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Rang Badalti Odhani

~Weekend with ShaNak~ Updated 1-26 on PG 12 (Page 4)

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iss weekend ka story kahan hain??

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Knock knock its weekend update milega Day Dreaming
I m  waiting Day Dreaming

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Ofcourse Millay ga update!!! Just give me a few hours...editing some things in the update. Love you all for the response!

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Originally posted by jenny159

Ofcourse Millay ga update!!! Just give me a few hours...editing some things in the update. Love you all for the response!

update kaha hai loool...
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The Reunion

Lamhe…Vele Lamhe…Vele Pal yeh
Idhar Udhar Tehl Rahay…
Sehmein… Sehmein Dil Bhi…Bina Tere…
Mar Jaiyyan Tere Bin…Marijaiyaan Re…

Khanak listened to Shaantanu's voice boom through her stereo for the fifth time in a row. She'd been playing his song nonstop from the moment she laid her tired self down in the cold bedding of her hotel's room. It's where she'd been staying after having that huge fall out with Shaantanu over his misunderstanding involving Sunny. Duks had been the one who had stopped her from heading to Dhulwadi that day when she was ready to leave this city and hurt behind her. She had argued with him until she couldn't anymore and he had promised her that he is not going to tell Shaantanu or anyone else of her whereabouts. Not until it was the right time. The last time she had left it hadn't been a good enough reason and he'd came after her in the middle of the night with Daadi and Sunil's approval. Now she had left him again, but it's a lot more serious this time. She doesn't know that his home life has fallen completely apart with Madhavi and Khushboo Bhabhi's constant "I told you so" statement and looks. She doesn't know that he feels even more betrayed with every passing day…hour…moment.

The feelings that had been building within her were confirmed earlier tonight when she realized that with all the lies and the games and with everything that had happened with Sunny that she was the one to still get hurt. She knew in that moment when he yelled at her so fiercely infront of his friends. He had accused her of something she couldn't even imagine doing to him, it had broken her heart completely.

She listened to his voice, its gloom and its sound. It was completely different from what he usually sings, upbeat and inspiring. As evidenced by all the albums he had done, mainstream pop was usually what got him vocal with his lyrics, but this was completely different in both genre and feel. The lyrics were achingly sad, and it pained her so much yet she still played it over and over again. His music was her favorite. She listened to the words; he had clearly written this song all about them. She loved that, she loved that all his songs were special to him. Each one came from his heart and each one was about something he cared about or liked. He cared about them; he wrote about them, he sang about them. She got it now; his music was a part of them, not just a part of him. That's why for the last eight months that they have been apart living in the same city, she had bought every CD of his every time she saw one at a store, at the mall, or just passing by some random stall on the street where the bridal Boutique she now worked at was located. She had been her self-respecting, stubborn self and insisted on earning to support herself on her own. Duks was the only person who came by to visit her from the other side of the town where people drove in big cars, had big houses, made reservations at the finest Mumbai restaurants, did everything in elite style and class…did everything like her in-laws and husband have been doing all their lives.

Binggg…Bzz…Binggg... "Duks Bha Calling"

She turned the music down and sat up in the lone bed to answer her flashing cell phone


"Khanak Bhabhi main Hotel se das minute durr hoon…app se milna tha…"

"Sab theek toh hai na Duk Bha…?"

"Umm..main…main mill kar bata ta hoon…"

He had hung up without saying bye.

She walked tentatively up to answer a faint knock on her room's door. Her husband's best friend stood there with Chinese take out boxes in his hand a faint smile. She smiled back and invited him in. She wondered why Duks had called appeared at such an odd timming; it scared her a little bit.

"Sab theek toh hai na Duk Bha...? App iss tarah…?" There had to be something wrong, why else the sudden appearance with food.

Duks noticed the scared tone in her voice. She didn't know what to expect and quite frankly he didn't either. There was something she needed to know about Shaantanu.

"Khanak Bhabhi pehlay kuch kah lay, phir araam se baat kartay hain." He looked up at her while settling the boxes and plastic cutlery on the small wooden table. She remembers her husband teaching her how to eat with chopsticks exactly like the ones Duks is holding in his hands.

"Jee..." She said with a small smile and sat down on the chair across from Duks. They ate in silence. She used the plastic cutlery instead of the chopsticks.

