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~Weekend with ShaNak~ Updated 1-26 on PG 12

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CREDIT: Kainat

(CREDIT: Kainat)

Hey Gals!

Here is my thread for "WEEKEND WITH ShaNak" and i am super excited about it. Basically, this where you'll find supper fluffy ShaNak short stories or one-shots every weekend. My intentions here are to entertain all the die hard ShaNak/YashRan/RBO fanatics who are still visiting the forums. I am going to try my best to keep this weekly tradition going and i would love for the others writers on the forum to contribute as well. I know that as a writer sometime we just "scribble" random things, scenes, or simply how we'd like to see our favorite jodi in some situation. Anything of that nature is welcomed by me here. My intention is to give something fun and light (and at time smutty) to read about ShaNak on the weekends. There might be times when I absolutely can't update on the weekends, but i will drop in and let you know. As I said this thread is open to anyone willing to contribute, i would love to have any one or all of the writers on the forum to get involved if they can. Lastly, I am open to all suggestions about themes and ideas that the readers want to read about. Have Fun Reading and Enjoy your Weekends with ShaNak.


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ohhh wooow babe what a goood idea, do poat ur stories here so we can read em,
im not really artistic so I dont make siggies, and my writing auck so I dont write stories loool
so all I will do is read and wach everyones beautiful creations haha
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Weekend One

Sugar and Spice, and EVERYTHING Nice

Khanak reclined back on the couch, squinted her eyes, furrowed her brow, and then yawned as she watched yet another guy dive out for the hard ball that was destined to score a sixer from the opposite team that India was playing against in some off season test series. Her interest continued to deteriorate as the announcer person, she wasn't quite sure what his technical name would be, began babbling on about some sponsor or other before the screen finally cut to commercial.

"Ufff...," Khanak blew out an exasperated breath, "faida kya match dekhnay ka, jab app ko jeet ya haar ki koi parvah nahi hai? Results toh app baad mein bhi pata laga lay gay?"

She was met with a faint mumble in response.

Khanak lowered her head down to where her husbands' head was nestled snugly into her lap, and she sighed.

"Yeh toh galt baat hai na," she informed him, running her hands through the soft silky black locks on the top of his head. "Mujhe kitchen se yahaan bula kar saath match dekhnay zabardasti behtah diya aur khud araam se soo rahay hain...main kyun akeli yeh shoor jehl loon...?"

He nuzzled his head farther into her flat stomach muscles and clutched at her hip with one hand, in his sleep enjoying the feel of her body vibrating when she spoke.

She graced him with a small smile before turning her attention back to the television. A different guy was now standing on behind the wicket...or maybe he was waiting for the other guy to head back in the field, she couldn't tell. The bowler arched back his wrists and let the ball fly through the air. It hit the edge of the batter's bat and bounced off, a few people in back cheered while the core crowd just made disgruntled groans.

"Yeh toh ball ko galat bounce kar raha hai," she told her sleeping lover. "Dekhiyaay na! iss tarah toh kabhi bhi nahi out kar paaye ga batsman ko. Yeh trick kaam he nahi karay gee. Ball khud thodi na out kar day gee jab tak player sahi nahi ghumaaye ga. Aggar yeh baat hamari team samajh lay, toh wickets sab India ki he hoon..." she added as an afterthought. Proud of herself, and all that she had learned from cricket in the past year. She might not know the names of things, or why the rules are the way they are, but she knew how a player's body was supposed to look when he was bowling or batting. She'd watched Shaantanu enough times to permanently ingrain that pleasant image into her mind for all time. It's hid favorite sport to play when he is not immersed in his music or tours.

"Phir se vahi kiya, ugh! Dekhiyaay toh sahi! Itna kharaab khel raha hai. Mujhe nahi lagta ussay wicket ki koi parvah hai. Ugh... yeh match bahut stupid hai aur main aur nahi dekh sakti yeh. Main channel change kar rahi hoon." She began flipping through the stations like mad.

It was a testament to how deeply asleep he was that he didn't protest. Khanak briefly thought about waking him up, but chose against it. It was Monday, and the school where Khanak practiced her passion of teaching was out for some random Holiday, a Holiday she was very grateful for. Recently it felt like neither of them had time to just be. Just like this. Just the two of them. No jobs to be at, friends to worry about, paper to grade, nothing. It was quiet, and peaceful and calming. Relaxation was a word not must used in Khanak's vocabulary as of late. Sure she had no time to do things for herself, and Shaantanu did as well. But it was a rare occasion when the two of them could be together and not have to worry about what was on the long list of things next to do. Not that her Rockstar of a husband ever made lists anyway.

