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FF:Rab ne banaaya Jodi..P142 (Page 9)

vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...back with a new part...i am trying to bring around Riya's character...hope u like it...

thanks for all those cute comments...and likes...

Episode 4: Confusion ya solution''.????

Another hectic day at office is winding up''Gowri is also packing up for the day'..As she picks her bag, Shree comes to her desk''

Shree: hey gowri'..

Gowri: [getting up from her seat] hello Shree
Shree: [makes her sit back] beto beto'.

[Chotu observes Shree's actions and is grinning to himself "yeh ladka bhi na?? Arjun sir se khud ki band bajaake hi sudhrega!!!"]

Gowri: nahi'that's ok'..aap boliye'..kya kaam hai??

Shree: maine kitne baar kahaa tumse'.aap nahi tum kaho'.aap bohat distant lagthi hai na?? [dragging his chair closer to her seat]

Gowri: [pulling herself back a little and in a confident tone] yeah'..bolo'kya kaam hai??

Shree: [he is surprised or rather shocked to see a girl who wants to cut it short and come to the point directly''usually all girls long to talk with him'..] woh actually ek party hai'.[slowly looking at her to see her reactions] i mean an office party''tum chalogi meri saath???
[he moves out of his chair and sits on the table facing her]

Gowri: but''[rolling her eyes] office ka party??? Par kyun???[She didn't get any intimation about it and nobody else talked about it'so she is kind of confused] I mean kisi ne kuch kahaa nahi'..Arjun sir ne bhi kuch bathaaya nahi!!! kya sab aa rahe hai???

Shree: [mind voice: yeh ladki kis zamaane ki hai?? God, isse kuch bhi samajh nahi aatha???] Sab??? No no'.just the two of us''.i mean it came up just now'

[A voice bursts in between] kaisa party Shree??? ETF office mein party aur mujhe hi nahi pathaa'.how very interesting??? [nodding his head] koyi surprise party hai kya???? Ya phir kuch special hai???[looks at Gowri]

[Obviously, it was Arjun who burst in and unluckily for Shree, Arjun's ears were too sharp and hadn't missed anything]

Arjun: [turning to her] tum ghar jaao'..

Shree's mind voice: damn!! iss samjhe ya samjhaavum ko bhi abhi aana tha'..yeh toh uss hostel gaye tha'har waqt wrong time pe hi entry dehthe hai!!!

[Arjun checks if Gowri left the room and turns to Shree'.by then Shree slowly slips to his seat and looks into his lapto[''Arjun looks at him and thinks to himself "iss ladke ko kaise track pe laavunga?? Choti ma, aapne toh mujhe ajeeb museebath pe dhal diya!!"]

Arjun: [snapping out of his thoughts] tumne bathaaya nahi??? Kaunse party ke baat kar rahe teh???

Shree keeps muttering under his own breath when Arjun adds on "mujhe tumhaare party karne se koyi problem nahi hai'..par Gowri'.dont disturb her'..woh tumaare type ke nahi hai'..she is very innocent'.bohat seeda saada ladki hai'..sheher ke hawaa se anjaan hai'.."

Shree: ohhh''toh aisi baat hai'..aapko meri nahi uski fikhar hai'..right???

[In his mind he thinks "itni fikhar???? I guess I know the reason'..something is cooking up in your mind'..but I will find it out'..]

Arjun: haan'.right'.usse pareshan math karo'.take this as my advice or''.[pauses for a moment] or as a warning'''.

Shree: [sporting a sad look] kya bhai, aap itni si baat ke liye aise dhaant rahe ho'.main toh aise hi'..

Arjun: [snapping him short] Shree'tumaare isi aise waise baaton se mujhe aitraaz hai''.tum kabhi nahi sudhroge na??? Get a hold on ur life Shree'.Grow up!!

Shree: [getting a little emotional hearing that statement] aap bilkul sameer bhai ke tarah mujhe dhaant rahe ho'..

