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Hey guys, here's another One-Shot from me.. WinkBig smile 

It's just a random thought that happened to cross my mind and as always, penned it down for you guys.. Hope you like it..

IMPORTANT NOTE:Since it is _mahi_'s birthday today, I am dedicating this one to her.. WinkTongueTongue  

Mahi, my dear, hope you like it.. WinkBig smileBig smile

Oh and 


She kept staring at the black buttons in the elevator absent-mindedly, twirling the bunch of keys around her index finger.

She spun around upon hearing the elevator ding and let out a disappointed sigh when she saw her annoying neighbours step in and stare back at her.

She offered them a fake smile and turned to face the buttons; they were far more interesting than the seemingly sweet couple who couldn't manage to keep their eyes off each other, even in public!

She suddenly realized that the elevator had stopped moving and was headed down the very next second and looked on bewildered as the couple hugged each other. 

Riya spun around on her heel silently praying for the shut doors of the elevator to engulf her somehow and spare her the public display of affection.

To her relief, the husband halted the elevator on the 2nd floor and dragged his wife up the stairs, much to Riya's annoyance and relief.. 
Gosh! How could someone make out in the elevator when they had an entire house to themselves!!

She rested her head against the glass wall and waited for the elevator to start moving again.


Rathod pinched the bridge of his nose, turned to face his team and growled in frustration. 
Shree had dozed off, resting on Chottu's shoulder while Chottu yawned and rubbed his eyes, struggling to stay awake. 

Rathore shook his head and turned to his right; the scene in front of him angered the Chief in him to no bounds yet the friend within him couldn't help but chuckle at the couple in front of him.

Arjun sat on the chair across the table with files of different colours spread open in front him; however, something far more interesting than the case at hand seemed to have attracted his attention!
 Rathore strained his neck and was amused to find a smirk playing along on his lips..

Arjun had leaned into Riya sitting on his right and whispered something into her ear to which she responded by lowering her lashes and Rathore saw a crimson blush creep up her cheeks. 

She smacked him on the shoulder and raised her head to study the case details scribbled on the facts board. Rathore grinned and buried his face in the file.

He heard a gasp and glanced at the duo from the corner of his eyes and couldn't help but grin at the sight.

Riya had been struggling to free her fingers from Arjun's grip under the table and shooting him glares.
 However, he seemed to be enjoying it and tugged at her fingers harder, whispering sweet musings into her ear. 

She had just opened her mouth to retort back when the shrill ringing of Rathore's phone interrupted the silence in the room.

Shree jerked up from sleep and bumped into Chottu's muscular shoulder, hurting his nose, while Rathore grinned and walked away answering his phone. 

Arjun seized the opportunity and entwined his fingers with Riya's and placed their entwined hands on the arm-rest of his thigh. 

Rathore walked in and cleared his throat,

"Team, Riya ki analysis sahi hai. They're indeed meeting up at Hotel Blue Star tomorrow evening at 7.00 p.m. Aur mujhe shaq hi nahi yakeen hai, ki wahan zaroor koi illegal dealings hongi.." 

He picked up the file and held it out for Riya to take. Riya shifted in her seat and struggled to free her left hand from Arjun's vice-like grip. 

The trio saw her shoot daggers at Arjun, who seemed to be enjoying her discomfort. 

She stood up, slightly stomping her foot and held out her right hand, leaning over Arjun's chair, much to her annoyance.

Rathore had dismissed them a while later asking them to retire for the day. Shree and Chottu had sprinted out of the room as soon as Rathore had left, leaving an annoyed Riya and a playful Arjun alone in the entire building.

Riya had rested her head against his shoulder and was analyzing the phone records, when she felt a warm arm snake around her waist. 

She raised her head and tilted it to the right to glance at him; he seemed bored with the case. She placed the file back on the table and grabbed her bag, "Chalein?"

Arjun nodded in negative and replaced her bag back on the table. He quickly spun her around and leaned closer. 

Riya looked into his glistening eyes and followed his gaze; she saw it end on her lips and gasped inwardly. 

She took a step to her left, only to be pulled back by his steady arms; she raised her eyebrow and looked at him. The array of emotions floating in his eyes, made her heart skip a beat.. She lowered her lashes, not being able to withstand his heart-searing gaze. 

She felt him step closer and moved back on cue; he smirked and swiftly reduced the distance between them in two quick steps. She felt her back hit the rim of the conference table and her eyes popped out. 

