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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode Take

Today's Episode progressed well  Thumbs Up.. I will not call it a very good or perfect episode since right now most of the episodes we r watching r sort of build-up episodes before the big truth is out in front of Yash but the episode was definitely interesting with Prashant finally coming face-to-face with entire Scindia family and now Yash at least knows that this is the same guy who helped Aarti-Ansh in Lalitpur and even Aarti now knows that this is only the friend of Yash who gave those dinner date ideas .. So at least half of the mystries r out and the stage is now set for the big mystry to b revealed soon Cool

Before I talk about today's episode , what really bothers me the most is how Aarti has fallen into deep sea of Lies and every passing day she is pushing herself deep inside the sea rather than trying to come out of it OuchOuch...Her set of lies began with her divorcee lie first where she herself dint choose to lie but she was trapped into the web of lies by Dubeys for her own good and so here she had a slight defence but the present lies starting from Ansh's bone marrow transplant to Prashant being presented as Dubey's best friend's son today in front of Scindias have no excuse or defence at all because these r plain selfish lies told to Yash and Scindia family to save Prashant's life OuchOuch... Aarti is simply messing it up further by staying silent and to hide one lie , she and Dubeys r creating multiple set of lies which r taking them nowhere and once Yash will find out all , that time Aarti will hv nothing in her defence because she is simply breaking Yash's trust here every passing day OuchOuch

Dubeys r selfish to save their son's life and so they still hv a justification for all the lies which is valid but what justification Aarti will give to Yash about all the lies when he will ask her that why did u break my trust and snatched away the rights of Ansh's father by alone taking the bone marrow transplant decision ?? OuchOuch.. This is where I hope Yash becomes a bit more proactive and try to find out on his own whether Aarti is hiding something from him which is bothering her because the way Aarti has trapped herself in these web of lies out of emotions , I dont think she will b in a position to tell him the truth ever Ermm.. Just how Yash went further deep into a mess during his self-destructive days because of Arpita factor and only Aarti could get him out of it , same way I can see Aarti going further deep into this web of lies because of the way she feels indebted towards Dubeys and only Yash can get her out of it ...Smile

Coming to today's episode , it starts off with a beautiful symbolism when Aarti was about to slip but Yash holds her in his arms and asks her to b careful Embarrassed..This indicates that even in life , Yash will b always there to hold her and support her and he will never let her slip in life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Just after that Prashant enters Scindia mansion as Yash's friend thus shocking Aarti but we already know that Yash will never let Aarti slip or fall in life .. He is always there with her to protect her Approve.,.All Aarti got to do is trust her man and tell him everything and then life will b much more easy for her Embarrassed..Gurmeet and Kratika both looked stunning in this scene and its these simple but short scenes which defines their perfect husband-wife  chemistry Thumbs Up ...

Coming to our ultimate mahaan Farishta Prashant Big smile..I  m not calling him a Farishta(Angel) , its Yash who calls him a Farishta in today's episode after he comes to know that Prashant saved Aarti-Ansh in Lalitpur and he only is staying in Dubey house since he is Dubey's best friend ka son which is another lie of course AngryAngry, so my point is whether Prashant is really a Angel or a Devil in disguise ?? Evil Smile.. If Prashant is really mahaan and wants Aarti-Ansh to b happy in their family , then why did he accept this invitation of Yash and came to Scindia mansion knowing that his presense will make things worse for Aarti and further lies will need to b told then ? AngryAngry..On one hand he keeps acting mahaan by himself saving the situation today but on other hand he actually created a scenario where Aarti and Dubeys had to become part of yet another lie and Aarti had to act as if Prashant is a stranger which made Aarti feel further guilty in front of Yash and this situation is actually created by Prashant only with his presense in Scindia family which if Prashant wanted , he could hv well avoided by showing some excuse to Yash AngryAngry...Prashant is presenting himself like a mahaan selfless soul in front of his own parents and Aarti but on the other hand his mere presense everywhere is pushing Aarti further into deep sea of lies OuchOuch... Prashant himself might become a mahaan sacrificing soul in everyone's eyes but in the process he is actually making Aarti look like one big liar in front of Yash Ouch... So for me Prashant is a big player Approve...Prashant is deliberately creating a situation which completely goes against Aarti and tomorrow if Scindias find out all truths , I m sure noone will forgive her for all these lies and then Prashant will get further opportunity to show his mahaanta by acting as if he is forever ready to accept Aarti-Ansh OuchOuch..I can bet this is Prashant's ultimate plan Ermm...Only person who can reverse this whole plan is Yash if despite knowing the truth , he decides to stand in Aarti's support and understand her emotions Approve..