Arjun: [glaring and suddenly flaring up] tumse kitni baar bola hai ke uss ke baatein mere saamne matth kiya karo''

Shree: [a little scared at his reaction] par bhai, aisa kya hua hai ke aap dono ek dhoosre se itni dhoor hogaye hai???? Itne saalon se baat tak nahi kiya hai'..Plz bhai, I want the old times back'..aap ek baar keh dho ke baat kya'.[Arjun raises his hand and asks him to stop]


Arjun:  iss topic ko yahi khatam karo Shree'.maine kahi baar pehle hi kahaa hai aur aaj phir keh rahaa hoom'..galthi se bhi Sameer ke sikhr mere saamne matth karna'..[glaring at him and pausing for a moment] I am waiting in the parking lot'.come soon

Shree: [just before Arjun exits'..Shree needed to chill out after this hot treatment] bhai'.aap jaao'.mujhe kahi aur jaana hai'.

Arjun: ok'.as u wish'.bye'. 

[Both part for the day'..Shree wants to enjoy his evening'.his day usually started at 10 PM'.so he sets off to the disco''..He hasn't been there for quite a long time now'.courtesy Arjun!!!]

[At the disco''he bumps upon a girl at the entrance'a girl in white top and maroon long skirt'.]
Shree: [face yet to raise up] oops sorry'.
Girl: What sorry??? Dekh ke nahi chal sakthe??? Andhe ho kya??

Shree: [looking at her] hello hello'..tum bhi dekh''[stops abruptly seeing her'.he looks at her as if he is reading her face as a whole] Dimpy???? Tum???? Yahaan???

Girl: kaun Dimpy?????yeh koyi new technique hai kya ladki pattaaney ka???? [rolls her eyes] Oh God, aaj kal ke ladke bhi na???? ladki ko dekhte hi, shuru ho jaathe hai''[goes on murmering]

Shree: oh oh'.Riya''I am Shree''don't you remember me???? Hum college mein ek hi class mein teh'.'.last bencher Shree'remember???

Riya: [thinks something for a while]

Shree: ab kuch yaad aaya???? Ya phir kuch aur bathaana padega????

Riya: ohhh haaan'.Shreee''sorry yaar'..itne saal hogaye na?? thoda memory loss hogaya tha''

Shree: hmmm''itne saal bhi nahi hua ke tum mujhe'.Shree ko bhool jaao'haan??[winks at her] accha chodo''tum yahaan???? You used to be such a shy reserved girl in class!!! [looking at her head to toe again] I must say you have changed a lot'.

Riya: [suddenly getting philosophical] Time changes everything Shree''..[snapping out] waise bhi, main yahaan enjoy karne nahi kaam karne aayi hoom''I mean I work here''

Shree: [shocked]What???? Work here!!!
Riya: hmmm'.i work as a DJ here'..accha suno'..tum apne number dho''I will speak to you later'..abi mujhe jaana hai'.late hogayi'.

Shree: hmmm [he gives her his ETF card] tumaare number bolo'..
Riya: sorry yaar'..I don't use a mobile'I said na, I will call u soon''.ok???'..
Shree: What??? Iss duniya mein tum akele ek ladki hogi jo mobile nahi use karthi'..silly girl'..anyways''call me soon'' mujhe bohat saare baat karni hai'..

Riya: yeah sure'..we will meet up soon''
[She rushes in and disappears somewhere behind the center stage'...Shree enters the disco but doesn't find her after that''He has his own set of friends and gets lost in the fun!']

Exactly a month later''.Shree is the middle of a case discussion when his phone rings''Arjun stares at him as he picks up the call

Shree: [signaling to Arjun that he will finish the conversation soon and switch it off] Hello'.oh hiii DIMPYYY'..[his voice is a bit louder than that was expected in a conf room'..Arjun signals him to keep quiet or to leave the room]

Shree: [to Arjun] sorry''I will be back now'..
[He goes out]
Arjun: [mind voice: ab yeh DIMPY kaun hai???? "Sandy, Nandy, Candy aur ab DIMPY"'..Shree will be Shree always''he will never mend his flirty ways and become responsible'.]

[Outside the room]
Shree: hey hiii'.whats up???? Kitne din se tumaare phone ka wait kar raha hoom'..
Riya: sorry yaar'..i was damn busy'''.we can meet up sometime'.

Shree: yup'.sure'...may be on Friday evening'..
Riya: ok'.teek paanch baje' day'.
Shree: sound fine''see ya'.
Riya: hmmm bye'.

