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FF:Rab ne banaaya Jodi..P142 (Page 26)

Moumimon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
wow...greate yrrr..update soon...

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rockz.diva Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 2:26am | IP Logged
aww arjun n riya superbbb yaar
uhmm shree juldi aapna homewrk kroo ariya Day Dreaming aww superb
rab ne banadi jodi sachi me loved it dear dhasuu

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aroojarain IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged
its was jus awesome..:) great update.. lovd it... continue soon :)

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ehmmbh_luvr Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
oh that was really interestingBig smileBig smile...they had already!!Big smileBig smile
loved the flashbacks completely...!
continue soon...will be loking forwardBig smile

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged

hello back with a part...iss shaam, humaare ARIYA ke naam...aur haan Shree-Gauri ke bhi...hope u have fun reading it!

thanks for all the likes and comments...pls do the same for this too...thanks a ton!

plz bear with the errors...havent done a detailed check on it...and also bear with the long post...since i hadnt updated this ff for a few days, hence the long post...sorry! lol

Part 6B

About an hour back…….Shree rushed to receive Gauri who was just entering the mansion looking lost and nervous seeing the grandness of the place and the whole look and feel of the party……It was the first time she was in such a party……With a middle class upbringing, she had only been to smaller functions or ceremonies which are part and parcel of the household!

Shree instantly understood her awkwardness and tried to comfort her with his casual company…..making her feel at home as much as possible……..Gauri was reluctant to mingle freely with him but Shree being Shree cooly ignored her reluctance and just kept trying his best to dissolve her into the party……..

Shree: hey Gauri……aakhir tum aayi gayi…..i was waiting for you……

Gauri: hmmm……Arjun sir ke mamma ne invite kiya toh aana hi pada….waise woh kahaan hai??

Shree: woh kaun??? Arjun sir?? Ya unke mummy??

Gauri: [rolling her eyes] dono…..

Shree: haan haan woh bhi aa jaayenge…[flirtingly] pehle hum se toh mil lo!

Gauri: [sporting a "you are crazy Shree" look] aap se toh roz hi milthe hai Sir…..ab uss mein naya kya hai???

Shree: nayaa…..toh tumhe naya kuch chahiye…..woh bhi mil jaayega…..just wait………[Arjun's mom comes there at that instant]

Mom: [twitching his ears playfully] ussko naya kya dikhaane waale ho beta??

Shree: [he also plays along]aaah badi ma…..chodiye plzz……[the badi maa-Shree Jodi is always playful and jovial…..both fun loving! She knows that Shree is a harmless flirt and keeps pulling his legs for that]

Mom: Shreee…..tum kisi bhi ladki ko chodoge nahi na?? khabardaar agar Gauri ko pareshan kiya toh……woh meri guest hai!!! [grins…..they continue their funny chit chat while it sets Gauri thinking….]

Gauri is pleasantly surprised by the cute and funny conversation and she also likes the mom's pleasant simple personality…she already is her fan…..She thinks to herself "kitne simple aur hasmukh hai!! Not an air of richness or arrogance usually associated with the rich upper class!" She was so cool, casual, simple and down to earth…..that really enchanted Gauri……Seeing Shree's playfulness with his badi ma, Gauri felt the wall she had built between herself and Shree melting……their interaction was like any other mom-son bonding…love and affection reflecting in every single word!! She looked at Shree and thought to herself "Cute!"

Shree: [turning to her] tumne kuch kahaa???

Gauri: [feeling caught suddenly] nahi nahi….kuch bhi toh nahi!!

Gauri's POV: may be I hastily rushed into the opinion that Shree was just like any other rich guy of his age…, spoilt brat…..[pauses and looks at him as if ensure what he is] flirt toh hai…….rich bhi hai…thoda spoilt brat bhi hai……par jo bhi hai bohat cute hai!!!

Shree caught her staring at him more than once……She looked away when he looked that way…..He smiled cheekily at her "tumne phir se mere baare mein kuch socha na???"

As if in a short trance, she replied "haan" without thinking…..but soon snapped out embarrassed a bit…..

She was shocked at his true intuition and her own dreamy state…she added quickly "mera matlab nahi….maine kuch nahi socha!!"

Shree: [smiling]pehle haan, phir naa…..bohat confused lag rahi ho!!

Arjuns's mom intervened "Gauri ka confusion phir aaraam se dhoor karna……ab jaakhe Arjun ko le aavo…..its getting late! Lag barr saare guests aa gaye….All are waiting for him!"

Shree grins and nods to her…As he starts to climb up, he sees Arjun stepping out of his room and dimmed the lights of the hall……..As Arjun stepped to the stairs, the spot light was on him to give a surprise welcome to the b'day boy of the evening!

