Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 10/5/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

WOWEEEEE! Today's episode made my day… and I hope it makes yours too!!!  DON'T MISS IT!!!!NukeTongue


I vote for the chemistry between Armaan and Jassi to be included in our Chemistry books - in the 'How to make a Fire-cracker" chapter…. !!!Embarrassed Or maybe in the Physics books, while detailing the "BIG BANG" theory….!!!TongueWink




Mallika is walking down the steps of Gulmohur, high heeled, unsmiling.


She speaks into her cell, "Aryan, I have some very important work with you…"





There is a flurry of welcoming and the Guest of Honor, Armaan, is seated at the dining table.


He is wearing a grey suit and black shirt… With a charming smile, he apologizes for being late, "I'm sorry I'm late!"


He looks directly into Jassi's eyes, then at the rest of them.. "Have I made it too late?"


Nandu replies impishly, "Nahin nahin… no problem.. we are ready to wait for you for YEARS!"


Jassi gives him a nudge and smiles back at Armaan, her heart going aflutter!


Armaan looks around and says amiably, "But now I'm here, and hungry as ever! Shall we eat?"


Nandu surprises him by saying that he is too late, everyone has already finished! Everyone laughs and Bebe assures Armaan, "Arre nahin nahin, there's lots of food left beta! We will eat some more with you!"


Armaan and Jassi's eyes somehow keep finding their way back to each otherEmbarrassed.


Nandu agrees and comments that Bebe always makes an extra portion for Jassi - who knows when she might come back?? Bebe looks longingly, Billu averts his eyes, Jassi looks away, Armaan looks deeply at Jessica…  


Bebe says, "Beta, I trust that Jassi WILL come back soon, and she will say, 'Bebe, eating the food you cook can fill up my tummy but never my longing'.. so I have made more than needed!" Jassi is deeply touched and looks at Bebe as though she could cry any momentCry!


The scene that follows shows everyone having a wonderful 'familyTongue' dinner… chatting, laughing, jabbering, delighting… the background score lends a surreal quality to the meal…


Outside the Walia home, it's time for the guests to say goodbye. Nandu, Bebe and Amrit line up at the door to bid "Bye bye!" to Armaan and Jassi who get into the car looking pleased and evidently, very full. Burp!


Jassi seats herself next to the Armaan who's in the driver's seat. She clumsily tries to draw the seat belt but the stubborn thing just won't move! Armaan shakes his head and grins, and reaches across to help her put it on. The moment their arms touch, they freeze and drink from each other's eyes for a never-ending momentEmbarrassed … then she breaks eye contact and says awkwardly, "Uhhh.. let it be, I'll manage.."


Armaan shifts the belt into position and says as if daring her to contradict him, "Well! You are our Boss now.. I can do this much for you!"


Jassi's phone rings – it's Purab! He says in a worried voice, "Jassi?"


Jassi makes short work of him, "Purab, I'll… I'll talk to you later!" and hangs up hastily.


Armaan gives a tiny jerk on hearing Purab's name but then gives her a sweet look. "Shall we move?"





Mallika is pacing about waiting for Aryan. "It's been so long, God knows where he's gone.. He's still not here!!!!"


Just then, Aryan swaggers in swinging a bag around and says, "Here you are, my dear sister!"


Without further ado Mallika pounces on the bag, unzips it and examines the contents, taking out a file with glee. Aryan reminds his little sister of her manners and complains about her calling him over at mid-night!!!!


Mallika says happily, "Good work, big brother! Thankyou!"


When Aryan asks what she intends to do with all this, she responds, "I want to transfer them to their rightful place!"


Aryan is puzzled. "Rightful place?"


Mallika transfers the contents into a pink paper bag and replies, "Jessica Bedi's house!"


Aryan goes, "WHATTTTT!?!?!? But what's the plan?!"


Mallika says waspishly, "Big brother, the plan is verrrry simple! I will hide all these things in Jessica Bedi's home and then implicate her for the murder of that Chashmish Chuhiya!" Dead


Aryan is blown away! "Mallika….!" is all he can whisper!!!





