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FF:Rab ne banaaya Jodi..P142 (Page 7)

shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 7:58pm | IP Logged

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
hey nice chapter vidya 

loved reading it 

Shree itna bada wala flirt ...aur Arjun khadoos as always

where is Rowdy Rathore???

Seems ki RJ ...ria hain

lets see how u take d story further

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aroojarain IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 7:09am | IP Logged
nice update..:)

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ehmmbh_luvr Senior Member

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
hmm...the concept is different n pretty light n i really liked it...continue soonBig smile

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...back with a longgg part...i know all of u are eagerly waiting for ARIYA meet...but that will take some more time...trying to make it as dramatic and filmy as plzz bear with me...

anyways, as u already know, this is a light hearted rom no rhona dhona...i had a good time writing this out...i hope u find it hilarious too...

thanks to all the cute cute comments...

Episode 3: Lucky ya Unlucky by Chance

[Arjun zooms off leaving a smiling Shree'..He kind of enjoys Arjun's anger and arrogance]

[That night'..Arjun is disturbed and angry'..but somewhere deep he feels that he forgot his dignity and decency when he spoke to the RJ'.that feeling haunts him and he is not able to sleep'..His mom comes to his room]

Mom: Arjun, kya hua beta?? Abi tak soya nahi???
[Usually Arjun sleeps as soon as he comes to his room'.and today, the lights were on and he was tossing on the bed restlessly'..]

Arjun: kuch nahi maa'.neend nahi aa rahi thi'..
Mom: tumne kisi se bewajah jagadaa kiya??? [smiles at him]
[His mom understood him very well]
Arjun: [little irritated] nahi maa'usne hi mujhe aur mere ego ko chedaa'.bohat bathamees aur bewakoof ladki hai''

Mom: ohhh koyi ladki hai'..i am impressed with her''ek hi din mein usne tumaare neend udaaliya???? [grins]
Arjun: [shrugging her off] Maaa'''woh ek RJ hai'.[he elaborates what happened'..his mom listens to him patiently]

Mom: jaanthe ho tumaare problem kya hai??? yahi ke tum jo bhi tum sochte ho usi pe atak jaathe ho'..usse aage kabhi nahi sochte'..tumaare isaab se wahi hamesha right hai'..aur baaki sab bakwaas'..

Arjun: maaa''you aren't helping me one bit'..aap jaake so jao
Mom: dekhaa'..main tumme tumaari galathi bathaarahi hoom''aur tum mujhe bagaa rahe ho'.bohat siddhi ho'.

Arjun: [rolling his eyes and like a complaining kid] woh ladki bhi kuch kam nahi thi'..ufff itni attitude ki poocho math!!
Mom: jo bhi hai, ek ladki se itni harshly baat karna teek nahi hai'..tumne bohat galath kiya'''dekho beta'..tum mere betae ho'.par jo galath hai woh galath hai''.[sarcastically'smiling] tum ETF chief ho'..phir bhi, street ladke ke thara jagada kiya!!! Chi chi''tum apni self respect aur standards bhool gaye!!!! [Arjun is looking guilty and his mom moves to the door]

Arjun: [to himself] shit'.what do I do now????
Mom: [peeping into the room] jaavo aur usse sorry bolo.. [She leaves without waiting for his reply'.She very well knows that he will get so angry that he might even burn her down]
Arjun: [looks at that direction angrily] Sorry aur main'..kabhi nahi!!!!aisa kya kiya maine jo uss foolish ladki se sorry kahoonga'..

[He buries his head under a pile of pillows and tries to sleep''Deep down, he knows that his mom is right'.but his ego doesn't allow him to accept that fact]

[Next day in office''.

Arjun is in the process of selecting a person, a girl to be specific for doing all their paperworks and other office related works''so that the team can focus on just the case'..He had got the approvals from the authorities quickly as the paper work was getting to their heads most of times''and the focus got lost'.

He had given the responsibility of shortlisting candidates to Shree as the last thing Arjun wanted to do was interviewing girls'..

Arjun: what happened to the interview?? Did you find someone??

Shree: hmmm'.uski profile uss file mein hai'.[points to the file]
[Arjun views the profile and isn't impressed'..She looks ultra modern and glamorous]
Arjun: yeh nahi chalegi'..check on few more people!!
Shree: par kyun??? aap uski kapde aur shakhal pe matth jaahiye'..bohat ho'[stops midway]'.mera matlab bohat hoshiyaar hai!!