"Shaan ja raha." The words left Duks's mouth and her suspicions were confirmed. Something had happened, she just knew. "Hameesha ke liye shayad..." Her heart broke in little pieces. The man she loved had resorted again to walking away, running away. Every time things seemed like they might get better with him they never got better they just got worse. It was so unfair to him…to her...to them. She thought leaving him would have at least given him his space and he would keep his focus on his music. Shaantanu was a talented, a natural at what he did; He had earned a name for himself through his music and despite everything she is proud of his accomplishments.

Duks could see the concern on her face. He could see her eyes questioning, sad, for her husband. He could see that she genuinely cared…still cared. He knew that because even his best friend, her husband also cared…still cared. The two of them surprised him a little each time he looked into their eyes and saw concern, attention, care…it probably surprised him because it was so rare for him to see two people be so torn apart yet still sewn to each other at their hearts.

"Ghar mein sab kuch badal gaya hai Khanak Bhabhi…voh yahaan iss tarah nahi reh sakta…"

"Aaada ne kuch kaha kya…?"

"Voh toh kuch kehtay per Madhavi Aunty…App jaanti hain ke voh app ke baaray mein kabhi kuch galt nahi sunn sakta…"

"Pata nahi…pehlay jaanti thi per abb…"

"Itnay mahinaay hogaaye…app…"

"Bha app ne vaada kiya tha…"

"Jaanta hoon aur issi liye aaya hoon yahaan…Appko Bhabhi sirf kaha nahi samjha bhi hai…Aur Shaan ko toh hameesha Bahi he samjha hai…lakin iss rishte ko yun bhikra hua nahi dekh sakta…aur ajj jo dekha ussay baad…"

"Dekha…? App ne kya dekha…??" Khanak questioned worried.

"Voh pehlay vaala Shaan nahi raha Khanak Bhabhi…humaray saath bethay huye bhi saath nahi hota…abb toh uss kay ghussay aur junoon ne bhi uss ka saath chod diya hai…haar gaya hai voh apnay app se…"

Duks words pained her, she felt and knew what he was going through, she always did. Her eyes burned with moisture.

"Ussay sab kuch chod ke jaanay ne sirf app rok sakti hai Khanak Bhabhi…iss waqt kissi bhi zidd aur puraani galtiyoon se zayaada Shaan aur app ka rishta hai…main app dono ke pyaar ko kabhi nahi samajh sakta kyunki khud abhi tak pyaar nahi kiya…lakin itna jaanta hoon ke meray dost ko sub se zayaada zaroorat app ki hai…sirf app ki…"  

"Kab ja rahay hai…?"

"Kal shaam saath bajay ki flight hai…London ja raha hai…"

"Studio nahi aagye gay kal…?"

"Ayega…Sam aur mujh se millay bina nahi jaayega…"

"Aur Rahul…?"

"Jo kuch hua uss ke baad Rahul ne Shaan ko sab kuch bata diya tha…usskay baad Shaan ne kabhi Rahul ke baaray kuch nahi kaha…Rahul ki company se contract bhi  khatam kar diya…Sam aur Rahul ke beech bhi bahut kuch badal gaya hai…"

She sat there in silence. Duks observed her for sometime before he reaches out to the empty take out boxes and picks them up from the table.

"Khanak Bhabhi main abb chalta hoon…kuch bhi galat keh diya hoon toh…."

"Nahi Duk Bha app ne kuch galat nahi kaha…Dinner ke liye thanks…"

"Hmm… khayaal rakhiyaay ga apna…"


She walks Duks to the door and shuts it close when he steps out in the empty hallway of the hotel. Her body resembles her sinking heart against the door and her tears flow out like a lost river trying to find its shore. She misses him.     

He is almost done packing his belongings in his charcoal grey luggage piece when he feels something in the inside zipper. He searches it out and what he finds makes his facial creases more visible...he sighs…it's her picture from their Honeymoon…her playing in the waves like she controlled them…dressed in faded Capri and puffed sleeved white blouse…

His fingers traced the photo frame and he looks at it with longing for a few minutes… the sound of his buzzing cell phone alert him and he places the photo back in his luggage as he answers the call.

