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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
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A study of Relationships

Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Today is one of those days in SNS that puts me into thoughts on how lucky I am to have so many awesome relationships in life. First a  Clap for the director and the CVs who are showing us three different perspectives on brothers from three different people, Gopi, Rashi and Kinjal. Each has her own take on the relationship. A study of contrasts.Smile

Lets start with Kinjal. To me Kinjal's confidence in her brothers love for her was heartening at first even though it bordered on arrogance. I do not know if Kinjal would love her brothers if they had been poor and that is a telling statement. She told Urmila that she was and will always be a Modi, a reply that shows her state of mind clearly. Kinjal is unable to move on and accept the fact that she is married to a man with limited means, a loving man but nonetheless a poor man.

Unfortunately Kinjal uses her brother and her family's love to her advantage and emotionally blackmails her loved ones especially Ahem and Hetal. Koki is very oblivious to this. She does not sway for Kinjal's unreasonable emotional atyachar but the rest fall for it like a ton of bricks.Ouch

What I found obscene was her idea of making her brothers 'prove' their love to her. Love does not need to be proved. If it does then it is not love. Kinjal just does not get it. The unconditional nature of this beautiful feeling was violated by her demands and the way she took advantage of her brothers was horrible. The fact that she did all this to prove to Urmi, a nobody about her 'power'  makes it even worse. Amazing that Hetal had an excuse for even this behavior. Shocked

I actually like it that Baa understood Koki in the end when she talked about Kinjal and her disappointment. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Kinjal is a spoiled, arrogant brat who needs to be shown that she is wrong. I do not agree with Mota Bhabhi at all. This cannot be Java dena. To be willingly taken advantage of is as bad as taking advantage of another. 

A true well wisher is one who does not shrink from showing a loved one their mistakes. Hetal's and the family's java dena's are partly responsible for making Kinjal the brat she is today. I hope that Koki instead of getting into a shouting volley, will actually do something else. One can atleast hope..Embarrassed

Rashi - What can I say? She was sweet enough to Gopi in her face and ridiculed her behind her back. She used Gopi's idea and gesture and showed it off as her own while gifting Dhawal and She was jealous that Gopi got what she got as present. I mean come on Rashi..Angry The girl is certainly more petty these days than ever.
If Kinjal is open about her arrogance and hatred for others, Rashi is very sneaky. She hates Gopi for being the person she is. 

I accept that Gopi is hard to emulate. But her respect for relationships come from the fact that she had none until she became a Modi. So Gopi respects and finds happiness in relationships for relationship sake and does not tabulate it based on what benefits it would bring to her.
Rashi has a problem even with that. Why should she care what Gopi feels about her relationship. Gopi not wanting a gift has nothing to do with Rashi but yet Rashi is unpleasant. This girl is amazingly horrible.Dead

When she gifted the present which was Gopi's idea and present as hers, I was  ShockedAngry but fortunately she did mention Gopi. I am also pleased to see that it did not miss Koki's eyes. Even Gopi was a little disappointed at Rashi's behavior. To top this Rashi complains that Gopi got the same gift as her. Come on Rashi. Just be a little more pleasant. No one is taking anything away from you. Sleepy

Rashi's take on her relationship is more about herself than about anything else. Selfish and self centered.

BTW, Rashi was irritated by Kinjal's emotional blackmailing today. Looking at her my mind was telling me "This is exactly how I feel when I see Rashi do her emotional atyachar" Not that Rashi understands but she has a mirror in Kinjal.

Gopi - Now what can one say. Gopi is Gopi. She values her brother for himself and thinks about his needs. Her explanation about why she expects nothing may have sounded "Sanskritic" to Rashi but it is actually the thought of a person who has finally found a real home and relationship in midst of the people. 

I believe in such relationships. How many times have you had this unknown joy when someone who you least expected made a phone call to wish you? When your brother calls you at 12:00 on your B'Day and wishes you first? These are the joys that neither Rashi nor Kinjal value.
Gopi values it and hence she is happy and content. 

Out of the three girls above have your pick. 

The one part of the episode that was sweet was the first part. A perfect husband and wife. For the past few tracks Ahem has been Gopi's backbone. He has assured and soothed her and her worries. Today it was Gopi's turn.

Ahem is so confident when it comes to business and other matters but when it comes to relationships he is still a child. It was cute of him discussing his dilemma about what to gift Kinjal. As usual Gopi had the solution. 
The appreciation in Ahem's eyes for his unassuming wife embarrassed her but he meant it completely. Not everyone accepts things like Gopi does. She cherishes them with happiness because she knows the value of love, something she was bereft of for a long time. 

