Byah Hamari Bahu Ka


Byah Hamari Bahu Ka
Byah Hamari Bahu Ka

BHBK - A Retrospection

ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged



BHBK - Lessons Learned!

BHBK was announced with interesting promos which as expected whipped up the curiosity of the potential audience.   The bahu is the favourite of everyone in the Vaishnav mansion, there is no problem with the hubby Krish either, so why was the bahu's marriage being arranged? Tongue  The promos were interesting, the cast looked good, and story line intriguing, but then...Ermm

In no time, BHBK started to grate on my nerves.   It was a shock to me actually because I loved GK who is a fantastic actor and I never thought I would not be able to watch a show in which he is one of the leads. Cry  But soon it became impossible to watch; watching BHBK at 8 pm meant I was in a bad mood for the rest of the evening until bedtime and sometimes the bad taste lingered the next day as well. Ouch For my own peace of mind, I gave up watching and just read the updates.  Gradually it became clear that I had been wise to give up the show because it deteriorated to a level I had hardly expected and finally with KriJni reunion on Oct 18th, I gave up even reading the updates except random ones here and there!   That was only because of the forum and my friends/family here  Smile; it was not for the show anymore!

The first annoyance was Rajnibala's character.   I liked her when she was first shown, but especially during Chetan's wedding scenes.   She looked her part and I liked the simple girl image, a girl who worked for her living, who obviously daydreamed a lot, who fumbled and dropped things, who stared open-mouthed at the TV forgetting what she was doing, who had to be prompted and poked to get going!  Smile  I loved that bangle dropping scene; I felt that KriJni had potential for good chemistry down the lane. Embarrassed  And then what do the CVs do? D'oh They bring in that ridiculous factory workers' strike track where Rajnibala was the most annoying "mahaan" type of lead to watch!  Most shows have their leads mahaan, but the way the mahaanta is shown matters if the audience should accept it.  That was the time I disconnected with Rajni and the KriJni chemistry went out of the window for me!  OuchSuddenly Poulomi seemed much better as a partner for Krish, but her role was axed which was a setback!


Rajnibala's habit of poking her nose into each and every person's life at V house was very annoying.  Her handling of the Vishal situation was also very irritating.   But what was even more irritating was the V family's obsession with Rajni -- to them, it looked like she could do no wrong. Dead  They had been going on fine before Krish's marriage, but suddenly they could not do without Rajni!   I was not able to empathize with that; the characterization of Rajni did not justify this blind worship!  Angry

Next, the low TRPs led to change of storyline with disastrous consequences!  ShockedThe surrogacy track was introduced and dragged for a number of episodes.   Aryan was the most irritating child I have ever seen on TV soaps! Nuke  That child obviously has talent, but it was misused in this show!  Finally the truth comes out and Rajnibala floods the V house with her tears.   And Yashoda, who nearly had a fit because Poulomi got a cake with eggs in it, decides that Rajni is such an integral part of the family that she should be forgiven and stops her from leaving.   I cannot describe the anger I felt in the following episodes with Namita siding with Rajni and all those idiotic scenes where the family tries to reconcile Rajni and Krish. Censored  Spoiling Rajni's character in turn led to spoiling of Yashoda's and Namita's characters as well  Cry - and those two I had taken a great liking to in the show -but it was not to be!  Ouch


Krish forgives Rajni and then the CVs could have given us a break from Aryan, but no, they drag it further to the point Krish decides to sacrifice and give up Rajni to Yash!  D'oh That was the heights of absurdity, that a marriage is being held ransom to a silly kid's tantrums! Angry  That is when I lost interest completely and stopped watching; it was just too much to swallow!   KriJni got divorce within a day by just signing some papers...Silly...then Archana turned up...and the Revenge track started with Aryan disappearing into the blue and Shikha appearing out of the same blue in a wheelchair! Shocked  So they used a child for their "Revenge"??!!  Censored This was supposedly a show with a social message;  whatever "messages" were conveyed in BHBK would send the entire Universe into a tizzy if people followed them!   Worse was to come...thankfully by then, I was just reading updates and it did not affect me much.  I have had experience of getting involved in shows which started out well, but went haywire later and ended prematurely,Cry and I am glad I avoided that kind of heartbreak this time around!  


On Oct 18th, the supposed last episode showed Krish and Rajni together again.   The show should have ended then on that note, but since it got an extension of 2 months, another equally silly track of "child swapping" was started. Wacko  They brought in two good actors...but what a waste in this show!   I have not followed the story from this point, so will not comment much, but I did read random updates, and I have the gist of what was shown, and it was all very unbelievable, believe me!  LOL


So where did the Byah of the Bahu come in all this?   If the CVs did not have a strong story line to justify the title, why did they name it that?  Did they expect inspiration to strike them once the show was on air? Shocked  And if they did have a good story line, why did they not wait and develop it as it should have been?  Why did they push the panic button so early because of low TRPs and change the story? Confused  Any new show takes a bit of time to click with the audience, and should they not have given it enough time?  Especially as they selected the time slot of 8 pm with long-running, extremely popular shows going on at that same time slot on other channels?  I expected much better management than this from JD M!!   I have no idea whether it was the PH that messed up or whether it was too much interference from the channel, or a combination of both, but, as Tanu put it, they certainly succeeded in making Dahi Hamare Dimaag Ka!    D'oh  Thumbs Down


