Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP Adda - Nov 23' 2012

RJXX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged

"  One arrives at style only with atrocious effort, with fanatical and devoted stubbornness.  "
~ Gustave Flaubert 

Update Later...

Yoga Veee Heart Day Dreaming 

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Erika1 Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Wow, what an ending, I will forever cherish the last few minutes of today's episode, I read and rushed to view.
And let me say that was one sizzling mind blowing moment. I will certainly download this scene.
And to think its nearing the end, with a death Angry

credit uploader

Your Soul...

I embrace your eyes
I see your lips
Ever waiting
For your eternal kiss.

I see your mind
As you hold me tight
I want you to be with me
Forever and a night.

I feel your hands
Gentle and kind
We're drawn together
By an everlasting bind.

I taste your love
Little at a time
To be with you
Is to commit no crime

I touch your face
So soft and warm
Is my guiding light
Through the most perilous storm

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chowna Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:15am | IP Logged

Very busy at the moment  will post just the uncut
if time perimits over weekened then would work on images

DM link

till then cu on monday
same place same time
till it last

since i cant detox for the life of me
then how on earth am i goign to detox form this serial
unless the ph comes up with something

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Pic Credit: Jenny 1000

You make me remember  why I love u so ..when  u stand up for your beliefs  fiercely even when it might go against your dreams..

You make me remember why I cannot think of anything except you.. when u come running to me and share your little joys that my actions bring forth...

You make me remember how precious you are for me... when with trembling fingers and a gulp in u r throat u fight a low life who wanted to take advantage of a young lady and breathe an unacknowledged sigh of relief on my arrival at the scene...

You make me remember how life is colorless without u r presence.. when u point an accusing finger at me for trying to tempt you with delicious figure fattening food and relish it immensely on getting to know it is fat free...The glee on ur face while gorging on  the pita sandwich still maintaining that it feels like adding to your waist line is too good to miss...

You make me remember every day the beauty of love... when u still feel the goosebumps at my touch..when still being cross at me for the entire day u still cannot and do not  want to stay away from me...

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amimus Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged

Today once again the last 2 mins of the episode proved why I love IPK so much. The Rabba Vey was so brilliant. Most probably our last rabba vey with SARUN . I am going to miss Barun Sobti terribly. Not sure whether I will watch IPK after his last episode airs but today once again I want to say for me ASR is BArun Sobti and no one else can take his place. I am so in love with this character ASR and the actor who plays this character.


Well Khushi what to say about her tries to help others but always gets into more trouble. Now here Loved ASR entry , his BG this guy is really giving us a lot to remember in his last days. Loved when he said Bad I just did it. The change of the rule for swimsuit round. Khushi is once again saved by Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada , well for sure she cannot do anything  without his help. As he says it " Tum har Kaam Akele NAhin KAr Sakti "


She charges in his cabin and thanks him for saving her from Vikrant. Well he so coolly tells her he did it for all the contestants and does she need his help. Goading her once again . And Khushi once again gets all charged up .

At the end of the day Arnav wants to take his wife home with him but Khushi refuses to go . So typical of her and what do we see a man harassing her and she picks up a wooden log and threatens to hit him on seeing ASR as she is a lot relieved on seeing him there. And just to show him she does that .


I absolutely have no words to describe the Yoga scene . AS Jhalak said Yoga will never be the same again. OMG Barun what have you done to us , for us  Yoga, Pakoda making , the anger , push and pull , Teri Meri Prem Kahani song will never be the same. I can only associate this with you and no one else.


Barun Sobti hope to see you soon with a new project on screen again. Till then will be satisfied with seeing the last 1.5 years of your show clippings.

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Chaituv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Such a brilliant episode !
Last 2 min of the episode  was magical and is this not the reason we  why we are crazy about this show . Why did they ruin it before and they now  r giving these wonderful moments at the end to make us more emotional?AngryAngry 

Today every scene is beautiful and their Amazing chemistry , chemistry was never missing ,but the story n stupid tracks killed it in between.Angry Will miss their Jodi . I know this is not possible , but still wish  that if possible Barun changes his decision and continue in the show for another 2 months .
    how Kushi pretended that she didn't see Arnav while doing karate drama .
   Arnav's expression when Kushi eating pitta bread Heart 
  Yoga scene  made me emotional Cry, no one can replace these 2 .