As Ahem went down the memory lane, one could see a brother's pain resurface as he recounted Kinjal's marriage. Somewhere Ahem still holds himself accountable. His quick assurance that he means no disrespect to Dhawal was heartening. Like Gopi,Dhawal has managed to gain respect in Ahem's eyes. But still Ahem is worried. He ,I think understands and looks at things from Kinjal's PoV, something Gopi has made him do? Tongue

Something in him moves him to make Kinjal happy. It has happened over the years. He does not lie about Kinjal's faults but he also cannot stop himself from wanting his sisters happiness. So for him, even if Kinjal's request is obnoxious, he will still fulfill that to show her that she means a lot to the family. A promise is a promise. Approve

I hope this love from Ahem and Jigar is not wasted on Kinjal.Unhappy

** I loved Dhawal and Jigar today. Dhawal's gift was indeed bestembest. It was laced with love. Jigar stood by his brother for his sister. A better brother one cannot ask for.

** Hetal needs to stop saying Java Dena at times. Not today please. Nothing can excuse Kinjal's behavior

** UrShi are going to plot to get the money somehow...
** One thing, today Kinjal introduced herself as Kinjal Dhawal Desai. Not much but something to be happy about.

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basuanasuya Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome harini, u really mentioned each and every point of today's episode...sister to sister variation and lookout to life...that's how every person in world are different , I done want to say about kinjal...I can expect this only from herAngry...but rashi????ohh my god yesterday only that girl got so many gifts and pretended to be nice...and today again,...this is really emotional atyachaar...Shocked, I am really fed up with less celebrations and kalakaari  volcanoes...Cry

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DEEPZzzz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Awesome as usual Harini... u have higlighted the importantance of relationships... wat can i say on Rashi and Kinjal both r greedy in nature... just waiting to see wat Koki has planed for Kinjal.

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ilike_tv Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Awesome post Harini Clap

First thing... Im only sis of my 3 bro's.. And my 3 bro's are also ready to make my wish come ture or they did to my any wish of mine they fufiled with in mins... To be honest... When i was thinking for kinjal... Im wondering wht a kinda girl she is her bro are also make her wish come ture n shower their warm love on her... Exactually like my bro's... But i never forget their love in my whole like even when after my marriage to... Coz their love n concen for unforgetable forme... Same as my mom n dad... I accept kinjal anger on has family n all but it doesn't mean she forget everything... This is not the right way... has behaviour shows has redicoulsness.. If i have in her place so may be my anger was same but i never disrespect my family my mom dad n my bor's no metter wht they are ultimate for me Smile

I knows... Its such difficult to live in chal when u get used to many laxuiors n facilities but being a girl or when has married pass 2 years so now she have to accept the reality n live in wht she got... Esp she have to thankful n gretaful to Dhawal he such a angel... he always take has site in front of his fai n always tring to show his love n concen towards her but she were siting on a pik on patheticness Dead Kinjal as daughter, as sister and as wife are highly disgusting Angry thats y i hate her most in SnS Dead

Now back on My Naaz aya Ahem... Today Ahem as bro were simple incredible Clap loved his gestures being ture elder bro Clap or the way he taking stand against his mom n got ready to fulfil his sis wish n his promise were mindblowing Clap Ahem always shows that how much he loves his little sis n how much he understand has condition n feelings Embarrassed just love his phone convo to... So gently n calmly he spoke with her or she throw stone of her taunts on him Angry Angry

Ahem as husband were also brilliant today ... The way he shows his love gopi n said ur the most easiest person who liked everything easily... Embarrassed or he holds her hand n shows his surity fo love towards her... Or other side when gopi saw has Ahemji in thinking mode so she holds his hand on her tiny hand were cho cute... N make sure him that Ahemji im always there for u in any such situation or in anyway... Today Gohem scene was just awww Embarrassed Day Dreaming

looking forwod to see koki plan n how she exciquet on Kinjal didi Wink

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swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Great post Harini.

What a contrast between the three women - in wants, desires and outlooks in life.

Just one thing to add.

Kinjal has reached this stage all because of the bitter arguments with Urmila. This ask from her is to settle her score with Urmila. The sad thing is that Kinjal is not seeing herself using her brother's as yet. 

Sadly though that money, if eventually given, will be marked. Urmila has every intention of laying her hands on it.

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Harini i must tell you it was such a wonderful post
i loved it in my point of view
 Kinjal feels she has been betrayed in the name of marriage, if a girl gets married from a high class family to a low middle class family it was obvious that she try to get money from their family to live a happy with money, but she din't realize the happiness is come from the relationship not through money.
Rashi i think she is not thet much bad coz, if we see constantly someone is praising other (Gopi) in front of her it ill make her fell jealous and that too influence of her mother make her worst, after marriage a mother should not interfere in her daughter's family matters that Cv is completely forget it.
i fell some time Gopi characher is over, coz every time it is not possible to go accordingly right path, the way she isgiving respect to her relationship was good but she need to realize what is right and wrong
 Ahem is super duper husband, son and a brother he do wat to be done, he ill work to full fill all his duties towards his let us wait and watch how he ill play a role of father

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ShaunSA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Harini that was brill! Clap

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