Arjun: [glaring at him] We aren't selecting girls for some fashion parade'.I need a sincere hardworking person for this post'..she should be really good'.
Shree: Shaadi keliye conditions!'ETF team member keliye conditions'..oh god Bhai, you are just impossible!!

Arjun: haan'I need people on my terms and conditions'..No compromise on that!!! Samjhe ya samjhaavum???
Shree: [irritated'stands up] samjha''[mind voice: dekhlena bhai, aapke isaab se kabhi nahi milne waali'.jo milegi woh quite opposite hogi aur aapke hosh udaadegi]

Arjun: [seeing him stand there] tumhe kuch aur kehna hai???

Shree: haan'..accha hoga agar aap khud hi short list Karein aur phir main ya chotu interview karenge

Arjun: [staring at him but just nods] hmmm'teek hai

Arjun reviews some more profiles and selects a particular girl''.He asks Shree to check on the girl as Chotu is after some informer regarding the case'

Girl: May I come in Sir??

Shree: yup'..get in'.[he is looking into some file and also is balancing the phone between his ears and shoulder''.He doesn't look at the girl but signals her to take a seat'..]
[The girl sits down and keeps her file on the table'.she is literally keeping her fingers crossed and praying within her mind''her face is down and looking at her fingers]
Shree: [cuts his call and lifts up his head to face her] So'..
[he starts off so suddenly that she snaps up and looks up almost immediately'.their eyes meet'..he notices the delicate innocence hidden behind her glasses.'He feels something unique the first time he sees her'..the first glimpse tells him that she is different from the usual girls he sees'.he tries hard to control his expressions and continues to talk'''.
He pretends a strange attitude, actually her dress and her simple mannerisms force him to do that''.she looks like a typical middle class girl who considers self esteem and character on top of everything else''He knew that his richness and status will never make her deter from that''A strong headed girl who will never dance to his tunes'.may be thats what Arjun wanted too''and Shree sensed it rightly

Shree: SO Miss Gowri Bajpai'''right?

[Her face lightens up and she adjusts her specs and confidently replies]
Gowri: Yes sir'.
Shree: [looks into her profile and look at her enquiringly] first job?? [he seems a bit surprised as Arjun selected a nave amateur for this job'.]

Gowri: yes'.but I will give it my best sir'
Shree: [looking at her and sternly] you will have to
Gowri: sure sir'
Shree: Call me Shree''.
Gowri: yes sir'.sorry sir'''[hesitantly] Shree'.
Shree: [gets up and holds out his hand] SO congrats Gowri'..welcome to the team''
Gowri: [giving her hand] thank you sir'.oh sorry Shree'.
[She leaves with her file''while Shree's eyes follows her till the door''She is dressed from top to bottom unlike the other girls in the office'.."typical behenji types!"'he thought amused!]

Shree: kya ladki chunaa hai big brother ne!!!! looks like she impressed him very much'..[his mind is planning something already and his face brightens up as if some brain wave struck him'..he smiles naughtily] kahi bhai ko isse...[stops and grins mischievously] pathaa lagaana padega!!

[He goes to Arjun's cabin]

Shree: can I come in???

Arjun: [looks up from his laptop] yeah come in Shree'.so you are happy with our new member!! She will join tomorrow'.
Shree: [naughtily] "OUR TEAM MEMBER"????'..ya aapka PA brother?? '.'.[Arjun glares at him for a second and shakes his head amused at Shree's brain waves''while Shree continues in a pleading voice] plzz bhai, mujhe bhi ek PA ka approval deh dho na??? plzz plzzz

Arjun: tumme PA ki kya zaroorat hai????? tumaare girl friends aur dates ke track rakhne???? [glaring at him] tumhe yahaan ETF mein laakhe maine badi galthi kardhi hai!!! Khud bhi distracted rehthe ho aur yahaan ke baakhiyon ko bhi distract karthe ho!!!

Shree: [angrily] now you are insulting me bhai!!!
Arjun: dekho Shree'..i don't want to waste my time on this topic'.tumme chahe toh Gowri ko use kar sakthe ho'I mean just as an assistant for your paperworks'..else'..[goes back into the lappy]
Shree: but''..[Arjun interrupts him]

Arjun: now go back and complete the work I gave you'..You aren't leaving office without completing that!!

Shree: [gets up and banging on the table]WORK WORK'..Can you ever think of anything else????
Arjun: No'.Never!

