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                                               ~T H E  V O W~

                   ArSh    O N E S H O T

He was breathing hard,trying to get back his every breath,he cant die,simply cannot because he vowed to her to be with her to keep her in hi slife till eternity.He cant give up.He regained his senses and found himself on the hospital bed.His head hurts badly and he can hardly move.

The doctor came with a nurse carrying his reports.

Oh good to see you Mr Mallik,how are you feeling now?

He scanned the room and then his condition,but at the moment there was only one question in his mind-where is she?

Well Iam Dr Shubhanker here and Iam attending your case.You met with an accident and you were very serious when

Armaan-where is my wife

Shubhanker-Mr Mallik look

armaan-where is she?Is she alright,tell me doctor

He tried to move when Shubanker stopped him

Shubhanker-Mr Mallik you are not in a condition to do so please try in understand your wife is in ICU at the moment and we are trying our best,please !

           She was lying lifeless with the oxygen mask and breathing slowly.There were cuts on her head and drips attached to her hand.

 He stood there in front of her with moist eyes and a faint smile on his lips.He got closer to her and took her hands in his.Taking a sit beside her he made her wear the ring-their wedding ring,and kissed her palms softly.Armaan Mallik and Shilpa Mallik:It was their wedding anniversary,2 years they completed with each other every moment every breath they took with eachother.They were going for a long drive when armaan lost the balance (cursing himself to no limits now) and thats how they ended up in such a horrible accident.

 Shubhanker-Mr Mallik yeh Dr Kirti hai 

He turned around leaving her hand 

Kirti-The accident was a horrible one indeed,when you both were brought here we thought its impossible to save you but luckily you were not in such a bad condition.She was bleeding badly as the broken glass pieces have pierced in her skin and to some extent cause a severe head injury.

armaan-why is she still unconscious?

Kirti-because in such cases the brain kind of stops working,patients even lose the ability to

armaan-please doctor save her,I wont let anything happen to her.

 Just then they saw some movements in her body 

Kirti-ineh hosh a raha hai shayad

She opened her eyes with great difficulty,feeling a bit weak and lost.

Kirti-you ok?

armaan-how are you feeling now?

Shilpa-mmm Iam fine

She was sitting leaning on the bed post with the help of the nurse staring at the duo 

Kirti-you are better now and its a miracle for sure as in such accidents very few people survive

She gave a weak smile

Shilpa-wwwhat accident mm I mean main yahan both are doctors right?

        Armaan-what the hell is wrong with you people,first you say she cant survive and now she is saying something else...she doesnt remember me?Iam her husband damnit.How can she say this its...

 Colour drained from his face the moment she mentioned him as a doctor.He was feeling angry,helpless and more like a statue.

Kirti-Mr Mallik at first can we please have a sensible talk.Look I already told you patients hardly survive in such cases and you are really lucky that she is with us now.Normally people go through traumas and various stages of it,Shilpa is going through the same.The accident have damaged her brain cells and affected her memory.She is fine now but hardly remembers anything from one part of her life.And we will try to get that thing only which part of her life she remembers:are you getting me?I know its hard but you should be thankful she is fine and alive.

        Shetook the medicines and still in thoughts how she got there and accident.She was going for her board exams with her friend Anita then how come all this?And the man whom she thought was her doctor why was he behaving in such a way as if he shares something with her?All this seems to be soo confusing

Shilpa-ahh my head hurts

Kirti-its ok...its natural

Kirti entered with armaan gazing at her

Kirti-so tell me your name


Kirti-full name and what you do and all

Shilpa-Shilpa Malhotra,Iam a medical student and Iam having my board exams I need to pass and become a successful doctor just like my dad is.

armaan-and what about me?us?

shilpa-what about us?excuse me?Do I know you?

Kirti-Shilpa can you tell me which year is it?

Shilpa-yeah its 2008 

Armaan moved a bit far from her and tried to calm himself

Kirti-ok Shilpa first listen to us carefully and after that you will get to know whats wrong with you and why you are here ok?


armaan-your name is Shilpa Mallik and iam Armaan mallik your husband.

She got a shock and tried to protest 

armaan-you are a final year intern and in about days you were to bcme a doctor.This is year 2012 and we have been married since 2 years.It was our anniversary so we were on celebration mood and this took place while we were on the car.

She was silent not saying anything and armaan was expecting her to say something atleast.

armaan-say something please...

He tried to touch her but she shifted away can I believe you?i mean I was just 18 and I was on my way to attend my exams can i get married...this is not what i ever wanted..what proof do you have

armaan-look at my eyes you will see what proof I have...

shilpa-I cantt see anything

She closed her eyes and caught her head with her hands

armaan-check the wedding ring which you are wearing and if you are not satisfied with that then I can tell you many other things like 

She noticed there was a ring shining on her finger and it did looked like a wedding one.But how can this be possible..