But as the light flashed, Shree's eyes rolled in a shock…..he saw Riya walking by Arjun's side and told to himself……"WHAT IS THIS?? yeh dono mil bhi chukhe……WOW kitna cute lag rahe hai saath mein!!! Lagtha hai mujhe kuch extra karne ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi….bhai ki nazar tho Riya se hatt hi nahi rahi……

ISS JODI KO RAB NE ALREADY BANAA DI HAI!!!! mujhe sirf choti si homework karni hai!" he smiled cheekily as he rushed to receive them……

Arjun didn't fail to notice the naughty glint in Shree's eyes seeing them together…..He immediately understood that some devilish plan will immediately take off in his small bro's mind……Shree and his own mom will start hatching plans to get him hitched to this girl….oops…he again missed to ask her name….he smiled as he thought that..

Shree: Happy b'day bhai [hugs him tightly……they share a warm brother-brother moment and Riya is a bit surprised to find that the guy was Shree's brother and she already knew that he was Arjun Rawte, ETF chief… she had been talking to "The ARJUN RAWTE" at the pub that day!! She was also surprised by the fact that she also didn't know his name till now…….Shree catches Riya's gaze on Arjun and grins before breaking the hug] aap Riya se mil chuke???? You know her already??

Riya tries to say something but Arjun snaps and continues "nahi…..uphar hi miley teh…..waise yeh kaun hai?"

Arjun doesnt want Shree to get crazy ideas about his relationship with he prefers to hide their earlier emcounter at the pub!

But RIya is shocked by Arjun's reply to Shree "why is he lying to Shree??"  She thought to herself as she nodded doubtfully as if agreeing to Arjun's words

Shree was bit disappointed with Arjun's cold attitude…..but he smiled and acknowledged what he said….he put his arm around Riya's shoulder and pulled her closer…."yeh meri best friend hai RIya…..but I call her DIMPY….college mein saath saath teh…..but college ke baadh contact hi nahi tha…..ab recently club mein miley teh……"

Arjun is a bit miffed seeing Shree's hand over her…..and also disturbed by the fact that she is Shree's friend because he knows Shree's nature very well...So, Arjun wonders if Riya is his girl friend….or may be ex GF……the possibility couldn't be ruled out seeing their closeness…Arjun's cop mind went over board now!!

He thinks to himself "toh yeh Dimpy ufff Riya hai… jaane Shree ka present GF hai ya ex?? Aur uss din toh pub mein itna darr rahi thi…..ab lagtha hai aadat hogayi…." [he remembers Shree speaking to her over phone while in a meeting]

He gets lots of negative thoughts in general about RIya but still the attraction to her is in tact….In between his talks to Shree and his mom, his eyes dart towards her for quick glances…..but that feeling of getting attracted was disturbing him "why are you looking at her?" he scolded himself!

After the introduction, he quickly moves to his friends and other known people from the social and family circle…..Shree takes Riya to introduce to Gauri and his other friends……but at times, their gaze met each other and eyes lock for a few magical moments……Both turned away almost instantly realizing it……Shree, the spy guessed it right…..the attraction was mutual!!!

Soon the cake was cut and all wished Arjun a great birthday…..He fed cake to his mom and dad…..Shree, choti ma and Shree's dad…..

Unaware of himself, his hands automatically went on to feed Riya who was standing next to Shree…..Shree chuckled and Riya just took the piece in her hand and managed to whisper a "thank you!"

The main party was over and the youngsters took over the center stage……Elders of the family and social circles moved on for dinner and other refreshments, leaving them to enjoy freely……they don't want to cause hindrance to their freedom in the party!

Shree had already worked out plans for his 1st homework………He had taken support from the party organizer and  the anchor and they announced a dance… specific a couple dance which would be judged and winners would be selected….Shree added that everybody should participate and none will be excluded…..

Arjun tries to escape but Shree grabs him at the right moment "kahaan jaa rahe ho aap?? Bhai, aapke b'day hai aur aap hi?? not fair haan?

Arjun: mujhe dance nahi aatha Shree and u know it….

Shree: bhai…..dont try to lie….mujhe maalum hai ke aap teek taak dance kar lethe ho…..waise bhi, yeh koyi badaa dance competition nahi hai….dance se badhkar couple ke chemistry hi count karegi….[winks at him]

Arjun: phir toh mujhse hoga hi nahi…..mujhe koyi partner hi nahi hai… leave me out of this…samjhe ya samjhaavum?

Shree: bhai bhai…ek minute…..for a chance, main aapko samjhaatha hoom…partner main dhunga na aapko….[looking around and spotting Riya and as if it struck him just now] aap Riya ke saath dance karo na??? you look nice together…..chemistry bhi acchi hogi…prize toh aapke Jodi  ko hi milega…..

Arjun: Are you mad Shree??? Main kaise tumaare…..[Shree snaps him]

Shree: bhai….woh friend hai meri…..girl friend thodi na hai??? She is all yours bhai…..[smiles cheekily but Arjun's glare scares him and he quickly adds] mera matlab hai, iss dance mein aapki partner wahi hogi…..go go…..go and ask her…..[literally pushes him towards Riya] and make sure you win this!!! [winks at him]

Arjun held out his hand to Riya who was slightly stunned by this move….she hadn't quite expected that he would prefer to dance with her….."May I dance with you Riya?" he asked in a very polite cool manner……that Riya couldn't refuse downright….it would seem rude, she felt….but she hesitated for a short time, Shree made sure she went to dance with Arjun…..Shree nudged her "hey dimpy, it's the b'day boy's wish to dance with you!! You cant deny him dear!!! Its his right to choose tonight!!"

