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FF:Rab ne banaaya Jodi..P142 (Page 4)

Moumimon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
i just want ArIya...continue soon...

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grad2011 Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
really nice plzz do update soon

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fatima15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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rockz.diva Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 3:57am | IP Logged
aww awsomeee dear 

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nivanthi2 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
wonderful  start  dear!  continue  soon!!!!!!!Thumbs Up

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prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Unres, my comment in page 3

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...back with the new part...hope u like it...

pls read and leave ur comments...
thanks for all those cute sweet comments!

Episode 2: A Strict Disciplinarian and his Playboy Disciple

Shree: I know I know'..[he hears Arjun's SUV zooming in] ab main raktha hoom''aap ka laadla beta aa gaya'.[laughs and keeps the phone]

Shree: aaah'''ARJUN!!!![Screams in pain as Arjun twitches his ears and pulls him up] plzz chodo bhai'''

Arjun: either u call me Arjun or bhai'.
Shree: [in a relaxed manner] office mein Arjun, ghar mein bhai'.simple!!!

Arjun: not so simple Shree'..ETF office mein sirf aur sirf Arjun sir'.samjhe ya samjhaavum???? [Shree nods with a sad face] ab chalo'..we are getting late'.boss hi late jaavunga toh baaki log kya sochenge??
Shree: haan haan'.chaliye'SIR

[As they are on the way'']
Arjun: tumaare paas car hai, bike hai'phir bhi mujhse lift lethey ho!!! Har subah mujhe pareshan kartha hai!! yeh aadhat kab chodoge Shree???

Shree: bhai, you should fill this seat with someone else'.i mean a girl'.either marry or atleast get a girl friend'..phir main aapko kabhi pareshan nahi karunga!!!

Arjun: tum bhi Shree??? Ghar mein maa aur office mein tum'.
Shree: [low voice: badi maa has sent me for that only na???]

Arjun: [flaring up hearing him mutter something] what??What?? you know well that I am tolerating you just for the sake of choti maa!!! So don't mess with me'..Got it??

Shree: [annoyed] yeah SIR!!!

[They reach office''I am introducing few new characters in ETF'..the ETF in this story will be slightly different from the one in Arjun serial' will have more members'.]

Chotu, the commando in ETF

Tarun ETF member

Ananya research specialist

Pooja Forensic expert

Except Tarun, all are present'..
Arjun: Good morning Team!'..'.
All in chorus: morning sir'. [sits down]


[The discussion about the case starts and Arjun as usual is shooting unexpected questions and coming up with his own conclusions'..which were 2 steps ahead of the team''while Shree was fiddling with his laptop'']

Arjun: [going through the file before him] yeh kya hai Ananya?? Maine tumse numbers nikhaalne kyun kahe teh??? Its just not for filing in this'.[throwing the file to her side]'..tumne yeh list Shree ko mail karne teh'..and Shree, tum'[noticing that he isnt focusing, glares at him and then looks at Ananya]

Ananya: sir, woh'actually'..[she looks at Shree who snaps out and gestures her not to tell anything'she remains quiet]

Shree: Sir, ussne numbers beje teh par mera laptop kal se hi out of order hai'.wahi teek karne ki khosish mein hoom'.

Arjun: [glaring at him] yeh koyi bahaana nahi hui Shree''case progress na hone ka reason ek laptop ki repair??? How ridiculous can you get!!! Team, buck up'.aaj yeh case solve karna hi hai'..we don't have time'..woh saare random threat calls ke details mujhe abhi ke abhi chahiye'..Shree, its ur responsibility' it now! [looking around] Waise, Tarun kahaan hai??

Chotu: sir, woh uss ladies hostel ke paas hi mein ek lodge mein hai''24*7 wahaan nazar rakh raha hai..

Case details: Women's college hostel'.they have been getting anonymous calls and letters threatening to harm the girls staying there'.initially it was ignored as someone playing a prank but then it kept repeating and the matter got serious when a masked biker tried to throw acid on one of the girls while she was returning to the hostel'..luckily for her, she bend down and escaped the attack''.ETF has been given the case''.the investigation is going on and Arjun is on the verge of tracking the culprits'.

[PS: as I said earlier, case and investigation is secondary in this ff]

Shree: [muttering to himself] kitna cool task hai'..har waqt ladkiyon pe nazar'..kaam bhi ho jaayega'.time paas bhi!!