"Yeah Sam…nahi main bas packing finish kar raha tha…Hmm…30 minutes mein Studio araha hoon…okay…see you then…"

He walks in through the studio doors, dodging the reporters and paparazzi at the entrance. His aviators used to be enough at one point to keep his cover but his baseball cap is starting to become a necessity as well.

"Good Morning Sir…"

"Hi…has anyone…"

"In your Studio Sir…"


He expresses his gratitude to a familiar face that dealt with public relations and such. He'd never paid enough attention to learn her name. It's almost as if he was incapable of even trying anymore.
His baseball cap flung from his hand to the wooden counter above which his guitar and several other musical instruments were hanging. It's the first thing on would see while entering the Studio. There is a recording box at the left made out of sound proof glass.

"Lights toh on kar leti Sam…" He says flipping on the switches himself in the dark studio.
The lights reveal what he wasn't expecting at all. Her petite form that he feared of forgetting. Those pretty, dark eyes that he would lose himself to. Her delicate hands adorning kangangs that Daadi that given him to place in her hands. Her distinct lovely scent that always gave away her presence. It all came back in that one instant that left his heart questioning his mind of her existence. Was she really in her sight…? He needed to sit.      

She sat next to him on the edge of the Studio's stage folding one leg behind her and placing her hand on his thigh. At her touch he lost what he was going to say for a moment, her tiny little hand was stretched out and placed gently on his thigh letting him know she was reality…she is here. He could feel her hand through his jeans; he could feel the searing heat of her touch through the fabric. It was as if she was branding him with her console, but it was a good feeling, a nice feeling, a feeling he'd missed way too much. A feeling he would always need in his life, something he had been living without painfully for so long.

"Itnay din kahaan thi Khanak…? Mujhe se durr itnay din kaisay zinda rahi tum…?" He questioned looking in space of the empty Studio. She still had her eyes on him.

"Jo gaa rahay thay app uss he ke saharay jee rahi thi…issi intezaar mein ke aik din kabhi app mujhe dhoond lay gay…"

"Mujhe laga tum Dhulwadi mein hoon…vahaan gaya tha per tum vahaan nahi thi…tumharay Bai aur Aada ko preshaan karna theek nahi laga toh bahaana kar ke vaapis aagaaya…"

"Aur abb…? Abb kyun ja rahay hain yeh sub chod ke…apna music…dost…parivaar…"

"Inn sab cheezoon mein sirf music mera apna hai Khanak…aur kuch bhi nahi…"

"Aada ki kuansi baat per ghussa hai Shaantanu….? Aisa bhi kya keh diya Mummyji ne jo app yeh sab chod kar ja rahay hai….?"

"Dad ne toh kuch kehna he chod diya hai mujhse… aur Mom jo kehti hai voh sunay ki bardaasht abb khatam hogaye hai…"

"Aur aggar ajj main app ko kaho na jaanay ko…kya app meray liye ruk jaaye gay…?            

Only she was capable of making his absolute decisions seem uncertain just like that. Only for her would he lay his heart out, open it up completely to her with no inhibitions. Giving in to everything that she wanted out of him, only she brought that kind of effect.

Only he was capable of saying the sweetest words to her. He was the only one who would lay his heart out like that for her. Only he trusted her like that. Only he was totally and completely honest with her and revealed to her his heart. It made her feel special. It made her feel like she was important, like she was needed. He needed her; he needed her in his life. If only he knew how much she needed him, how much she needed him to need her. He could always depend on her. He'd messed up and He'd learned his lesson. She wasn't going to leave him anymore, not ever again.
Both of them needed each other now for the rest of their lives. They were independent and had their own things to do, he his music and she her designing but even still they were in an entirely co-dependent relationship in an entirely vital way. They needed each other to survive. They needed each other to be there just to listen. She would always listen. She would always be there. She would never leave again. Ever.

"App aggar ziddi Maha Purash hai toh main bhi app ki Patni hoon," she laughed. And that was all he needed to hear to know it was true and to believe in it. "Na main abb kahi jaaogi…aur na app ko jaanay doongi…" She assured him anyways.

She was enjoying this moment with him. It was a little sad, because she could tell he was a little sad, but she needed to ask him this now or never, she needed to know. No matter what the answer was she needed to know and clear it up in her mind. She hoped it wouldn't backfire on her.