  Like Kuhsi and Arnav are unique, Sanaya and Barun's chemistry is unique and brilliant .

Cv's Please don't kill Arnav !

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Crazygd4 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 July 2012
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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Ritz Thank You... Hug ... you are 'the star' of this ADDA...I mean it...gutter queen bhi hai... Wink

I loved today's episode... From Ritz dictionary Yoga-veee... last few mins were just something out of the world... this is what made me fall in love with these two,..(ARSHI/SARUN)...Hug

Today I want to dedicate this song to Arnav & Khushi...

The Essence of Love...       
                            Author: Stephen Waldman
Love is an emotion, a feeling deep within
A union of mind, body and soul
Enhancing all of your senses
Changing two halves into a whole

It's touching your soft silky skin
Feeling the beauty thriving within

Hearing your voice calling my name
Saying "I love you" as I tell you the same

Inhaling the fragrance of your favourite perfume
Watching heads turn as you enter the room

Tasting the sweetness of your anxious lips
Holding you close as we embrace in a kiss

But the sense that I value more than the rest
Is seeing you beside me
With you I am blessed!

To the CVs ... I love the way you baby has shaped up so far... please don't spoil it.. it's a humble request from a fan of this show ...There is only one 'Arnav and khushi'...please Save the soul of our show...

I felt like saying this today::

Egotism is the source and summary of all faults and miseries.

Thomas Carlyle

The one who overcomes egotism rids themselves of the most stubborn obstacle that blocks the way to all true greatness and all true happiness.


I thank our Adda sahelies for giving me an opportunity to appreciate the show and support Arshi Hug

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Shegarf71 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Jab tak hai jaan...Jane jahan ...ipk ke liye main likhoongi...IPK ke liye...


For dearest Anu and my other Sahelis who care to read my two cents everyday...on special request I decided to forego the episode write ups for this BARUN SOBTI special...ENJOY...Meenu Style...


SBS 23rd November 2012...

The interview through my eyes...the feeling through my heart entirely...
No confirmed implications...just through a fans eyes...
You could could disagree...
Below are things that went thru my mind and heart as I watched this's not meant to influence your thoughts just give you a look into mine...

Behti hawa sa tha woh...
Udhti patang sa tha woh...
Kahan Gaya usse doondho...
Hum Ko toh rahein thi chalati...
Woh Khud apni raah banata...
Ghirta sambhalta...masti mein chalta tha woh...
song playing in BG as the images of Barun Sobti as ASR flash across my screen...

The scene where Khushi hugs Arnav Singh Raizada ...when he tells her...
"Chauda saal ka tha main...when my mother committed suicide..."

The emotions of that scene revisiting my heart and mind...
The soul crushing eyes filled with pain and the face exposing the hell and torture this man has been through to be ASR...

Brilliantly done by Sarun...the name will no longer be used on the show physically...but the comparisons of them to every other on screen pair will continue...forcing all others to pale in comparison...

Image cuts to ASRs most brilliant Pain and Betrayal scene...the night he sees Shyam and Khushi together on the terrace...THE PHENOMENAL BREAKDOWN SCENE NEXT TO HIS SUV...the eyes full of burning tears...that look that we will never forget...Kahan se aaya tha woh...
Showing Barun wiping off glycerine with tissues...after a take from that fateful nite ASR decided to force Khushi into a contract marriage!!

Image changes to a clip from the scene where Khushi is trying to cheer up ASR as he wakes up from his nightmare...her famous manao scene...beautifully innocently done by Sanaya to ..."Aaja piya tohe Pyaar doon"...

Anchor repeats lines from song..."..Behti hawa sa tha woh...udhti patang sa tha woh...Jee haan wohi Jo ab Kabhi Nazar nahin aayega...
Ab Kabhi nahin Nazar aayegi usski muskaan...Ab Kabhi nahin honge woh shararat bhari baatein...aur nahin Nazar aayenge Khushi Arnav ke beech woh Pyaar bhare lamhein..."
As we see flashes of clips from Khushi's dream of her Arnavji in another beautiful memory of the song..."AAOGE Jab Tum o saajna...anghna phool khilenge"during kidnap track...(.Thinking to self how much I cherished that first romantic dream completely Khushi style...a moment created by her own imagination of them together..)