All my sympathies are with the cast of the show and, to an extent, the viewers.   At least the viewers had the power of the remote, but the actors had no choice but to continue with farce! Ouch  What they must have felt with the story going haywire, so different from what was promised!   Most of the main actors in the show are really good -- the real weak link was the female lead.   Nevertheless, I sort of believe Shrenu would have done a better job if they had kept her character as it was shown in the beginning and not changed it so drastically!   I apologize to Shrenu fans, but she is very, very limited in her acting capacity --- she was unconvincing as the super Bahu, as Aryan's surrogate mom, as the sister of the wronged Shikha and everything that followed.   Her "holier than thou" attitude throughout the show just compounded the mess, though I will blame the director partly for that! Angry  Neither could she really turn on the romance with Krish -- KriJni chemistry was zilch after their marriage, which was a huge disappointment!  Ouch


I am glad that the extension was shortened and BHBK ended today!   This means the actors are free to look at other scripts and upcoming auditions -- I hope all of them end up in shows worthy of their mettle.Smile   And I wish Shrenu well, but I hope she either improves her acting or decides to change her career.   She might do better in smaller roles in a show, but she is definitely not lead material.  Ermm

Gaurav, wish you all the best for a bright future!  Hug  You definitely deserve much better and I wish and pray that you get the success you deserve!  Waiting for your next show!  Smile


Goodbye all!  Hope to meet my pals from BHBK forum on other forums on I-F!   Thanks to Hina  Hug, Tanu,  Hug  Subbiha   Hugand others who made this forum worth visiting and for the funny posts and songs and videos; if not for these, I would have left this forum long ago!  Big smile  Also thanks to Aysha Smile and I-F for that looong interview with Gaurav, it was very entertaining. Big smile


Love you, benlog!  Bye, until we meet again!  Hug



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glammie Newbie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Well said. I completely agree but since the show had turned into a complete flop,I doubt you'll get many responses. Sleepy

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phjs Senior Member

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
its of no use to so describing in detail for the show and character when u r not loyal to show.good bye 
Thinker_Belle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged

Thanks a lot for putting forward your views Shobs.. We have all been following Gauravs shows for a while now and isn't this the third time this has happend now?

By this, I mean the original story falling into the TRP trap and resulting in the show's premature demise. Gosh.. some fans we are to have gone through this 3 times in a row... Smile
Anyways, lets not talk about us. Lets talk in general.. Why were we excited about this show in the first place?  Because the promos hinted at a marriage gone so wrong that the traditional family of the bride had decided to get her remarried. That seemed pretty interesting. And as the show unfolded, there was Poulomi and Krish and some kind of unrequited love from Poulomi's side  - caught our interest, that storyline.
Enter Rajnibala, and all the events you described unfolded and the show totally went downhill. Rajni Bala's character was never developed fully and they killed Poulomi's character,and messed around with every good character in the show that wa concieved.
For three times now, we have analyzed and over analyzed this issue a counteless times, only to come to the same conclusion. Creatives who try to satisfy the TRP machines will never satisfy the loyal audience and will ALWAYS end up in the premature ending of a good show with good premise and great actors.
Maybe it is time for all the TV fratenity to re examine their rules and regulations and come up with new ones that benifits the viewers as well as the producers, cast and crew, and sponsers too.
Like you, I will always remain a diehard fan of GK and will eagerly wait for his next show.
Hope to see all the new friends we've made in that forum too! Big smile

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hunybutt Groupbie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Amazing ... I second u in this

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HawttInBlackGK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Shobs benHug

totally agreed with what you said; theres not much i could add because you mentioned everything! but yeh it was great chatting with you and everyone else here; we used to have a blast here during the initial days...but we shall meet again on Gaurav's new show's forum...hoping that wud be real soonBig smile

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sumivo Newbie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Hi Shobha! I am not a very active member of this forum. I must say this first, I loved your posts on the YPNHK and DSDV forums when the shows were on air and missed your posts and views on this forum. I wonder whether any views on BHBK would matter now that the show is off air. But I love Gaurav and after reading your post just had to put down my views.
I believe the PH did have a good story to begin with. I say this partly because of the kind of shows GK has done so far. Both GK and Benaf have been in the TV industry for some time now and I don't think Gaurav would do a show that does not have a good storyline. The makers just hit the panic button too soon. If the show had a 6 mth contract, they could have followed the original story for at least 2 mths and allowed the story and characters to grow. The title ' Byah hamari...' and the initial promos did raise interest but were also a giveaway about the show being about a DIL's remarriage. You can't show romance between Krish and Paulomi for very long with a tittle like that. BHBK, though had better production values compared to DSDV.
I feel the original story is very close and dear to the producers and after watching Gaurav's interview I feel they will show the original story as a new show. Just like every GK fan I hope to see him soon in a new show. I would however love to watch him play a more real character. I am a little tired of seeing him potray the same love at first sight and then high drama roles.  Hopefully he will get a role where he not the perfect and always understanding lover/ husband but a normal today's guy.

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged


Shobs, a very written post and I agree with everything you've mentioned...there's not much I can add and I'm so with you on the channel interference part coz the production house has had a successful past but the channel and TRPs messed up their faith in the story and soon it reached a point where it couldn't be saved...As Gaurav said in his interview, that none can be blamed for the show's demise but the TRPs...Hope the channel, the PH and even the actors learn from this experience...
I just can't wait for Gaurav's comeback, its just the first day and I'm missing him terribly! Wish we get to see the other actors in good roles in the future ...

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