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Rereading Sanaya Irani...

Oyster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:16pm | IP Logged

I had hoped to keep myself from responding to the mess by creating my own post, but it seems like I had to give in especially when I learned that some of the most sensible people around have expressed opinions contrary to mine.  I heard Sanaya and I thought she was awesome without feeling the need to pay any close attention to her individual words until a very close friend wrote to me expressing her confusion post SI-interview.  I was surprised to know that I did not even hear the hotly debated phrase, "a bunch of people," when I first listened to the interview.  So my response was well the phrase itself is not offensive but it is not very polite either.  Then I saw repeated posts including some by users I never expected who expressed their disturbance and concern over this phrase. So then I thought it's high time I revisit SI's interview.And guess what? You're right... she has indeed used the phrase. So let's look at the content of her interview and put things into perspective [quotation marks mean I'm quoting SI's exact words]:

How does she feel about Barun leaving?

She feels bad because Barun's been a friend and a costar for a year and a half now so they share a great rapport. She believes that as Arnav he shouldn't quit because "No one can EVER imagine the show without him!" Yet,"But as Barun, as my friend' if that's what he wants to do then he should go ahead and do it." She explicitly states the reason behind her support of Barun's decision, "I just hope whatever he does makes him happy."

What is Barun to Arnav's character?

Raj asks if a new actor should play Arnav's character.  Contrary to the creative head of the channel who believes that the character is bigger than the actor, Sanaya asserts that Barun has become synonymous with Arnav's character, "I don't think anyone should play Arnav's role. Arnav is Arnav." What she meant was "Arnav is Barun!" She repeats herself with a great deal of conviction yet again, "I don't see anybody replacing Arnav, No!"

So why is Barun leaving then?

Unlike the confused person that Barun comes across in his interviews, Sanaya explains that he had been very clear about his goals right in the beginning. Barun had committed for one year but according to Sanaya "he has been good enough to work more than a year."  Again contrary to the belief that Barun's turning his back to the show that gave him so much popularity in the hopes of making it big in the Bollywood, Sanaya thinks Barun has not only remained true to his commitment but in fact been so much more generous in giving the show more time than he initially promised.  She was clearly attempting to justify Barun's decision to prove that he's not blameworthy.  At the same time, she's careful enough not to contradict Barun's statement as she says, "it is probably just a long break" as Barun puts it.

How will Barun's leave impact Sanaya?

"I'll just miss Barun. His craziness. His crazy antics."

Time to get into the political aspect of it.. Ehem.

So what role did Gul play in this episode?

None whatsoever according to Sanaya. She explains that as a producer, it is hardest for Gul to let go off such a popular actor. Now that to me is simple logic. Hence, our Sunny Girl feels sad to hear people bash Gul because she believes that Gul's a wonderful woman.  This statement was not surprising to me because long before this entire drama I had heard Sanaya dedicate her award wholeheartedly to Gul Khan during the SPA event.  And I highly doubt she was held on the gunpoint by Gul before she walked up to the stage.  She stresses how hard Gul has worked on the show and the characters [Note Barun too confirmed the latter part] to make it what it is today.  Yet, she points out that Gul has been wonderful about letting Barun quit the show without any drama.  Since I am too nave to read between the lines, I for one thing testify to this.  Had it been a hard-headed producer, the lead would not walk out with so much ease.  I know it would be repetitive but Gul accommodated Barun when he left for his movie. Gul changed the script to please Daljeet Bhanot.  I have many other facts to support Gul's patience as a producer and only rumors to paint a monstrous picture of this woman. She further asserts that whatever has leaked is not true.  For these reasons, Sanaya does not feel that it is right to bash Gul right, left, and center on the internet.

Finally, what is Sanaya's stance in the midst of so much drama?

She will stay in the show till its last day.  Rockstar believes that it's really not fair for all the people who have put in so much effort to see the show suffer an untimely death.  To quote her, "The only reason I don't want the show to end is because a lot of people do work really hard on the show. It is not fair that because of one person the show should end." Now I don't think she was sidelining Barun in making this comment because before this remark, she said, "Besides just ME and Barun in the show," 200 other people work to run their lives.  That is, the person which currently happens to be Barun could have been Sanaya herself too.

