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FF: RAYA LIFE AFTER PIHU NOTE updated pg 62 (Page 23)

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Posted: 10 February 2013 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by viny_queen

nice one swet swett
thank u

rayaloveland IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2013 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 123fiza1

aweful sight for both raya...
thank you
thank u
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Originally posted by jineejiggs

ayyye hayyye mera shona chalne lagi hain, itna bara ho gaya mera bachha, muah, lovely update, please yaar one scene dediacate to Ram wearing specs and Priya teasing her and then may be some love shove again...continue 
sure thanks
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awww Pihu starts walking RaYa had tears too awesome... feeling so gud to seee awww just request plz add how much Peehu got older now...
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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 12:58am | IP Logged
Thanks for the comments.  Here is the next part.


Raya reach their room after dinner. They make peehu sleep and ram sits to make a ppt. He doesn't wear his specs

P: ram Kya hai ye sab?

R: Kya hua?

P: specs

R: I am sorry.

Ram wears the specs.

P: ohh kitne cute lag rahe hai. Love u ram

R: cute mat bolo. Love u too.

Peehu is fast asleep. Priya comes near ram and Sits. Ram sees her and keeps the laptop aside and makes priya sit between his legs. 

P: ram

R: shh... Chup. Peehu jag jayegi?

P: nahi jagegei aapki tarah hai.

R: janta hu.

Ram takes her robe out from her body and she is in night gown.

P: ram I need to have shower now. I couldn't take before as I was with peehu. She tries to run. Ram holds her. 

R: toh sath shower lete hai?

P: ram nothing doing. I am going. 

Ram holds her hands tightly.

P: leave pls.

R: wait a min.

Both get up and ram picks priya and takes her inside.

They are in the changing room. They have locked it. 

Ram comes in front of her. He puts her hand on the kurta buttons.

R: kholo 

P: no ram

R: no ways priya.

Priya removed his kurta n pyjama. He is just in his boxers. Ram moves his hand towards his nighty and removes it. Priya is in her b** and panty. Priya feels shy. Ram makes her look towards him and they go inside with just one towel. 

P: only one towel? Why?

R: we will use just one towel.

P: ram ap bhi na.

Ram makes her sit inside the bath tub. Ram comes inside. Both are still in boxers and priya in b** and panty. Ram slowly moves priya's hand towards the boxers and priya does and removes it. Ram takes his hand towards priya and now there are no barriers. Ram makes priya sit on him. She sits on him. They look at each other. Ram kisses her every part. 

After bath they both go out. They wipe each other. Ram just makes her wear a robe n he too wears just a robe and they both go to the bed. They check peehu before sleeping.

Summer season is here. Both were lying on the bed. They both were feeling hot.

P: ram aren't u feeling hot?

R: yes I am. 

P: what to do?

R: Ac tez kare. No we can't 

Ram sits on the bed but they can't increase ac more or peehu will get ill. 

R: one idea.

P: what?

R: remove the robe.

P: what?

R: yes. 

Both remove the robe keep it aside.  Ram hugs her touches her b*****s. slowly slowly his hand reach to the womanhood. Priya feels goosebumps. She hold s his hand. Instead he inserts his fingers inside her and priya is moaning his name. He makes her lie down straight and then brings his manhood near hers and pulls her even close to him and they both are enjoying every bit of it. Priya brings her hand to his manhood and touches it. Then she sits on ram and brings his manhood inside her. They were just moaning each others name.
They make love.


Priya ram wear the robe and lie down again and are sleeping.

Around 8am there comes a knock on the door. 

P: ram see whose there?

R: u see priya. 

P: u know na what's my state. I am just in a robe. 

R: tum aise keh rahi ho ki me pure kapde me hu. 

P: aap jayenge toh kuch Farrak nahi padega.

R: kyu?

P: because aapka andar ka kuch nahi dikhega and if I go mera cleavage dikhega.

R: dikhao toh.

P: jaiye na. 

R: I want proof.

P: yeh lijiye. Khush.

R: ohh.
Ram moves his hand under her

P: stop ram

R: ok

Priya covers herself properly and acts as if she is sleeping.

Ram goes to open the door and see neha.

N: fatty. Yeh Kya?

R: nahane Gaya tha jaldi me bahar aya.

N: priya kahan hai?

R: so rahi hai.

N: dadi ko peehu chahiye. Hum use Naha dhoke khelenge.

R: no problem.

Ram takes peehu and gives her. He locks the door and lies down again.

P: kaun tha?

R: neha peehu chahiye thi

P: ohh. Chaliye aap tayar ho jaiye.

Raya get ready and going down and the moment peehu sees them goes towards   Them.

Ram holds her and priya holds after him.

N: hey yad hai na peehu ka bday.

R: how can we forget.

P: ram pls no media.

R: ahh

P: I don't want my daughter to come in front the media at such a small age. Pls ram.