Shilpa-who are you...

she said with a drop of tear trickling down her cheek

He got near her and took a seat while Kirti though to give them some privacy

armaan-armaan Dr Armaan Mallik  an Oncologist.

          Its been two days and she was going to get discharged today.Still not being able to discover the facts how her life changed in these years and why..she was lost! In these days he was with her every moment not leaving her alone.She was a bit uncomfortable bu the made sure she gets everything. The doctors made her face the reality that she have lost her memory of past 4 to 5 years.And she was a bit convinced now.He had gone to take her clothes from their house-there it seems very disturbing at this point.Where will she go today with him?its all soo different.

She is my daughter how can you be soo careless not even informing for dont know hom you are dealing with Shashank Gupta-dont try to mess with me.

A man with anger completely visible on face entered Shilpa's cabin with a lady having tearful eyes and motherly look.


       Armaan reached the hospital in a hurry carrying the necessary things for the day Shilpa will need.

He met Dr Shubhankar on his way

shubhankar-hey Mr Mallik I hope you are doing well now and your wife

armaan-yeah its going well will take her home today hopefully everything get sback to normal now I..

shubhanker-but she is already leaving


shubhankar-yes her parents are there and they are taking her home..Kirti is there with them I guess I though she already got discharged.

He just cant believe this even after all these years this man have got guts to face her.He will be creating a scene in such condition and how can he evn think of taking her with them.But she hardly remembers anything now godd..he rushed to her cabin 

Meanwhile Shilpa was all ready in jeans and simple top looking a bit pale but normal after seeing known people.

Shilpa-momm where were you haan I was here since 2 days and everything is soo confusing for me

Smriti Gupta took her in a hug and consoled her daughter

Kirti-so Shilpa I hope you are doing well now and there is one thing which you should take care of look you still not fit fo rany stress or pressure ok?take care of that and you have forgotten past 4 years of your life,its not easy still try to get yourself back to usual routine what you used to do and all thi sis how someday you will regain your memory hopefully.

Shashank-hope she does not...its all coz of those years only she is in such a state today

Smriti-shashank plz not here atleast.

Shilpa-mom can we leave 


how can you let anyone take my wife away from here Doctor..this is highly being unprofessional.

Kirti-but Mr mallik

Shashank-she is my daughter and she needs us at the moment going through a bad phase

armaan-o really Mr Gupta you think so that she will be in a good condition with you all?

shilpa-mom whats going on

Armaan move to Shilpa and held her hand

armaan-you are coming with me to our home.Come

Shashank-thats not a way you cant take her...who are you to take such decisions

armaan-her legally wedded husband

shashank-coz of whom she is in this condition today

Shilpa-stop please my head hurts badly

Kirti-shilpa relax..see as a doctor I would prefer her to get back to her daily normal life and then only she can get back her memory!make her do what she used to,this can make her normal and no stress please.

Shilpa-but how can I go with him I dont even remember our marriage

shashank-thats what Iam saying she should come with us doctor 

smriti-yes thats where your home is beta

armaan-shilpa look at me cant you trust me for once?

There was something in his eyes which made her feel unusual.

              They were on their way and this time he was driving with the lowest speed possible.She was looking at every ends and roads they were passing through-all those places were new to her.Glancing at the mirror she was tracing the scars on her forehead

shilpa-I look soo bad

armaan-no you look beautiful like always

He gave a passionate smile to her while she just gave a nod.

Their house was a simple one with the fittings and furnitures as simple as possible.But classy one as armaan preferred.

Armaan got her bag and then made his way to their room.She was scanning the house and every corner of it.He took out his jacket and thought to lit some fire as it was getting cold outside.

shilpa-what are you doing?

armaan-trying to make us warm

shilpa-dont we have heater?cant we even afford it

He glanced at her and then replied with  a sweet smile

armaan-we can but it was your wish that we will sit here near this fireplace and give warmth to eachother-its the best part of being in Kasauli which you loved. did I gt in here?I mean I was in mumbai and then moving did we got married fell in love

armaan-I guess its better to answer your questions if we get done with the dinner first right?or else we will freeze and die in hunger.


          After dinner he was sitting near the fireplace with a cup of coffee.He was wearing a fitting black T-shirt with three quarter pants.His face was looking hot as he just took shower and not even shaved for few days.

She thought to change in something comfortable whn came across a pic of them together on the sidetable.It was from their wedding-she was in a green lehenga looking so happy and contented giving a smile.He was looking dashing in black suit holding her from her waist and both joining their foreheads.

shilpa-i look so happy 

She was standing in front of him in a red night gown with the robe a bit open revealing her perfect will be really difficult for him to get with this.