Amrit goes over to where Billu is sitting tiredly on a chair and asks him why he's still awake at this time of night?


Billu replies reluctantly, "I was just thinking, maybe I should call Jessica..?"


Amrit is surprised and asks him why he would want to call Jessica so late at night?


Billu says, "Nahin… well I was just feeling a bit strange.. she has left this place with Armaan…" Amrit prompts him, saying she doesn't understand what he means.


Billu explains, "I know Armaan has done a lot for us! But no matter how much a man changes from the outside, he cannot change so fast from the inside. Not to mention his reputation as a playboy…"Ouch


Amrit tells him he may be right and encourages him to call Jessica if that will reassure him. Billu puts on his specs and goes over to the phone. He calls Jassi who is in the car with Armaan at that moment.


Jassi says, "Hello!?" Billu fumbles over his words and explains he is 'Walia' and wants to know if she has reached fine!


He hands the phone to Amrit who repeats what her hubby just said, "We just called to make sure you've reached home safely!"


Armaan gives Jassi a quizzical look but Jassi says sweetly into the receiver, "Actually, I am just about to reach!"


Amrit hangs up and gives Billu a big smile. "See! She is just about to reach. Your suspicions are unfounded!"


Billu says in a low voice, feeling a little embarrassed, "Yes, well.. she is only a child, isn't she?"


Amrit looks at him tenderly and chides him, "Aap bhi na! You may have forgotten your daughter, but you have not forgotten the father inside you!" Billu is lost for words and leaves the room…





Jassi is thinking with a nostalgic half-smile, "I know, it must be Papaji who made Mama call, and he must have been standing there listening to our conversation!" and echoing Amrit's words, "He may have forgotten his daughter, but the father inside of him is still very much alive!"


Suddenly, Armaan brings the car to a screeching halt and turns to face Jassi with a bewitching smile. "So tell me, what were you thinking?"


He leans against the window lazily waiting for her reply, giving her a flirtatious look that would make any woman's grey cells go into hibernation…


Jassi replies smilingly, "Only that, our kismet plays so many games with us.."


He says perkily, "Ah! Lets play a game too then! And in this game, I can either lose something or win something…"


Jassi says sportively, "I thought Armaan Suri was fully in control of his destiny!"


Armaan laughs self-deprecatingly and again locks her eyes with his. "For now, YOU are my 'Kismet ki Mallika'Embarrassed!" Jassi is confused! "What do you mean??"


Armaan holds out two hands curled up into fists and offers them to Jassi. "Here are two 'mutthhis'!  If you choose one, you'll be going straight home.. and if you choose the other option I'll be whisking you off straight to a very special destination for some very special coffee! Now hurry up and choose one option – I want to know what my destiny has in store for me today!"


Jassi asks him teasingly, why he is so sure that she will be ready to have coffee with him?


Armaan replies with a dimpled smile, looking like an innocent schoolboy with eyes that are dancing like the devil's… "I don't know that – which is why I'm playing this game!"


Jassi is enjoying this very much and gives him a wide smile… which immediately reminds Armaan of his Jassi giving him a wide, bracey smileBig smile in another world, another time…


He jerks back into the present and the beautiful albeit light-headed lady by his side takes her time making her choice. "Umm.. Ok… " and touches his right hand with a giggle.


Armaan asks her, raising a perfect eyebrow, are you sure? "Then I conclude that you like coffee very much!"


Jassi shakes her head naughtily, "Nahin nahin nahin… I think this is not a 'kismet ka khel' but YOUR khel!" and accuses him of matchfixing.


Armaan says softly that she will be able to tell the answer by looking into his eyes! Jassi does exactly that for a heat-stopping moment… she gazes at him and he looks at her seriously, intensely, until her thumping heart can't take it any more and averts her eyes…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!!!





Purab is sitting lost in thought, stewing at Jassi's abrupt dismissal of him.