N: priya is right ram. Peehu is too small.

P: agar peehu kabhi ayi toh I want her to come nt because of us just because of her hardwork.

R: u r right priya.

P: thank u ram.

To be continued...


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2 weeks later. It's peehu's bday. They have just called family and vikha family. They are celebrating in kapoor mansion. 

Peehu is in red colour frock with hairband looking just like a doll. Priya has worn red sari because ram insisted and ram has worn red shirt. 
Whole family has become red.


All have come. Nuts has come with kartik sudhir shipra and nuts kartik daughter Tanu. Ayesha is married to Anish and has a son Khush. Peehu is youngest of all. Tanu is 4 yrs. Khush is 3 years.

Sudhir: priya beta.

P: papa.

Shipra: papa ko dekhke ma ko bhul jati hai???

P: ma aap bhi na?

Priya hugs her parents and peehu is with dadi.

Sudhir: peehu kahan hai?

P: dadi k pass hai.

Ayesha: di

P: hi Ayesha. Hi Khush 

Khush: hello Massi. Peehu kahan hai?

P: badi dadi k pass hai. Jao.

Khush. Runs.

A: dhyan se Khush. Gir jaoge.

Khush: me nahi girta.

A: yeh ladka na. 

P: meri choti behen kitni samajdar ho Gayi. 

A: di aap bhi na.

P: ja dadi se mil aa.

Nuts: hey priya

P: hi nuts. Hi Tanu

T: hi bua. 

P: peehu se mil lo.

T: ji bua.

N: achha hai koi media nahi hai.

P: mene mana kiya. I don't want anyone to know who is peehu. Me chahti hu ki vo baki sab k tarah ek normal life jiye. 

N: thik kaha aapne. Varna log usse nahi uske status k vajah se dosti karenge use. 

P: exactly nuts. Chalo.

Time for cake cutting

T: hey Khush peehu kitni cute lag rahi hai red frock me. 

Khush: sach me di bht cute hai.

P: chalo cake katte hai.

Priya holds peehu and ram comes there. Vikram is clicking pics.
Peehu is getting scared of the candle and starts crying. Some how priya makes her blow the candle. Makes her eat little and she cries even more.

Dadi: priya rehene do. ISe nahi khana hoga.

P: par dadi. Thik hai. 

Priya tries to stop her from crying. 
P: bas peehu. Mumma ki princess hai na peehu. Chalo chup ho jao. Wipes her tears. She puts her down and she goes to neha.

Neha: peehu 

Neha picks her up and neha was having frooti. She points towards frooti.

Priya and ram shocked.

Dadi: bilkul golu pe Gayi hai. 

P: sach kaha dadi. 

Neha gives peehu but it's falling from her mouth.

P: ek min neha. Yeh bottle me dalkar do. Me Pilati hu ya tum pilao.

Neha pours it in the bottle and she drinks it.

N: she is too cute yaar.

Peehu smiles.

All eat dinner

Peehu is drinking frootie still..

Peehu starts crying again.

P: Kya hua? Chup ho jao princess.

Priya tries to give her frootie.

P: nahi chahiye. 

Shipra: cake deke Dekh...

Priya gives n she eats it.

P: toh cake chahiye tha.

Priya makes her eat. 

Shipra: peehu bache. Aa nani k pass?

Peehu goes. Shipra kisses peehu. 

All are very happy seeing her running. 

Tanu: peehu aao khelte hai. Khush.

Peehu runs behind Tanu n Khush. All kids are playing n vikha kids too. 

P: neha kitne achhe lag rahe hai na.

N: ha priya. Peehu bhi dheere dheere sabse mil rahi hai.

Then peehu comes towards priya and hugs her in the legs.

Priya picks her up. 

P: Kya hua?

Peehu keeps her head on her shoulder and hugs her.

P: Kya hua?

R: lagta hai neend aa rahi hai.

P: itni jaldi?

Sudhir: so Gayi peehu 

P: aaj aise kaise ho Gayi. Nahi toh story k bina soti nahi hai.

Kk: beta aaj thak Gayi hai yeh.

All go home and priya goes with peehu makes her lie on her bed.

R: Maza aa Gaya aaj?

P: sach me.

To be continued

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T: mom pls I want to go and play with peehu. Pls pls pls.

N: tanu what's this yaar? Your bua will get tired looking after peehu n then u.

T: I won't trouble bua. Pls mom. Papa boliye na pls.

K: nuts Jane do. 

T: 3 days holiday hai. Jane do.

K: achha jao.

Nuts call priya

N: priya 

P: ha nuts bolo. 

N: vo tanu meri baat man nahi rahi keh rahi hai ki use peehu k pass Ana hai.

P: no problem nuts bhej do. Me soch rahi hu Khush bhi aa jaye.

N: ok bhabhi me aati hu kuch der me.
 She keeps the phone 

N: Khush ho jao thodi der em chodke ati hu.