"App ne uss din jo kuch kaha, kya sach mein app ka bharoosa mujh per se uth gaya hai Shaantanu?"

He looked at her intently wishing she hadn't asked him that. He could see the worry in her face. He could see the fear in her eyes. He felt as sad for her in that moment as she probably felt for him for giving up everything he cared for in his life. People kept screwing with him and he was so brave and enduring in trying his best to keep at least a few of his genuine relationships intact. Sunil and Akshay were there for him but their business and work related kept them occupied. Daadi was the only one who consoled him when she'd find him alone in his room. He hadn't even gone in to his own room which was their bedroom ever since. He just couldn't bear the burden of the things in it. They all reminded him of her…the bed, the dresser, the windows, the wardrobe, the luxury bathroom with his and her sink, and everything else. Even the certain areas in the house where he'd often find her reminded him of her. After finding the whole truth from Rahul he had been guilty on all accounts and hated himself for every word he had said to her that night. She had been hurt enough. He'd rather die than hurt her more. He never wanted to see his Khanak, his wife hurt.

"Nahi, jo bharoosa main tum per pehlay karta tha voh bharoosa tha he nahi Khanak…aik aadat thi…lakin abb khud se zayaada yakeen…khud se zayaada bharoosa hai mujhe tum per…" he tried to say it with as confident a voice as he could. It was true what they said, you learned in pain. He had learned a lot. But right now his brain was stuck on kissing her and he instinctively leaned in. He gingerly placed his lips over hers and pressed gently and softly. He couldn't rush this; he didn't want to rush this. He hadn't kissed her since that night in the rain when he had met her at the gate, dressed in red. It had been way too long. The Goosebumps ran down both of their backs, it caused the hairs on the back of Shaantanu's neck to stick up, it caused her to involuntary, slowly let go. That kiss was heaven, that kiss was tender, it was the touch of the man she loved. It was the realization that they had missed out on so much. Bittersweet bliss.

"App ke saaray gaano ki copyrights mujhe chahiyaay…" She kept her eyes closed a second longer. He looked at her and surprised himself at the bit of relief his heart felt. It made him happy to have her to himself as his wife. "App puri duniya ko iss tarah humari baatein bilqual nahi bata...sorry, gaa kar suna nahi sakte," she smiled a flirty smile and he swore he fell in love with her all over again. She grabbed his chin; "Maha Purash ke secrets bhi hotay hai!" He smiled shyly at her. She dipped her head to his shoulder, not wanting to leave, but feeling the conversation probably dwindling down to an end. "Aur abb app London jaaye gay toh meray saath, varna nahi." She squeezed her hand a little on his thigh leaning in to place a soft kiss on his cheek. His cheek that looked so well defined with this new haircut of his. He had such great features, she loved him so much. It hurts her to have to leave as she needed to get back to wind things up and come right back to him, but she was grateful nonetheless for these moments, for that kiss...

She moved away from him and reluctantly headed for the door. She was the sexiest little thing and she didn't even know it. Walking away from him with a little swing to her hips, her churidaar formfitting, her odhani neatly placed around her neck, different from so many other girls. She was always different, she was always better, she would be his forever. He wasn't going to let her walk out that door. He'd never let her leave again. How could he? With one kiss his whole body heated up, with one soft peck on the cheek his sensations were altered. With one stare, one smile, his knees went week. She thrilled him. She was his everything. His solid rock. The one he could depend on. The one he didn't want to have to call anymore, because she was going to be right there with him. So in a way it amused him that she was heading for the door, if only she knew what he was thinking.


Her heart stopped. She had wanted him to stop her somehow. To say something else, any extra word just so she could hear his voice a little longer, just so she could stay a little longer. "Jee?" Oh please let it be something she wanted to hear. She wasn't sure of what he was going to say. He was more than sure…his voice was calm, poised, soothing, "Main abhi saath aa sakta hoon tumharay…" It wasn't a question it wasn't a statement, it was just truth, it was what she wanted to hear. "Aik Rockstar meray saath chalay ga toh I'd be honored…!"

He smiled at the vulnerability in her voice, at the relief on her face. He was making her happy. He loved to make her happy.

