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RAJI GOHEM FF:BETRAYAL(Part 15 Pg 53 ) (Page 40)

.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by awesome-raji

Awesome update rucha
love arohi's crying
update soon

Thank you so much OishiBig smile

.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Niobi.arshi

jigar desrvs the slaps...
loving ur ff
very gd update ruchaClap
xcited 4 nxt part...
update soon
thanks so much Arshi glad you luving da ff Big smile
.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Part 14 A
Short update 

Arohi and Karan Reached the Bus stop 
Karan: Bye!! Am off 
He starts to walk 
Arohi: Nooo!! Karan wait wait (Drags him by the hand) erm uh Look at that Sign
Karan: Yh so what am i supposed to do with that Sign(Pulls his arm out of her hand)
Arohi: Huh What do you mean cant you read it says No buses available after 4 today 
Karan: Yeah...and what am i supposed to do about that 
Arohi: What do you mean what am i supposed to do about that, Idiot your going to leave a Girl in this stupid sunsaar sarak, You should feel ashamed of yourself
Karan: Ashamed of myself (Laughs) God this girls crazy 
Arohi: Yes Ashamed of yourself and what did you just call me Crazy
Karan: Yh Crazy And what 
Arohi: Phir se bol kar dekh (Rolling her sleeves up) 
Karan: You are CRAZY you heard that C-R-A-Z-Y
Arohi: Aaarrghh 
Arohi Grabs him by the collar and bangs him on the bus stand 
She was about to smack him but Karan shouted out 
Karan: Aaah Mummy...Sorry Sorry Sorry 
Arohi: Pagal keh ke ab Sorry bol raha hai  
Karan: Tum Pagal nahin hoon tum Pagal se zyada hoon 
Arohi: Tujhe toh mein
before Arohi could do anything to Karan he Grabbed her Arms turned her n head locked her and put his arm around her waist 
Arohi: Aaah what are you doing 
Karan: What you think ill let a stupid Crazy girl batter me 
Arohi: Leave me now Karan or else 
Karan: Or else what 
Arohi: Uhh
Karan saw a Spider web inside the Bus Shelter and smirks
Karan: i got a suprise for you 
Arohi: I dont want your stupid surprises let go of me NOW 
Karan: Okaii
Karan let go of Arohi
Arohi looked at him angrily and start fixing her hair Karan slowly started to take steps closer to Arohi 
Arohi Looked up at him and saw he was coming close to her 
Arohi: Oii what why are you coming cloe to me stay there stay there
Arohi start going backwards whilst Karan start going forward
Arohi didnt realize she was in the bus shelter till she banged onto the court of the shelter 
Karan was right next to her 
He slowly blowed her hair to a side, she closed her eyes tight.

She wanted to shout and tell him to stop, but for some reason didnt

With the back of his index finger he slowly rubbed her left cheek,  she turned her face to the right as she felt a  shiver go down her spine 
Karan slowly went close to her cheek and planted a Kiss saying 
Karan: Suprise 
Arohi opened her eyes wide as she felt the Kiss 
Arohi: Aaahhh 
Arohi tried pushing Karan away from her so she could run out the bus shelter, but couldnt as he held her arms tight on to the shelter court 
Arohi: Please please leave me 
Karan : (laughs out loud) what you were acting so brave and now what scared of a lil spider 
Arohi Shouting and screamiing  really loud 
Arohi: Gopiii Aaahh Gopiii 

Ahem and Gopi Were just a few minutes away from the bus stop when they heard Arohi's scream 
Gopi: Arohiii why is she screaming like this...Ahem come quick 
Ahem: What i thought she went home? (confused)
Gopi: No...i mean yes but...err..maybe she came...back for me 
Ahem: oh really 
Gopi: Ahem please come quick maybe somethings wrong 
Gopi started running along with Ahem till they reached the bus stop 