Priya calls Ayesha

P: hey Ayesha

A: hi di

P: tum Khush ko yahan bhej do. Tanu bhi aa rahi hai.

A: sure dee

Nuts leaves tanu and Ayesha leaves Khush.
They run towards priya. 

P: chalo upar jao. Peehu k pass.

R: dhyan se bacho.

Priya comes to peehu.
 Kids are playing.
Suddenly she hears peehu say something.
P: ram.

R: Kya hua?

Peehu: papa

R: priya

P: mumma bolo.

Peehu: mumma.

Khush n tanu r happy.

K: Khush bolo

P: kush

K: Khush not kush

P: Khush

T: tanu bolo

P: tanu

Priya takes her down.

P: dadi bolo

Peehu: dadi.

Dadi: priya 

P: ha dadi baat Karne lagi.

Dadi: itni jaldi.

P: bacho se judi hui hai toh isliye.

D: ohh.. 

All are happy and peehu starts talking with tanu and Khush.

Peehu: Didi bhaiya chaliye khelte hai.

T: ha chalo.

Raya decide that let peehu meet her nani n nana n neha family.

Peehu is playing with Khush tanu and see neha coming in. 

Peehu: neha Aunty

N: kisne bulaya. Tanu tumne?

T: no Aunty. It's peehu.

Peehu: Aunty. 

N: baat Karne lagi beta. 

T: ha Aunty. Chalo andar chalo bacho.

Peehu sees her dad n mom and runs towards her.

P: ye Kya hai peehu? Itni Gandi ho Gayi? 

Kk: priya tum tayar ho jao me aaj peehu ko shower deti hu,. Ayegi na dadi k pass?

Peehu: ha.

Peehu goes to dadi.

P: thik hai ma. Tanu chalo tum tayar ho jao. Tumhare dada dadi mom dad aa rahe hai. 

T: kyu bua?

P: sabko batana hai peehu k bolna k bare me.

T: ok bua.

P: chalo bua k sath tumhare kapde change karvati hu. Ek min ruko. Khush mausaji k pass jao vo tumhare kapde change karvayenge.

Priya changes tanu's dress and ram khush. After that both get ready.
Ram is trying to make tanu's hair.

P: ram yeh Kya hai? Chidiya ka ghosla bana rahe hai Kya?

R: try kar raha hu.

P: chodiye yeh sab. Peehu aapse Baal kabhi nahi banvayegi. Come here tanu

Priya makes her hair and tanu sees her mom n Khush sees her mom.

Peehu is on her moms lap.

Peehu sees her nana.
Priya leaves her down and she goes n hugs her nana. He picks her up 

Sudhir: kaisi hai meri peehu?

Peehu: thik hu nana

Sudhir: priya 

P: ha papa.

All enjoy play talk with her n they finish their dinner.
All go home n kids go to sleep. Priya makes them sleep and takes peehu with her. She needs her parents at this age.

3 days are over and then the kids go back.

Priya is sitting with peehu and ram in study

Just then priya runs to her room suddenly by keeping her hand in her mouth and vomits.

R:  priya ko Kya hua?

Peehu: papa me dekhti hu.

She goes up and sees priya coming out of the washroom

Peehu: mumma

P: me thik hu peehu bas kuch der aram kar lu. 

Again she runs to the washroom.

She calls through the intercom

R: hello

Peehu: papa pls jaldi aiye. Mummy ki tabyet thik nahi hai.

Ram comes.
 Priya again runs to the washroom and then comes back.

Priya is lying on the bed. Peehu is beside her playing. 

Kk: priya chalo khana kha lo. 

P: ma mujhe bhuk nahi hai. Aap log khaiye. 

Kk: r u ok?

P : ha thik hu.

Priya takes peehu down to make her eat.

She runs to the washroom. Ram sees it.
R: peehu chalo hum doctor k pass chalte hai

Priya: doc kyu?

R: chalo ab.

Priya is taken to the hospital

Doctor checks priya. Ram is nervous. Peehu is with ram.

Peehu : mumma ko Kya hua hai papa?

R: ruko beta. Doc batayenge.

Doctor comes.

R: doctor what has happened?

D: she is perfectly fine. There is good news. Aapki wife ma banne vali hai.

Ram is so happy.

Peehu: papa preg Kya?

R: aap badi behen banne wali ho. Apke liye mumma chota bhai ya behen lane wali hai.

Peehu: sach papa?

R: ha mera bachha.

Peehu: wow mumma. 

P: abhi ghar me kisi ko mat batana.

R: ok.

P: kabhi milega mujhe mera bhai ya behen.

R: after 9 months. 

They go home n priya is lying on the bed taking rest

To be continued

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Originally posted by leena04

awww Pihu starts walking RaYa had tears too awesome... feeling so gud to seee awww just request plz add how much Peehu got older now...
thank u dee

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