Arjun smirked and placed both hands on each side of her, trapping her in the middle. Riya tried her best to gather her voice and could only manage to mumble a throaty "Ar.. jun Sir.." 

He smiled and silenced her with his index finger on her quavering lips; she gasped and clenched her eyes shut upon feeling his moist breath on her face. 
Arjun leaned forward and was mere centimeters away from her dewy pink lips, when they heard the heavy glass door swing open. 

Riya pushed him forcefully and spun around to face a grinning and apologetic Rathore. 
Arjun shook his head in disappointment and walked out of the conference room, leaving behind an amused Rathore and an equally embarrassed Riya.

She scurried to her feet and gathered the files in her arms, only to drop a couple of them in haste. Rathore smirked and walked to her; he replaced a fallen file on the table and cleared his throat.

Riya's head shot up and she slowly raised her eyes to face her Chief. 
Rathore had crossed his arms across his chest and had managed to put up a stern face after much effort. 
Riya gulped and looked up at him, "Rathore Sir, woh.."

Rathore slightly nodded his head motioning her to go on with her explanation. 
She lowered her lashes not being able to withstand her boss's piercing and accusing gaze. 

Rathore pulled a chair and motioned her to sit. She sat opposite him with entwined palms and looked everywhere in the room except in his direction. 
Rathore realized her discomfort and decided to speak first, "Riya.. It's okay.. There's no need to be so scared."

He saw her facial features relax a bit and continued, "Waise, kab se chal raha yeh sab?"

Riya's head shot up and stared at him baffled. Rathore let out a mock laugh and shook his head, 
"What? Tumhe sach mein laga ki kissi ko pata nahi chalega? After all, we're ETF, Riya. Humari aankhon se kuch nahi chupta, right."

Riya blushed and turned to face him, "Aap iss waqt mere Chief hain ya ek friend?"

Rathore grinned, "Jo tum samajhna chaho.."

She flashed a dimpled smile, "It's been a week, Sir.. Jab mujhpar woh hamla hua tha.."

She narrated the incident to him, when she had been attacked by an acquitted criminal while on her way back home. 

Fortunately for her, Arjun had been heading back home in the same direction and had rescued her just when she was about to be stabbed. 
A series of lectures and taunts had followed the incident only to be culminate in a heart-searing kiss from Arjun which had stolen her sanity and left her numb. 

He had then dropped her home, without a word having been spoken that evening. The rest of the week had passed by, with him picking her up and dropping her back each day.
 They had often shared meals since then, much to the amusement of the rest of the team.
 Arjun had even offered to take shooting lessons for her. 

However, things seemed to be moving way too fast for her in the last couple of days; Arjun would occasionally hold her hand while driving or gently brush his hand against her, while holding the gun. 

And today, had been the heights; her heart had practically leaped out of her chest, when he had clutched her palm under the table during a case briefing.

Rathore looked up and saw her lost in her thoughts; he snapped his fingers in front of her and that seemed to bring her out of her reverie.

She blinked her eyes and saw him smirking at her; she raised her eyebrow quizzically.

Rathore threw his head back, "No.. Don't you dare skip the proposal bit.. After all, it's not everyday you get to hear the akdu Cop's love story from his own girlfriend!"

He saw Riya frown at that, "What? Maine usse akdu kaha, isliye? Oh come on, Riya.. Tum bhi jaanti ho.."

Riya waved her hand in front of him, "No no.. That he is! He hasn't proposed me yet."

Rathore knitted his eyebrows and looked at her, "What do you mean?"

Riya sighed dramatically and nodded.

Rathore stood up and walked to the door; he turned around and bid her a goodnight.

Riya sat there pondering over his words; 
Were the words really that important? She could see it in his eyes; feel it from his body language.. Yet, she couldn't completely deny the fact that she had been longing for over two years to hear those magical words from him. But no, this time it wasn't for her.. 

Those words needed to be spoken aloud, for him to accept her in his life whole-heartedly and not because he needed a partner to get over the grief of losing his wife. 

Also, she couldn't risk nursing a broken heart after a broken engagement in the past..

No! ACP Arjun Rawte would have to ask her out officially; samjhi ya samjhaun wasn't going to work this time around!!

She grabbed her bag, picked up the files and marched towards the exit swaying her hips. 

Arjun had been waiting for her anxiously for the last 20 minutes; exasperated, he was about to call her when he saw her exit the gates. 

