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In The Heart Of One:AR Ch. 7 Pg.20

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Hello there!!! Obviously you all know why I am here. I am here to post a new fanfiction on my favorite couple Armaan Riddhima. I adore them so much and they are, were, and will always be my favorite jodi. DMG is the only reason I started watching Indian dramas. My favorite are KaJen, so I will be imagining them while writing this FF,  but other jodi groups can read this and imagine their favorite jodi :) I kept thinking for about two days if I should post this or not since not a lot of people read AR FFs since the show finished. I still hope you all like it :)


Chapter 1 - Page 1
Chapter 2 - Page 3
Chapter 3 - Page 5
Chapter 4 - Page 8
Chapter 5 - Page 11
Chapter 6 - Page 16

Chapter 7 - Page 20

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IshqSeHaseen Newbie

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Chapter 1

Riddhima hurries around the tiny apartment as she gets everything together and the kids were still sleeping. The elder one has to get to school on time and the little one has to get to the babysitter, so she herself can go out and look for a job.

"Karan! Sneha! Get up!" Riddhima yells as she gathers their belongings together. "We are getting late!" She shakes them up while passing the queen sized bed on which all three of them sleept on.

"Mama, five more minutes," Karan said in a sleepy voice.

"No five more minutes! I already let the two of sleep for ten more minutes. If you don't get up in the next five minutes, I'll make sure none of you get ice cream!" She warns.

"We never get ice cream because you can't afford it!" Karan says, sitting up. Riddhima's face softens up after hearing Karan's words.

"Go get ready," she said in a stern voice. Karan gets out of the bed and walks to the bathroom.

Riddhima sits down on the edge of the bed and sighs. Tears start forming in her eyes when she feels two tiny hands on her back. Riddhima turns her head and sees the little one. She smiles and puts her in lap.

"Did you sleep well Sneha?" The little girl nods and leans her head against Riddhima's chest.

Riddhima looks down at her and strokes her hair. They have been in this condition for the past two years. She hasn't found a job and is barely able to pay for the rent for their small apartment. She is not even able to pay Sneha's babysitter, but Sneha's babysitter is so understanding that she doesn't ask for any money. In fact, both of them have become great friends over time. She is always there to help out Riddhima and the kids.

Riddhima locks the door and they walk towards the stairs which led down towards the parking lot. Sneha's babysitter lives on the floor underneath them, so Riddhima walks to her apartment with Sneha in her arms and Karan walking beside her. Riddhima knocks on the door waiting for the door to open up. The door opens and reveals a woman in her mid twenties standing there in her night clothes with her long hair open.

"Hey Nikki," Riddhima greets.

"Hey!" Nikki gives Riddhima a hug. "You want to come in?"

"No, we are already getting late. I'm here to drop Sneha off." Nikki nods, understanding and puts her arms out for Sneha to come to her. Sneha turns her head away and hugs Riddhima tighter by wrapping her arms around her neck.

"Sneha, Mama has to go. Please be a good girl. I'll try to come back early," Riddhima tries to persuade Sneha on leaving her and going to Nikki. Sneha usually goes to Nikki easily, but today she is a bit clingy. Riddhima looks at Nikki. "I don't think she is feeling well. She was a bit warm last night."

"Don't worry Riddhima. I always go by your instructions whenever she is sick. She'll be perfectly fine," Nikki assures her.

"I know Nikki, but I don't want her to bother you much. You know how she gets when she is sick."

"I do and I am use to it Riddhima. Don't worry about her, okay? I'll call you if I need you." Riddhima nods. "Sneha, baby come on. Look I bought new toys for you." Hearing the word toys, Sneha looks at Nikki. Nikki smiles at her and holds her arms out. Sneha goes to Nikki.

"Okay, well we are going to go now. We are already late." Riddhima kisses Sneha and gives Nikki a hug. "Thank you so much!" Riddhima has a bit of ashamed look on her face. She didn't like Nikki taking care of Sneha without getting earning any money. Riddhima takes Karan's hand and they walk away.

"Riddhima!" Nikki yells out. Riddhima stops and looks at her. "Stop thanking me. I want to do this for you." Riddhima smiles at her and walks down the steps along with Karan.

Riddhima unlocks their old car and buckles Karan up in the back seat. The drive to Karan's school was silent. Riddhima kept on glancing in the rear view mirror to make sure that Karan is okay because usually he is talkative during the car ride. Riddhima parks the car outside of Karan's school and gets out. She helps Karan out and he starts walking away. Riddhima frowns seeing Karan walk away without a kiss goodbye.