Coming to Aarti , well she simply cannot keep blaming her destiny or God or anyone for that matter in the name of majboori because fact is noone is putting a gun on her head and asking her to shut up ... She stays with Yash in Scindia house 24/7 where she has the full liberty to tell the truth to Yash Approve... Even though Shobha emotionally blackmailed her in previous episodes but even after that she got lots of days in hand to come out of that emotional blackmailing phase and tell the truth to Yash becuase if she planned to save Prashant's life by allowing Ansh for the bone marrow transplant , then how can she expect Yash will never find out the truth when Prashant will continue to forever stay in Dubey house ?? OuchOuch..Now what is happening is worst .. Even Ansh is part of the whole lie set up by Dubeys and right now entire Scindia family is taken for a ride with several lies spoken while all Aarti could do is stand quiet and blame her destiny or God for the mess OuchOuch..Its high time she tells everything about her past and also Ansh's bone marrow matter to Yash before Bua finds out all and makes matters worse for Aarti Ouch...Bua already looks suspicious wondering why Aarti often visits Dubey house when this Prashant guy stays there and so I can clearly see Bua keeping an eye on Aarti from here on Ouch...Before Bua comes to know all and spills the beans in her twisted way , it will b better if truth comes out from Aarti's mouth ..Confused...

I felt bad for Scindia family today  the way they blindly trust Aarti and Dubeys especially Yash and Daddy Scindia  and here Dubeys as well as Aarti r taking entire Scindia family for a ride with so many set of lies Unhappy... Worst part is even Ansh is a part of the same lie today Ouch,.If Palak had not spilled half of the beans today then Scindias would hv never come to know that Prashant stays with Dubeys because Ansh too has taken the silent route all thanks to Dubeys ka lie influence Ouch
...Does Aarti even realise that she is actually making a kid lie too Ouch...I do understand Aarti's emotions but I just cant see Aarti falling into this deep sea of lies from where she cannot even swim properly today Cry...

Ok now  one question .. does anyone today bothered to ask Prashant what is his name in the entire episode ?? ConfusedConfused..this is something I found really absurd in the show Ouch...Yash keeps introducing Prashant to everyone as his friend but not once he bothered to find out what is his name Confused.. I really want to see once Yash comes to know that his name is Prashant , whether it rings a bell in his head or not since he heard this name once on phone when Shobha shouted Prashant's name and earlier before marriage he saw Prashant+Aarti name on temple walls too ... Ermm...

Overall the episode had a good story flow and progress with Prashant's first ever introduction to Scindia family which is interesting  but now its high time Aarti tells the truth to Yash before Bua spoils it all ... Since tomorrow is 200th Episode of PV , so I guess we r going to get some romatic AarYa spl episode as per few picture spoilers which hv come out .. So looking forward to it now Embarrassed

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Yash Scindia & Aarti Yash Scindia, two individuals who never thought that they would find happiness again when they lost their former partners. 

Here are two people who love their mutual partners deeply but due to circumstances they were forced to be alone for many years until they found each other. 


Their first encounter was very brief yet very telling, just with a bump of their shoulders...their soul who has been asleep for centuries was awakened and it recognized the OTHER HALF...Yash showered Aarti w/ rose pedals sure it was an accident according to Yash but it was life's way of letting him know that he has chosen her to be his life partner.

They got that confirmation 4m the Gods when their alliance were made on their way to the Dargah, Aarti's lips has been imprinted on a currency that ended up in Yash's hands...Their soul once again responded to each other when their finger tips brushed against one another.
In that instant both Aarti & Yash felt more ALIVE than they've ever been in a longtime.  