He hit the accelerator and drove in her direction; she threw him a glance and walked past his car.

Arjun was stunned for a moment and called out to her; she ignored him and resumed walking towards the taxi stand. 

He hit the brakes, unfastened the seatbelt and grabbed her arm causing the files to fall to the floor. 

She shot him a glance and bent down to pick up the files completely aware of the fact that her ignorance was slowly riling him up. He crouched on his toes and helped her with the files; she grabbed the last one from him and was about to spin on her heel, when she felt him tug at her elbow. 

She rolled her eyes and turned to face him, "What is it, SIR?"

Arjun was taken aback by the sudden indifference in her voice, "Riya, what happened? Did Rathore say something?"

He saw a wave of guilt flash across her face and tightened his hold on her elbow, "Kya kaha usne?"

Riya struggled to free herself and saw the watchmen approach them. She quickly yanked her elbow from him and stepped away. 

Arjun swore under his breath when he saw the watchmen eyeing them suspiciously and shot them a typical 'maajhya-naadala-laagu-naka' (Don't mess with me) glare.

She took advantage of the diversion and had just walked a few steps away when she heard a car honking behind her. 
She turned on her heel and stepped aside; Arjun gritted her teeth when she did that. 
He drove a few metres away, parked the car and strode towards her.

She saw him approaching her and was slightly frightened since he seemed furious, It's okay Riya.. Breathe in.. Breathe out..

Arjun stood opposite her with his arms folded across his chest, his jaw clenched tightly and his eyes fixed on hers.

She shuddered inwardly at his form and lifted her foot to step back only to be held by the arm; the next she knew she had crashed against his chest, with the files and papers scattered on the road. 

She wriggled against him only to realise that she had been held captive by him; he wasn't letting her go anytime soon.

She winced in pain when his rough palms pressed into her shoulders and raised her eyes to look at him, "Sir.. Let me go.. You're hurting me.."

Arjun saw her struggle against him and gripped her tighter, "Oh shut up! I am hurting you? Tum itni der se mujhe ignore karke hurt kar rahi thi uska kya?"

She brought her palms to rest on his chest and attempted pushing him away, "Leave me, Sir.. Aap beech sadak par scene create kar rahein hain.."

Arjun loosened his grip on her shoulders and had just opened his mouth to speak to her, when he was slightly knocked back with a jerk. 
Riya had pushed him away from herself and had recoiled backwards.

 Arjun held out his hand to reach hers, when he saw a honking bus advance towards her; Riya spun around in the direction of the bus and her senses froze; it was a few metres away from her!

Arjun saw the bus approaching towards her and lunged in her direction. He grabbed her waist and pulled her away within a fraction of a second..

The couple fell on the footpath, with Arjun hitting his back against the stone flooring, while Riya was safely cradled in his arms. 
She had clenched her eyes shut and wrapped her hands around his neck, clinging on to him for her dear life.. 

Arjun let out a sigh of relief when he felt her fingers moving on his nape; he dug his fingers into her waist and breathed into her hair; She was safe!

His eyes jerked open when he heard people calling out to them; a bunch of people had gathered around them. He slowly let go of Riya. He tilted his head to look at her and saw her frightened face; she had clenched her eyes shut and bit her lips.. 

He shook his head and stood up, supporting her. She stood up, leaning upon his chest for support and slowly opened her eyes; she saw unknown worried faces staring at her. 

Arjun tugged at her fists on his nape and gently separated from her; she realized their awkward position and stepped back in haste.

She turned to face the crowd, not having the courage to face Arjun; she was sure he was infuriated beyond limits this time!

The crowd dispersed slowly, having confirmed that the duo were safe. She slowly turned around to look at him and was stunned to see him walking away from her, towards his car.

She glanced at the strewn papers on the road and sighed, Now, she would have to take prints all over again!

She was brought out of her reverie when his car came to a screeching halt in front of her..
 She considered walking away, however one look at his stern face and she realized he wouldn't let her leave alone..

She opened the passenger seat door and quietly slipped inside. They drove in silence; his gaze not leaving the windscreen while Riya glanced at him almost every second.

She saw his indifferent face and that snapped something within her; she was half expecting him to yell at her or lecture her patiently, like he always did.
 Alas, the super-cop had put up a mask of indifference and didn't seem to be interested in her at all..

She rested her head against the seat and clenched her eyes shut to prevent the tears brimming in her eyes from spilling out, Maybe she had read too much into his actions.. 