The man-servant goes up to Purab and asks him if he would like something to eat. Purab says that Jessicaji must be on her way and tells him that he will be waiting for her.


When the servant leaves, Purab thinks, eyebrows furrowed, his whole body reacting with tension, "It's 11 o'clock and Jassi isn't here yetConfused??" He is just about to call her again when the doorbell rings.


With a sigh of relief, he walks over to the door and opens it with a gratified, "Jass…" and looks up to see it is – MALLIKA!!! Dead


He is shocked to see her but maintains his balance. She is carrying the pink paper bag and looking wickedly pleased at his discomfiture.


He begins to put her off. "Jessica isn't here at the moment and.. "


Mallika pushes his buttons. "So what if Jessica isn't here, Purab? You can still invite me in, can't you??" and confidently side-steps him to cross the room.


Once inside, she thinks, "I had thought I would send Jessica somewhere on some pretext and once she left, I would have hidden this bag someplace.. but here I find Purab, not Jassi! But I will NOT leave my work unfinished!"


Purab turns around to face her. He warns her, "This is not my house, Mallika… this is Jessica's house."


Mallika cheekily asks him, "So what are YOU doing here?"


Purab responds coldly, "And if I ask YOU that?"


Mallika tells him she only came over to talk to .. JASSI!!!!





Armaan stops the car outside Raj's apartment. Jassi recognizes the place at once.


Flashback: Jassi asking him, bewildered, "What is this place you have brought me to, Armaan Sir?" and Armaan replying with a cute dimply smile, "Well Jassi! This is a special place for a special surprise!"


Jassi gets out of the car, looks at Armaan questioningly and says, "What is this place?"


They are standing close. He replies a little guardedly, "It's a special place. Shall we go in?"


He goes up to the guard and says, "Raj Sahib must have told you to expect us…" The guard stands to attention and says, "Yes Sir! He did!" and Armaan asks him for the keys.


Jassi then has a flashback of the last time she was there.. this same watchman had taken one look at her plain salwar-kameez and tried to shoo her away! And how Armaan had scolded the nonplussed man, "How dare you talk this way to a guest of mine!! Shut up! Keys!" and the guard had been practically falling over Armaan's feet in apology…


The same guard couldn't take his eyes off Jassi's face at the present moment and Jassi gave him a sarcastic look.


Armaan noticed the guard's disproportionate interest in Jassi and said ruefully, "Jessica.. forgive him! He has probably never laid eyes on a beautiful girl like you before!"





Mallika corrects herself, making sure Purab knew it was a deliberate slip-up. "Oh.. I mean, talk to Jessica! I can't help it, there is so much common between them, that sometimes even I get confused!!"


Purab stands like a wall and says stoically, "Whatever you need to say to her, you can say in the morning."


Mallika refuses staunchly and sits comfortably on the sofa, dumping her bag on the table, No! You are here now, and so am I… so let us talk to each other then!


Purab says icily, "there is nothing for us to talk about."


Mallika grins evilly and taunts him, "Why not Purab? There is so much we can talk about! Such as… " She goes straight for the jugular. "Where is Jassi, Purab?"


Purab doesn't even flinch! He simply brings his eyebrows together and looks very, very confused. "Uhh.. I don't quite understand.."


Mallika gets up and confronts him. "See Purab.. we HAVE found a very interesting topic! So enlighten me – where IS Jassi??"


Purab replies, "Mallika… how on earth am I supposed to know that?!"


Mallika gives a catty smile. "Oh yesss… you are such a busy man… keep traveling all the time… so how could you be having the time to think of people like Jassi?"


Purab shrugs her off and says calmly, "I have no idea where Jassi could be. Now will you please…"


Mallika refuses to take the brush-off. "Hmmm! So you REALLY don't know where Jassi is? But there's one thing I cannot understand, Purab! If you do not know where Jassi is, how did you take Jassi's confession letter to the police?"

Purab knows she got him there!