Sure at the beginning some of their encounters were filled w/ MUs from Aarti's part regarding Yash's intentions towards her and the marriage...Up until their wedding night she was understand the impression that he only wanted one thing and one thing only.

But all her doubts got cleared when he indirectly told her that he was just looking for a mother for his daughters much to her relief...They started off as stranger, then co-parents then friends then lovers and now they are finally discovering each other as husband & wife. 


They say that marriage are made in heaven, I can tell you that the union between Aarti & Yash Scindia was pre-destined and no matter what, they would have come together...Those two have the five elements (Earth, Fire, Sky, Water & Wind), their four fathers and their children as they angels & guardians. 


Aarti fell in love with Yash without realizing when or how...She saw him though the bad, the good and the ugly and she never once shied away from him...The only time she took a wrong yet clever decision was when she decided to leave him after finding out that she was pre
gnant and not knowing if he could ever accept their baby. 

That move of hers gave the latter sometime to think and realize that he cares for her as more than the mother of his children...on the other hand despite his attraction to Aarti, Yash doesn't dare put a name to their relationship...His actions however speaks louder than any words spoken. 

For two damage people to find HAPPINESS again is the most BEAUTIFUL thing in the world but life & love are not fairy tales where everyone lives happily ever after once they open up their heart again. 


Life has a way of throwing you curve balls when you least expect it and this exactly what's happening to Aarti & Yash now...They'll have to hold tight and brace themselves for the storm that's heading their way...Yash's new best friend whom he has invited into their lives is no other than Aarti's ex-husband Prashant.




A very heart stopping yet fantastic episode Clap Clap Clap

It begins with Yash inviting P to come home with him citing that his family is his family and that sharing is caring...P refuses but Yash literally pulls him along....tsk tsk tsk bad move Yashbabu Dead Ouch I was screaming so loud at the screen that my family thought I was insane LOL LOL

At the SM, Pratik and the kids are bursting crackers outside when Aarti walks up and watches them, she smiles at the sight in front of her...Ansh upon seeing her says that Yash didn't get his fav crackers to which she replies that it was her fault she lost them and asks him to continue bursting those he already has until his papa comes...After some time PayPal, Ansh and Pratik goes inside while Aarti waits for Yash...I love the fact that this time they were bursting the crackers outside and not inside like yesterday...Pratik sure loves his nieces and nephew, he'll make a great dad somedayEmbarrassed Big smile

Aarti is looking at the door waiting for Yahs and wondering why he is taking so long to return and where he is, she walks away and slips on some water on floor but Yash comes and catches her, they share a eye lock...Yash asks her if she alright she says yes, he goes on to tell her that she doesn't take care of herself and to be careful...Awww AarYa look so adorable and the fact that they eye locks never look forced nor don't drag on is a plus Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Yash asks Aarti to stand up straight cause he wants her to meet his friend, she asks him which friend and just on cue P comes into view leaving shocked...Aarti drops the tray of laddoos, Yash asks her if she's alright she replies no then she corrects herself and says yes...Yash asks P to come in, Aarti is tensed she looks and P who steps into her house.

Yash introduce P to Aarti saying that he's his friend and that he brought here to meet them cause he was alone and since it's Diwali he brought him here...Yash goes on to introduce   Aarti as his wife to P, unknown to him that they both know each other, P folds his hands and Aarti has a hard time doing it but in the end she does...Yash takes P into the living room leaving Aarti wondering WTH is going on and in self thought she asks God why today and why is he causing so many problems for her...Aarti my Darling, God never gives you more than you can handle...and you are one of his devotees so I tell you that he knows your strength, he just wants you to remember it as well and to stand up and start taking right decisions instead of complicating your life more than you have to Wink 

The Seniors are in the living room feeding each other sweets when Yash comes and tells P to come in everyone is wondering who he's talking too just then P comes into view leaving the Dubeys shocked...Yash and P walk across the bridge towards them, Yash introduces P as his friend to the family...Yash proceeds to introduce everyone, he tells P that the Dubeys are Aarti's parents and that SP & Gayatri are his. His brother Pankaj, SIL Vidhi, his kid brother Pratik , SIL Pari and his aunt, P greets everyone....hmmm I hated seeing P walking across over bridge but I guess it's very symbolic, Jyo or Samana please help me out with that one cause right now I'm lost Tongue 