[He says "no" but the RJ and his fight with her flashes in his mind'He is not able to get that out from his mind however he tries to keep himself engrossed in the case]

Shree leaves angrily'.

Arjun: [mind voice: I think I should call her and try explaining it'.may be as maa said, I should apologize'.]
[He calls that number again]
Arjun: hello'..
Voice at the other end: hello'.radio one'.

Arjun: can I talk to the RJ who anchored yesterday's nok jok program??

Voice at the other end: who is this??

Arjun: I am Arjun'.maine kal uss program mein call kiya tha..

Voice at the other end: Mr Arjun''.aap humaare RJ se program ke waqt hi baat kar sakthe hai''so pls call during the program'

Arjun: plzz'unke mobile number mil saktha hai kya?

Voice at the other end: no' RJs ke personal details hum kisi ko bhi nahi dhete'..

[She cuts the call before he can respond brushing him off as some deewana of the RJ'']

Arjun: Damn!!! To hell with their rules!!! What do I do now???

[Evening'..Arjun leaves office earlier than usual'..
Shree is unaware of this''He is trying his best to complete the work given by Arjun''.

Meanwhile Arjun goes to the radio one office and enquires about the RJ at the reception'.he even says that he was the caller with whom the RJ had fought'..

The receptionist plainly refuses to put him on to the RJ''Arjun wonders what to do next'..he doesn't want to use his ETF power there''As he turns to leave, someone calls him from behind'..he turns to face a lady in her mid 30s]

Lady: Look Mr'.i heard whatever you said'.We are extremely sorry for that girl's behavior'..humne radio par apologize bhi kiya tha'..She was just a trainee'.and trust me she is not anchoring anymore''[without giving him a chance to reply] '.have a nice day'.bye
Arjun: Can i'.[the lady disappears and he is left all alone there]

[He walks out disappointed when a bubbly girl comes behind him and stops him]
Girl: kya aap Riya ki boy friend ho??

[Arjun turns to her and is confused at her question but he maintains silence'..she looks innocent but chatty]

Girl: kal kisi caller ke saath uska jagada hua thaa'..actually uski galathi nahi thi'..that guy's fault'..par'yeh log usse job se nikhaal diya'.trainee thi na??'.isiliye'..bichaari Riya!!

Arjun: [feeling a little guilty] Can you give her number??

Girl: uska koyi personal number nahi hai'.uske paas office ka diya hua temporary mobile tha, jo ab nahi hai'..

Arjun: uska address toh hoga na???


Girl: she just joined 2 days back'.so we were just starting to bond'.. mujhe bas itna pathaa hai ke woh kisi hostel mein rehthi hai'.she worked part time here'.morning college jaathi thi aur shaam yahaan kaam!''kya tumme yeh sab nahi pathaa??? Tum uske boyfriend hi ho na???

 Arjun: actually'..[begins to explain but just stops in between] forget it'..i will find her somehow'.anyways thanks'.

Girl: [smiles] hmmm'bye

[Arjun leaves''He is driving back home all the while thinking about Riya'.the girl whom he fought with the last night, the girl whom he has never met yet''he felt sorry for her

Arjun: [angry with himself][mind voice: ab main usse kahaan dhoondoonga?? mere kaaran uss ki job chali gayi'...maine aisa kyun kiya??? ]

[PS: we know why he did it, right??? Kabhi na kabhi Arjun ko Riya se takraana hi tha na?]

[To be continued]

My comments:
Let Arjun keep wondering who Riya is and where she is''I will tell you why she introduced herself as Aanchal''
That program is a famous one anchored by a very experienced RJ Aanchal'.On that particular day, just before the program goes on air, she leaves suddenly due to some emergency'..the only other female RJ left in the office was a trainee'.our Riya''So she is instructed to anchor it posing as Aanchal'..but unfortunately she messes up with Arjun''.. Since the reputation of the channel is under question, her boss decides to chuck her out stating that she is not fit to be a RJ''.

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
wow dear it was awsome
arjun searching for riya ,
that girl tel arjun as riyas bf but
arjun doest say any thing so sweet
continue soon

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
thanx for the update..story is going on very well...
arjun'mother is soo understanding and lovable!!
she made her follow the right rather dan her ego..
lol shree on selecting girls Big smile
behenji hai toh arjun pe daal dia LOL
poor riya..she lost her job due to her fyt..!! Confused
its a hard task of arjun to find her!!!
continur soon..
thanx for the pm!!

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Great update

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