The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

.GOSH! You're Hot!.KiSha.FF. Note-Important Pg18. (Page 15)

Yoshita0411 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by basket_101

Hey! =D
Firstly, Merrry Christmass!! ((Kinda late.. but still :P))
And sorry for not commenting on the last update.. I read it, but couldn't comment then..
I didn't know KD was her teacher xP  New twistt! 
Kiya is so crazy lol.. I can totally relate :P
Thanks for the pm!
Very eager to read more!
Take caree =)

Hey! Same to youu! LOL
Hee Hee. That was my secret. Evil Smile LOL
Thanks! Smile
I'll update soon. Tc. Smile

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natasha995 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
heheheh nyce he is a teacher hmm seem interesting and yeah kesha1234 u must be reading archie comics huh?!1 :) well they are nycee and yeah i loves your diary update sorry for no commenting cux exams came and got busy wid so thats why loved your updates keep updating 
Yoshita0411 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by natasha995

heheheh nyce he is a teacher hmm seem interesting and yeah kesha1234 u must be reading archie comics huh?!1 :) well they are nycee and yeah i loves your diary update sorry for no commenting cux exams came and got busy wid so thats why loved your updates keep updating 

Thankyou! Embarrassed
No problem, as long as you comment I have no problem if they are late. LOL
Yoshita0411 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Here I am with the update! Big smile As promised, it is long and New Year ke shubh avsar par there's a present for all of you : KD's POV! Embarrassed LOL Hadn't thought of writing one, but Kesha1234 gave me the idea. Thanks girl! Wink


November 29, 2012

11:00 PM

I know I do. I just know it.


Anyway. :P

Guess what.
Aniruddha sir was absent today. YIPPEEE!
Another substitution period.

And then something happened. And that something couldn't have been any better.
Panchi came running towards me.
No no. This is not the 'something'.
Panchi congratulated me. I couldn't understand as to why she did so.

And the next moment I knew why!

I saw Mr. Keshav Desai entering the classroom. MY classroom.

Isn't that like, WOW!

I swear I had had a mini heart attack. Overjoyed I was. BIG TIME.


We all stood up to greet him. And then he asked us all to sit down.
The usual.


Since none of us had opted for physical education, he couldn't teach.
He couldn't take us out in the playground either, since the small kids were having their KIDZ KARNIVAL in the playground.
Aah! What days they were! #memories


Coming back to the present.

He had nothing to do. And neither did we.
He was new to us and so were we to him.
So, he introduced himself.

I remember each and every word that he spoke. :D
"Hey guys. My name is Keshav Desai and I am here as the new physical education teacher."

That was very hard to remember. I swear.


Then he asked us to introduce ourselves one by one. He said that he wanted to know our names and our interests.

The introduction session began.

I really don't remember anything except his varying expressions and reactions to the things the other kids said.


I am telling you yaa, I LOVE HIM.

Like, badly!


Oh and yeah, today I almost got killed.

By HIS killer smile.

Dimple wali.



I have a weakness for the dimple-wali-smile-wale-guys. *hehehe*


In between he did look at me. And I got so embarrassed 'cause I'd always been looking at him. I don't know what he would have been thinking about me, if he would be thinking about me at all.


And then came MY turn.

Of course I hadn't realized that, since my senses had been preoccupied with HIM.


But then I heard my name.
'Kiya dear, tell me about your interests since I know your name, already.'

 I realized a second later that HE had been the one calling my name.

 I stood up jaldi se.

 Of course, deep inside, I was exulting! With JOY. And that was infinite.

Hearing your name from the mouth of someone you love is like WOW! And I love my name all the more now.
Since it is now coated in his velvet voice.


Upar se he addressed me as Kiya dear.



Hayyeee! *blushinghard*


Okay so where was I?

So I stood up.


I was supposed to introduce myself. But unfortunately I didn't do the same.

And I blurted out.
"GOSH! You're hot!"

And the next moment, I was like SHIT! Did I really say that?
I was going to pass out. I swear.

