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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
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virman ff : PYAR MEIN KABHI KABHI precap (Page 133)

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kushalkidewaani

Its Sunday now where's the update you promised me?
sunday khatam hone mein abhi tym hai meri jaan... Tongue

rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Knock knock...sunday funday...kuchh yad aya? Kisine kuchh promise kiya tha? Yad aya? Yad aya?

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by samu_khamkar

Knock knock...sunday funday...kuchh yad aya? Kisine kuchh promise kiya tha? Yad aya? Yad aya?
yaad hai yaad hai...
yes i promised but i am afraid...
what if i am unable to fulfil my promise...???
dont kill me for this...!!!!
dont worry i am trying hard to complete the update n post it...
thoda tym kam mil raha hai aajkal thats why... Embarrassed
hope i am able to complete it within an hour or so...

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 5:22am | IP Logged

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 6:03am | IP Logged
jo waada kiya woh nibhana padega...!!!!!!!
update de rahi hoon toh tum logo ko lamba comment ab karna padhega...
(ps : i know thats too bad... LOL)

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daydreamer9 Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 6:05am | IP Logged
you're updating????Big smile

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 6:06am | IP Logged
the most awaited chapter in few minutes...!!!!!
this was becoming too long so i decided to give half of it in this update n the other half in the next update...
so guys i really hope u would like it as always...

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 6:20am | IP Logged
link to the previous chapter
manvi : shit...!!! what am i supposed to do now...?? you are caught manvi... you are just trapped... if i dont go, i trust virat to spoil everything. he is such a destroyer... he spoiled my life and now again he is bent on spoiling things... why did i ever fall for such a guy...??? why manvi...?? i must have gone blind that time that i couldnt see everything clearly. but now i have to go and meet me unpleasant past again... but why...?? just to save my beautiful future... who in the world would  have face such a situation...?? its only u manvi... why god...?? why...?? and this virat... what does he need from now...?? god virat... what was left between us that to want to mend... what do u think virat that you would get me back like this...?? you will call me to meet you, then you will make me remember the old time, try n clear the so called misunderstanding n then manipulate me... no it wont work because now nothing matters to me... i dont want you and thats it...
scene shift
virat's room
virat : i know you must be definitely thinking what to do and what not... but manvi you will settle on saying a yes.. you will come not because you have no option. but because i want you to come... things have happened my way and will today also happen my way. but there is a difference, at that time i always thought that i am used to you, i am addicted to you but today i know that i am in love you... irrevocably in love sweetheart... and no one in this fu**ing world can come between us  now... i would sort everything today and then we both will go back to london... to start a fresh...  we will go back to our small little world, our house... everything would be perfect like it was... only you and me... we would be back together... our life would be even more beautiful manvi... i promise... i will give you everything manvi... i would love you the way i never did before... i will manvi... trust me...
scene shifts
around 2 'o clock
maya : mannu i have to go the boutique.. come with me na...
manvi : di... i cant come... i have to go...
maya : have to go means...??
manvi : di i need to go...
maya : where do u have to go mannu...??
manvi : di actually... woh..vi..vir...viren called me up... i am going to meet him...
maya : again a date...!!!! oh my god.. u people are crazy...
manvi : but i really want to go...
maya : ok go then... just be back soon...
manvi : ok di...
shaurya : ahem ahem...
manvi : you heard it... right jiju...???
shaurya : my saali sahiba is never wrong...
manvi : bad manners jiju...
shaurya : by the way i have a plan... lets me n maya also join u guys... double date u see...
manvi : not this tym jiju... after marriage for sure...
shaurya (making a sad face) : ok go...
manvi : thanks guys... jiju take di to boutique na... i dont want her to go alone...
shaurya : dont worry i will...
manvi : bye...
after 2 hours
manvi was sitting in her room all scared and worried... the coming two hours would decide her life... her whole life was dependent on this single meeting... this single meeting would either make up her life beautiful or turn her life into a nightmare.
manvi : all this is very important for me n viren. i have to sort it out with virat. i have to make him understand that i dont love him now and even if i try, i wont be able to love him. its soo difficult for me to even think of loving him... i just cannot... i didnt had a bleak ides that i love viren so much... but the fear of losing him has made me realise how important viren is for me... this credit goes to you virat... thanks to you that i fell all over  again for viren... now i am really thankful to god because he gave me what i deserve not what i desired at a point of time... i should go now... i dont wanna be late... i want to end all this as soon as possible...
manvi leaves the house and shaurya saw her going and he didnt failed to notice that something was fishy. manvi was behaving strange and weird...
shaurya : why do i feel that something is wrong...?? i think there is something that is bothering manvi... something has surely occupied her mind... i can feel that... i know u manvi... better than what maya does... because i was with you when u went through that heart break... i saw you breaking up into pieces and i know with how much courage n effort u got up again and gathered those scattered pieces... i want let anything happen to you princess... i might flirt with you but you are like a sister to me... i will protect you manvi... protect you from evrything that would hurt you...
shaurya gave a thought to all this and decided to call viren and ask him to take care of manvi...
shaurya : hello...
viren : hey...
shaurya : i never knew you were that romantic...
viren : what...??? are u drunk shaurya...??
shaurya : no brother i am in my senses... but whats up with these constant dates and all...???
viren : date...??? come again...
shaurya : oh cmon i know how you meet manvi these days... chori chori chupke chupke...
viren : have u lost it...??? manvi came to my office few days back n thats the last time we met...
shaurya : wohhuu... again it worked...!!!
viren : what...??
shaurya : blind game trick...
viren : whats this now...???
shaurya : i threw an arrow in the darkness n it hit the target...
viren : another trick of yours... ab toh jaan liya na.. lemme do my work now...
shaurya : bye dude...
viren : bye... see you later shaurya...
shaurya : agar manvi viren se milne nahi gayi toh kisse milne gayi hai...??? ye ho kya raha hai...?? manvi ne sabse jhoot kyun bola...?? why was she upset...??? oh manvi... why are u hiding things from us...??? i hope nothing is wrong n you are not in trouble... tell me manvi, i will help you sweetie... just come n share your pain with me like u did 3 years back... please god, take care of manvi...
scene shifts...
sunset point

