya kya hai tumhari favorite's ki list mein…?"

"App ka voh adhoora gaana jo ajj tak sirf maine sunna hai…yaad hain…?"

"Hmm…vahi jis ki dhun aur lyrics dono maine khud banai thi…"

"Haan…kya tha voh… "Ohh hoo…ohh..hoo…Ajaa main hawaaoon pe behta ke lay chalo…tu hi toh meri dost hai…mhmmm…. Aaja main khalaaon mein utha ke le chalo tu hi toh meri dost hai…" App ne kabhi pura kyun nahi kiya…?"

"Kyunki maine yeh tab likha tha jab tum aur main dost banay thay…shaadi ke baad he sahi per pehli baar hum nafrat ko bhool kar aik shuruaat kar rahay thay…lakin phir dosti se zayaada gehra rishta ban gaya humaray beech…abb aggar lyrics soochna chahoon bhi toh nahi sooch sako gaa…dost kehna he kuch ajeeb lagay ga…"

She laughed aloud at his reasoning and he found himself laughing along with her as well. He loved it when she laughed like that openly. It's the sound that brings peace to his heart every time.

"Mujhe dost kehnay mein itni takleef hoti hai app ko...?"

"Of course hoti hai…jo jagah tumhari hai voh kabhi kissi aur ki nahi ho sakti…"

 "Chalay itnay saloon mein app per meri sangat ka kuch toh asar hua…" She said smugly.

"No one likes to hear such smarty comments from their wife lakin shayad main he aik exception hoon puri duniya mein. Aur bina kuch soochay samjhay shaadi bhi kar li…" Shaantanu jokingly shot back. But to a pregnant, hormonal Khanak, this was no joke. Shaantanu soon heard her whimper and saw the beginnings of tears form around her eyes. That's when he realized what a mistake that joke was.

"Abb aisa kya keh diya maine…? I'm sorry. Main toh bas yunhi mazaak kar raha tha Khanak..." He then began to soothingly rub Khanak's bare shoulder. She pitifully looked up at him, tears still staining her face.

"App ko humari shaadi ajj bhi majboori lagti hai ? phir toh main bhi majboori lagti hongi…??" Khanak whimpered.

"Nahi, per tumhara iss tarah roona mujhe majboor karday ga…. Tumhay yahaan se utha ke lejanay per... ," Shaantanu half-joked.

This got Khanak to stop crying. She even cracked a small smile. And any time Khanak even shows even a hint of a smile his spirits are immediately lifted. Now that her sensitive hormones have been put back in place, her lustful ones were the ones going out of control. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was, but she needed him and now.

"Maine app ko pehle kabhi roka hai kya...?" She said with glimmer in her bright orbs.

He bit his lower lip as he finished his wine and placed the crystal glass on the granite slab. She was giving him all the cues to claim her as his but he knew that they'd be interrupted shortly as the management guy is due back any minute with all the best desserts that can be found in close proximity of the building they are in. He bends his tall stature down against the bath tub and leans his head. The fruity scent of the bubble bath is picked by his senses as her soapy hand traces his light stubble.

"Kehna paray ga kya abb…?" She tugged him forward and his forehead collided with hers. He smiled vividly before proclaiming her pout in his own. She tasted wine and he picked up traces of mint chocolate chip in her. She didn't let him part so soon and continued to savor what he was doing to her hungry lips.



She couldn't pick up on the sound of his vibrating phone on the granite slab or his attempts to pull back. The need to breathe finally loosens up her hold on him…

"Desserts…I'll be back…" He says before getting up from beside the bathtub.

In the meantime, Khanak cleanses her bubble bath covered body and wraps herself in the bathrobe before heading back out to the suite. Her fingers continuously fumble through her damp dark locks in an attempt to dry them off.


"Kitchen mein hoon…" His voice resonated from behind the bedroom area in the suite.

She walked over to him slowly, looking and feeling a lot better than before.

"Arey tum toh khud agayi…main bus yeh…"

"Shaantanu app ne yeh sab kya…itni saari cheezein…?!" She looked around the crowded countertops with bags and bags of stuff. It seems as if he had ordered every kind of edible sweet thing that existed in Sydney.

"Tumhara desserts ka mood tha na…abb batao kya khaaogi…?"

He would always go overboard in fulfilling her wishes, and lately that habit of his had amplified to a whole new level. Ever since his career had taken off in the industry, he had spoiled her like crazy. She had to fight with him to get him stop spending on her all the time. He'd always shut her up with "Meray apnay paisay hai Khanak."

"Haan per itnay saaray…?"

