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Rereading Sanaya Irani... (Page 5)

spate22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LadyLaLa

well said Oyster.. Clap 

However much we try to decipher her interview logically, whatever one may say, all of it is  falling on deaf ears.. its like water on a duck's back..

a sect of the audience have made up their mind to only believe what they would want to believe... they prefer to go along with the conspiracy theory and not pay heed to logic or sense...

They go on and on like a stuck record about how she should not have spoken about Barun's contract. In fact she never spoke about his contract. she only reiterated the fact that Barun has told everyone that he will only work for 1 year. Barun too confirmed this very statement in his interview. But a sect of the audience has conveniently misconstrued her words and are holding her unprofessional.

in their minds Gul and the Channel are to be blamed for BS's departure.. he made it very clear to the  whole world that he is tired and wants to take rest.. we also know that the promotions of his film will soon commence and he will be getting busy with it.. rather than accepting that their favourite star is bailing out on them, they like to direct their anger elsewhere because that is the easiest...  they cannot accept the truth that their BS  has mislead them.. ... at least I hope this will heal their pain... how else could one explain their blind faith in any crap that gets posted..

I saw a post where someone had claimed to have spoken to Barun and as expected a sect of the forum made a beeline to it... they believe it as gospel truth.. no questions  were asked, no evidence was requested..  . Now I know why politicians, soothsayers and  thrive in their fields .. LOL  when SI, Gul or the channel speak try to tell the truth, they smell a rat LOL  I will let the such people live in their delusional world.. 

Well said, LaLa!! WinkLOL And sooo true!!! LOL


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..ObliViate.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Thnxx for makingg this post,
i was out of IF,its just became a bashing zone of SARUN nd i cant take tht nymore.
Nd loved ur post dear,
i rlly dont kn whr this 1yr contract came..
Plss before bashing listen to her answer respect to the qsn too..
She said he was quite clear whn he signed the show(not 1yr contract),it must be his plan to work for 1yr thn he can take a call regarding its popularity nd success,which is vry r8 IMO...!!
Thy r such close frnds thr must be some talk b/w these two,
okyy cropping tht sanaya culd hv stayed quite to tht...may be she wudnt hv evr realised it will become so huge rage...nyway...i found her interview totally to the point.
Ppl r giving thm too much love its nt like thy dont deserve it,thy do bt for tht we r expecting thm to give certain reponse which is wrong...!!
We r expecting thm to understand 100ppls POV whr we r unable to understand just 2ppls POV...!!
see we r fans we make thm popular bt dont forget thy hv talent thts why we hv plsr watching thm nd thy hv left no choise for us but to praise thm,...!!
Plss respect thr life,thy hv a life apart from nything,
the base of all these controvercies is vry LAME n FUNNY...!!
From the day 1 of thos interview i m believing SARUN...comn i hv watched thm whole 1.5yrs off-screen one random interview cant change my POV on thm PERIOD...if thy r dissapointed with fans coz of poking in the personal life,shutting down show thn thy hv r8 to do so...!!
The much emotion we hv for the show,thts too actors hv ...!!
I may sound harsh paradon me,
ppl asking for respect fans respect fans wht repect man...jst saying Love u all the time never bring up respect whr we getting into thr personal life...1st respect thm...eiithr fans put thm on high or thy bash thm left r8 centre...i m also Viewr of this show...i kn hw much LOYAL fan i m...but i HV no RIGHT to ask for shutting down the was thr decision to start thy will decide whn to shut it down ...nd only we can do if we dont want to watch plsrly can change the channel..BAS...
200ppl will be jobless yess thy will...u agree or nt thy will...!!
May be thy will sift thr team to othr thr shuld be a perfect reason to shut the show nt just For 1actor leaving,its nt FAIR...!!
Its thr decision,let thm handle...!!
Nw I m just want a bright future of my 2fav actor GOD bless thm...thy both hv been wonderfull..!!
As i said I LOVED Sanaya's interview...!!...To the point...if u feel BAD i cant do much BAS...!!!..
Sry if i sounded rude...i think i m nt though...Wink

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spate22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
HELP!! It is an international crisis!! People pam, pam, pam!! Oops I meant spam, spam, spam!! Call, call, call!! ROFLROFL Throw the PH out and retain Barun at all costs!! Or else!! WackoROFL God, it's so embarrassing!! Not to forget deranged and hilarious!! ROFL I will be scared for Barun and Sanaya when they are in UK!!  Hope they have bodyguards so they bounce people back on the streets!!Stern Smile LOLLOL Funny, how an Star Plus employee is coming here and adding more fuel to the fire!! Geek Mental asylum is ready for them!! SillyLOL


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Oyster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Hey Everyone.

Thank you for the awesome responses. I have to rush to the boring uni now.. But I'll get back to each and everyone in the evening (both those who agree and those who disagree). But then there's good discussion amongst you all too, so it's not like I need to be here anyway... 