Shilpa-aa you were about to answer my questions

armaan-come sit will catch cold

She took a sit beside him and he offered her a blanket.At first she was a bit hesitant but he covered her with it.

shilpa-so how did we?started


shilpa-I hate coffee how can one have it...

armaan-yeah u used to hate it like anything but later you got intoxicated to it


armaan-Shilpa we met 3 years ago when you joined Sanjeevani Mumbai as a new intern.I was practicing there as a senior u were to assist me.At first we started off badly all time arguing over things,fighting unnecessarily.Slowly we got used to eachother,we missed those fights when your father sent me away here in another branch of the hospital.


armaan-do I need to say that..huh Shashank gupta  was always a nutcase when it came to his daughters..a tuff and pathetic

shilpa-you cant say that to my father in front of me

She made a cute face which he just cannot resist

armaan-sorry it just 

shilpa-phir kya hua?i came to Kasauli

He still remember the day how he used to crave for her,her one touch and how luck favoured him and she visited kasauli for some medical trip.

Thats how they confessed! in those few days they developed this strong need for eachother and realised it was impossible to part their ways.

shilpa-did we confess?

armaan-yeah with a kiss..our first kiss

She shifted uncomfortably when he mentioned the word kiss.He sensed that and went further.

armaan-after that we had this rounds of argument and fights with your dad not agreeing to give his daughter s hand to a simple and not so rich doctor.But how could have this poor fellow stopped himself from loving his daughter senselessly.

shilpa-so what did we do then?

armaan-got married,!you eloped from your house and came to me thats how we got married and started our new life here in this house.Two years and our love stayed strong-it is still.

He stared at her expecting some reaction or show some sign that she remembers.She just gave a simple nod

shilpa-ok so I left my family for you and got married to you and settled here.I cant beliebe I have done something like this.

armaan-do you regret doing that

His face hardened at the mention of those words

shilpa-its not lile that,see I dont remember anything try to understand me,I love my mom dad my family alot and leaving them and not contacting them fo ryears its just hard to digest for me..

armann-it will take time I know but that what you preferred doing in those years..

Its late you should catch some sleep.


armaan-you can sleep in the room I will manage here

shilpa-in the sofa?

armaan-yeah I doubt will get some sleep tonight


She turned around 

armaan-can I kiss you goodnight?


He got closer to her making her feel stiff.But trying his best to control his urges he gave a soft peck on her lips and whispered



         The night was a very long one for Armaan,he kept on thinking how to handle the situation and her specially:she is reacting in such a different way and what will she do if somehow the hidden part of the convo comes out.He has to take care of that very well.

Shilpa woke up and took shower.She felt relaxed after that.Wearing her knee length robe she was drying her hair when she saw him entering the room in his boxers.She turned around 

shilpa-cant you wear anything?

Armaan-what?its not the first time you are seeing me like this,you are used to it

She turned on his side and gave a weird expression know I still need to know few more things

armaan-Iam getting scared of your questions now

shilpa-I should have an idea of how we were,actually i was and like what we used to do

He was brushing his teeth now inside the bathroom

armaan-what normal couples usually do you know roam around and make love

shilpa-I feel super weird

He came out after taking shower with only a towel covering his lower part of the body and found Shilpa deeply engrossed in the cupboard.

armaan-whats wrong

shilpa-I dont know,its full of salwaar kameez and sareee do I used to wear them?

armaan-yeah everyday

shilpa-how?I mean I was more comfortable with jeans and top so

armaan-you got used to it after marriage only,when i convinced you

shilpa-and why was that for

armaan-coz I did not prefer any other guy checking out your curves

He moved out leaving her with a confused expression

       Armaan prepared the breakfast and Shilpa came down looking ravishing in a blue anarkali kameez.His heart melted seeing the sight in front of him.How he wished he could kiss her and hold her in his arms but he needs to wait

armaan-aa breakfast is ready

shilpa-u made all this?

armaan-yeah scrambled eggs,bread butter juice need anything else? used to do all this?(while munching on toast)

armaan-what do you think?(giving a sly smile)

shilpa-I dont know maybe things are so perfect

armaan-nope I was always being lazy about work specially household chores.You were the one taking care of such stuff

shilpa-u mean making breakfast and all?

armaan-yes..a perfect housewife


He stopped eating and took her hands in his

armaan-I know its not easy Shilpa still I want you to do those things which can help you to get back to normal life.How you used to dress,work and most importantly I want you to feel comfortable.We wont do anything I promise.Ok?

She gave a nod.Everytime those eyes just make her feel something different.He is trying his best then she should give a chance to this.

armaan-aa I need to visit the clinic today.Its been a week I have not been there

shilpa-where do you work

armaan-I used to work in the sanjeevani branch here but I had to set up my own clinic as your dad was not soo considerate on letting his enemy work in his place..

shilpa-oh it would have been difficult then

armaan-things were never difficult when you were with helped me to set up eveyrthing and then it just gt better

shilpa-what abt me?I used to practice there or

armaan-yup at my place

shilpa-hmm its ok you go I will be fine

armaan-u sure?I will be back soon and here is a cell phone and my number is there if you need anything do call me ok..and please do not go outside I dont think you remember anything abt this place 

shilpa-yeahh ok

          Its been 6 hours and still no sign of her.He is searching for her like a dog,how can she leave like this,he already warned her not to do so.He was sitting with his hands trying to sooth the pain on his head when she entered the house.