"Well, tum kabhi bhi kuch bhi crave kar sakti hoon…so it's good have all this…"

She peeked in some of the bags on the counter in front of her. There are variety boxes of original Belgium chocolates, truffles, and cakes in the four bags out of 15 that she inspected. He is putting the frozen desserts in the freezer.

"Mujhe app ka banaya hua dessert chaiyaay…voh Ice Cream Sundae…"

"Coffee ice cream vaala Sundae…?"  

"Haan…with butterscotch toffee crunch…"

"You used to hate that Khanak…tumhay meri favorite topping kab se pasand aanay lagi…?"

"Mujhe thodi pasand hai…per yeh janab taste karna chah rahay hain…" She pointed to her protruding belly and looked at him sheepishly.

"Don't blame my baacha…! Vaisay bhi yeh saray tantrums voh nahi tum throw kar rahi hoon…"

"App jo bhi samjhay…jab voh meray ander itnay maazay se reh sakta hai toh mera bhi thoda bahut haq banta hai…"

"Uh Haan…you just keep at it sweetheart…! aik baar voh aajaye ga toh vaise bhi tumhari importance kam hojaaye gee…"

"KYA?!" She exclaimed as he walked up next her with the bucket of coffee ice cream and scooper in his hands.

"Calm down…I was just kidding!" He flashed his handsome smile at her and gestured to pass him the bowl from the cabinet behind her. She does but not without glaring at him.

"Two scoops or three…?"

"Two and a half…" She would be the one to answer like that just to tease him.


"Please…the chocolate one…"

He walked over to the fridge and grabbed the toffee topping, syrup, and whipping cream all at once. She stood watching him make the sundae for her, admired him in silence.

"Aur whipping cream…?"

"Haan…per sundae per nahi…"

"Toh phir…?"

"By itself…aap ke haath se…"

"You've been watching too many Hollywood movies Khanak…yeh sab ideas vahi se aarahay hain na tumharay dimaag mein…?" He could totally make out her intentions.

"Umm…" She pretends to think, to deny.

"Aik number ki dramebaaz hoon tum!" He tugged at her robe's belt buckle to pull her closer.

"Kuch toh chaiyaay hain na app ke intezaar mein time pass karnay ke liye…."

"Hmm…kal se nahi karna paray ga…I am done with the meets and greets…"


"Hmm…" He had his left arm around her waist and moved his right to pick up the whipping cream canister. The convenient nozzle made the task easier in getting the whipping cream out on his finger tip. She watched him bring his hand up to her lips.

"Kya hua…? abb whipping cream ka mood nahi hain…" Her delay made him question.

She smiled fully at his comment and gripped his wrist before leaning down and tasting the whipping cream off of his right index finger. It tasted much better this way. He knew better than anyone else about all the crazy cravings she was having lately, they were not always about food, but even if they were she still managed to make them about him…about them.

P.S: I ABSOLUTELY do read and consider all your comments...so please don't ever think that your comments have gone unnoticed...Just as Ramani's suggestions on craving led to this, your other suggestions might also become my inspiration for next weekend! ENJOY!

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IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
fantastic jenny
it was a super cute and a very lovey dovey update
the prelude was superb... i was actually feeling joyful while reading it u've penned amazingly that how they must have felt and the shanak conv was super fun to read
i loved the update
the conv was super cute full of masti and teasing that makes it pure shanak
loved the way u've penned abt how he care abt her starting from running the bath to the humming than to the song he has written when they were frndz to the dessert and how he goes overboard and spoil her like crazy
the whipping cream part was shoo shweet...
i loved it that how she always makes her craving related to him
loved it
keep writing

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AP... Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Love love love it
I was also expecting khanak to give birth loool

Edited by aasma1 - 09 December 2012 at 8:31pm

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 12:33am | IP Logged

Wow!!!Clap Amazing!!!Clap Absolutely loved everything..Big smile the flow is impeccable!!! Shaan was so caring and took Khanak tantrums with ease as its coz of pregnancy..such an understanding husband..and Khanak too include him in everything..how cute!!! ShaNak are one in a billion couple and made for each other!!! Period!!!

Looking forward and thanks for writing..Smile

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monika_aa Senior Member

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 4:17am | IP Logged
lovely update...

awww...shantanu caring n loving hubby...
khanak as cute as sexyyy...

loved d wud be parents's romance...

sweet ...
will wait fr next update...

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jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 4:56am | IP Logged
ohh i loved her cravings the bath tub scene everything
he is taking of her so much easily giving to  her wishes so caring and loving husband so sweet i loved them Smile 

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ktym Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged
super duper sexy and hot update...
loved it.
beautifully written...
waiting for the next part..

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