Shree's POV: [Shree is on his way to coffee day]
It's already 4:30'.I just hope I reach the place on time'.
kaise bhai ko manaa ke office se nikla hoom main hi jaantha hoom'..
[in a frustrated tone] I have never taken a day's leave ever since I joined ETF'..phir bhi hazaar questions poocha''kyun, kahaan??? Kya itni important hai???? Case se zyaada kya important kaam hai??? etc etc'..

Aisa lagtha hai ke koyi jail se nikla hoom'..thank god that he left me out atleast now'.

ok let me forget all that for the time being'.Focus on DIMPY!!! He told himself that several times'.
I didn't know why I was more than excited to meet her''I also didn't know why she seemed so different to me'..Her behavior was almost opposite to what she was in college'.I still remember her as the quietest girl sitting on the right most corner of the 1st bench'.She was different in every sense'distinct to be precise'..her innocent face yet a naughty sparkle hidden in her eyes, her dressing sense etc etc'.oh yeah, her magical dimple when she smiled'..thats the reason I started calling her DIMPY.''. for which I had even set a copyright''I didn't want anybody else to call her by that name'..

In class, I used to look at her from the left side through the diagonal line of gap in between the others''. something in her made me look at her'..I was always curious about her'..At times, she noticed me looking at her''After a few of those eye locks, she smiled at me once''that was the beginning of our strange friendship''I call it strange because our verbal interactions were very minimal'..We used to talk once in a while during breaks or during the lunch hour'..our friendship grew stronger during our 3rd year''.but she was always a closed book to me'..she never opened up anything beyond a limit'there was always a dotted line boundary between the two of us''but somehow I used to enjoy that dotted line too'.i loved the uniqueness of our bonding'..All our friends mistook our friendship'..They were always curious to know what cooked between us'..but we knew for sure that there was nothing beyond friendship''nothing more or nothing less'. that was an unsaid agreement between us''

Hmmm''.I saw her last on our farewell day''After that, she kind of disappeared from my life''..She left me clueless of where she went'..
I searched for her where ever I could but then I couldn't trace her or should I say that my search wasn't adequate enough''[deep sighs]

Almost 2 years passed by, but I could never forget her''her dimple'.her sparkle'
It was hard for me to visualize her as the bubbly girl whom I had seen at the disco''Dimpy and a DJ!!!! Well that was difficult to digest''. Maybe as she said, time changes everything and everyone'.
I was curious to know everything about her'.and how she landed up there!!! She was a qualified computer engineer'.but why was she in a disco now???'..I need to find out!!

[To be continued]

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50ShadesOfMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Superb part yaar!! :)
Cont soon :D
Thnx for the pm! :)

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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lol...dis shree didnt even left gowri[:D

]haha..gowri was too smart for him..asking him so many questionLOL

and the timing of arjun asking about the partyROFL..

poor shree..Big smile

oh..wat happened between rathore and arjun.!!!!

he is so furious just listening his nameShocked

shree knows riya!!!!!!!as frnd!!a strange friendship between dem wid boundaries!!

but now she completely changedShockedengineer se disco!!!!Shocked

shree ki sandy,nandy,candy sab haiROFL

he is tired of arjun's interrogative questions..ROFLlol..out of jailBig smile

waiting for their meeting..

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Queen.Bee IF-Sizzlerz

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okay.. letme get this straight...

r u pairing arjun with that gauri n shree with riya?? Ouch kyunki after reading i feel this is  a arjri n shriya story...

Edited by Queen.Bee - 23 November 2012 at 8:24am

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Superb update... Shree s really cool... continue soon...

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Queen.Bee

okay.. letme get this straight...

r u pairing arjun with that gauri n shree with riya?? Ouch kyunki after reading i feel this is  a arjri n shriya story...
confuse hogaye kya????Wink
but i thought i clarified Shree and Riya's relation quite clearly...LOL
"there was nothing beyond friendship''nothing more or nothing less'. that was an unsaid agreement between us''

ok, there will be confusions but ARIYA will be a pair ultimately...arre yaar, how can i split them when i write a FF for ARIYA??? Wink

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rockz.diva Goldie

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weee awsome update dearrr..

shree iz sucha flirtyy n dimplyyy Hug awww
superb update dear loved it soo much huggie

n yaa love dimplyyy <3 <3 <3

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aroojarain IF-Dazzler

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Amazing part :) lovd it..:) continue soon..:)

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