Before I wrap up, let me also bring forth two of the most misinterpreted lines cut out from this interview:

1. Sanaya says that none of the viewers deserves an explanation.

This assumption led to a good number of posts defending "WE, the viewers!" But before jumping to those fierce defenses, I wish someone had paid close attention to the uttered words.  To be exact, Sanaya says that Gul should not try and justify herself to anybody who blatantly refuses to believe her. So if you are that person who believes that you're way above the speaker and don't need to waste your time listening to someone's justification, then yes Sanaya has advised Gul against explaining anything to you. Wouldn't you advise the same to your friend? I would. In fact, this is one of my firmly held principles in life. Why should I insult myself by presenting an explanation to a person who shuts her ears? Sanaya's words could not prove truer if you consider the fact that those who bashed Gul did not change their perception of her post the interview with Barun. So what exactly did Gul achieve by giving that interview when a fraction of the viewers assumed that it was scripted? Isn't Sanaya right in this regard? Of course she is.

 2. Sanaya referred to us as a "bunch of people."

What I gathered is by "bunch" Sanaya meant a fraction of people.  She meant to say that the show will not end because a small number of people have raised the flag "No Barun. No IPK!" To put her words back into their original context, Sunny Girl said that it is not fair for these 200 crew members to lose their jobs because "a bunch of people just want to see Barun."  Now she apparently knows that for the majority, it is Arnav-Khushi and hence she said previous to this, "I am very hurt that OUR fans" are behaving in such a way.  So it's entirely up to you whether you want to count yourself in the category of "the bunch of people" or "Our (SaRun) fan group."

Now why SI should be upset with the second group of fans? Because a good number from this group too has demanded that the show should end and SI should quit simply because Mr. Sobti leaving, which is clearly unfair according to Ms. Irani.

End of rereading our Sunny Girl. Let me add my two cents:

Even though a good share of my few close IF friends believe that Gul is monstrous, I don't agree. Thankfully, we are all mature to realize that we can differ in our opinions so there hasn't been any world war amongst us.  I have stated my reasons multiple times in other discussion posts so I won't repeat myself. But in short, I have to literally suspend logic in order to believe that Gul Khan has been mentally torturing Barun and Sanaya off-screen.

I know I am ignorant about the TV industry so I won't talk about showbiz but just rely on a simple example from my humble life.  Recently a professor wanted me to do something unethical for a research project. I had a challenging experience with him and he tried my patience whenever he had the slightest opportunity. I was doing my last graduate course with him and he nearly failed me. I complained to the department head, he reviewed the case and concluded that the professor had been evidently unjust. I could get that professor in deep trouble if I complained about him in the research office, but I felt it's not worth it so I let it go.  Now a simple student like me refused to take any crap from some higher authority but extremely popular and established actors like SaRun are oppressed by a producer. How can I bring myself to believe such a thing?! The other implication of this would be that both Barun and Sanaya are big time liars cuz both have abundantly praised Gul Khan in their interviews.         

Other than this, as Sanaya has said "To each her own.."


In any case, Sanaya Irani did not fail to give important life lessons yet again in a brief interview - She's smart, I know it!

"Whatever is meant to happen will happen."

"Accept the outcomes gracefully."

"People who don't know you should not judge you."

"This is life. People will bash you. People will love you. But you have to move on."

Raj remarks on this "feisty" girl and says, "I Love her answers!"

Me toh too loved her answers Raj ji!

The bottom line of Sanaya's interview in her own words is, "Do not comment on Barun as a person, on Sanaya as a person, or on [Gul] as a person"

I heard it Sunny Girl, and I for one thing will certainly stick to your words!

PS: Please feel free to debate any ideas expressed on this post. You'll have Miy, Harshu and the rest of SI squad respond to your queries since I will be disappearing again for a couple of days...




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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged

A much needed post for this forum..

Sanaya Irani..The name is enough for me.."Beauty with Brains", that's her speciality.

Many forum members are thinking that her interview is fake..I don't want to change their opinion, because point of view can be different.

She gave clear answers, she herself was not confused, so didn't confuse us also.

According to some members she hurted her fans..I don't know what to say..Just because she gave all answers and we can't handle it, she hurted us??

We asked for interview to clear all our questions and she cleared most of our questions.

And now my question.."Why she will leave?". if your colleague is thinking to leave the job, you will do that also?

We should understand. For us IPKKND is just a serial, entertainment but for her it's her job.

So, she took the right decision.

And about Gul..She is not innocent but when we have no idea what's going on behind the scene, we should not bash her.

She is the same "Gul Khan" who gave us "IPKKND", "ArShi", "SaRun".

So Sanaya was right if we can't respect her then we should not open our mouth to bash her also.

Sanaya Irani you are simple yet different. We love you and respect you..Love you the way you are.

"Don't need make up...To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough"

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
I still stand by my words here.