He got up and faced her.She was having shopping bags on her hand and not even looked tensed or scared from any angle.

armaan-where have you been

shilpa-wohh..actually I got bored so thought to go shopping or roam around..It was simple but later I got stranded and scared..I didnt knw anyone here and left the cellphone here only

She bit her lips and was speaking in a low tone now seeing the anger and rage on his eyes.

armaan-you could have informed me but instead of doing that you were shopping

shilpa-I was with mom I called her and she took me from there..Iam sorry I thought u will be ok

armaan-really Shilpa Iam your husband damit..why cant you understand how scared I was when I  cld not fnd you here..I i thought you left or you could have even gt stranded  and then

shilpa-iam sorry I mean it actually I just felt good with mom and


shilpa-Im full


Armaan was getting this slowly that she was no longer the Shilpa who got used to the life here.She does not even remember them or their marriage.Loving him was beyond the expectations now.He needs to be calm.

shilpa-mm armaan


shilpa-I need to ask you something

armaan-haan bolo

shilpa-woh mom told me if I can stay with them for few days

armaan-why what problem are you having here

shilpa-its not sister Muskaan is getting if I can accompany mom and dad they are leaving tomorrow for Mumbai.Dad wil be here to pick me

armaan-you already said yes...

He gave a sarcastic smile

shilpa-its been long I have seen her and her marriage..I will feel normal there

armaan-its ok you can go

shilpa-thank youu

She was about to go when



armaan-promise me something


armaan-you are coming back right

She gave a blank expression to him


                                    Mumbai,Gupta House

Smriti along with all relatives was busy for the preparations.Shashank Gupta was on cloud nine getting his daughter back and wishes for only one thing now.

Mukaan-omgg I cant believe its you I missed you so much

Muskaan got tears on her eyes after seeing her sister.The hugged eachother and Shilpa felt soo good.

muskaan-I was not expecting you here

shilpa-why not afterall its the wedding

muskaan-oh stop look more beautiful now thi sis the ring which Rahul gifted you

muskaan-you remember him

shilpa-yeah Rahul garewaal your fiance na..he is Sudhir Uncle's son dumbo

Muskaan-you are still the same..come lemme show you something

shilpa-wow your wedding dress looks dreamy

muskaan-my groom is also dreamy honey,he is so hott I feel like getting married tomorrow only

shilpa-desperate haan

muskaan-waise I heard Dr Mallik also looks more hot and sexy now is that so

Shilpa freezed listening armaan's name from Muskaan...

shilpa-you know him?

muskaan-ofcourse Shilpa remember he was our resident doctor in sanjeevani here..sorry I frgt ke you

shilpa-no its ok he told me abt this...Muskaaan I feel lost.He is a nice guy but how can I suddenly all this you know na this marriage

muskaan-shilpa I can understand trust me he is a gem bas you need time to get used to all this.I was happy when you gt marrid to him infact I also wanted to invite him but

shilpa-why is he not liked by dad and mom?

muskaan-coz he is not like us the so called rich and bratty families

Smriti-muskaan shilpa come down guests are here

It was Muskaan's mehndi ceremony so they got ready looking stunning.Shilpa wore a peach coloured lehenga with her curves looking perfect.She put light pink gloss on her lips and preferred a small set of earrings and bangles.

Muskaan-you look gorgeous

shilpa-same here

The function was on full swing and all ladies were applying mehendi on their hands.Shilpa was on one corner adoring her sister how happy she looked and felt contented for her.She heard a familiar voice from her back and turned around.

There he was how can she forget him.Looking dashing in his black formal suit and gelled hair like always girls going crazy for him. He was talking with Rahul and her dad.

Rahul got alarmed seeing Shilpa there

rahul-hey come...shilpaa


He gave a wicked smile to her and shook hands

shreshth-long time na

             Shilpa-I feel weird all this have taken place..we were engaged right

shreshth-kind of

shilpa-why did we brke up and you couldnt do anything

shreshth-I wish if I only have tried huh Shilpa you were crazy in didnt gve second thoughts to anything not even about your family and its reputation

She closed her eeys and a small tear trickled down

shreshth-hey its ok...things are still the same

He clasped her hands and rubbed them

Shilpa-its not

She rubbed the tears and face him

shilpa-Iam married to someone else...I need to figure out why and how my life was in all those days I..there is so much I want to know Shreshth

shreshth-oh cammon it was just a random mistake its up to you save it or let it be

        He was a bit nervous how she will react.More than her it was that man with whom he never thought to interact again.He took out his cellphone from his pocket and dialled a number.