"Vaisay hum ja kahaan rahay hain…?"

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"Hotel…" She answered dropping the idea of heading to the Boutique first. "I-am-quiting" formalities can be taken care of later. She filled him in on her whereabouts and Duks involvement in all of it. He hadn't been surprised as Duks extra calm behavior through his outbursts and frustrations made perfect sense to him.

"Botique…? Kyun Khanak…? vahaan kyun kaam…"

"Maine apni marzi se join kiya tha Shaantanu…vaise bhi app jantay hai mujhe designing ka shauq hai…"

"Haan per…"

"Yahaan se left…aur abb app iss baat per argue nahi karay gay ke maine job kyun ki…"

"Acha toh yeh Hotel jaanay ka sense hai…?" He questions pulling his Audi in the area of the city where his car stood out in the rest of the traffic that comprised of local buses, noisy rikshaws, and motorbikes. He is going to sort it out with Duks later for keeping his wife in this area all this time. It was not safe at all.

"Yeh hat aur yeh glasses…app iss tarah ander jaye gay…?" She questioned watching him adjust the hat and on his head. He had parked right in front of the Hotel.

"Haan...aur please abb tum nahi argue karna ke main aise kyun ander jar aha hoon…"

She led him in and up the Hotel stairs. There weren't many people around but the two of them definitely got a few weird looks from the spectators. He was just hoping they don't recognize him and finally breathes in relief when they reach the empty corridor on the second floor where her room is.

The moment she closed the door behind them he took off his hat and aviators. The room was neatly kept and the distinct traces of her perfume can be picked up in the air. She turned to him and his face took on a whole new complexion, a whole new look. It was desire and it was love and it was want and it was so much more than all of them. She could only look at his face and see seriousness, and she loved it when he gave her that look. A calm in his face and a fire in his eyes, a light that burned through her. He had been standing with his back against the door with her leaning in to him. Their hands automatically found each other's, her right with his left and his left with her right, intertwined and palms pressing firmly against each other.

She was squeezing so hard he thought she might break his knuckles. She was nervous all over again, nervous like she had been their first night, nervous like she had been many nights after that, nervous the way she was practically every time. She never ceased to have that innocent vulnerability, that gleam in her eye that let him know she could only ever trust him with her heart and body like this. Only he would ever know her, only he would ever love her, she could only trust him, just him, only him. No one could ever take this place, her place, unless it was him, only him…

She squeezed a little tighter as he dipped his head down to hers so slow that it seemed like it'd be forever before his lips grazed hers. They finally did and the touch was light. It was soft and it was slow. They hadn't done this in a long time; it was like they were rediscovering each other. They were savoring every taste, every second of every feeling. He let go and turned his head a different way once again coming down to meet her lips with his own. She let go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his neck, she pressed firmly into his lips. He reciprocated by pressing harder into her lips, his arms instinctively wrapping around her back bringing her body closer into his.

He was serenading her lips. It was the only way to explain it, he was singing to her with his lips and with his kisses. Each movement felt brand new, each second driving her slowly insane. This was too much, and all they were doing was kissing. He maneuvered his lips with her in such a way that she felt herself melting completely into him. She followed what he did, too awestruck that she was finally in this place with him to do anything new at the moment. If his lips captured her bottom lip she sucked on his top one and if he bit her top lip she sucked on his bottom lip. She matched him completely. Her heart was racing inside her chest.

His was pounding. Khanak's lips had their own particular taste. It was like nothing else, there was no word for it, it was just Khanak. He had wanted to taste these lips for so long, he had wanted to feel her body pressed against his like this for so long. A part of him couldn't believe it was happening, it had to be a dream. Another dream like the many he had already had. But no, this wasn't a dream. This was reality. She was here, hanging onto his lips like a suction cup. He bent down and cradled her in his arms, never breaking their kiss. This was one of the slowest kisses they'd probably ever had and they were both reveling in it. They wanted to stretch out these moments forever. Oh if they could just go on forever…