But God saved me. Nobody actually either understood or heard my golden words.


He asked me to be a little louder. I was glad I hadn't been before.

So, I began.


"Sir, reading, singing, writing are some of my interests. But there is one thing that I'm very passionate about. And that is,"


I didn't say the last word.


HE did.

 I looked up at him.

 Was I SHOCKED? Like hell.


HAPPY? Definitely.


I looked at Panchi and she looked at me.


She gave me a *thumbsup*. And I could only smile.

I looked at HIM. And he looked at me.

 And then my dear diary, he SMILED. At me.



Before my curiosity could eat me, I asked him, "How do you know sir?"

He replied, "You were the one dancing in the centre during the run-through, right? I could see it in your eyes Kiya. That love, that passion for dance. SO I just guessed. It is confirmed now. You do LOVE dance."

I could only 'Oh' at that moment.

That was too much to take in at once.

 "You may sit down now Ms. Gujral."

 Damn! He knew my surname as well.


 Soon, the introduction was over. And so was the period.

The bell rang.

 We all stood up.  "Thankyou sir."

He said, "Thankyou class. Have a good day. And did I mention? You dance beautifully Kiya."

And off he went, smiling to himself.


And I kept standing, smiling to myself.

I was beaming with joy.


Panchi was like 'Ahan Kiya! Lucky girl."


*heeheeheehee* *blush*


 I'll never forget this compliment. Never.

"You dance beautifully Kiya."


Oh I just realized. I didn't thank him. LOL.

But he didn't give me time to do so. He just went.




Lots of love,

Ms. Gujral

(the way he said) *blush*


PS - I just realized I blush a lot. HAHA.


Sooo, how's it? Embarrassed

Oh and yes, KD's POV is in the post below. Enjoy. Embarrassed


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Yoshita0411 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged

A page from KD's journal




10:00 PM


Heyo missy. How have you been? I'm really sorry since I haven't been in touch with you for quite a few days. I was busy. You know, I have finally been appointed as the physical education teacher in THE Royal Academy. Isn't that awesome? Isiliye I was busy.

Abhi it's only been a few days since I joined Royal but let me tell you, I love it already. Sports had always been my passion & I love teaching. You know that, don't you? So, here I am. In Royal.

Mr. Ramanujam is one fine man I tell you. No doubt Royal is the best school in town. & the kids here are very enthusiastic & full of positive energy. Already missing my school days. I think I'm going to get along well with the kids since I'm the young-wala teacher. After all, I'm just 23. And I think that the kids are happy to have me as their teacher. Atleast I know the girls are. Hahaha. I was oblivious to my hotness till now, but today my dear… Hahaha. I have no words. Except these four : "GOSH! I'm HOT!"

Wondering what's wrong with me? Hahaha. Wait till I tell you, I bet you're gonna laugh like crazy.

I had a class in XII-C as a substitution teacher. & so I went.

The moment I entered, my eyes fell on this girl, Kiya Gujral. She was beaming with joy, not to add the pink colour which had quietly crept up along her neck to her cheeks. I didn't quite understand the reason for it since I had been totally unaware of my hotness abhi tak. *wink* Then the usual good-morning-sir-sit-down-kids happened. God I'm still not used to kids addressing me as Sir. Now, this is something!

Anyway. I didn't really have anything to teach them so I thought to have an introduction session with the kids. I introduced myself first & then asked the students to do the same. During the session, I was aware of the constant gazing. I didn't know who that was though. Isiliye I turned to look. And guess who? Kiya Gujral. Hahaha. It's so interesting & encouraging. Hahaha. And when my eyes met hers, God! the effect it had on her. The pink colour somehow changed into a darker red. I so wanted to smile but of course I didn't. I am a teacher for god's sake!

And then came her turn. She didn't realize that though. So I had to call her by her name. Wondering ki how I knew her name? I'll tell you after I'm done with this incident. I'm sure she would have been wondering too.  