         The girls were finding ii difficult to move their eyes from this hot creature.Looking like a perfect gentleman he entered the hall on a black suit with blue shirt and tie and gelled hair.He was a bit hesitant as there very few people who he knew.The eyes were searching for only one person-where is she!

a ahemm need help


rahul-yeah right poor me Iam not worthy enough of this droolable creature's attention haan


They hugged eachother.Rahul and armaan have been good friends in college but after that they were not in contact.When Rahul go tot knw that Muskaan's sister gt married to armaan,he was happy that she chose him.Muskaan and rahul both were in contact with shilpa and armaan but not regularly.

armaan-you were the sole reason for me being here

rahul-oh right you still think iam nutcase mallik

come lets get a drink

armaan-I dont drink

rahul-ahh charegi nahi tereko le na yaar its my wedding

Armaan was still looking here and there

rahul-here take this


rahul-relax armaan you are here as my guest ok no1 will dare to say anything

armaan-as if I care

rahul-wiase sasurji is not here outside having fun

armaan-tu nahi gaya with the highclass people league(sipping his drink)

rahul-naah they are not my type budhddhe hai

They both laughed

rahul-my concentration should be here so why should I even bother to go there

He was staring at Muskaan 

armaan-Iam happy for you she is very nice girl and sensible

rahul-haan Gupta daughters are hotties with heads

by the way you met her?

armana-no I

rahul-oh mann you are her husband go get her..she was getting bored...and I need to tell you something armaan


rahul-I found Shreshth here...after you guyz got married he just disappeared and its been  few days only I gt him in contacts with Shashank uncle and dad even.

Armaan's face hardened as he mentioned the name.

rahul-i fear what if shilpa see she does not remember anything...glad that you came atleast

armaan-where is she

     Shilpa-I dont know wha to do now..guess thats what I need at the moment some fresh air

He got closer to her and caught her from the shoulders

shreshth-look at still feel anything

She looked at his eyes but the feeling which armaan's eeys gave him those emotions pain love she can hardly relate to anything here..She was lost in her thought when she didnt evn realised he slowly got more closer to her and kissing her lips softly.

Shilpa came out of the trance and saw what he was doing.She pushed Shreshth and her eyes stopped at one person only.

He was standing there with a disappointed face.His eyes were teary still a calmed look.Slowly turning back he was leaving when

shilpa-armaan stop

While Shreshth was left a bit confused and angry seeing this side of Shilpa


shilpa-armaan woh..I...that was just

armaan-its ok,Iam not angry or upset with have evry right to do whatever you want Shilpa...

shilpa-its not like that..he is my fiancee and

armaan-he was..

There was a rage on his eyes now..Why cant she get this thing out of her mind.


armaan-Anyways dont think that I came here to stalk you or keep eyes on you..Rahul is one of my good friend so I gt invited...I should leave now

She closed her was leading to a more pathetic way..

Shreshth-shilpa u alright?

shilpa-I need some time please..

shreshth-all time is yours..I can expect you tommorrow at my office..lunch?


                He was busy checking all the patients.

armaan-I hope you are taking care of your should sort this out soon before its too late

Thats what iam saying Dr Armaan

He turned around and saw a tall figure glaring at him with sharp eyes and sarcastic face.She was dressed in a white shirt and skinny tights.Anjali Joshi friend come colleague of armaan.

armaan-anji tum wapas kab ayi

anjali-do you even care...actually dont even think of talking with me

                     They were settled in the cafe 

anjali-armaan you should think of something..go talk to her

armaan-I tried...I gt her home but she just cant accept the truth..maybe we were not destined to be

anjali-oh shutup are married can she keep herself away from you..see indian culture and all...atleast for the sake of this she will come to you

armaan-i dont want to force her in anything anjie,I love her and leave it..usey ana hoga to ajayegi can we have a detailed convo regarding the romantic trip haan..where is your husband

anjali-he is nuts..we just went there and gt to knw abt the accident..he was we stayed for few days only

armaan-sorry but you can take extra leave also in case you are left with the due work

anjali-you are a jerk

Its been a week and Armaan and Shilpa were living a normal life.It was difficult for armaan to spend time specially without her but the busy schedule made him stressed and he had sleepless nights.

 Shilpa on the other hand was having good time with her family and Muskaan's wedding was also enjoyable for her.She maintained distance from Shreshth but everyday is in touch with him through calls or meetings.In all this she felt something incomplete but couldnt figure out what was it.She thought to call armaan and then skipped the thoughts thinkng abt other things.Shashank tried his best to keep her busy and asked Smriti and Muskaan to  help him in this.

shilpa-muskaan I dont think it  will be a good idea

muskaan-why is that so

shilpa-I feel like going but what if I disappoint him again

muskaan-shilpa he loves you and you cant give him th elove back,atleast try to spend some time and hear it out..this is the chance..and dont worry abt this place me and rahul are keeping mom dad busy for the time go enjoyy

She gave a warm hug to her sister..she has alway sbeen an adorable creature for she will try to give this a chance maybe!