BG music switches to one of my most fav.songs...MARJAIYYAN..from Vicky  Donor...always thought this song suited Arshi immensely...SIGH! they continue to show Khushi's dream of Arshi face to he steps towards her to place a string of pearls around her neck!!...Those expressions of love,passion and happiness portrayed amazingly by Sarun...
Lamhein.. Vele lamhein...vele pal yeh...
Idhar Udhar tehel rahe...
Sehmein ...sehmein dil bhi...
Keh rahe hain...bina tere...YE...

As they hug...with the feelings that "KHUSHI,I LOVE YOU"confession by phone by ASR evoked in Khushi...they are killing me now...Haye!!What beautiful moments!...Song continues...
How true of the feelings of the fans after this epic Jodi of Arnav and Khushi has been broken...

Suddenly...image of Barun...tired but smiling...exhausted but loving...wearing the 3pc.suit we saw him in...on 22nd Nov.2012episode...(on outside sets looks like it at least)Anchor saying..."Kyunki woh...woh hum sab se vida LE chuka hai...Jee hain..Baat YAHAN Barun Sobti ki ho RAHI hai..."
Showing a exhausted...serious looking Barun sitting in on the interview...same suit as earlier shot...anchor continues talking...
"Jo ab Iss Pyaar Ko mein Arnav ka kirdhaar nibhate hue Nazar nahin aayenge"Image flashes back to Khushi dream with ASR smiling at her...sigh!
MARJAIYYAN still playing in BG.
Anchor continues..."Jo ab show se ruksat LE chuke hain...aise mein...hum pahunche Barun ke paas...aur ki unse dher Saari baatein..."showing Barun same clothes...sweaty,oily, him Anyways!:)))

Interviewer saying"Kehte hain Jo log dil ke Kareeb hote hain...aur jisse hum sab se zyaada Pyaar karte hain...woh ek din bahut door chale JAATE hain..."...turns to Barun next to her...why am I not her?:((...sorry!...moving on...
Interviewer:"Barun,yeh saach Baat hai?"

BS:"Main mar nahin raha hoon,yaar!"...laughs half heartedly...

Int:"Ab aap roz 8 baje dikhayi nahin denge,na!!"

BS:"I..haan...par.."...stumbling for words smilingly...:))..Lubbs him...:))

BS:"but I'll be around..."

Int:"Aapke fans hain...woh bahut miss karne waale hain...woh time slot Ko bahut miss karne waale hain...(I guess she knows a lot of people will stop watching..:))...she continues.."woh 8 bhaje Jo Barun...UNKA unko jo dikhta tha woh ab nahin dikhayi Dega..."

Barun looking and listening and smiling slightly...nodding head in agreement..
BS:"yaar..everyone...sirf ek character Ko pasand nahin karte...sab log...matlab...the story is what everyone likes ..uh...and the story makers are staying...wohi same log jinhone story mein interest create Kiya tha saara are staying...toh I am sure...they will do something nice again..."
Barun here speaking straight faced matter of factly..stating facts...

Int:"Aise mein sunne AA raha kahin pe bahut saare log bhol rahe aap ne beech mein aapne ek film ke liye...thode din ka break liya tha...
Kya yeh time bhi waisa hi hai?"

Barun thinking...shaking his head very sure of his answer..cutting the question almost...
BS:"nahin..nahin...Maine break nahin liya tha Kabhi bhi!...but.last time ALSO...I was shooting consistently for the show...I was shooting for both the things..I was shooting double double shifts..but I shot for the show as well...So I never left ...THAT TIME EITHER.."..

(.Meenu ...staring confusedly!!WHAT THE...does that mean,Barunwa...Meenu shakes her head...don't try to read too much into it..let it go!)

Int:"YAHAN pe aap Ko saare log bahut miss karenge..."(meaning on the show...on the set..the co-workers...)

BS:"it's my own decision!! I am not going to say its a bad decision or a good's a decision that I've to stand's a decision that I've come to with..uh...the permission of my family and everyone..uh.."