She couldn't deny the fact that he did seem to be attracted towards her; 

But was it the same as love? Did he really love her? Well, if he did, why hadn't he confessed yet? Was he feeling guilty about the fact that he loved her? Was he holding himself back?

She rubbed her temples gently, Too many questions and no answers! 

She decided to go home and sleep over them tonight; she would deal with them with a clear head, the following morning.

They reached her block and Arjun pulled into the car-park; he glanced at her and tapped her seat making her jump. 

She threw him a glance and quickly unfastened her seatbelt; Arjun had just turned off the ignition to talk to her, when she swung the door open and marched into the foyer.

He looked on bewildered at her retreating back; What was wrong with this woman?! 

She had been perfectly fine all day; had even enjoyed him flirting with her.. What had gone wrong all of a sudden? 

He happened to recollect that Rathore had walked in upon them; Whoa! He needed to know if something had transpired between the two.. 

But Riya wasn't ready to talk and Rathore; well Arjun Rawte was a bit too big-headed to ask his boss about his girlfriend's foul mood; and the fact that that that the two shared a bond deeper than a mentor and a protege didn't help either..

He had to find out himself and he would! He strode towards the reception, slipping his gun into the waist holster, he so despised..

He had just walked to the elevator when it dinged and his eyes met hers! 

                                                              ***FLASHBACK ENDS***

She blinked her eyes a couple of times to make sure that she wasn't hallucinating. 

Having finally concluded, that she was probably losing her sanity, she shrugged her shoulders and pressed no.10. 

Arjun's eyes widened when he saw her ignoring his presence; Here, I am.. chasing her.. following her to her house.. and she's literally ignoring me? On my face??

Arjun rolled his eyes and stepped closer to her; Riya frowned and tapped her heel. 
That riled him up even more and he swiftly covered the distance between them in two steps; he grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall of the elevator.. 

She felt his touch and her eyes shot up, even as her breath hitched in her throat, he was here!

Arjun saw her eyes widen and smirked inwardly; he leaned in closer and Riya turned her face away, not being able to withstand his proximity anymore. 

He grinned and placed his lips above her ear-lobes, "So.. Miss Riya, ab toh koi scene create nahi ho raha na?"

She tilted her neck to face him and gasped inwardly at the raw emotions floating in his eyes; her hands trailed down her sides and she tried to move away. 

He dodged her every step and smirked when she gave up. 
He left her shoulders and hit the 'STOP' button on the elevator, much to her shock! 

She raised her eyebrow and walked to the switch board, only for her wrist to be held firmly by him.

He yanked her close to him, crashing her against his broad chest. She was too stunned to react and clenched her eyes shut, when she felt his fingers on her face.

 Arjun gently tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and breathed against her face, "Ab kuch baatein ho jaayein, Riya.."

His husky voice fell on her ears causing her to shudder, yet again. 
She lowered her lashes in response since no words seemed to be escaping her lips. 

He took the cue and snaked an arm around her waist, "Rathore aur tumhare beech kya baat hui? Ussne kuch kaha tumse?"

Riya lifted his eyes to meet his and nodded her head in negative. Arjun realized the sincerity in her eyes and cupped her face, "Toh? Baat kya hai?"

Riya fought back her tears, not willing to give in yet; she wanted him to accept her whole-heartedly and not as a compromise or because she loved him more than anything in the world!

Arjun realized her hesitance and gently squeezed her waist, coaxing her to reply. 
She clenched her eyes shut and spat out, "Leave me, Sir.."

Arjun looked on confused as she wriggled in his arms and refused to let go of her; she felt his fingers digging into her waist, while his other hand moved to the back of her head swiftly. 

He dipped her head slightly by gently tugging onto her hair, "Don't push it, Riya.. I need to know.."

She shoved her palms against his muscular chest, attempting to get off him, only to find his grip turn stronger. Tears flew out of eyes as she sighed, 
"Fine.. Just leave me.."

Arjun shot her a glare and slowly let go of her, 
"Look.. Main nahi jaanta ki tum aise ajeeb kyun behave karne lagi ho.. But if it is something I have done, I need to know.."

She rested her back on the wall opposite him, "I just need some time, Sir.."

He had taken a step towards her on instinct only to be silenced by a sharp look from her; he moved back and crossed his arms across his chest, "Time for what?"

She realized that she wasn't about to lie to him; she really needed some time off.. Away from work.. away from him.. She needed to figure it out in her head, if she really wanted to get involved in this relationship. Coz one thing was crystal clear to her; life wasn't going to be rosy pink for her henceforth!