      He was looking cute and sexy in his three quarter pants and white shirt which was unbottoned mostly.

Armaan-ok flowers check...whine check,chocolates check...dinner yeah 

I just hope she finds everything perfect anjie I mean

anjali-oh armaan stop worrying this is not first time you are on date..that also with your wife

armaan-right haso tum..iam tensed

anjali-ok now stop and take a deep breath...make her feel special armaan..remember those days which you guyz spent together..and yeah make her stay at your place only..

armaan-she will eat me up anyways she will be here any moment..thank you love you byee...

      She was standing outside the house dressed in a saree,yes unfortunately her sister made her do so.Though she preferred some short nice dress but Muskaan said she used to wear sarees and armaan would also prefer this.So she wore a white saree with red borders on it and a simple bindi on her forehead and light gloss.

       shilpa-aaa hi


shilpa-woh I preferred to wear something comfortable but Muskaan...I look weird

armaan-perfect like always...

anyways thanks for coming i though you wont like this all

shilpa-its not like that armaan its good that we got time to talk I should thank you

armaan-so dinner?

They settled on the couch near the fireplace with coffee.

armaan-would you like to try some coffee

shilpa-mm wine and coffee?

armaan-iam like this only...but ti tastes good

shilpa-thanks but I dont feel ok


shilpa-sure have you been


She was feeling more comfortable now...

armaan-just joking..its been a hectic know being a doctor makes you frgt your life and the face that you even exist

shilpa-yeahh..after Muskaan's wedding its been same..parties and all...then Shreshth and I...

armaan-had great time?

She shifted abit and kept the chocolate box on the table

armaan-its ok shilpa you dont need to feel uncomfortable...I already stated you have evry freedom..if you want divorce then

shilpa-you really think we should go for that

armaan-well if you dont feel like staying with me then its the only option for us

shilpa-we should take time

armaan-for what

shilpa-why are you so eager to get a divorce

She was making very cute expressions now..he was always after such gestures of her and for this reason he used to make her angry and crib over small fights.

armaan-ok lemme be frank and ask you something


armaan-you have to give one chance to this relationship if you want

will you?

The constant vibration of her phone distracted was Shreshth's message asking whre she was..armaan took the phone and switched it off..

shilpa-whatt was dat for

armaan-I dont want anyone between us today

He gt closer to her and took her hands..then clasping them hard with his

armaan-answer me shilpa what you want(getting more closer)


He gt more closer now..they were in such a position that he was leaning on her and she was almost lying on the couch.

armaan-say yes (whispering )

He controlled himself alot after the accident..not even a kiss or hug it was torturing him like anything and today it crossed all limits..seeing her in a saree that also soo tempting it was impossible for him now..

Shilpa was lost in his eyes seemed like he was having this spell on her


This is it he cant wait any longer...he leaned closer and joined their lips.He kissed with full pasion...all th eanger,pain and love for her was coming out with that kiss.He smooched them and in between entered her tongue fully claiming and crushing her soft petals.

Shilpa was for a change not finding anything weird or if she was used to such kisses...she equally participated and kissed him...she have to admit he was a good kisser...

He teethed her lower lip and at one point her lips were swollen..he sucked th eblood and after one last peck he gt up..

She was still resting on the couch with closed eyes...

Armaan went out in the balcony ...he breathed heavily and a faint smile came on his lips..she still loves me...I only wanted to knw this..

          Shilpa-godd its raining soo this season

armaan-nothing is predictable on our life so how can be expect the season here to be

The kiss they shared was enjoyed by both so none of them was fault...Shilpa acted normal and so did his next step was to make her stay with him tonight!

shilpa-wohh..I have to return..its late..no1 is at home even they went for some picnic sort of thing

armaan-then stay

Her heartbeats increased and cheeks flushed at the thought of staying with him whole night..those few moments she couldnt stop herself how will she survive whole night

shilpa-aa no its wont rain whole night na 

armaan-its no tmumbai here it keeps on raining withoout any notice

He sipped his coffee staring at her passionately

armaan-stay dont worry I will be in my limits

shilpa-but I dont have clothes with me and this is uncomfortable

armaan-its your house only get anything

         Armaan was relieved that she was staying..he may get more time to have some influence on her..he was liting the fire when heard her voice

She was changing her clothes and it was all black suddenly...she was always scared of darkness and the thunders was making it more horrible for her..


He quickly rushed to the room with a candle and gt to see the most amazing sight in front of him.The door to the balcony was open and she was there standing and getting drenched in rain.Her eyes were closed and whole body shivering..fear was visible on her face...

He went to her and without thinking for a sec she hugged him tightly...holding his back strongly with her arms and trying to hide herself in his chest...