He balanced her as he pulled off his shoes and hers. He walked slowly carrying her firmly in his arms, taking the three steps to bed and laying her down gently, as if she could break if she weren't handled with the utmost care. He always handled her with so much care. She was lying on the same bed that felt cold and strange to her, a place she had hated being in for the past eight months. Once she was settled he climbed in placing his knee on the side of her hip and swinging his body so that his other knee was bent on the other side of her hip. He steadied himself over her by placing his hands on the mattress; he didn't want to crush her. He was always so scarred of that; she seemed so small underneath him. The only sound in the room was their lips meeting. Khanak was here with him, it was all so perfect…

She had missed this. His lips playing a dance with hers. They were making out. They were doing what they did when they were alone in Khandelwal house before they consummated their marriage. It was like they were starting over. Reveling in how everything felt again before moving on to more. Too much might kill them. What he did next she thought could kill her. He had been hovering over her, and he finally let his body come down on top of hers. Her insides felt like it was on fire with the friction of his jeans and her clothing against each other. He was straddling her. She moaned into his mouth, kissing him more hungrily, needing him to give her more air, she was having trouble breathing.

He was amazed at how little with her could get him so hot. She was one of a kind this one. They were making out and their fully clothed bodies were touching. And that was enough to begin to drive him to a slow insanity. He was sure he probably had already gone crazy because he just realized they were still fully clothed. There was something inherently wrong with that. He moved his hand and slipped it behind her slowly beginning to pull down the zipper of her fitted shirt. He slid it all the way down and then used his hands to begin to slide it off her shoulders. They both raised themselves up a little bit so that he could slide the shirt entirely off of her. He pressed his body back down against hers. He could feel the heat where their bodies met; he could feel her heart beat underneath his chest. He could feel her. It was so surreal. She was here she was really here. He was so happy.

She was so happy. She had wanted this moment for so long. She had ached for it and here it was and she couldn't believe it was happening. It felt so good to just be like this, with Shaantanu, kissing him, feeling his weight on hers, she wanted more. She slowly slipped her tongue between his lips caressing his lips with it. He moaned into her mouth and opened his up. Their tongues met once again, tasted once again, felt once again, loved once again…She could feel the tingles in her body. She kissed him with purpose, she wanted to taste every crevice…He gripped the covers on the bed with his left hand until his knuckles turned white. Her tongue could drive him wild. She'd tease him and retreat with it back to her own mouth so that he would reach out to it as far as possible and devour her completely. That's what she wanted. But he got her back for it later. It was this thing they did. These games of seduction that drove each other crazy and made them love each other that much more.

"Utaariyaay na..Shataanu…" He kept forgetting they were still dressed. He reluctantly broke their kiss and raised himself up, still straddled around her legs. She ran her hand through her hair and placed her other hand on his thigh. He was going to reveal that wonderful chest of his. That well built chest which during one of his magazine photoshoots she just wanted to cover up because all the girls on the set stared at it. He had gotten even more fit now. She didn't think that was even possible but apparently he could never cease to get more and more sexy. He lifted his shirt up above his head. Wow those muscles would be ravished tonight. She was going to pepper every inch of that upper body with a kiss, a bite, a…

What she saw next made her heart just soar. There it was, his wedding ring. The ring he had insisted on wearing when one of his fan girls had stalked him and sent some disturbing messages to Khanak on her cell phone, he wanted the world to know he was happily married with his soul mate. The ring never had such significance for her like it did today. Almost like the black beaded string with the shiny silver pendant in the center that she has around her neck. Seeing it she knew it had been there all this time, just as her mangalsutr had been. She smiled a blissfully contended smile. He was the most wonderful guy she'd ever know. He was her man.

She clasped his neck with her delicate hands and pulled him down. She wanted to show him how much that meant to her. She kissed him fiercely giving him full access to her mouth and taking advantage of the full access granted to her. His lips were so sensuous, they made her toes curl, and they made her fingers grasp the covers underneath her hand.

He took her other hand in his own and pulled it up on the pillow interlocking their fingers, joining their palms. Their hands were already sweaty but for them it was just a sign of the pleasure they were giving each other. He interlocked her fingers with his; his outstretched hand found hers and joined them. Their hands were together, they were together, their fingers interlocked, their hearts woven into one…with hands outstretched and then clasped they let each other know through touch.