Gopi and Ahem stood infront of the bus shelter and saw both Arohi and Karan 
Gopi: Arohi 
Arohi: Gopi Gopi save me pleaseee
Karan let go of Arohi, Arohi quickly gave him a slight push and ran out the bus shelter and hugged Gopi 
Gopi: Arohi you okaii 
Arohi let go 
Arohi: Gopi i thought you left me (winked)
Gopi: Oh no but i thought you left me 
Karan went by Ahem 
Karan: Lets go bro 
Ahem: Yh come
Arohi and Gopi looked at Ahem and Karan and then at each other shocked 
Gopi: Oii you both are going to go leaving us 2 girls all alone in this empty road 
Arohi: you should be ashamed of yourself
Karan: Oii we both just came to drop you 2 nautanki's off to this stupid bus stop not your house you get that
Ahem: yh exactly and Gopi you said she left you but no she didnt she is here so you can go home with her cant you 
Gopi: No but  how was i supposed to know that the bus wasnt going to come today after 4 
Ahem: who said its not going to come 
Gopi: Duh cant you see that big sign saying NO BUSES AVAILABLE AFTER 4
Ahem reads it and says 
Ahem: Okaii you know what you told me to drop you off to the bus stop so i did plus you found your friend so now me and Karan are going Bye 
Gopi had her mouth wide opened cuz this was the first time he spoke to her rudely
Gopi: Ahem you cant leave me 
Ahem: huh who said that 
Gopi: eh..i said it 
Gopi went and grabbed Ahems arm 
Ahem: Gopi look JIgar needs me and Karan right now so...
Gopi: I dont care 
Arohi: please were all alone 
Karan: you know what you yh just keep your mouth shut cuz were not gonna drop you 2 off 
Arohi: Oii who the hell are you to talk and btw i wasnt even talking to you lostcase 
Karan: Oii your the lostcase 
Ahem pulls his arm out of Gopis hand and says
Ahem: Kraan come bro lets go 
Karan: Yh bro come 
they both start walking off 
Arohi goes by Gopi
Arohi: Now what 
Gopi: Eeerm Arohi ill fake cry 
Arohi: Aaah Gopi i love you 
Gopi: come help me get tears out before those to leave 
Arohi: wait one minute 
Arohi gets a water bottle out her bag 
Arohi: Here 
Gopi: Thanks 
Gopi puts drops of tears in her eyes and some on her cheeks so it looked like she was crying 
Arohi: Mwah Gopi come fast...

Gopi Arohi were behind Karan and Ahem 

Gopi start making crying sounds both Karan Ahem looked back , Ahem walked to Gopi 
Ahem: Gopi whats wrong are you okaii 
Gopi hugs Ahem tight and cries out loud 
Karan goes and stands by Arohi 
Arohi: Ahem your so bad how could you leave to girls back huh Do you even know what just happened 
Ahem: What!! 

Jigar looked at Rashi with his eyes that clearly had Anger written on them 
Rashi looked at his hand which had formed into a fist 
Rashi looked up at him and got scared and stepped back, his eyes were really red 
he moved a step towards her but stopped when he seen her moe another step back
Jigar looked around at all his mates they all had their heads down as they didnt want to look at JIgar in this state as they knew he could do anything...
Jigar looked at one of they guyz and spoke in ANGER 
Jigar: What did you guyz do to her that still made no difference to her 
Man: we were about to throw her in the water but so we...couldnt...
Jigar looked at Rashi and grabbed her by her arm and pulled her towards his chest Rashi was 
Rashi got a Shock and looked at Jigar
They both were looked deep into eachother eyes
without breaking eye contact JIgar lifted Rashi up in his arm 
Jigar: No worries instead of you guyz i will throw her in the water , Freezing cold water, i would love to see her swim back from that freezing cold water 
Tears were rolling down from Rashis eyes none stop 
She wanted to say something but was to scared 
Jigar smirked 
One of his friends shouted out 
Friend: yh JIgar we would love to see you throw her in the water man she deserves it 
all of the others Laughed 
Jigar walked towards the side of the bridge and streched his arms out to throw her
Rashi slowly says 
Rashi: dont i...please no
No one heard her apart from Jigar 
JIgar looked at her for a second he thought forget it but when he remembered the slap anger rushed through his vains 
Jigar dropped Rashi inside the cold freezing water 
all his friend went by Jigar and started cheering but 
JIgar just stared at the water waiting for her to come out 
he waited and waited couple of minutes had passed 
Jigar looked carefully at the water, the only thing he could see was Rashi hand sinking in 
JIgar: Rashi...Rashiii
All his friends went quiet and looked at the water they saw her drowning
Friend1: JIgar i dont think she can swim, god whats gonna happen to her then 
Friend2: What else bro are you that Thick, shes gonna die obviously what else 
Jigar: You Mother Fu*** shut the F*** up 
he immediately shut up 
Jigar opened his Jacket and Shirt and gave it to one of his friends 
Friend: JIgar are you mad you cant go in the cold freezing water dont you know you get a flu everytime you go in cold water plus your just wearing a bloody vest 
Jigar: Then what else shall i do let her die (sarcastically)
JIgar jumped up on the wall of the bridge and jumps in the water


Hope you like it please do comment i know it was a short part but was really busy 

dint finish  all of it but will continue with a part B Big smile 

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.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Really sorry i cant pm anyone now will pm tmrw :)
delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome post rucha loved the way Gopi and arohi teasing Ahem and Karan
atleat Jigar has little soft corner for her
waiting for the next partSmile

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Arshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 12:02am | IP Logged
omg!!!nothing 2 say rucha..its just awesome
god!!!am soo xcited
wat ll hpn 2 rashi??nd jigar?
cant wait
plz yaar update asap

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 12:56am | IP Logged
nice update Rucha... Big smile

i think as compair Jigar n Karan Ahem is much better... He is not that bad that Jigar n Karan..i love it how Gopi n Arohi make them fools.. Not Ahem but yeah Karan desever it Approve

Jigar is so greedy man..poor Rashi.. Now Jigar jumped in water or save Rashi..interesting though.. Tongue

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awesome rucha...
jigar is going to save rashi...can't wait for this
update soon

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