First that kiss and now her touch altogether was making him can he stopp now..her wet body clinging to him...her hold on him gt stronger with the thunders and atlast he cld do only one thing..carry her in his arms to the room...

He made her lie on the bed and locked  the balcony door...

armaan-shilpa...shilpa lemme get you something to change or you will catch cold...

she was still shivering and her eyes were teary

armaan-tum bahar kyun should have stayed here only...its raining you are allergic to cold dammit

shilpa-I...I was was all dark and no1 here

armaan-i was coming na

shilpa-stop shouting at me

armaan-iam not shouting take this and change

shilpa-its soo dark Iam scared..why dont you have light...

armaan-coz I cant generate electricity unlike your daddy u see


armaan-change noww..


He knw it she just have to catch cold...

armaan-this girl..why are you still standing like this chang ena

shilpa-woh Iam having difficulty

armaan-in changing?

shilpa-I cant open this...

He got inside and saw her back all exposed and her fidgeting with the doris of the blouse..

shilpa-help me

armaan-godd not again..


He touched her back and she just shivered more..

His fingers were working slowly

shilpa-you seem to be doing this for first time right

armaan-why do u feel so

shilpa-you are slow thats why..


she turned around as he was done and asked him to leave

armaan-actually I shld stay here only or else you will again get scared or need my help

shilpa-no jao bahar...I cant change in front of you

armaan-why..I have seen you without clothes many times

shilpa-but I dont remember

armaan-that dsnt mke any difference

shilpa-so you wont leave


shilpa-armaan just

armaan-there are many things shilpa for which I can show my rights on you but I will not  and yes as far as this thing is concerned then lemme tell you...I still need to figure out your curves...

He gt closer to her and took the pallu of her saree from her hands and pulled it down leaving her in a state of shock...Without giving her any chance he started kissing her neck passionately..

shilpa-armaan pleasee

She was feeling weak and her knees were not supporting her...His kissed trailed down from her neck to her cleavage and stopped right there..

armaan-did you felt anything..tell me


armaan-just tell me...I will simply stop myself shilpa..

She was not saying anything and her silence gave her the signal..feeling dejected he draped the saree properly arnd her body and was leaving when a loud thunder jolted shilpa and she came back to his arms..

armaan-you are using me...dont do this..your heart doesnt feel anything for me..I dont want anything for the sake of physical needs..

He tried to move her

shilpa-armaan plzzz...I need you...

All those confusing thoughts,the talks and then this rain and cold have taken a toll on her and right now the only thing she needs is some warmth..which his body can give it to her..her body was willing to respond to his touches and not only that her heart was willing to let him touch her..

armaan-i wont

shilpa-plzzz armaan I

She was more like murmuring...

         Its been a month armaan..i think you should move on now

armaan-Iam trying Anjie

anjali-right by having sleepless nights and those dark circles under your think Iam a fool?

armaan-I want to know why she left that morning

anjali-coz she is not interested in you..why cant you understand..she chose her previous life over your marriage and specially you..she didnt even value your feelings..

armaan-i believe she loves me

anjali-then where is she...hiding from you and your love?

armaan-kahan ho Shilpa...

      Muskaan-I dont think this will be a wise decision you should give it a thought

shilpa-I dont have any other option Muskaan...I...I feel so bad..I dont have any reason to stay back here...all this just disgusts me

muskaan-i know right but you can shift at my place...Rahul was also telling me

shilpa-thank you have always been an adorable sister...but I want to make my own world..a different one..maybe like before..

She was done with her packing...and all ready to leave...

muskaan-your world without him?

She stared at her with a blank expression.Yes HIM how can he forget him specially after the night she spent...!it was not only physical pleasure for her but something unexplainable.That night she gt convinced from all means that man meant something to her and she meant everything to him!

  She was literally clinging to him..her wet body turned him on and without wasting any time he carried her to the bed.He got rid of her wet saree and his shirt.Kissing fiercely he ravished her mouth.She did the same,equally feeling his touch,body and fire she felt her body responding desperately.He left her mouth and then started kising her neck,leaving wet kisses and sucking at places almost nibbling them.Her hands were caressing his hairf from the back..with her increasig moans he was getting more energetic.His hands reached to her bare back and traced it slowly uncliping her undergarment.She shivered a bit getting the shock of being fully naked in front of him.He kind of lowered to her and whispered

armaan-there is still time think about it..I know every inch of will be difficult for me to back out

Her eyes were teary and at that moment the only thing which came to her mind was him,their first kiss and those new feelings capturing her heart.She pulled him to a steamy kiss conveying the message to make her his in all ways.They twisted and wriggled on the bed kissing,tasting eachother wildly.Armaan explored her body after long time satisfying his mind and soul while Shilpa felt bliss under his spell.Finally he undressed himself and threw her lower undergarment.Looking at her beautiful divine body he just gasped.Taking the blanket and blewing off the candle he mounted on her

armaan-everytime we made love I discovered new things about you..