"Karan," Riddhima calls out. Karan stops and looks back at Riddhima. "No hug or kiss?" Riddhima bends down and opens her arms. Karan runs to Riddhima hugs her. Riddhima feels her eyes stinging with tears. She knows why Karan is upset with her sometimes. Riddhima pulls back and cups Karan's face with both hands. "Everything will be okay? I promise."

"When?" Karan asks sniffling. Riddhima wipes his tears away.

"Soon," Riddhima whispers. "I love you."

"I love you too." Karan hugs Riddhima again.

"Now give me a big smile." Riddhima looks at Karan. Karan gives a big and genuine smile. "That's my boy." Riddhima kisses his cheek. "Now go." Karan runs away.

Riddhima gets back in her car and starts driving around finding grocery stores and cafes. She has applied for all positions in all of the stores in the city she lives, but no one called her for an interview let alone hiring her. Now she is outside, in another city looking for stores to work at. Riddhima couldn't have a normal job because she had the responsibility to take care of Karan and Sneha. She had to stop studying to make their life easier and sacrifice hers, and she doesn't regret it. Their smiles and their happiness is all that matters to her. Riddhima spots a nice decent cafe and decides to check it out.

Riddhima walks inside and sees a few people sitting around and chatting. Some were on their phones or their laptops along with have a little snack and drink. Riddhima walks to the counter and waits for a worker to come.

"Hello ma'am what would you like to have?" the young female worker asks.

"Actually, are you guys hiring?" Riddhima asks.

"Not that I know of," the girl replies. Riddhima nods.

"Can I get a job application?" Riddhima requests.

"Yeah sure. You can also apply online too."

"Uh...I'd like the paper." The girl nods and walks away. Riddhima couldn't apply for anything online because she doesn't have internet access. She can't pay for another pay bill and she's already paying many bills already.

"Here you go ma'am." The girl hands Riddhima the paper.

"Thank you." Riddhima takes it and walks outside.

"Excuse me!" Riddhima turns her head to the side to see a young, tall, and slim lady walking towards her. "Hi, I am Anjali! Have you tried modeling or thought about modeling?"

"No, I haven't."

"Well, I work for Mike Smith. Have you heard of him?"

"The photographer who only does photo shoots of big celebrities."

"Yes, that's him. He is doing a photo shoot with Armaan Mallik and you probably know how big of a star he is." Riddhima nods. "Mike wants to do a photo shoot with Armaan along with a new model. He wants to try something different. Would you like to try?" Riddhima looks hesitant at Anjali. "He told me that he'll pay a new model from a thousand to about five thousand depending how you do." Riddhima looks at Anjali with wide eyes.

"Thousand to five thousand?" Riddhima asks to make sure she heard right.

"Yes," said Anjali.

"I guess I can try," Riddhima said.

"That's great! Can I get a picture of you and your number?" Riddhima nods. Anjali gets her camera ready and Riddhima smiles. "Thanks and your number." Riddhima gives Anjali her phone number. Luckily, Riddhima was able to afford a cell phone. "We'll get back to you in about a day or two and here's my card." Riddhima nods and takes the card. "It was nice meeting you."

"Same here." Riddhima smiles at her and walks away. Riddhima looks in the direction where Anjali went off and sees her talking to another girl. There could be less chances that she gets picked.

 Riddhima feels her heart thudding. She has never even thought of modeling and here she is offered to be a model. Maybe this can help her financially. It also means that if she gets to be a model then there will be a lot of the people behind the scene. Riddhima always gets nervous in front of small and big crowds. Riddhima puts the negative thoughts away from her mind. "If I get it, I have to do it. It's for Karan and Sneha."

Nikki opens the door and is surprised to find Riddhima standing there. Riddhima comes to pick up Sneha after picking up Karan from school.

"Riddhima? What are you doing here so early?"

"I was at least an hour away so I decided to come back early to be back here to pick up Karan."

"Oh, come in." Riddhima walks in and Sneha runs to Riddhima.

"Mama!" Riddhima picks up Sneha.

"Hi baby!" Riddhima kisses Sneha's cheek.

"Look! Nini got me toys!" Sneha said in her baby voice, pointing to a pile of toys. Since Sneha couldn't say Nikki, so she calls her Nini. Riddhima looks at Nikki. "She said I can have them."


"Don't you dare say anything! I bought these for Sneha and only for Sneha."

"Nikki, you shouldn't have done this," said Riddhima. Riddhima hates it when people spend money on her or the kids when she can't repay them back.

"Riddhima, I have told you a million times that I want to do this, not because I have to." Riddhima looks down because her eyes had started watering. "Sit down." Riddhima sits down with Sneha on her lap. "You were the only one there when me and Abhi ran away and came here. Remember, I was so miserable that even Abhi couldn't help me. You came and changed me. This is the least I can do for you."