Arjun Rawte was a broken man, in need of care and love, lots of it.. She had also knew that his heart held a lot of love and compassion; she'd witnessed it often.. 

However, he was hurt beyond repair and that had soured him. He now came with this extra baggage of anger and short-temper, which could get unbearable and difficult to live with sometimes. She needed to know, if she was capable of handling it all; she needed to know if she was worthy of his love!

And hence, she had decided to step back for a while.

She felt his heated gaze on herself and turned to face him, "I'm going back to Kolkata for a few days, Sir.."

Arjun looked on shocked, "What?! But why? Sab theek hai?"

She sighed, "I just want to be alone for a while.."

Arjun walked to her and held her wrist gently, "Baat kya hai, Riya?"

She refused to answer him and that angered him to no bounds. He punched the wall behind her, "Answer me, dammit!"

She felt his fingers tighten around her wrist and winced in pain; Arjun realized that she was trying to free herself and gripped it tighter,
 "Riya, aakhri baar pooch raha hoon, is everything okay with you? Tum itni disturbed kyun ho?"

She raised her yes and glared at him, "Why do you care, Sir? Aapko kya fark padta hai?"

Arjun knitted his brows in confusion, "What! What do you mean? Of course, I care..Mujhe fark kaise nahi padega?!"

She jerked her wrist out of his hold and pushed him, "Kyun? Kyun fark padta hai, aapko?"

Arjun was taken aback with the sudden shift in her emotions and whispered, "Riya.."

However, she couldn't take it anymore and lashed out at him, "This' whatever this is; between us.. Mujhe iske liye waqt chahiye.."

Arjun clenched his jaw, "Aur kya main jaan sakta hoon, kyun?"

She stared at him, "Because I want to make sure, ki main waqai mein aapki zindagi mein koi maaine rakhti hoon ya nahi? Or am I just a passing attraction for you; coz clearly Sir, you've been hinting at the latter.."

Arjun swore under his breath and pinned her to the wall, "Kya bakwaas kar rahi ho, Riya? Listen to me, for once.."

She silenced him with a palm on his next to her head, "It's okay, Sir.. It really is.. I just need to know.. I understand if you're not ready for all of this.."

He grabbed her by her shoulders and stared right into her eyes, "Will you shut up and hear me out!"

She closed her parted lips and looked at him obediently, silently praying for her wishes to come true.

Arjun loosened his grip and cupped her face, 

"I know, you're confused about our relationship. 

Aur kyun na hoti, since we haven't spoken a word since last week; since our first kiss..
 It's partly my fault lekin main kya karta; I was tensed Riya. 

I had been struggling to live until last Sunday, witnessing my heart and mind fight each other with ever passing day. 

But when I saw danger lurking upon you, it dawned upon me, that I had lost my heart out to you.. The thought of you being hurt, scares the crap out of me.. 

I had loved Roshni and then she was snatched away from me brutally; lekin tum.. I cannot let you go; I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I let you go!"

Riya pressed her cheek into his palm and bit her lip to prevent her sobs from escaping; her heart was thudding wildly against her chest.. 

She knew it was time; "Kyun Sir? Why can't you let me go?"

He felt her dripping tears on his fingers and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. 
She shut her eyes and sighed; she no longer needed any answers.."

Arjun parted from her and kneeled down in front of her stunning her momentarily. 
He held her palm in his and raised his eyes to meet hers,

 "Riya, main aaj tak sirf ek shaks ke aage jhuka hoon; aur woh Roshni thi.. Aaj teen saalon baad, phir wohi dohra raha hoon.."

He heard her sobs and smiled, "Yaar tum ladkiyan baat baat par roti kyun ho; you know, hum confuse ho jaate hain.."

She shot him an annoyed glare and pointed towards their entwined palms; Arjun smirked and kissed the back of her palm.
"I love you, Riya.. I really love you..
Kya ab bhi tum mujhe chodke jaaogi?"

Riya shook her head vigorously and tugged at his fingers, motioning him to rise to his feet.

Arjun sighed and stood up, gazing at her intently for an answer. She smiled and cupped his face, "Kabhi nahi.. I love you too.. Fakta you, ACP Arjun Rawte.."

He smirked at her response and instead of offering her any more words of love, pulled her into his arms, his eyes never leaving her glistening black ones.