He says tightly, "I have no need and no time to answer your stupid questions! It would be better if you left immediately!"


Mallika drawls, "Yeah.. I'll go. But poor Jassi! She went in such a way.. she could never come back! Now who knows whether she can ever come back, or not…"


Purab knows she is instigating him to open his mouth! Mallika continues, "Whether SHE can come back or not.. but I can, for sure! And I will definitely come back Purab, because there's something you don't know about me… I never, EVER leave a job unfinished!!!"


With a flourish, she picks up her bag and trounces out of the room with a "Bye!" leaving a troubled Purab to wonder just what Jassi had gotten herself into…ConfusedOuch





Armaan and Jassi enter Raj's darkened apartment. Armaan goes first and switches on the lights… leaving Jassi to switch on the lights in her own mind about the last time they stepped into that same room


He urges Jassi to make herself comfortable at the table, saying he will be back soon, and then disappears into the kitchen.


More deja vu: Armaan and Jassi's last visit, talking, smiling, Armaan trying to make her laugh with his antics… Tongue


The phone rings and Jassi is startled! She picks up the receiver but before Jassi can say Hello, Raj starts talking!


He groans, "Armaan, you could let me have SOME say in the matter, yaar! It's my home.. I can have some work there too, you know! But it's a relief that you're at least out of that 'behenji's' chakkar!!!!!"


With that diatribe, he hangs up leaving a million questions in Jassi's mind. Our Doubting Mary sinks into a chair and wonders suspiciously, "Why have you brought me here, Armaan Sir?"


She sinks deeper into the cushion and gives her head a 90 degree turn to 'think' about Armaan's motives… when her eye is caught by a passport-size photograph lying in Armaan's open wallet, which has carelessly protruded through the pocket of his coat… it is JASSI'S pic!


She can't help herself and removes the picture from his wallet and stares at it, dumbfounded!!!!!


Just then, Armaan enters the room with two cuppas in his hands, his smile fading away as he sees what Jassi is fingering. Once again, the room is crackling with fiery intensity as their eyes lock on to each other, hers with a question that she dare not ask, and his with a question that is killing him to keep inside…





It is dark. Mallika gets into her car and sits behind the wheel without starting it.


She thinks, "You have kept me up many nights, Jessica Bedi… but now, I shall not get a wink of sleep until I deposit these things inside your house. And then, you will not be able to sleep, for a lifetime…"


Suddenly, she spies Purab coming out from the house and ducks! He gets into his own car and drives away.


Her brain starts ticking like a time-bomb. "Purab is not waiting for her anymore? That means… there is a lot of time left before Jessica arrives…."


Mustering her courage, she goes and rings the bell of the house and the man-servant opens the door. He says that Sahib is not at home…


Mallika says to him, her sweet talk laced with nervousness, "I know, I know! But I have spoken to Jessica Ma'am and she has asked me to wait here for her as she will be back in another half-hour!"


She pushes her way in and begins reading a magazine on the sofa. When he hovers around, she politely tells him to go sleep is he is tired.


He leaves and Mallika begins ravaging the house, launching a frantic search. In one cupboard, she finds a spectacle case… in another, nothing… until finally she finds something that takes the breath out of her with a WHOOOOOOOSH!


She finds the charred remains of Jassi's torn passport, and it doesn't take her long to piece it up!!!!…


She stares at the 'evidence' in her hands and thinks.. "Jassi's passport – in Jessica Bedi's own house!!!!!!!" She gives a narrow cat-like smile and thinks slyly, "This has become reallllllllly easy… Jessica Bedi is falling into the trap all by herself..!!!!!"TongueTongue





There is a clink as Armaan keeps the coffee cups on the table next to him. He is very close to Jassi now, and he can't take his eyes off her!


He reaches out his hand for the photograph, eyes lowered, saying in a quiet, low voice, "Give it to me, please."


