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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

virman ff : PYAR MEIN KABHI KABHI precap (Page 71)

FlowerHater IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
OK to now am damn sure that Virat is hell bent on getting maanvi back and for this he will really go to any extent! lets w8 and see what is cooking in his head right now!

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
link to the previous chapter
the whole day passed by and now it was night time... sleep engulfed all except three poor souls - manvi, virat n viren.
all three were deprived of sleep and lost in  their own dreamland. all three of them had their different reasons...

viren who was madly in love with manvi was dreaming of his pleasant future. he was eagerly waiting for the day he gets married to the love of his life - manvi... the day manvi will become his... the day he will have all rights on her... the mere thought of manvi belonging to him elated him and gave him immense pleasure... he never thought that he would ever fall in love again.. he thought after kyrstal, he wouldnt never ever fall for any girl but destiny had another plans for him... he fall irrevocably in love with manvi... and now there is no way he can leave manvi or stay away from her even for a day... now he is just looking forward to the day he will have manvi beside him for the rest of his life...
viren : manna... u are driving me crazy baby... i love you soo much... uff you have made a lawyer turn into a lover... thats commendable sweetheart... i never thought i can be that romantic... but from the day you confessed your feelings, from the day you accepted my love, from the day we started dating... i explored a different side of myself... i then realised that i am very filmy and romantic like u... i love taking you for candle light dinners... i too enjoy those romantic dates... i love gifting you your favourite flowers... i love each n every thing that brings that smile on that beautiful face of yours... everytime i see you smiling, i feel like the luckiest man alive... i never told you but i feel proud that you love me... thank you manvi... thank you soo much for loving me and giving love a second chance... i know you were heart broken like me when we first met but who knew that we two would gradually end up mending up each other's heart and filling up a void that was there in our lives... we both lost our first love and then at the end found our true love... who says its difficult to forget our first love... no it isnt that difficult because once you find your true love... i read somewhere that 'first love never dies but true love can burn it alive'. but now i know the depth of this single line... when you have that right person beside you, everything will itself fall into its right place... and i have that right person... its you manvi... now i am not scared of anything... to be honest there is one thing i am very scared of and that is separation... i just cant bear the thought of being separated from you... separation kills a person in the most brutal way... it comes with an emotional pain that is very difficult to overcome; no matter how strong a person pretends to be... no viren... dont think about all this... nothing will go wrong now... nothing... now your life will be just perfect... why wouldnt it be...?? because i have manvi and her love with me...!!!! thats enough for me... i am satisfied with my life now...
other person who was lost in his deep thoughts was virat... standing near the window, he was looking at the moon with lots of things going on in his mind... something was for sure cooking up in his mind and it was clearly evident from the smirk on his face. but the tears in his eyes and the fear of losing his love was also clearly written on his face...

virat : why did you do this manvi...??? why did u do this to me...?? how could you...?? you always kept saying that you love me.. you always kept me under the illusion that i am the only one for you... so what happened now...?? what the hell happened that you left me...??? why did you broke every promise of yours...?? why didnt u stand by your words...?? ohh god manvi... i am going insane... my life is on the verge of ending... everything will end up... and let me tell you i am not ready to give up... i will not give up on our love... i will not give up on you... no matter what... if i have to fight for our love, then i will... if having you beside me means that i have to snatch you, then its ok with me... you are the only thing that i want and virat vadera gets whatever he desires... i know in the process of getting you back, i will hurt people... but what can i do manvi...?? if i have to save myself from hurting, i have to hurt others... if i want to save my heart from breaking into pieces, i have to break bhai's heart... i have to... but.. but how can i hurt bhai...??? does bhai really love manvi...?? i dont think so... i dont think bhai is yet over with krystal... he really loved her so how can he love manvi... but if bhai doesnt love manvi then why he is getting married to her... but he seemed happy on the engagement... infact bhai looked very happy... what is happening with me...??? why has my life become like a jigsaw puzzle...?? why has evrything turned upside down...?? why the girl i always took for granted became my life... i fell for her.. i fell for harder than ever... when u were with me, i only used you.. your emotions... but now i want to go back to the time when you were mine... only mine... manvi i know you love me and i wouldnt let you marry anyone except me... you will be mine...!!! only mine...!!!
then he got lost in his thoughts thinking about manvi n his past 3 years back... the time when manvi was only his and only he had right on her...
the third person who was in restless state was manvi... poor she was the one who was caught between the frame of time... she was caught up between her past and her present... she was caught up in metal chains whose ends were her past and her present and both pulling her towards themselves.. and she...she cant do anything... she just dont have the power of breaking away from anyone of the end... she wouldnt be able to leave viren and virat... and virat would never leave her now... he would not let her go...