Arjun glared at Shree for his natural instinct to lie so much……how easily and casually was he lying, Arjun thought to himself….

She gave her hand into his…..he took her slowly to the dance floor……

Meanwhile, Shree sprinted to Gauri….he didn't want anyone else to be the first to approach her……She looked heavenly in a white salwar suit with silver work……light make up made her look pretty like an angel straight from heaven……He held out his hand to her but she refused and turned away saying "I don't know to dance Shree…..havent dance all my life!" she was surprised that he had ignored all those girls who were throwing inviting glances at him and waiting for him to ask for the dance….he chose her among all those gorgeous hot girls……yet, something prevented her from giving him her hand……But Shree was not going to hear "No" for an answer……

"tumne kuch naya chaaha tha na?? samajh lo, yeh dance hi naya hai…..every good thing has a first time dear….aur aaj dance karke dekhlo….shayad tumhe sab kuch accha lage….." [he smiled saying that…..he meant the dance and indirectly the dance and closeness with him]

He grabbed her hands and pulled her to the dance floor…..the dance floor was already  set with lots of young couples………..The romance was in the air……A romantic number ruling the floor……mesmerizing all the couples in its own rhythm…..Eyes locked and in each others hands, all were having a great time together…..

Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

Our new couples were no different…..

Shree: [before placing his hands on her waist and pulling her closer, he asked her permission] may i??

Gauri didn't know what to reply but she knew she had to oblige to be able to dance in tandem with him…..she just lowered her head and blushed lightly……He knew the answer…..he made her place her hand on his shoulder and he in turn pulled her closer by the waist…….

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa 

O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u

Riya's POV:

Many first times were happening tonight…I danced for the first time in my whole life…..that too with a stranger guy, yeah Arjun Rawte was still a stranger to me…... He didn't ask me my opinion but just assumed that I was going to be his pair for the night….and Shree put me in a strange awkward fix that I had to agree to this dance.…A part of me was ready for the dance while the other was opposing it……

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadhkon ko tujhe se hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahtein
Tujhse hai chahtein 

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadhkon ko tujhe se hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahtein
Tujhse hai chahtein 

Tu jo mili ek din mujhe
Mein kahin ho gaya lapata

He pulled me to the dance floor and we danced like a couple to the tunes …..I twirled…I turned and twisted…I fell into his arms…..i was like a puppet in his hands…..He controlled me totally…… He lifted me and swirled me around...I felt like i was on top of the world for reasons i wasnt even sure of...I didn't bother to see if I had grace while I danced or if anybody laughed at my comic steps……or should I say that he never allowed me to look away from him……His touch was so manly…..his closeness gave me shudders……his strong masculine perfume and the smell of the aftershave had a mesmerizing effect…..

(O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa ) ….. 2

(Kar diya Deewana dard-e-Kash ne
Chain cheena isqh ke ehsaas ne
Bekhayali di hai tere pyaas ne
Chaya suroor hai
Kuch to zaroor hai) ….. 2

I looked up into his eyes which were already looking at me with deep passion or was it just attraction……I was scared and tried to look away…….one of his hand was resting on my waist and the other was holding my hand…….He slowly moved his right hand to my chin and turned my face to him……."Look at me Riya……" his husky romantic voice nearly melted me as I leaned to his body……

Yeh dooriyan
Jeene na de
Hal mera tujhe na pata

(O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa) ….. 2

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
Baby I love u
I love u…

He added in a slight whisper into my ears "We need to act like a couple in love…..all this chemistry counts in a competition!!! I haven't learnt to lose so far……So there is no question of losing this out….."

So that was it….he wanted to win this competition……aur main kya kya soch rahi thi!! Riya literally smacked herself!!!

[To be continued]

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 July 2012
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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged
wonderful vidya as usual
i really liked this story of yours
it's fresh and lively
loved shree and his flirting
so he'd interested in GauriEmbarrassed
and finally Ariya
oun dono ka kya kehnaEmbarrassed
they are awesome
and loved when Arjun didnt like that shree was holding Riya, and his assumption of the GF or exGF
and finally the dance was so romantic 
and woh Khadoos Arjun, again he dampen our feelings by saying it's only a competitionLOL
please continue soon

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prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
just loved shree's spontaneity...he made ariya dance as his homework 1...

They are like RAb ne banaya jodi...

loved the shree and gauri...
cute update

Edited by prava55663 - 08 December 2012 at 3:16am

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 3:35am | IP Logged
wow i loved the update
ariya dance,
shree lies to riya
loved shree and gauri

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