Palak remembers meeting P at the Dubeys when he told Ansh that he was stayins there as a paying guest so she tells Yash that they have already meet his friend and Yash wanna know where she replies at the Dubeys...Right grandma Shobha leaving her and everyone shocked...That's my girl Palak, I know that she was very observant for a reason Heart

Palak goes on to say that when Aarti ran away on Yash's bday that P was the one that saved her, she looks to ansh for confirmation but the latter doesn't say anything after remembering the Dubeys asking him not to tell Yash anything about P staying there with them...Palak asks P if it isn't true also leaving him shocked, Yash is looking at a tensed Aarti and the camera is rotating from P to AarYa's faces...haha I love that Palak was the one that told the truth about meeting P before hands, Samana was right Clap Clap...I knew that Ansh wouldn't say a thing but I was still hoping that he would stand up and support his sister damn those Dubeys sure know how to brainwash people Angry Ouch Ouch

Yash asks Aarti if she knows P and why she didn't say anything, she stammers then proceeds to say that she was going to tell him, she looks at Shobha who is scared and before she can continue P cuts in and says that he has a friend who lives in Lalithpur...and at that time he was finding his family that P didn't that Yash lived in Bhopal as well that it's all a major coincidence...Wow so Aarti and the Dubeys dodge another bullet but it looks like Aarti was about to tell the truth but as always she took her sweet time IMO the CVS don't want the divorce lie to come out now that bomb will come out next year or at the end of this year Ermm 

Yash says to P so he was the angel that saved Aarti's life and that they were waiting to meet in at the temple, he asks him why he didn't come...The latter replies that they were destined to meet today, SP says he's glad that he came today and thanks him for saving Aarti and his grandson...G3 asks Shobha why she didn't mention before that she knew P....hahaha I swear to god the Dubeys were having mild heart-attacks each time someone asked them a question regarding P especially Shobha LOL LOL Tongue

Dubey answers saying that tehy didn't had time to tell them that P is his friend's son and that he wouldn't look good if he stayed at a hotel so they decided to let him stay with them cause he is like a son to them...Aarti disapproves of the new lie Dubey just told the Scindias...boa says that's good and you all seem happy doing all this...Oh lord another lie was told again today, I say it's about time teh truth comes out now cause when it comes out later it's gonna look really bad for Aarti cause today she stood there while teh Dubeys told another to cover up the big one they told at the beginning of their alliance Ouch Ouch Ouch

Boa says that Aarti was at the Dubeys for KC and that she should have met P so why did she hide it from them, Aarti is tensed again...SP tells her to shut up and that P is there to celebrate Diwali with them and that they have two relations with him first he's Yash's friend and second he is Dubey's son leaving them all tensed but SP corrects himself and says he means like Dubey's son...Aarti is self thought again asks god why is he testing her and that she will surely tells Yash about P this time...OMG I died watching that last segment, SP is so gonna feel betrayed when the truth comes out and Aarti my Dear all this stress isn't good for you the sooner you tell Yash the truth the faster you will have his shoulder to lean on and share the load...PLEASE don't let him hear the truth from someone else's mouth Ouch Ermm 

PRECAP: Aarti is very tensed, boa is looking at both her and Shobha and in self thought boa says that there is something very fishy between them...Oh lord it seems as if my nightmare is coming through with boa being the one to find out about the divorce lie Dead and if she does find out the truth she's gonna sure make Aarti's life living he!! that's a given Cry Cry

Kratika Sengar portrayal of Aarti's emotions were off the charts, you could feel the love and happiness she has for her children and her husband in the few minutes of the episode and then fear, the anguish and the uncertainty in Aarti today was just mind blowing Star Star Star

Gurmeet Choudhary was amazing as well Clap Clap...I tell you KS & GC are the King & Queen of expressions those two are just phenomenal...I love their eye locks they are a delightful sight to watch Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

EDIT: Can't wait for tomorrow's episode and whatever comes after...We are in for a roller coaster ride and I tell you I'm getting really dizzy already w/ all this merry go round Dead Tongue LOL

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Today's episode was good! Yash showed his Mahaanta and brought Prashant home,little does he know what a disaster he has brought.Aarthi was hell shocked and always questioning the one god.I think Bua is gonna spy on Prashnat and maybe then she gets to know.