4lions is no saint because they treated there viewers very rudely by opening a letter stating the story has run it's "courses" No PH tell the fans to there face that the story has run it's "Courses" and they don't have a story to tell. They admitted during Geet days they made these senseless draggy tracks that didn't made any sense not even to them. So IPKKND fans has every right to complain and bash them because with all these crap tracks and bad episodes they're giving these days it's crystal clear they're doing the same to IPKKND as well. Yes they're good at creations but they're also good at destroying. Both Arnav & Khushi is dead now they're on there way to kill ArHi love story. They know how much the fans don't like all these OTT comedy drama but yet they're still throwing it in our faces like what language don't they understand? Is it that hard to give the fans a decent track? They unlike IPKKND on Facebook  it's there way of saying to us IPKKND is doesn't mean a damn to them anymore. This PH treat there fans more like competitors than customers, if the fans bash them without knowing the reason behind the bashing they take revenge by airing crap episodes.  

Gul Khan is not a saint at all either I would have actually respect her if she was justifying herself but no she has to use her actors to get the job done for her. Why did she has to shoot the interview with Barun herself? couldn't be give the interview on TellyBuzz, SBS or TOI? But no Gul choose to do the interview herself sorry but that interview give me another reason to dislike that woman.

Does Sanaya think with all does crap episode they're airing these days will gain high TRP? When TRP drop down really low due to all those nonsense tracks SP will have no choice but to axe the show off. What will those 200 workers do then? I hope Miss Gul has plan something for them. Because I heard TRP is counted in this nonsense they're showing these days and IPKKND is down low. what happened to the livelihood of the crew members of the show Chand Chhupa Badal Mein which was replaced by Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on 6th June 2011? Did anyone actually care for them? I appreciate Sanaya for being concerned about the livelihood of the cast and crew. But it not them that count it's TRP viewers that count and if they don't like what they're seeing or how the show is going they wouldn't watch it and due to LOW TRP the show will go off air.

Sanaya isn't on any social networking site so whatever she's being told about the protest and negativity going on is what she's saying I notice it from her interview Sanaya thanked the fans when ArHi won best Jodi award she said it's because of them and that's what the fans are fighting for right now. The interview was a complete misunderstanding to me.

They can run the show for how long they want with a generation leap but don't kill Arnav & Khushi love story give the ArHi fans what they want and let them keep there ArHi memories is all were asking for. 

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:40pm | IP Logged

Take a bow Sonya because you have re-read, as you put it, the interview so sensibly and have explained the same so simply and elegantly!

All I have to say is Sunny Girl sure knows her mind and I respect how she can speak with conviction and clarity. 

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waterunder11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Those were some  mature answers. Yes it is very very sad sobti is leaving but irani just pulled me back to earth. I was kidding reality. loved her input. if not others, it definitely helped me! 

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nonasi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Lovely (and thorough) post. Hope people actually read and understand it. Smile

I honestly didn't notice the supposedly incendiary comments she had made the first time I heard the interview; in fact, that entire segment was a fist-pump moment for me. I did go back to listen to it and caught those comments, but again, all I could gather was that she said it like it was -- no sugar-coating or mincing of words. She gave her opinion in a very clear and concise way, and it was apparent that she was as upset about the situation as fans have been. 

Ironically, neither side knows the full story or can see the other's perspective completely (i.e. fans don't actually know what's going on behind-the-scenes and the actors also don't know the full extent of what's fuelling the fans' motivation -- namely, keeping the story of A and K intact), but in spite of that, she's come out with the more sensible perspective. (There's something to be said about applying logic and not just purely emotional reasoning to things.)

People have read and taken whatever they wanted to out of the interview. I, for one, think she sent a very clear message to the fans about getting out of their bizarre sapnon ki duniya to face the reality of the situation and to move on. (And I've had similar situations with profs too; when people and/or their loved ones are wronged, they tend to fight for their rights, which is what it appears SI was doing in this interview as well. This whole situation just needs some consideration of each party's viewpoint; it's only then that there can be any semblance of balance and level-headedness.)

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
I wish others had actually listened to the interview as you have instead of taking offence because they didn't hear Sanaya say what they wanted to hear. Any fair minded person who's head is not already full of various conspiracy theories would think the same way as you. Kinda feel sorry for these people...neither Sanaya or Barun has added any fuel to the fire these people are intent on igniting.

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sun2011 Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Thanks for making a wonderful post on my favorite fiesty mumbai actress Sanaya Irani.

I endorse all your comments - - that is exactly how I heard her interview along with her life lessons too:)  

If Sanaya Irani (I have heard she was in to academics meaning bauty with brains) had pursued or even now pursued her MBA degree she could be an excellent enterpreneur and can put her education to great use as she is one wonderful human being whose beauty and brains are always evident in all her articulate interviews.

Wish we get to see Sanaya Irani in international or BW movies soon!

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