Resting her head against the back of their couch, Khanak kept her finger on the remote control.

"Soap, another game, infomercial, Coffee with Karan, wrestling, more infomercial's, ESPN, American sitcom, cheesy game show, soap... oh my god! 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander?! Yeh movie?! Maine yeh bahut pehlay dekhi thi! Mujhe toh laga tha kay aisi puraani films abb TV per nahi aati.

No response.

"Hmm..." she hit the muting button and turned her attention to the much more interesting matter of the man in her lap."App saach mein so rahay hain?" she teased. "Main app ke saath kuch...kuch bhi kar sakti hoon..." She began fiddling with his mussy hair. "jo bhi main chahoon..."

She ran her fingers over his forehead where it met the edge of his hairline and brought it down along his cheek to his jaw. She then traced the outside of his earlobe with the very tip of her finger causing him to shudder and mumble something incoherent. She giggled quietly and let her hand travel down where his T-shirt had come up a little, exposing the tan skin of his strong back.

It was one of his weak spots. He loved it when she touched it, rubbed it, massaged it, whatever. As long as her hands where on his back he was content. For a while anyway...
Khanak knew this piece of information well, and often used it to her advantage. Sometimes to the point where Shaantanu wished he hadn't told her about it at all. She would've found out regardless, though, and used the knowledge now to tease him mercilessly.

"Sha-an-tanuu," she sing-songed, looping her hand under the cotton material of his shirt and laying her hand flat against the muscles of his back. She stroked his skin in small circles, moving up to his shoulders and then down towards his lower back.

He still didn't seem to be waking up. Khanak bit her lip and ran her hand up his back in a quick swooping motion, her fingers tickling his flesh.

"Wakey, wakey sleepy head," she teased, "App yahi kehtay hai na mujhe jab main nahi uth thi. Main jaanti hoon app bhi vohi sooch rahay hain iss waqt jo main sooch rahi hoon..."

Her other free hand moved to stroke his sharp cheekbone, and he murmured softly, leaning slightly into her touch. His fingers began twining the soft fabric of her plaid shorts in between them, toying with them gently.

Ah, those shorts... What a battle they had caused!

Khanak still couldn't help but laugh at the memory of when she'd bought them. It was during their spontaneous getaway to London few months back and he'd been a real tease at Dorothy Perkins when she had picked them up from the display rack. He'd had been encouraging in getting more than just one pair as he had no issues watching her roam around in something that revealed her slender legs almost completely.

The real problem had started when he insisted on buying her more of such clothing disregarding the fact that she would not be comfortable wearing them around the rest of the family. She'd flat out refused at first. She'd carefully explained that somethings were only meant for him to see and she didn't want the world to ruin what was exclusive to them only. He'd made the point that she really didn't need to wear anything if that was the case, and things had descended for a while...However, their activities had allowed her to give him a sneak preview of just how grateful he would be if she wore them.

So she had tonight as they had the house to themselves only. Akshay and Khushboo were out of town for a few days and Madhavi and Sunil were attending some charity event at the Marriot for the entire day. Daadi had gone to Manali to visit some relatives as well. Khanak couldn't pass the perfect opportunity to wear them. He still had an unfortunate tendency to tease her through his smirk or things that his fingers would do to her...well, maybe it wasn't unfortunate since she found it so sexy...but still! She wanted him to get impatient and annoyed first.

A brief struggle had ensued, and he'd finally managed to get his head on her lap as his interest in cricket match faded when she stepped in the living room wearing them with a white tank top. He seemed in no hurry to do what she wanted him to do right away. In fact, he just rested right there in her lap without any other agendas on his mind...atleast for now.

In any case, she'd immensely enjoyed the feel of them against her legs, especially when Shaantanu's warm head was pressed against her lap, causing the material to warm.

Khanak wiggled slightly when his fingers began to ease their way under the fabric to get at her bare thigh.

"Aaha! mujhe pata tha app jaag rahay hai, Shaantanu," she patted his cheek affectionately. "Toh abb natak band app ka!"

He let out an annoyed groan and looked up at her with sleepy eyes. "I was having a nice nap, ya know," he grumbled good-naturedly.

"Oh, aur maine utha diya?...Oops,"she said coyly, twisting a lock of her long, dark brown hair around one finger.

He gave her a villainous smirk, his eyes glinting with a mischievous glow, before he turned in his position on her lap and lunged at her...

She squealed under his weight, trying to break free, but not really trying as hard as she could.