Arjun: [he is used to Shree's rantings'.so he exactly knows what he is thinking] VIP security karna chahthe ho Shree???

Shree: [startled at his sudden qn] yes sir'no sir'I mean'no sir'main yahi teek hoom'..[rolls his eyes at Arjun]

Arjun: then'just focus on ur work'..[before leaving, he turns to Pooja] woh toote hua acid bottle pe kuch finger prints milaa?? Did u match it??

Pooja: haan sir, unn letters se milaa finger prints se match karthi hai'.so it must be the same person'..

[Arjun nods to her and goes out and all others breathe a sigh of relief!!]

Shree: cool down guys'..ab toh sher chala gaya'..[goes to the door to confirm and turns back and looks at Ananya] Anu, zara mere paas aana'.[correcting himself] I mean mere desk pe aana'..[walks towards his desk] woh kya hai na'kal jo tumne mail beje teh, uski attachement open nahi rahi'..toh tum aakhar help kar dho

Ananya: [smiling and knowing well about his intentions] yeah coming Shree'.

[As expected, Shree is flirting with Ananya when Arjun dashes in back...He was expecting Shree in his desk and doing the call tracking but then the lover boy was busy with something else]
Shree: you look beautiful Anu!'..yeh dress tumpe bohat suit karthi hai'..[Ananya is fetching out the file from his mails'..while he is sitting on the table and slowly running his fingers over her free locks of hair] Shaam ko kya kar rahe ho?? Let's have dinner together na?
Ananya: DINNER?? Nahi Shree, aaj nahi'.phir kabhi chalenge'.
Shreek: Anu darling''. roz yahi kehthi ho'. kabhi toh haan kaho'.

Arjun: [dashing in'. Shree gets up quickly] woh nahi kahegi Shree'.dinner ke liye main aa jaavum toh chalega?? [turns to Ananya] go to ur seat!! [she leaves grinning to herself "ab toh Shree gaya kaam se!!"]

Shree: [low voice] ek separate cabin hota toh yeh din na dekhna padtha
Arjun: [sarcastic] haan kyun nahi? ETF office mein tumhe isi keliye toh laaya hoom na??

Shree: BHAI!!! aa
Arjun: [snapping him instantly] bhai nahi'.SIR bolo Shree''btw, what happened to the work I gave you??? Is it ready??? Meet me with the file in 10 minutes'..


[Shree goes to Arjun's cabin with the call tracking report after an hour'']
Shree: yeh rahi files'..can I leave??
Arjun: beto'lunch keliye saath chalthe hai'
Shree: [little pissed off] but bhai'..[Arjun signals him to sit down]
Arjun: [looking up from the file] Pooja ke saath lunch date hoga na?? I know'.isiliye tumme betne keliye keh raha hoom'.i asked her to go for lunch with Chotu and Ananya'.

Shree: [sits down impatiently] [mind voice: sadu akdu'.mujhe bhi sadu banaa dega]

Arjun: tumne kuch kahaa??
Shree: [sporting his usual innocent look] nahi toh'.

Arjun discusses a few more points with the team and assigns them with fresh tasks for the day'and he decides to go behind the biker about whom he had got some clue'..


After a tiring day's work, the cousins drive off to dinner''
Shree: [murmering] Ananya ke saath accha kaasa date pe jaatha'.ab isss akdu ke saath bore hojaavunga'..he spoiled my whole evening'.

Arjun: kya??
Shree: kuch nahi''just saying that I am sooo very excited about having dinner with you bhai'..
Arjun: [sarcastic] acchaa!! Itna accha lagtha hai mera company???

Shree: aur nahi toh kya??? Main apni excitement shabdon mein keh nahi sakthaa bhai'.
Arjun: LIAR!!! Main acche se jaantha hoom ke tum kya soch rahe ho'..
Shree: jaanthe ho toh poochte kyun ho???
Arjun: girls girls'.tumme unke seva kuch soochtha hai kya??