Jassi is amazed at her discovery and cannot believe still if it means what she thinks it means.. that he could really care so much!!… she keeps looking at him, holding out the pic, on the verge of tears, waiting for a sign from him, something…. He impatiently puts his fingers around the pic and pulls… she is holding on just as tightly…


....Then there is a S-N-A-A-A-A-P! The photograph tears into two! Armaan is left holding the upper part of her face and Jassi the lower… a melancholic sound plays in the background and Armaan is devastated!!!!!!!!


He grabs hold of Jassi's shoulders and grits his teeth, despairing, staring down into her eyes! "What did you do!!!!"


Jassi asks him to relax.. it's only a photograph....


That makes Armaan even wilder! "This is not a photograph, Jessica! This is the last nishaani of Jassi and my love!"


There is a storm in Jassi's heart as she sees her anguished lover turn away and say softly, sadly, "Since the day Jassi joined the office, she took up every possible responsibility upon her shoulders. She would take care of every single thing! She was ready to do anything for her Armaan Sir."


Flashbacks: Jassi at her desk, working… Jassi attending to phone calls…


He continues, "Jassi was not a mere secretary to me, but had become an integral part of my life. I didn't even know when it happened…"


Flashback: The bombastic hug on the eve of the fateful board meetingEmbarrassed


"But I never valued her! Never understood what was in her heart! How could I – when I didn't understand my own?"


Jassi is sobbing, great big tears rolling down her cheeks! She reaches out one hand as if to comfort him and then withdraws it in a second, biting her lip…


"She never wanted anything from me! It was enough for her if I would only turn around and look at her…"


With that, he turns around and looks at Jassi, "Jassi trusted me so much! The day I broke her trust, her hear shattered into a million pieces… I don't even know where she went away…"


Seeing the tears coursing down her cheeks, Armaan comes closer to Jassi, standing close, so close… He says with clenched lips, his cheeks wet with his own tears, "She does not know how much torture I have endured.. and now that I want to apologize for all of that… she is not here!"


He says with a pleading face, holding her eyes with all the power of his loverboy appeal, "I called you here today because… I want to meet her once! Just once! Just let me meet Jassi ONCE…! I will never ask you for anything ever again!"


He breaks down and starts sobbing like a baby, "Please let me meet her just once!!!!"


Jassi can bear it no more!!!


Without giving herself any time to think, she throws herself into his arms!!!!


This scene has to be seen to be believed… Jassi has her eyes closed and caresses his shoulders, his hair, his arms, with a desperate passion.. Armaan is shocked at first but he allows the heavenly feeling to take over him, feeling as though he is one with JASSI… soon, he is matching her love and longing at every step, holding her tightly, crying and attaining heaven at the same instant,  … abandoning himself to the moment, needing her to take away the pain with her warmth and understanding… a turbulent release for all his pent-up agony… INCREDIBLE SCENE!!!!Embarrassed






Jassi is talking to herself, "Now I shall have to tell Armaan Sir that I am Jassi!" and to someone else, "I want to tell you one more thing…"


A policeman is asking Mallika incredulously how she can prove what she is claiming about Jessica Bedi.. and Mallika tries to convince him, "That is what YOU must find out! You must search her home and on the basis of whatever evidence you find, arrest her and throw her into jail. Simple!"

ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot queenbee. I cant wait to see this episode. oh we've waited along time for this moment to finally cmeEmbarrassed!!! 

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haveli_63 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:10pm | IP Logged

wow what a great episode can't wailt till tonight to watch it ..

thanks for the update.

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:12pm | IP Logged

 what an wonderful episode.i cried  and cried during the the romantic scene!!! what a superb chemistry ! thanks a ton qb for you wonderful updateClap


bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
thanks queenbee. You are so humorous!
Jyoti_2006 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

OMG!!! Queenbee.. I am speechless. ..what a rocking episode... I could picture each and every moment between them...Yahoo... cant wait till tonight...

Thankyou so much for giving us such wonderful detailed update...

giaa Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Awesome update as usual QB! 

Teddy Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update!!!!!!Clap

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