He rubbed his lips on her cheek and pecked her lips.She was still shivering badly so he pulled her in his arms and she culdnt even figure out when an immense pain formed on her lower part of the body.


He smooched her lips and moved in the sync slowly claiming her and pouring out all his love.Though she was more in an unconscious state.her hands reached his back and hugged him tightly rising the fire on him.Their hands entwined together and bodies moving in a speed..the whole room was filled with their moans and kissing.Finally he came and after pecking her for last time settled her in his arms,drifting to a peaceful sleep after ages.

armaan-I love you

   She left the next morning not because she regretted for what took place betwen them.She felt soo peaceful in the morning and after that day she neevr forgets to kiss her wedding ring coz its the only thing which makes her feel closer to him.

Muskaan-you should get back to him...face the truth shilpa

shilpa-Iam scared Muskaan what if he ...he rejects me...I didnt gve him any reason to love me back..I left him coz I was confused and...tired of disappointing him..

She broke down to tears...

Shilpa-its all because of one person who ruined me and my life Muskaan..Iam ashamed to call him my know he...he..I was so happy in the morning so I left him and though to share my feelings with mom dad and tell them I am ready to work on my marriage..Iam feeling something for him..I reached home and what i saw was something unbelievable..he was having an arguement with mom saying he wont ever let the truth get disclosed to me that..he had an affair with my bloody friend

Muskaan was consoling her and felt bad seeing her sister broken to such an extent

shilpa-muskaan...I didnt even knw it...thats why he even thought to dirft me away from armaan..he never liked him armaan told me but I thought it was only some misunderstanding..he is such a hypocrite..I faced him and mom also they tried to explain me but I made up my mind this house just suffocates me maybe this was the reason i left this place and went to Kasauli to start a new life.Armaan kept this thing hidden from me coz...he did nt wntd to fail a daughter..but a wife failed..I failed I vowed to him and failed.

armaan-And I vowed to work it everytime we failed

He was there...her eeys wre stuck at him and heart felt immense pleasure.


armaan-you still need to give it a thought to hug your husband


armaan-I cant bear this anymore shilpa

She rushed to him and gave him a tight hug pouring out all her emotions..all these days she spent in cursing herself and her fate...

armaan-you could have told me all this ..why did u hide

shilpa-coz you did the same..why didnt u tl me abt dad having an affair?

armaan-it was not something related to us na you wantd to knw abt US our life...things were difficult for you and I did not wantd to make it miserable!

shilpa-I hate myself for doing this to you..can we start all this again?

armaan-why not..but there is this problem


armaan-you have to adjust with this not so rich fellow and stop commenting abt we not having anything

She laughed and hugged him back.This time she took the initiative and kissed him with genune love not attraction.After kissing eachother for go dknow sho wlong they brke out.

armaan-ahh I cant believe this finally i gt u back

shilpa-same here...wait

how did u gt to knw iam here and 

armaan-see you have this sister whose the sole person from your family always supporting me and this time also she proved to be the one

shilpa-muskaan but how I mean

armaan-i got her call this morning that you r leaving this place and whatever took place all these days so i came here to gt my wife..

shilpa-life is being very unfair to me...I wish to get my memory back armaan 

armaan-there is no me when we are together every day every moment will make you feel special and not regret for forgetting our past!

shilpa-sach armaan? the way whats with your ex fiance Shreshth...hope you rejected him or still having chance

shilpa-hhheh nope I to blasted at him that morning only when he called me and said he broke off his engagement so that we cn gt back again..


shilpa-he was being a pain so I healed it with your love...

armaan I promise that this time I will never ever forget you no matter how crucial the situation is

armaan-I vow to keep you in my arms forever and neevr let you go!

 With that they again sealed their lips with the vow of being there for eachother for eternity Heart

This oneshot is dedeicated to all my readers sorry for not being able to update my fics hope this makes it upEmbarrassedInspired from the film :THE VOWHeart I need to edit aloot guyz coz of  spelling mistakes but dont have time so thora manage karlo and parlo LOL


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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 12:59pm | IP Logged


hey anu
this OS was awesome
really loved the concept nd d story
it was quite unique
nd d way u have written n showed shilpa's confussion
was excellent
just loved it
amazing work

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SacredLove Goldie

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Awesome and hot
love it great work do write more

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risingsea101 IF-Rockerz

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That was just amazing, what a superb update

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ChamakChallo91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Awesome OS!!
Loved it!!
Armaan and shilpa went through so much...
It was beautiful, especially the way you wrote armaan's feelings!

thanks for the pm and please always pm me when you update or write OSs... 

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noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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nice one laddoo kamini ;P
Especially the hot part :$

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update
You are an amazing writer
Please do write more

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AR-kash Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
awesome OS
loved it
i had watched the movie
keeep it up
write more

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