Waiting for the 200th episode!

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Where do I start my rant or take. Tonight I'm sorry this might be heavy rather than light.

Remember this. Arti asked Ishwar for a way to tell Yash about her past. I feel, today was a way for Arti to come clean and tell Yash about this secret she has been keeping since she married him. She could have taken Yash aside to have a private conversation for 10 seconds at the most. Or she should have told him already when she had the chance of doing it leisurely.

There is a minute detail I noticed as Arti walked the path lit with the diya batis. She slipped and one diya candle flame went out before Yash caught her in his arms!

I feel this depicts that Yash will be by her side even if the SM family members try to vilify her actions in regards to keeping that secret. I could be wrong but it has to be this I believe. I know Yash will have hurt feelings when the whole truth comes out but he is not going to leave her.

THAT'S NO AMAN! generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator

Today Arti was reduced to mumbling and my heart beated the loudest for her! Also she never recovered from her initial shock of seeing Prashant in the last place she would ever come across. She even had taken an oath that she will never let any bad thing come into the house of SM. But when it is her own husband who is dragging a bheegi bilee into her house to give it shelter and food and caring what is she to do. She can't come out and say throw the bheegi bilee right out the door ! Can she?

DID YOU MISS ME? generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator

I thought today's episode will be like this as I'm channeling bua to depict that I'd be frustrated.

There was so much though and good dialogue that went into today's episode but I'm starting to notice that this show is good and finally I'm starting to trust the CV's as everybody is telling me to trust the CV's LOL Okay that rant over her is the pic!LOL

 MERE BHAGWAN KI KASAM NAAK ME DUM generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator

I felt as if sacrilege had happened as Prashant was taken via the bridge to meet the Scindia family. Memories of  that beautiful bridge!Cry

But no time to cry because this happened next!

MERE BHAGWAN KI KASAM YOU LOOK NICE generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator

Then the tough questions got started being asked of Arti! It started with Palak flashback of meeting Prashant at the Dubeys. She even looked for Ansh for confirmation but Ansh was in his fantasy land remembering the story of Peter Pan as told by his Badi Ma Shobha. The story went something like this.

peter pan i do believe in fairies

Nothing doing there but then G3 jumped into the fray and asked Shobha why she never told that this Prashant person was staying at their house. She was like in Shobha's face.

Bua has taken it one step further and has started to think vindictively. I give her apropos for that because she is not happy with keeping her secrets. Everybody knows what her secrets are in SM and I do not need to spell it out!

She was like this with the questioning wanting to jump into the fray with her sharpened claws.

And then she switched on her mega brain and started computing all the permutations and all the small gestures on Arti's face.


And then SP put a stop to her antics and he did his own joke thingy! Literally the father and son got killed and then they met again! Reincarnated. I thought it went something like this.


And then Boa went into her computing mode again and started to think that she was in Raaz 4

Tonight it was my kind of episode because it was an enjoyable watch where I had to remind myself to breath.

Some secrets should never be revealed for the damage it may create a relationship! But in this show it is shown otherwise that keeping a secret is like that of building a web of lies.

The house of a spider is flimsy at best it will get blown away when a huge gust of winds comes and create havoc to its webs that have been stretched in the trees of the forest.

Secrets also have a way of finding itself into the world. Today was just a warning to Arti , I feel. Arti's secrets will one day not be her secret to keep anymore. Your destiny lies in your hand. I'm reminded of this now God helps only those who help themselves.

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congrats on your color change!!! your an veteran member now!!!

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glad to see you back jyo, its been a while since you open the DC, love your title , lets hope for a good episode

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thanks jyo!! Embarrassed

im going gaga over these pictures...Embarrassed.cant wait for the episode...hopefuly it'l be tonight... Blushing Blushing Day Dreaming

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