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outland_123 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
There  r  4 groups  of  ppl  who  watch  IPK.
a...IPK  lover -  they  watch  this  only  for  story.  many  of  them  quit  the show  bcoz  of  crap  they  r  showing  at the moment.
b...Barun  Sobti -  His  fans  watch  this  only  for  him. It's  their  wish.  there  is  nothing  wrong  abt this.
c...Sanaya  Irani  -   Her  fans  watch  this  only  bcoz  of  her.  there  is  nothing  wrong  abt  this  either.
d...SARUN or  ARSHI  -  this  gruop  of  ppl  watch  this  just  bcoz  of  ARSHI   or   rather  say  SARUN. as  long  as  SARUN  is  there  they  will  tolerate  any  kind  crap  &  they  will  stick  with  IPK.

now  I  have  few  confusions...
1.  why  Gul  arranges  an  interview  with  Sanaya  Irani.  She  is  not  leaving,  Barun  is.  then  what's  the point  to  brought  her  in..!!!  to  clear  someones  image..????  Sanaya  has  nothing  to clear  abt  her  image.  then  who  left..??  Barun  or  Gul...?? from  Her  interview  it  doesn't  sound  She  is  clearing  Barun's  image.
2.  Who  the  hell  on  earth  sign  up  one  actor (not  so  popular  before  1.5yr)  just  for  1 yr  &  rest  of  the  cast  more  than  a  yr...!!! 

3.  now  bunch  of  ppl  also  contributed  their  votes  to  made  SARUN  won  as  best  jodi  in  so  many  award  functions.
I  think,  no  one  should  forget  abt  this  fact.  If  this  bunch  of  ppl  quit  this  show  it  may  effect  IPK  TRP  as  well...if  any  of  this  group  of  ppl  quit  then  it'll  surely  effect  IPK  TRP.  SP  doing  business  here  not  charity  fund.  if  TRP  is  low  they  will  shut  down  IPK  no  matter  what.  they  will never  care  abt  200 ppl  jobs  &  they  won't  care  abt  BARUN  or  SANAYA...

I  do  respect  Sanaya...She  is  honest  &  pretty  straight  forward  but  few  things  doesn't  sound  logical  to  me...PH  is  hiding  something...

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spate22 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 December 2007
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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
You know, Madhura Naik was the first person to give the reason why Barun is leaving!! It was posted by someone on this forum!! She hinted that Barun needs a break!! And this was way before the rumors started by someone I won't mention!! Ermm It was quoted, "yes, it's true. Everyone deserves a break!"  And even Barun afterwards confirms the same in articles and interviews!! Although he is not sure when and if he can come back!! It depends on the storyline!! But he just wants to go now!! Ouch It's funny how conveniently people forget such things!! LOL 


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blackdice1001 Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Well written post! You know, I didn't notice her 'bunch of people' comment when I listened to it either. I was going to listen to it twice to hear the phrase in context because so many people were scandalized ( Wacko ) about it but then I figured, the reason I probably didn't notice it was because it did not sound offensive to me. 

I do not particularly think Gul is blameless, sure she did accommodate actors' schedules and tried to work around them but she also has neglected the show to an extent that it has transformed from a stellar show to a complete comedy circus. 

Having said that I can also understand where Sanaya was coming from when she defended Gul, and Barun too. She sounded pissed off because from what she saw, people were refusing to listen to any reasoning and continued to malign people she counted as friends. I mean seriously, I myself was ready to pull my hair out seeing all the unnecessary hysteria and panic, and oh god, the rumours and consipiracies that flew around in the forum. My personal opinion that people needed some telling off, which SI did.

All in all I loved her interview. I felt her answers were justified and her straightforward answers were more than appreciated after all those days of 'next weeks' and 'I don't know's'.

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-Kina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by outland_123

There r 4 groups of ppl who watch IPK.
a...IPK lover - they watch this only for story. many of them quit the show bcoz of crap they r showing at the moment.
b...Barun Sobti - His fans watch this only for him. It's their wish. there is nothing wrong abt this.
c...Sanaya Irani - Her fans watch this only bcoz of her. there is nothing wrong abt this either.
d...SARUN or ARSHI - this gruop of ppl watch this just bcoz of ARSHI or rather say SARUN. as long as SARUN is there they will tolerate any kind crap & they will stick with IPK.

now I have few confusions...
1. why Gul arranges an interview with Sanaya Irani. She is not leaving, Barun is. then what's the point to brought her in..!!! to clear someones image..???? Sanaya has nothing to clear abt her image. then who left..?? Barun or Gul...?? from Her interview it doesn't sound She is clearing Barun's image.

2. Who the hell on earth sign up one actor (not so popular before 1.5yr) just for 1 yr & rest of the cast more than a yr...!!!

3. now bunch of ppl also contributed their votes to made SARUN won as best jodi in so many award functions.

I think, no one should forget abt this fact. If this bunch of ppl quit this show it may effect IPK TRP as well...if any of this group of ppl quit then it'll surely effect IPK TRP. SP doing business here not charity fund. if TRP is low they will shut down IPK no matter what. they will never care abt 200 ppl jobs & they won't care abt BARUN or SANAYA...

I do respect Sanaya...She is honest & pretty straight forward but few things doesn't sound logical to me...PH is hiding something...

dear half of the forum ppl are not contributing to trps

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