She stood up & trust me, her face was something. It was like oh-wow-he knows-my-name-but-keep-a-straight-face-wala expression. Hahaha. Worth seeing. Totally.

Instead of introducing herself, she blurted out: "GOSH! You're HOT!"

Can you believe that? I still can't. Look at the guts of this girl. Well, maybe, I shouldn't blame her. I am hot. And moreover, I triggered this, didn't I? I shouldn't have taken her name. I shouldn't have let her know that I knew her name. Anyway, that is not worth regretting now. What's done is done.

She was shocked as hell. Who wouldn't be? I don't know if the other kids are just plain dumb or they really didn't get her golden words. Whatever may the case be, I'm glad they didn't. And I, too, acted as if I didn't really hear my first official compliment. I just asked her to be a little louder. Relief replaced horror. Hahaha. Yes. Horror would be the most apt word to describe her previous expression.

Okay so she was telling her interests and I interrupted her. Just to say the word she was going to say. I don't know why I did that. I shouldn't have. I didn't want to give the impression that I knew her name, that I knew her interests, that I knew her passion, that I knew her. But I did just the same. Silly me.

To say that she was shocked would surely be an understatement. To say that she was happy would be an understatement too. I caught one girl showing a *thumbsup* sign to Kiya. Must be her close friend. It was official then. Kiya had the hots for her teacher. Me. I really am hot. *sigh*

She was gaping at me. With her mouth open. Hahaha. Now that was one cute expression. I smiled at her, in an attempt to make her feel better.

And then she asked me. Of course she would have asked. Who wouldn't be curious to know as to how their crush knew their name? I couldn't tell her that I had been totally mesmerized by her dance that day at the run-through. I couldn't tell her that I would have stared at her right into her eyes throughout the whole dance had she not looked back at me while dancing. Though I didn't understand it then, I now do as to why she was looking at me when she should have been concentrating solely on her dance moves. And of course I could not tell her that I had not been able to stop myself from asking her name from the kids sitting nearby. Kiya. What an interesting name.

Though she is 6 years younger to me, the maturity on her face was clearly visible when she had been dancing. If you ask me the truth diary, she looked simply beautiful. And graceful.

So what did I tell her? Actually, nothing but the truth. I told her that I could see the passion in her eyes for dance. A little 'Oh' had escaped her mouth. I think it all had been too much for her to take in. Hahaha. I shouldn't have done so. I shouldn't have done another thing. I'm such an ass. As soon as the bell rang, I thanked the class and told Kiya in front of the whole class that she dances beautifully. I am sure she would have been beaming with joy after I was gone. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm a teacher. I should stop behaving myself and act like a teacher. But you know what, I'm officially in love with the pink colour. No no, don't get it wrong diary, its just the pink colour & not her. Yes, definitely not her. Well, it better not be her. *sigh* I'll talk to you later diary. Gotta finish some things before I sleep.




I know it's a short one. Kaam chala lo yaar! Tongue

Chalo, take care people. 


Partyyy! Party



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ItsMe_Ammu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
DancingFirst to comment...Yay...
KDs journal too... Double celebration..
Now let me read...LOLLOL

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basket_101 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Res =D

Sorry didn't Unres earlier... 
Was caught up with some other things.. 
and then forgot about unres*ing :P

The two updates were awesomeee Big smile
I was laughing SO hard when Kiya burted out "GOSH! You're hot!"
It was honestly hilarious!
Luckily KD made it seem as if he hadn't heard her LOL
I loved how KD kept showering compliments on her :P  It was very cute

What I loved even more, you may ask...
The fact that you wrote one from KD's perspective :D :D

It was honestly awesome!
Great job!! :D
Take careee <3
Hinal Embarrassed

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anamikaanjali22 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
woaahhh its amazing yaar...Clap
loved the way you wrote both the journals...i was smiling reading both of them...Smileit was sooo adorable and cute...loved kd's pov...thnx for the pm and happy new year!!!(in advance)

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