"But Nikki, you and Abhi need the money."

"Well, I got some great news." Riddhima looks at Nikki questionably. "Abhi is now a manager in the company he works in."

"Really?! That's great!" Riddhima hugs Nikki.

"I know!"

Riddhima remembers her meeting with Anjali and ponders if she should tell Nikki about it. "Sneha, go play with your toys then we'll go pick up Karan, okay?" Sneha kisses Riddhima's cheek and slides down from her lap to her new toys. Riddhima looks at Nikki. "I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"I had gone to pick up an application from a cafe and when I came out a girl named Anjali came up to me and started asking me about modeling. She offered me a photo shoot which Mike Smith is doing."

"Mike Smith? He only works with big celebrities."

"Apparently, he wants to do something different and work with a new model and a big star. Anjali told me that he will give from a thousand to five thousand depending on how well I do, but I am not sure if I will get it since there are also other girls."

"Just stay positive like you told me," Nikki said. "Who's the celebrity?"

"Armaan Mallik," Riddhima said in a low voice.

"What?!" Nikki yells. Sneha looks at them with her eyes started to glisten with tears and a pout.

"Nikki, you are about to make Sneha cry!" Riddhima runs to Sneha and picks her up. Sneha starts crying and buries her face in Riddhima's neck. "It's okay. Shh." Riddhima pats her back.

"I'm so sorry Sneha." Nikki kisses Sneha's wet cheeks. "I promise I won't do it again. Will you forgive me?" Sneha nods. "Can I get a kiss?" Nikki forwards her cheek and Sneha pecks it. Riddhima lets Sneha down and she walks away.

"Coming to Armaan Mallik. He is the hottest and sexiest guy and celebrity in the whole world."

"I know." Riddhima looks down.

"And you have a crush on him."

"Like you don't! He's a celebrity, every girl has a crush on him so don't be pointing fingers at me." Riddhima remarks. "Don't get too excited. I haven't even been called."

"How long is it going to take?"

"She told me about a day or two."

"Really? I would expect it to take longer."

"Maybe she has to give offers in a few days to other girls and then they pick out from the girls she offered, and then the photo shoot on a certain day" Riddhima says her thoughts.

"Probably, but this is so exciting! Imagine you and Armaan Mallik on the cover of Vogue." Nikki squeals.

"Nikki stop it!"

"Oh come on, you know that you are feeling happy too," says Nikki.

"I am doing this just for Karan and Sneha," replies Riddhima. "Nothing else." Riddhima can't take her attention away from Karan and Sneha. They are her first priority and will always be.

"Okay, fine. Do you know what kind of photo shoot it is?" Nikki questions.

"What do you mean?"

"Like is it just switching into different designer clothes or like on the beach or...passionate," Nikki said the past part with a teasing smirk. Riddhima's heart starts racing again. She never thought of that. How can she be close to Armaan Mallik when she is scared to be in front of crowds? She hasn't even gotten the call, so she needs to stop assuming things.

"I don't know...she didn't tell...maybe if I get the call then she'll tell."

"Riddhima, you are definitely going to get it. I have told you so many times to try for modeling." Riddhima sighs. It's true, Nikki has told her to go for modeling, but Riddhima is not comfortable in posing in front of people. "You have the perfect model body."

"Nikki, please."

"Alright, I'll stop. If anything happens, you better call me first. Understood?" Riddhima smiles and nods.

"Of course! Who else will I share this news with?" Riddhima laughs a bit. "I have to go pick up Karan." Riddhima said, after looking at the clock on the wall. "Come on Sneha, time to go!"

"What about my toys?" Sneha asks, walking over to Riddhima.

"We'll get them tomorrow. Right now we have to go pick up Karan." Riddhima picks her up. "Bye Nikki."

"Bye Nini!" Sneha yells as Riddhima walks away.

Karan runs to Riddhima when he sees her standing by the car. Riddhima smiles seeing Karan running up to her. He did this everyday.

"Hey baby!" Riddhima kisses his head. "How was your day?"

"It was okay."

"Okay? You didn't like school today?"

"It's kindergarten. You do nothing." Karan said with a frown. Riddhima laughs at his expression as she buckles Karan in the backseat along with Sneha who is in her car seat.

"Mama, did anything happen?" Karan looks up at Riddhima with expectant eyes. Riddhima looks at him for a few seconds then looks away. She can't tell the kids that she got an offer for modeling, otherwise they'll expect things from her when she herself isn't sure if she can get it. "Mama? Did anything happen?"

"Karan, I told you that you don't have worry about it. I have to make sure that everything is fine, not you. You live your life as a kid, okay?"