Shree: [low voice: sochne ke seva kuch aur karne dhethe ho kya??] [he slowly switches on the radio]
Arjun: ab isse kyun on kiya?? I hate listening to these bak bak RJs

Shree: plzz bro, ab iss par bhi curfew matth dhaalo...plz bear it for me'..[Arjun unwillingly nods]

RJ: Jaise aap sab jaanthe hai'..yeh nok jok samay hai'..
Arjun: what nonsense????
RJ: 0% nonsense ka ek anoka live program NOK JOK mein aap sab ka swagat hai'.. main hoom aapka apna Aanchal'.Iss program mein baag lene aur mujhse baat karne keliye call keejiye "9800040400"

[Shree grins at this since it seems like a befitting reply to Arjun's comment]
Shree: ahem ahem...[looks at Arjun]

RJ: Aaj ka topic hai''kaun zyada responsible hai'..ladki ya ladka??

Shree: [dreamily] what a sweet voice!!!!

Arjun: iss mein debate karne waali kya baat hai??'..of course ladken'

[the program continues and the RJ continues to answer calls and a healthy open discussion starts off'in between songs are played too'..Arjun doesn't show interest in the program and seems to ignore whatever is happening'.he keeps grinning and responds sarcastically to whatever they chat'''

One particular call and the conversation between the RJ and the guy draws his focus''He is quite pissed off by that call'..It's about guys being at home to look after home and kids and women going for job'..It continues to become girls are better than boys debate'.It kind of hurts his male ego''By this time, they reach the restaurant]

Shree: thank god'.we are finally here'..i am sooo hungry that rats are rumbling in my stomach'.
Arjun: tum chalo'.mere liye bhi order karo''.i will join you soon'..
Shree: Okie'.. [he is gets out]
Arjun: mere liye kuch light order karnaa'..
Shree: hmmm'..

[Once Shree leaves, Arjun calls to the program']
RJ: Hello'.hellooo
Arjun: hello'..kitna bakwas topic chunaa hai'.. Whats there to debate in this??? Guys are always the best'..

RJ: aap kaun??
Arjun: [in a voice filled with attitude] main kaun hoom yeh important nahi hai'.main jo keh raha hoom, woh zyaada important hai''I said boys are the best'aur ladkiyan sirf ghar ke kaam karthe hua acche lagtha hai'...get that straight in???


[actually, Arjun doesn't believe in that but his hurt male ego makes him talk like a total MCP'..he just wants to make his point win in the debate]

RJ: ohhh hello, ladkiyon ke khabiliyat par shaq karna ladkon ke fidrath mein hai'..but that's not the truth!

Arjun: oh miss'[trying to get her name but doesnt] whatever'..mujhe shaq nahi yakeen hai'..ladkiyan especially tum jaise toh sirf bak bak karne laayak hai!

RJ: [losing her cool'forgets that it's a radio program and that she is on air'.in fact Arjun also forgets that] what the hell?? You don't have the guts to reveal ur identity, itna bhi himmat nahi hai ke naam bataaye'. bade aaye ladkon ko support karne'..[smiles sarcastically]

Arjun: tum bohat zyaada bolthi ho'..waise bhi, main apna naam kisi aise waise se nahi kehthaa''..tumse toh bilkul bhi nahi''

RJ: Oh god, tum jaison se baat karna hi fisool hai''
[The argument heats up further and both start attacking each other more personally'..both scold each other and the program controller interrupts the program in between and they become off air'.but the two continue talking further''.the program executive cuts the phone line to stop them'']

Arjun: how dare you?? [Call is cut at this point] hello hello'.line kaat dhi'.bevakoof ladki''badi aayi mujhse Arjun Rawte se ladne'..

[He tries to gets out of the car'by then Shree comes and gets into the car'..]
Shree: ooohhh'..housefull!!!! chalen'.

Arjun: what about dinner???
Shree: maine dinner kar li hai'.
Arjun: aur main???

Shree: woh bhi maine kar li''[showing his frustration and turning to Arjun's side] kitne dher intezar kartha main' I ate yours too'..

Arjun: Damn!!!! [Low voice: Sab uss idiot RJ se wajeh]
Shree: [trying to hear what he said and then shows him a packet] don't worry bhai' kuch bhi baaki tha maine pack karvaaya hai''aaap ghar jaake kaalo'..[grins and hands the packet to him...]

[To be continued]

My comments: All the characters and events in this story are fictional...Any resemblance is coincidental...

Edited by vidya.anand - 20 November 2012 at 1:36pm

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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nice part... frm wat it luks like Riya s the RJ...continue soon...

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