"Gudgudee nahi," she yelped, squirming to the left and right. "Pleaaasee..! Shaantanuuu!"

"Oh, but you so deserve it. Mujhe tang karogi toh yahi hoga, and touching my back...you know that just makes me go crazy Khanak."

"Shayad main yahi chahti hoon," she teased, running her tongue along the edge of her lip. Shaantanu's eyes glazed over for a moment and he sat before her transfixed on her mouth, the pinkness of her tongue, and the full lips that surrounded it.

It was such a rush to have him watch her the way he did. Like she was the only person in the world (because for him she really is). The only woman he'd ever wanted, the only woman he would ever want (and now have). It made it so much easier for her to tease him, be seductive. Because honestly, she wasn't. She wished sometimes she was as comfortable with herself as Khushboo was, or as sexy as Sam was, because it seemed so easy for them to be physical. But she still felt insecure...silly even, doing things like that.

When Shaantanu gave her such looks of want, she didn't feel so silly anymore. She was sexy and confident, if for no other reason than he believed it to be so. He gave her the strength to be the kind of person she wanted to be. She found it in herself, because of him.

"Kuch aisa shuru mat karo jo tum khatam na kar sako Khanak," he leaned next to her, and whispered into her ear.

Khanak shivered, and her eyes involuntarily fluttered shut. "Aggar app jaagay rehnay ka promise karay toh soocha ja sakta hai," she whispered back, and Shaantanu pulled away in mock offense.

"Hey! Now who woke up who, ajj subah rehearsals ke liye Studio kaun bheej raha tha, huh?"

Khanak crossed her arms over her chest, and gave him a petulant grin. "Agla tour aik haftay mein hai app ka...And nine is not early Shaantanu." She sounded absolutely American in the latter part of her comment as somehow along the way of teaching her the language she had also picked up on the accent he had.

He let out a low deep laugh and rolled his eyes. Only he would be cursed with a wife who didn't like to sleep in. It was almost unnatural how early she got up sometimes. "You say the same thing about eight...and seven," he laughs wording his response.

"Mujhe nahi lagta ke dair tak sootay rehna koi achi baat hai. Vaise bhi mujhe school jaana hota hai, abb jab teachers he time per nahi aaye gay toh students kaise school rules ko follow karay gay..." she reasoned and Shaantanu just shook his head at her rationalization, his attention averted to the television for a moment.

"And you changed the channel, too," he protested.

"App soo rahay thay," she defended herself once again. "Aur vaise bhi it's boring to watch these matches without you yelling out things at the tv with me?"

Shaantanu smiled. It had been somewhat of a struggle to get her to actually sit and watch an entire game with him, and most of the time she still refused to do it. On some occasions though, when everything else was done, and there were no other distractions, or problems to be solved she would sit and let him babble, (which didn't happen very often) about his favorite players, what plays he liked, what guys were doing wrong, and what they could be doing better to win. It was all Greek toKhanak at first, although over the years her questioning about cricket had turned her in to an interested spectator, but mostly she just watched him talk. Mesmerized by the way his entire face would light up, his hands fidgeting at his sides as if he wanted to be holding the bat in his hands at that very minute. Like he was missing a part of his arm. Such beauty and awe in the way he spoke. There was so much beauty in Shaantanu period. It still took her off guard.

"Sorry," he smiled at her words, laying his head between her breasts and turning to look at the TV.

"But you're just so comfy. I can't help it. You'll have to be my new pillow from now on."

"Aur mera pillow...?" she began playing with his hair again.

That noticeable smirk spread over his mouth for the millionth time. Khanak didn't even have to look, she just knew it was there.

"Vaise.." she cut him off. "App ko jawaab denay ki zaroorat nahi hai."

He nestled farther against her and gestured to the television. "Five minuets mein naya match shuru honay vaala hai Khanak. Turn it back."

"We just watched two in a row Shaantanu. Well, actually sirf maine dekhay hai puray doo matches akele. App ne sirf one and a half dekha hoga," she raised an eyebrow at the TV disdainfully.

"So... there's two more left. The fun's just beginning. Turn it back," he insisted.
Khanak rolled her eyes while complying with his wishes. "Fine. dekhay," she dropped the remote in front of him on the small space of open couch, twisting herself free from his body and heading over to the kitchen.

He stayed silent on the couch for a few minutes, his eyes glued to the screen, as Khanak searched the remnants of their refrigerator for something to snack on. It was nearing three and she hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, but the thought of eating another frozen meal that week was going to make her heave.