She smoothed her palms on his lean chest and slightly tilted her face; Arjun chuckled at her impatience and swiftly captured her lips with his own.

He wasn't really rough nor too gentle; yet he kissed her with the sureness of a man, a man who knew how to pleasure his girl!
She was too stunned to respond to the kiss initially, since her nerves refused to relay the shock to her brain.

She felt his huge palm moving on her waist and sank into the kiss; letting go of her inhibitions and found herself slowly relaxing and relishing his touch.

Arjun realized her hesitance fade away and that gave birth to a primal desire within him; he drew her more firmly against his lean body and rested their entwined hands around his neck..

Riya felt butterflies flutter in the pit of her stomach as he deepened the kiss and sank her fingers into his silky black hair.

He eased her back against the wall with his torso while his hand slid beneath the hem of her shirt.

A low moan escaped her throat, when his hot fingers touched her bare skin, bringing them back from the heightened pleasure. 

He slowly let go of her lips and her waist and slowly grazed his fingers across her arm, resting his forehead against hers.

Riya's eyes slowly drifted open as her fingers trailed down his neck to rest on his shoulders. 
She felt him smile against her lips and blushed crimson.

He kissed her forehead and held her close to him, "I love fakta you.."

She smiled and rested her head against his shoulder and stared at the closed doors. 
Her eyes popped out wide when it dawned upon her; she spun around and looked at the stop button; it still blinked orange!
Arjun chuckled at her and pressed the right buttons.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened wide; the sight in front of them stunned them! 
Riya's neighbours were engulfed in yet another hug, right in the corridor!

Arjun cleared his throat and that did the trick; the couple separated and coolly walked to the elevator.

 The woman shot Riya a smirk as she passed them; Riya had just taken a step towards her apartment, when the woman's words fell on her ears, 

"We've been waiting for over half-n-hour.. So much for not making out in the elevator, huh!"

Riya's eyes widened in embarrassment and she dragged a grinning Arjun into her flat before banging the door shut!

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oye oye...tumne toh lift ka asli use hi bathal diya...Wink 

mind blowing, out of the world...romantic...cute...i dont have the right words too...i am in some dream land now...yeah of course in an elevator!! lol 
actually i cant get over the hangover of ur script...bohat nasheeli hai re tumaare ARIYA...

this OS was sooo awesome...
the confession was just briliant...
fakta tum hi aise mind blowing romance likh sakthi ho!!!! 
i hope the sentence is anyways. i guess u got the essence of it...
u are the best!! keep writing!

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this is amazing...fantastic...fabulas...mindblowing...awesome...

Jo bhi bole kam are awesome writer...i love you   and your writing...

Thank you so much for ariya's this much beautiful os...thanks..

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UNRES Big smileBig smile

Wow I've realized how much I'm missing Riya ConfusedConfused
Wonderful OS, and what a confesion EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Arjun flirting with Riya in front of Rathore LOLLOL
Rathore was so nice with Riya Big smileBig smile

the fark padta part reminded me another show WinkWink

and the confesion was perfect and the kiss BlushingBlushing

The last part was so funny ROFLROFL
Poor Riya she must be completely embarrased LOLLOL

PS : Sorry I only read your OS,The only reason is my weak hindi OuchOuch

PPS : Currently not active on the forum, but I'm still alive LOLLOL

PPPs : Happy birthday Mahi HugHug


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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged!!!wonderful and sweaty Wink

imagining arjun naughty with riya dat too in etfEmbarrassed

haha...rathore had to know about it..he is the etf chief Tongue

oh ..such a calm,friendly and free convo of riya wid rathore!

avoiding arjun to know his true feelings really made arjun annoyed and furious!!!she was adamant in her own way..

huh...riya just got saved in tym in the road!!!!

the lift romance was hot!!! Wink Embarrassed

both loved each other Smile

dose neighbours..omg!!!embarising LOL

well now i have to keep my eyes and mind shut in lift or prefr the stairs Big smile Big smile

thanx for d pm

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redheart Groupbie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
OMG amazing 

i literally said "Oh fish!" Wen rathore entered d conference hall , at wrong tym

My mom gave me a look dat tym ...thinking unki beti is Mad. Wink

i m still smiling thinking about elevator

As u said: next tym if i m going in elevator , for 1ce dis OS will cme to my mindLOL

now i shud stop smiling ...otherwise My mommy is definitely gonna send me to Pagal-khanaLOL

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
aw... sweet one!

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