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Arranged,Love or Whatever#5-Ch23 pg119 6/1/13 :)

SamiyaIPKKND IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter One 

Chapter Two 

Chapter Three 

Chapter Four 

Chapter Five 

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Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten 

Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Thirteen

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SamiyaIPKKND IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter Twenty 


As soon as it was morning Arnav changed his resolve. There was no way in hell that Arnav was going to let Khushi go from his life and not for such a silly reason as "can't and won't".  

He thought everything through... Khushi is a samajhdar ladki... she'll understand 

He went to the toilet, freshened up, wore a nice white T-shirt that he knows khushi loves and knocked her door 

Khushi opened it in less than ten seconds... maybe she herself had been waiting for him to knock  


"Hey" she replied back quietly 

"Khushi" he took her hand and made her sit on the bed. He took a place beside her. 

"I'm sorry... maybe I should not have lied to you... it was wrong!!  

but you must understand!! haven't I always told you that I don't plan on marrying!! 

I never ever planned to have a kid!! never!!

The reason is so deep inside me and so hurtful that I found it hard to word it... I couldn't bring myself to say... and I knew if I told you that I don't want to be a father you'd ask the reason and I couldn't explain to you... therefore I changed a harmless won't with a can't 

all the dynamics are still the same... nothing has changed... 

you agreed to being married to me when you knew I can't be a father so what is the change now" 


"sshh let me finish!!! 

Khushi did I or did I not tell you I'll never become a father... "

"you lie..." 

"In yes or no... did I tell you??"


"did I give you an option out? Did I tell you khushi that marry me khushi only when you are sure you can do without bearing children in this life?? Did I repeatedly tell you think it through... you'll never become a mother??Did I?"


"then how can you now want to change the only condition I gave in this marriage khushi?? you yourself agreed!!"

"NO!! YOU..."

"yes probably I lied a little... I confess...

so I'll tell you the actual reason why I don't want to become a father... 

I was the apple of my father's eyes... he used to wake up and see me first and go to sleep only after looking at me... he was my hero... I loved him more than anyone in my life

He made sure I got the best education, the best clothes, the best toys, the best of everything

But I hate him!! 

you know why?? because he treated my mother like crap... like a maid... he treated Di like she was a burden because she was not a son and also limp...

I realized this gradually and started hating him more and more

I want to avenge my mother for being treated worse than a slave...

Do you know he actually slapped her once in front of me...

I wanna avenge my sister for the way she was treated...

he wanted a son so he could proudly show everyone, to bear his blood  ahead

I won't let that happen

his khandan dies with me

that is what he wished for all his life and that is what he'll never get

Now do you understand why I can't have a kid khushi"

He put a hand on her cheek... please understand... I simply can't

"Did you ever Arnav think about your mother... about Di?? Won't they get hurt by your decision??"

"Don't you ever tell Di!!!"

"I'm sorry Arnav but this is not enough reason for me!!! I can't continue this marriage knowing you are withholding the thing that is most precious to a girl"

Now Arav became angry

"kabse tumhe samjha raha hun... tumhe koyi baat samaj nehi ati kya... I will never ever father a child"


"so what does this mean??"

"it means I want a divorce!! I want another chance at my life"

"what do you mean by you want another chance at life!! you want to marry again?"

Khushi remained silent for a moment and replied "yes!!"

"Fine!!! since we just got married it is not possible for us to get a divorce before one year!! you live at your parents house and when one year will be over I'll divorce you!!.. soch lena ghar jake sab ko kya batana hain"

saying this he got up abruptly and left the room banging the door loudly behind him

leaving a shattered Khushi


Khushi doesn't actually want to get married... it was a laughable thought

nor does she want a divorce

she just those things because she thought Arnav will definitely come to his senses when he realizes khushi will leave him otherwise

but that is just wishful thinking...Arnav doesn't care two hoots about khushi... what he cares about only is his pride

Up till now Khushi was living in a dream... seems like someone threw ice cold water over her

She doesn't matter to him!!

She was someone whom he couldn't resist making out with... they got caught... even then he didn't want to marry her... only when her family caught them in the middle of the night did he want to get married to her... and which guy won't want to have sex with a more than eager wife!!