They let go of their kiss to come up for air. They hadn't spoken since they walked up to the room. She kept her eyes closed trying to calm her breathing "Shaantanu…" she whispered breathlessly not really sure what she was going to say, but just needing to utter his name…

"Shh…" was his softly whispered reply. He didn't want to talk, he didn't want to think, he just wanted to feel…he just needed to feel…feel inside of her again, her hands again…that now were running their fingertips painstakingly slowly on his chest. His eyelashes fluttered at her barely there touch…that same kind of subtlety that her kisses possessed. She drove him crazy. He placed his hands on the hem of her shirt, but before he pulled he looked into her eyes. It was a habit he'd picked up from the beginning of their marriage…checking with her, by looking in her eyes, to see if it was ok…he didn't need to do it now, but he had never really stopped doing that. Every time he was there he made sure, he never wanted to hurt her in anyway, or make her uncomfortable in anyway…They hadn't done this in a long time, he just wanted to be sure…

She appreciated it, and she stared back into the hazel brown orbs of his eyes letting him know…it was more than ok. He slipped her shirt off and there a black lacy bra encompassed her bodice; black was his favorite color for lingerie. She would make conscious efforts in buying hers in that particular color. Shaantanu's face burrowed into her neck kissing every inch of it, roaming around it on both sides and feeling her pulse point. He left a straight line of kisses down from her neck to her cleavage. He sat up on his knees gently bringing her with him. He wanted both of them to be sitting up. He looked at her and saw her staring at his cleft chin. She looked up at him and smiled, rubbing small circles on his palm with her fingers. He took her hand and locked her fingers with his. His other hand reached up into her long, flowy hair, his fingers running through it. Not a word was uttered between the two. It just wasn't necessary.

He got back to what he had planned on doing when he lifted them up and but she was doing just that already by placing her mouth on his neck. He smelled like cologne, and oh it smelled so good. She took advantage of a moment he had lifted his head to take control and began that ravishing of his upper body she had thought about earlier. She kissed him everywhere, once on each defined muscle, on his abs, everywhere there was a clearly defined line. She used her mouth on certain areas of his pecks that made him call out her name in a breathless whisper…She smiled to herself satisfied to be pleasing him. She looked up at his face then to see him watching her. Their eyes met, his were lighter than hers, and as she stared into them she used her hands to unbuckle his belt. He stared back into her eyes watching her face as she tugged on his jeans…

His breath caught in his throat the way it did every time he saw her did what she was doing. She was the most beautiful woman in the world, and much like she had a fascination with his chest he had one with hers. And much the same way she had admired his chest with hands he did the same now, first lowering her back down to the mattress and kicking off his jeans as he did. He kissed her where it always made her giggle. And it brought her to another level, it made her skin's heat rise, it made her skin take on a pinkish color, it made her feel wonderful. He wanted to make her feel wonderful…

"Itni hansi kyun arahi hai ajj?" he whispered seductively to her, his eyes the brightest they'd been all afternoon, the sweat on his forehead glistening, his lips swollen from all the kissing.

"Hum pehli dafa beech din mein…yeh sab." She smiled wide, closing her eyes, not having the energy to laugh as she felt his piercing gaze on her. He shook his head with a small laugh, only she would say something like that, and make him love her more because of it. "Pehlay bhi keh chukka aur ajj phir keh raha hoon, pyaar karnay ka koi time nahi hota hai…" he replied with a low husky chuckle. A few seconds passed as they became quiet again, enjoying everything that they were feeling.

With each kiss they forgave each other, which each touch, with each feel, with each breathless whisper, with each stare into each other's eyes, with each moan and with every fiber of their being they forgave each other. For the things they had done wrong, for the things they would inevitably do wrong…with each caress they let it all go, they concentrated on this moment, on this passion that they had together. It wasn't like this for everyone, it couldn't be, and Shaantanu knew it wasn't. The intensity of their love had sensuality to it, tenderness to it that no other love had. Theirs was a different love. Theirs was a special love. There was no love like theirs. No one was sexier to Shaantanu than Khanak; no one was sexier to Khanak than Shaantanu. No, it wasn't possible; no one could beat their love. No one had love like theirs. In every soft touch they forgave each other, in every time he devoured her mouth to eat her screams of his name, in every time he looked into her eyes and told her he loved her. In everything they forgave each other. In everything they became one. In everything they became whole again. In every second of increased passion the void that had been in their hearts overflowed with their love. No one had love like them.