Shot cut...BS:"Din mein jitne bhi ghante active hota hoon main..16 ghante...agar main active hota hoon din mein...Uss mein se 75% mein set pe hota hoon...which is a VERY BIG AMOUNT...toh YAHAN Jo hota hai..BAS wahi hota hai..."...cut shot...

BS continues:"I'm also very emotional...I don't show a lot of stuff but..euh..everyone who's close to me...knows that I'm very emotional..."(Barun looked very uncomfortable here...just starting to fidget...:))

BS:"'s gonna be sad of course...I'm gonna miss all these people!!".(.looking slightly emotional here)

Int:"KITNE dost aapko mile hai..agar aapko Poocha  jaye.Iss set par...matlab KITNE dost..aapko...jiss tarha ke Aakash Aapke itne acche dost bane...kitne dost mile aapko set par?"

BS:"see..Akshay and me is a different thing altogether...uh..but that's not all..I.its..innumerable...I can't tell sad..uh..u know what I mean...(lol..Barun can't get the words out...cutie!!:))
BS continues:".I..uh..everyone on the set is my friend...everyone...on the set is my friend!!"...he emphasizes everyone:))

Int:"Sanaya..bahut upset hai...keh RAHI haan bahut miss karoongi usko..itni masti Jo karta tha..."(Barun smiling in agreement..:))
Int. continues:"Shyaam ke Jo cutlets ke pakode...woh mirchi ki chutney...woh bahut zyaada miss karoongi.."Barun smiling...
(Meenu says...Yay!!Sardar...he will miss chutney!!:))Smiling broadly...continuing...)

BS:"haan...bahut zyaada miss toh...I don't think it's gonna happen...we live in the same..uh..building..approx..almost the same as I said..yaar,sab log toh ek Insaan Ko miss karenge...matlab..I mean...if anyone's gonna miss me as well..uh"(OK STOPWA..Barun how can u think that!!)..continuing...sigh!
BS:"but I will have a lot of people to miss.."

Int:"Balwant Kaur ka pata toh nahin chala lekin...ek aap hi hain jisse poochte the...Balwant Kaur..kahan gayi..kahan gayi...ab kya kuch kehna chahenge Balwant Kaur ke baare mein?"laughingly...

BS:"Balwant Kaur kya...ab toh main hi jaane waala hoon kuch Dino mein..."..half hearted amused laugh..."Balwant Kaur ke peeche lage hue ho aap..."...(Like he was thinking really?...this is wat they'll remember as I leave?...I agree Barun!!)

Int:"Barun ab aap..kya KHUD Ko ek star ki tarah dekhte hain?"

BS:"yaar..mere liye's very..uh..hard to relate to the STAR waala fundamental...becoz..I.main...I was not a 16 saal ka baccha when I...uh..started working...I..uh..I've seen the ups and downs of life...that's why I say I'm a very real guy..becoz I'm like everyone else..."(we know Barun..that's why we love you...)...again very matter of factly..strong with his belief...sweaty as usual too...:))

Int:"Toh Iss Pyaar Ko kya naam doon serial se agar Poocha jaye...kya mila Barun Ko?"

BS:"For's time's accha ho..bura ho..jaisa ho bhi nikal JAATA's's very valuable!!'s given me a year and a half of a Very good time!!"

Anchor voice..."Well ...well.Barun...we hope aap jaldh hi launtein ...ek Naye avatar mein..kyunki aap aur Aapke fans ek doosere se zyaada din door nahin reh sakte..."

Meenu thinks...You said it ,Sister!!


On SBB video of Barun..
"I was always supposed to leave...I was supposed to leave in Feb this year actually"...HUH??
On 20th nov.being his last day of shoot..."No,nothing was decided actually...we were to leave out of the country isliye..."...HUH??
Message to fans"Thank you for liking me and watching the show"
On why Barun decided to leave the show so early..."Barun thak Gaya hai bahut"...agreed,man!!
Anchor saying."..Barun ne Li hai "break" Ko udhaas hone ki koi Zaroorat nahin"..."woh jaldh hi waapas aayenge show mein phirse"...

Meenu stares blankly for awhile...then bursts out into a laugh-cry reaction which proves she has a Jalebi for a brain and there is no respite in the world to help her!!Officially condemned INCURABLE fan of Arshi,Sarun and IPKKND...all enigmas in their own rights as are their fans!!All truly deserving of one another...



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