Hari Laal was on leave and so inevitably there was a lot of eating the same items over and over again. Shaantanu didn't seem to mind much, in fact most of the men she knew, Akshay and Sunil included, could have an entire diet of the same five items to eat for the rest of their lives. Did they not like variety? Did they just get used to routine eating more than women? Was it a taste bud issue? Khanak wasn't sure. She didn't care either, because Shaantanu's strange eating patterns made it easier for her to decide what to cook for him. This of course, in no way helped her figure out what she was craving now.

"App kuch kaahye gay...?" she called out, while kneeling down to look on the bottom shelf of the fridge. "Mujhe bhook lagi hai."

"Toh kuch bana lo."

"Kya kuch banao yahi toh samajh nahi araha," she searched the cabinet by the refrigerator.

"I don't know...a sandwhich," he said disinterestedly.

"Cream cheese and cucumber on a bread is not cooking. App ko bhook lagi hai?"

He mumbled something, she didn't catch and then jumped up from his seat. "YES!!"

Khanak peeked her head out from the kicthen. Shaantanu's full and apt attention on the match in front of him and not on her question. She turned and walked back to the refrigerator, and saw a white Styrofoam box sitting in the back corner. Curiously she pulled it out and opened it. Inside sat a large piece of double layered chocolate mocha fudge cake.

Her mouth watered.

Standing up from her position, Khanak set the box on the counter in front of her and went over to the utensil drawer, extracting a fork.

When a commercial came on, informing viewer's that Pantene Pro-V makes hair soft and silky, Shaantanu finally noticed that his wife was no longer on the couch with him, but rather in the kitchen, hunched over their counter suspiciously.

"What are you doing," he asked coming up behind her.

Khanak spun around. "Kuch Nahi," she said, with big innocent eyes and a stiff posture.

Shaantanu tried to lean over her and see what she was hiding but he couldn't get a good view. "Iss ka matlab tum kuch kar rahi hoon. batao what is it?"

He began to push her softly to the side when in a swift move, she grabbed the box and maneuvered herself on the opposite side of island from him. Shaantanu immediately recognized the styrofoam box in her hands and opened up the fridge just to make sure it was what he assumed it to be.

"Khanak..." he began inching closer to her.

"Shaantanu.." she took a few steps back.

"Is that my cake? Tum mera cake kahnay ki kohshish kar rahi hoon," he looked almost baffled, and Khanak had to stop herself from bursting out into laughter.

"Bas thoda sa," she smiled sweetly, but Shaantanu didn't look deterred.

"I bought that, because Rahul, Duks aur Sam shaam mein ghar per rehearsals karnay arahay hai," he pouted.

Khanak watched as Shaantanu moved closer to her. She stepped back into what little space she had left, but she was running out of room. She took the fork in her other hand and thrust it inside the moist cake, pulling away a bite and quickly shoving it in her mouth with a satisfied grin.

"Mmm, it's good," she moaned, closing her eyes in full appreciation. Shaantanu glared at her.

"Cake vapis do Khanak," he demanded, openly salivating over the sight before him.

Khanak looked at him with fake dejection. "What happened to 'jo mera hai voh sab tumhara hau' huh? Uss raat aisa he kuch kaha tha na app ne humari shaadi ki pehli anniversary pe."

"Yeah, as in this house is ours, the bedroom is ours, my money is your money...the amazing s--, that kind of stuff. Not my cake. No, that's mine," he inched closer and was only a few precious feet from her now, almost within arms length.

"Iss ka matlab app mujhse pyaar nahi kar tay? Mujhe khush nahi dekhna chahtay," she asked, shifting toward the corner of the room. "Because this cake would make me very happy Shaantanu. Very, very happy."

"Main doosra mangwa doonga tumhay," he moved when she moved now, his eyes zeroing on his target, like she was an opponent. She'd seen that look before as well, and it managed to unnerve her and turn her on at the same time.

"Lakin mujhe toh yahi chahiyaay," she protested.

Shaantanu shook his head. "Give me the cake Khanak."


"Khanak , mujhe cake de doo, please."

"Nahi de sakti," she nestled it into the crook of her arm like a child. "It means too much to me."

Shaantanu gave her a sweet smile and shrugged his shoulders. He stood stagnant for half a minute before he finally dove at her.
Khanak screamed, ducking as fast as she could under his grasp and running out of the kitchen and around the living room couch, diverting him.

"Give me the cake!!" He called, chasing after her with a playful smile.

Khanak couldn't help the laughs that bubbled up her throat and out of her mouth. She circled the couch a few times before Shaantanu leaped over it completely. She attempted to scramble under him, but he caught her elbow and pulled her back "Mujhe do," he said with a stern voice, even though his eyes were wild with delight.