manvi : bhagwanji why you punishing me...?? what mistake did i commit that i am being punished...?? why has he returned in my life...?? why now when i am very happy with my life...?? why did he say that he love me...?? i waited for him to say those words to me for so long but he never said them, so why today...?? why suddenly today after 3 years...?? why today when i have moved on...??? why today when i have whole heartedly accepted viren...?? why today when i am ready to spend the rest of my life with him... vi..vi..virat dont do this... dont pull me back... i wouldnt be able to return.. i wont be able to accept you back.. i have moved on... i love viren.. virat try n understand please... whenever i look at you, i get reminded of that day i saw your real colours.. the day when i got to know about your real intentions.. the day when i realised that i was nothing more than a sex toy for you... i never thought that i was just a commodity that you liked to own... you only liked to possess me, u only liked to own me virat... but somewhere you forgot that i am a human not a lifeless piece of flesh... i dont want to even think of the time i spent with you... u know why... because i feel disgusting... i feel ashamed of myself whenever i think that i loved a man like you... i am done with my painful past... i dont want you anymore... i am satisfied the way my life is... my life is just beautiful... its just perfect.. perfect like a fairytale... viren loves me... and nothing else matters to me other than this... i am not scared of you or your intentions... i have full faith on viren and our love... viren will never let me down... he will never behave with me the way you did.. infact he treats me like his princess... he cherishes my like anything... cares for me like i am as delicate like a new born... i love you viren... i love you more than anything...
the night ended leaving these three with their own respective thoughts, dreams, perceptions and expectations but who knows whats in store for them... who knows what had destiny decided for them... who knows what game will destiny play with them next...??? the answers to all these questions are difficult to find  right now... only time will be able to answer these... but will they really leave everything to time. do anyone of them looks so patient and understanding...??? i dont think so... atleast virat isnt of that sort who will wait for the right time to come... infact he is among those who will try n manipulate things according to his wishes... lets just wait and watch whats gonna happen with these three people who are madly in love... lets see whose love will reach to its destination...
PS : I hadnt planned to give the update so early but i gave an update bcos of some of my buddies who were constantly requesting me to update pmkk... so here it was guys... only for u...!!!!

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update..Star! Loved all 3 POV...but Loved Virat's POV...he is like 'pyaar aur janng mein sab kuch jaez hain'...i know many readers  here want Viren and Maanvi together...lekin i would want Virat no matter how bad he may b in past or whtever mistake he did...who doesnt...Humans after all...Lekin i seriously want to know whts cooking in his evil mind...he is not giving up n thts wht i like! Big smile
P.S: guys dont bash me...but i like Virat here...one must b selfish in love...selfless love looks good only in book n this is fictionLOL

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preity_d IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Syed695

Awesome Update..Star! Loved all 3 POV...but Loved Virat's POV...he is like 'pyaar aur janng mein sab kuch jaez hain'...i know many readers  here want Viren and Maanvi together...lekin i would want Virat no matter how bad he may b in past or whtever mistake he did...who doesnt...Humans after all...Lekin i seriously want to know whts cooking in his evil mind...he is not giving up n thts wht i like! Big smile
P.S: guys dont bash me...but i like Virat here...one must b selfish in love...selfless love looks good only in book n this is fictionLOL
omg... did u really say that... Shocked
because till now i have got many pms regarding this ff and none one of them had said taht they are liking this virat... he is not liking this selfish n obssesed side of his... and true most of the ppl here want viren n manvi to be together...
but i say only one thing and that is ths is a VIRMAN ff (viren or virat... to know this mystery... stay tuned... Wink)
loved the PS note

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
wow very well written naina, it was to good to read all their thought, you know that in this ff im for viren & manviBig smile and with this part i love them more, love the way how viren described his feelings, he loves manvi too much, and with virat, im not sure if this is love i mean he says it but his thought that virat get all what he wants make me Confusedand that he doesnt think much about his brother , i dont like it...
and manvi , she is a sweetheart, and right now i have no doubts that she loves viren so much ...

thanks for the pm
(im waiting for the marriage from manvi & viren Embarrassed

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arjunadisidpari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Obvious baat hai Dii
Once again speechless...sorry,for unresing soo late :*
I loveeed this update :)
I'm really loving this Mannu obsessed Virat its something very different to read..Its something we don't get to read in all are VirMan stories... Soo please don't end this with Viren-Manvi a Jodi,our VirMan (Virat-Manvi) are the best :)
I loveee all the 3 POV's especially Viren's..
The way you described everyones thoughts,emotions and feelings were absolutely commendable :)
I want to see Virat-Manvi together but can't see Viren in alot of pain either..Toh dard thoda kam dena ok?!? :P
And please take Mannu out,of this tension bhari painful situation :D
and 1 moee thing...
Warnaaa *kills* LOL! Tooo filmy!
Dii please update soon :)

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged

jaldi unres karo na preity n sarah...

have i again left u speechless

Edited by naina927 - 05 February 2013 at 1:17pm

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