He rose his head from her shoulder to look at the lovely face of his wife, tears were running down her cheeks and his heart sank a little. "Arey…shh…meri Jhansi ki Rani ko kuch pasand nahi aaya kya?" he asked concerned. It was a tender and sensitive moment for the both of them; he hoped he hadn't hurt her in some way…

She smiled up at him through her tears, he was always so worried about her, always making sure she was ok, always taking care of her, he was the best thing that ever happened to her. "Khushi kay ansoo hai Shaantanu, humaray phir se saath honay ki khushi. Pichlay aath maheeno mein bahut rooye hoon…lakin ajj, itnay dino baad khushi mein roo rahi hoon…"

"Are you sure you're ok? Tum kaap rahi hoon Khanak…"

"Aisa he kuch hota hai jab abb app meray itnay pass hotay hai..."

Shaantanu smiled a close-mouthed smile. "Main bhi bahut khush ho Khanak. You're so beautiful and I just…" he sighed, only three words could sum up his feelings, "I love you." He stroked her cheek with one of his hands and wiped at some tears with his thumb. "I love you too Shaantanu." She closed her eyes as he placed sweet kisses all over her tears. He hated to see her cry even though they were tears of happiness like she said. He still didn't like to see her cry; he never wanted to make her cry. No he never wanted to hurt her…no he never would. He would protect her forever because she had his heart. His heart was embedded in her soul. Whatever forces came to try to break them apart it wouldn't matter because he wasn't ever going to let her go. They were flawed human beings individually but together they were perfect. Life wasn't the same if they couldn't hold each other…

He would never be away from her for this long again, he couldn't be. It had been ridiculous of him to think he could ever walk away from her. He knew he'd never be able to from the moment she said "Mithai!" to him in Dhulwadi. His heart had known it but his head had been trying to protect him. None of that mattered anymore; it had taken him these months to realize that he could never be away from her. He could never not have her to hold in his arms. He needed to hold her…He needed her, he needed all of her, her heart, her soul, her mind, her body…he needed it like he needed to breathe. She gave him what he needed to breathe. He couldn't breathe without her.

She felt his soft, tender kisses on her face and they just made her want to cry more. She loved him so much she knew she could never walk away from him again. She would never want to be anywhere but in his arms, his body heat surrounding her, enveloping her, protecting her…He loved her, she knew that and he had her heart for it. Her heart was completely with him, in him, she would never leave her own heart again. He had made mistakes but she had forgiven him and it was all over now and none of it mattered anymore. She was with him, in his arms, in bliss. She loved him with every fiber of her being and she needed him like she needed air to breathe. He was her air. She needed him, his mind, his heart, his soul, his body…He was the only one she would give all of herself to, the only one she could trust, the only one she loved enough to give herself to completely. She needed the man in front of her, the man she loved, the man she had met when he was vulnerable to his own being and who he is now years and accomplishments later…the man she had met when she was nave about the world, the man that gave her an opportunity to live again when the world defied that right to her…

He took her trembling hands and interlocked his fingers with hers, clasping both of her hands in his own…He pressed his palms against hers, tightened his hold on her hands, her wonderful tiny hands that were lost in the hold of his own. Their hands locked, their fingers squeezed…they pulled on each other's hands reassuringly, letting each other know they were there, and they weren't going anywhere…Their mouths continued to love each other, their hands held tightly together…They would always be together…

Always and Forever.

P.S: Would like to CREDIT Vicky Donor's soundtrack...specifically "Mar Jaaniyaan Track" it really set the mood for the entire update...I hope you all ENJOY it! By The way my weekend had a busy start hence the delay...hope you gals didn't mind too much! also remember that Your Feedback is HIGHLY motivational and LOVED by ME! Thanks!! Smile

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AP... Goldie

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
omg omg omg bave no words to describe wbat a beautiful
update, this was I absolitwly loved it..
there love for eachother os still there even after being apart for 8 months
honestly im speechlesss loved it it sooo much...

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jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
i m speechless too 
it was freaking freaking hot 
loved it so much
their love for each other is still intact even after 8 months of seperation 
u have described their love making sooo beautifully it was serene 
it was a flow WOW wonderful 
do write more like this :)))

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