In a last ditch effort to break free, Khanak spun in Shaantanu's clutch, and caused them both to topple onto the living room floor. He was now on top of her, totally in control and so she picked up the piece of cake out of the box and held it up for him to see.

"App ko yeh cake chahiyaay hai na," she smiled devilishly and Shaantanu had no idea what had gotten into her this afternoon, but he liked it. A lot.

"Haan," he nodded vigorously.

"You want this cake right here," her brow quirked.

He nodded again, hesitantly. "Umm...yeah!"

Without a second thought Khanak took the piece of cake and slammed it into the side of Shaantanu's face, feeling as it mushed against his cheek and mouth. The coffee flavored icing causing the cake to stick to his skin for a matter of seconds before it began to slide down his cheek to the ground.

His face was an utter picture of shock, his mouth a big round O, as his eyebrows raised and his

eyes grew wide. "Oh! Oh, it's on now," he stated, and Khanak tried to wiggle out of from under him, but he was quicker this time. "Ruko tum!!"

"Chodiyaay na," she declared, even though it was pointless to say. She was already trapped.

Shaantanu grabbed the falling piece of desert from his face, mushed it into his hand and ran it up and down Khanak's neck and face, making sure she was good and covered.
She let out a half shriek, half laugh and pushed away the cake, smearing more onto Shaantanu's face.

They paused then, staring at each other...and both began to laugh. Huge tummy rumbling laughs that barreled out of them in waves causing them to assess the ridiculous position they had put themselves

Shaantanu's laughs decreased little by little first, and when he was finished he rested his head against Khanak's, letting out a long calming sigh. Khanak met his eyes with her own and pulled his mouth to hers in a searing kiss. His lips plundered hers, kissing and licking, tasting the chocolate on her mouth, as well as that taste that was just so distinctly hers. It was like the strongest aphrodisiac he'd ever had, and he couldn't seem to get enough.

He could feel Khanak nipping at his neck where she'd smeared icing, her tongue running up and down his jaw and then onto his cheek before she grabbed his face and smashed her lips to his again. Shaantanu begged for entrance into her mouth and she granted it willingly. Causing him to taste all of her, and yet he wasn't satisfied.

Hurriedly he pulled off his shirt, and helped her out of her white tank top, wanting to touch her bare skin with his, feel her warm, smooth, delicate body against his. As they were meant to be.

Khanak could see the want in his eyes, in his actions, and she didn't deny him. In fact she loved it when he was so aggressive with her, almost feral. It all went back to the look that he gave her earlier, the glazed over eyes, the feeling she had, that he let her know she was the one. The only woman he'd ever want.

To any outsider his look would seem like just a picture of lust. But that's because they didn't know Shaantanu. Not the real Shaantanu anyway. His look was about more than just that, or even pleasure. It was knowing that you love someone, and they love you. Completely. Totally.
It caused butterflies to rise in her stomach now, just thinking about it. His look, his touch, his love it was...

"App meray sab kuch hai...you're everything," Khanak said so softly, that at first she wasn't sure he'd heard it at all.

But then he stopped, and caught her dark eyes with his simmering brown ones, and he smiled at her. The one that only she got to see.
He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers, letting them brush together like a feather floats in the air.

"Come on, Mrs. Khanak Shaantanu Khandelwal," he whispered to her softly, scooping her up into his arms, and heading back up towards their bedroom that had an attached luxury bathroom. "Let's get you cleaned up."

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jenny awesome update very romantic 
and your idea mentioned in first post is really good 

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update is awesome n very romantic just like our shanak

keep postingSmile

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nice n lovely ...keep postng...

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  Smile Jenny Awesome thread weekend with shanak i love it Smile
u killed me with this romantic update Smile
 wow!!!!!!!!!!!! what a write up yaar Clap i just wanted to continue reading and never wanted to get end of it 
 from the start to the end splendid writingLOL
 shaan sleeping on her lap and she was watching cricket i remember that one comment of khanak from RBO n that was ISHTUPID!!!!!!!!! while  Sunil n Akshay were watching the cricket u make me remember that part thank u Jenny 
 the cake part was outstanding shaan chasing her and khanak got caught and with her sweetness she spread a cake on his faceROFL too good , the kiss was hawwttt!!!!!!!!!!! and last line toh khalas kardala 
  RLBs  "Come on, Mrs. Khanak Shaantanu Khandelwal,"
            "Let's get you cleaned up." Ayeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hayeee!!!!!!!!!!!!Blushing Blushing Blushing

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