Therefore her threat didn't make any affect on her

On the other hand she doesn't even know when she'd given her heart away to him... 

Arnav Singh Raizada just proved how much he cares about his wife..


Arnav came to the hotel from outside to see his room empty of khushi's stuff... he went into a mode of panic... did she leave for India without even telling him??

Just then he noticed a note on the bed

"I've moved all my stuff into the other room. I've booked a single ticket for me ... plane leaves tomorrow... I'll go to India and tell everyone you'll be late because got tied up in a meeting"

Crushing the note in his palms he fumed and seethed 

"how dare she!!!" 

he had thought she'd be waiting for him if not sorry for saying she'll marry someone else

and here she's moving even more far from him

Without even thinking anything he went to her door and banged so hard that his fist became red!!



Since a lot of you think I rushed the last few updates this time I'm trying to go slow Smile

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So, it's typical an ASR show around here..He decides he won't let a small thing like 'can't & won't' come between there marriage, then gets a bit angry & poof- There goes his resolve..& a fight is bound to happen..When two head-strong, equally determined & frustratingly stubborn personalities collide, this is what happen...Ouch

But for once, I am with Khushi here..Sure he said before the wedding she wont be having a kid biologically, & she agreed..But that's her love for him..She thought the man she loves wont be able to give her that & she kinda accepted him with this lacking..Or so she thought..

But to know that he's deliberately denying her of that pleasure because of his flawed thinking is another thing altogether!!So I am with Khushi here..Dont make her fall a prey to his charm again,Sami..Let Khushi hold her own till he backs down.. Better yet make her seduce him out of his wit, so that he 'accidentally' impregnates her!!Wink

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asrcraze IF-Stunnerz

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Funny how "Can't" and "won't" created so much difference !

Okay he seems to have asked all logical questions but this...

"did I give you an option out? Did I tell you khushi that marry me khushi only when you are sure you can do without bearing children in this life?? Did I repeatedly tell you think it through... you'll never become a mother??Did I?

Am I cruel to ask if she would ever know that he deliberately had sex with her before their marriage?? Did he not do that cos she'd have no option out, she being the traditional type...DId he not do that to make sure she'd not change her mind??

He does care about her...He explained his reasons ...But he doesn't care enough to forget his past and give her what she wants ?? He'll never understand her position...
Okay so he's angry now...Khushi should stand by her decision...he'll come around ! 

By any chance, can Khushi be already pregnant??

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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I am broozed :(


Arnav Singh Raizada is never wrong. Didn't Khushi know that?

Arnav Singh Raizada has a logical reason for doing everything. How could Khushi question that?

Arnav Singh Raizada is not bothered by the differences in petty English words. How can Khushi take offense then?

Arnav Singh Raizada has wishes and no one else is allowed to voice theirs. How could Khushi oppose that?

Sami he is standing at a cross roads. It is either the hatred for his father or love for his wife for him now.

Make him choose well.

And I love this Khushi. Strong enough to demand a divorce to the man she loves so soon after her marriage not caring two hoots about the society BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN CHEATED Clap

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lazyleaves IF-Stunnerz

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I CAN understand what Khushi feels but Arnav WON'T understand.

Previously it didnt matter to her because she knew she cant have it. But now when she knows she can have it, she wants it and wants it desperately.

Arnav's reason though seems valid to him and so does his arguments, but what he is asking from Khushi in return is too big!

Khushi's thoughts when he left the room goes well with his pre marriage character. Sleeping around was normal for him and Khushi is stuck with that thought and she feels used.

Arnav Khushi is not a dukhi bhartiya naari who would wait for you after a fight. Muah to Khushi for separating herself physically from him.

Banging the door will not help mister. You gotta bang your head

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reflorated IF-Rockerz

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so up first apologies for stealing somebody's spot. I'm trying my best to quit the forum, but that's kinda like asking a heroin addict to stop snuffing so... LOL
so lets pretend that I am infact not quitting, and lets just congratulate me for my stellar stalking skills, because its either that, or getting me arrested for refreshing the first page of the IPK forum
oh yes, congratulations on the new thread!
oh yes, and RES

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