"Alright, then don't say to me that I don't care about anything." Riddhima laughs and kisses his head. Karan is only five and is already so mature for his age. Riddhima gets in the driver's seat and starts to drive back home.

"Guess what?" Sneha said to Karan.


"Nini got me toys," Sneha said, showing her baby teeth.

"What?" Karan said with a frown. From his point of view, he feels that Sneha gets everything and he doesn't get anything, but he never complains in front of Riddhima. Riddhima glances back in the rear view mirror. "What did she get you?"

"Stuffed animals!" Sneha squeals. Sneha loves stuffed animals. Riddhima smiles at excited Sneha. Her life would be incomplete without the both of them. They are her life, if she lost them then she would die. A couple of times, she has been so close on losing them, but doesn't know how every time she got to keep them.

"Mama, you know what happened today?" Karan said.

"What happened?" Riddhima said.

"This kid slipped and fell on his butt! You had to be there. The teacher was trying not to laugh but she did." Karan laughs out loud. Sneha wasn't paying attention, but on hearing laughter she starts laughing to. Riddhima smiles at her kids and goes to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

Riddhima opens the refrigerator to find it almost empty. Her smile faltered. All there was less than half milk gallon and few vegetables. What is she suppose to make with that? She doesn't have enough money to take them out for dinner. There was a knock on the door and Riddhima opens it.

"Surprise!" Nikki and Abhi said.

"What are two doing here?" Riddhima asks.

"Well, we thought to bring some food to celebrate about me becoming a manager." Abhi said. Riddhima smiles gratefully at them. They came at the perfect time. It's like they know when she is in trouble. "Where are the kids?"

"Inside," said Riddhima. Abhi walks in.


"Abhi uncle!" Karan yells and jumps on him.

"Wow, relax." Abhi puts him down.

"Thank you for coming," Riddhima said with moist eyes.

"What happened?" Nikki becomes worried.

"I was just about to start making dinner, but there is nothing in the fridge." Tears fall from Riddhima's eyes. Nikki hugs her.

"Shh, it's okay." Riddhima cries on Nikki's shoulder. Nikki stands there, holding her best friend to be her support. Riddhima pulls back and wipes her tears.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm always here for you and so is Abhi. Now smile otherwise Karan and Sneha will ask why their mom isn't smiling." Riddhima smiles.

"Lets go in." Riddhima and Nikki see Karan and Abhi wrestling while Sneha is busy with her new toys.

"How about we leave them and go get dinner set up?" Nikki suggests.

Riddhima laughs, "Good idea!" They walk in the kitchen.

"Did she call?"

"Nikki, it has not even been a day."

"What? I thought they would love you so much that they won't even think about looking at another girl."

"Shut up!" Riddhma shakes her head. "Did you tell Abhi?"

"No, do you want me to?"

"No, not yet at least. It's going to be just between you and me right now."

"I won't tell anyone, I promise."

"Thanks Nikki."

"Stop thanking me! Gosh!" Riddhima laughs and hugs her.

"Nikki, I love you so much!"

"I love you too babes!" Nikki hugs her back.

"No!!" Abhi yells.

"No!!" Karan and Sneha copy him. Riddhima and Nikki look at them weirdly.

"What happened?" Riddhima asks.

"Nikki, I never knew you know..."

"What are you talking about Abhi?" Nikki looks at him confused.

"You know..." Nikki just gives him a blank look. He leans his face closer to hers.

"That you like girls and guys." He whispers to her.

"Abhi!" Nikki screams and hits his shoulder. Abhi bursts out laughing.

"You should've seen your face!" Riddhima looks at them strangely and shakes her head.

"They have officially gone crazy," Riddhima said, looking down at Karan and Sneha. The both of them laugh.


Leave your comments :) If you want PMs, please add me as your buddy!!

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged

nice concept 

update soon

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 12:16am | IP Logged
nice concept
continue soon and pm me too...also mine kajen are favEmbarrassed

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 2:40am | IP Logged
very nice concept! do continue soon nd pm me too...

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 4:28am | IP Logged
it seems that ridz is fine working with armaan...means the children are not of himShocked than whose they are...
are they even of ridz????
do ccontinue soon

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey! Thanks for the scrap :)

This is a nice start.. Sounds a different concept.. Who are these kids with Ridz? coz I've a feeling she wasnt married before.
This may turn out to be a beautiful story of how a chance would change Ridz's life :)

Continue soon.


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Nice concept ..Emotional start..Loving bond between kids & Ridhima ..& her support her friends Abhi & Nikki so sweet ..Now would like to know more about Armaan

Please be frequent with updates & update soon

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