manvi saw virat standing near the hill and a cute little set up... two white chairs with a table between them... the table covered with rose petals and many things on it like a bouquet, chocolate, some gifts...
manvi : kyun bulaya mujhe yahan...??? (why did you call me here...???)
virat : you were saying you will not come...??? so why this sudden change of plans...???
manvi : this is none of your business...
virat : you know me that well... dont you... you know that i would do exactly what i said...
manvi : i dont have that much of time... can we straightaway come to the point...???
virat : itni bhi kya jaldi hai... abhi toh aai ho...
manvi : if u dont want to talk, i am leaving...
virat : you think i would let you go like this... do u really think so...???
manvi : i dont have time to think about you...
virat : kyun...??? sick n tired of thinking about me...??? or you just want to show me that you really love my brother...???
manvi : i dont need to prove anything to you... because you are no one to me... no one...
virat : destiny... it really plays with us... dont you think so...??? the tables turned around so quickly... today i am no one for you and now for me you are my everything...
manvi : destiny is not always cruel... she gave me viren... th eone i deserve... the one who is my soulmate.. the one who is meant for me...
virat : and that same destiny is trying to snatch everything from me... its being cruel n unfair with me... it is snatching you manvi... it is separating us and testing our love...
manvi : ye tum kya pyaar pyaar ki ratt lga rahe ho aaj kal...??? ho kya gya hai...?? achanak ye pyaar kahan se aa gya mr. virat singh vadera...?? jab main tadapti thi tumhare pyaar ke liye tab kahan gya tha tumhara pyaar...??? jab main sunna chahthi wo sab, tab toh  tumne kabhi kuch nahi kaha... toh ab kyun...??? kyun tumhe achanak ehsaas ho gya that u love me... when u used me n my emotions, then you didnt had even an ounce of love for me... i was just another addiction of yours... your need, your desire thats it... i was nothing more when compared... you slept with me because you wanted me but do u ever realise why did i gave myself to you everytime...?? because i loved you n thought that you love me too... but i was wrong... i was a fool not understand your selfish motives... when i got to know that u dont love me n just want to possess me, i felt like a s**t... i felt like i was just like another bitch who threw herself on you... someone who was just a toy for u... (why are you repeating this love thing again n again...?? what has happened to you...??? why suddenly love walked in mr.virat singh vadera...??? how...??? when i used to starve for your love, where was your love then...??? when i was dying to hear those 3 words from u, why didnt u say it then...??? you never said it then so why now...??? why suddenly u realised that you love me... why...???)
virat was now burning in anger and held manvi's shoulders and jerked her...
virat : stop it... just stop it manvi... how dare you...??? how dare u say such things about you...??? yes i didnt love you then, so what...??? now i have realised that i love you... you were never a toy for me, you were always special... but i never realised it until i lost you... yes i wanted you but it was not lust... it was a feeling that i could neither explain you at that time nor can i now... it made me feel so special... every time when i had u, it gave me immense pleasure... the mere thought of you belonging to me always elated me... i never thought of u as a tissue paper whom i would just use and throw... i never wanted to go away from you... remember when u went for that stupid conference of yours for 5 days... those 5 days were like living in hell for me... because i didnt had you beside me those days... i didnt get a chance to see your face, hug you, inhale you scent, it made me feel like a nomad who is madly looking for an oasis in the desert . but when you came back, i was so happy that i cant tell you... i was happy that now i can have you in my arms again... i could touch you again n feel you...
manvi : stop it...!!!! just stop it virat... please... please dont start all of that again... (manvi said with tears in her eyes n voice almost choked...)
virat : manvi... i need to say... you will have to hear...
manvi : please... please virat...
virat : manvi... please... for us... for our love... listen to me once and if u feel i am wrong... or if u feel you dont want be back, then i wont stop you... i would let u go... i promise i wont stop you... i would not pull you back then... i would set you free but please try n give us a last shot. baby lets give each other an equal chance of representing our side of story... its important... it would just sort out everything else three lives will get spoiled- mine , yours n bhai's...


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